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ESCPT3 extreme love mostly translated into


Part 3

Chapter 3A

After her shower, as she was standing, nude, at the kitchen
sink, Judy heard Sid fumbling around in the exercise room.
Sid was always messing around with something around the house
or out in the garage/workroom. It really didn't matter to her
what he did.

Judy was just happy to keep house for him and encourage him
to screw her every chance he got. Knowing he was happy made
her happy. She was totally wrapped up in doing nice things
for him. She especially wanted to please her "Master" and
do all the things he required of her. This gave her that
safe, warm, secure feeling she used to have before she left

Even though her step-father was banging and beating her, she
never felt threatened with more harm than she could stand.
Deep down she knew he really loved her. It just got to be a
bore every day so she departed for other places and other
adventures. She never felt that secure with Renny and Dora.

Today was a bit unusual. They didn't usually fuck more than
two or three times a week and here it was not even noon yet
and she'd been had twice already. Sid must be getting ready
to leave on another one of his extended trips and was trying
to "make up some fucking time" as he put it.

Sid didn't talk about his business. He said he was wealthy,
but evey few months he had to be away for up to two weeks at
a time. Judy was lonely without him, but she was not afraid
to stay up on the mountain without him. She'd just never felt
threatened up here. It seemed too beautiful to be

Before he left, he usually got her good and hot and screwed
her so well that she was satiated for days after he'd been
gone. Still, she was very horney when he returned. She was
glad he didn't have to go out of town too often.

She heard him coming down the hall and into the kitchen.
"I've got a project going in the exercise room and I've got
to run into town to the hardware store for parts, did you
want anything while I'm in town?" Sid asked as he washed his
hands at the sink.

A trip to the small town about twenty miles away was
something to take advantage of because it took about thirty
minutes either way. They kept a running list of needed items
on the refrigerator and Sid walked over to get it now.

"Just what's on that list and some soap for the bathrooms,"
said Judy as she continued to turn the frying bacon strips in
the pan before her. She had put on a kitchen apron to keep
the grease from spitting out onto her naked tits. Experience
had taught her well.

"Ok, I've got a special treat for you while I'm gone. As soon
as the breakfast dishes are done, I'll help you get into it,"
Sid said with a big smile.

"Hmmm, sounds like something I might like." Judy smiled back
and twitched her hips and pushed out her perky little ass at

Judy had a certain need to be bound or confined, then
sexually stimulated and abused. Sid told her that it was
probably because of the abuse she took from her step father
and Renny and Dora. She had gotten used to the idea of
submission with some pain as a way to get off and her body
was insisting that it needed it every now and then.

The infrequent trips to town by Sid presented a perfect
opportunity for her to indulge in her unusual fetish. Sid
thought it was fine as long as she enjoyed it. If the truth
were known, Sid probably enjoyed the preparation for it as
much as she did.

Chapter 3B

After the breakfast dishes were washed and put away, Judy
went back into the exercise room to find Sid amidst pieces of
wooden chair rail and metal brackets, cushions and a menage
of nuts and bolts. "Well, don't you look like a kid in love
with a new gadget? Whatcha doing?" She asked.

"I'm making something for you. That's why I'm going into
town. It's a surprise, so just march yourself right out to
the playroom and I'll get you fixed up before I go. I've been
thinking about what I'm going to do to you before I leave and
I can't seem to concentrate on putting this together anyway,"
He replied.

When they reached the playroom and turned the lights on, Judy
was reminded of how little real furniture they had in the
windowless basement room. She went over to what looked like a
tall workout bench, leaned against it and asked Sid, "Well,
Master, what delights have you in store for your slave

"Don't talk until you're told to slave!" Said Sid as he slid
into his role as Master with ease. The sound of his sharp
voice and commanding tone sent shivers down the nubile
teenager's spine and stood her up straight with wide eyes and
bowed head. She once again entered that safe and secure place
of submission that she had found as a haven from all of
life's troubles. She was perfectly content to let Sid do as
he wished, even if it hurt her, because she knew that he
wanted it, it pleased him, and no matter how much it gave her
pain, she knew she would orgasim mightly from it. She always

"Get over here and stand before me respectfully, Slave!" he

She silently went to stand before him, naked and cowed, with
her head lowered and her hands at her sides.

