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EUROTALE sucked him hard make them


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
The Daddy, the Nanny, the Mommy, the little boy and His Teacher -
(eurotale.txt) - Remember in "The Cook, The Thief, His wife and Her
Lover" when they piss all over that guy? Well, there's nothing that sick
in this one- unless you count the little boy. But it is about the
relationships between the title characters. M/F, F/F, m/F

The Daddy, The Nanny, The Mommy, The Little boy and His Teacher

Chapter 1: Daddy and Nanny
They were going to meet every night for a while. Master James
needed tutoring with his fractions and Miss Turner would come to tutor
him. Miss LeBec would certainly be there to open the door. Mr. Griffin
would be home most times.
Mrs. Griffin would make appearances to check that her child was
receiving the best care possible. It was her duty- as long as she didn't
have to bear the burden herself. She had a full plate of Very Important
Causes to tend to.
All this seemed wonderful to Mr. Griffin. With little James busy
with his schoolmarm, he would be free to explore the flirtation
blossoming with Miss LeBec. All he needed was enough time and he was sure
he would have her.
And by have her, he meant more than some fevered petting and one
blow job in the hall closet. She would be relieved of her duties and
there would be no one to hurry them.
The balance wavered toward chaos as he saw Miss Turner walking
down the hall to the study. The prim, wrinkled old lady wearing gray that
he had pictured was in fact a very young, brightly blonde mere girl who
was petite and buxom for a girl 5-2.
For the moment, the surface of the water remained undisturbed. He
waited until his son and the teacher had been closed into the study. Then
he and Miss LeBec trotted up the stairs. He didn't think about the girl again until he came back down.
For all the eagerness with which she ran to privacy, Miss LeBec
still wanted Mr. James Griffin, Sr. to seduce her. She turned in the
middle of the bedroom as he locked the door and held both hands to her
"Do you want to talk to me, sir?" she asked.
"Yes, I'd like to discuss your job description," he replied. putting
his arms around her.
She neither struggled nor moved her arms shielding her breasts. It
was an unsatisfactory hug. He leaned his head down and kissed her.
There was only a moment's pause before she let him push open her
lips with his tongue and kissed him back. Her hypocrisy knew no bounds.
"You mean you wish to add to my duties?" she asked, still holding
her dress closed.
"I wish to add to your benefits," he said, dropping his hands
down to cup her buttocks.
"You are most direct," she said.
"And you are so obtuse," he frowned.
Her arms came out to circle his neck and she pressed against him.
Whatever his opinion of her behavior, his cock had not held her reticence
against her. His hard-on was a presence between them, rubbing both their bellies.
Her silliness over, she shed her clothes quickly, though she was
careful to drape them in order over a chair. He was waiting for her,
half on his side, as she came to bed. His cock pointed at her.
"For our first time, perhaps we should do something special," she
Her mouth zeroed in on his cock. As she darted toward his crotch,
big James wondered why that would be special. He didn't object. Quite
the reverse. But he was hoping special meant more to her than a blow-job.
She crept up on the bed laying reversed on him. She brought her
knee over his head and he saw how this could be special. He pulled up
on her hips so he could bring his tongue to her slit.
A cute little arrowhead of inner lips peeped back at him. He didn't
mind her offer. Licking her cute little pussy was nothing to ask when
she was swallowing his cock down to the root. The distraction helped him
not fill her throat in fifteen seconds and ruin the night they had waited
for weeks to arrive.
"Do you want me to be on top or would you like me on my knees?" she
asked, "Or can you think of another way should we do it our first time?"
"I think you on top," he said, "We may find that the rear entry
becomes convenient other times."
She turned around and again threw a leg over him. She settled down
and took him to the base. He no longer had the distraction of sucking her
pussy. He was afraid of being too brief as she let his cock baste in the
heat inside her.
"I like a man that really wants me," she said, shifting her hips up and back on top of him. "I can feel how hard you are. I like that."
"I like it too," he grunted, "You make me feel alive."
"Then we can be some good for each other," she smiled, "I won't
have to go out looking for men to fill my longing and you won't have
to sleep alone all the time."
She made it sound so simple. She made it sound like a good deal.
She wasn't asking for anything but his dick.
"A guy like me dreams of having a girl like you," he answered, "I
can't believe I've got my cock in you and I can feel it."
"You can't feel it as much as I can. It's all the way up inside
me," she said, moving her hips in an up and forward, down and back
circle on his cock.
This was better than he thought. She obviously was very open about
her sexuality- and practiced. No matter what she ended up wanting, it
was going to be almost worth it to find a woman like her.
He had been afraid she would allow him some very straight sex
every once in a while to string him along. At least she wasn't going to
hold back on the satisfaction.
He almost believed she wanted it like she said from the way she was
careful not to let him come off too quickly. It was like she was reading
his mind. It would start to get very good and she would settle down on
him and wiggle her hips. She was slowing him down on purpose to make it
better for him.
"Now I'm so horny I've got to cum!" she announced. "I don't think
I can wait for you."
She lifted farther off him than she had before and settled back.
She took these first few rises and falls slowly, as if learning the
motion. Then she bounced faster. His hands went up to cup her breasts and stop them flying in the air. She smiled.
She was making him feel like a stud. Everything she said and did
made him feel manly. His cock was deep inside her. He could feel how her
muscles flinched when she took him all.
Her hips began to press to the rear as she rose and move back when
she fell on him. There was pressure on the topside of his cock as she
went up and on the underside when she came down. And he was all gathered
in her heat.
Having such sensations was completely opposed to sex with Eva.
With his wife, there was only the vague sensation that there were walls
there if he could twist around enough to hit one. With her, he had to
pound like a maniac to get enough friction to cum.
With Bebe, he was desperately trying to wait for her as she gasped
and howled and bounced on his cock. She took his hands off her breasts and pushed his hands down to the bed beside him. She leaned closer and
drove her hips down on his cock with all her might.
"Please! Please cum for me!" she begged, "It feels so good. I want
you to come way up inside me! I want to feel it hot way up deep in my
Even if he hadn't been on the verge, straining to hold back, her
words would have charmed the sap up his pole. She was begging him. She
would be so happy when...
Her hips stopped hammering immediately when the first jet spasmed
from his cock. She took his cock deep and vibrated on it. James could
feels his balls jerk as he shot his cum into her. She kept urging one
more surge until he though he'd cum forever.
She dropped to rest for all of two seconds and then she was kissing
his chest and paying great attention to licking his nipples. He felt his
cock twitch inside her.
"Leave it in me," she cooed, "My pussy loves a big fat cock
stuffed up it right after it's had a good, hard cum."
For all the hopeful signs, his cock finally did drop out of her
grip to lie wetly on his thigh. She sat up and her butt trapped his
limp member.
"Some day, when we have a long day to play, I'll crawl down there
and make you fuck me again," she promised.
They hadn't been gone long at all. Barely half an hour had passed
since they tripped up the stairs. It had seemed longer to big James.
He went into his den for a brandy to steady his nerves. He told himself
it was coincidence that he stood by the sliding door that led into the
Miss LeBec had left him wanting more. He had been in no state to
do justice to his desires before, but as he sipped the warming brandy,
he felt the urge return.
His thoughts naturally penetrated the door to the other room. He
thought about the little girl he had seen, sitting naked at the table,
trying to teach fractions to Jim Jr. as his son goggled at her naked
body. He replaced Jim Jr. with himself. He thought about teaching the
teacher fluid mechanics with his dick.
He had no shame. It was his house and his wife was never home.
There was no reason not to sample both young women under his roof. At
least thinking about it wouldn't hurt.

