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ESCPT1 hurt her good


Escape for Passion

BY LouisHoney

This is a book of fiction.
It is adult in subject matter.
If you are not at least 18 years old,
Part 1
Chapter 1A - Judy’s need for Sid.

"Oh Goooood!" sighed Judy as she slowly lowered her slick
pussy walls down around Sid's turgid tower of flesh and felt
the wide head spreading the walls of her pussy channel all
the way up into her body. It was as if she were sliding down
a long pole of pleasure as the waves and spasms of joy
rippled around her cunt lips, over her clitty and up into the
very depths of her being.

"That feels sooo good!" she hissed between clenched teeth.
"I've been waiting for so long for this, you teaser."

And she had. He had teased and tantalized her and withheld
this big stick from her for almost an hour this morning as
she slowly aroused from sleep and then got further excited as
he manipulated her elongated nipples and her slobbering cunt
and clit.

She was particularly pleased when he eased a fat finger up
her ass with very little lubrication. It was so tight and
felt so big with the friction of entrance, that she thought
she could cum just from that alone. But Sid wouldn’t let her.
He knew all of her erotic signs and spots and he played her
like the fine sex instrument that she was.

He got her so hot that she felt like she would burst wide
open from excitement if she didn’t get his prick into her
right now! In the end she was mewling like a kitten and
begging him for release. Finally, he had relented and she was
kneeling above his upright tower of flesh on the bed about to
stuff her hungry, drooling snatch with the pleasure
instrument they both knew she needed.

"Just wait ‘till you get it all in honey, then tell me all
about it," Sid said through clenched teeth as she sank
verrrrryyyyy slowly down his shaft. The slick walls of her
pussy were wetting and frictioning against every inch of
flesh on his prick. This set off a mountain of sensations
that threatened to blow his wad up into her, prematurely.

But Sid held on and fisted the base of his prick and stopped
her downward motion. She sat very still with his prick half
in her and half in the vise like clamp of his own hand. As
she waited, the juices from her dripping pussy coated his
fist. When he had once again regained control, he allowed her
to continue her slippery journey down his big fuck stick.

She dropped her whole body down onto his hard, flat, muscle
rippled stomach and felt the end of his prick slide home into
the end of her cunt. Then she immediately tightened her
pussy muscles to give him a love squeeze like he had taught
her. Moans and groans of lust filled the room as Sid felt the
love squeeze and tried to divert his mind’s attention away
from sex and into something less apt to make him cum. He
couldn’t do it and it thrilled her to think that she was in
control of her Master’s orgasm.

"Oh, yeah!" he exclaimed as she methodically squeezed his
prick and it soaked in her dripping snatch. Then she tensed
her thigh muscles and rose about three inches off his prick
and dropped down again. "That's nice." he said through
clenched teeth again, "but you'd better take care that I
don't come too soon."

"Yes Master, but if you come too soon, I'll make you hard
again. I know I can. But just to save us both a bit of
strain, I'll relax and let you tell me what we're going to do
next." She said as she collapsed across his hairy chest and
tried to melt into his skin with her tits crushed into his
pecs and her arms around his neck.

"Well, hum ..let me think of a good way to make you come that
we haven't tried in a while," said Sid while he tried not to
feel the still pulsing pussy as it gripped his prick from a
new angle. Judy loved feeling his tumescent manhood lodged up
inside her and as her passions rose, her love squeezes became
automatic and began fluttering up and down her vaginal canal.

Finally, Sid had to do something or cum just from her
squeezing so he said, "Let's try this for a change," as he
rolled over on top of her and grabbed her ankles and pulled
them up over his head. Then he slammed his prick in as deep
as it would go and ground his torso into her pubic bone and
stimulated her clit with his hairy pubes while keeping the
stimulation to the head and shaft of his prick to a minimum.
As he pulled back for another slam, he pushed her legs down
toward her chest and put both of her knees on either side of
her pretty face.

All of this semi-rough treatment was OK with her as she did
crave the feeling of being used and pleasing her Master. She
wanted to please him and she knew that he wanted her to
orgasm, so her orgasm meant that he would be happy with her.
Making him happy was a very large part of her life and she
wanted to do so at every opportunity.

Of course, she also knew that he liked to do it hard and that
pleased her and made her even more horny for him. The doubled
up position just gave her that safe and secure feeling she
got when she knew that her Master was in complete charge of
her body. She trusted him to hurt her so good as to make her
cum without hurting her more than she could stand.

The next slam home in her pussy took her breath away and
smashed directly into her clit. She saw stars and the room
began to swim around and around. She let out a groan and
tried to take in air as he pulled back for yet another heavy
inward thrust into her squishy quim. The heavy pressure at
the back of her bent-double vaginal canal was beginning to
cramp a bit and the slamming of his pubic bone into hers with
her clit in between had her juices rolling and her pussy lips
swelling with both excitement and anticipation of his
bruising force and power over her.

"More, harder, deeper, Oh Master I like it...a lot!" she
groaned and grinned up into his leering face as he came down
hard again. Although it was uncomfortable, it satisfied a
deep seated need in her to give up all of herself to her
strong Master while having sex. It made her very happy and
very horny to please him.

"OK, if that's what the lady wants," said Sid and he rose
once again up on his toes and her legs to slam back into her
cunt as hard as he could. He knew from experience over the
last year and a half of screwing this girl that she would go
absolutely nuts from a good hard screwing in this position.
He pushed her ankles even higher and forced her knees well
above her head. This served to put her into a tight ball
with a certain amount of strain on her pussy as it stretched
around his moving prick and flattened her enlarged clitoris.

"Again, like that! Oh yeah! Push it in harder! That's it,
screw the daylights out of me! hurt me with that big bone of
yours! Yessss! I Love it! Keep going, I'm almost there!"
she said with ever increasing volume in her voice. Judy now
could feel her body responding on another level to the
pain/pleasure his deep forceful screwing was having on her.
She was nearing her ultimate climax and did not want to be
denied that goal any longer. Sid did not disappoint her.

Sid pushed at her again and felt the telltale tingle start in
his balls that told him his own climax was soon to start.
"Get ready slave, I'm gonna fill you with my cream soon!"
said the fast moving thirty-five year old stud. "Here it
comes Baby, Get ready for me now!" he panted.

"Oh yes Master, I can feel it way up in me pumping and cuming
and I'm off tooooooo!" she screamed as she reached her climax
and started twisting her tightly balled body to thrust up to
meet his every pounding entrance into her slick pussy. As
his come started to pour into her, her tightly clenched pussy
started throbbing and gripping the base of his firmly
embedded prick and massaging the entire length of his large
manhood. Sid strained into her to the maximum depth and Judy
convulsed around his rigid pole as she quivered in the throes
of one of her deepest orgasms ever.

