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ES2C 17 The Group Part 3


------------DISCLAIMER STATEMENT--------------
August 2002
This is a sexually graphic story with adult
content. You must be 21 years of age to read.
The characters in this sexual fantasy story are
imaginary, and are not a representation, in any
manner, of any real world person or situation.

TITLE: The Group - PART 3 (Chapters 5 & 6)
BY: Es2c

STORY CONTENT: (TV/TG, MM, Mdom, D/s, Wry Logic)

STORY SUMMARY: This fantasy story depicts experiences of
Albert, a recent college graduate, who discovered months
earlier, he had latent attractions to men who are well
endowed. He also discovered, with some help, that he finds
an overwhelming joy from submissively submitting to men
sexually. It is a long time neighbor, Mr. Wilson, who has
acted as a father figure in years past, who caused the
graduate to discover those latent feelings. Because of
Albert's amicable and unassuming nature, Mr. Wilson
continually mentors the graduate in the ways of sexual
submission, and nurtures the graduate into having positive
wholesome feelings about being sissified, submissive,
subjugated, and dominated by men. Albert, perceiving that
it's natural for him to accept the path Mr. Wilson has
guided him down, willingly slips deeper and deeper into a
relationship, where Mr. Wilson becomes his dominant
mentor/master. In conjunction with other neighborhood men,
they and Mr. Wilson eventually become known as The Group to
Albert. Additionally, once Albert's mother discovers her
less than masculine, soft, weakling of a mollycoddled son's
situation, she comes to the realization that being a
dominated sissy is best for him.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story attempts to incorporate the
erotic tonality from such classics as "The story Of O" (By
Pauline Reage) and "Philosophy In The Bedroom" (By DeSade),
as well as from other writings of Leopole Von Sacher-Masoch
(Masochism) and DeSade (Sadism). The objective is to fuse
them into a fantasy story dealing with adult sissification,
or male feminization, and Male Domination, without any
extreme violence. My goal is to glue it all together with
a rich mixture of explicit and earthy erotic language,
befitting the TV/TG story genre.

Albert/Alberta's mother Albert/Alberta - Son (Graduate)
The Group (Neighborhood Men):
Mr. Wilson
Mr. Mitchell
Mr. Lemson
Mr. Jones
Mr. Hudson

(((((((((((( CHP 5: BECOMING A WHORE )))))

"Well Alberta, you've given me insight into how you
got involved with the neighborhood men, or the Group, and
what it's like being a sissy concubine for the 5 of them.
Now lets move on to how you ended up becoming a whore for
"Well mother, that all started when Mr. Wilson's
brother visited him. I was offered to him for his sexual
entertainment, while he was in town. He's the doctor,
"Yes I remember. He provided the fuck lubricant. Go
"Well he was thrilled to have the chance to sex me,
and so was I. It was him that gave Mr. Wilson the idea of
using me to make money to pay for the apartment rent and
what was left over going toward my college expenses. The
others thought that a great idea and begin planning the
operation based on their contacts in surrounding towns.
The idea was never presented to me for my consideration. I
was basically told that the men had decided that they were
going to make me a whore and that was that. I was only
assured that my clients, or "tricks" would be from
surrounding towns so as to not cause me local embarrassment
if I should become exposed. Not only did I feel terrified
at the thought of exposure, I felt more like chattel to the
Group rather than someone special to them.
"It was then that Mr. Wilson said that they would help
to disguise me. Thinking this was all an elaborate joke, I
let the men know that I didn't appreciate them talking
about me as a whore. I told them it was degrading and
dehumanizing to even jest about pimping me out. "I'm your
sissy woman, not a whore." I told them in a somewhat angry
tone. It was then Mr. Wilson simply walked over, stood
before me, and slapped me across the face. I fell
backwards into the chair I'd rose from. I knew then that
this was no joking matter. He stood over me and said:

"Alberta, Shut Up! Now listen! That's right, you're our
sissy woman. Our sissy bitch to use as we see fit. And we
see fit to have you whore for us. Remember! We are your men
here. You promised to be my obedient sissy woman from the
first time I fucked you, remember?"

"W-Well yes, b-but..." I tried to reply.

