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Archived Sex Stories

ES2C 18 The Group Part 4


------------DISCLAIMER STATEMENT--------------
August 2002
This is a sexually graphic story with adult
content. You must be 21 years of age to read.
The characters in this sexual fantasy story are
imaginary, and are not a representation, in any
manner, of any real world person or situation.

TITLE: The Group - PART 4 (Chapters 7 - 10)
BY: Es2c

STORY CONTENT: (TV/TG, MM, Mdom, D/s, Wry Logic)

STORY SUMMARY: This fantasy story depicts experiences of
Albert, a recent college graduate, who discovered months
earlier, he had latent attractions to men who are well
endowed. He also discovered, with some help, that he finds
an overwhelming joy from submissively submitting to men
sexually. It is a long time neighbor, Mr. Wilson, who has
acted as a father figure in years past, who caused the
graduate to discover those latent feelings. Because of
Albert's amicable and unassuming nature, Mr. Wilson
continually mentors the graduate in the ways of sexual
submission, and nurtures the graduate into having positive
wholesome feelings about being sissified, submissive,
subjugated, and dominated by men. Albert, perceiving that
it's natural for him to accept the path Mr. Wilson has
guided him down, willingly slips deeper and deeper into a
relationship, where Mr. Wilson becomes his dominant
mentor/master. In conjunction with other neighborhood men,
they and Mr. Wilson eventually become known as The Group to
Albert. Additionally, once Albert's mother discovers her
less than masculine, soft, weakling of a mollycoddled son's
situation, she comes to the realization that being a
dominated sissy is best for him.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story attempts to incorporate the
erotic tonality from such classics as "The story Of O" (By
Pauline Reage) and "Philosophy In The Bedroom" (By DeSade),
as well as from other writings of Leopole Von Sacher-Masoch
(Masochism) and DeSade (Sadism). The objective is to fuse
them into a fantasy story dealing with adult sissification,
or male feminization, and Male Domination, without any
extreme violence. My goal is to glue it all together with
a rich mixture of explicit and earthy erotic language,
befitting the TV/TG story genre.

Albert/Alberta's mother Albert/Alberta - Son (Graduate)
The Group (Neighborhood Men):
Mr. Wilson
Mr. Mitchell
Mr. Lemson
Mr. Jones
Mr. Hudson


