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Archived Sex Stories

ES2C 16 The Group Part 2


------------DISCLAIMER STATEMENT--------------
August 2002
This is a sexually graphic story with adult
content. You must be 21 years of age to read.
The characters in this sexual fantasy story are
imaginary, and are not a representation, in any
manner, of any real world person or situation.

TITLE: The Group - PART 2 (Chapters 3 & 4)
BY: Es2c

STORY CONTENT: (TV/TG, MM, Mdom, D/s, Wry Logic)

STORY SUMMARY: This fantasy story depicts experiences of
Albert, a recent college graduate, who discovered months
earlier, he had latent attractions to men who are well
endowed. He also discovered, with some help, that he finds
an overwhelming joy from submissively submitting to men
sexually. It is a long time neighbor, Mr. Wilson, who has
acted as a father figure in years past, who caused the
graduate to discover those latent feelings. Because of
Albert's amicable and unassuming nature, Mr. Wilson
continually mentors the graduate in the ways of sexual
submission, and nurtures the graduate into having positive
wholesome feelings about being sissified, submissive,
subjugated, and dominated by men. Albert, perceiving that
it's natural for him to accept the path Mr. Wilson has
guided him down, willingly slips deeper and deeper into a
relationship, where Mr. Wilson becomes his dominant
mentor/master. In conjunction with other neighborhood men,
they and Mr. Wilson eventually become known as The Group to
Albert. Additionally, once Albert's mother discovers her
less than masculine, soft, weakling of a mollycoddled son's
situation, she comes to the realization that being a
dominated sissy is best for him.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story attempts to incorporate the
erotic tonality from such classics as "The story Of O" (By
Pauline Reage) and "Philosophy In The Bedroom" (By DeSade),
as well as from other writings of Leopole Von Sacher-Masoch
(Masochism) and DeSade (Sadism). The objective is to fuse
them into a fantasy story dealing with adult sissification,
or male feminization, and Male Domination, without any
extreme violence. My goal is to glue it all together with
a rich mixture of explicit and earthy erotic language,
befitting the TV/TG story genre.

Albert/Alberta's mother Albert/Alberta - Son (Graduate)
The Group (Neighborhood Men):
Mr. Wilson
Mr. Mitchell
Mr. Lemson
Mr. Jones
Mr. Hudson


"Did it bother you when Wilson first told you he was
going to share you with the other men in the neighborhood?"
"Yes it did. It actually scared me. He had me over
to his house one night while his wife was out of town. He
had them hiding in an adjoining room. He timed it for them
to walk in on us as I was sucking him off. Of course I was
so embarrassed and befuddled and turned beet red in the
face to have the men seeing me on my knees with Mr. Wilson'
huge cock exhibiting the wetness mark of where my mouth had
been. Everyone was more at ease about what was going on
than I was. They were all laughing at my reaction to being
caught in the act. Mr. Wilson not only made me stay where
I was, but actually guided my mouth back to his rigid dick.
Not knowing what else to do, I let him guide his big
member right back between my lips.
"Don't worry, the little sissy fag will clam down once
I cream in his mouth. Go ahead and get undress so y'all
can get you some of this too. It won't be much longer
before I'll be coating his tonsils." Mr. Wilson said in
the way of greeting the men. In no time, the newcomers had
dropped their pants and removed their shorts. It was very
apparent they wanted some of the same treatment that I was
giving Mr. Wilson.
"Once the neighbors had their big dicks exposed, they
flopped in front of them as they moved around the room.
They all were well hung like Mr. Wilson. Compared to mine,
I was very intimidated by the size of these four additional
big penises in the same room. As Mr. Wilson had
characterized me earlier, I indeed was a "bird dick" as
compared to all the men in the room. However, the strange
thing was that the more I eyed the men moving around me, my
intimidation faded into an attraction and a strong desire
to have each of them in my mouth as Mr. Wilson's cock was
at the moment. I wanted to suck them all off. I couldn't
help but admire the strange new handsome penises now
encircling me and the way their owners were holding and
stroking them. The new men looked at me with an obvious
lust in their eyes. Their talk also indicated the same:

"You know Albert, I always thought you looked a little
sweet and pansy like. Often had thoughts of what it would
feel like to fuck your mouth." Spoke Mr. Jones, the
grocery store manager.

"Yeah, that'd passed my mind on occasion too. Them lips of
your pout just like pussy lips that need a dick." Said
Mr. Mitchell.

