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ES2C 19 Friends


------------DISCLAIMER STATEMENT--------------
This is a sexually graphic story with adult
content. You must be 21 years of age to read.
The characters in this sexual fantasy story are
imaginary, and are not a representation, in any
manner, of any real world person or situation.

Title: Being Friends
Author: Es2c

"That's it Connie, lick it again. Don't stop!" Jake
said in an urgent voice.
"Jake, I shouldn't be doing this again. We both know
it's wrong. I really shouldn't be lapping the head of your
big cock. And stop calling me Connie! You know I hate
that. My name is Conrad."
"C'mon, don't talk so much, lick my dick instead.
"O-Okay, don't get upset." Connie quickly stammered
as he resumed flitting and gliding his drippy saliva coated
tongue over his friend's large and very stiff erection. His
dick head, as usual, is so taunt and shiny, as it glimmers
in the bright moonlight.
Jake accused Connie once again, for the umpteenth
time, of causing Jake to get hard. Jake says that seeing
and thinking of Connie's mouth gets him that way when
they're alone.
Connie had tried to avoid being alone with him, but
Jake manages over and over again to make it happen. Then,
when they do get alone, Jake becomes so domineering.
Connie, a weakling, and weak willed, doesn't have the will
power to not do as Jake tells him to do. That's how Connie
became Jake's cocksucker over the last few months.
Connie is 22 and Jake's 23. Connie knows he should've
been stronger in fighting off his friend's mind control
power. However, Connie finds himself losing his will power
and submitting to Jake's lewd demands again and again.
"Look Jake, p-please let's s-stop this. I-I can jerk
you off before..."
"DAMMIT, get you mouth back on my dick, you little
cock tease. My dick is throbbing! To hell with jacking
off! I need to be sucked off! Now get you're your pussy
mouth back on my dick or else!"
"O-O-Okay." Connie weakly murmured as he slid his
mouth over the head of Jake's straining pre-cum drooling
dick head. Connie capitulated and did as Jake wanted of
him. He knew what Jake needed for a good come.
"SIGGGGGH! YEEESSSS! That's what you should be doing
instead of talking. Yesssss! Suck me like you know what I
need." Were his words as Connie indeed began to suck him
like he'd done several times before. Connie now knew the
best thing now was to hurry up and give him the pleasure he
needed, rather than try to fight him off. Jake had won
again. They both knew it. Connie would again suckle Jake's
dick and swallow his creamy hot sperm when he shot off.