They hung like that for what seemed a long time as he pumped
his thick, warm cream into her hot, tightly clenching pussy
hole. Like a statue of two lovers forever locked in the
throes of eternal ecstasy. They finally collapsed with his
prick shrinking and sliding out of her as her legs were
released and dropped to their natural position down beside

Both were breathing hard and feeling each other's heartbeats
in counter rhythm inside their chests as he lay resting on
top of her. Pressing down on top of her. Giving her that
feeling of being confined that he knew made her feel
so secure after a strong orgasm.

Judy liked the feel of his weight on top of her as she began
to relax and think back to the last year and a half with Sid.
As he drifted off to sleep, her mind wandered back to when
she had met Sid.
Chapter 1B

Judy had just turned eighteen and was working as a whore in a
suburban house with Renny and his wife Dora. They had picked
her up at the bus station and taken care of her and taught
her a new trade. Well it beat letting her step dad have a go
at her for free and beating her up afterwards like he had
been doing for three years before she ran away.

She remembered that Sid had been just another John like so
many others but she had liked his looks and manners when they
had first been introduced by Dora. She had done her best to
service his needs to the best of her abilities and had
apparently succeeded in impressing him. He had impressed her
as he was careful to see that she enjoyed herself also. So
many men did not.

She remembered that she had gone down on him to get him hard.
He was fully dressed and she was naked. Dora had just left
them in the spare bedroom and she walked up to him and deep
tongue kissed him just to break the ice. Then she let her
hands slither down his back and buttocks and around to the
front of his shirt and slacks.

As she unbuckled his pants and let them drop down his
muscular thighs, she noticed with approval that he kept
himself in great shape and seemed to have a washboard under
the skin of his flat stomach. As she worked back up the
buttons of his shirt and let it slide up and over his broad
shoulders, she noticed the ripple of muscle across his chest
and upper arms. He smelled of nervousness and faintly, of
fresh manly sweat.

He caressed her brown, soft hair as she knelt at his feet to
remove his shoes and socks and lowered his shorts. She then
gazed admiringly at the stout hardon that proudly jutted up
from the juncture between his legs. She grabbed the shank of
his prick and rose tugging him along to the bathroom sink and
said, "Now, let's give that big boy a bath and see if I can't
find something constructive to do with him."

Sid seemed to expect this behavior as all whores that he had
been to were careful about dirt and cleanliness before a
fuck. When she had the water to a tepid temperature, she
made a sexy game of soaping up a cloth and washing and
rinsing his prick and his whole groin area. Then she ran the
wash cloth around his buttocks and into the ass crack to his
anus where she spent a bit more time than was necessary to
just clean it.

The rinse washcloth was almost as much fun to Sid as she
tried to remove as much of the soap suds as possible from his
prick and ass. He knew that the real reason she spent so
much time rinsing was that she could get sick from eating too
much soap and the thorough rinse was an indicator that she
would spend quite a long time with her mouth on his prick and

When the wash job was over and she spun him around and knelt
down until her mouth was at prick height, she scooped up his
prick into her mouth and began sucking and licking for all
she was worth. That's when he realized that Renny or someone
had really worked well with this kid to teach her how to
properly suck a cock.

She warmed the prickmeat in her mouth for several minutes
just getting used to the texture and flavor of it and sliding
her tongue across the corona and the sensitive underside of
the crown. Then, before he got desensitized, she switched to
light little lovebites along the shaft nearer his pubic bush.

These lengthened into long tongue strokes that led into her
sucking along the side of his shaft as she slid down to cover
his balls with her open mouth and fast, licking tongue. After
the tops of the balls were laved, she dropped on down to the
sensitive undersides of his balls and lifted him up and back
by the prick. He stumbled backwards onto the bed on his back
to give her more room to play.

He lifted his legs up into the air and she started kissing
and licking her way down to the crack in his ass. With both
hands, she parted the small orbs of hair-covered buns and
inhaled the aroma of soap and man shit and sexiness that she
loved. She let herself go and dived nose first into the
grotto of his hind end and began stroking all around his ass
crack with her tongue.

She reached up with one hand and began gently fondling his
balls and with the other she began to jack his prick shaft
back and forth. As he let out a few soft moans of pleasure
and lust, she dug her toes into the bottom of the bed to gain
leverage to stick her tongue ever deeper into his
ass crease and gently lave his anus. As she got deeper into
his ass, her lingual digit gently pried apart the now relaxed
hole and she began to tongue fuck his ass hole while still
stroking his balls and prick.

Sid had been all over the world and fucked many women, but
none had ever affected him this way! This girl-woman had his
head spinning and his prostrate pumping before she'd ever
stuffed his prick into her vagina! Incredible! As a rich
and sophisticated sexual dilettante of many years, he thought
he'd seen it all, but she really was the best he'd ever had.
"So far" said Sid to himself, "Let's not get carried away
just yet." he further cautioned himself.

Judy felt his prick begin to ooze love juices and start to
twitch and jump in her hand. She knew she had him on the
brink of orgasm and could have ended their session right
then. But she was horny and wanted to get a little fun out
of this one for herself. So, she suddenly grabbed the base
of his prick and squeezed it almost as hard as she could
while raising her head up and pulling his legs back down to a
normal position with him on his back on the bed.

She then knee-walked up the bed alongside his body and while
still squeezing tightly on his prick she said "Now, let's not
get off too soon, you might miss the main event."

"OK," said Sid, "Just hang on to junior for a minute more so
I can control him."

Realizing that Sid had almost lost control and was still
dangerously close to cuming if she let go, she decided to
strike up a non sexy conversation with him to ease his mind
off of his sexy situation. "What do you do for a living?" she

"I'm a rich sex freak who likes to find new and different
pleasures. I don't have to work, but I do spend many an hour
in pursuit of sexual gratification because I enjoy it,”said
Sid with as straight a face as he could muster.

"Well, that certainly sounds interesting," said a totally
disbelieving Judy who figured that line of questioning
wouldn't get his mind anywhere but back on sex.

"What do you do when you're not having sex?" she tried, as
she desperately clamped down against the vessels in his
raging prick base. She had better do something quick, or the
prick in her hand was going to get off just on the base
pressure she was applying. So she leaned over and casually
pinched one of Sid's nipples between her fingers as hard as
she could to try to further distract him. Unfortunately, her
actions caused the opposite reaction in Sid.