"No buts Alberta, remember you're the sissy and I'm the
man. Remember, you agreed that a sissy should obey his
man? Therefore, what I tell you to do, you do. Your
promise also applies to the other fellows in the group now,
because I say so as your man. You now answer to us men.
Therefore, the fellows and me have decided you're to be a
whore for us. End of discussion! UNDERSTAND?"

"Y-Yes sir." I meekly replied in response to his louder
masculine bass laden voice. I was lying back in the chair
with his hand print on my face and terrified of what had
happened. A moment later, the others in the group applauded
Mr. Wilson for "putting the little sissy bitch in his
place". Mr. Lemson was the one who said that. The others
all agreed with him loudly as they mumbled among themselves
about "My nerve to question them". They all gave me looks
of utter contempt and disdain. I then realized I had done
something wrong. I had angered them. Even though I felt
betrayed by them, I became instantly fearful of the loss of
their companionship. They had disregarded me, and my
feelings. Feelings of me being special to them as their
exclusive sissy for their private sexual use. Sure, Mr.
Wilson loaned me to his brother, but that's not like any
stranger who has a few dollars and a hard dick getting to
pump his jism in me. Even though I had a feeling of being
mistreated by the Group in their decision to whore me out,
deep down, I still wanted to please them. I wanted to be
liked by them and to keep them happy. I had often told
them I would do whatever they asked of me. I never thought
it would come to this. Now if I didn't honor the letter of
my commitment, it would appear that it was I who was indeed
wrong and not them. They were simply being the masterful
men they were and requiring me to live up to my pledge.
Even though my self-reasoning enlightened me again that the
men were within their rights to make such a demand of me, I
nevertheless felt cheapened and not as special to them as
before. A kept sissy is one thing, but being a public
sissy-whore was another, I thought to myself."
"It's just a natural conflict of your innate feeling
of your need to please people versus what price is too
steep to pay to be liked. But please go on dear, tell me
what happened next."
"You're right on the money mother. That was my
dilemma. Anyway, after the others departed, Mr. Wilson and
I were now alone. He called me over to the couch. He knew
I was upset, even though I had basically accepted the
Group's ultimatum. We had another of our long talks. This
is how the conversation went:

"Alberta, remember how upset you were when I unilaterally
decided to share you with the other men in our group?"

"Y-Yes sir."

"Even though, we surprised you, remember how easy it was
for you to adapt and accept that there would be four
additional men you'd have to suck off and give your fine
pussy-ass to?"

"W-Well yes, b-but I know all of you. If I-I whore, I-I'll
never know who t-the next man will be to use me. You all
are l-like husbands to me. I-I want to be special to you
all, not feel like a cheap whore. I do h-have m-my

"Yes you do. But that should be pride to be the best sissy
you can be. Right?"

"W-Well, uh, I-I never thought of it that way. I-I guess

"Of course you do. You know there's no turning back now.
The flower in you has bloom. The sissy fruit has blossomed
in you. You like being the fruit you are. Also Alberta,
pride is the delight you get that arises from something
you've done, or performed at, or a relationship you have
attained. You've done something delightful, you've
embraced your sissyness, and you've learned to accept your
effeminacy and use it to pleasure men's dicks very well.
Aren't you proud of that?"

"I-I, w-well, uh, yes I-I am."

"Aren't you proud of the relationship you have with the
Group? You've said it's a special thing."

"W-Well, uh, y-yes sir, I-I have."

"Did you mean it or were you just leading us on?"

"N-No I-I meant it."

"The Group pleases you, don't we?"

"W-Well, Y-Yes sir. You all do."

"We're real men, and because of that, we all know,
including you, that we rank well above you. You accept
that you're beneath us as a sissy, right?"

"W-Well, I-I know I-I'm not your equal... a-and I-I'm not,
uh, as s-strong as..."

"Alberta, stop pussy footing around and be honest with
yourself. Admit you're a pansy pantywaist that loves
sucking slime out of real men's dicks. You get off on
feeding on real men's dick slime. men don't do that, do
they? Answer me!"

"N-No, uh, s-sir, t-they don't."

"Then you are beneath the men in the Group?"