"Wilson, you did the right thing to get us involved with
teaching him things a sissy needs to know. In addition to
his mouth, he's got a nice shake when he walks too. I'm
sure we're the right ones to help you out son. Since
you're from our neighborhood, we should get the first
chance to coat that tongue of yours and stuff that sissy
pussy-ass crack of yours." Spoke Mr. Hudson.
"It then sort of made me feel special that they all
wanted to stick their swelling dicks in my mouth and give
me their jism. Being that I respected them so much and
that they were such upstanding men in the community, I felt
a strange sense of acceptance by them since they wanted to
use me to appease their lust and spurt their jism down my
throat. I-I hope I'm making sense here mother, that is, in
trying to tell you how I felt at the time."
"You're making perfect sense sweetie. There you were
thinking that your secret was secure with Wilson. A secret
about your new found desires for hard dicks and taste for
dick cum. Discoveries that also basically validated that
you were a pansy pantywaist and an inferior male too. Then
all of a sudden you're given the opportunity to be of use
as a penis pleaser and semen receptacle for some of the
community's finest gentlemen. No Albert, with such
outstanding real men coming together and lowering
themselves to stuff your mouth with their hard dicks, you
indeed should feel privileged to have your mouth used by
them to soothe their erections as well as the chance to be
a vessel for and to digest their ejaculated sperm."
"Mother you're so articulate. That's exactly how I
felt. In addition, since the men insinuated they'd had
thoughts of doing this to me before I realized I was a
sissy dick lover, I, uh, well, I felt as though I owed them
since I'd caused them to have thoughts of me pleasing their
dicks. Mr. Wilson later told me I was quite correct about
this. He applauded me. He let me know that he and the
other men had stooped very low morally to deal with me, and
that I should indeed feel honored in appeasing the lust
that I was responsible for causing in his and their loins,
even though I wasn't aware of it before. He told me that
even though we both knew I was unworthy of being called a
man since I was a scum sucking faggot, he praised me for
having virtue to know what is right."
"Albert, I have to agree with him on that also. But
I'm so delighted that you know you have to take
responsibility for your actions. Now go on with telling me
what happened after all the other men had their dicks out
and waving them at you."
"Uh, Okay, well as I was saying, I couldn't help but
be focused on their handsome tools. They were all big long
things and by this time were all swollen and erect. By
this time, they had encircled the me where I was kneeling
between Mr. Wilson's legs. I was surprised, but all my
fright of being found out by them was gone. I had a desire
to do exactly as they desired of me. I wanted to suck on
these new dicks and taste their gooey jism. I wanted to
appease their lusty desires as well as give them the
opportunity to use my mouth. I proceeded to finish up
Mr. Wilson as he directed me too. The men all applauded me
as I gathered Mr. Wilson's ejaculating jism. I didn't miss
a drop as I gulped every down every drop of his hot slimy
" "Look at his Adam's Apple bob up and down. He must
really love that dick scum slop the way he's guzzling it
down." Mr. Lemson said. "Yeah, he's a pansy fag
allright", Mr. Mitchell replied. "Yeah and he milks better
than any bitch that's done me", Mr. Wilson added as I
entered the post orgasmic, soft suckling milking stage of
blowing his dick.
"I was pleased at Mr. Wilson's compliment. However,
as I continued my oral actions, Mr. Wilson told the group
that he'd trained me well as to how please dicks and balls.
After a few moments more, and at the urgings of the other
men, Mr. Wilson motioned for me to stop suckling his
softening dick. They were anxious to take his place and
have me do for them what I'd done for him.
" "Well Alberta, where are your manners. Don't forget
them just because we have company", Mr. Wilson said as I
looked up slightly up at him and at the dicks of the other
men. I was trying to avoid their faces. I knew what he
wanted of me. I didn't want to do it. I was still ashamed
at being found out by my other neighborhood men, even
though I wanted to suck them all off. Those are the kinds
of contradictory feelings I was experiencing mother."
"As I told you dear, it was perfectly normal for you
to be somewhat confused then. It's good that the men kept
you thinking straight. Now honey continue with what you
were saying. What did Wilson want of you?"
"He had taught me to always thank him for letting me
suck him off. The only thing was that I'd never done it in
front of others before. However, he kept after me until I
did so. I was really beet red in the face as the room
became silent. Everyone heard my soft utterances of "Thank
you Sir. T-Thank you for letting me suck you out and eat
your cum." The laughter of the other men made me even more
flushed in the face.
"Now, the others were quite all primed to use my mouth
after seeing all that went on before them. Every one of
their large manly tools were taunt and very rigid. There
were big drops of glistening pre-cum at the opening of each
of the men's pinkish colored, blood gorged dick heads.
"Even though I knew I was being abjectly humiliated by
Mr. Wilson, I still had no will to resist doing what he and
the others expected of me. My wanton effeminate desires
were ruling me. I was theirs to use and they knew it."
"Albert, Sweetie, Mr. Wilson was right. You were too
hard on yourself back then. If you'd just accepted sooner
that you were simply inadequate as a man, but ideally
suited to be treated like the pussy you are, you would've
experienced so much less apprehension and confusion."
"You're so correct mother. Now I know better."
"Good. Now go on, tell me what happened next."
"Well, Mr. Jones was determined to get his dick in my
mouth first, as he claimed he was going to lose his load if
he didn't stick it in me right away. He won out as
Mr. Wilson gave him the go ahead. I could see
disappointment on Mr. Mitchell's face. He was next to me
and had indicated to the others that he was next after Mr.
Wilson. However, he didn't say anymore but just waited
his turn to get off in my mouth. I responded to Mr. Jones'
concern as I quickly engulfed his shiny dick head and
covered as much of his stiff shaft as I could with my jaws.
As I did so, I closed my eyes in ecstasy as I broke another
milestone by sucking on my second ever dick.
"However, mother, that first experience with the group
of men made me feel more important than I ever have before.
The fact that they all were anxious to get something I had
to offer really elated me, and sort of made me experience a
strange sense of pride. I was ashamed of it at the time,
but it made me feel good to be of use to them that way."
"That's exactly what I mean by the inner conflict in
you Albert. If you had just embraced and accepted your
femininity without a fight sooner, much of your earlier
consternation and self-indignation would have subsided
"Again, now I see your point, but as you and Mr.
Wilson have both told me, I have indeed come a long way
with my sissification."
"Yes you have darling, but pray tell me what happened
next with the Mr. Jones and the other who were standing
around with straining throbbing pre-cum leaking dicks."
"That's a very accurate description too mother, for it
was just as you described. Well I soon got Mr. Jones off.
It didn't take long because he was close to getting off.
His heavy dick goo was very warm and viscous. There was a
lot of it too. But nevertheless, the taste was quite good.
I didn't milk him long and barely got time to thank him for
the opportunity of sucking him before Mr. Mitchell quickly
pushed his hard meat in my open mouth. He was urgent in
his effort to use my mouth. For some strange reason, I
liked his stronger, but gentle movements between my lips as
I sucked him. It also didn't take him long to get off
either, but I did get a chance to milk him longer than
Mr. Jones and also to fully thank him also. I continued
kneeling and sucked Mr. Lemson and then Mr.Hudson off. As
before, the other men cheered and shouted words of
encouragement me as I slobbering and slurped on inch after