"Turn around slave!" he grunted. "Bend over, slave!" he
growled again when she had complied. "Grip your ankles
slave!" he exclaimed as she went down to the floor and took a
firm grip of her ankles. "Spread 'em slave!" he barked as she
spread her feet about three feet and kept her grip on her

Sid leaned back and spread her asscheeks as he said "Now,
tell me what a bad girl you've been this week!" This was a
key phrase that her step father had used on her for years as
a purge of her conscious before he beat her. "I've been so
bad master!" She moaned. "I need to be punished for what I've

"And just what have you done?" Sid asked as he walked over to
a cupboard mounted on the wall.

"I've not washed and ironed my clothes as I should and I
gossiped with Lucy about Tommy ......" and a long monologue
of imagined and real crimes were spewed from Judy like a
prayer from a priest.

While she went on, Sid had returned with a few things from
the cupboard. As she continued listing her misdeeds, he
fastened leather cuffs around her wrists that locked with
audible clicks. Then he did the same to her ankles and neck
and waist. These were the normal trappings of their little
games. The snug fit of these implements once again restored a
greater sense of security in her.

They reminded her of the many times she had worn them before
and how exquisitely she had orgasmed, with them around the
different parts of her body. As he snapped a metal pin
through the wrist and ankle rings in the cuffs to make sure
that each leg was attached to the same side wrist, she felt
her pussy once again juicing to the point that she could feel
cum drool running down the inside of both her legs.

Sid tightened the buckles that pulled the ankles and wrists
tightly together to make sure she stayed in that bent over
position. Then he placed the string to her emergency release
rope in her right hand and wrapped it around her middle
finger. This was the escape mechanism she knew she could use
if something got to be too much for her when he was doing
something else, or away from the house.

She resolved to endure whatever he had in store for her. When
he stood up behind her again, she trembled at being a
helpless victim and her cunt started to get wet. She was
beginning to run out of things to say that made any sense.
Her submission was complete and she began to run down
verbally as her cunt heated up to sloppy arousal and
sidetracked her thoughts.

"That's enough bitch!" he exclaimed as he went back to the
cupboard. "I've heard enough of your drivel." Coming back to
her, he reached around her neck and head and slipped a ball
gag effectively into her mouth and pulled the elastic strap
tight around her head. This forced the hard rubber ball
between her teeth and shut off her monologue.

"I will have some piece and quiet with that in you." he
declared. Then he stepped back to look at his handiwork and,
not satisfied, he grabbed one of the ropes hanging from the
block and tackle sets he had permanently installed in the
ceiling of the playroom. He connected the hook into the ring
on the back of the wide leather belt around her waist and
took the tension out of the line. Then he hoisted her up an
inch or so until she was on her toes, but not entirely
supported by the rope.

"Now Miss naughty bitch, I have a solution to your problems!"
And he stepped over to the cupboard again. He came back with
a metal bar that he attached between her ankles to keep her
legs well spread. Of course, since her wrists were attached
to her ankles, she was spread completly from both ends. He
bent over and clipped a hook in the middle of the bar to a
ring set in the floor to keep her from squirming around too

Then he picked up a short, hard, leather clad riding crop and
came back over to stand at her side. He slowly admistered
twenty sharp cracks to her ass and the backs of her legs.
Not hard enough to leave welts and definitely not hard
enough to break the skin. Each stroke was laid in with love
and affection and only stung enough to let her know it could
really hurt if he wanted it to. Judy, of course cried and
screamed around the ball gag in her mouth as she imagined the
pain she could have been in if he really wanted her to feel
it. She imagined that she could not get away from the
"terrible beating."

All during the love beating, she kept feeling safe and secure
in the knowledge that her Master would not permanently harm
her, and that what she was doing was pleasing her Master. She
was content to let him take charge and direct this little
interlude to their fucking life. The certain feeling that he
would not really do her serious harm revved up her engine and
her feeling of arousal that he did not do so ran the spectrum
from fear to extreme love. It mostly translated into love
knowing that he did not harm her seriously.

