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ESCPT6 hurt Judy But Judy had other


Part 6

Chapter 6A

It was a breezy spring day on top of the mountain as Judy
ventured out to sit in the sun, naked, beside the pool for
the first time this year. She sat inside the high brick wall
that surrounded the pool and wasn't bothered by the swirling,
cool wind that might have caused her some discomfort. Her
nude body lay on it's stomach and she lay with her hands
under her chin thinking about Sid and how much she missed him
and how horny she was for him.

Kim Lin was a jewel. She did everything Judy wanted and then
some. She was always pleasant and now spoke almost as good
English as Judy. She had a fondness beyond sex for the
bubling teenager. She had just about taught her all she knew
and knew that it was time for a tutor. However, she did not
want to do that without consulting with Sid.

Sid had called a couple of times during the first month of
his trip, then he had told her he was going into a primitive
country and could not call her from there for a while. That
had been three months ago and she was worried. He had left
her a checking account with plenty of money. That part didn't
bother her.

Somehow, a large sum of money always got deposited into her
account every month and she used it to live on and buy pretty
trinkets for Kim Lin. She now had quite a collection of
earrings for her nipples. Judy had shown her how to wear the
baubles and she had taken to the chest jewelry like a kid in
a candy store.

Judy was worried about Sid. It was not like him to stay out
of contact for so long. The time had come to deflower the
little Kim Lin. All she needed now was Sid. Her biggest fear
was that their last conversations about Kim Lin had driven
him away from her and he was out with someone else. She did
not want to lose Sid over Kim Lin. If she couldn't have him
all to herself, she'd share him gladly with Kim Lin or the
whole world, if he wanted her to! She just wanted him back.

Kim Lin sauntered, naked, out to the pool and sat down in
the pool chair next to Judy's lounge. "What makes you so sad
mistress?" she asked.

"Oh, I miss Sid and I'd like to have him here right now."
Sighed Judy as she carefully turned over so as not to snag
her nipple studs on the ropes of the lounge chair bottom. She
squinted as her face was pointed directly at the sun and
said, "I like your company, and you've become an excellent
cuntlapper and you're a big help around the house, but I love
Sid very much and I really do miss him when he's away."

Slowly, Kim Lin got up from her chair and pulled a cushion
off another lounger. She placed it at the foot of Judy's
lounge chair and kneeled on it and began rubbing up and down
the slightly greasy legs of the muscular older girl. "Does
this help take away your sadness?" asked the smaller Kim Lin
in a soft, eager to please whisper.

"Oooooh, Aaaahh, I guess it does a little but you need to rub
a bit higher." Sighed Judy as she spread her legs wide to
give Kim Lin full access to her crotch. "Yeesss" Sighed Judy
as Kim Lin's fingers began poking at her pubes on every up
stroke of the thigh massage she was getting. "That's the
spirit. I think I need something special, but I want you to
surprise me, Kim Lin. Go into the playroom and bring out
something that will please your mistress and it's OK to look
for something that will get you off while you're at it,

Without saying anything, Kim Lin rose from her kneeling
position and sauntered back into the house with her boyish
hips swaying in time to a rythmn in her own head. Judy
relaxed in the direct sunlight and let her mind drift off to
sleep in the warm air.

When Kim Lin came back out, she had a hand full of things
that she silently laid down beside Judy's lounge chair. She
was also sporting a long slender cock from the straps around
her waist and pubes. It had a bumpy pad on her side of it
that would stimulate her clit as she used it. She knelt again
and began the massage of Judy's legs again, so lightly that
Judy did not even wake up.

After a few minutes of lightly rubbing up and down Judy's
legs, she reached over to pick up a sun warmed tube of
lubricant and coated her fingers and palms with some of the
nearly liquid goo. Then she began rubbing the upper, inner
thighs of her sleeping mistress. Softly, at first, and then
harder, and more insistently, until Judy unconsciously opened
her legs in response to the gentle stimulation.

As Kim Lin got more resopnse from Judy, her own juices began
to run down her hairless cunt lips onto her thin thighs. She
was also becoming aroused. Her mistress slowly opened her
eyes and a glowing smile came to Judy's lips when she looked
down on the attenative face working diligently on her legs,
belly and cunt lips. Judy thought her shaved pubes were a
real turn on and silently congratulated herself on a fine
piece of barber work last night.