"Connie, that was extra good tonight, It really is
good for me when I come in your mouth and hear you gulping
down my heavy load."
"Jake, that's a despicable thing to say. You know I
wouldn't do such a thing if you didn't force me."
"Look, Connie, frie..."
"And don't call me Connie! My name is Conrad. How
many times have I told you to not..."
"Listen Dammit! I'll call you Connie if I want!
Especially when we're alone and after you've performed like
a bitch for me. So get use to it! Understand?"
"O-Okay. Y-You d-don't have to s-shout." Connie said
in a cowed tone of voice.
"Now like I was saying, if you're the friend you say
you are, you should be glad to help a friend in need.
Shouldn't you?"
"W-Well yes, b-but not like y-you've made me d-do all
these last few weeks. A-And y-you're so cruel to make me
ride for a long time with your thick stuff still coating
the inside of my mouth and tongue, a-and not letting me
drink any soda or anything until I get out of your car or
until I get home. Look, Jake, I-I like you as a friend,
b-but I-I have to stop s-sucking you off."
"Why? It's good to me. You suck so much better than
my girlfriend. Coming in your mouth is so much better than
coming in hers."
"It-It is?"
"Yeah, you've got some good mouth pussy there."
"It's disgusting to hear you say that, b-but I guess
you mean that as-as a compliment?"
"I do. And you should say thank you too."
"What? For you forcing me to be-be your sissy mouth
slut for you?"
"You said it, I didn't."
"Oh Jake, that's horrible of you. Just because I'm
not as big as you are, and have a smaller prick and softer
skin than you are, I'm still your friend and you should not
force yourself on me the way you have. You seem to be
happy intimidating me into making me lick and suck your big
hard thing and then swallow every drop of your hot creamy
jism as you spurt your stuff."
"I think you like the slimy stuff the way you've
stopped complaining about it coating your tongue and gums
and tonsils."
"Just because I've gotten use to having you stuff my
mouth with your big dick and have found the taste of your
semen more palatable over time, doesn't mean I enjoy
sucking you off."
"You enjoy being my friend don't you?"
"I-I guess so. We've been friends a few years now."
"Then, if you care about a friend, you'd do what it
took to make sure your friend appreciated you."
"Y-You mean t-that for me to stay your friend, y-you
want m-me to still do you? You're not going to stop
forcing me to suck you off, are you?"
"Look, Connie, I have needs. My dick gets hard. Your
lips look good wrapped around my dick. They feel good on
my dick. Therefore, I want your mouth on my dick when it's
hard and aching for relief. You're my best friend,
especially when I'm really horny. I think a lot of you,
especially when I'm coming in your mouth."
"At least you're honest. Even though I abhor you
having used and abused me like I'm some kind of sissy slut,
I still think of you as a friend who is strong, confident,
and assertive. Everything I'm not."
"I was thinking of you more as just a good friend,
who'd be a sissy for his friend's dick, rather than let him
his friend suffer with a stiff hard dick."
"Well it looks like as if I'm going to continue to be
a good friend to you, I'd better get use to having your
dick in my mouth a lot."
"Yes you should, Connie. And you sure are not to be
trying to hide from me when I come looking for you with my
hard dick."
"SIGH! I won't avoid you anymore Jake when your dick
is hard. I've already resigned myself to the fact being
your friend means that you're going to dominate me more
than you have already and that I'll probably end up more of
a sissy to you than I am now. I can see that conquering
look in your eyes. I guess that's the price I'll have to
pay to be a good friend to you."
"Think of it as an investment Connie. An investment
in better understanding yourself, what's best for you, as
well as best for us as friends."
"I see. I guess I never thought of things in that
"Connie, lets face it. You're a bit femmy. You and I
both know so. So with me being much more of a man than you,
and you being a bit of a sissy - your own words - not only
is sexual tension between us natural, but your
participation in relieving that tension is also very
"Y-You're twisting my words Jake about me saying I was
a sissy. I said you were making me a sissy. But now I
guess that's really not important, since you've let me know
that a condition of our friendship is me being on the
receiving end of your stiff dick whenever you need me to.
However, I guess there is one consolation."
"What's that?"
"That your dick is so handsome, and so perfect in
form. I saw a book once that was filled with hundreds of
pictures of men's cocks. Yours is a 10 for sure.
A-Another thing Jake, t-this s-serious. Even though I've
failed in trying to dissuade you from making me your sissy.
Don't say a thing Jake, I just can't find a more
appropriate word than sissy."
"I like the idea of you being my secret sissy-bitch."
"Oh Jake, you're incorrigible. However, since you're
the man in our friendship and use to having your way, I'll
have to live with such an earthy vulgar label. SIGH! I
guess that's another price I have to pay for being the
weaker, softer partner in this friendship. But, what I was
going to say Jake is that, uh, well, in a way, I maybe
should be proud that you want me as a friend, even if I
have to be your clandestine secret "sissy-bitch" too."
"I'm proud to have you as my sissy-bitch also. See
how easy it is to say? Say you like being my sissy-bitch.
C'mon say it. I want to hear you say it."
"Oh Jake, (giggle), you're horrible. You're just
intent on making me a full fledge sissy. Okay (giggle),
I-I like being your sissy-bitch."
"See, wasn't that easy?"
"It was."
"Well then you deserve a little reward for that."
Jake then embraced and planted a very wet passionate
kiss on Connie's lips. Jake only broke the kiss after a
few long moments. Connie was quite surprised.
"Gasp! Why Jake! T-That... Gasp! That was such a nice
surprise... and a reward too. Thank you! I-I feel so much
better about us now. T-That was so romantic. Thank you!
I'll try to be a worthy sissy-bitch to you a-and please you
in every way you want. Oh just listen at me. I-I'm
fawning over you like a fool. mother told me this all
might happen."
"Jake, it's hard hiding anything from mom. She
detected some time ago that you'd had me sucking you off.
After pressuring me, I told her everything. You know what
a mama's boy I am. Well to my surprise, she didn't seem
the least bit surprised that you were making a move on me
to be a sissy for you."
"So you were just teasing me all along?"
"No, it wasn't like that. You see, mother told me
that she too thought I had a bit of a femmy or sissyish
manner too. She said the fact that I was hiding the fact
that I'd sucked your dick five times when I'd told her
about us, was testimony to the fact that I didn't find it
un-agreeable being a cocksucker."
"So you were playing me along?"
"No sweetie, I-I, well, just wanted to be sure that
this was right for me. This is all new to me, even if I do
