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Archived Sex Stories

ES2C 15 The Group Part 1


------------DISCLAIMER STATEMENT--------------
August 2002
This is a sexually graphic story with adult
content. You must be 21 years of age to read.
The characters in this sexual fantasy story are
imaginary, and are not a representation, in any
manner, of any real world person or situation.

TITLE: The Group - PART 1 (Chapters 1 & 2)
BY: Es2c

STORY CONTENT: (TV/TG, MM, Mdom, D/s, Wry Logic)

STORY SUMMARY: This fantasy story depicts experiences of
Albert, a recent college graduate, who discovered months
earlier, he had latent attractions to men who are well
endowed. He also discovered, with some help, that he finds
an overwhelming joy from submissively submitting to men
sexually. It is a long time neighbor, Mr. Wilson, who has
acted as a father figure in years past, who caused the
graduate to discover those latent feelings. Because of
Albert's amicable and unassuming nature, Mr. Wilson
continually mentors the graduate in the ways of sexual
submission, and nurtures the graduate into having positive
wholesome feelings about being sissified, submissive,
subjugated, and dominated by men. Albert, perceiving that
it's natural for him to accept the path Mr. Wilson has
guided him down, willingly slips deeper and deeper into a
relationship, where Mr. Wilson becomes his dominant
mentor/master. In conjunction with other neighborhood men,
they and Mr. Wilson eventually become known as The Group to
Albert. Additionally, once Albert's mother discovers her
less than masculine, soft, weakling of a mollycoddled son's
situation, she comes to the realization that being a
dominated sissy is best for him.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story attempts to incorporate the
erotic tonality from such classics as "The story Of O" (By
Pauline Reage) and "Philosophy In The Bedroom" (By DeSade),
as well as from other writings of Leopole Von Sacher-Masoch
(Masochism) and DeSade (Sadism). The objective is to fuse
them into a fantasy story dealing with adult sissification,
or male feminization, and Male Domination, without any
extreme violence. My goal is to glue it all together with
a rich mixture of explicit and earthy erotic language,
befitting the TV/TG story genre.

Albert/Alberta's mother Albert/Alberta - Son (Graduate)
The Group (Neighborhood Men):
Mr. Wilson
Mr. Mitchell
Mr. Lemson
Mr. Jones
Mr. Hudson

((((((((((CHP 1: OPENING GIFTS )))))))))))))))))