"Well Alberta, you told me about your first set of
tricks. Tell me more about some of your other more
memorable whoring experiences."
"Okay. Hmmm, let me see. If I had to pick one of the
more interesting ones, it would have to be one of my
regulars. His name is Jake. He's black and he loves to
fuck my mouth as if it's a hot wet juicy gutter whore's
cunt. Those are his words by the way. At first, I was not
routinely use to such rough mouth fucking, even though the
Group had trained me to handle such situations. However,
after the first time, I got use to Jake's rhythm and he and
I worked out okay. Even though at first, I was a little
uncomfortable with his hard meat banging up against the
back of my throat, I clamped my lips and tried to make his
face fuck of me good for him. You see, I didn't want to
displease him, or disappoint Mr. Wilson's expectations of
me, even though the man was basically raping my mouth."
"It's the submissive sissy in you darling. It always
wants to please."
"I guess you're right mother. I say that because when
Jake got off and ejaculated in my mouth, I think it was as
good for me as it was for him. Well, Jake paid to take me
to meet some of his buddies. I was excited about going
with him. I knew full well, that more than likely he was
going to subject me to the same treatment as he did
"Well, did he?"
"Yes ma'am and more. His six buddies were as horny as
they come. They pulled a suck and fuck train on me. My
mouth and pussy-ass was continuously stuffed. Their iron
hard rods all came at least twice and shot some very heavy,
as well as tasty too, I might add, wads of hot sticky semen
in me. The other thing that delighted me was the sweet
sounds of hearing voices I'd never heard before calling me
a sissy and whore. These words were music to my ears. I
really adore being called a "sissy faggot cocksucking
whore. However, it was obvious they didn't think of me as
more than a fuckable white trash faggot. I was told that
repeatedly. I really enjoyed being treated as a piece of
"Faggot fuck meat"- their words. Even though I was tired
out by the horny crew, I persevered so as not to displease
them. Also, I didn't want my actions to reflect badly upon
the Group, since my tricks had expectations from him of
being able to treat me as a "gutter fag fuck"."
"Dear Alberta, you certainly are something. Was this
your first train pull as a whore?"
"Yes it was mother. I was tired, but very happy having
endured it. I was also a mess too. In fact, I was so
slimy. The crew of men and they didn't give me time to
clean up much before Jake and the three of them threw me in
the trunk of their car for the ride back to town. Once we
were at the Group's apartment, they opened the trunk and
literally pulled me out and pushed me to the ground. I
could hear the men laughing uproariously at my plight. As
my eyes got use to the dim light, Mr. Wilson was standing
above me when I turned my face skyward out of the damp
muddy spot I landed in. It was then that I saw the man
handing Mr. Wilson some tip money for the group's gang bang
of me and compliments. I overheard Jake saying I was a
great piece of "faggot ass" and gave "good head". Despite
their treatment of me, I knew I couldn't be angry at them
for their conduct after they made such wonderful praises to
Mr. Wilson for my having pleased their big hard dicks and
consuming abundant amounts of hot jism."
"Wilson told me you've done exceedingly well as their
"I try to give my best for the customers. I felt
exceptionally good and proud that Jake had given Mr. Wilson
an excellent assessment of my actions. It was such a good
feeling to know that I had not disappointed Mr. Wilson or
the Group and that I also had provided the pleasure sought
by the customers from their use of me.
"One fond incident I'll remember was the almost
continuous mouth fucking by this party of customers. They
came in my mouth eight times without me having an
opportunity to wash down or rinse the residual jism slime
out between their hot viscid gluey ejaculations. My mouth
became very slimy and sort of gummy, as the outside of my
lips was a perpetual ring of melded white dick goo from the
drool and froth seeping from around the literally
continuous face fucking actions of my customers' big, long
hard dicks. As I recall, collectively, they had some of
the prettiest bloated and swollen dick heads I've seen.
"After the last of Jake's buddies finished spurting
his thick jism in my mouth, the gummy slime coating my
tongue and lining the interior of my mouth was nothing like
anything I'd experienced before. My jaws were tired from
being opened so wide for the men's mammoth black dicks.
When I tried to open my mouth to speak, it was a conscious
effort, and I had a lisp as I tried to speak, from the
gummy cum glue coating. My speech returned to normal after
I washed up."
"I'm sure the taste of all that melded jism was
"Quite the contrary mother. Remember, I'm a sissy fag
whore. I loved the stuff. It was like having my mouth
coated with strawberry jam. It was very good, and even
better as I was able to rinse and swallow it down."
"Hee! Hee! Forgive me you little cum loving sissy fag
whore. I should've known being mouth slimed would've
agreed with you quite well."
"You're forgiven mother, and yes, it does agree with
me rather well. Needless to say, I went to bed that night
very pleased at myself and my accomplishments."

((((((((((((CHP 8: WHORE'S JEWELRY )))))))))))