have a lot of womanish feelings in me. You awoke her in
me, even if I couldn't see the outward signs, that you and
others saw."
"Well, what does your mother think of me now?"
"Oh Jake she thinks the world of you and is really
proud that you were the first man to use me. She is so
pleased at that. She said I could've done so much worse.
She's let me know that our secret is safe with her and that
you're welcomed to come to our house and be with me in my
bed anytime you want. And also, she fully understands that
you'll have your girlfriends and that I'll be your sissy on
the side - her words."
"I like that term too. It's a bit kinky, but I like
the idea of your mom knowing I'm treating you like a girl."
"She likes it too. She says it's good for my mental
balance to be getting dicked and swallowing hot manly
"I certainly like making sure you get it too."
"You horny devil you. But Jake, there is something
else mother mentioned that I was originally trying to tell
"What's that?"
"Well, I-I want to ask that you promise me that you
won't take advantage of me."
"What brought that on?"
"Well, mom said that I would fall head over heels in
love with you, even if I tried not to and would commit to
doing anything to please you."
"Well, I hope you do. In fact you already said you
would a few moments ago right after I kissed you, didn't
"Yes I did. That's what made me think of what mom
told me. Jake, w-w-would you ever ask me to suck another
man's dick for you?"
"What brought that on?"
"Mother said it's not uncommon in relationships like
ours, where you have such a strong willed, assertive man
such as yourself, coercing a weaker, softer, friendship
starved person like me, into doing anything for your
attention, the person I adore. That's why I asked."
"Listen Connie, I don't have any plans of whoring you
out, if that's what's worrying you."
"But you can't promise me you won't."
"I can promise you that I won't give you away to other
"You're smooth Jake. You didn't say you wouldn't loan
or rent me out. Oh well, mother said as a sissy, I had to
be prepared for anything and not to think badly of you as
my man, for possibly asking me to be your whore, should it
come to that. She implied, like you did in so many words,
that you should never say never."
"Your mother is wise."
"Yes, I think so too. Along those lines, she also
thought it would be good for me to be exposed to other
dicks too, even if you were my man. She said that if you
were okay with it, I could get the exposure and I could
make some money for us too. That's why she implied that it
was not an un-honorable thing for you to make me a whore
and why I should not think of being a sissy whore as a bad
thing. SIGH! I never knew there was so much complexity to
being a sissy. However, Jake, as my man, I'll be relying
on you to lead the way and tell me what's best for me and
us. I promise to do my part."
"Don't worry, you'll be a worthy sissy Connie, and
yes, I'll tell you what's best for us both. But it'll only
work if you promise to obey me."
"Oh Jake, yes! I'll be obedient to you. I won't
disobey my man."
"As far as those other things, we'll cross those
bridges when we get to them. Right now, my dick is hard
again. I want to bridge it into those pretty lips of your
again before I take you home."
Connie moved his hands into Jake's crotch and felt his
swollen manhood.
"My, my, you are rigid again."
"Wow! You've never done that before, without me making
you do it."
"I wasn't formally your sissy-bitch then either, but
now I am. And as such, I have a responsibility to you and
your dick, just like your other real girlfriends. Maybe
even more of an obligation, since I can sense we sissies
have to try harder to please our men. Here let me get your
big thing out into the night air. This moonlight makes so
handsome dick look even more beautiful." Connie said
before bending over to lap Jake large dick head slit and
sucking up pre-cum forming there.
He then went on to nuzzle Jake's balls for a long
"OHOOOOOO! YES! Lick my ball! YESSSSS! That's it.
Show me you're a good bitch!"
Jake's moaning, and verbal encouragement was music to
Connie's ears and made him feel good that he was making the
man he adored, feel good too.
After doing his exquisite ball sac work, Connie
lapped and licked his way back up to Jake's large swollen,
blood gorged dick head. After a few flits to mop up the
large drop of pre-cum there, he raised back up.
"Jake, you said mom was wise. She also has foresight.
She bought me a pretty pair of frilly pink and lavender
lace trimmed panties. I'm wearing them now. As a
precaution, she also had me douche and lubed my sissy pussy
for our date tonight. That is, in case you had more in
mind to penetrate and invade than my mouth. Are you
interested in getting in my panties?"
Jake, didn't say a thing, but begin helping his
sissy-bitch undress. He stopped momentarily to glance at
the very feminine underwear as he pulled them off Connie.
He next positioned Connie, to prove to his sissy-bitch, in
no uncertain terms, that he, Jake, was indeed the man in
this friendship. Connie was thrilled as the swollen tip of
Jake's dick head was positioned and pressed at the entrance
to Connie's lubricated and perfume scented sissy-cunt.
Jake had positioned Connie in a missionary position,
with Connie's legs folded back acutely toward Connie's
shoulders, so as to offer maximum access to Connie's
eagerly receptive cunt.
Even though a bit cramped and uncomfortable in the
confines of the automobile, Connie was excited to truly be
in the role of, as well as in the proper sissy-bitch
position, and eager to be penetrated by his man's handsome
"OHOOOOO! YESSSSS! Push your dick in me darling. I'm
your sissy-bitch! Fuck Me! Pleassseeee!" Connie yelled
in the confines of the car as Jake not only penetrated
deeply into Connie's rear, but quickly got into a fucking
rhythm in very short order. They both were well pleased
with Jake's progress.
The interior of the automobile filled with the sounds
of two male friends bonding sexually and mentally, one in
the role of the real man, the other in the role of the real
sissy. Both were delighted with their roles and
contemplation of their continuing friendship to be.
Connie was indeed delighted at being a receptacle for
Jake's thrusting dick and delighted in the commitments he'd
made to Jake. He for sure was delighted at what was
happening to him at that moment, especially when Jake shot
his first load into Connie, but didn't miss a beat as he
drove on for come number two.
The fucking became a bit sloppy after that. The noise
of coupled meat in motion and slapping against each other
supplemented with the sloppy squishy sounds emitting from
the joining point of Connie's cunt and Jake's piston action
Connie's mind was reeling from the pleasure of doing
something he finally felt good at doing - getting fucked.
He was so pleased that he was able to accommodate Jake's
large member. As he luxuriated in the delicious feelings of
the moment, he also mentally hoped that Jake would be
bringing him soon to the bridge of being a slut and a
whore, and direct him to cross it.



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