"Ouch! Oh, GOD! What are you doing? You bitch, now you've
done it!" moaned Sid as he arched his back to get away from
her tormenting hand, but the prick in her hand began
twitching in a proxim of orgasm that was just not to be
stopped. "Oh, girl, you really know how to turn a guy on,
don't you?"

Judy didn't realize that Sid, in his sexually heated up
condition just needed any small stimulus to push him over the
orgasmic edge. What she had intended to do was stop his cum,
but instead she had brought it on. However, due to the tight
grip on the base of his prick, no jism was coming out
the end of his prick and the pressure in his balls and
prostrate gland was torturing him in a most delightful way.

Figuring that she'd better help him make the best of his cum,
she quickly dropped her mouth down around the head of his
prick and released the death grip she had on the base and
began stroking him up and down. No sooner did she let up on
his prick with her hand than the shaft quivered and shot a
large wad of thick, hot, bitter man juice into her mouth.
She had trouble swallowing it all like Renny had taught her
and a small amount of cum dripped out the side of her mouth
to lubricate the hand that was flying up and down his prick
shaft in firm, smooth strokes.

Sid had come once with her holding onto his prick and twist-
pinching his nipple, and now he came again, harder than
before as she lowered her child like mouth over his charging
corona and stroked his shaft for all it was worth. He came
over and over until it actually hurt to come, and then he
came hurting again and again. It was the most incredible
blow job he'd ever experienced in his thirty years and one he
wanted to repeat soon!

He laid back exhausted on the bed and tried to cache his
breath. Judy, meanwhile, had let go of his prick and crawled
up his chest to grin apprehensively at him and ask,
unnecessarily, "Did you like that?"

"Like it? ... It was wonderful! I've never felt anything so
incredible in all my life. Not even drugs could top this!"
Sid replied as the specter of a brief bout with addiction to
hard drugs raised it's ugly head and he stomped it back into
the recesses of his mind again. He was through with those
personal experiments and did not want the memory of those
horrors to spoil the fun he was having now.

Sid reached down and picked up Judy's upper torso by the
armpits and dragged her body across his to place a delicate
kiss on her lips. "Now, I'm going to return the favor if I
can," he breathed into her left ear as he slowly lowered her
weight onto his chest and abdomen and rolled over on top of

"Oh, you don't have to do that, after all, you did pay to get
your rocks off, not mine," Judy reluctantly reminded him.

"Well, let's just say that I never leave a lady wanting,"
Sid muttered as he slid his tongue into her ear and tickled
the inner recesses so that Judy shivered and goosbumps raised
all down her left arm and leg. “Besides, It’s fun,” he

"Oh, I hoped you'd say something like that," sighed Judy as
she relaxed in his arms and he rolled her over onto her back
and wound up above her, "‘Cause I've gotta cum sooooo
badddddd!" she slowly drawled as he moved his hand up to
gently cup and caress her left breast and nipple.
He slowly slid his hard body across her slender, naked, body
to lightly kiss all over her face, neck and down to her
breasts. He spent several minutes on each mound of woman
flesh, gently biting and nibbling and licking the nipples and
the flesh around the aureoles. Judy’s tits felt pleasure
tingles all the way down to her cunt and she lubed up even
more than before. In fact, she felt several drops running
down her cunt crack to her asshole.

Then he left a slimy trail of saliva down her chest, between
her tits to her naval and sent shivers and goose bumps along
both her arms and legs when he washed this orifice out with
his tongue. She sucked in a deep breath and held it as he
continued to tease and tantalize her lower belly flesh
without tickling her as she might have expected.

The goose bumps returned as he made his way down her happy
trail of fine abdominal down to the top of her pubic mound.
She groaned and opened her legs as he trailed his tongue
around her thighs and over the top of her cunt. Anticipation
was killing her and cunt ooze was flushing out with great

"You've got the sweetest smelling little cunt I've ever
tasted," he said, "it's going to be a pleasure pleasuring
you." Then he lowered his tongue into the furrow of her cunt,
carefully avoiding all contact with her clitoris. The crack
was already wet with her love dew and leaking even more
juice, indicating it was ready to receive him.

She groaned again as he licked up and down both sides of her
cunt lips, pausing to take each one into his mouth and suck
gently on each side. Then he moved up to her engorged clit
and lightly swabbed his tongue over and around it until it
stood up like a miniature prick. She almost came when he
touched her. Her anticipation had been building for a long
time and when he touched her, her excitement ratcheted up
another two notches.

Next he covered her clit with his mouth and used his tongue
to swirl first one way around her clit and then back the
other way. This nearly drove her wild. She began to come and
shake and shiver ‘til he almost lost control of her. She had
never been made love to like this before! All of the men
she'd had before were only interested in getting their own
pleasures and she had seldom cum with a client. She realized
that she was in the hands of a master cocksman.
Chapter 1C
As Sid slowed his tongue action down and she quit cuming so
heavily he leaned back onto the dilapidated bed and rolled
her over onto her stomach. He said "I paid Renny for your
ass. Did he tell you?"

"Yes," she answered, in a hushed voice, "but I've never had
it up there before."

He said excitedly, "Don't worry, I'll be gentle. I am
surprised that he didn't try this with you himself?" he

"Dora won't let him touch me there. She thinks it's perverted
and only agreed to letting me take it up the ass because of
the money," she explained.

"His loss is my gain. That's a very pretty ass you've got
there girl. Is it as talented as the rest of you?" he said as
he leaned over and began stroking it gently with his strong

"Since I've never tried it up there, you'll have to tell me,
but please be gentle. I am a little scared because you're so
big and I'm so little back there," she said as she squirmed
her ass cheeks under his gentle manipulations.

As she was talking he had been kneading her buns back and
forth and up and down to try to get her to relax. It was
working. He could feel the girl's muscles go slack and her
body became more loose. Every time he opened her small, hard
little asscheeks, her anus would wink redly at him.

It was time for a bit more action and he moved his thumb a
little more toward the center of her ass crack and put it
lightly over the asshole. Excited woman-juices were running
freely out of her cunt and he moved his other thumb down to
that well of lubrication and slowly sank his largest digit
deeply into her slimy pussy. He stirred it well and was
rewarded with her moan of pleasure and a wiggle of her hips
as she tried to get more of his thumb and the rest of his
hand into her. In spite of multiple orgasms, she was still
excited with his manipulations and began juicing again.

When he'd gotten his thumb thoroughly lubricated, up to the
second knuckle, he transferred it to her asshole and pushed
gently into the softness of her bottom. "Oh, that feels so
different, ugh... and good," she sighed in a low and sexy
whisper. "Just go slow and I think it'll be all right."

