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------------DISCLAIMER STATEMENT--------------
This is a sexually graphic story with adult content. You must be 21 years of age to read. The characters in this sexual fantasy story are imaginary, and are not a representation, in any manner, of any real world person or situation. IN REAL LIFE PRACTICE SAFE SEX, NOT THE FANTASY THINGS DIPICTED IN THIS story

(Cuckold, M+/F,MM,MF)
Many thanks to the well known Cuckold story author, C.D.E.,
for his review and comments.

Story: C.I.S.S.I.
Author: Es2c


"Dear, it's so good to hear the fellows say you can
handle and suck dicks so well. Leroy and his buddies raved
about how well you swallowed their cum and soaked their big
cocks in your mouth. I tell you. I'm proud to have you as
a son-in-law."
"Thank you mother Jones. If it hadn't been for you, I
never would've know the delights of understanding and
embracing my softer side."
"You're welcome Carl. I thought the studies at the
Concepts In Spousal Satisfaction Institute (C.I.S.S.I.)
would be perfect for you as the husband of my daughter. As
a CISSI graduate of domestic husbandly arts, I feel the
training has made you the perfect spouse for Claudia."
"I do too mother Jones. I feel I am so much more in
her eyes now. I knew she loved me, but I know now she
holds me in higher esteem than before I enrolled."
"Yes she does Carl. She is so proud of you being her
CISSI husband. She's told all her lovers how proud she is
of you and has invited them all to fuck your face or your
ass, whichever they prefer. I know you won't let her
"I would never do that mother Jones. She knows that
I'll always welcome her men to put their dicks in me. In
fact I'm rather honored to have the men that's fucking her,
fuck me."
"You're such a wonderful son-in-law Carl. You
certainly deserve to be fucked by her many men. Remember
this, a husband and wife that gets fucked by the same men,
are bound to stay happily married and together for a very
long time."
"Yes ma'am, I will."
" Remember the old you? Remember how you thought it
was so depraved that Claudia could want to be married to
you but sleep around with and have babies by her many
"Yes I do mother Jones. I'm ashamed of myself when I
think of how I reacted back then, especially when my new
wife told me she was not a virgin on our wedding night but
that she was pregnant and didn't know who the real father
was, but that I would be the daddy. I remember her saying
that was her special wedding gift to me, as well as from
her six favorite studs."
"Yes I remember how upset you became. But I knew you
had potential to be a good husband when you forgave her for
fooling you as well as denying you sex for the three years
you two were dating and engaged."
"Yes, I really love her, and I accepted her
explanation about fearing she would lose me if she told me
the truth about her needs to be a piece of ass to big dick
men. Of course I asked her to promise to be faithful to
only me after we were married. When she told me that if I
loved her I wouldn't restrain her like that, I really
became agitated and came to seek your advice."
"I remember it well Carl. I could see that you were
having trouble understanding my Claudia's needs. That is,
to be a slut while insisting upon your faithfulness and
being the daddy of she and her lover's many children she'd
planned on having by them."
"Yes, you were so right. I just didn't see her view
point back then."
"The reason she fell in love with and married you is
because she knew you had the inner qualities of being not
only a good husband for a slut like her, but also the right
helpmate for her. Carl, you have exceeded all her
expectations. When your aptitude tests at CISSI indicated
you were prime CISSI material, she and I both knew you were
salvageable and that there would be no divorce, as you had
talked about."
"Yes I was scared at first at going to CISSI as you
wanted, but after the first 24 hours there, I could see the
light, so to speak. You see, they kept giving me those
strobe light treatments. I thought the doctors were trying
to hypnotize me. They later told me they weren't. I later
found out they were only trying to make me feel relaxed and
at ease. After that, I never worried about them trying to
hypnotize me, I just laid back and enjoyed the light shows
and soothing music and questions they asked me. It's
amazing how many of their suggestions to me really sounded
so good that I wanted to try them. I know I wanted to do
them, I just don't know why I didn't think of doing them
"That's not important. The important thing is that
after 10 years of marriage, you're a good husband, a very
good housekeeper, a great dad to the 5 kids Claudia has
presented to you from her men, an excellent cocksucker and
good piece of ass to the men that fuck you, and of course a
faithful devoted spouse."
"Of course you're correct. However, I do remember the
first time one of the doctors asked me why I'd never
sucked an erect penis and tasted the hot creamy ejaculate
that a man with a big cock could give me. For some strange
reason, I couldn't give him a good answer. At the same
time, it also seemed like sucking on a cock was something I
had a yearning to try. When I basically told him that, he
told me to follow him. He led me to a small room that what
looked like an examination room.
"He took out a big sheet of white card board and had
me write on it. I felt like I shouldn't do it, but he was
so persuasive. I did as he directed me to. I wrote on the
"It worked. Over the next three hours, 9 men were
nice enough to help me out when they saw the sign. They
all were eager to help me out by pushing their hard dicks
down my throat. They gave me so much hot creamy jism."
"Carl, it's so touching to hear stories of people
helping people. You definitely should be proud of yourself
and all you've accomplished in such a short time."
"I am mother Jones, thank you for your praise."