Now Kim Lin was opening Judy's pussy lips up and lifting up
on her knees to bring her cuntal opening more to the front
for easier access. Gentle massages of each side lip and then
the clitty were rewarded with shivers of lust and mini
orgasms from Judy. Kim Lin really turned on when her mistress
got off! Her little quim was all greasy with her girl juice
and her hips were slowly swaying back and forth and rubbing
the artificial cock against the end of the lounge chair and
back into her clit. She closed her eyes and moaned as she
continued to push her fingers right up into the enlarged and
slick walls of Judy's pussy.

Her first three fingers were slipping and sliding around in
Judy's snatch and it felt as if there was room for a fourth.
Judy began to buck up into her hand and she backed off in
fear that she had hurt Judy. But Judy had other ideas. She
grabbed the forearm of the smaller girl and shoved the three
fingers in deeper.

Then she pulled it back out and told the girl to put all four
fingers in her cunt. Once Kim Lin had moved four fingers in
and out a time or two, Judy demanded that she include her
thumb and push very hard to get the girl’s entire hand up
inside of Judy. They both stared as the hand of the smallish
woman/girl slid, with some strain and twisting, into Judy’s
spasming quim.

Then Kim Lin started to close her hand into a fist and shoved
more of her arm up in to Judy’s snatch. They both looked on
as almost all of Kim Lin’s forearm slid in to the pulsing
snatch all the way up to her elbow. Judy fell back from her
sitting up, looking position and demanded Kim Lin fuck her
with her forearm. Kim Lin obliged by quickly withdrawing and
pushing back her arm. Sometimes she would do it with her fist
closed, and sometimes, she’d open it as big as she could in
the confines of Judy’d hot tight cunt. Judy orgasmed and Kim
Lin stopped the fucking and left her arm inside of Judy.
Judy moaned loudly.

When Judy moaned that ecastic sound Kim Lin knew her mistress
was just horny for more and decided that the preleminaries
were over. She gently removed her arm from Judy’s cunt and
climbed up on top of Judy's laid back and wide open form and
struggled to keep her balance atop the twin mounds of breasts
and the protruding pubic bone. She finally got her knees up
under Judy's knees and levered herself up to where she could
wield the plastic prick into Judy's tunnel of love. The head
and about three inches went in without a problem, but due to
the angle of her attack, the rest was just plain work.

Kim Lin pushed Judy's legs straight up into the air and the
cock slid home into Judy's quim with ease. "OH, that's nice,
Kim Lin. Now go to town on me, but start slow and finish
fast." said Judy with her eyes closed as she imagined it was
Sid poking her in the pussy. "Yes, so slow, so we can both
enjoy a good cum!" sighed Judy.

Kim Lin started sliding the plastic dick back out of Judy's
pussy and watched as the outer lips of Judy’s pussy clung to
the slippery dong's rippled sides. Then, before she began the
descent again, she reached down and turned the vibrator in
the cock to it's lowest setting. Just enough to be a gentle
buzz without having to force a response from Judy. "Oh,
honey, that's got to be one of the sexiest tricks you've ever
played on me!" Said Judy. "That vibrator really hits the
spot! Keep it slow and smoothe for a while yet."

Kim Lin was really juicing now, for the vibrator's butt was
resting directly on her clitty and she was getting a double
strong dose of it's medicine. She shuddered to a small
climax, but never let up on her duties to Judy's slimey cunt
as she pulled out once again and slowly, gently slid it back
inside Judy’s quivering body. Again she almost collapsed as
she climaxed again when her pubic bone ground against Judy's
on the down stroke. She kept her cool, though and never quite
stopped her fucking motions with the big cock into Judy's
softly sighing body.

As Kim Lin increased her tempo slightly, she came almost
every time she hit bottom in Judy's quim and she was getting
exhausted. Judy reached down and turned the vibrations up to
about half of their capabilities and Kim Lin spasmed
immediately into one long and continuious orgasm. Judy
noticed that the more she came, the longer she could maintain
this level of orgasm. It was almost like an addictive drug to
young Kim Lin's quivering body. She was coherent, and
responded when commanded, but she could maintain this level
of orgasm almost indefinitely, now. Judy envied Kim Lin's
long cums, and, at the same time, she was thrilled that she
was the one that could cause this elongated cum in Kim Lin.