Chapter 2: Graduate School
Bebe was taking an early shower and Mr. Griffin knew why. He was
happy to answer the door and lead Miss Turner down the hall to the study.
They talked about Jim Jr. and then Mr. Griffin asked her about her
"I get that all the time," she said, "I think it's the hair. I'm
24. I've been out of school three years. I hope you're not worried that
I can't handle it."
"I'm only worried that you might be a distraction since you are
so attractive," he said with a gracious smile.
She wasn't so young she didn't know when an old guy was hitting on
her. In this case she didn't mind too much. She saw the house. If she
was going to pick a sugar daddy, this one had a lot of sugar.
"I don't think little Jimmy's sexuality is that focused yet," she
said bluntly. "He might know there's something going on, but I don't
think he knows what it is yet."
"If he figures it out, don't be afraid to come to me for help,"
he offered.
She thought that was a strange thing to say. If little Jimmy
started staring at her boobs, she could tell him to knock it off without
the old man's help. There was no way she was going to get mixed up with
a dumb little kid.
"You have a nice conversation?" Bebe opened up on him when he
opened the door.
"You mean with Miss Turner?" he asked, innocently.
He could see the damp mark where she had been laying on the bed
waiting for him. She had gotten back up and wrapped herself in a towel.
He would have to be careful to keep the two women apart.
"I didn't want to make her suspicious by hurrying off," he alibied.
Bebe was relieved when she put her hand to his crotch and felt him
grow. Perhaps it had been innocent conversation. He was certainly
responding to her touch like it was his first arousal of the day.
"Now go over and greet me like you planned," Mr. Griffin said
Bebe stripped off the towel and lay on the bed. She put one hand behind her head and turned slightly to the side facing him. Her breasts were lifted and arched perfectly to her aroused nipples.
Big James stripped off his clothes quickly. He wanted to see what
the nanny had in store for their second night together. He bent to kiss
a nipple and she grabbed his cock tight.
"I know you have to fuck the Dragon Lady, but you don't have to
fuck anyone else," she said. "I'm always here and you can have me."
It sounded like a generous declaration of availability, but he
couldn't help noticing the firm way she held his cock. There was an order
laying just below the surface. She was already jealous of Miss Turner.
"And that should be good enough for anyone," he replied.
He wondered if she had heard the dual meaning in his answer as he
had heard it in her declaration. He didn't wonder long. Bebe pulled him
into the bed beside her by his cock and he found other interests.
They were going to have an old-fashioned lay-about. After sufficient
sucking on her breasts, Bebe pulled him up to kiss her. She settled him
between her legs and used his dick like a dildo to rub against herself.
Feeling her grow wet and warm against his cock made big James ache
to be inside her. He was again pleased with her expertise and assertive
attitude in bed. Willingness, eagerness and competence were wonderful
qualities in a bit of strange.
"Make it long, wonderful and wild," she sighed against his lips as
she released him to his own devices.
The only thing he was worried about was making it quick to get
inside her. He moved about until he found the angle and pressed his cock
into her warmth. Her sigh was encouraging when he settled against her.
Even the plain old in-out was nice with Bebe. It served as a
contrast to the workmanlike labor he occasionally had with Eva.
Her knees moved up and back as he thrust. Her feet rubbed along
his legs, pressed his calves and urged him faster at different times
as he fucked her. She kept him filled with a sense of excitement.
At the same time it was nearly the same fuck he had been
performing for almost forty years. It was exciting, but not so exciting
that he was in danger of ending it too quickly.
He could work on this one. Bebe was about to find out how lucky
she was to be fucking the boss. He was going to impress her.
Bebe was easy to impress. She started writhing and moaning after
only a minute of his cock slithering in and out of her. He figured she
was trying to do her own impressing. He didn't mind that at all.
He let himself nearly fall into the trap of her appreciation
several times before he really thrust at her to finish. It was gratifying
to hear a woman beg him for more. And all the starts and stops made his
orgasm, when it came, particularly violent and welcome.
"That was quite the session," Bebe gasped when he finally fell onto
her and pressed her into the bed under his weight. "I had no idea you
were that virile."
Big James didn't give a fig for her sincerity. It was nice to hear
such praise whether she meant it or not.
"The rider is only as good as his mount," he said in an offhand
compliment, "I was much encouraged by your own skill."
They had managed to fuck a bit longer. Big James could hear shifting
books and chairs sliding across the carpet from the study as he drank his
brandy. Miss Turner was ending the session with Jim Jr.
He waited by the door of the den to 'coincidentally' step into the
hall as Miss Turner passed. He took the opportunity to walk her to the
door. She was rightly suspicious of the coincidence.
"I hope all went well, but not too well," he told the tutor.
"What do you mean?" she asked.
"I want Jimmy to master his math, but I do enjoy you coming to
tutor him," James said. "I wouldn't want you to fix him too quickly."
She smiled. The old goat was coming on to her. It wasn't just a
pass. He meant to start something if she would let him. She began to
think seriously of the advantages.