"Y-You're right, M-Mr. Wilson, I-I am."

"Good, I'm glad you have the decency to at least be honest
about your inferiority. That shows character Alberta, I'm
proud of you for that. Where are your manners? Aren't you
going to thank me?"

"T-Thank y-you, sir."

"You're welcome. Now that's the kind of pride you should be
concerned about, sissy pride. As a sissy fag slut, you're
focused on men and of course pleasing men such that you get
what you want from them. Namely the feel of their dicks and
their tasty hot cum, isn't that right Alberta?"

"I-I guess, uh, y-you're right, s-sir."

"Good! I'm glad you didn't try to skirt around that. Your
answer shows you value integrity Alberta. Now answer this,
since you like dicks and creamy dick juice so much, why
wouldn't you be proud of having men pay to give you what
you seek anyway? It would be less than smart not to do so,

"Uh, I-I-I, w-well, y-yes. I-I guess I hadn't thought of it
that way."

"Of course not, that's why we in the Group should do the
thinking for you. A sissy whore should be a title of pride.
Pride that men are willing to pay to put their dicks in
you. The men that pay to do so are exercising a value
judgment that says this sissy is worth something for me to
spend money to use him. Wouldn't that make you feel pride
at a man doing that to use your mouth and fine ass-pussy."

"I-I guess, uh, guess y-you're right... y-yes sir."

"I thought you would Alberta. Your greatest asset is in
doing what real men tell you to do. I want you to remember
that. You know you perform your best work in the kitchen
and bedroom for the Group. These are your domains. As a
sissy, you're not a man or a woman. You're simply a pair
of soft warm fleshy holes where real men can bust their
nuts and drain the sperm off their balls, that is, if they
see fit to pleasure you with their dicks. Being the sissy
pantywaist you are, should you care where the dicks and
semen comes from? Or, whether we are profiting from you
getting what you want and need? Remember Alberta, I care a
great deal about you. The Group cares about you. You know
that. If we didn't, do you think we would've given so much
of our selves helping you as we have? Therefore Alberta
because we do care so much about you; because we know
what's best for you; and because we know what's best for
the Group, it was decided that your being a sissy whore is
the right thing for you and us at the moment. We, the
entire Group, have agreed on this. You have pledged to
obey them through me. Is your word good or not?"

"Y-Yes sir... It-It's good. I-I'll obey."

"Then it's final! A done deal! You'll be our whore and sell
yourself for us with pride and a smile. Understand?"

"Y-Yes sir... Mr. Wilson, uh, I-I will."

"Now repeat after me "I'd love to be a whore for the

"I-I'd love t-to be a w-whore for the G-Group."

"Good, Alberta, very good. Now I want you to apologize for
questioning the group's judgment. And I also want a
promise that you'll be a good little sissy whore to your
customers just like the slut you are to us in the group."
"He was a little strong on you sweetie, but he was
right you know. I assumed you apologized and promised to
be a good little sissy-whore."
"Yes ma'am. I did. Yes, you're correct, he was a bit
intense on me, but I've come to respect him for doing so,
that is, showing me my faults, as well as reminding me of
my place all at the same time. He does go around the long
way to explain things to me, but he gets his point across.
Every time I've forgotten my place of subservience to the
group, he helps me see how thankful I should be to them for
permitting me to serve them as I do. I felt so embarrassed
and ashamed of myself for my stupidity in questioning their
decision to whore me out.
"I swore to myself that I would never question the
Group's decisions again. To make amends for my lack of
trust and faith in their decision making, I knelt before
Mr. Wilson. I next kissed his crotch. I looked up at him
from the floor and apologized again. I thanked him for all
he had done for me, especially for introducing me the
wonderful world of dick sucking. I also thanked him for
nurturing and mentoring me to be a happier person, by
assisting me in accepting and adapting to being a
subservient and submissive sissy, as well as being
permitted to give my self to this upstanding group of real
men for their sexual utilization. I repeated to him about
the error of my ways. That is, to think that it was wrong
for the Group to whore me out without my consent. I let him
know that my only concern should've been when do I start
making money for the group. This is how the conversation
went between he and I:
"Mr. Wilson, I really respect you and the other members of
the Group. I have a special love for you as one my "real
man" lovers. You're right, I was dead wrong to even get
involved in the discussion or decision-making concerning my
fate. You're also correct, I should've learned my lesson
when you unilaterally decided to share me with the
neighbors. That lesson being, that you knew what was right
for me then. Now, you and these fine men have also
unilaterally decided what you consider right and best for
me. Namely, that I'm to be shared with the public. I'll
be rented out for sissy sex for the profit and benefit of
the group. I understand better know now that not only
should I accept and adapt to this new role for me, but that
I should be honored to do this for the group, and
especially you. You and the others have helped me find a
newfound happiness as an obedient sissy slut to the group.
I have been honored to serve in this role for the pleasure
and entertainment of the Group. Instead of showing you my
thanks for the Group allowing me to serve them in this
fashion, I have repaid you and the group's kindness with
disappointment, contempt and utter disrespect. You all
helped me find serenity through submission and subjugation
to you all. I've submitted to the needs, wants, and whims
of the group, including the discipline and punishment you
all have imposed on me at various times. I can say with out
hesitation, that my life is the better for all you and the
group have done for me. My life now has real happiness and
focus. I felt so terrible when the men appeared angry at
me tonight for my behavior. Thank you for slapping me, I
deserved it. It hurt at first, but it did make me feel so
much better. I think maybe the other men should do the
same, or maybe even whip me for my unruly behavior."

