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ESCPT8 movie some other public place


Part 8

Chapter 8A

After a quick shower and a few eats, the trio once again found
themselves in the playroom downstairs dancing to slow music and getting
each other horny again. Kim Lin was so short and slender that she fit in
snugly between Sid and Judy while they danced. This gave her an
opportunity to stroke thighs, breasts, or prick as she wished. It was, for
her, an ideal situation. She hoped that Sid would pay more attention to
Judy who had been really missing him and give her cunt and ass a rest, as
they were a bit sore from her defloration earlier that afternoon.

Sid had rummaged around in his large garage for an hour or so after
dinner and finally dragged into the playroom what appeared to be a chair
with all sorts of things attached to it. It was a heavy, square backed,
oak chair with armrests, a cushioned toilet seat and a skirt around the
outside of the legs.

After an hour of dancing and stroking they were all at a fever pitch and
Sid sensed they were up for anything. He invited Judy to sit in his new
chair, and when she did, he walked around to the back of it and pulled a
lever and metal bands jumped around the armrests and her forearms, binding
her effectively to the chair. Another tug and a band of metal snapped
around her middle and the back of the chair. He gave another tug for the
ankle bands to jump out and capture her legs and hold them securly against
the front two legs of the chair.

Judy squealed in surprise and delight as the chair secured her as it’s
captive. Then he reached under her and pushed something up and a dildo
started to worm its way into her cunt as she squirmed around to let it.
Then, two more bands came out of the side of the chair bottom and captured
her thighs and held them as wide apart as the chair bottom would allow.

Judy noticed anelectrical cord that Sid plugged into the wall and
another that led to a hand held control box in his hands. Sid then
attached allegator clips, not to the rings in her nipples, but clamped them
directly over the long end of the nipples. Judy let out a yell and a long
moan, but she did not ask to have them removed. He then attached the wires
from the clips to the controller box in his hands.

Now Sid began turning something under her and she felt another presence
push up between her buns toward her asshole. This one had some sort of
lubricant on it and so it slid it’s way unerringly into her sphincter and
did not stop going in until a good six inches of a very large something was
in her ass. Then, as Sid manipulated a lever, the bottom of the seat came
up and pushed her filled pussy and ass forward and up and left her in a
very awkward position with her chest band holding her to the chair back and
the seat straining to push her forward.

Another lever was slowly pulled by Sid, and the object in her cunt expanded and pushed further forward. The pressure on her bladder was too
much and she pissed all over herself and the chair. Kim Lin rushed to
clean up the mess with towels and a wash cloth. Sid then pushed another
lever and the object in her asshole elongated and bloated to what felt like
twice it’s origional size. Then, it rocked back down toward the seat so
that Judy felt severe pressure from both objects pulling in opposite
directions. Sid stopped when Judy screamed that she would rip half in two
if he didn’t quit. He did stop, but she was stretched very tightly and
completely immobile.

All this time, Judy had been begging Sid to tell her what he was doing
and Sid hadn’t said a word to her. Kim Lin just looked on with growing
horniness and tried to imagine what Judy was feeling.

Now Sid sat down and played with his control box. Judy noticed a fuzzy
tingling in her cunt and could not decide if it was a vibrator in her cunt or the electric shocks she had inflicted on Kim Lin so regularly in the
last six months. Sid was soon to let her know that it was both. With a
quick flick of the wrist, a line of fire shot from her wired nipples and a
gush of electric fire shot first up into her ass and then down into her
cunt. Then two very intense vibrators struck up an insistent hum in both
her ass and cunt.

As she reached for orgasm, another shock of electricity would distract
her with it’s blinding shot of pain up her ass or cunt or either or both
titties. She could not anticipate them. The vibrators were so insistent
that she cum, but every time she came close, pain would overrule them, and
the helpless girl would cry and cringe and try so hard to get off until, a
haze of pain took over her feelings and turned into pleasure and then, no
matter what Sid did to her, it was all processed as pleasure and she came
and came again and again. This went on for the best part of an hour until
Sid was genuinely afraid she’d totally been exhausted and could not even

All this while, Kim Lin had stood beside Sid and stroked and fondled his
cock and balls and even sucked and tongued his asshole when he asked. She
was hotter than any time she could ever remember. Her pussy was drooling
profusely and her little clitty was protruding from the fold of her bare
cuntlips like a minature prick. Sid noticed this and set the controls to
minimal stimulation for Judy and picked up the small Kim Lin and sat her
over his big , hard prick and pulled her down with some force until her
whole cunt was filled with his manhood.