Each stroke was delivered to a different place on her buns
and a thirty second pause was adhered to in between each to
give her time to anticipate and fear the next one. Judy
clenched and twitched her ass cheeks to stop the stinging
pain, but nothing she could do would stop the fingers of fire
that blazed across her butt. The stinging fire spread down to
her cunt and started it juicing and twitching. Every time he
hit her, her whole body jerked and jumped in futile efforts
to get away from the pain,but the feelings of submittal and
safety remained to soften each blow and make her more and
more horny.

By the end of the twenty strokes, her ass was stinging
prettily, her cunt was aroused and wet and her eyes were
filled with tears. Knowing that she had completed the task of
enduring the strokes her Master wanted her to have made her
feel as happy as she could have possibly been. The very last
stroke was delivered across her churning cunt and that was
the blow that sent off skyrockets and spasms of orgasm that
delighted and exhausted Judy.

As she came down from the high of her orgasm, she heard his
zipper being lowered and noticed him standing next to her
ass. Sure enough, a greased cock was slowly working its way
up her shit chute and stretching her ass wide. Her ass chute
widened slowly as Sid slid his slippery rod deeper into her.
She felt the walls of her anus snap in place behind the
corona of his dick and thrilled deep in her gut as he pushed
on into her bowels with deliberate slowness. Goosebumps rose
down both legs and arms as he advanced his large log into her
guts. Some cramping began as he neared the end of her bottom
chute, but these just added to her overall sensations of
total helplessness and made her more horny that ever.

When he was in as far as he could go, he worked it back and
forth a time or two, to make sure he had the correct angle of
attack, and then began a steady rhythm up and out of her shit
chute. Sid added to her hornieness by frustrating her. As she
would approach orgasm, Sid would slow down to slow stroke her
pussy entrance and she would back off of her cum just a
little. The next time her would push deep into her bowels and
hold it there uuntil she cooled off. He was deliberately not
going to let her cum with his prick stuffed up inside her

Chapter 3C

She started her way back up to orgasm, but heard him grunting
and moaning and felt him cum up her butt before she could get
her own. Then, he walked over to the cupboard to put up the
crop and when he returned, he held out a complicated set of
straps attached to a large, nine inch dildo with a set of
hairy, testicles attached.

Resting the dildo on her butt as if her butt were a table, he
casually spread her cheeks with one hand and ran a finger
into her cunt slowly. It stung from the cruel lash he had
just administered, but she was still high from the quick ass
fuck and the sting just added to her stimulation. When he
was all the way in, he turned and twisted it back and forth
and slid it in and out of her dripping pussy. Then he
withdrew it and moved up to the loose hole of her anus with
the cum slowly oozing out of it.

He not too gently probed and pushed about a half inch of
three of his large digits into her and began moving back and
forth like a wide cock fucking her asshole and stretching it
even wider. She saw the reason why when he removed the fat,
long dildo from her butt-table and showed her what looked
like a horse cock that he was going to use on her.

Judy creamed her snatch further and cried into the ball gag
as sensations of lust went off in her that she could not and
did not want to control. Fear that she could not take the
large dildo up her ass without substantial damage raged
through her brain. On the other hand, she was excited that it
was going to happen to her and looked forward to taking it
all for her Master.

She loved the feel of a good hard anything up her butt and it
really turned her on when she was tied up and made helpless
while she got her ass reamed, but this was going to really be
a large pain in the ass! The burn in her ass cheeks had
spread to include her ass hole and she squirmed delightfully,
but fearfully.

Sid reached down and grabbed her hand and said, "I'm going
to put this dildo up your butt. It will be very painful.
Squeeze twice if you want it done. Do nothing and I won't,
but I will be very disappointed in you." This was their safe
word and Judy knew that with the gag in her mouth he had
resorted to touch as a way to communicate and make sure she
was OK with what he was going to do. She didn't hesitate. She
squeezed as hard as she could twice and Sid stood back up
behind her.

He began to slowly run the head of the soft, latex cock
around her ass hole and tease her with it. Judy was able to
gain just a little leverage with her toes on the floor and
managed to swing back onto the very tip of the head of the
large dildo as Sid just held it still for her. She was unable
to get the head into her and was doubly frustrated by not
being able to do it herself.