"WOW! More graduation presents?"
"Yes Albert, these are special gifts from the wives of
Mr. Wilson, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Lemson, Mr. Jones, and
Mr. Hudson."
"But mother, they already gave me presents last night
after my college graduation."
"I know son, but these are special ones from the wives
of our neighbors. I also have one in here from me too. Go
ahead, open them."
Albert opened the first package. It was from
Mrs. Wilson. As he opened the box and removed the opaque
delicate tissue paper, he gasped at the sight of the
"T-There must be some mistake. This is women's
lingerie." Albert said as he held up what appeared to be a
set of pink baby doll pajamas. The top was very sheer and
lavishly trimmed in ornate white lace. The panties were
sheer and also trimmed in lace.
Albert secretly admired the beauty of the items and
the sheer feel of the material. However, he thought it
best to just put it back and not let his mother pick up any
hint of him noticing the prettiness of the lingerie.
"Maybe you're right dear, open the next one."
Albert opened the next gift-wrapped box and it
contained a similar item of women's intimate apparel,
except this baby doll set was lavender in color and trimmed
with frilly white lace.
"Another wrong package too? Nice color, but I can't
believe this." He replied. However this time he couldn't
help but comment on the hue. He secretly adored the
combination of lavender and lace and lamented that men
couldn't wear such a traditional feminine combination
without with being ridiculed as effeminate.
"Maybe so. Hmmm, maybe there was a mix up when they
were gift-wrapped. They certainly are pretty aren't they?"
His mother replied.
"Yeah, I guess so for women's PJs." Albert said.
The next two packages from their neighbors also
contained intimate women's lingerie. One was a short sheer
sexy lace trimmed light blue robe. The other was a very
sexy sheer yellow and aqua camisole with a matching garter
belt and sheer yellow fishnet stockings.
"I'm sorry dear, but it appears that these are all
intended for someone who has a need for some sexy lingerie.
Wouldn't you say Albert?"
"Yes you're right mother. At least I'm sure your gift
is one that's for me." Albert replied confidently.
The scene in their living room looked like a woman's
boudoir after a shopping spree for intimate apparel to make
her sexually alluring.
"W-What? They got your gift mixed up too mother.
This definitely is not something I can use." Albert spoke
loudly and in a disappointed tone as he opened his mother's
gift, which was also a frilly lace pink camisole gift set
with sheer pink stocking and a complete cosmetics makeup
"It is something you can use and also something you
need dear. Also the other packages aren't mistakes either.
They're all for you dear."
As his mother went on to explain what she meant, her
son turned very pale and blushed red in the face at the
same time.
"Y-You a-and t-they knew a-all this time?"
"Yes Albert dear, Mr. Wilson told me last year you
were into sucking cocks and how good you were at it.
There's nothing to be ashamed of baby, I'm just thankful
you confided in him and took his advice and guidance."
"I-I can't believe h-he a-and the o-others told their
wives I-I was suc... uh" Albert was stammering so badly he
went speechless.
"Sucking their dicks and letting them fuck you? Oh
sweetie, the wives were all thankful for your help. That's
why they all gave you these cute femmy gifts. The wives
were thankful for you being a sissy concubine for their
husbands and taking all their husbands' excess cum when the
wives weren't in the mood for putting out for them. But
you were putting out for more than their husbands weren't
you? You cute little whorish tramp."
"H-He d-did tell you e-everything. I-I'm s-sorry m-
mother. I-I... Sob! ... H-Hope you forgive... Sob! ...
"Albert sweetie, there is nothing to forgive you for.
Plus the wives liked the idea of their husband's having a
sissy sex toy on the side, as opposed to another woman on
the side. They figured that a sissy was less likely to
take their husbands. In fact, I want to praise you for
following your heart and doing what makes you happy. If you
like sucking men's dicks and draining the sperm off their
balls, I'm happy for you. From what I'm told, apparently
you're very good at it. I can't help but be proud of you.
Why do you think I also gave you these cute gifts? You'll
need them to better arouse your men. These few things will
help expand your collection of sexy sissy attire, which
you've been made to wear by your men. Mr. Wilson and the
other neighborhood men will be thrilled to see you wearing
your new things as you service them. It'll add to their
pleasure to see you attired as a pretty sissy. I suspect
you feel your sexy best when all dressed up and dicks are
poking you."
"I-I guess I should've expected being exposed. I-I've
been afraid of this."
"Honey, as I said earlier, I'm really glad Mr. Wilson
was there for you when you were confused about your
feelings about your attraction to men's dicks."
"I-I guess I am too. You know, he's always been like
a father to me since I didn't have a Dad around since I was
a teen."
"He has been good to you over the years. That's why
when he confided in me and told me that he encouraged,
supported, and even gave you a many lessons on sucking
cocks, I couldn't help but agree with him about you having
a lot of sissy in you."
"I-I at first didn't know what to think when he first
inquired about if I was a fag, since he knew I didn't have
a girlfriend. I guess the look on my face told him all he
wanted to know even though I tried to deny his assertion of
being gay or attracted to men's dicks."
"Dear, is that the same time he took his cock out and
exhibited it to you?"
"It was, but he did more than just show it to me. We
were alone at his house one evening while his wife was out
shopping. When he unbuckled and unzipped his pants and let
them and his shorts drop to the floor, I was spellbound at
the size and stoutness of his manhood. He told me that if
I wasn't attracted to his dick, then his rubbing it over my
face and lips shouldn't bother me. Well, I didn't want to
go along with his demonstration, but I also was too weak to
refuse him doing what he was doing. Before I could move or
object, he brought his magnificent penis right in my face
and rubbed the giant cock head under my nose and then
across my lips. I tried to turn my head but he held it
still so I couldn't avoid his swelling shiny pink penis
head glans and the smear of pre-cum across the top of my
upper lips. He's quite strong compared to me."
"Yes he is dear. You are much smaller and weaker than
him. It was best for you not to resist. But please go
"To my utter surprise, the smell of him was exotic and
I was also surprised to feel my own much smaller prick
beginning to swell. I became rather nervous and sweaty
too. By this time, his cock was fully erect. He took one
of my hands and guided it to his jutting pole. I was
caught off guard by his action, but it seemed I had no will
to resist him as he said "Here, hold my dick and guide it
to your lips.
When I touched him, there was a strange and very
pleasant feeling I experienced from the contact of my soft
hands and his erect penis. He must've experienced a
similar sensation since he sighed a bit as I grasped his
very stiff tool.
"If you're not a queer faggy sissy, you'll do what I
tell you because it won't get you excited. You do want to
prove that you're not a sissy dick lover, don't you?" Mr.
Wilson asked me.
"Er, I-I'm not b-but..." I stammered as I tried to
reply to him to stop his demonstration. However, he was
insistent on a straightforward answer and persisted until I
meekly said "Yes." Even though I gave him that answer, I
had an ominous feeling that we both knew I was going to
"Don't be hard on yourself sweetie. It's good you
took the challenge. If you didn't learn anything else, I'm
sure you discovered that the sissy in you didn't want to be
bottled up any longer. It wanted to be free and to make
you free in the process. There is a saying. The more you
try to repress a feeling, the stronger it gets. Your inner
desires were just too powerful to be ignored when Wilson's