"Yes, Alberta, you were ill behaved and I think we all
would feel better, including you, if we whipped you as part
of your apology to us."

"As always, you're right Mr. Wilson. I would feel so much
better and I believe my apology would show more sincerity
if I present myself to be whipped. And as you all have
taught me, the pain I'll feel from all five of you beating
on me is really inconsequential to my knowing I have been
forgiven by you."

"You're so right Alberta, action speaks louder than words,
just as does the sound of lashes to your rear as compared
to mere words of an apology spoken by you. I know I'm
pleased at your act of contrition and I'm sure the others
will be also."

"Oh thank you Mr. Wilson, thank you. I know now I can't
bear the thought of you or the other men being angry or
upset at me. I always want to please you and the others in
our group."

"Alberta, I recognized early on that in order for you to
achieve happiness, you need to please others, both
physically and mentally. By accepting the intensity and
quantity of lashes as a measure of the forgiveness of the
person lashing you, there can be no doubt that the person
using the instrument of pain on you is ridding himself of
anger and rage. In addition, the venting of that anger
caused by you is given back to you through physical
exertion by the whipper. The whipper's anger decreases with
each lash to your rear. Likewise, when you receive each
lash and feel the pain you've caused, you can't help but
feel better once the whipping stops. After the whipping
stops, so does the anger of the whipper subsides. Alberta,
it took you a few whippings to fully understand this
philosophy, but it's so gratifying to see that you now
fully understand it well."

"Oh yes Mr. Wilson, I do. I'll willingly give my ass to
the Group to be whipped for my forgiveness. Again I have
to thank you so much for being my mentor and showing me so
much about achieving happiness and never getting angry
myself. I accept that I may have to help others get rid of
their anger. Anger that I may have inadvertently caused
them. By letting them take it out on me as you described, I
will have helped them get rid of it, by simply letting
myself be whipped by them."

"Yes, Alberta, you explained it superbly."

"I can also tell when you all have forgiven me, that is,
after the whippings you all have given me, by how rigid
your dicks are. Yours and the other men's cocks in the
group have gotten some pretty hard after spanking or
whipping on me. Even though I was in pain, it was
delightful to get myself stuffed with a hard dick right
after the whipping stopped. To me that was a sure
indication I'd been forgiven for any anger I caused."

"Again Alberta, an excellent assessment. You've been an
excellent student as we've come down this road of hard
dicks, sissydom, and loving subjugation, where you've found
much happiness. It can only get better as you become a
sissy whore for us."