Sid replaced the dildo again with his fingers into her butt
He pushed deeper and lengthened the strokes into her body.
When he felt her begin to loosen up even more, he slid his
finger back out and pushed four fingers back into her anus.
She groaned loudly as he stretched her tiny asshole further
with his fat fingers. Meanwhile he watched her for signs that
she did not want him to proceed. They had also worked out a
safe signal of her tossing her head up and down to indicate
she wanted him to stop. Her head shook from side to side, but
not up and down.

When she appeared to be accepting this four finger ravishment
with relative ease, he reached up and placed the dildo at the
entrance to her snatch. He rubbed the two and a half inch
head of the dildo around her pussy lips to lubricate it from
the juices that overflowed her cuntal orifice and ran down
her legs. When the overlarge cockhead was sufficiently
greased, he moved it up to her distended asshole and pushed
slowly to start the log of love up her shit chute.

The muscles of her ass were stretched mightily by the big
dick and it really burned and was uncomfortable to her to be
pushed open that wide. She moaned louder around the ball gag
and tried to move her ass forward and away from the big
intruder. Sid paused to see if she wanted him to stop. When
she remained still, he resumed a steady pressure on the dildo
going into her ass hole.

As he pushed her parallel to the floor, the rope attached to
her waist belt stretched tighter and her toes left the floor
and her weight swung forward. She was swinging free of the
ground now and all Sid had to do was hold the big cock still
and watch her body and gravity cause more of the big dick to
be driven up her shit hole as she swung back onto it.

The ring around her anus stretched to the point of breaking
and finally popped over the wide corona of the plastic cock,
bringing another scream from around the ball gag that seemed
like real distress, even to Sid. Again, he paused to let her
accomodate the large dildo and to see if she would use the
signal to stop this exquisite ass torture. When she did not,
he left the dildo with about three inches in her ass and went
around to her front and temporarily pulled the ball gag out
of her mouth and asked "What was that slave bitch, were you
trying to say that you wanted cock or mercy?" he sneered at
the incoherant sounds emmanating from her mouth. She was
practically delerious with lust.

When he recognised that they were sounds of pleasure, and not
pain, he replaced the ball gag and said, "OK, my little
split peach, if it's more you want, Then I'll let you have it
all." Even though Judy shook her head no, she did not give
their safe signal and they both then knew that she wanted,
more than anything, for him to continue the slow rape of her

Her muffled cries were even louder and her struggles to get
free of her bonds were more pronounced as the cockhead slid
up her dark hole. Slowly she accepted the large and long cock
up the open end of her large intestine to lodge deep in her
inner bowels.

Judy was stuffed and she knew it. About two inches of the
prick remained sticking out of her ass before the big hairy
balls would stop their constant advance. Her ass was
stretched to the limit and she could feel the hard rubber
cock way up into her belly as Sid applied and tightened the
elastic straps attached to the artificial cock to the leather
belt at her waist and around her ankles so that it was
constantly being pressed further into her ass.

As he cinched each of the three elastic straps tighter and
the plastic prick pressed deeper into her, the pain of her
penetration almost made her pass out. She clamped her ass
cheeks together to stop the advance of the intruder up her
backside. It stopped it's inward march up her shit chute just
as Sid had tightened the straps all the way. There was
constant inward pressure on the prick from the tightened
straps, but for the moment she had stopped the relentless
intrusion into her body.

Sid leaned over and grabbed her tits from between her spread
legs and began massaging them and pinching her nipples. Then
he took out some fishhook shaped wires and ran them through
the holes he had pierced through her nipples several weeks
ago. A short piece of string hung down toward the floor in
front of her face. Each string had a bobby pin tied to the
end of it with the string in the middle of the length of the

Sid took several quarters from a box in his hand and began
sliding the slits he had cut in them around the strings. This
added weight to her nipples. As he added six quarters to her
right nipple, it stretched down in front of her face until
she thought it would split wide open. Sid reached over to add
another and Judy shook her head vigorously and looked at him
with pleading eyes. He placed it on the string anyway and
said " I like the way your nipples are stretched so long
after a few hours of this treatment slave. Shall I add
another one?" he asked as he reached for another one.