"Also mother, the men pretty much require me to wear a
dress or skirt and blouse, whenever I'm whoring."
"Well Alberta, the nylons really do so much for your
legs. Your legs are shapely for a guy anyway, so nylons
really accentuate and enhances their beauty and I'm sure
arouse your customers."
"Thank you mother, and I certainly hope they get men
hard for me. I love the idea of men getting a hard-on
because of me."
"You sure looked sexy enough to do so, all dressed up
in whorish drag."
"Why thank you. As I started turning more and more
tricks, the men feminized me even more for their increased
pleasure and the men I was rented out to. This is really
when I started wearing more make up and jewelry."
"He said you really seemed to like wearing pearl
"Yes I did mother. He called it the adornments of
choice for sissies. I have to admit, wearing a necklace
that consisted of a single string of pearls, and a matching
bracelet, are such a lovely but bold statement of
femininity. Mr. Wilson said when men saw me wearing such
jewelry, there would be no doubt of my intent. They would
know I was there in that room to get some dick. And you
know what mother?"
"What dear?"
"That's just the way I felt too. Seeing the glitter
of gold set against the whiteness of the pearls, portrayed
such an obvious symbol of femininity and lack of
masculinity. The sight of such gems on me made me feel
naughty and wickedly wanton for men to subject me to their
hard male sex tools."
"Wilson told me it was obvious the pearl necklace,
bracelet, and rings really turned you on to being a good
sissy scum bag of a whore."
"Hee! Hee! He really has a way with words. But I
have to admit, I never felt more proud of myself than when
I went on another gang bang at a private men's club. I
intentionally swished, pranced and strutted into a room of
obviously horny men. I was adorned in whorish makeup,
pearls, low heel pumps and wearing a sheer black mini
dress. I felt so splendid and excited at it being so
apparent that I'd come there to be used and enjoyed by the
men and their poles of rigid meat."
"It sounds like the whore in you did come alive all
"It did mother. My self esteem really seemed to rise
as the men, who I knew were going to be poking my mouth and
ass with their dicks, started making cat calls at me and
saying all sorts of disparaging and degrading things about
me as a scuzzy sissy whore. As we've discussed earlier,
Mr. Wilson said such negative praise would thrill me.
Well, once again, he was right. It did. It added to and
fueled my sexual excitement even more. The more the men
put me down and said nasty things about me being a trashy
faggy scum dump tramp, the more I wanted to live up to
their expectations. As Mr. Wilson helped me discover, my
self-esteem rises as others dump on me and use me as the
target of their ridicule and derision. I'm so thankful for
him opening my eyes to that. He used this as another
example of my usefulness to others and how I'm able to
please others in ways I've never imagined. Isn't he
brilliant at discovering such things?"
"Yes he is, my darling son Alberta. However, just as
in my analogy of the maggots in the barnyard manure, you
too should delight and be contented as you wallow in the
abasement others heap on you."
"Yes ma'am, I'll remember your advice. But speaking
of wallowing, when a group of men get through using me, no
matter how careful I am at trying to prevent it, some of
their abundant spends of semen seems to end up being
smeared, splattered or sprayed on me, as well as dripping
from me. However, laying there wallowing in the men's
spent slimy semen makes me feel so accomplished a-and
complete... and, uh, well sort of whole."
"Sweetie, that's because wearing their slimy
discharges is proof positive that you've proven yourself as
being woman enough to extract cum from a man. After all,
that is the basic biological function of a woman, and when
you do that, it's an achievement that is of great conscious
and subconscious pride to you."
"Oh mother, again you have made a profound statement
that I'll always remember. Thank you so very much in
helping me to better understand myself."
((((( CHP 9: DISCIPLINE FOR A SISSY))))))))))))

"Dear, another thing I'm so glad I've come to realize
is that Mr. Wilson and the other men were really giving you
what you needed, by disciplining you and weren't actually
abusing or assaulting you as I originally perceived."
"I am too. Even though the spankings and whippings
cause me pain, I came to realize that every lash, slap, and
hit was for my own good. Mr. Wilson proved to me several
times that that I needed to be whipped to better understand
myself. He would cuddle me after my spanking or whipping
and let me suck his dick, or those of the other men. This
was done to show me that they'd forgiven me for objecting
to them whipping me in the first place. Even though my ass
would be burning from the pain they'd inflicted on me, I
did feel emotionally better and contented after my corporal
punishment was over. Especially when I was treated to a
hard dick to suck. The man would cuddle my head to his
crotch and caress the back of my neck and head as I sucked
their stiff manly rods and swallowed their spurting creamy
hot jism. This tender treatment was great consolation to
me. I always ended up apologizing to them for my actions
as well as feeling better after being whipped by them."
"So, are you saying that even though the whippings and
spankings were painful, you were content with the treat of
a hard dick to suck and a load of hot semen to eat
"Yes, you're very correct. But the truth is, that once
the punishment was over, I did experience a strange sense
of having endured as well as accomplished something
physically demanding and significant. You know like a feat
of strength and stamina. Mr. Wilson told me that enduring
such pain caused by another, especially someone who cares
for me, like him and the other men in the group, would make
me feel satisfied for showing them I could prevail over the
ordeal they were putting me through. The conversation
between us went like this:

"Now Alberta, we group of men all think a great deal of you
as a sissy, especially me. I'm very proud I've trained you
with my dick to become an excellent cocksucker. That's a
great achievement for you. However, you and I both know
you'll never be a real man. Especially, since as you know,
real men don't respond to the feminine version of their
names or sucking cocks or are such a soft pantywaist and a
mama's boy as you are. Remember us talking about that?"

"Y-Yes sir, Mr. Wilson, I-I do."