Slowly he sank his slippery digit into her hot and, by now,
horny hole. She groaned all the way. Then he began to work
it in and out ever so slowly. Deeper and deeper with each
thrust he was moving it back and forth in her slimy shit
chute. The unique feelings were giving her thrills galore.

As he was doing this the fingers of his other hand were busy
stroking her pussy and clit in a rhythmic action that had her
on the edge of climax almost immediately. But just as she
would approach the edge of that abyss of ecstasy he would
slow down or move off of her clit altogether.

It was a very frustrating experience, but it was a wonderful
sort of torture that she really liked. The walls of her
pussy were cramping and exuding cum juice by the gallon. His
whole hand was slippery with it and he dragged it up into her
ass hole to lubricate his thumb as it slipped in and out of
her anus more rapidly and deeply.

He slowly sank as much of his thumb up her asshole as he
could and he massaged her clit more vigorously with his other
hand. "Oh, honey, that's soooo goooood! Keep it going just
like that," she moaned into the pillow she was clutching to
her face. Her climax was swiftly approaching now and she
hoped he would continue to her completion.

Then he slowly pulled his thumb out and started the two
middle fingers of the same hand right back up the same hole,
stretching it a bit more. As he moved these two back and
forth, she began to respond with a humping action of her
own and he could really tell that she was enjoying what he
was doing.

He slipped both fingers almost out and added the forefinger
and started the inward motion again with all three in a
bunch. It really stretched her tight anus ring and he had to
force it a bit. She squirmed and tried to pull away for a
moment and he intensified his attentions to her clit as he
forced the three fingered obstruction on up into her ass.

"Go slow, please!" she yelped as he forced more of his
fingers up her. Then he began to wiggle them up inside her
and twist and turn them in her ass to loosen her up and relax
her. All this time he was playing a strumming guitar tune on
her clit and kissing up and down her butt crack and inner
thigh. That really got to her and she was soon humping back
against his thrusting three fingered cock again.

Just when she thought she was ready for a really big
climax, he stopped thrusting and strumming and pulled both
hands away from her asshole and clit and rolled her up onto
her back with her knees up to her armpits. She reached back
to spread her asscheeks and he rubbed his engorged cockhead
up and down her cuntal furrow to get it well lubricated and
to give her an extra feel of his throbbing, hard manhood on
her clit and inside the entrance to her vagina.

When he had her so hot she thought she'd come any second
without him in her, he moved the tip of his huge prick down
to the loosened entrance to her asshole and began a gentle
pressure inward by rocking back and forth on his toes and
knees. Each small thrust was short and not very forceful. As
his prick pressed against her enlarged anus, it forced the
tight ring of muscles apart and his cock slowly sank into her
bowels. Her groan as he slid to the bottom of her asshole was
one of passion. The feeling of having his prick moving down
in her anus and colon was extremely exotic and exciting to

He transferred her ankles to his right hand, pushed her feet
back toward her head and bent her even more in half. Then he
reached down with his left hand to stimulate her clit and
vagina again. When he touched her clit, with his prick
almost buried to the hilt in her ass, she went off like a

"OH, God, Yes! Yes, That's it!, I'm Commmiiiinnnggg!!!!!"
she yelled as he slowly sank the last of his prick into her
twitching and rhythmically cuming asshole. He held it there
until her cum had subsided somewhat and then he flexed one
finger into the top of her cunt to rub the sensitive spot on
the inside top of her cunt as he slowly withdrew his prick
from the tightly clenching asshole. The pulling sensation of
his prick leaving her ass was an anal tease that was
unexpectedly arousing to the highly stimulated girl.

He knew that her clit had just cum and was too sensitive to
touch right then, but he also knew that to keep a woman going
from one climax to another, you just changed the area of
stimulation to this "G" spot until she started pushing back
at you instinctively to let you know it was OK to rub her
clit again. The really neat part about it was that most
women did not even know they were giving off these kinds of
signals. They were just responding as mother Nature had

"Oh, wow! what are you doing to me? That feels soooo
gooood!" she moaned as he began to saw his prick back and
forth in her asshole while he massaged the inner recesses of
her cunt with his finger. When he felt her begin to push
back at him with her cunt and ass again, he switched back to
massaging her clit with his hand and increased the length and
speed of the strokes his prick was making up her back door.

"Ohmygod! That's fantastic, don't stop, whatever you do, just
don't stop. I've never felt this way before! This really
UGH... drives me UH... crazy!" she exclaimed as he increased
the speed and force of the ass strokes.

Now he began a corkscrew motion with his prick in order to
maximize the stimulation to her ass and his prick head. As
he increased the strength and speed of each stroke, he could
hear the slurping, slapping sounds of his cock and balls as
they beat a staccato rhythm on her buns and asshole. He was
literally knocking the wind out of her now as each stroke was
driven home by all the force he could muster with his legs
and feet pushing hard against the footboard of the bed.

He was waiting for it to happen to her again, but his balls
were beginning to tingle with the telltale signs of a
gigantic climax. In order to speed her along, he started
pinching the nub of her clit gently between the folds of her
cunt. Then he scraped his fingernail cruelly across her clit
to give her that extra push of sensation that she needed to
get off.

She began screaming as loudly as she could, "OH, here it
comes, I'm there, I'm Cummmmiiiiiinnngggg! Mffffffggggg!
Oh, what a feeling! Oh! Oh! UGH! UH!" then she drifted off
into a nonsensical kind of muttering as her asshole clenched
his quickly moving prick as tightly as she could.

This sent him over the top and he began to fill her rectum
with gobs and globs of thick, hot, creamy jism. The feeling
of him climaxing into her ass sent her back up to the top of
her climax again as the new sensations of a cuming prick
overcame her natural tendency to subside at that point. She
again started clenching her asshole around his prick as if to
milk it of every last drop of cum.

They both held a strained position for what seemed like hours
until they began to come down from their mutual climaxes.
Then he slowly let her legs down with his prick still buried
balls deep in her ass. The motion of her legs coming down and
her asscheeks surrounding his prick forced his prick from her
hole in a most pleasant and natural way.

As she lay in an exhausted, but very satisfied stupor, he
made a decision and said "Girl, you are a real find! I’d
like to take you away from all of this whoring business and
let you service me personally. Aren’t you getting tired of
old men who only cum and leave you high and dry?”

“Well, Sort of, I guess,” she mumbled nearly incoherent
still from her recent exertions.