Kim Lin squealed and protested that her sore cunt did not need to be
fucked any more, but Sid knew better. Pulling her up, almost off the hard
dick growing out from his groin, Sid then pushed her down again and really
ground his pelvis against her clitty. She came almost instantly. Again
and again Sid repeated this motion until Kim Lin was sobbing with
exhaustion and orgasms. One after the other orgasms shook the small girl’s
delicate body and Sid felt his own orgasm rushing to meet hers in a grand
finale thrust that Kim Lin thought might go right through her. They both
came one final time and Kim Lin passed out from the force of it. Sid
carried her over to the couch and, after ascertaining that she was OK, put
her down.

When Sid returned to the chair with the stretched Judy still abuzz with
vibrations from the two dildos and low voltage running up both tits, ass
and cunt, he noticed that although she was awake, she twitched and jerked
and came about every thirty seconds. Reaching down to her clitty, he
stroked it and brought her up to another orgasm that made her scream and
jerk her cunt up towards his hand even though she had very little freedom
of movement.

Sid stepped away to the cupboard on the wall and came back with a curved
upholsterer’s needle and a swab with disinfectant on it. Swiftly, he
swabbed her exposed and protruding clitty and pulled back the clitorial
head as much as possible and pierced through the base of the clit as close
to her pubic bone as he could get. Although conscious through it all, Judy
hardly noticed what was happening until the hot lance of the needle through
her most sensitive spot. Judy let out a horrible scream, came very hard
and passed out. This gave Sid a few minutes to leave the curved needle
sticking through her clit while he found a clitty ring to insert. He then
pierced and ringed three more holes down each side of her cultal opening.
Every time he ran the needle into her soft and slippery flesh, she would
awaken and scream and cum again. When he had finished, he began turning
her loose from the chair. Then he carried her over to the chouch and put
her alongside Kim Lin.

Chapter 8B

The next morning, after bathroom duties were over, Sid once again
ensnared Judy in the chair and pushed the large dildo into her cunt and a
smaller one in her ass. He left her hands free and showed her how to
adjust the controls. Then, he attached a weight of about 8 ounces to the
clittly ring and cunt rings and let them dangle on rubber bands. Every
time she moved suddenly, the weight would jump around and pull her clit and
pussy lips. She would usually cum at least a little.

Then Sid turned the chair around to face the tv and put one of his
horniest fuck films on for her to watch. While Judy played with the
controls, Sid took a seat on the couch facing the fuck flick and asked Kim
Lin to lick and suck his cock. They watched about an hour of the flick
before Judy was too tired from orgasming and Sid had come twice. Then, at
her request, Kim Lin got her turn in the machine.

After they bound all extremities and pushed the dildos up her ass and
cunt and stretched her out, Sid played with the control box until Kim Lin
was in a fog of pain and pleasure. When she lay exhausted from orgasms, he
also pierced her clit and cunt lips and immediately hung weights on rubber
bands from them. Kim Lin was so proud of her new peices of jewelry that
she reached up on her tip toes when Sid released her and kissed him most

This led to a horny interlude involving Sid fucking her on the couch
from the rear up her cunt. As Sid was just starting to get in to the fuck
action, he felt something cold and slippery pushing up between his ass
cheeks. He turned and saw Judy with a lubricated dildo strapped to her
groin trying to fuck him. He merely slowed down his gyrations and tried to
relax his sphincter muscle as the soft and flexible dildo forced his
asshole open and the false prick slowly slid up his bowels. When she was
as deep in him as the dildo would go, she turned on the built in vibrator
and the intense humming drove his prostrate wild.