dick taunted them. But please go on. Tell me more about
his hard dick in your hands."
"Y-Yes ma'am. Its at least 8" long and thick. I
couldn't close my small hand around it. Even though I was
horrified at what was taking place, I couldn't help but
admire Mr. Wilson's magnificent organ. For an older man in
his late forties, I must say I was impressed."
"I'll bet that wasn't the first time you've admired a
manly cock. Am I Right?"
"Er, n-no ma'am it-it wasn't. B-But I'd never had the
opportunity to touch and handle one like I was doing then."
"You liked handling and fondling his hard man meat
didn't you?"
"I-I have to say yes, I did."
"That's okay sweetie. Now go on with your story."
"Y-Yes ma'am. Uh, next he guided my other hand to his
balls and ordered me to hold them. Holding them was a new
and unexpected pleasure to me also. By this time he was
aware that his manly rod was having an effect on me. He
later admitted so to me. Again, at that moment, it seemed
that I couldn't find the will not to obey him. I cupped his
large sac as he desired. It was more than a handful for my
small soft hand. He sighed and moaned as I fondled his nut
sac out of curiosity. He next urged me to rub his bloated
glistening cock head against my lips. Mother, I proceeded
to do exactly what as he said, but it seemed as if I was a
different person when I was doing all this."
"It was the sissy fagginess in you sweetie. It made
you feel that way. Why I bet you had an indescribable
feeling of new found pride and pleasure just from handling
his dick and balls. Didn't you darling?"
"You're right, I-I did. I felt very special then, and
also now each time a man entrust his genitals to me. I also
liked hearing Mr. Wilson's moans of pleasure too."
"You should feel proud and special dear, after all,
the man is doing something special for you. He's giving
you the pleasure of his hard throbbing meat and a
delightful gift of his hot cum."
"Mr. Wilson says the same thing."
"But, pray tell, please continue telling me what
happened next, my sweetie pie son."
"Er, Let's see, where was..."
"You were guiding his dick head to your lips." His
mother interjected.
"Oh yes, well I did as he urged me to. As I said, I
had no will to resist him now and he knew it. However, I
did feel more at ease because as he was doing all this, he
did assure me that he understood my feelings and that I
could trust him. That did make me feel better when he
urged me to wet above my upper lips and taste the smear of
his pre-cum he'd left there earlier. I did that and after
I had a moment to evaluate its taste, he went on to direct
me to taste more of it from his large pee slit."
"Was it tasty?"
"The taste was new to me then. Now I savor it.
Anyway, after I did that, he gently started pushing his
dick head in my mouth ever so gently as I licked its
bloated smooth velvety surface. He let out a long
pleasurable sigh and moaned as this was all taking place. I
had my eyes closed and was enjoying the experience myself.
The sounds he made really added to the erotic atmosphere of
the moment. Knowing that I was causing him to feel
pleasure, made me feel good about what I was doing. Before
I knew it, he had about two inches of his large shaft and
the giant head in my mouth. It was so smooth the way he
did it. But he was nice enough to ask me if I wanted for
him to pull out. I was in a perplexed state of mind, but
something in me made me shake my head from side to side.
As I glanced up at him, he had a slight smile on his face
and put his big hand on the back of my head. Then he said
to me "Now be a good sissy and keep your teeth out of the
way as you suck my dick". I'd never been called a sissy
before. And I'd always thought of the term in a very
negative light. However, at this moment when my mouth was
stuffed with his rigid penis, it seemed so right for him to
call me a sissy. The other thing was the way he said it in
his authoritative, imperative masculine voice. It all just
seemed so right that I should suck him because he said so.
Either way, I delighted in what he told me to do and the
way he phrased it. I also felt a strange sense of respect
for him, and from him, even though he talked down to me as
he told me I was effeminate."
"Sweetie, it was just the sissy in you responding to
being awakened. Wilson said you were a quick learner and
readily accepted and understood you were subordinate to
real men and found it easy to be subservient to them. He
also said you seemed highly motivated to taste his cum."
"I was and I have to admit, he's a great teacher. When
the first taste of his hot sperm shot off and spurted all
over the inside of my mouth, it was such a delicious taste
and experience, that, I-I, well, I came in my pants. As he
got off and his strong spurts filled my mouth, his moaning
and sighs of relief were so pleasing to me. He uttered
"Damn you're a good cocksucking sissy fag" as the last of
his spurts in my mouth subsided. It was a strange, but yet
wonderful feeling to have Mr. Wilson's manhood and the
taste of sperm in my mouth as he praised me for not only
being a "sissy", but a "Damn good cocksucking pussy mouth
sissy". His praise seemed to boost my self-esteem. I
still don't know why, but at that moment, and since, I've
felt a sense of respect I've never had before. I still feel
proud when men call me a sissy or faggot, especially a
cocksucking sissy faggot or a sissy slut."
"Albert, my son, that's because it resonates in tune
with something within you. Therefore, don't wonder about
it, and don't be ashamed of it either. Accept your station
in life and hold your head up high, as you delight in
giving head and giving up some ass."
"Oh mother, that's so profound a-and motivational too.
Thank you. I'll always remember that."
"You're welcome, my precious sweet sissy faggot son.
Now please go on with telling me more about how Wilson
broke you into being a cocksucker." His mother replied
with a slight sense of urgency and curiosity in her tone.
"Well, picking up from where I left off, Mr. Wilson
was very pleased that I easily swallowed his entire
abundant load of hot sticky gooey sponk, without him
telling me. I could only blush and thank him for his praise
as to how naturally skilled I was in swallowing his slimy
spurts. He and I had a long and candid talk after he came
in my mouth. In the ensuing conversation, I admitted to
him that his cum was much richer than my own. He made me
feel so at ease and comfortable talking about such a
private thing with him, that is, after I let it slip that
I'd had tasted my own jism. Anyway, he liked that I liked
the taste of his jism. He also got me to confess that I
came in my shorts. I felt so much better when he told me
it was natural for me doing that. His praise for me doing
it, while I was swallowing his very warm, and manlier
semen, added to my comfort level talking to him about
something so personal.
"As we talked some more, he talked me into showing him
my penis after having me clean up the cum I'd shot off in
my shorts. He helped me overcome my shyness at exhibiting
my much smaller, barely 4" long and skinnier prick. He
insisted I stay naked below the waist, as he was. In this
manner, he and I continued our conversation. The more we
talked, my embarrassment eased, that is for being so
physically inferior as compared to his muscular body build
and his splendid manhood. He next pulled me closer to him
in such a fashion that my head was on his chest. I don't
know why I didn't resist him. In a way I wanted too, but
in another way it was good to be embraced by this stronger
more powerful man. His rougher, and bigger manlier hands
felt good on my softer, smoother skin. He held me to him at
such an angle that I could look down at his softened dick.
He urged me to handle it, and while I was doing so, compare
his grand member to my much smaller tool. When I showed
some reluctance he guided my soft small hand to his dick
and directed me to grasp and stroke it. Again, it seems as
if I had to obey him. I couldn't find the resistance to
refuse him. I simply did as I was told. We continued
talking as he parted his legs further and directed me to
handle his balls in addition to his large penis. As I did
so, I got his pre-cum all over my hand. He talked to me as
I handle his genitals.