“How would you like to take a gamble on another stranger and
move in with me?" The way he said it, in that calm monotone
voice with all the concern in his eyes just made her feel
completely at home and she wanted to trust him, but her mind
flashed over the last few weeks and she was lost in her own
thoughts for a few moments.
Chapter 1D
She had not been too happy with Renny and Dora's treatment of
her. Oh, they'd taken her in all right, and they'd made love
to her in many different and wonderful ways, but they'd also
let her know that she had to earn her own way and pay her
share of the expenses. When the subject of a job had arisen,
her inexperience immediately got in the way.

"No legitimate business will hire you because you have no
experience. Your share of expenses comes to about $2,000 a
month. Where are you going to get that kind of cash?" Renny
had asked in a cynical tone of voice.

"I don't know, Renny, what do you suggest?" she'd asked.

"Well, you could start charging for what you've been giving
away to Dora and me," he'd sneered.

"What do you mean, Renny? Charge you and Dora for sex?"
she'd asked incredulously.

"No, not us, we'd still sex it up just the three of us, but
Dora turns some tricks for some guys I know whenever we get a
little short of cash. It's just until I can get back on my
feet and get a decent job." He was almost whining now.

"Come on, honey, you've got to do your part to help pay the
bills”, Dora began wheedling, “All those fine dinners
we've been cooking haven't been free and we're short of cash.
All you gotta do is pretend it's Renny or me going down on
you or you going down on him. After a while, you'll come to
love the variety and the good sex you can get from some of
these guys," she'd said reassuringly.

"Well, you're beautiful and blond and stacked and I'm just
a young kid. I don't think many guys would really want me,"
said Judy.

"Well, just don't you worry your pretty little head about
that," said Renny, as he quickly swallowed the grin that
threatened his expression, "I'm sure I can find a few good
men that won't mind a little inexperienced pussy if the price
is cheap enough. You may have to take on quite a few of
these guys at first, until you gain some experience and a
following of men that ask for you every time."

This all seemed perfectly natural to Judy and since she had
been living with Renny and Dora for four weeks without
contributing to any of their expenses, she felt a bit guilty
about it. She was also looking forward to some new sexual
experiences because all Renny ever wanted to do was have her
suck him to a hard on and stick it into her cunt and saw back
and forth for about a minute and a half until he came in her
pussy. Sometimes she'd come a bit, but mostly it just left
her horny.

Then Dora would come suck out Renny's cum from her
pussy and try to make her cum by licking at her clit. When
she'd had enough of Judy's pussy, whether Judy had cum or
not, she'd demand that Judy suck her pussy to climax.

It all seemed so clinical and selfish of Renny and Dora, but
Judy had no place else to go and they were nice to her other
than that. Now that they had explained their scheme to her,
it all seemed so perfectly reasonable and logical that Judy
felt she had to go along with it. They started that afternoon
with a trick for Dora and Judy each.

They went into separate bedrooms of the little house they
rented, the man got undressed. He never offered his name.
He demanded that she suck him to a tremendous hard on. Then
he had her lie on her back while he stuck his prick into her
hot, steamy hole and fucked her to his own climax. She was
so horny from thinking about what she was going to do that
morning and the cocksucking had gotten her hot as well, that
it really didn't take her much to get off as well.

But after the first time or two, they all seemed to be
doing the same thing over and over. Oh, she still got off at
least once a day. Renny had been true to his word and kept a
steady string of customers arriving three and four times a
day and night. If she didn't quite make it with one guy,
she'd carry her horniness over to the next one or Renny or
Dora were there to finish her off after all the johns had
gone away.

Still, it was getting to be a drag and the money wasn't
that much. Renny and Dora told her she couldn't charge much
for her services because she was still an amateur. She
wasn't sure just how much Renny got from each man as he came
in the door, but she never saw very much of it when they
left. That didn't really bother her too much, as long as the
supply of stiff pricks held up and she was cuming regularly.
The sameness of it all was what was beginning to bore her.

Judy shifted her thoughts back to the present. So here was
this incredibly sexy, rich, older man who had just given her
the best climax of her life in a most unusual way. He was
promising her more of the same with variety thrown in for
good measure.

She said "Yes, I'd like to move on to better things but Renny
and Dora might object to my leaving."

"Have they been giving you a share of the money you make for
them?" He asked.

"Yes, but it's never very much." She had answered.

"Well, let me have time to think about it and we'll see." He
said confidently, intending to talk with Renny and Dora about
the girl later. "In the meantime, let's not waste the money
I've spent to have you tonight, my little whore, I believe I
can show you a little of what you're in for with me." And
with that, he began fondling her breasts and tonguing her
nipples again.
Chapter 1E

Sid had stayed all night. It was a very satisfying and tiring
night for Judy, but when she got up the next day, Sid was
gone and Renny was all over her for information about Sid.
“What’d he say he did for a living? Where did he say he
lived?” he kept asking over and over. She realized she
couldn’t tell him because she didn’t know.

Then, he began threatening her if she ever left them. “I’ll
track you down and find you if you ever leave,” he’d say
and, “You’ve never hurt ‘til I’ve hurt you, the way I’ll do
it, if you leave us.”

Then he’d change tracks and try whining, “I love you too
much to let you go, honey,” Dora would chime in, “Don’t
you worry none, girl, we’ll take good care of you here. You
don’t need to be lookin’ elsewhere. We’d be crushed if you
left us,” To which Judy responded that she had no
intentions of leaving.

Life settled down to a steady routine for a few weeks, but
she never forgot what Sid had said. Renny was still
threatening her with all sorts of mayhem and harm if she left
and Dora tried to make sweet and keep her in the house with
sex. Meanwhile, a steady stream of men and women came to
their house for Judy to service for little or no money.

One weekday night, Renny came home at supper time, drunk and
raging about Judy leaving them and how badly they needed her
and what he’d do to her if she ever did. She didn’t know
whether to feel sorry for him or disgusted. Disgusted must
have won and it must have showed on her face because Renny
got real mad and grabbed her by the hair, and dragged her
kicking and screaming down the hallway and out into the
closed garage.

Renny had a garage to be proud of. He loved to putter around
in summer or winter. In order to keep it heated, he’d
insulated the walls and door, even the big folding door was
insulated. No neighbor heard Judy’s frantic calls for help.
Dora, who had seen this coming and was very jealous of the
attention Renny paid the young whore when she was fucking
him, just stood by and gave Renny a helping hand or
suggestion from time to time.