Chapter 3: Female Trouble

Female trouble was precisely defined the next evening. Big James
was kneeling behind Bebe, about to sink his cock into her from the rear
when he heard the sharp voice pierce the air.
"Hello! Where is everyone?"
Fortunately he froze and his mind was working before he could
react. While it was early for him to turn in, Eva did not spend enough
nights at home to know his habits.
He slipped into pajama bottoms the clothier generously called
'lounging trousers' and pulled a dressing robe over them. He would
distract his wife and Bebe could scurry to the rear stairs and go into
her own room.
"Wait until I take her into a room," he said as he explained the
plan to Miss LeBec.
Eva was staring up at him as he opened the door and sauntered to
the stairs. His cool demeanor hid his second shock. Miss Turner had
come to the door of the study to greet his wife.
The potential situation of his once, future and present lover all
colliding in a screech of discovery made him grin nervously. He was
about to save his happy home.
"Hello dear," he greeted Eva casually. "What brings you home so
"We decided charity begins at home and took the rest of the night
off," she said with a practiced laugh at her own cleverness. "I thought
I would see how junior is getting along in his lessons."
"That will be for Miss Turner to say," he said, "I have been
keeping my distance and letting them go on with it."
He wasn't quite sure what was in the look she gave him. She seemed
satisfied that nothing was going on between him and the tutor, but if
that pleased or disappointed her, he wasn't sure.
"You're welcome to watch us if you like," Miss Turner offered.
"Oh, no, no, I just wanted to see how it's coming," Eva said.
"Perhaps you'd care for a brandy, my dear," he said.
The look she gave him was clearly suspicion. He didn't ask her so
formally to join him in a drink. He was ready for that.
Miss Turner went back to her lessons and Big James closed the
door to the den firmly to give Bebe the sign to move. Eva was studying
his face when he turned to her.
"If you don't want to impose, perhaps you would like to stand by
those doors," he said quietly.
He poured them both a brandy and by the time he handed Eva hers,
she thought she understood his reason for bringing her into the den.
As he had discovered, it was easy to eavesdrop from where she stood.
She listened to the rules of multiplying fractions for a moment and
then came over to sit by James.
"And she's been all business, every night?" she asked.
"Every time I chanced to overhear," he said, "I have not listened
to every minute of every lesson, but she does seem to put in her time."
"How utterly like you to find this way to keep tabs on her," Eva
It was a compliment. She would appreciate his ability to spy with
civility. James wasn't even sure Eva would mind if he was screwing the
tutor. He was equally sure she would object to his affair with the
nanny. One was a casual day worker, but the other was a long-term
temptation that could turn troublesome. He didn't want to test either
premise, however.
"It started with an innocent snifter of brandy," he said.
"Well, as long as it stays innocent..." she said significantly.
He smiled and shrugged off the idea. This was nothing more than
background suspicion- always present. Eva was successfully distracted
from the real danger.
His success tempted him to make it complete. After they had seen Miss Turner to the door, he slipped in behind Eva and kissed her on the
neck. He was planning on getting laid. Eva looked at him questioningly.
"I think I'll go up to my own room now," Eva said.
Now he would put Jim Jr. to bed and then get laid. Bebe would
certainly check to see her charge was in bed and he would follow her back
to her room and continue where they were interrupted. Eva's reaction
sealed that. She would not come out of her room now that he had declared
his amorous intention for fear he would be waiting.
"So she suspects nothing?" Bebe asked when they left Jim Jr.'s
"I'm going to show you how much nothing she suspects right now," he
said, grabbing her by the butt and pushing her toward her room.
"Not in there, it's a mess," she protested.
"Where then?" he asked.
She thought and then a smile came over her face.
"The laundry room," she grinned.
It was almost a separate building, a one-story addition which
housed the household machinery like kitchen and laundry. They could be as
loud as they wanted. No one in the main house would be able to hear.
Big James was ready in an instant. He dropped the robe and the
pajama bottoms and was naked. He watched as Bebe added her clothes to
a pile in the hamper and then turned the hamper over.
"I want you to do me in the dirty laundry," she rasped.
He didn't think for a minute that dirty laundry held any special
appeal for her. Nor did it for him, but he liked the way she was trying
so hard to find something that did appeal to him.
It wasn't that much of a mystery. He liked having his dick in her.
All she had to do was fuck him- or in this case suck his cock.
He stepped over to her and pushed his hips forward in a way that
made it clear. She went down on him. As she sucked, her fingers were busy
in her own crotch. She was going for the hard-on. She sucked him all into
her mouth and pulled him with the bobs of her head.
She was kick-starting a warm engine. It didn't take long for his
cock to pop up, ready. She looked up at him as she made long licks along
the underside of his cock. She looked as cock-hungry as any women he had
ever seen.
"Back in position," he said and she turned and dropped on all
He got down and drew his tongue down into the crack of her ass. She
made a sound like a hiccup as his tongue drew unflinchingly across her
anus. He licked down until he reached her clit and then straightened up.
He found the wet strip with his cock and nudged aside the lips
of her pussy to thrust into her. It was taking up right where they left
off. He pulled her back against him to encourage her to move her ass
while he drove into it.
"You liked that little tongue trip, didn't you," he gloated as
they worked in concert to drive his cock in her cunt.
"Not now, just finish up like we're doing, okay? I have to get up
in the morning," she said.
"Not now what?" he asked.
"You were going to suggest putting it in my ass, weren't you?"
she asked.
He had to admit it was his eventual destination, but, like her,
he had no intention of doing it then. He would want to devote much more
time to screwing her ass. It was nice to discover that she was willing.
"But not now," he said, "I was asking for future reference."
"Okay then," she said and put her head down.
Her rear rose up to meet him. He thrust with renewed energy. The
sounds of flesh slapping on flesh echoed off the hard surfaces in the
laundry. He liked that noise. It reminded him he was fucking the nanny
under his wife's nose.
The louder he was, the more in control he felt. He was fucking the
help under the same roof- almost- as Eva. He wasn't hiding it now. He
was boldly... He was going to cum.
"Go on- go on," Bebe urged as she felt him break his rhythm, "You
finish right up. You go right ahead."
He did just as she suggested. He banged into high gear just as the
spasm hit him. He fucked mindlessly as the cum jetted out of his cock.
This was the real thing, no doubt about it.