inch of hard dick meat and even louder when I swallowed the
rich creamy output jetting up out of each man's dick."
"Albert, were they satisfied with just one go round
with you?"
"I was about to mention that. No they weren't. I
ended up giving another round of blowjobs before the
evening was over. By this second time around, I felt so
much better about them knowing my secret. I even believe
my "Thank You's" were more heartfelt and sincere. Each of
them also responded more affectionately to my thanks and
let me know they planned to come back to use me again. It
was Mr. Lemson who sort of led the group's response. He
told me: "Yeah fag, that suck job was good. You can count
on us coming back to cool our dicks off in your pansy pussy
mouth." The others concurred with him by speaking similar
sentiments. As They were leaving, it was Mr. Hudson who
said: "Wilson, if it's okay with you, maybe we oughta pull
a fucking train on the little he-bitch as well as fucking
his pussy face." Mr. Wilson responded so quickly, it
caught me by surprise. He replied "Sounds good to me. I'm
just getting his tight pussy trained for fucking. Don't
worry, he'll be ready for your dicks". The men just
chuckled as they left.
"Overall mother, it really made me feel good that they
thought I was good enough to be of future use to them - not
only to use my mouth for their dicks, but also to pull a
train on my pussy-ass too."
"I can see why you would feel that way sweetie. What
happened next with you and Wilson?"
"Mr. Wilson and I talked about several things after
the men had departed. For one thing, he wanted me to
describe how I found the taste of the abundant loads of new
and strange hot sperm I'd swallowed. He thought it would do
me good to talk with him about this."
"Was it easy for you to discuss dear?"
"At the time, I was still a bit shy at doing so even
though I had been filled with 10 full loads of the stuff in
the past few hours. I really didn't realize how full I was
until I thought about the fact that I wasn't hungry. The
only thing I had eaten that evening was the creamy semen
from the five men's dicks."
"I guess you could say you dined on "Cream of Dick".
Hee! Hee! Hee!"
"Very funny mother, even though I guess your
description was accurate."
"I couldn't help the pun sweetie. Please go on."
"Well, as he got me to talking about each time I
tasted each of the new men's jism, it became gradually
easier for me be very candid and matter-of-fact about it
all. Doing as he wanted made me less ashamed and more at
ease at all that had happened to me. He said it was good
therapy for me. I ended up having to agree with him. The
more I talked about having been an eager and very receptive
dumping port for 10 loads of hot dick cum, I felt not only
a cozy sense of achievement, but serene sense of well
"So my sissy son, I guess it's very safe to say that
sucking dicks and guzzling down several loads of men's
scummy cum agrees with you?"
"Yes mother it does, very well. I love the slimy,
creamy aftertaste and syrupy film that remains after
swallowing a load of semen. After a man pulls his dick from
between my lips after flooding my mouth, they often look at
me in disgust as I smack my lips as I slurp down any
remaining jism goo clinging to my lips, tongue, roof of my
mouth, and gums. Mr. Wilson says I look very happy, even
radiant, at these moments. He's helped me understand why
men react the way they do to my actions. And just like he
said, even though they may think I'm a lowlife for feasting
on their dick scum, they'll gladly bring me more when the
need arises in their balls."
"Hee! Hee! I know you're thankful for that."
"I sure am mother. Just like I am that men love me
licking and lapping on their balls too. They look at me
with surprise as I delight in deliberately and slowly
running my tongue and lips over their soft hairy sacs, but
they never stop me, only grant me full and open access to
their big balls and delight in my affectionate treatment to
their nuts."
"This can only make you more popular with and endear
you to the men who adore the lovely way you tend to their
horny lusty needs."
"I like to think so too mother. They certainly seem
to like me using my mouth to nuzzle in their crotches to
make them feel good."
"I'm certain they do. But please go on with what else
you and Mr. Wilson talked about."
"Oh yes. We talked about my taste for cum a bit more.
I of course had compared the new jism tastes to that of his
jism, several times. I remembered some minor difference
between each man's spend, but the only common thing was
that I could attest to was that I found each of the copious
loads of hot, sticky, slimy, rich fluids delicious. As
I've mentioned before, I love the way it coats my tongue
and the interior of my mouth. I often had to take sips of
a drink, after sucking each dick, to keep my mouth from
becoming gummy and muckish from all that frothy, gluey, but
very tasty man cream."
"I can see you love your dick cum sweetie, but please
continue dear. This is all so much more interesting than I
ever imagined it would be. It is good that Mr. Wilson had
the foresight to draw you out from your mama's boy's shell
and help you develop into the sissy woman you are now."
"Yes, I must give him credit too. I've never been
happier. Well to go on with what happened next. Well,
after Mr. Wilson was satisfied that his therapy had the
desired effect, namely to make feel more open and delighted
at my sweet tooth for jism, as well as having a gang suck
pulled on me. After that topic, he made me brush my teeth
and use mouthwash, as he got tired of the strong smell of
dick and semen on my breath. "You smell like a fucking
pussy-mouth gutter fag who's blown a boat load of sailors."
He said as I went to freshen up my "pussy-mouth". I found
his comment flattering as I gleefully waltzed off to do as
he commanded. When I returned, I brought up the subject of
his not asking my permission to share me with other men. I
knew it was a moot point at the time, but the more I
thought about it, he should've at least given me a hint."
"Did you really think he had to get your consent dear?
After all, by your own admission earlier, because you're a
faggot cocksucker, you agreed he was superior to you both
as a man and a human being. Does a king ask permission of
a peasant?"
"You're right mother, I was very naive at the time. He
made it crystal clear to me that my consent was not needed
for him to share me with the others. He made me feel mixed
up, downtrodden, and insignificant about not having a say
so in his decision. However, he reaffirmed that I had
committed to being his obedient sissy woman, so if he
ordered me to give myself to them, I was expected to obey.
I couldn't fault his logic. As he talked on, he was even
more convincing that it was the best thing for him to make
all the decisions since he was a real man, more mature and
much wiser about me being a sissy than I was. Anyway, I
eventually concurred with him that the meeting with the
other neighborhood men had been a very positive experience,
for both them and me. In the end, all I could do was agree
with Mr. Wilson and accept that it was proper for me to
obey him without question. I also accepted that I was
then, and now, basically in sexual servitude, and to be
used by him and the other neighborhood men at their
discretion. It was very odd, but the more I thought of
being a sort of "kept sissy" and that I'd been manipulated
into surrendering myself into sexual enslavement for the
pleasure of five men, a strange feeling swept over me. It
was a pleasant, not a negative, feeling of capitulation and
resignation. Mr. Wilson told me I had to obey them. A
part of my mind also told me I had to obey. It seemed to
tell the rest of me that my submission and servitude to
these men was important. It told me that their will should
be my desire. It told me that I should respond to their
strength with admiration and submission. It told me I
should respond to their masculinity with femininity on my
part. It told me I should respond to their superiority with
courageous expressions of my natural inferiority. After
thinking of all this mother, in the end, I experienced a
sensation of peace and contentment about myself in this
role of subjugation."
"That is so enlightening Alberta." His mother replied.
"Mr. Wilson said something too about me having reached
a state of self enlightenment when I told him about my
experience. He hugged me and said:

"Alberta, it's a wonderful state of mind when a person
realizes the reality about oneself. You have, through
enlightened self-reasoning, come to the conclusion that you
are worthless as a man, but have purpose, function and
utility as a sissy faggot, when given proper guidance. Who
better to give you that guidance than me and the other
neighborhood men who know you the best. Nature has
equipped you for this calling in life. You have simply
discovered that you no longer want to refuse Nature's
"Wilson certainly has a way with words. Did you feel
any despair because of them?"
"On the contrary mother, I accepted his statement as a
revelation. He went on to tell me things that I felt, but
had never revealed to him. This is what he said:

"Alberta, when you're on your knees before me and I present
you with my swollen aching throbbing dick, I can see the
delight in your eyes at such an opportunity to submit,
serve, and suck. An opportunity to show your true worth,
that is, as a sissy fag. An opportunity to demonstrate your
cocksucking and ball lapping skills. An opportunity to
show others you're in your element and where you're most
comfortable at, that is, at the feet of a real man and on
the end of a real man's hard dick. I see the look on your
face. It's a look of anticipation and anxiety to please me
and provide pleasure with your tongue lips and the warm
wetness of your mouth. I see the supreme joy you get from
flitting your tongue tip in my pee slit as you hungrily lap
up the drop of swelling pre-cum forming there. I watch you
continually lapping my dick head until you've coated it
with the wetness from your drooling tongue and finally cap
the top of my dick as your mouth engulf my shiny bloated
dick head. You do all this with dignity and pride, as you
happily and nosily slobber and slurp on my erect manhood.
When you receive the fruits of your oral labor, namely my
load of hot slimy jism, it's so apparent you feel
accomplished. The look of pride on your face tells me you
feel so useful and needed, even if it's just as a
receptacle for my hard dick, and a place for me and other
men to shoot off their cum in. In essence, you know now
you are somebody with a purpose and meaning in life as you
proudly smack your lips and savor the taste of my creamy
slimy sperm coating the interior of your mouth and throat."

"So you never told him before you had all that bottled
up in your mind?"
"No I hadn't mother, he said he saw all that in my
eyes and body language each time I knelt and sucked his
stiff dick."
"You are somewhat transparent dear. I know I could
always tell when you were lying to me when you were a teen.
Well, was he on target with his descriptions?"
"It's scary mother, but I have to confess. He was
correct, down to the last detail he articulated. Mr.
Wilson, typically sits down while I kneel to suck him off.
When I drop to my knees before his parted muscular thighs,
and legs, hairy crotch and looming manhood jutting up, I
can't help but admire and feel wonderfully overwhelmed at
his beautiful masculinity spread before me. I don't know if
you understand what I'm saying here mother, but I also feel
a strong sense of inferiority at the same time, which
drives me to feeling very comfortable being submissive as I
pay sexual homage to him. It's the same way with other men
who are well endowed too."
"Alberta sweetie, yes I do know where you're coming
from. The woman in you is simply responding to the
masculinity before you. You said you were attracted to
well endowed men, hence your feelings. It's a very natural
response for a sissy fag. And as far as your feeling so
inadequate in reference to such masculinity, well the mere
fact you were on your knees with your head in the man's
crotch and handling and licking his dick answers that. I'm
proud that you feel joy and pride doing your duty to men's
dicks, but nevertheless, to them, you're still a lowly
cocksucking sissy faggot. Feeling submissive, subordinate,
and worthless as a man, as Mr. Wilson has told you, is just
Nature's way of helping you be a better sissy. Understand?"
"I didn't quite think of it that way before, but yes
what you're saying makes so much sense. Thank you mother."
"You're welcome dear, now continue telling me more
about Mr. Wilson being on target about you."
"Okay, well, uh, oh yes, as Mr. Wilson said I did, I
indeed did always feel awed and very honored as I begin to
handle and administer to his genitals with my soft small
hands, moist lips and flitting tongue. It's a superb
feeling for me to pay homage to him this way, and the other
men too for that matter, as I perform my sissy faggot
duties. He was so correct. I do feel a strong sense of
dignity, respect and pride in what I do for him, and the
other men, when my mouth is stuffed with their dicks. I
love the utter sheer joy of when he and the other men
ejaculate their hot seed in me. It's a magical moment when
the first spurt of hot jism hits the inside of my mouth,
because I know at that moment I'm most needed and useful to
him and other men. It's at that moment that I become a
recipient for his masculine essence, his hot sperm. I see
my receipt of his spurted creamy gooey man spend as
validation of my womanly role and function for him in
response to his manly need. A function, as he so correctly
stated, that does seem to give my life focus, purpose and
meaning. Additionally, it gives me the utmost pleasure as
I willingly perform this act for men."
"Now sweetie, that is a profound statement, that
is very articulate. You have every right to be proud of
expressing yourself so well."
"Thank you mother. I must admit at the time, the
entire experience was a valuable lesson for me. I'll never
forget one of the things he told me. He said:

"Alberta, you must remember, when you're in a group of men
and they know you're a cocksucker, they just want you to
suck them off too. All that matters to them is you
wrapping your lips around their dicks and doing what you're
suppose to do. That's the respect they're looking for from
you. You giving them head and them getting their nuts in
your mouth is what's important. Remember, they're men and
you're just a set of fleshy holes for their dick scum.
Albert, I'm doing you a favor by exposing and sharing you
with other men. You may not fully understand it yet, but
you need men, not one man, to help you be totally happy
with yourself. You'll discover that a sissy needs men even
if he has one man that cares about him."
"What he told me in that one conversation was so true,
for even I was surprised at how easily and quickly I
adapted to being the devoted cocksucking sissy for
him as well as the 4 other men he decided to share me with.
"Mr. Wilson and the men rented an apartment for us to
meet at for their sexual liaisons and use of me. It was
also my responsibility to keep the place clean in addition
to my being the group's sissy. I didn't mind, because as
you know mother, I'm very good at doing domestic work."
"You took to it very early. At 13, you could cook,
clean house, iron and do laundry better than many
housewives do. And yes, you do it very well. It was from
your desire to do women's work that made me have suspicions
that you might be leaning toward sissyhood, dear Alberta,
rather than manhood, when you grew up. However, don't
think I'm disappointed because you're not manly. I'm not.
I'm just glad you're so happy with being a sissy and
pleasing men's needs."
"Thank you mom. And yes, with me working with my two
dearest passions, that is hard dicks and domestic
housework, I was very happy being the group's maid and
sissy concubine. It does me a world of good serving the
group of men in these roles. I saw this as another aspect
of Mr. Wilson's wisdom when he told me that a sissy needs
men even if he has a man."
"Yes, apparently he is wise dear and so are you for
doing as he tells you."
"Yes I feel the same way too. I look upon him as the
alpha male and my man, even though I'm serviced by and obey
the other men too."

(((((((((( CHP 4: LIFE AS A SISSY SERVING FIVE men )))))))