He humped forward to get away from the dildo, and Kim Lin pushed him
back onto the vibrating orgasm creator several times before he released his
cum into her spasming cunt. Judy held the vibrating dildo in place even
after he came and followed him down on to the bed as he laid on his stomach
beside Kim Lin. Slowly she pulled partially out and dropped it back down
his shit chute. After several in and out thrusts, he started pushing back
against her on the downstrokes. She reached around him to discover his
dick at just about the hardest stage she had ever felt before.

Not wanting to waste a good hardon for herself, and noticing that Kim
Lin was fucked out at the moment, she said “Come over here Kim Lin and fuck
his asshole while I take a ride on that boner.” Kim Lin readily agreed and
Judy slipped the straps off her hips and moved around to the front side of
Sid, who had rolled over on his side. Kim Lin strapped herself in like a
professional hooker and began a slow steady fuck right back into Sid’s ass.
Judy, meantime, had squirmed her ass back against Sid’s raging hard on and
sank it slowly into her creamy cunt.

Since Sid had just come a few minutes before, he figured he had a good
long time before he’d do it again. However just as he was settling in to a
nice long and leisurly screw, the vibrator in his ass increased its hum to
maximum and he startyed squirting cum and urine and cum and orgasm after
orgasm shook his body until he could squirt nothing more. He almost passed
out, but his macho pride would not let him. All this time, Judy was
getting some erratic thrusts from Sid, and realised what was going on
behind her back so she humped back against him with renewed vigor and
reached for her orgasm before Sid ran out of his.

The flat end of the vibrating dildo up Sid’s ass was squarely placed on
top of Kim Lin’s clitty and she was in almost constant orgasm throughout
Sid’s multiple orgasms. The poor little girl was so exhausted from her
many orgasms that she could barely keep up the fucking motion in Sid’s ass.
The many cums and multiple orgasms were not a surprise to her as she had
become used to comming ten or twelve times a day. They felt great, but
they just took so much energy out of her!

Chapter 8C

That afternoon, Sid took Judy in to the playroom while Kim Lin was
napping on a lounge out by the pool. He bent her over his knee face down
and began stroking her ass crack and asshole lightly. “You know, Judy, Kim
Lin’s got to be trained in other things besides sex and English. She needs
manners, and other education you and I cannot give her. I’m thinking that
a private tutor might make some difference,” he said as he wet the end of
his forefinger and slipped it gently into her rectum.

“I was just thinking the same thing before you came home this last
time,” Judy replied. “Do you know of a verrrryyyyy discrete tutor, or will
we have to start wearing clothes again when the tutor is present? “she
said before she took a dep breath and moaned, “Oh, honey that realllly
makes me horrrrny!”

“I’ll see what I can do, but it may require my presence out of town for
a few days,” Sid stated. “Let me make a few calls first. Meanwhile, I’ve
got a few ideas to keep you two girls occupied,” said Sid

Judy felt a large presence spreading her asshole and tried to relax as
Sid pushed a large ass plug up in to her as far as it would go and still
keep the control knob outside for manipulation. Then she felt Sid turn the
vibrations on a low intensity. Her pussy immediately started juicing and
twitching in anticipation of an orgasm. Sid was amazed at how quickly
these two girls could reach orgasm after only a little bit of stimulation.
Once they got to orgasm, if the stimulation was right, they could stay at
peak orgasm or very near peak for hours at a time! He just watched her
squirm in his lap and pump back and forth with the ass plug in her.

Sid rolled her over on to the couch on her back and spread her legs.
Then he tied an elastic belt around her waist and around both thighs. He
reached down and grabbed a latex “lady bug” vibrator, about half the size
of the palm of his hand and attached it to the juncture of the elastic
belt. It had a two inch long and one inch deep protrusion on one side that
fit up into her cunt lips and two antenna like feelers that went on either
side of and touching her clitty. Sid tied the feelers to her clit ring
with a rubber band. Then he turned the lady bug’s vibrator on and lifted
her to a sitting position. The sensations in her cunt, ass, and clitty
were undescribable! Judy started twitching and cumming and reached down to
try to dislodge the vibration plastic piece and Sid stopped her.