Chapter 4: Better by a Fraction

Big James treated himself to a lie-in the next morning, falling
back to sleep to the remembered sight of Bebe walking through the house
naked after leaving her clothes in the laundry.
He was planning a big evening. Eva wouldn't take two nights off in
a row and certainly not when he seemed interested in her. Bebe would
lounge in the tub when he had finished with her. Tonight he was going to
test Miss Turner after Jim Jr.'s lessons were over.
Bebe bombarded Miss Turner with questions about homework for Jimmy
while Big James waited in his room. He figured it was some kind of
ritual where caregivers defined their turf.
He was waiting coyly under the covers when Miss LeBec walked in
and quietly closed the door behind herself. She looked at him and gave
him one of the sweet mothering smiles she used on Jim Jr.
"I see I have another Jimmy to tuck into bed tonight," she said
with a snicker in her tone.
Really, Big James didn't care if this was the way she tucked his
son into bed, but he didn't think it was. Bebe kept smiling at him as
she undid the buttons of her dress one by one.
She took it off and tossed it at the chair and continued her slow
disrobing. She kicked off each shoe, carefully removed her socks one by
one and then was maddeningly deliberate as she unhooked her bra.
He could feel the commotion in his crotch as his dick responded to
her strip tease. He still was not erect when she drew her panties down
and off. Her display was interesting, but he wanted to fuck her, not look
at her.
"I see my big boy needs a little help," Bebe said as she threw
back the covers.
He would have preferred her dropping down beside the bed to suck
his cock. Instead she wrapped her hand around his cock and stroked it.
That was effective. Big James rolled on his back like a puppy having his
belly rubbed and let his hard-on point into the air.
Bebe mounted his thighs with his cock in front of her and used both
hands to lightly play with his erection.
"I think we should teach my big boy what his toy is for," she said
This wasn't anything Big James had planned, but he hadn't really
had a plan. Bebe was making a hand-job feel pretty good. He moaned and
let her carry out her own plan.
"I'm going to show you how to jerk off," she said sexily.
She moved up so his cock rested on her crotch and looked like it
sprouted from her. She pressed his cock into her slit with one hand and
moved up and down against his cock. She seemed to be enjoying more than
he was.
Then she leaned back onto her other hand so her lips opened around
his shaft. His cock projected about three inches above her pussy. She
wrapped her hand around those inches and jacked him off as her hips
moved and bathed the rest of his cock in her juices.
It was quite the new sensation. Big James had never done anything
quite like it before. It wasn't the same as fucking her, but any feeling
of being cheated was washed away in the excitement that she was giving
him with her unorthodox handling.
His passion seemed nothing compared to the good he was doing Bebe.
"Do you want.. do you want.. to be..." she gasped and her hips
She never did complete her sentence. Her control of her hand was
lost with her control of her hips and she was demanding that he shoot
his load. The first warm splatter of cum seemed to wake her from her
With a little cry, Bebe threw herself back and brought her mouth
down on his cock. There were still a few spurts left for her to catch on
her tongue and she sucked him hard to make them last as long as she
could. When the jets stopped, she licked his cock and then sucked it
gently a while longer.
"I was going to put you inside me at the end, but I didn't make it,"
she said sheepishly.
"That's okay, it was interesting," Big James said.
"I could suck your cock some more and we could try again," she suggested.
"I think that would take too much time," he said, "We don't want to
get caught now. Let's save it up for tomorrow and do something outrageous
He wondered how much she knew. It seemed more than coincidental
that she would want to drain him completely on the very night he hoped to
fuck the tutor as well. Did women have some kind of radar for that sort
of thing?
Bebe did seem unnaturally subdued as she dressed. She even refused
the chance to shower with him, saying she would do some work before she
finally showered for bed.
Big James dropped his concern when his hand turned the doorknob.
He was after wilder game tonight. Bebe had fucked him four times, at
least three, according to how he counted the latest encounter. If he
never had her again, he had fucked her those times.
He was unwilling to let her control him. There were other nannies
if it came to that. She would know or not know, care or not care as she
would. Big James was going to try and fuck Miss Turner.
"Hello, Miss Turner, I hope you're not going to hurry off tonight,"
Big James said as the tutor came out of the study.
She was ready for the randy old goat. She had decided even his
good will was enough reason to fuck him.
"Was there some reason I should stay?" she asked.
"Perhaps I could offer you a brandy," he offered.
Caitlan began to doubt he was going to try and seduce her that
night. A drink sounded like conversation leading up to the proposition.
She guessed older men moved more slowly.
Big James poured two brandies and gave her one. He settled into his
chair and indicated the one next to him. Caitlan was more sure that he
intended to ease into the proposition.
She had underestimated Mr. Griffin.
"Excuse me if I stare at your breasts," he said, staring unabashedly
at her chest, "I need to stare if I am to imagine them naked."
"I wouldn't tolerate that from Jim Jr.," she said.
"Nor should you, but unlike my son, I know what to do with two
beauties like the ones that are pushing your blouse so tight," he said.
"Are you trying to seduce me?" she asked.
"You're trying to seduce me- aren't you Mrs. Robinson," he mimicked
in a high, nasal voice.
"Well you are," she was defensive.
"Of course I am," he said. "I was hoping for a reply something like-
don't work so hard to imagine my breasts. I'll show them to you."
"And then what?" she asked.
"And then we fuck like rutting animals all over the furniture," he
"And I'm supposed to give in for such a blunt request?" she asked.
"You're supposed to be wet for me and glad for the opportunity to
take advantage of my bluntness to finally throw yourself at me," he said.
"Would you take off your pants because I asked?" she asked.
"Then let us do it together," Mr. Griffin, said standing and opening
his pants.
She was going to do it. Anything else she said or did would just be
drama. It was clear Mr. Griffin wasn't going to pay attention to her
rules anyway. She waited until Big James had gotten his pants off before
she reached for the buttons of her blouse.
Big James was confident Miss Turner was willing when she accepted
his offer of a drink. He thought he had been complimentary in getting
things into motion. He certainly didn't mind her looking at his dick.
He was hoping she would give it an intimate examination.
He was naked before Caitlan pulled her bra away from the
eye-catching domes on her chest. Big James looked as he sat back down in
his chair.