There was a chain hanging down from the ceiling and a piece
of clothes line laying on a shelf. Renny grabbed the
clothesline and made a couple of neat turns around the girl’s
wrists and hooked them on the chain and hoisted her up with
her hands over her head, until her toes just barely touched
the floor. As Judy hung there, kicking and cursing Renny, he
came back into the Garage from the kitchen with a meat
carving knife held high in his hand. Judy saw the knife and
commenced to screaming and hollering worse that ever.

“Gag the bitch and make yourself useful, Dora,” Renny
blasted at Dora who was just standing there and watching Judy
sway. “I’ll teach this bitch to scorn and bad mouth me,”
Renny yelled, still in a drunken rage.

Dora ran over to the dryer in the garage and fished around in
the pile of dirty clothes until she found a white, man’s
sock. She quickly tied a knot in it’s center, slipped the
knot between Judy’s screaming jaws and tied a knot with the
ends behind her head. “There Renny, that ought to keep her
quiet for a while,” said a satisfied Dora.

Judy felt the rough and slight dampness of the horrid sock as
it forced her jaws apart and muffled her screams. Then the
stench of the dirty foot it had been on hit her nose and
tongue and she retched and almost threw up. As she subsided
and tried to keep from throwing up into the gag, Renny
approached her once more with the knife in his hand.

The drunken and enraged man then grabbed the tee shirt Judy
was wearing and brought the knife up to the neck line while
Judy’s gagged and muffled screams intensified. When Renny
stroked downward to cut the tee shirt off her, Judy thought
he was slicing into her and fainted. While she was out, Renny
divested her of her shorts, panties and shoes. Hung naked
with arms up, head down and swaying back and forth, Dora and
Renny just watched her for a few minutes. Then Judy started
coming around.

“Wake up bitch,” said Renny “ I want you to feel every
touch of this so you’ll remember to respect me.”

Judy looked down and saw he had doubled his widest leather
belt and was standing there slowly slapping it into his hand.
He went around to the side of her and stood like a baseball
batter with his hand and belt outstretched to get a good
measure of the proper distance.

Swiftly, he brought his leather clad hand around to the back
of his head and swatted Judy across her poor, unprotected
buns. Then again and again and again in a steady, monotonous
swish-thwack sound that seemed to go on forever. The stings
that arose from her bottom cheeks were not as painful as some
she had endured from her step dad, but they were heating her
up and she found herself slipping into the depths of
submission she had found in her previous life, of living
alone with a horny step dad who liked to discipline her.

Judy was still trying to feebly scream and move the lower
part of her body to avoid the stinging blows, but Renny was
good at it, and he liked it. Judy eventually slipped totally
into a haze of pain and submission and gave up her will to
Renny. As he beat her with the belt, adding another stripe to
her buttocks or the back of her legs, she did not even twitch
or moan, but just hung there accepting whatever he laid out
for her.

This took the fun out of it for Renny, so he stopped and
turned to Dora and raised the belt as if to strike her. Dora
had seen this Renny before in all too familiar form and was
scared to death that he’d tire of his new play toy and start
in on her. She started backing away from him.

“Don’t you back away from me girl, I got a job for you. Get
down between her legs and make her feel good, ya hear? Go to
it, and I wanta hear some moans and slurps coming from that
cunt, bitch. Now move it before I sting your butt too,” He
threatened with a swish near her ass. Dora did not hesitate,
but quickly knelt at Judy’s dangling feet and spread her red
striped legs apart and stuck her nose up into the young
girl’s cunt.

She licked up and down the vaginal lips and stuck her tongue
as far up the vaginal tube as she could. She noticed that
Judy’s cunt was well lubricated and running cunt juice. She
only hoped that Judy would feel this effort she was making
for her. As long as Renny could see her moving her tongue and
hear her slurps he seemed satisfied not to beat her also.

Judy began to come more to her senses, but she was still
pretty wiped out from the submissive haze and discomfort of
the recent whipping Renny, her Master had administered. There
wasn’t a part of the skin on her ass or the backs of her
thighs that did not seem as if it were on fire. Every time
she moved, new aches and stings made themselves known to her.

There was also some pleasure going on around her cunt. She
hadn’t figured out yet what it was, but was content to let it
happen. Then, as she recovered even more, she realized she
was being eaten out by a person who was doing her best to
make her cum. As Judy began to respond to the tickling in her
cunt and around her clit and the gentle sucking of her clit,
she started to hump her hips back and forth.

This was just the sign that Renny had been waiting for. He
lashed out with the doubled over belt across her ass cheeks
again and twice more to remind her that he was the Master and
was in complete charge. As she suffered more stings and
discomfort Dora tried to ring her bell with cunt licking.
Then he took a step back and dropped the leather end of the
belt and, with the buckle end in his hand, he started
flicking at her breasts and belly, ass and legs. He was
fairly accurate and only hit Dora a half dozen times in the
heat of smacking Judy.

Each time his aim was off and he swatted Dora, she’d scream
and jerk upward into Judy’s cunt harder. Judy would also
issue a weakened and muffled scream as Dora crushed Judy’s
clitty against her teeth. By now Renny could see pussy juice
drooling down Dora’s chin and Judy’s legs and could tell that
Judy was very hot.

Unzipping his pants, Renny drew out his big hard on and
approached Judy with it as if he were going to thrash her
with it. “Move back Dora and lick her ass a while, I’ve got
to teach this whore who’s boss around here.”

Then he stepped up to her hips, lifted her legs around the
outside of his torso, and rammed his big dick all the way
home in her drooling snatch. The action of lifting her legs
had exposed her ass crack and hole to Dora who set to work
with a will and a sigh to do what Renny demanded.

As Dora stuck her tongue up Judy’s ass, Judy began jerking
and twitching and Renny leaned way back and pushed up with
his dick and, holding the belt doubled, again, he lashed down
on Judy’s exposed tits with all the force he could muster.
Judy screamed and cried and tears fell out of her eyes and
Renny got right close in to her eyes and whispered, “Don’t
you ever leave me or disrespect me. ‘Cause I’ll kill you, you
worthless whore, you.”

He came down again, hard, on her titties, and bucked up into
her cunt and held his position as cum shot out of his big
dick way up high into her vagina.Almost all of her weight was
supported by his dick in her cunt.

“I’ll track you down like the bitch dog you are and I’ll
slowly kill you. Do you understand me?” he asked once again
eyeball to eyeball to her.

She was sobbing so hard she did not respond quickly enough
and Renny started rapid firing the belt across her tits,
sides, legs, torso, and any part of her body he could reach.