"So you were like a cow being serviced by 5 bulls.
Hee! Hee!"
"I never thought of it that way mother, but your
comparison is fairly correct."
"Wilson told me about the apartment, but you'd moved
out of the dorm and in to it by the time he informed me.
As best I can tell, you'd been a concubine to your five men
for almost a year by the time I was told of your lifestyle
"If Mr. Wilson told you 6 months ago, that's about
right mother, because I was in the apartment for 18 months
until I recently graduated."
"So sweetie, how was 18 months of apartment living as
being the little woman for 5 virile men?"
"It really did me good mother. Mr. Wilson or one of
the others were always dropping by unannounced to check on
me, to see that I was doing my domestic chores and school
work, and of course to have sex with me. If they were in
need, I had to stop whatever I was doing and get them off.
This was my top priority at all times. At first, it seemed
that there was not enough time to do all I had to do for
them, but as time went on, I was able to efficiently manage
my time and do what was demanded of me by them, as well as
do well in college too."
"That's so wonderful dear."
"The Group also started me wearing more feminine
attire around the apartment. They even had me wearing a
maid's uniform, which I really got to be quite comfortable
"I think a maid's uniform does look good on you. In
one of the pictures Wilson showed me, you were dressed in
it. In it you were kneeling and apparently had just
finished giving one of the men juicy head because there was
a ropy strand of jism between your mouth and the dick in
front of you."
"Oh I think I remember when that was taken too. I
believe that was when I'd just finished swallowing a load
of Mr. Hudson's cum. Thank you mother, I also felt that it
was fitting for me to wear it too, as I went about my
duties of taking care of the house and the men. I just
loved the large pinafore, whether it's gravy splatter or
cum drop splatter, it was so handy to be wearing that
"Sweetie, you certainly looked the part of being an
efficient sissy maid."
"I believe the experience of being sissified under the
supervision and control of 5 caring, but stern and lusty
men, made me a better person. I say that because they not
only re-structured my lifestyle and helped me developed my
strengths as a sissy, but also rewarded me with good sex
"I guess their 5 dicks were in you more than you
"Oh, I don't know about that mother. When all 5 of
them would gang up on me at one time to bang me, yes, they
would tire me out occasionally. However, even then, it was
a very wonderful kind of tiredness. It really pleased me
to be, as you say, a "cow" for all those bulls. One of my
greatest pleasures was in being surprised by one of the men
when they would drop by unannounced and needed, or wanted,
their dicks sucked. To my delight, this happened rather
often. As I've already said many times in our talking,
I'm a consummate cocksucker. Giving my men some emergency
mouth pussy, makes me feel so complete and whole, not only
as a sissy, but as a person. It seems that every time I
did that for each of them, their hot nut cream was even
tastier. It really made my day to have their hot creamy
jism gusher in my mouth and coat my tongue as I'm
swallowing it all. To my joy, they always seem to shoot so
much of it too. Many times, the men don't stay, they're
gone in a flash, but what they leave behind in me, or
rather in my tummy, makes me feel oh so good for a long
time. Some times, some or all of them will come by on the
same day for quickie head. It's not as frequent as when
they want me for head, but if they want a piece of ass, it
doesn't take me long to douche and freshen up my pussy for
their hot hard dicks. A quickie fuck is even more
delightful and satisfying if the men have time to do me
that way. There have been several times where they demand a
blowjob, sort of as an appetizer, that is to reduce their
sexual anxiety, as I prepare myself for intercourse. There
is nothing better than one of them taking his time to put
his hard man meat with a good slow fucking. It's so
enchanting to be under these men, who as you know all are
of much larger build, than I, and to feel their moans and
sighs of pleasure as they thrust themselves with abandon
into my much smaller body as they appease their lust. I
just love them doing me missionary style. You know, with
my legs parted and high up in the air. It makes me feel so
womanly too. Besides, in this position, I'm facing them
face to face and can embrace and kiss them as they thrust
and penetrate me so lustily. It's such a sweet feeling to
feel their fullness in me while I whisper sensuous words of
encouragement as they drive on in their quest to shoot off
their seed in me. Just knowing the man could've been
giving his wife this joyous pleasure instead of little old
sissy me, really adds to my emotional esteem, as well as my
sexual fulfillment too."
"Sweetie, attaining a feeling of being whole is
extremely important psychologically. In your case, this is
proof positive that you are needed and useful to these men.
So since them dropping by to use you as a walking sperm
dump or sucking scumbag is good for both you and the men.
It's good they often need to use your mouth and ass
"It's funny you use that word. Mr. Lemsom and Mr.
Hudson always seem to like calling me that too - that is,
their little sissy scumbag. I find it very affectionate
for them to say that to me after I've been fucked or I've
sucked out their load, and am milking their softening dick.
I love the feel of the men's warm copious scummy contents
in me. It's a part of them in me. That is so special for
"Yes, my dear sweetie pie son, you're so right, it is
"Another thing I adore is the sight of several or all
of them there at once walking around wearing a robe or
simply with nothing on below the waist. Their big manly
tools are on display and really add to the atmosphere of
the apartment. It does wonders for me to have all those
flopping and swinging dicks around me. It just makes me
feel good to be around them.
"Mother, I love everything about being around the
group, even when they scold and punish me, because even
then, they're showing their care and concern for me. Sure,
one might say I've surrendered my will to their custody.
However, I like to think I have invested it with them. For
you see, they've shown me time and time again, that it's
for the best that I obey them fully as well as remain under
their control, dominion and guidance. I feel cared for and
protected by them too. They make all the decisions and
that suites me fine too. Actually, it gives me a feeling
of great freedom to be governed by them, since in this way,
I can't make any decisions that I can be blamed for. I can
only make mistakes in failing to carry out decisions they
have made for me. When I do make mistakes, the men in the
Group will quickly correct me through scolding or
punishment so that I don't repeat them again."
"Do you truly feel comfortable having them
disciplining and punishing you as they do?"
"Oh yes mother, I do, I really do. Not only do I feel
untroubled with them chastising and disciplining me,
they've convinced me it's their responsibility because
they're concerned about my well being as a sissy. They've
demonstrated that I need their masculine oversight,
direction, and firm rule. They're really good to me, and I
believe, for me too."
"So you feel good about surrendering, uh, or investing
your free will with them, to determine what's best for you,
or act in your best interest?"
"Yes ma'am, very good about it all. Earlier in my
relationship with these men, I was somewhat concerned in a
few instances about them running roughshod over me and
manipulating me into being their slavish sissy slut.
However, now, almost 2 years later, there is no doubt in my
mind that Mr. Wilson and the Group have done the right
things for me. Over this time, after being with these fine
men and knowing them better than I ever did before, I know
that I'm truly so much more inferior than they are and see
that I can only benefit from their supervision and
direction. By being in servitude to them and obeying them
closely, it can only help me achieve the respect I need as
a sissy. Respect that I see only comes from being under
the management of such men. Besides, they've also proved
to me that I'm more comfortable following orders than
trying to make even the smallest of my own decisions.
Overall mother, I know it's probably not the best for
others, but I've concluded that it's best for me to accept
my position of enslavement to the group. I have committed
myself to their happiness, and it makes them happy for me
to be subjugated to them in the manner I am. And not only
am I happy about my subservience to the Group, it's really
been a privilege to serve them and be under their
"Alberta, it thrills me that you're spoken so strong
and confidently about your obedience, commitment, and
subjugation to the Group. It shows me that you've matured
even as a mama's boy, not to mention as a grown up,
experienced sissy slut, that knows what he wants and needs.
I have to agree, it can only be goodness for you to be
protected by the Group, as well as in servitude to them for
the supervision, guidance, training and sexual pleasure
they can give you."
"Thank you for being so understanding mother. I know
you're concerned about some of the spankings and whippings
they've given me. Please don't be. The men have never