"I didn't imagine them quite that perfect," he said, "They stay up
better than I thought and they're as full as I could imagine."
"I told you I'm 24," she said, "I haven't had them long enough for
them to droop."
She took off her skirt and underthings as he watched with
appreciation. She was a perfectly formed tiny female. Big James was amused
by petite women. There was something of a fantasy that they would fit in
his pocket, ready for use when the desire took him.
The desire was taking him now. He had not hid his dick from her and
his erection was evident to them both. She could see what she was getting.
"Now we're supposed to screw like animals?" she asked.
"We could have a human cuddle first," he said, holding out his arms
to her.
Having the child/not child on his lap made images streak through
Big James' mind. He could toss her around like a plaything and have her
from every angle. He fastened his mouth to her nipple and let the scenes
cavalcade through his head.
She giggled too much for him to concentrate. His cock had rested
on her hip when she sat but she shifted so it rose up between her thighs.
He had visions of the earlier act with Bebe. He pulled her over so his
cock rode in her slit.
He kissed her, fondled her, but mostly felt the dew gather as she
was aroused by his rubbing prick. He was near to changing the angle to
take her on his lap when his inner voice chastised him. He had wanted a
wild time. He had been inundated with wild images. He had the perfect
subject and he should not settle for dreary sameness.
"Now, like animals," he said and tried to jump up from the chair.
Even at a hundred pounds she was more burden than in his dreams. He
managed to rise, much less smoothly than he imagined, but he knew he would
not be able to hold her up while they fucked. He turned her until she
could support herself with her forearms on the seat of his chair and held
onto her hips.
This was animal enough. Her toes dangled and still lacked six
inches of reaching the floor. He was only holding up 50 or 60 pounds of
her weight, but he had the part he wanted floating and available before
him. He pushed forward into her wetness and it felt like fucking a living
"Shit! That hits the spot!" Caitlan gasped, "Work me around on it.
You have to do it. I can't help."
That was what Big James intended. He lifted her up to pull his cock
back and dropped her down as he fucked up to meet her. His cockhead made
little circles inside her and her cunt made the same circles around his
cock. He was going to take it as long as he could stand and then put her
down to finish off by finding out how deep he could be in her tiny body.
"I like it in my ass, too," Miss Turner said, unprompted, "Butt-
fucking is so intense."
He had to set her down. He was too eager at the unexpected
invitation to have the patience to get his cock into her ass as he held
her up. Three false tries with his cock skittering away from her anus
and he dropped her to guide his cock into the tiny hole with his hand.
"I'll do it," she volunteered, "You lean over my back so you
He did more than reach. She bent her knees to rest against the
front of the chair as she guided him to her asshole.
"Push!" she urged him as she held him in place.
Her asshole felt unwilling but not unaccustomed to opening as he
pushed against her sphincter. The resistance was not forbidding, but
remained constant as his cock slid into its grip. Caitlan grunted and
then started to push back towards him.
Big James had a flash of being consumed that was hard to correlate
with his feeling of conquest. Fortunately, the flash quickly turned into
a grin of content. She wanted to subject herself to his cock so badly
that she was driving it up her own asshole. He helped her.
"I feel that all up and down my spine," she growled as they
conspired to shove his cock to the root in her ass.
He choked back several retorts to that as her hips moved. He
jabbed at her butt instead. He would let his cock do his talking.
His cock evidentially told her what he wanted. As he pushed against
her rear, she began to move up and down, making him fuck her ass. They
fell into a deliberate rhythm of his cock moving in and out of her
Big James quickly learned to love her cooperation in getting his
cock up her ass. They both were cheeky devils, working together to
make him bore out her butt. The novelty of her eagerness even masked
the tightness and heat of her rectum. He was noticing her masochistic
pleasure in impaling herself on his prick more than how good his cock
felt in the tight hole in her butt.
He stopped thrusting and let her push back and take his cock up
her butt on her own. It was so servile to do that to please him. Big
James learned a new way to appreciate fucking ass.
"That's it. Take it!" he ordered her, "Get it way up there-
He had no worry on that score. Caitlan was quite determined as
she threw her hips back to get his cock deeper in her anus. She needed
the ravage. She wanted to feel his cock pump out her bowels. She pushed
back as hard as she could.
Big James could only take that so long. He had to collect on her
obvious lust for his cock. Her ass was pleading as she drove it back to
take his cock. He answered its pleas by driving forward to meet it.
They slapped together hard and loud as she lifted up and he drove
down. Between them they drove his cock into her asshole like a spike
into a railroad tie. He could feel it pin her deep. They both felt like
he was splitting her up to the breastbone as his cock sank to its limit
in her ass.
"Jesus! Don't stop!" Caitlan begged as her hips lost their fervor.
Big James took up the slack for her paralysis of passion. He
fucked hard against her tiny rear as she gulped great gasps of air and
grunted as he speared his cock deep into her. This was the way it was
supposed to go.
His cock felt bigger and her ass felt tighter because her ass
looked so narrow. His cock looked so huge parting those petite cheeks.
It all added to his perception of stuffing her like a sausage with his
cock as he fucked her tiny ass.
They sounded like linemen blocking as Big James pushed up against
her ass and started squirting his cum in her. Caitlan mewled like a
puppy as he bounced against her rear.
Caitlan collapsed to the chair and left his dick hanging like a
slimy worm under him. She turned to look up at him with bright eyes.
"You liked that, didn't you," she said.
It wasn't a real question. He looked like he had enjoyed himself.
He just smiled at her. She smiled back.
"What'll you give me to do it again?" she did ask this time.
"What do you want?" he asked her.
"I need a new car," she said, "Not a big one. Just a new one."
Big James was still smiling. She was well organized. It was a good
deal. He decided to play with her.
"Not every time we fuck," he tried to sound shocked.
"One car for the privilege of jamming me and the nanny every
night," she said.
He hadn't been concerned about keeping that from her, but he was
impressed that she had noticed.
"How do you know?" he asked.
"The night your wife came home," she explained. "You put your suit
back on every other night. You had to hurry into those pajamas."
"Lounging trousers," he corrected her.
She was very reasonable over terms. Now James only had to cope
with two mistresses and hope his health held up.