Now Kim Lin began shaking all over and was starting to go
limp on top of Judy. She was still cumming, she had just lost
control of her limbs. Judy quickly rolled her over under her
without losing the dick stuck high into her own cunt. She
reached down and turned up the vibrator to high. Kim Lin
immediately started a hard orgasm and just kept cumming. Judy
began working her ass higher off the prick and then back down
to bury it onto her snatch firmly. Each down stroke put
tremendous pressure on the back side of the plastic dick as
it roughly rubbed across Kim Lin's clitty. This caused her to
orgasm even harder and elicited a squeal of delight from her
on every downstroke.

Chapter 6B

While both girls were working up a sweat in the afternoon
sun, Sid had arrived and parked the car. He planned to
surprise them with his presence, but the sight that greeted
him had his eyes and cock both bulging. Quietly, He stripped
and walked up to the upthrusting ass of Judy. Her combined
sweat and the suntan lotion made her back and buns nicely
greased. All he had to do was hold his rock hard dick at her
ass hole entrance and on the next up thrust, she impaled
herself on his large fuck pole.

"Owee!" She exclaimed as she stopped all motion. Kim Lin
opened her orgasming face and a bright smile broke over her
face an she recognised that the MASTER was home! "Oh, Master
Sid!" When she recognized who was poking her rectum, Judy
pushed more of his cock into her bowels and then fell onto
the fuck stick in her cunt. Sid came forward with her some,
but he left enough room so that Judy could continue the fuck
between Kim Lin and himself without having to come off of
either cock in her holes.

Kim Lin was sent off into ecstasy land again by the next
downward thrust and started squealing on every down thrust
Judy made. After about ten strokles of this double fuckery,
Judy reached a hugh orgasm and strained her body into a
straight line while spasms of rapture surged through her
body. Sid thought her clenching asshole was going to cut his
dick off! Of course, when Judy finally came down, she
collapsed on top of Kim Lin who let out a long wail and
seemed to jerk and twitch from one orgasm to another under
Judy's weight. The sound of the vibrator's strong humming on
top of Kim Lin's clitty and the feeling of it's intense
vibrations inside of Judy let Sid know what was driving them
both on to more rapture.

Sid pulled his still hard prick out of Judy's ass and pulled
her off of Kim Lin. As Judy got up, the pulsating prick slid
from her cunt and buzzed loudly above Kim Lin's crotch. Judy
reached down and turned it off. Kim Lin lay still with a
blissful smile on her lips.

Sid turned Judy around to face him and insinuated his long
cock between her thighs as he kissed her deeply and noisily.
He slowly rubbed his stiff prick back and forth across her
clit and it drove her wild!

"I missed you," he mumbled between kisses. "Mugh Hugnh, Mee
Tooommm," she replied with a mouth full of his tongue.

Bending his knees slightly and bending her backwards just a
little, his cock slid up into her snatch and when they both
resumed the standing kiss, he slid home into the tight, slick
glove of her heated pussy. He began to fuck her in slow jerks
and slipped his hands down to her ass to grab a double hand
fiull and lift her off the ground. Judy pulled up her legs to
wrap them around him and began bouncing up and down off his
hips. Kim Lin studied their antics carefully and found a
place to be of service at Judy's ass.

Quickly, as Judy bounced up and down on Sid's big prick, she
knelt under Judy's ass and began licking and tonguing her ass
crack with her skillful tongue. When she had her mouth muscle
into Judy's ass hole as far as she could shove it, Judy
shrieked and came with strong pussy clenches around Sid's
big, strong cock. At about that time, Sid began to jerk, and
sway and come like a bull roaring his glory. As they were
both comming down from their strenous cum, Sid took two steps
over to the pool and reached down and dragged Kim Lin into
the pool with them.

The shock of cool water after the hot and tiring spend sent
them all to the surface gasping and sputtering. Kim Lin had
just begun to learn to swim and was not quite sure of herself
in deep water, but the side of the pool was in easy reach and
she clung to it while she watched the other two cool off in
the five foot deep end of the pool. She was not able to stay
with them as she still stood only four feet ten inches tall.

"Welcome home, Sid" Said Judy when she could get her breath.
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