punished me in ways I couldn't endure or didn't deserve to
be treated. They care for me. In each past situation when
they've punished me, they've satisfied me that what they
did was right. I feel confident that any future punishment
they give me will be appropriate as well as deserved by
"Dear, I can't help but feel better about you being
punished after hearing you defend them spanking and
whipping you. As long as you know it's good for you and
that the men exercise due restraint, I'll abide by your
wishes not to be concerned."
"Thank you mother, I appreciate that. It makes me
feel good that you're concerned, but the men have also
assured me they too are concerned about my well being too."
"Wilson and the others also have expressed the same to
me, but I wanted to make sure I got your side of the story
too. I do feel much better about things now."
"I'm so glad you do mother. Through their guidance
and discipline, the Group has defined what is appropriate
behavior for me and the limits of my behavior. By doing
so, they really have helped me deal with my sissy nature in
a way that only men who care about me could."
"I'm so relieved that your being a pansy was
discovered by Wilson, and that he has been assisted by
others who have great concern for you as they guide and
nurture you as to how to become a proper, respectful,
unpretentious, but meek arousing sissy woman for men. And
a sissy woman that knows her place too, I might add."
"You're so right mother. Other men could've easily
taken advantage of me being that I was so vulnerable at
that point. Mr. Wilson and the other men have given me
what I needed and when I needed it. I sincerely believe
that only by them, as caring individuals, taking me under
their wings and forcing themselves on me as they educated
me in the ways of sexual submission; unquestioning
obedience; and acceptance of my unworthiness from society's
perspective, have things turned out so well for me. I
really have to be thankful for them condescending to guide
and train me, a lowly scum bag sissy, who loves to eat
men's hot slimy ejaculate and enjoys the feel of hard dick
meat in me."
"Yes sweetie, I see your point. You do owe them."
"Yes I do mother, that's why I'm very comfortable with
the Group being my benevolent overseer, decision makers,
rulers, and of course being real men to me where it counts
- that is, when they push their dicks in me. I love all
the men in the group. They've been so wonderful to me.
I've learned to cook all their favorite dishes, so when
they come to see me, they leave not only with a satisfied
dick, but also having eaten their favorite meal too. It
does me good to be the woman to them that even their own
wives can't be."
"What do you mean by that sweetie?"
"Well for one thing, none of their wives get the ultra
pleasure from sucking their husband's dicks, not to mention
licking and tonguing their balls, as I do. Many of the
wives see cocksucking as a necessary evil to foreplay, not
as a truly pleasurable act in itself. Secondly I'm much
more appreciative of the men sticking their dicks in me
than their wives usually are.
"The men have all told me the same story in one way or
another. Sure, their wives put out. But so often their
attitude lacks enthusiasm and excitement as they engage in
intercourse. The men all have told me that with me, it
seems I seem to cherish each time they poke me, which I do,
and seem so appreciative afterwards, which I am. One of my
favorite ways to show that is to slowly suckle the last
dribbles and dregs that seep from the man's dick after he
fucks me. Don't worry mother, between the douche I use and
me wiping off their wet dicks, it's safe. But I can tell
such a simple gesture of appreciation makes them understand
that what they do for me is special to me.
"I can see that the men would relish your thanking
them in this manner. And what you said about their wives
is very interesting."
"Speaking of that, the men say that with me doing
what their wives would consider freaky, or out of the norm
stuff, it helps them as husband give their wives the
straight sex they are satisfied with, while using me as
their freak fuck."
"That's very interesting, and very intriguing
"One thing about my relationship with the men in the
Group is their complete comfort in saying or talking to me
about anything, or talking to me any way they please. They
generally don't, or are required, to apologize for what
they say or do, and I don't expect them too. If they talk
down to me, curse me and call me all sorts of names, that's
just the way it is. It's automatically assumed I deserve
their treatment of me that way. They and I understand
this. That is just the way it is in my loving subservient
relationship to the Group. They are the masters and I am
their subject, pure and simple. If they talk to me in a
way other than as if I'm lesser than they are, I accept
that as an acknowledgment of their benevolence. I'm not
doing a good job of articulating what I mean, but what I'm
trying to say mother is that the men and I have a sort of
special relationship when we converse, that we both accept.
My life is an open book to them, and they and I both expect
me to truthfully answer any questions they ask. It is not
the same with them. I accept that I have to ask their
permission to even speak, and then to ask them questions.
I also fully understand I have no right to an answer. They
are free to share with me what they choose. I accept all
this as a matter-of-fact. Now this is what I was leading up
to. And it all goes back to doing freaky stuff for my men.
You see, Mr. Jones expressed a fantasy of taking his wife
across his lap and spanking her. As he spanks her, it is
his desire for her to plead for mercy and forgiveness for
some act of disrespect to him as master of their household.
Of course, Mr. Jones knows he couldn't get Mrs. Jones to do
this, and wouldn't dare revealing his fantasy desire to
her. However, he felt totally comfortable describing it to
"He told me his fantasy one day as we were enjoying
each other's company and eating dinner at the apartment.
He had come by for our weekly Tuesday night date. I'd
already sucked his dick once and we were now eating the
lasagna - his favorite dish, which I'd prepared for him. I
knew after dinner, he'd want his second blowjob, one for
the road, so to speak. He chose not to have intercourse
with me tonight, only for me to mouth him off.
"As he talked on about his fantasy, he said he hadn't
ever told anyone else about it before. The mere fact that
he shared something so private with me made me feel closer
and more bonded to him beyond our already special bond of
his being a member of the Group and me being the Group's
sissy maidservant slut.
"Mr. Jones sort of gave me some more background on his
fantasy. It was based on the way things use to be, not a
few years ago, like in the Fifties, but in the 1750s, where
a husband was truly king of his house and his word was law.
Back then, it was legal and accepted for a man to beat his
wife for any infraction of her husband's rules. As
Mr. Jones lamented about his not being able to exercise his
fantasy. It then dawned on me that he might be indirectly
giving me the opportunity to assume the role of his fantasy
wife, so as to present my ass to him for a reason other
than which he normally used it for. I didn't want to be
beaten on, but I hated to see him so sad and unhappy that
he didn't have a nice fleshy ass to paddle for his
pleasure. As you know mother, I'm really a people person
and I want people to like me, and to be pleased with me
"Yes sweetie, that is both one of your strong points
and one of your weaknesses. But that's part of your
makeup. But please go on."
"Well what I'm about to say probably is a good example
of which you spoke of. As I said, a part of me wanted to
help Mr. Jones with his fantasy desire. The other part of
me was concerned about the possible pain I'd have to endure
to help him with his fantasy. I was struggling with my
conscious. The men in the Group had at various times,
whipped me as part of their discipline program for me. So
I had experienced pain on my bottom several times and was
no stranger to it. But that pain was to correct my
behavior for some mistake or misdeed I'd done. But to give
myself to one of the men solely for his pleasure and to
make him happy, was something I had to wrestle with
mentally. If he ordered me to come across his lap and be
spanked, I knew I wouldn't refuse him, otherwise I'd be
breaking my vow of total obedience to Mr. Wilson, which he
in turn transferred to the Group. Hence, now my vow was to
them all, not just Mr. Wilson. I then reasoned that since
he hadn't ordered me to be his fantasy wife for the obvious
spanking he wanted to give her, he was waiting to see if
I'd volunteer myself. The light came on in my head that he
maybe testing my devotion to the group. I for sure wanted
to pass the test. What had originally caused me so much
consternation was now crystal clear. The decision I had to
make now was so obvious. As I thought of how good the
Group had been to me, I knew that a little bruising and
pain on my butt was but a small, if agonizing, way to repay
them. I really did owe them for their compassion,
kindness, understanding, guidance, training, and many other
things they've done for me, a lowly sissy fag. If it
hadn't been for them, who knows what turmoil I'd be in
now. I confidently asked Mr. Jones permission to speak and
ask a question.
"Mr. Jones, may I speak and ask you a question?"