Chapter 5:A Demanding Profession
It was an illusionary problem. He wasn't going to be that stressed.
"Don't try to lie to me," Bebe scolded, "You were making enough
noise for Jim Jr. to notice."
"I'm not trying to lie. I'm not answering," he said.
Miss LeBec did not like Miss Turner. She particularly didn't like
the tutor poaching on her reserve. Big James saw dark storm clouds on
the horizon.
"You're not finding me in your bed tonight, either," she said at
the end.
It had been a risk he had considered. While he had hoped to keep
her for the long term, her abdication did make his life easier in the
short term. He could probably talk her back into bed when Miss Turner
had faded from view.
He greeted Caitlan cordially after Jim Jr.'s lessons were over.
He offered to show her the house.
"We have the run of the place tonight," he said, "Tell me if any
place arouses your interest."
"You got told off, didn't you?" she asked, eyes sparking.
"I made an easy choice," he said diplomatically.
"So you think the short term gain is worth the long term loss?" she
"You know, I just had this discussion with myself, using those very
words," Big James said. "I made that decision before I approached you.
And yes, I'd rather have you."
"It's the anal thing, isn't it?" Caitlan inquired. "I don't do it
because of that. I do it because I like it, but men do always want to put
it in a girl's back door."
"You're less tiresome," he said. "You understand the way it is and
I like the way you jump right into things."
She smiled at him. It was a predatory smile.
"Well, I can't say I've jumped into bed with you, because we didn't
do it in your bed," she said.
"We can tonight," Big James offered.
"Actually, I think I want to go back in the study," she said. "It
might be interesting to screw you on the table where I sit with your son."
She was a great actress or she did have a great sense of fun. He was
convinced that her excitement at the idea was real and had nothing to do
with him. He knew his chair at the conference table of his corporation
had seemed more special since he laid the CEO's secretary on the table
in front of it.
It was just as nice an idea from his side. father and son would be
learning very different lessons from this tutor on that table. He could
snicker to himself as he thought of Jim Jr. doing fractions right where
his tutor's butt had been while daddy reamed it.
Miss Turner had dressed to undress tonight. Her underwear was
Caribbean sea-blue and set off her blond paleness very well. She wasn't
wearing stockings of any kind. When her dress came off, she was left in
the bra and panty set.
Big James admired her as he took of his own clothes. It was becoming
a tradition for her to unveil her treasures last. James' cock was already
jerking upwards as he watched her take off her things.
"I bet you'd like me to suck it this time," she said. "We can go
right down the line- or around the curve."
Big James didn't have to unravel the image to understand what she
meant. He frankly didn't care. Caitlan was on her knees and he knew where
to put his dick.
He stepped closer and she grabbed his cock. It felt like she had
done that before, more than a few times. Her eyes looked up, round and
childlike, as she sent her tongue in circles around his cock.
He didn't need much urging to snap erect in Miss Turner's face.
Just thinking about her little red lips stretched around his cock was
enough to bring his hard-on into action. Feeling her mouth stretch around
his cock was even better than watching.
She wasn't trying to suck him off. She turned her head from side to
side to work her mouth around on his cock. She took him slowly, deep in
her mouth. She let him feel her mouth in all its skill, but didn't ever
build the intensity. It felt like a sample and a good one at that.
"Now we'll see about you," Big James said.
He lifted her up from her knees and then picked her off her feet to
deposit her on the table. Then he went to his knees and stuck his tongue
in her pussy.
If they had been loud the night before, the house must have rung
with Caitlan's yowls and moans as he licked her to loud orgasms. She
became raucous when he slipped two fingers into her and pumped them as he
licked her clit. She was calling for him in a litany when he relented.
He wrapped his hands around her knees to hold them to his chest and
slid his cock in her. She was so excited her cunt was spongy as he slid
into its juicy confines. She fit his every ridge and valley as he thrust
into her.
"I'm so hot!" she groaned, "I'm going to pop again. Fuck me hard
and then you can fuck my ass!"
Her cunt did feel fluttery as he fucked her. She was still on that
long string of climaxes he had started with his fingers. It took little
more than a minute to satisfy her again. It was a good minute for Big
James and he was ready to switch entrances.
"Let me have me knees back," Caitlan said as he pulled back.
He released her legs and she rolled up and held her knees. That
lifted her butt off the table and brought her asshole in line with his
cock. He grabbed her hips to frame them and pushed his cock at her anus.
Her sphincter was resistant briefly and then struggled to open for
his cock to invade her rectum. This time he felt much more brutal as he
entered. Caitlan didn't seem as efficient opening her ass this time.
She made a noise like a child with a toy truck as he filled her
poop chute with his cock. Something about that sound and the way she
squeezed her eyes shut made Big James feel that she wanted it rough
this time.
It would be good if she did. Rough was the way it was going to be.
He was pressed up against her raised buttocks and he still hadn't felt
her adjust to the intrusion of his cock.
She made no protest beyond a groan as he pulled back and pushed
his cock deep again. She had to be fighting him on purpose. Big James
liked her spirit. He fucked her ass with short, brusque thrusts.
His suppositions were confirmed as his short jabs shook a response
from the ass-skewered tutor.
"Take it!" she urged in a throaty growl, "Open that ass up! Fuck
it! Fuck me like a Mongol!"
Big James wasn't sure what strange fantasy Caitlan was having, but
he was happy to ravage her asshole for her. Her urging freed him of any
concern for her protesting rectum. He jammed harder into the tight grip.
He was working off loads of aggression as he stabbed into her bowels.
Caitlan moaned and groaned happily as his cock rammed deep inside
her. Big James was propelled into a frenzy by the feeling of breaching
her tightly-held ass. He held her hips tight and slammed into her rear.
"Oh yes! cum for me, daddy," Caitlan begged as his belly bounced
against her butt.
"Damn right!" Big James grunted back.
He was in charge of this fuck. He'd fucking fill her up with his
jizm whenever he wanted to. And that time was coming right up.
It was better than fucking Bebe in the laundry room. Caitlan made
him feel like they were animals in the jungle. He felt not only
unrestrained, but also the freedom of jungle remoteness as if they were
the only two that mattered while he pumped his cum into Caitlan's ass.
Caitlan made him feel like a different man when she fucked him.
Big James was confident in his choice to have her, even at the loss of
Bebe. This was better. This was much better.
"You're not a bad fuck," Caitlan said, "I didn't think I'd have
this much fun with you."
"Thank you," Big James said graciously. "I like fucking you, too."
He sensed someone in the shadows as he escorted Caitlan to the
door. It didn't take much imagination to know who it was.