She shook her head vigorously back and forth and made
pleading sounds around the gag and begged with her eyes, but
she did not use the safe signal.

"Another one it is. " He said as he slipped the eighth one
onto her nipple string. Her nipple stretched and felt like it
was on fire as the additional weight was put on her tortured
nipple. The same treatment was given to her left nipple and
Sid left the room to the agonized groans of the tied,
suspended, helpless girl with the whipped ass, and the
stretching dildo with pulling straps, and weights on her

He returned a few minutes later with a long piece of wire and
plugged something into the wall. "I was using this in the
shop, but you may borrow it until I return slave." Then he
plugged it into the end of the protruding dildo and turned on
the switch. The dildo immediately began to hum with a low
intensity vibration that had her shaking and clenching her
asscheeks together even harder. Sid cruelly pulled the
horsecock almost all the way out of her hole and let the
elastic straps snap it back into place.

It did not penetrate back in quite as far, but the shock of
it's fast re-entry almost overcame her with it's sudden pain.
By this time, the pussy juice around the outside of her
asshole had dried and it was relatively easy to stop the
advance of the artificial horse-cock up her shit tube.

"Ta Ta slave, I'll see you in a couple of hours. Have fun
now!" He said as he left the room, dressed and she heard him
drive off.

Chapter 3D

Judy had been left alone in an isolated house trussed up with
a vibrating, artificial cock rammed up her butt hanging from
the ceiling by a rope so that her toes barely supported her
weight. She spent a few minutes shifting her weight from her
toes to the belt around her waist. She was getting dizzy and
her arms were going numb from being stretched down to her

She was glad that she had no tummy to bend over. The fire in
her ass from the cropping didn't seem to lessen and she
burned and itched all the way down the back of her legs to
her knees. Her grip on the safety string was strong and
memorable as she contemplated getting out of this position,
but she wanted to badly to please him. If this is what he had
in mind for her to do, that's what she'd do.

The vibrating machine in her butt hummed merrily and she
could feel the vibrations up and down her backside and belly.
She felt her ass muscles going numb and stretching. As she
did, the cramping up her backside relaxed and the cock
slipped into her a bit further. The cramping began again and
she clamped down on her ass muscles again to halt it's
advance. She now realized Sid's devious torture and had to
admire him for it. She would slowly allow the advancement of
the lazrge vibrasting dildo up into her ass over the course
of the next two hours.

Then she orgasmed, the first of many to come over the course
of the next two hours.

Slowly, more and more of the plastic vibrator was pulled into
her clenching and increasingly numb ass by the elastic straps
he had used to secure it to her body. It moved inexhortably
in until it was literally balls deep into her. Each time it
had advanced a bit, it caused pain down deep and she clenched
to halt it's advance. She was forced to torture herself in
this manner, slowly for two hours as the machine continued to
creep-slide deeper and deeper.

She hurt so good! Her pussy was drenched with it's own
juices. She was a deep submissive, and Sid had devised a
most exquisite form of submission for her. She loved him even
more for it! She never thought to pull the release string
wound around her middle finger. Escape was not what she
wanted. She wanted to please her Master.

It was now almost two and a half hours later and the vibrator
was all the way into her and the balls had even begun to try
to open her wider. The humming never ceased and the vibrator
was getting hotter and hotter. It felt scalding inside of
her. The pain deep in her gut had gone away as the last few
millimeters of prick had slid into her.

The nipples of her tits were on fire as the weight of the
quarters kept pulling them ever further toward the ground
right in front of her face. Every movement caused them to
swing wildly about and pull in different ways at her nipples.
She could see them lengthen visibly right in front of her
eyes. In spite of the pain and discomfort, she watched
excitedly as her body slowly stertched to conform to the
desires of her Master's wishes. She felt proud that she was
doing what he wanted so well!

All the world revolved around the dildo in her gut and ass
and the fire in her titties and the stings on her ass and
legs. She was on fire all over. She was so dizzy she felt she
would pass out any minute. At times, over the last two and a
half hours the feelings had been so intense as she came over
and over that she felt as if she were in a world all her own.
A world that revolved around the hard cock vibrating in her
ass and causing deep gut cramps as it crept into her and made
her orgasm repeatedly until she was totally exhausted. The
tearing fire of the tittie stretching she was going through
just added to her overall sensations and made her feel even
more submissive to her Master's will.