He quickly put a dog collar around her neck and attached wrist cuffs to
both hands. Then, taking two short pieces of chain, Sid attached her
wrists to her collar with enough freedom to get her hands down to her tits,
but no lower. Judy was then made to stand up and walk aroud as if nothing
was happening to her. In fact, she found herself going off every 4 or 5
minutes. Sid encouraged her to master the art of the private orgasm,
saying “Your eighteenth birthday is comming up soon and I want to do
something special with you to celebrate. We may go out to a restaurant or
a movie or some other public place. I want both my girls to get used to
cumming in public, in a very private way.”

Judy heard him between orgasms, but she doubted she’d ever be able to
master her body while it was cumming this profusely. She did try. She
wore the butt plug and the lady bug solidly for the next several
hours.After a while her body got numb down there and she wasn’t even aware
that the batteries had run down until Sid changed them.

Meanwhile, Sid had a similar experience planned for Kim Lin. Since she
was sound asleep on the lounge by the pool, he took her toys to her and
slowly inserted the butt plug ino her flacid asshole without awakening her
too much from her groggy sleep. After it was in place, but before he
turned it on, he rolled her over and invested her with the same lady bug
device in her cunt slit and around her clitty ring. Just as she was
drifting back to sleep, Sid started both vibrators on the lowest possible
setting and stood back to watch her hump and wiggle while slowly comming
awake. Her first orgasm spasmed her whole body a few minutes later and her
eyes flashed wide open and she moved her hands down to touch the insistent
vibrators and manipulate them in her body, but Sid caught them and attached
them to her collar like he had done for Judy.

Kim Lin was now fully awake and aware of the humming in her ass and the
clit. Sid put her up on her hands and knees at the edge of the chair. He
then moved forward with his big, turgid prick just touching her between her
ass hole and the lady bug. Reaching down, he pulled the back edge of the
ladybug down and slid his swollen cock into her pussy. The feeling of the
ladybug’s vibrations against his sensitive corona as it slid by almost sent
him into orgasm. By now, Kim Lin was orgasming one right after another.
Sid knew from experience that she could go on for a long time like this.
He reached around her hip and put his hand over the lady bug. As he pushed
the large protrusion in to her cunt and clit, with his other hand, he
turned up the vibrations on both of them.

Kim Lin went into high gear and thrashed out several very intense
orgasms in a few short minutes. She was screaming and crying and jerking
and twitching like someone was killing her, but all the while, she never
missed a stroke up and down Sid’s beefy boner. Finally, the stimulation
got to Sid and he came off deep in the young girl’s cunt. As he withdrew
from her twitching cunt, he turned her vibrators back down to minimal
levels. Kim Lin then collapsed on to the loungue on her stomach and fell
instantly asleep. Every now and then, she’d jerk her arms or legs as a
mild orgasm racked her body again.

For the next several weeks Sid kept both girls dressed wearing these
protruding toys. Each girl told him that after a few cums, she got numb
where the vibrators were and begged him to save batteries by at least
turning off the vibrations. Sid learned that both were eager to orgasm
multiple times, but that if they were allowed to control the vibrations,
they could get off more times than if he left the vibrators on all the
time. It soon got to be so that each girl felt empty without a plug up
their butts and a vibrator between their cunt lips. Sid removed the
collars and wrist restraints one day to see if either would remove her
toys. Neither did. Sid added long rubber bands to the clitty rings and put
fishing weights on their ends so that as they walked, their own movements
would be translated into extra vibrations to their clitties. They both
really liked this, especially when they fast danced with each other or Sid.

Chapter 8C

On Judy’s eighteenth birthday, Sid announced they were going out to a
dinner and a movie in a large metropolitan city about an hour’s drive from
the house. He brought the two girls backless, sun dresses of appropriate
sizes with spagetti straps over the shoulders, really low cut bodice and
short hemlines to mid thigh. There was plenty of cloth in the dressess,
even though they were short. If they were going to be out in the wind,
they’d have to be careful to keep their hemlines down.

Some fancy looking sandals and each girl stood there in their own
natural beauty and smiled as Sid gained a hard on just looking at them. As
they had both been trained, they both got down on their knees and began
slurping and licking his cock and balls. After a satisfying orgasm, Sid
once again called each girl over to his lap and had her lay face down
across his knees.