"Mr. Wilson, I was thinking exactly the same thing. You and
the others have told me what to do; how to do it; and when
to do it, as well as have trained and taught me so much by
using your hard dicks in me. The group, and especially you
Mr. Wilson, have not only aided me in seeing that my
masculine inferiority is a strength, but have helped me use
it to make me a better sissy woman for the group. This can
only benefit me in my new role as the group's whore. I
must say, it is sort of comforting to me that you all have
confirmed that I don't have any decisions to make. You
all, as my real men will do so for me. Therefore, as your
faithful and obedient little sissy woman, I will obey."

"Yes Alberta, you must if you want to avoid creating anger
in any of the 5 of us. And you don't want to be the cause
of creating anger do you?"

"Oh no, never."

"Good sissy, good sissy, Alberta."

"Thank you Mr. Wilson. You know Mr. Wilson, you once told
me that when hard dicks are in the same room with me, that
I'm basically a walking body with two wanton and willing
warm fuck holes for real men. You're so right. I adore
being gang banged as a sissy slut by the group.
Therefore, being a whore for the Group can only be a
positive experience as well as a natural broadening of my
experiences and growth as a sissy. You obviously saw and
understood that. I didn't. Thank you for giving me this
opportunity to be of use to you, the group, and to used and
enjoyed by many strange horny men."
"Well mother that was the end of that conversation
with Mr. Wilson. So you can see, I got over my hang-ups
over being made a whore and learned in the process, that I
was being selfish, silly, and stupid about the whole thing.
I also better understood what the term co-dependent meant
"How so sweetie?"
"Well, I did think of refusing to become a whore for
them. It was a fleeting thought though. Because from the
moment I knew they were serious, I knew I couldn't refuse
them. It wasn't so much that I couldn't say no as much as I
never wanted to be in a position to deny them whatever they
wanted of me. I wanted them to be happy with me. I
realized I didn't want to be without what they were giving
"What exactly are you saying dear?"
"That I became aware how dependent I was on the men in
the Group for my happiness. They were responsible for
showing me that servitude under their control was what I
needed as a lowly sissy. I learned from them the joy of
being treated in a servile manner. It made me happy
because it made them happy, my real men, to treat me the
way they did. Hence, they needed me and I needed them and
what they did for me. Pure and simple mother, I was their
sissy sex slave and maidservant and delighted in being used
by them at their prerogative."
"I see. Go on dear, tell me more."
"Well the more I thought about the difference between
a slut and a whore, I concluded that a whore gets paid for
what a slut basically gives away for pleasure and for free.
The more I thought about it, it aroused me as I thought
about men paying to shoot their hot bothersome jism in me."
"By the way my dear sweetie, did the whipping they
gave you hurt badly?"
"No more than I deserved. Each man took me across his
lap as if I was a child being spanked. The others in the
Group held my hands and feet, as I was being whipped. They
beat my ass with a short whip that had about 6 hard leather
strips. I think they said it was a dog whip. It really
stung as they lashed me. My ass cheeks were a bit
blistered, stripped and very sore for three days. However,
all the marks cleared up after a week. But the consolation
to me was that the daily nagging pain on my rear reminded
me of my forgiveness by them. As my relationship with the
men returned to normal, they casually joked and laughed
about their whipping of me, especially how I squirmed,
cried relentlessly, and begged for mercy, as they showed
none. In a cavalier manner, they even admitted whipping me
harder during some of my most passionate pleading for
compassion and leniency. But seeing them so happy at having
accepted my apology and forgiving me in the manner they
did, warmed my heart immensely. To this day, over six
months later, I often kiss them warmly, as well thank them
profusely for their forgiveness when ever one them brings
up me being whipped for not wanting to become a sissy-whore
for the Group. They usually embrace me and whisper
something affectionate in my ear such as: "You won't soon
be forgetting your place will you little sissy-whore, will
you?" I almost always respond sensuously with something
like: "No darling I want, because I don't ever want my real
men to be angry at me ever again."
"Mother, it means so much to me to have this warm,
intimate, subordinate, subservient relationship with the
men in the Group. And even though I'm quite a whore now,
our relationship seems stronger now than ever before. As
I've said earlier, I don't feel cheapened by them
transforming me into a whore. I feel more enhanced as a
sissy striving to be womanish."
"Alberta, just as the scar that forms from a healed
cut is stronger than the original skin, it appears that the
earlier emotional crack, or perceived crack in your
relationship with the Group, healed to a stronger bond than
before. Dear your becoming a whore was like an unselfish
expression of love on your part, while their severe
whipping of you was a selfish act of love on the Group's
part. Remember, in a relationship where one partner is
better suited to always giving in and the other to
demanding, that relationship is in natural balance. That's
the way it is with you being the sissy and the Group being
your real men and masters."
"Why mother, that is so... so philosophical. Yes,
that does describe, very eloquently, the relationship that
exist between me and the Group. "Natural balance", I
really like that. I must remember that."
"You're welcome my dear submissive son, but another
thing, I want to compliment you on is your "Thank you
statement" to Mr. Wilson you described earlier. It was so
well stated, mature and articulate. I can't help but be
proud of you. Come here you sweet little sissy whore and
give your mommie a nice hug for being so courageous to
admit you were mistaken, and to do the right things to
atone for being wrong."
"Oh, thank you so much mother dearest. That means so
much coming from you, especially since I initially thought
I'd failed you by succumbing to the sissy desires in me."
"Alberta, as I mentioned earlier, I had my suspicions
about your sexual preferences in your teen years. But now
that is all behind us. You're a full fledge sissy woman,
and whore now. That's all that counts. I love you my son,
no matter how much of a sissy whore you are. I'm just
tickled pink that Mr. Wilson and the other fine
neighborhood men, helped you discover yourself as well."
"Thanks again mother, and I too am glad that Mr.
Wilson has stuck with me and guided me in the right
direction. Another thing I have to say is that even though
I've turned a little over 300 tricks for the Group, I don't
feel cheap like I envisioned I would originally. In fact,
the men tell me affectionately, I'm even more valuable to
them than before. Hearing them say that really makes me
feel great."
"By the way Alberta, tell me about the first Tricks
you turned as a new whore for the Group?"