"Your hand feels good on my dick and balls. That's it, keep
on playing with them. It's good for you to feel up a real
man's dick and balls than always playing with your baby
size pee wee." He emitted a slight chuckle as he spoke. I
could only blush as I kept silent. I didn't know what to
say. I didn't think about it until later, but by being
silent, I was essentially agreeing with him.

"Don't mind my joshing you Albert. It's not your fault you
have a bird size dick, is it?"

"Uh, n-no sir." I replied after a pause, feeling the need
to say something, even though in the process of doing so, I
suspected I was concurring in his ridicule of me. I didn't
think he had to compare me to a bird. He was literally
calling me a bird dick and getting me to agree to it.
However, I didn't know what else to do.

"No Albert, it's not. Just like it's not your fault you
like sucking my dick, but you did, didn't you?"

"Y-Y-Yes sir, I-I guess I did." I replied sheepishly. All
the while I continued to handle his penis. It just seemed
that I should.

"Of course you did Albert, just like you admitted
delighting in the taste of my cum. Also, I bet you like
being called a sissy too, don't you? After all, you
haven't objected once to my calling you sissy."

"P-Please Mr. Wilson, I-I'm just a-a bit c-confused. I-I
can't s-say if-if..." I stammered as I tried to avoid
answering his questions and validating his assertion.

"Too late for you to lie about it Albert, your body wants
to tell the truth more than you. Look at your little clit
of a dick." He said in a gleeful tone.

To my surprise, I had a firm erection. I looked at it and
then at Mr. Wilson's smiling face. My face was so blushed
and flushed. It was obvious my body had betrayed me. I
didn't know what to say. I didn't want to willingly admit I
was a sissy, but my prick was more than willing to. I felt
so mentally exposed.

"Don't be ashamed of being a sissy, your little prick is
helping you to do the right thing." Mr. Wilson said as he
pulled me closer to his broad masculine chest. "Albert,
this is important for you to relieve your confusion. Tell
me you're a sissy." Mr. Wilson said in a gentle, but firm
tone of voice.

"B-But Mr. Wilson I-I..." I stammered again as I sought to
deter him from requiring me to proclaim myself as he

"Say it Albert, say what I told you. It'll help you feel
better and more at ease with yourself. You will no longer
feel ashamed of yourself." His tone was more firmer now.

"O-Okay S-Sir. I-I a-am a-a sissy." I replied stammering
and in a nervous tone. I felt my eyes beginning to water
up as I spoke those words.