Dora, meanwhile, had stuck to her job and was busily licking
and tonguing Judy’s now loosened asshsole and Renny’s balls
as excess cum slipped out the sided of Judy’s cunt. Judy,
meanwhile had slipped back into her submissive haze where
pain from the master was pleasure. She actually began humping
up and down on his big prick as it stuffed up inside her

Renny was so sexually arouse by what he was doing and what
Judy was doing to his prick that he never lost his hard on
and kept ramming punishing blows all over her body with the
belt and bumping and grinding with his pubic bone into her
groin. As Dora licked the man cum from around Renny’s balls,
she noticed a change in flavor and texture of the stuff she
was gobbling. She put a finger up into Judy’s cunt and
Renny’s Cock and brought it to her nose to confirm it. Dora
then she raised it to Renny’s nose and said, “She likes to
be hurt Renny, here, smell her cunt juicing up.”

“I don’t have to smell, I can feel her cunt twitching’ every
time I hit her. Why do you think I’m hitting her so many
times?” Then he turned to the semiconscious Judy, pulled the
gag out of her mouth and asked “So, you like to be hurt do
you?” Judy barely responded with an embarrassed “no” in a
small voice.

“Don’t try to lie to me, cause I know. I’ve got your
slippery cunt around my dick and I can feel you when you cum,
and you cum every time I beat you, like this,“ he said as
another swing of the belt swished down on her beet red

“Oh No daddy, don’t hurt me. I’ll be good. I won’t be a bad
girl any more. Please don’t hurt me again,” she mumbled half

“Daddy is it, did your own dad beat you for being a bad
girl?” asked a curious Renny.

“No No Daddy, I’ll be good, just don’t beat me any more,
please Daddy no.” she stated more clearly.

“Well tell us just how bad you’ve been then little girl.”
coaxed Renny.

“Oh Daddy I’ve been soooooo bbbaaaaddddd!” she exclaimed.

“I must be beaten with your belt and that big thing between
your legs to make up for it just like you said,” she
whispered, “Hit me again with the belt and fuck my little
cunny hole to make me be a good girl again. Please Daddy,
Please hit me again,“ she said while squinting her eyes and
wrapping her legs around him and swinging her torso so that
the dick in her cunt moved back and forth quickly. Dora was
busy at her ass hole and now had two fingers wriggling around
inside the semiconscious girl’s nether opening.

Renny leaned away from her body and slammed the belt down
across her titties one more time and Judy screamed and
climaxed like she had climaxed many times before in her
previous life with her step dad. She jerked and twitched and
squeezed with both cunt and legs ‘til Renny thought she would
squeeze the air out of him. He leaned forward and slammed the
belt diagonally across her ass cheeks and she screamed again
and released his waist with her legs and her cunt pulled off
his slimy dick just as Renny spurted again and went weak in
the knees with his second orgasm.

This pissed Renny off so much that he got back up on his feet
after his orgasm and slapped the belt across Judy’s bare back
in a viscious swipe that made her sway from side to side,
scream lustily and cum even harder while Dora tried to keep
the two fingers up her ass.

“Step aside, Dora, I want to try something,” said Renny to
his wife.

As she got up and moved away, Renny said to Judy, “You’ve
been a bad girl Judy, now tell us what you have to do to be
good again. “

“I have to be spanked,” replied Judy through tightly closed

“What kind of spanking, Judy,” patiently asked Renny.

“A very hard spanking from within and without,” she
whispered in fear, like a child about to be punished.

“Well, here it comes child, I hope you learn your lesson.”

After the first few Lashes with the belt and no response from
Judy, he sent Dora into the house to find a strap-on dildo
and to take her clothes off. When she returned, he put her up
on a small stool to get her dildo slightly higher than Judy’s
cunt. Then he helped hold Judy’s legs around her as she
slipped the flexible dildo up into Judy’s sloppy snatch.

“Now fuck her Dora, fuck her like it’s the last fuck you’ll
ever have dear,” persuaded an excited Renny.

As Dora began an in and out slow motion with the dildo, Renny
stepped back and lashed out at Judy again and again,
sometimes slicing across Dora in the process, but constantly
hitting Judy. Judy began to cry real tears and orgasm every
time Renny hit her. Dora was tiring quickly from all the
exercise and hoped Renny and Judy would be through soon, but
they both seemed tireless and Judy kept on cumming.

Finally, Renny ran out of energy. Dora noticed that Judy was
close to passing out and stepped down from the stool and
heard the sloshing sound the dildo made as it slithered from
Judy’s drooling quim. Judy just hung from the rope and gently
swing back and forth, lost in her own world of passion and
submission. Renny stared at her for a minute and got her down
and carried her across his shoulder back to her bedroom.
Chapter 1F

The next morning Judy was embarrassed that Renny and Dora
knew her deepest darkest secret about the brutal and
submissive relationship between her step father and herself.
She had always called him Dad after her real father was
killed in an auto accident when she was just a baby. But
Renny and Dora didn’t seem to mind, it was a point they could
use to manipulate her. From that day forward, they went out
of their way to humiliate and hurt her with that knowledge.

She’d stay tied up half a day in some of the strangest
positions and every time Renny or Dora would stick a finger
up her cunt, she’d be juicy. They’d rub it over her mouth and
nose and say, ”See the little slut and how she likes to
hurt. She’s so twisted, pain becomes a climax.”

Then, they’d pinch her or slap her or fist her thighs or arms
until they were black and blue. But always, they came back to
her pussy and stroked her until she came. They made sure she
came after every beating to condition her to like it.

One evening, Renny got into the bottle a bit deep and Dora
was joining him so they got steadily drunk. Renny whispered
something in Dora’s ear and headed for the garage. Judy was
sitting naked on the sofa with her hands cuffed behind her
and her legs slewed at right angles so that Dora could reach
over every now and then and stroke her clit or pinch or smack

Sometimes, Judy would be surprised by an ice cube slipped up
her cunt. All she could do was sit there and endure it while
it melted and Dora snickered at her predicament. It was all
so perverse and all so exciting. Judy could feel the ooze
spilling out her cunt on to the sofa cover. She was making a
wet spot on the upholstery. Dora, after some more minutes of
tickling and teasing her, got up, saw the spot and blew up at

“How dare you sit there and wet my sofa cover!” she
exclaimed in mock anger, “Boy are you going to get it now!
On your feet!” she commanded. As Judy arose from the sofa,
Dora grabbed her by the cuffed hands and pushed then up as
high as they would go on Judy’s back making Judy high step
her way down the hallway to the garage door.