"Well sir, I know I'm not anywhere as pretty as your wife,
but are you offering me the opportunity to play the role of
your fantasy wife?"

"Are you interested?"

"Only if you want me to be. But, may I speak freely sir?

"Yeah, go ahead."

"You could've ordered me to be the recipient of your
spanking and I couldn't have refused. Since you didn't
order me to play the role, I wasn't sure if you deemed me
worthy of the part, even if it's just the spanking part of
your fantasy you're interested in performing. But if you
think I'm worthy of being spanked for your fantasy
pleasure, I readily submit myself to you."

"Mr. Jones accepted my offer and let me know that he
wouldn't bruise my rear too badly, but he was intent on
spanking me until he felt he had done a good job in
achieving his fantasy. His statement made me cringe
slightly, but I knew it was too late now. My ass was his
now. Therefore, now I had only to rely on Mr. Jones' care
and concern for me, nothing more, as I committed my ass to
him to be beaten for his fantasy pleasure.
"Mr. Jones had a cabin home far out in the rural. It
had a wine cellar. He was going to perform his fantasy
there because he wanted to hear my cries and pleas of mercy
as he spanked my bottom. Therefore he needed a place where
he could control the sounds of his fantasy, namely my cries
for mercy. He was going to drive us up there the upcoming
Saturday. The trip to the country was about 50 miles and
it was in a rather desolate area.
"Mr. Jones was really excited about having my ass to
spank. He was so happy and elated that he was going to get
a chance to thoroughly spank a real live tender fleshy ass
- namely me - to his hearts content. Even though, I was
somewhat terrified at hearing him talk about all he was
going to do my ass with his paddles and hardwood hair
brushes - he never used my name or addressed me as the
recipient of swats to be inflicted. Despite this, I was
still very happy for him. At the same time, I also was
somewhat excited that I had the pleasure of giving him this
opportunity. So as you can see mother, my mind was
besieged with conflicting thoughts and trepidation, but I
knew I had no will power or strength to stop what was to
happen to me. It's a feeling I've experienced several times
as the Group's servant and slave. Enduring each such
event, has helped strengthened me for the next event of
submission, which seems to always be around the corner."
"Well sweetie, did the spanking turn out worst than
you expected?"
"Mr. Jones really enjoyed spanking me and hearing me
beg for mercy and forgiveness of my fantasy infractions -
namely not cleaning the cabin and cooking his meals on
time. As his fantasy wife, I begged and begged, but to no
avail. I wailed and tossed as I rolled to and fro on his
lap, but his strong arms kept me subdued to received all
the licks he desired to give me. My ass was burning so
badly. Several times I begged him to let me rest. Again
he wouldn't relent. After what seemed like an eternity -
really 20 minutes - he released me and I got a chance to
rub my stinging swollen and bruised ass cheeks. They
literally felt as if they were on fire. I was crying so
profusely as I walked around the floor in an erratic
pattern seeking to find some way to ease the burning pain.
He seemed to really enjoy seeing the tears streaming down
my face and the uncontrollable sobbing and wailing I made
as he plied into me unmercifully. He smiled in delight at
my plight. He was even more delighted when I performed, at
his command, the next to last part of his fantasy. That
is, to kneel, and thank him for his punishment to help make
me a better fantasy wife. I did so through my
uncontrollable sobs and tears that didn't seem to want to
stop. Mr. Jones had the most pleasant smile on his face as
I knelt proclaiming my undying thanks for his firm painful
spanking. It was the oddest thing, but I was happy for him
even in all my misery. I also felt another strange type of
pleasure, which came from my doing this for him. I was
pleased that he was enjoying doing this, even at my own
expense of being in pain caused by him.
"His last act of his fantasy really pleased us both.
It was when Mr. Jones took out his really stiff dick. I
mean it was pointing almost straight up to the sky, the
mere sight of him being so aroused and horny made me feel
so happy, even though my but was still in pain. Mr. Jones
caressed and kissed me so passionately. That made me
almost forget about all that had happened earlier. Next he
mounted me and pushed about half of his 8 inches of very
hard and hot dick meat in me. It was oh so pleasurable and
the nagging pain on my bottom seemed to intensify the
pleasure I was getting from his heavy thrusts into me. It
felt so wonderful to be under my masterful fantasy husband
after having atoned for my fantasy infractions and his very
real ass whipping."
"I've heard of similar situations where people who've
been spanked or flagellated saying the sex was super
"Well mother, it was good for both of us that night.
He had two good comes and I came automatically when he shot
his hot pent up load into me the first time. As we drove
back to town, it was clear to both of us that I'd better
get use to this fantasy, because I knew Mr. Jones would
want me for his fantasy wife again. Knowing I had no
choice, I had to resign myself to doing that as part of my
duty and devotion to him and the Group. The consolation for
me was that it pleased him to do this to me. The second,
that it would probably result in good sex for both of us
despite the pain that I was certain to endure to make it
all possible. As far as Mr. Jones and I, I really felt
closer to him than before. That is for having endured his
fantasy ordeal. I was even gratified that it occurred,
because it was proof positive of my dedication to his and
the Group's pleasure."
"After all that, and what's certain to be a repeat of
the same in the future, I can definitely see your point
about your role in respect to them and their wives.
Sweetie, no wonder their wives brought you such cute
"I'm not sure his wife knows of this fantasy thing, He
finally told the other members in the group about it
recently. Now I'm worried of them also having similar
fantasies. However, in regard to the men's wives, I'm
really going to be embarrassed facing their wives. That is,
with them knowing that I've been the sort of like the other
woman to their husbands."
"Sweetie, I suspect that the way you've explained
things about you doing things they didn't want to do in the
bedroom, you may be the only one embarrassed, especially
since you're not really another woman, but a sissy slut.
Believe me, it makes a difference. They still see you as a
male and their husbands as just having a different kind of
night out with the guys."
"Hmmm, Mother, that is so insightful. I never thought
of it that way before. I definitely see your point. I
wonder if the men's wives will get involved with me and the
men's sexual activities now that they know about me being
their sissy concubine?"
"Why do you say that Alberta?"
"You see the men have shared many of their fantasies
with me. Mr. Hudson talked about me watching him fuck his
wife. Then after he was through doing her, he'd fuck me
while I sucked out her messy creamed in cunt."
"I'd have to say, only time will tell. By the way
sweetie, you think you'd like sucking a sloppy used pussy?"
"Oh I think I could do it, and especially so since
it'd be jism flavored."
"Maybe, I'll bring you my jism flavored pussy sometime
and let you practice. Hee! Hee!"
"That would be great mother. I've never see a woman's
pussy up really close before."
"Well sweetie, me must definitely get you exposed to
that since you might have to put your face in all their
wives' fucked cunt, especially since you are committed to
obey the Group's wishes."
"You're right about that mother. And I know I
definitely will if they tell me to."
### END OF PART 2 ###


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