"Good, very good." Mr. Wilson said as he congratulated me
for my action. He then went on to add: "Albert, I'll be
calling you a sissy faggot and other similar names to
desensitize you to those terms. This is good for you and
you'll thank me many times over later for doing so."
"Did you feel better after doing as he told you
"I did, but I was too ashamed then to admit it then.
However, the more we talked, he finally drew it out of me.
But at the time, I had started to weep from the time he had
me say I was a sissy. I couldn't stop weeping as we
conversed. I was acting like a little girl and a sissy,
whether I admitted it or not. By the time I completely
confessed to him, I did feel so much better in having
confided and baring my sole to him, a man I could trust. By
this time, his penis was quite erect. His large dick stood
tall and bold. His big dick head shone like a beacon as it
reflected the room light on it's bloated taunt skin. He
told me " "Albert, that's it, don't feel ashamed handling
my dick. It's good for you." Well, I did him again and I
swallowed another very warm load of his gooey semen. This
time I didn't shoot off, but my cock was straining and
throbbing. Mr. Wilson had me jerk off for him as I thanked
him over and over for letting me suck his dick and eat his
"dick cream" - his words. When I came, he had me eat my
much smaller load too. It was apparent that these
activities showed I was so much less of a man than
Mr. Wilson. I realized what I was being asked to do was
degrading to myself. However, as we met more times later,
the more things he asked me to do that showed I was beneath
his manliness, I didn't seem mind doing for him, even if
they were at the expense of me humiliating myself. In fact
mother, he helped me see that the more sissyish I became, I
made him look that more manly. He told me the more
effeminate I felt, the more I would enjoy sex with him. He
was so right. In other words, the more I pleased him by
being a submissive sexy sissy, the more I pleased myself."
"A very illuminating perspective dear."
"M-Mother, pl-please forgive me for being nervous, but
I-I, er, well I'm still a bit uneasy talking to you about
all this."
"Albert dear, you have no reason to shy about talking
to me about any thing related to your sex life now. You're
more like a daughter to me now. Maybe I should call you
Alberta like the men do."
"I am pretty much use to it now, so you might as well.
Mr. Wilson and the other neighborhood men pretty much call
me that all the time now when I'm alone with them, and
always when they have their pricks in me."
"I certainly will, Alberta. But just to let you know,
Mr. Wilson kept me informed about much of your cock
pleasing activities and he was always praising how good you
were at licking and sucking their dicks and lapping and
sucking his and the other men's balls. He even showed me
pictures of you on your knees with your mouth stuffed full
of big hard dicks with frothy jism lather seeing out around
your tightly clamped lips. My, my, you looked so cute,
doing and after having sucked off their hard dicks. And
you looked even sweeter with that dreamy look on your face
when the men had their large penises thrust up your ass
pussy "
"T-Thank you mother. I'll have to get accustomed to
talking with you about my love for doing dicks and eating
"I understand baby, but I want to hear everything you
have to say."
"Mr. Wilson really helped me get my emotional house in
order. That is, out of my mental confusion about my
attraction to dicks. After he got me on a regular schedule
of sucking his dick, and a steady diet of his semen, I have
to admit, I was more emotionally at ease. I had to believe
him when he told me that it was far healthier for me to
follow my desire to suck cocks than to deny it. He then
went on to explain that just like nature has scavengers,
sissy cocksuckers like me were also part of nature's grand
scheme of things to take care of excess cum from men's
balls. His words were:
`So you see Albert, with you around, men don't have to jack
off just because there's no pussy around. Your mouth is a
perfect substitute receptacle for any scum they need to get
rid of. You're nature's answer to men who need to drain
the excess scum off their balls when there's no pussy
around. Yes Alberta, you're one of nature's pussy
substitutes and dick scum suckers.'"
"Yes Albert, er, I mean Alberta sweetie, he told me
about that talk he had with you and he was so glad you took
it all positively, that is the part about being a
substitute pussy and dick scum eater."
"Mom, I've come to realize that not many guys find hot
dick slime a delicacy as I do. However, Mr. Wilson has
helped me overcome my guilt and shame because I do. He has
shown me that even though others may think me strange and
perverted because I delight in eating it, mother Nature
intended this for me. He told me that this is my calling
in life, that is, to be a sissy and please men with my
mouth and pussy-ass. Therefore, no matter what societal
perceptions are about me, I must take up my station as a
sissy and accept society's stamp, even though I'm
fulfilling a very natural role in the greater natural order
of things."
"Again Alberta, you were so lucky to have Mr. Wilson
guide you in the right direction."
"Yes I am. And I'm really thankful for him taking the
initiative to train me into becoming an excellent
cocksucker to please him and other men. I'm also thankful
for him not only showing me that I'm inferior to men and
women, but also accepting and finding happiness in being a
lesser human being. I have so much to be thankful to him
for, because he further showed me that it was natural for
me to be submissive and "pussy-like" - his words - to men
who would permit me to fondle and suck their fine dicks and
swallow their savory hot cum. This is how one of our first
conversations on this topic went:
"Albert, you must never forget, you're a lesser person than
I am."

"Y-Yes sir. Is-Is that because I-I found out I like sucking
your cock?"

"Yes, you're a sissy cocksucker. Sissy cocksuckers are of
course much less than a man and also less than a woman,
therefore they are inferior to both. Understand that?"

"Y-Yes sir. I-I, uh, guess so."

"There is no need to guess, it's true. Now repeat after me
"I am a sissy. I am an inferior human being". Go on say
it. It's good for you to accept the truth about yourself,
for through the truth you'll feel good about yourself. Now
do as I say."

"Y-Yes sir. Er, I-I am a sissy. I-I am an in-inferior
human being."

"Now that wasn't too bad, was it?"

"N-No sir."

"Now say it again, but with more confidence. Go on, do as
I say."

"I am a sissy. I am an inferior human being."

"Very good, much, much better, sissy Albert, or should I
say Alberta, since you're more feminine than a man. Yes,
when you and I are alone, you will answer to Alberta.

"Uh, Y-Yes sir."

"Now please remember, I'm not doing this to degrade or put
you down, but simply to help you understand yourself and
the emotional transition you are most certainly going
through, and which you probably don't fully comprehend. I
am doing this to help you, and also because I care about
you. Understand?"

"Y-Yes sir. A-And thank you."

"You're welcome Alberta, you were always a boy with good
manners. Now, here, read the definition of "inferior"
aloud from the dictionary."

"Yes sir. "Of little or less importance, value or merit.
Inferior also implies being lesser, deficient, inadequate,
beneath, despicable, unworthy, worthless.""

"So you see, the truth is that through the eyes of the
public, being that a sissy is inferior, sissies are not
thought highly of. Understand Alberta?"

"Y-Yes sir. I-I see."

"But as someone who cares about you, I don't see you as
worthless Alberta. You're good for something. You're a
mighty fine cocksucker and dick pleaser. You make my dick
feel good."

"I-I guess I should say, t-thank you sir."

"Of course you should, that's quite a compliment. It means
you're not worthless. It means you have value in a
different manner." Understand."

"Y-Yes sir, oh, I-I think I do."

"Because I care about you, I'll help you understand these
things better. But in order to learn about your strengths
and feel better about your inner self, you'll have to do as
I say. Do you think you have the courage and strength to
be an obedient sissy as you strive to understand how to
feel good about yourself?"

"Y-Yes sir. I-I think..."

"Don't say you think so, just say you do, and say it with
courage and conviction. Now Alberta, do you know the
difference between you and a spittoon?"

"I-I d-don't understand?"

"Well my little faggot fairy, men spit in a spittoon.
However, if they spat in your face that would be very
offensive, would it not?"

"Y-Yes sir, it would."