He speeded up the vibrators in Judy’s ass and on her clit and played
with the proturding end of the ass plug until she began cumming in rapid
fire sequence. Instead of screams and moans, she just slightly jerked and
closed her eyes when an orgasm crashed over her. Then he lowered the back
side of the lady bug like he did when he fucked them, except this time,
instead of his dick, she felt a hard plastic egg shapped device being
pushed way up high into her vagainal canal. Sid pushed it so far up in her
that it hurt and she cried out as she orgasmed again. Kim Lin and Judy had
been able to train themselves to come quietly over the last few weeks and
this outcry was an exception. Sid rewarded the outburst with a hard smack
across her bear buns.

Then it was Kim Ln’s turn to have the same treatment. She did not cry
out, although it did surprise her at it’s size and it did accelerate her
orgasms. Now Sid admired his handy work. They looked like two tanned
children who reveled in life and happiness. Their cute nipples poked out
the front of their dresses so sexily and the short hemlines merely hinted
at what was underneath. Standing there, clamly watching him through half
lidded eyes, Sid could tell that each girl was hot, horny and about to cum.
He reached for what looked like a garage door opener and aimed it at both
of them and pressed a button.

Both girls eyes bugged open as the eggs burried deep in their cunts
started an intense thrumming hum and sent them crashing into orgasm after
orgasm. They were troopers, though, they both remained standing and only
Sid’s accute knowledge of their reactions detailed the orgasms that were
rolling through them. Sid switched them off, and got dressed to go out in
slacks and sports shirt. He slipped the remote control in his pocket and
they all got into the car.

On the hour long trip to town, Sid had some fun driving each of the
girls to frantic orgasms and having them practice being silent and still
while they were doing it. By the time they got to the noisy restaurant,
they were both tired and hungry. Before they went in to the restaurant,
Sid reached down between each girl’s ass cheeks and turned the ass plugs up
to medium vibration intensity. He left the lady bugs at low.

When they entered the noisy restaurant, both girls looked like perfect
ladies. Hot ladies, but outwardly serene and calm. As they sat down in a
booth, the vibrators were pushed up into them and they began to cum more
often. When the waiter came to take their drink order, they could not give
a verbal answer. When the dinners were ordered, Sid ordered for them. As
dinner arrived, Sid turned on the eggs burried deep in their cunts. They
ate very little of their meals. They were both snapping off one orgasm
after another in rapid succession and had little or no interest in food.

Sid finally turned the eggs off so they could finish their meals and
walk out to the car without spasming and collapsing on the way. When they
got to the car, before they drove off, Sid turned their vibrators off and
had Judy go down on him and sucked a load out of his prick. Then Sid drove
them to a dance hall and they all went inside for a fun filled night of
dancing and drinking and an occasional orgasm as Sid would sneak his hand
into his pocket to turn the eggs on when the girls least expected it.

At the very end of a set, one of the band members came over to greet Sid
and struck up quite a lengthy conversation with him. The canned music was
so loud that they had to talk into each other’s ears so Kim Lin and Judy
did not know what was said. Sid cranked on their eggs at that time and
they sat still and listened to a humming voice inside themselves telling
them to cum quietly, but cum often. Each girl took up a rythym with the
beat of the music by flexing their torsos in time. This also had the
effect of pushing the ass plug deeper and rubbing the ladybugs across their

Finally, Sid turned the eggs off so the girls would pay attention. He
then introduced the guy from the band as Frank. He was an old friend and a
swinger that Sid know from several encounters over the years. He said he’d
put out the word for a tutor for both girls to very special teachers who
wanted a live in position. They thanked him and Frank left.

On the way home, Sid turned up all three vibrators in the girl’s bodies
and Kim Lin gave him a slow and jerky (because of her multiple orgasms)
blow job that drained him dry. Both girls were exhausted and beginning to
get numb when they finally pulled in to the long driveway up the mountain,
so Sid turned the vibrators off before they left the car. When Sid and the
girls got inside, they had cum so much and were so exhausted that they
dropped their clothes where they stood, fell into a heap on the king sized
bed and drifted off to sleep.



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