(((((((((((((( CHP 6: TURNING TRICKS ))))))))))))))))

"The Group decided that my first set of tricks were to
be turned in a motel in a city about 50 miles from here. I
was surprised they'd already lined up a dozen or so
customers for me when I arrived. Mr. Wilson drove me over
to the motel. Mr. Hudson and Mr. Jones were already there
in the adjoining room of the two-room suite. I knew the
idea was of them there was to protect and make me feel more
comfortable. I didn't find out until later that they were
also video taping all the action too.
"As we drove, I expressed my nervousness to Mr.
Wilson. However, he quickly bolstered my confidence by
giving me a nice pep talk as we drove, and had me all
pepped up and full of reassurance by the time we arrived.
He's such a wonderful man.
"When I returned home in the wee hours of the next
morning, I was tired, but it was a very pleasurable
tiredness and I felt like a new person. I was a bonafide
sissy whore and very proud of it. I was also excited at
having been christened by the dicks and copious spurts of
sperm of some 14 strange men or tricks, as the Group
referred to my customers.
"Mother, it was so delightful being a fleshy fuck hole
to these men. Most just wanted me to suck their very hard
dicks, many had me do them twice. I of course enjoyed that
"The dicks were oh so different, but all were handsome
and tasty. However, there was some differences in the
taste of the jism loads that were shot off in my mouth, but
all of them were more alike than different. All the jism I
ate was thick and rich.
"I made $743 for the group on my first whorish outing.
I felt good about that. $43 of that was for tips from the
Johns. That really made me feel good about things too."
"Tips, wow! That was nice of your customers or
Tricks, or Johns, whatever you call them dear."
"I thought so too mother. Another nice thing happened
after we came back to the apartment. The group thanked me
by pulling a train on me. All five of them fucked me so
"I thought that was so kind of them to do that for me.
It really pleased me that they were gratified with my first
outing as their whore."
"It certainly was different than any gesture of
respect and affection I've heard of before. However, for
the special relationship you have with the Group, it was
perfect. Them using you the way they did and still do, does
represent a special partnering that is symbiotic and
mutually beneficial. I'm sure their train pull made you
even more tired, but it's apparent you thoroughly enjoyed
"I was tired out from being used by the 14 Johns and
then the Group. But, I slept oh so contented that night."
### END OF PART 3 ###


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