Chapter 6: A Liberal Education

Jimmy started staring at Miss Turner's breasts. That began the
swirl of events.
"I had to speak to Jimmy five or six times," Caitlan said as she
took off her clothes.
Big James smiled. He'd think about Jimmy in due time. Right now he
was enjoying the vision of a big-breasted child becoming naked for him.
"Climb on top," he said, laying back on the bed.
It was the first time for them in a bed. the night before they
had screwed on the huge couch in front of the huge television in the
entertainment room. Tonight James wanted to lay back and have Caitlan
go wild on him.
Caitlan mounted him in a businesslike way. She threw her thigh
over his head and lowered her crotch onto his face.
"Yeah, I like it this way," Caitlan told him.
Reality wasn't bad either. It wasn't that he was hot to lick her
pussy. He was being a good sport about her turning the situation to her
advantage. His cooperation paid off when she moved down to mount his
She was happily inventive as she moved around on his cock. There
were tricks in her hips that took him by surprise.
When she squatted up to move his cock to her asshole, it was like
every other time she had fucked his ass combined. She was the aggressor,
but he still had the feeling of taking her as her ass flattened against
him behind her weight.
She fell back onto her hands and changed the angle. Then it felt
as if her asshole was sucking him off. It was certainly enough to keep
his attention.
He absorbed the information later. It made him think of something
he had read recently. He decided to believe that Jim Jr. was just a
smart boy and had become fascinated with the utter fascination of tits naturally.
It was Miss Turner that forced him past his denial.
"It can't hurt to peek in," she said.
She had developed the ludicrous idea that little Jimmy's new
interest was the result of some inappropriate behavior by a female in
his life. She had no doubt who that was.
Big James accompanied her reluctantly as they crept toward Jim
Jr.s room. At the door they heard Miss LeBec's voice.
"I think we should teach my big boy what his toy is for," she said
There was something familiar about that phrase. James pushed the
door open a crack expecting to see Bebe astride his son. She was
sitting beside little James on the bed. Her arm was moving and Big James
didn't need a diagram to figure what she was doing.
He felt Caitlan's head jerk beside him as she stifled a gasp. He
decided it was best to move away before one of them alerted the pair
inside the room.
"She's molesting him!" Caitlan gasped when they were back in the
"Only by a year or so," Big James defended his nanny.
"What?" Caitlan asked.
"If he was a year older I'd say he was a lucky boy," James said,
"She's rushing a bit, but what does it hurt? I bet Jim Jr. likes it."
"I think he feels confused and guilty," Caitlan said.
Then he would act confused and guilty, not like a sex pistol,
Big James reasoned. At worst it was inappropriate, not crazy. Big James
liked the idea of his son becoming a man before his time.
Caitlan didn't see it as a major stumbling block. She kept her
opinion and fucked him anyway. A philosophical difference didn't seem to
damage her libido.
It was Big James that found his libido increased. He secretly
kept track of Jim Jr. and Bebe's routine. There was no other time with
the opportunity and location. Bebe was seducing his son at the same time
he was fucking Miss Turner.
There was a perfect retaliation in that. She had simply moved to
another man, or boy, when she cut Big James off. His son was sharing
the same kind of bliss at the same time with a different woman.
Big James liked the thought. He liked it so much he got the urge
to watch. Miss Turner presented a challenge. He didn't want to give up
his evening with her and little Jimmy was getting screwed at the same
time. He had to talk her into watching with him- perhaps fucking him as
they watched Bebe and Jim Jr.
Caitlan was liberal enough to grant him the pleasure of that desire. He could never blame her for the consequences. It was an
unforeseen, or at least blithely ignored possibility.
Little Jimmy was in the middle of a game of stink finger when
they peeked in. Miss LeBec was showing him everything. She lay back with
her legs spread as the boy fingered her.
Big Jim rubbed his cock between the cheeks of Caitlan's ass as
his son diddled the nanny. Little Jimmy eased up on his knees and then
quickly turned to climb between Bebe's legs.
The stealth seemed unnecessary. Miss LeBec didn't scold him. She
waited as he found his place and his hips went forward. Big James
maneuvered his own cock into Caitlan to have a father and son fuck.
Somewhere a butt met belly too loudly. Breathing became audible
at a distance. Bebe turned to stare at the crack of the door they
observed through.
"Either open the door all the way or shut the door all the way,"
Miss LeBec called out sternly.
Jim Jr. reacted like a squirrel to her sudden outburst. He jerked
around and then froze in an attitude of flight, awaiting the next
impulse. Bebe ignored him.
"It's a terrible thing to teach your son to peep," she called out.
She was talking to air. Big James and Caitlan had backed carefully
away and then scampered back to the den. Their coitus interruptus had
them giggling as Big James tried to get his dick back inside the tutor.
"Maybe you ought to teach Jim Jr. with your tits out to keep his attention," Big James joked.