Finally, the sounds of Sid coming back aroused her from her
near trance. Hope of a quick release arose in her as she
heard him coming into the room. "Ah yes, there's my little
bitch now, doesn't she look a sight." He said to no one as he
played the part of Master well. "I see you've managed to take
it all in. Would you like me to relieve you of some of that?"
he asked.

She shook her head up and down, but not with the side to side
shake that meant she wanted out. She pleaded with her eyes as
he approached her and knelt near her numb titties. He un-
hooked the nipple of first the left then the right tit and
massaged them back to life. This set fire off in both nips as
the circulation returned and intensified the sensations she

He reached up to her cunt and dipped his fingers into her
squishy well of fire to see if she was still excited. Then he
rubbed some of her juices over the sensitive clit at the top
of her vagina and watched her squirm some more.

"What's that, slave? You'd like some more? Well I can
accommodate you on that one. How about a little bit more
vibration?" he said as he turned the switch from low to
medium on the back of the vibrator. "Do you want more? Ok!"
he said with glee and turned it up to high.

The vibrator danced and bounced around in her asshole until
she thought she'd go nuts. The deep gut cramps returned in
spades and she almost passed out from the intensity of the
vibratons as they drove her to yet anoither series of
unending orgasms. When she saw him reach down to her clit
once more, she thought he'd stroke her again. Instead, he
used one hand to spread her cuntlips and uncover her clitoral
hood. With the other hand, he reached in and pinched her
bare clit hard.

She screamed around the gag and her whole body began jerking
and twitching as she orgasmed over and over again. He pinched
her clit again and she just got louder and more vigorous. The
third pinch to her clitty caused her to go off the deep end
and she passed out.

She hung limply by the rope from the ceiling with her whole
body twitching and spasming from her climax. Sid reached up
and grabbed another piece of rope and clipped it to the hook
on the bar between her ankles as he un-clipped it from the
ring in the floor. Hauling down on this rope pulled her up by
her arms and legs. This reversed her from the position of
head down to head up and started the blood that had collected
in her arms and legs to return to the rest of her body. More
fire of returning circulation coursed through her aching arms
and legs as the feeling returned to those extremities. She
awoke screaming from the pain of the fire.

The vibrator in her ass still hummed loudly and her cunt
dripped with juices as Sid hoisted her up by both ropes until
her cunt was about chin level. He tied off the hoist ropes
and, while she was still comming awake, he began munching her
sloppy box.

Chapter 3E

When Judy awoke fully, she noticed the fire in her arms and
legs and screamed around the ball gag over and over. She also
noticed a completely different orientation of her body and
dizziness that went with the new position. Then she felt the
vibrator up her butt going strong and sending sharp thrills
up her spine and down to her cunt.

The cramps deep up her bowels had stopped and she felt nearly
numb there again. Then she felt Sid gnawing savagely at her
pussy lips and dipping his whole face into her greasy cunt.
That sent her off again into another set of orgasms that went
on and on and on. Her body clenched into a tight ball and her
moans and screams were loud even around the hard rubber gag.

After what seemed like twenty minutes of cumming repeatedly
without let up, her exhausted body's contractions seemed to
be dying down and Sid lowered her down to about prick height
and rammed his cock as far into her cunt as he could. She
screamed around the ball gag again and roared right back into
orgasmic heaven as Sid rode her back and forth over the
length of his rock hard cock.

The vibrations of the big, artificial cock next to his cock
in her body just about sent his cum into her as soon as he
got balls deep, on the first stroke. He just barely held onto
his control and knew that it wouldn't take many strokes in
this hot and vibrating furnace to pop his load. Sure enough,
after about eight or nine long, deep strokes into her
spasming cunt-hole, he unloaded.

When he regained his composure, he noticed that Judy had
nearly passed out again, but through the ball gag and the
exhaustion she felt, there was still something of a smile in
her eyes and lips on what parts of her mouth the ball gag did
not hide.


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