"But Alberta just because you are a soft willing sissy with
two warm holes for men to stick their hard dicks into,
doesn't mean you can't have greater personal inner
strength, self esteem and gain respect from the men who'll
be fucking you and pleasing you, and themselves, by dumping
their abundant loads of hot sperm in you. You do want
respect, don't you Albert?"

"Y-Yes sir, Mr. Wilson, I do, very much."

"I thought so. I certainly wouldn't want anything to do
with you if you didn't want to be a respected sissy. You
know I think of myself as a father to you, don't you?"

"Yes sir."

"And you wouldn't want to disappoint or fail me by not
trying to do your very best at what I want you to do.

"Oh no, n-no sir, Mr. Wilson. I-I don't want to disappoint
or-or fail you."

"Good! I feel better about you already. Now Alberta, back
to what got us on this discussion in the first place.
Being able to endure an ordeal of some difficulty builds
character and strength. Us whipping your ass is such a
trial of strength for you. And because I have trust and
faith in you that you will endure the ordeal for me, you
should only concentrate on enduring the ordeal, right?"

"Y-Yes sir, I-I guess so, Mr. Wilson."

"Lets not be wishy-washy, say yes or no, and say it like
you mean it, or otherwise, tell me you want to be a

"Oh no, I-I don't want to be a failure. Y-Yes, I'll
concentrate on enduring all the ordeals you all have for me
to experience."

"Say you want to endure the ordeal and that it's good for
both of us. Say it like you mean it Alberta!"

"Y-Yes sir. I want to endure the ordeal and it's good for
both of us."