My wife and I get along so much better now that it's
clear to me that she's not really cheating on me. How
silly of me to even think that now that I look back on
things. It's certainly not cheating, now that she's told
me and I know what she's doing.
She'll be home later tonight after I get the kids all
bathed and put to bed. Oh darn, I forgot it's Friday
night. That means she may not get back tonight at all.
That's the only thing about her and the weekends. She
sometimes doesn't get home until Sunday afternoon.
Oh well, as I was saying, communications is extremely
important in a marriage. Once I understood that just
because my wife was having sex with several different men
while we are married, didn't mean she was cheating on me.
She of course was committing adultery, but not cheating.
You see cheating means to deceive in some manner. As she
explained, she wasn't deceiving me, she really was just
getting me help in the performance of my husbandly duties.
Duties, that I apparently was failing at, but didn't take
notice of.
Her being the good wife, didn't bother to tell me, but
instead went about getting the necessary assistance and not
worrying me.
When she first told me all this. I took it all as a
play on words and was very angry. However, at the
suggestion of both our moms, I went to the Concepts In
Spousal Satisfaction Institute.
At CISSI, after just one session, what she was telling
me started to sink in. I felt so silly. In fact the
therapist told me I was one of the easiest patients to get
through the first treatment so quick. I was proud to hear
him say that the level of my intellect made it easier for
the session to go much quicker than on the average person.
My wife also went in another room for her own
treatment. I met her there after mine was completed.
Her treatment consisted of her having sex with a well
built black chap, who really put it to her. She was quite
disheveled and red in the face, as well as her genitals,
not to mention she'd been flooded with a copious load, no,
loads of his spermy discharges.
While she sat there with her legs parted and the
dreamiest expression I've ever seen on her face, the black
assistant explained to me that since it was obvious I was
incapable of giving my wife what she'd just experienced,
that for her to get that type activity from other men
should not be perceived as cheating or unnatural.
"You do want the best for your wife? Don't you?"
I could only answer yes. That day we left the CISSI
hand in hand and more in love than ever.
I also left there with the taste of the black
assistant's jism in my mouth and a great deal of his cum in
my tummy. That was the start of my pussy clean ups which
continued for the last 11 years.
I came to understand that it was my duty to see to it
that my wife got the sexual activity that I couldn't
provide. Doing less meant that I wasn't being a diligent
I of course have always prided myself in being a good
husband, hence I see to it that my wife has the opportunity
to see all the other men she needs to help me meet my
husbandly responsibility to her.

I believe I've done a rather remarkable job, even if
in the process of her getting the satisfaction she needs
she'd had several babies from her lovers and studs. In
fact all seven of our children are the product of her being
well satisfied by other men.

To her, abortion was out of the question. Since the
pregnancies occurred while she was getting what I wasn't
capable of giving to her, she and CISSI both were of the
opinion that since she got impregnated by having surrogate
sex for me, that I was basically the surrogate father and
therefore fully responsible for the inseminations even
though I wasn't the active party in getting her pregnant.
To not accept responsibility and not be an accepting father
would show me up as less that a good husband and spouse.

I can't seem to find any reason not to agree with this.



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