"But you, as a cocksucker, suck out dick spit as it squirts
into your pussy mouth all the time and you don't find that
offensive do you?

"I-I, uh, n-no sir." I replied meekly, holding my head down
and blushing in shame.

"There is no need to be ashamed Alberta. Since you accept
dick spit all the time, some might say you're on the same
level as a spittoon, except that you love the taste of dick
spit. Some might say you're nothing more than faggot
flotsam. And despite all the humiliation I'm heaping on
you, it really doesn't offend you that much does it?"

"W-Well, uh, ..."

"you don't have to reply Alberta. I know it doesn't and I
know you wonder why. In fact you're even wondering why
your body secretly reacts to such statements as if it's
praise rather than a put down. I can see it in your eyes.
You don't mind being called a fag. The reason is that your
inferiority was given to you by nature, and along with that
came the built in gift of being not only comfortable at
being abjectly humiliated, but also being happy and
thrilled too. Therefore Alberta, I want you to accept
humiliation and degradation with a smile, as it's normal
and even good for your mental well being."
"So you see mother, he's taken great care to see that
I fully understood the emotions that I was experiencing and
laying out a path and philosophy for me to follow that
would help me to be happy my new self."
"It certainly appeared he's made a thorough attempt at
explaining things."
"Yes, he really has mother. He helped me see that it
is a very important responsibility to have control of a
man's balls and hard dick in my hands and especially if
it's in my mouth or pussy-ass. He really made me feel good
about myself being a cocksucking sissy and giving men a
healthy good feeling after they've entrusted their genitals
to me. He also got me in the habit of thinking and saying
my much smaller prick is a clit rather than a cock. He
often has me say so in front of him as he says it will help
my mental makeup to think in that context."
"I can see his point. I think it will be good for you
too darling. After all, you're a soft mama's boy and he
was so right to help you see you're so much less than a
real man. His mentoring you to utilize your pantywaist
mannerisms, namby-pamby ways, your obliging nature, and
physical softness for your happiness and that of others is
a good thing. In other words son, hard throbbing dicks and
your soft lips and warm wet mouth are such a natural
combination. Yes baby, you indeed are not only `pussy-
like', you are a pussy and deserving of all the things that
hard aching dicks do to a soft warm wet pussy."
"Oh that is so sweet. Thank you for being so
understanding mother." Said Albert/Alberta as he hugged
his mom tightly.
"You're quite welcome darling. And I'm so delighted
that you completely understood Mr. Wilson as he put you
through the training to develop your sissy seduction and
sucking skills, and made you the efficient sissy dick
sucker and dick softener you are today."
"Yes mother, I did. And as I alluded to earlier, I'm
not only grateful for his emotional guidance but also all
the personal time he spent in pushing his big handsome dick
back and forth in my mouth to teach me how to handle being
face fucked. He said he wanted to make sure I could
develop a set of skills and techniques to handle any man's
dick that had the opportunity to get their nuts off in my
"He raved about what a good pupil you were and how
eager you were to learn and be trained."
"His enthusiasm to train me to be a good cocksucker
rubbed off on me and got me over my shyness and guilt of
sucking on hard hot dick meat and the enjoyment of the
tasty creamy reward I got for my efforts. I'll never
forget his dedication as he methodically taught me how to
deal with men to see if they'd let me suck their cocks. He
showed me how to endear myself to men as a sissy
cocksucker. He instructed me on many little things like
how to unbuckle and unzip a man's pants smoothly and to get
his dick out and ready for sucking. How to hold and handle
and lap and suck a man's balls. How to lap a man's shaft
and many different fore play techniques, especially on
their dick head and balls."
"That does sound thorough. He also told me about how
sweet you were as he got you trained if some man roughly
fucked your face as if it was a cunt."
"I can't tell you mother how many times he and the
other neighborhood men put me through Mr. Wilson's face
fuck drills. But I have to say, his training has served me
"That's where you kneel or lay back and let a man hump
your mouth, right?"
"Yes ma'am. Instead of me doing all the work to get
the man off, the man helps by using my mouth as a cunt.
The biggest problem is when the man gets off and me being
able to swallow all his hot gooey semen without choking.
Practice really helps in being able to do this well for the
man's pleasure and mine."
"Mr. Wilson said you did real good at it."
"He and the others were persistent in ramming their
dicks deep in the back of my throat and helping me to
handle receiving large spurting loads without gagging.
They also taught me how to easily deep throat their dicks
too. It's quite an experience to have them spurt their
gooey cum directly pass my throat into my gullet. To feel
all their hot jism being pumped into and sliding down my
gullet seems so magical and delightful."
"I understand son. But like Mr. Wilson taught you,
it's good to know how to do it all. He also told me how he
could always see the sparkle in your eyes whenever he or
one of the other men took out their dicks. He said it was
so obvious you not only wanted to suck dicks, you needed to
do it to satisfy the hunger and craving in you to be a
receptacle for hard cock and hot cum."
"Yes, I believe he's right mother. I believe I do
need to suck dicks and eat jism to keep my mental balance
and well being. I say that because after I became a full
fledge cocksucker, never have I felt more mentally
"But tell me honey, do you like being truly treated as
a woman? You know, getting dicks poked up your cute sissy
"I-I guess you know everything mom."
"Yes dear, Mr. Wilson let me know that they just
started fucking your cute ass last year. He thinks it
really helped you be less stressed in college, especially
when it was test time."
"He's just repeating what I told him. But yes,
getting fucked really relaxes me, even more so than sucking
dicks. It's even more pleasant if I can do both