"Say it louder and with more conviction."
"I did as Mr. Wilson wanted. He had me saying it over
and over again. He then had me repeat another phrase: `I
want to be whipped. It's good for me.' It was so odd, but
I really begin to feel more psyched up and was ready to
endure being lashed just to show Mr. Wilson I could endure
being whipped."
"He told me he could see the wonderful air of
confidence come over you, as you mentally prepared yourself
to get whipped." Albert's mother spoke with a gleeful tone
in her voice.
"Yes mother, I did feel an increased level of
confidence come over me as I psychologically pumped myself
up to do as Mr. Wilson desired. I later came to understand
what Mr. Wilson was doing. He not only was helping me find
myself, but also helping me to see the joy and peace of
mind that comes through submission and subjugation at the
hands of real men."
"Did it help you mentally deal with the pain of the
whipping dear?"
"It really did, but again the greatest joy comes after
the punishment. The joy of knowing that you've endured the
suffering of the punishment. That is so important."
"I see. Do you get whipped often?"
"During the first 6 months with the Group, when I was
adjusting to what was required of me, it was not unusual
for me to be spanked or whipped every 2 or 3 weeks. I also
got slapped several times a week also. This also didn't
count the times that Mr. Jones would severely spank me as
part of his fantasy."
"I see. Now what is this Wilson told me about you
needing recurring attitude adjustment treatments?"
"The men in the Group felt that it wasn't good for me
to go for long periods of time without being reminded what
a whipping felt like. So they instituted a rule. The rule
stated that even if I had a perfect behavior record, I
should get a light whipping of at least 5 lashes from each
of them every 8 weeks on a set date. I didn't get this
adjustment whipping if I had gotten a whipping or spanking
within 10 days of my 8 week recurring attitude adjustment
whipping date."
"Being whipped just for the sake of being whipped to
remind you of what the lash felt like, doesn't that upset
you sweetie?"
"At the very outset I was, but I adjusted to it quite
easily over time. Mother, I know it sounds as if I'm being
abused for their arbitrary pleasure. However, after I
understood that it was for my own good and realized the
positive benefits I've received from it, I willingly give
myself to the men to be whipped whenever they tell me I
need one. You see mother, the agony and pain of a whipping
helps remind me how fortunate I am to be under the control
of such good men. I also see their whipping of me as a
sign of their care and guardianship of me. If they didn't
care about me, they wouldn't take the time to ensure I
remained disciplined and focused on what they see as
important for me. This part of our relationship is a
parallel to the same feeling of worth and esteem I get when
the men stick their stiff dicks in me and I become a
surrogate woman and depository for their hot ejaculations.
It's a feeling of knowing you're important and significant
in a relationship. It's a good feeling mother, a very good
feeling for me."
"I see. By the way, what do they generally whip you
with Alberta?"
"If a spanking, a thick paddle, a bit wider and
thinker than a ping pong paddle. If a whipping, a short
whip was used that left stinging red welts. Mr. Wilson,
told me they selected it to train me and at the same time
leave no permanent scars on my rear."
"I was upset at Mr. Wilson for at first whipping you
in shape, but after seeing what success he's had with you
sweetie, I've forgiven him for all the pain he's inflicted
on you in the past and will do in the future. For now I see
the wonderful merits of whipping to you. Do you have any
fear now of baring your bottom when the men tell you to get
ready for a whipping?"
"Oh no, it's second nature now for me to get naked and
bend over for my whippings. I know my place is to be
submissive to these real men and not question them when I'm
expected to be obedient to their needs, whether it's for me
to please their dicks or for their pleasure in simply
whipping me. Their joy leads to my joy."
"Don't you feel oppressed at times by having to be so
obedient to them?"
"Oh no mother, not in the least. In fact, never have
I felt more freedom to be myself than when the Group
imposes themselves on me fully. Remember when they had
decided to make me a whore? I interpreted that as
oppression. But I was wrong, dead wrong. Their decision
actually gave me the opportunity to be even freer to be my
true self, not restrict or oppress me such that I couldn't
be myself. It is totally incorrect to say that they oppress
me. The more appropriate word would be "liberated" me.
Through their guidance and training I really have been
given the freedom to be obedient as I can be to serve their
needs. You see mother, my blind obedience to them is my
freedom, and my pursuit of happiness is to be of service as
a subservient sissy."
"Alberta, your words are so insightful. Well, you
might've been a cute little mama's boy before
Mr. Wilson and the Group started your training, but now you
are a well-trained sissy slut and whore of a woman. You're
going to make many men happy."
"Oh, I really hope so mother."
"With your excellent aptitude and attitude about
pleasing others and your increased self motivation to be
inferior and submissive, but yet seductive when it comes to
real men with hard dicks, I can only say that I'm certain
that you'll make a good sissy wife to some lucky `real man'
one day." Alberta's mother said with a gleeful sigh of
"You really think so mother?"
"Dear, Mr. Wilson has shaped you into being a very
good sissy with the right outlook on life. Take my word,
you're going to make some man a nice sissy wife one day."
"That would be so romantic for me to find Mr. Right.
A strong, but yet gentle man who would take care of all my
needs as well as scold or punish me if I inadvertently get
out of line or forget my place as his little woman."
"Yes dear, that's the kind of man you need. And just
like Mr. Wilson and the neighborhood men did, he may want
you to show him your appreciation and gratitude for him
letting you, a sissy slut, be his woman. Would you be
offended if he wanted you to hustle yourself out to men to
make money for him too?"
"If I had a loving caring husband, I can't think of a
better way to demonstrate to him that I love, adore and
appreciate him than to be his whore and willingly let
strange men dick me for my husband's total profit. I would
ask for nothing in return except his love, and of course,
his dick in me from time to time. I think that whoring for
my husband would show true devotion and love for him. It's
also the least a sissy slut like myself can do for a caring
man who'd take me for a wife."
"So nicely put my dear son Alberta. Since you like
dicks so much as well as the hot creamy man seed that comes
out of them, I'm sure your happiness compliments that of
the men who find pleasure in pushing their dicks in you."
"Oh yes mother, I see it is as definitely mutually
beneficial for me to be on the receiving end of men's
dicks. That's why Mr. Wilson basically alerted me that I
would need a caring man that recognized that I was a slut
by nature, and of nature, and needed a steady stream of
dicks to ensure my happiness. However, he also said that
I should expect my husband to be my overseer and exercise a
firm hand to ensure that I don't let my pantywaist wishy-
washy ways cause me to forget my place in the relationship.
He told me that I must accept that my husband is the real
man and knows best, just as Mr. Wilson knew what was best
for me."
"I would be happy for you sweetie if you could find
such a loving, caring man to be your husband."
"Hopefully, I will one day mother,, hopefully I will."