Renny met them at the door and placed a blindfold over Judy’s
eyes and a gag in her mouth. The gag was his dirty underwear
and she choked at the taste of shit and piss in her mouth. He
led her into the middle of the garage floor and un-cuffed her
hands and raised them above her head. He then hooked them to
the overhead chain and raised her until she was on her tip

Renny reached down to her ankles and attached leather cuffs
around each ankle. He then attached additional chains to her
ankles and raised them up until her back was parallel to the
floor. The ankle chains were also spreading her legs apart so
that she was stretched and suspended totally by the chains
hanging from the ceiling.

Renny brought out a cane pole about four feet long and three
quarter inches around. As he swished it in the air above
Judy’s body, she cringed and began to make mewling sounds
around the gag. Standing to one side, he took a two handed
grip on the cane and swished it directly into her ass cheeks.
Judy let our a barely audible scream that was lost in the
nasty tasting gag in her mouth.

Renny began to work on her ass and the backs of her legs with
slow steady strokes. He deliberately waited fifteen seconds
between each stroke so her anticipation could build up.
Meanwhile, Dora, in a drunken stupor, grabbed a new fly
swatter she had just bought and hung on the wall. She began
to lay in to her titties as best she could between Judy’s
outstretched arms. Renny would cane her and in between times,
Dora would swat at her upper torso. Her back and everything
above her waist were treated to the scratchy metal screen on
the fly swatter.

Judy was in some real pain and cried and sobbed and begged as
best she could through the gag for them to stop, but it just
went on and on. Her entire body was being stimulated more
than it had ever been before and all of it was going to her
cunt making it slimy with cunt juice. Judy felt close to
passing out when Renny finally got tired and quit abusing her
ass and legs. He stood back to admire the stripes up and down
her ass and legs and the clinches and twitches she made as
Dora continued to smack her tits.

Renny went over to a workbench on the side of the garage and
grabbed up a can of motor oil and an opener. He formed a fist
with his right hand and poured motor oil all around it. Then
he began to rub oil all around Judy’s ass and cunt. He stuck
three fingers as far up into her cunt as he could ram them
and Judy twitched and groaned with renewed pain. He fucked
her cunt with his three fingers and used his thumb to smash
her clit against her pubic bone.

Judy was really getting off on the hand job. Her pussy began
juicing and drooling and mixing with the motor oil. Her body
seemed totally alive now and recharged with renewed energy.
Renny pulled back and added a fourth finger and began to push
in earnest into her cunt until her whole body began to swing
away from the force of his push. The incredible pressure on
her cuntal opening was burning and stinging like the rest of
her body. When she had reached an almost sitting up position
with his hand pushing her up, he reached up, put his thumb in
the palm of his hand and began to pinch her clitty with his
other hand.

She screamed and wiggled and cried and really went in to a
proxm of spastic jerks and twitched. He was pinching her
clitty very hard and she was loving it. With every new flash
of sensation, she approached closer to climax. Finally, after
a particularly long and intense orgasm, she relaxed and felt
his entire hand slip up inside of her vagina. As it went in,
Renny flexed his fingers and folded them into a fist to keep
from punching through the back wall of her vagina.

He backed off and Judy went parallel to the floor with
Renny’s fist still stuck in her vaginal canal. Meanwhile,
Dora kept up a steady barrage of swats with the fly swatter.
This was keeping Judy off balance as the pleasure of the clit
rubbing and the filled cunt contrasted with the displeasure
of the fly swatter until they both seemed to merge and any
stimulus to the girl’s body was turned to pleasure. Each
time Renny jerked his fist back and forth in her cunt and
Dora swatted another area of her back, thighs, the bottoms of
her feet, or sometimes her titties, Judy spasmed into orgasm
again and again.

When Renny got tired of the physical effort it took to fuck
her with his hand and half of his forearm, he opened his fist
up inside of her and extended his fingers as far out as they
would go and began to rotate his arm back and forth inside of
her, first one way and then the other. Judy came so hard she
almost passed out. Renny removed his fist from her cunt by
jerking it out with the fingers still somewhat extended.

Judy’s muffled scream sounded like a dying animal as she
collapsed and let the full weight of her body rest on the
chains. Dora took that opportunity to swat each of her
breasts and then a very hard cut across her open cunt and
clit. Judy screamed again and passed out.

Judy was out of commission for a week before she felt like
she could walk upright without her insides falling out. The
scratches and bruises she had all over her body were a
constant reminder of the cruelty and expert going over Renny
and Dora had given her. They weren’t even mad at her. They
thought she liked it.

Well.... if the truth were told, she really did get off on
it. Even the lingering discomfort of the scratches and
bruises sent lust surging to her damaged cunt for the next
week while she could do nothing about it. After she had
healed enough to have sex with Renny and not scream from the
pain, she went back to work servicing Johns that Renny seemed
to always be able to find.

Life went on. men came and went sometimes three and four a
day for both Dora and Judy. Occasionally Renny would be gone
to service a female customer, but he never brought them to
the house. Dora didn‘t seem to mind his apparent disloyalty
as she was getting her share of dick from the Johns. Judy
didn’t mind much either, it just all seemed so boring doing
the same things over and over. Even the constant bondage did
not keep her interest up. After a couple of weeks, she found
it to be very inconvenient and chaffed at their constant
attempts to put her down. It all became so predictable.

Then Sid came by again, asked for her and bought her services
for the night. She serviced him magnificently again. He
returned the favor, and in the early morning hours, when he
was ready to leave, she asked him “Were you serious about
helping me get away from Renny and Dora?”

“Of course I was” said a surprised Sid. He had tried
unsuccessfully to buy her from Renny and was rebuffed rudely.
Renny had just about convinced him that she wanted to stay
for all the sex she was getting. He just couldn’t forget
Judy and couldn’t stay away from her, so he had returned to
get as much time with her as he could. He didn’t tell her
this, of course.

“If you want out, why not just pack up and leave?” Asked

“Renny said he’d come after me and I’m afraid he’ll find me
and hurt me. That man can get real crazy when he’s mad.” She
explained. “Will you help me get away?” she asked.

“You’re right, that Renny can be a real mean ass hole when
he wants to.” said Sid while thinking he needed her to fear
seeing Renny and Dora again. “OK, how about you taking just
what you can get into your pockets with you and meeting me
after midnight tonight at the grocery store just down the
street?” He proposed.

“I think I can get out and do that, but if I’m not there by
twelve thirty, don’t wait any longer,” she warned.

So the plan was made, she sneaked out and met Sid at the
grocery and sped off into the night with him while constantly
looking over her shoulder for Renny’s angry face coming at
her. She didn’t rest until they had settled in another state.




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