((((((( CHP:2 LOST CHERRY )))))))))))

"Honey, did you find it difficult when you lost your
"It really didn't mother. Mr. Wilson prepared me
well. He worked with his brother, who is a doctor out of
state, to get some stuff that really opened me up for their
big dicks. I wasn't hurt or felt pain at all. I really
felt excited at being deflowered by Mr. Wilson. I now know
how excited and thrilled a virgin bride feels as her
husband is about to mount her for the first time."
"Tell me more dear."
"Well naturally when he first hinted at the idea of me
doing more for him than sucking him off, I was a bit scared
because he was so large and I didn't think I could easily
take him in me without injury. If it hadn't been for his
size, I'm sure I would've probably urged him earlier to
take me. You see mother, after I started sucking him off
fairly frequently, I also got the urge to want to him to
have intercourse with me as if I was a woman. I never told
him about my desire or fantasy. I guess he was reading my
"Alberta my son, in case you haven't realized it, you
do have a bit of a womanly walk. So I can understand
Wilson wanting to get in your panties. And I fully
understand the sissy in you wanting to be under a man and
be pounded by his cock."
"Oh mother, you thought of the same metaphor I
envisioned. I thought of a man's hard cock as the hammer
and me as the anvil, receiving all his wonderful strokes as
I lay there responding to him in a sweet but complimentary
submissive manner."
"Very interesting. But please go on, tell me more."
"As I said, Mr. Wilson, surfaced that he wanted to
fuck me. He said he'd be remiss if he didn't show me what
it was liked to be fucked, even if he couldn't be the one
to do it to me. He did the sweetest thing after telling me
that. He gave me a passionate juicy French kiss."
"Had he ever kissed you before?"
"Yes, but they were mostly pecks on the lips, nothing
like what he did that night. He next told me about
confiding in his brother, who is a doctor out of state.
Mr. Wilson thought maybe he could offer a suggestion as to
how I could be opened up safely so Mr. Wilson could further
my training personally with his large manly cock, as well
show his affection to me by being the first to have
intercourse with me. I have to tell you mother, it made me
feel so thrilled to have been kissed so passionately by him
and then to hear him say he wanted to show me his affection
by being the first to push his big dick in my cute little
"pussy-ass". Isn't he sweet? I really like many of the
neat words he comes up with. But secretly, it's a sort of a
turn on to me to have men associate me with being pussy
like. The neighborhood group got in the habit of asking me
for "some pussy" whenever they wanted some of my ass and it
really turned me on."
"Pussy-ass, huh. It certainly has a sissy ring to it.
Well anyway, what happened next after Mr. Wilson contacted
his brother?"
"It turns out his brother was extremely helpful. He
sent Mr. Wilson an expandable dildo and a large supply of a
muscle relaxer pre-packaged enema kit and lubricant, that I
use each time I plan on having intercourse with a man."
"So between using the expandable dildo and the enema
kit and lubricant, you became a fuckable pussy-ass?"
"Yes ma'am, but not right away. Following his
brother's instructions, it took about three weeks for me to
safely stretch my self to be able to take the dildo after
it was adjusted to the size of Mr. Wilson's cock. I think
he and I were both anxious for me to reach that point.
Well, when I told him, we planed for my official
deflowering the following week on a Wednesday night. As he
kissed me he said "I want to be in top form to fuck you as
a woman". I say official, be cause really, the dildo got me
first, right? Hee! Hee!"
"Chuckle! Chuckle! I have to agree with you dear.
Didn't you dress up for the big night? I think Mr. Wilson
told me it was the first time he had you wear a white
peignoir because it was such a special occasion."
"Yes he did, it was so romantic too. He got it from a
Thrift Store. It was like a waltzing gown and robe - snow
white in color - very virginal. It really added to the
mood. Him doing that made me feel even more special."
"That was very sweet of him. He also told me he
brought wine and you two feasted on a gourmet dinner he
picked up earlier in the evening for you two lovers."
"Yes it was very romantic, including the candles. The
wine did relax me and we had dinner afterwards. I knew I
was too full of anxiety to eat first."
"I can understand that. After all, it's not everyday
a sissy gets fucked for the first time."
"You're so right mother. The other thing that
increased my anxiety and aroused me even further was that
Mr. Wilson came with a tent pole in his pants. Just seeing
him that way made me want to give myself to him even more.
Believe me mother, I was in heat and wanted to get fucked."
"What happened next?"
"We both were aroused and anxious, and the glasses of
wine helped both of us relax in preparation for what was to
take place. He gave me a very warm and passionate open
mouth kiss as he repeated complimented me in the sheer
white peignoir I was wearing. He frequently groped my ass
and had his hands all over me. His wonderful manhandling
plus super kiss further aroused and heated me up even more.
The feel of his larger rough manly hands felt so delicious
as he ran them over my softer body. The feel of his groping
me signaled to me that what he was doing to me needed to be
done. I'd never had a man's hands roaming all over me
before. It certainly was an ecstatic feeling. I guess I
knew at that moment that I was truly a sissy and that it
was proper for me to let men do to me, what they would
ordinarily do to a woman."
"Yes, sweetie, I can see how you might reach such a
conclusion. But please go on with your account of things."
"Okay mother. Hmmm, lets see, oh yes. I next helped
him get undressed. His dick sprung quickly out of his
shorts as I pulled them down. I gave his beautiful manly
rod a long kiss and suckled it for a brief moment. Knowing
that it was soon going to be screwing me, made my mouthing
action more special to me. Later, he positioned me to
receive him missionary style, as he and I had discussed.
That position made me feel even more like a virgin bride.
This was especially so as he climbed on the bed to mount
me. His big 8-inch dick was turgid and jutting toward the
heavens. He was really ready to mate me. As he got in
position over me, my excitement was high. He next
positioned my legs and I held them back toward my head to
facilitate his entrance into me. As his bloated dick head
made first contact with the opening to my pussy-ass, I
shuddered slightly and closed my eyes. I was well
lubricated so when he pushed firmly, his dick head slipped
in easier than each of had anticipated. It was a most
pleasant surprise and after we'd both emitted a moaning
sigh of pleasure from his dick head's entrance, he leaned
over and placed a warm kiss on my lips as pushed more of
his rigid love tool in me. The cozy feel of being filled
as a woman was ecstatic. I laid there in utter bliss as he
ravished me with his stiff stalk of rigid man meat. I was
breathing sensuously and heavily in response to his
delightful pounding of my bottom. He was not only
breathing hard, but was sort of moaning and talking
simultaneously. His words were very lewd and lascivious as
he worked hard to get off in me. He uttered some of the
most fowl and earthy terms for almost the entire time
before he shot his hot load in me. He said things like:

"OOOOOHHHH, your sissy faggy pansy ass pussy is damn good.
AHHHHHHH! Yes, Gasp! you're a good fuck. Ohhh, Ahhh,
Gasp! you sweet fairy Gasp! ass He-bitch. You make my
Gasp! dick feel good! Ohhhhh! Yesssss! Gasp! I'll never
want for pussy Gasp! as long as Gasp! you're around, you
Gasp! sweet-ass pansy faggot cunt!"

"That sure is graphic explicit street gutter language.
Weren't you offended and turned off by it since you two
were suppose to be in a romantic coupling?"
"To my surprise mother, I found it a definite turn on.
For some odd reason, every time he called me "faggot",
"pansy", or "cunt", and most of all, any reference to me
having a "good pussy", a warm thrill ran through me. To
answer your question, I found great joy in his words."
"I see. Well that just goes to verify Mr. Wilson's
assessment of you, that is, that your sexual libido wants
and needs negative praise and compliments to bolster your
"He told me the very same thing, and after how I felt
as he was doing me, I knew, once more, he was right. He
said others may consider such treatment of me as an abuse,
but my body and brains sees it as pleasurable."
"Sweetie, it's a rather natural thing, especially for
sissies such as yourself. So dear, the best treatment is
to let nice men as Mr. Wilson praise and commend you just
the way he's done before, and doing now. Yes the rest of
society may see such praise as abusive, disparaging, and
derogatory, but for you, it's the type of accolade you
need. Just as maggots thrive contentedly in a pile of
barnyard manure, so will you as you wallow and bask in the
derision and ridicule others heap on you. Now please go
on with your story about your deflowering, I want to hear
"Oh, yes, well Mr. Wilson continued to plow into me
more rapidly. By this time, my legs were resting and
hooked onto his shoulders and he had my upper thighs
circled by his strong arms, which held my legs firmly up
and my pussy-ass hole completely accessible to his pile-
driving rod of hard cock meat. There was a squishy sound as
he pushed and pulled out of me as he sought his pleasure.
Of course, as he sought his, he was giving me mine. I'm
telling you mother, the whole scene is the thing dreams are
made of."
"How quaint a metaphor. But please go on."
"As he continued his wonderful action on me, I was
softly caressing his back and softly and sensuously
responding to his vulgarity with sweet words of praise and
urging him on as he was seeking to release his pent up hot
jism in me. I said things like:
"Oh Yesss! ... That's it!... Gasp! ... I'm your pussy
anytime ... Gasp! ... you want me. Yeesss, please fuck ...
Gasp! ... me! Oh yesss! It's sooooo ... Gasp! ... gooood.
Yesss ... I'm your ... Gasp! ... sweet fairy cunt. Yesss,
... Gasp! that's it, give it to me. ... Gasp! ... Ohhh,
yes ... Gasp! ... Pleasssse dick meeee!"

"That sounds like you were really complimenting him
all right."
"I was mother and enjoyed every minute of it. Finally
after he ejaculated in me, and our passions subsided, we
uncoupled and we laid side by side as I cuddled up to him.
His large manly dick was languished and soft. I reached
over, wiped it off and placed the pinkish colored head in
my mouth. As a gesture of heartfelt thanks, I gave it a
very slow and appreciative milking. The moment was
enhanced by Mr. Wilson patting and caressing my head as I
slowly and lovingly suckled his softened sex pole. I was
so proud that I'd helped him get off. And the delight of
knowing I had his spent sperm in me was indescribable. It
heightened my feeling of functioning as his sissy woman."
"Alberta my son, you had, and still do, have every
reason to be proud of pleasing him and his big dick, and of
course being a depository for his hot sperm."
"Thank you so much mother. He even had me promise to
be his sissy woman, which I did, well actually his
"obedient sissy woman." He told me my goal in life should
be to embrace the philosophy "A sissy's joy in life is in
pleasing his man, his real man." I solemnly committed to
doing that for him mother."
"Now that is indeed romantic sweetie."
### END OF PART 1 ###


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