"Mother, I can't help but be impressed by
Mr. Wilson's knowledge of history."
"Why do you say so dear?"
"He told me that it was during antiquity, actually
during the time when Rome was conquering a good part of
Europe, when the word Fag came about. Supposedly, the word
was derived from the actions of young adult males who would
cook for, as well as suck off Roman soldiers. These
sucking males were called the Food and Game workers who
prepared, or "got" the meals for the soldiers. By the way,
game is another word for meat back then. Therefore, from
the phrase "Food And Game" and the word "Got", the word
Faggot supposedly came about."
"Interesting, I never heard that before."
"It is interesting, isn't it? And since these same
class of male workers also sucked the soldiers' cocks off
when they needed it, they also came to be known for
functioning as women as well as doing women's work. That
is cooking the food and the game meat for meals. In time,
sissy came to imply a male who exhibits feminine attributes
or functions as a woman."
"I must admit Alberta, Mr. Wilson is a wealth of
knowledge when it comes to sissies and faggots."
"He sure is and I'm so grateful for that too. He said
that it was well known at the time that these Fags of old
were not of the fighting class, but who were well known to
have had feminine pursuits. It was known that many of
these Fag males followed the soldiers as they went from
battle to battle offering themselves to the soldiers for
sexual pleasure."
"Very, very, interesting Alberta."
"It sure is mother. He said these males sucked the
dicks of the warriors to help them better rest after a day
of fighting or just for much needed stress relief and
relaxation. He said the fags were a key element of armies
back then. Mr. Wilson said we Fags have a very honorable
past in antiquity."
"Why sweetie, I'd never thought of you as being
associated with the military in any way, historically or
"He jokingly said that if there was a name for these
sissy sucking males, they probably would've called
themselves the Royal Order of Fags."
"That to, is interesting."
"Mr. Wilson also added, that if there was coat of arms
or a crest for the Order, it probably would've been an
image depicting a muscular roman centurion standing with a
sword in one hand and a shield in the other. As he stood,
there would be a sissy fag kneeling with the Centurion's
dick in his mouth happily sucking away. He even said the
design could be used as a tattoo also."
"That would be an interesting coat of arms or a tattoo
also for that matter. Alberta sweetie, Would you wear such
a tattoo for the Group?"
"Oh yes Mother, if the Group wanted me to."
"I thought you'd say that dear."
"You know mother, thinking back to these fags of old,
I can just imagine the delight on one of their faces as a
tall muscular Roman soldier selected one of them to be his
consort for the night. I could imagine the pride on the
Fag's face knowing that he was going to be the receptacle
for the soldier's throbbing dick and a vessel for the
soldier's spurting hot cum."
"You paint such a colorful picture. You've always had
a vivid imagination Alberta."
"One thing I never imagined was how contented and free
I feel now, after Mr. Wilson has helped me see the truth
about myself."
"It definitely shows in your attitude and in the
radiance on your face."
"It's a good feeling too mother. One of the best
things that I could've discovered about myself is that I'm
an inferior human being, compared to either men or women.
However, I must say in comparison to a woman, I don't have
ulterior motives when it comes to sex. I'm simply thankful
for being selected as the recipient of a man's dick and the
appreciation that the man saw fit to have sex with me. This
is very seldom the case with women. They generally want
marriage or other material things, while we sissies are
generally content in the feeling a hard dick in our mouths
and pansy cunts and being rewarded with hot spurts of
creamy jism."
"I have to admit that you're not too far off target
there sweetie."
"As you know by now, Mr. Wilson and others in the
Group have helped me see the true essence of being
inferior. As I've said earlier, inferior means lower in
place, station, value, or importance. I realize and accept
my lesser value and subordinate station. Another key thing
Mr. Wilson got me to see is that I'm inferior and
subordinate by nature, not by society's proclamation. I was
put here to do what I do best, and that is to suck and
please real men's cocks, and to do so meekly, with honor,
and especially, obediently."
"The key thing for you to determine dear, is if this
is right for you. I believe it is. Do you?"
"Oh yes mother, so do I. I know I need and want this.
I want and need to suck dicks. I want and need to be
fucked. I want the Group to whore me out for their total
profit and pleasure. I want and need the discipline and
whippings the men give me. My naked ass cheeks will always
be available to them for that purpose. I deserve what
these fine men determine I deserve. I willingly accept
being at the mercy of; browbeaten; and put under foot by
these macho men in the Group. I know now this is all good
and right for me."
"My dear Alberta, you sound so confident, and
self-assured. I can't think Mr. Wilson and the other men
enough for their help, or their dicks either, for shaping
you into the exemplary sissy you are now." His mother
replied with watery eyes and a tone of joy in her voice.

##### END OF story ######


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