Chapter 7: No Kindness from Strangers

Big James had to admire Miss Turner. She was full of great
qualities and had real integrity. Those were great recommendations
for her.
He wanted to fuck her, but admiration was all he had left. Oh, she
told him she would not renege on the deal. He could have her, she would
make her body available for his use.
That took away the charm that made it so good to have his dick in
her. Big James wasn't into fucking corpses.
She told him it was a clear cut case of abuse. She wanted to
report Miss LeBec to the authorities. They agreed to disagree on the
subject, but the argument poisoned her response to Big James during sex.
If he wanted to masturbate unemotionally with a body, he could
trick Eva into bed. He didn't need more of the same from Miss Turner.
The sex had been worth a car. More sex would have been more worth
the car, but he didn't feel he had been cheated. He felt stranded. Once
again something grand had begun and then stopped abruptly just when it
got going. His grand plans had retreated back to boring sameness.
Big James pondered his options over a glass of warm milk in the
kitchens. Bebe's sudden appearance made him uneasy. It was obvious she
was looking for him. For a moment their eyes met in uneasy silence.
"I'll just go away, you don't need to have me arrested," she said
Of all the things he thought she might say, that was not one. The
atmosphere in the kitchen lightened, at least for Big James. He felt the
warm happiness of control fill him,
"I have no idea what you're talking about," he said.
"I know you saw. I heard you talking about it. Don't try and stall
me until the authorities make up their minds," she said.
If ignorance was ignorant bliss, then feigned ignorance was a
blissful tool for Big James. He could use it to make Bebe squirm like a
worm on a hook.
"Are you telling me Miss Turner's wild ideas have a basis in fact?"
he asked, feigning wide-eyed innocence.
He saw the flicker of doubt he hoped for. Bebe was questioning
herself. Her certainty was crippled and her momentum stolen.
"I don't know. What did she tell you?" Bebe began to play.
"You said you heard," he reminded her, "Personally, I thought it
had something to do with competition between you."
"What competition?" Bebe gladly grasped the change of subject.
"I don't understand it, but you've both been jumpy ever since both
of you have been in the same house," he said.
"I don't know what you mean," she said.
Dead end. She couldn't pursue that subject either. Big James let
her explore the trap she had set for herself. After a pause, he turned
her back to the original subject.
"Now what is this nonsense about you leaving?" he asked. "Why would
I summon the authorities?"
He wanted to wring a confession from her. It was fun. He felt a
sexual thrill as he basked in the feeling of being a wolf circling the
helpless nanny.
"I heard her telling you that I'm molesting Jimmy," she dodged the
"And of course you've never touched him," Big James led her.
She was smart enough to smell the trap. Big James could see this
was more than a game for her. She was scared. Few families hired nannies
to sexually educate their children, no matter how much it happened
anyway. It was a question of continued employment as well as jail.
She broke out the best weapon in her arsenal; she broke down in
tears. Sobbing, she trotted over and got on her knees by his chair.
"Please- I was angry at you," she sobbed, "I was going to show you
that I wasn't going to be left unloved. I didn't think about Jimmy. I
didn't think!"
Big James didn't care any more about her absurd retro-history than
he did that she was fucking his son. She had obviously given her revenge
a lot of thought. He passed over that in favor of the opportunity she
was presenting him.
Her pose, her tears, they all were screaming her submission. She
was as good as telling him that she was at his mercy and would accept his
law. He could set a new standard for her- whatever standard amused him.
"Then Miss Turner was right?" he tried to sound shocked.
First he was going to make her confess. He wanted the confession.
It was the first order of business. Then he would exact his retribution.
It pleased him to make her march to his tune.
"I was desperate. I wasn't thinking straight. I saw Jimmy's...
thing and it just happened," she sobbed.
Pining so much for his cock that she grabbed at the first one she
saw. He liked the indictment implied in her reasoning. It was his fault
she had to seek other comfort. He was interested where she would go
from there.
"What just happened?" he pursued.
"I just stared at it," she said, but his level stare made her
continue, "And he noticed, so I had to do something. I tried to pretend
it was a lesson."
"What did you teach him?" he was quick.
The pauses were boring him. He wanted her to pour our her tale of
corruption. He wanted a sexual rush of forbidden information, erotic detail.
"I asked him if he touched it and he denied it, so I showed him
how," she said, blandly.
Peeping with Miss Turner had been more exciting that this. Rather,
peeping with Miss Turner had been exciting and this wasn't. He took her
hand and pulled it to his crotch.
"If you won't tell me, show me," he demanded.
Bebe didn't look like she was being let off the hook. She turned
her face up in a tear-stained look of despair. He met her gaze with his
own icy stare. Her hand moved a little.
"You know what I did. You're trying to torture me," she whined.
Right in one. And she was trying to sin and escape punishment.
Big James was not granting concessions. She was the one fearful enough of
her fate to come begging. She was the one to make concessions.
"I want to know what damage you've done," he maintained. "My poor
son could be scarred for life. I want to know what you did."
Faced with confession or show and tell, Bebe chose confession. She
was in position for it.
"I hardly did anything," she tried to minimize, "I touched it for
him and told him not to be ashamed if he did it, because it was normal."
She paused. Big James narrowed his eyes. She took a breath.
"I only showed him where babies came from," she said, and added
reluctantly, "And I told him how they got in there in the first place."
"I didn't teach him how to fuck me," she said defensively, "He did
all that himself. I guess I didn't try to stop him- but that's all!"
Like Big James gave a rat's ass. He already knew she was a hell of
an actress. He assumed she was deep in the role of the shy supplicant.
He didn't see how she could think he'd buy the innocent act.
"Show me where babies come from," Big James said.
"Not while you're fucking that- that- tart!" Bebe exploded.
"Jail, Miss LeBec, a record for molesting young boys, Miss LeBec,"
he reminded her, "We're not discussing your feminine ego. Remember the
position you're in."
Then he smiled down at her. He'd drive his point home, along with
other parts of his anatomy.
"Speaking of positions, I can think of only one thing the position
you're in is good for," he said, "Take out my cock and suck it."
He was tired of playing games. There were two witnesses. Bebe had
no room for refusal. She scowled that he would be so base and bald-faced
about it.
It was hard to scowl as she opened her mouth to cover his cock
after she had opened his pants. What did she expect? She had been caught.
She could always refuse and face the charges.
Her musing brought her situation into perspective. Whatever it felt
like, she was getting a break. She tried to throw off her stubbornness and
give Big James a good blow job.
Big James felt he lost something when she gave in, but the hummer
was good, yes, real good. Her tongue was treating his cock like its
best pal, or maybe like a cat with its kitten.
Game time was over. He felt his cock swell in her mouth. He just
wanted a plain old blow job now. He'd talk to her about the other rules
when he'd dumped a load of cum in her mouth.
He grabbed Bebe by the hair and she responded by moving up and down
on his cock. She knew what he wanted. He didn't have to guide her by
tugging her hair. She wanted to give him a good blow job. She knew he
held all the cards.
Every spare thought Big James had as her lips slid over his cock
was dedicated to a new arrangement with Miss LeBec. In between the gosh
all great slurping he saw a series of freeze frames of Bebe as his new
sexual prisoner.
He wasn't into ropes or chains. The incarceration he saw was
enforced by an invisible leash that compelled Bebe's cooperation. He
saw her posing naked in slutty poses. He saw much more of her on her
knees with his dick in her mouth. And he saw her holding open her butt
to expedite his way into her asshole.
She was going to do her best to replace Miss Turner. Big James was
not going to come out the loser. It was remarkable the kind of answers
that could be found in a glass of warm milk.

Chapter 8: Who Do We Appreciate?

The little Master was off at school. Bebe was on her knees, licking
Big James' balls. She had been at it a good half hour while he read the
paper. His cock swung hard above her face.
He was about to let her finally take his cock in her mouth. It was
a wonderful test of resolve to make her lick his balls and not let her
suck his cock. Bebe looked as eager to finally end it as he felt.
"Go ahead and suck it," he permitted, "But go slow. Make it nice
and drawn out."
It was one of his favorite requests. Bebe was quite used to it
by now. Compared to the long boring sessions licking his balls, it was
exciting. She got to hone her cocksucking skills with all the practice.
Less frequently, when Big James had business and less time, Bebe
would find herself bent over a convenient table with her skirt up and
her panties around her knees. On those occasions Big James liked to
fuck her with his cock sticking out of his fly, fast, hard and briefly.
Those were the daily amusements. Big James used Bebe when he felt
the urge. In the evening he got serious. It was his time to exact the
pleasures that he claimed as his due.
The first time he had been like the careful lover. They had lain
together in bed as if he was going to roll between her legs in the most
mundane of marital fucks. She knew the truth when he had her kneel on
the edge of the bed.
This time he drew out the moment of truth. He made her wait,
offering herself, as he lovingly oiled her sphincter. He drank in the
picture of her posing with her ass in the air, thighs wide, opening
her ass for him. He let her anticipate his entry for long minutes as
he fantasized how tight she would be.
He rocked his cock against her sphincter only briefly before
sliding it slowly, but steadily into that tight grip. She had been fucked
there before, but it had been a long time. He could feel the give of
experience behind the tightness of unused muscles.
He was going to solve that problem for her. She was going to use
those muscles frequently now. He had decided the first time would set
the precedent. She was his in all manners. She would know what to look
forward to.
He fucked her ass as deliberately as he could. He paused between
thrusts from the tip to the root as long as he could. Sooner than he
liked, the heat and friction of her asshole called him to fuck her ass
He came like a sunburst during a flurry of short jabs into the
deepest parts of her bowels. Her rectum felt like a hot condom hugging
his cock as he filled her guts with his jizm. Her intestines were one
rubber that actually made sensations better.
Tonight she was going to dance for him. He had found that she was
quite talented at it. He wondered how deep he would have to dig to find
a strip club in her past. She had the earthy moves of a club where the
girls stripped down to their tip garter and nothing else.
She got to perform without the tip garter for him. He liked bumps
and grinds and squats and the little dolphin thing where she humped the
floor with her ass held high in the air. She didn't have to dance long
before he wanted a more intimate dance.
"Come up here and dance on my lap," he instructed.
She was well suited to the lap dance. She had already shown him
a talent for jacking him off with her cunt. Only the lap dance made her
arouse him without using her hands.
She could press her breasts on his chest. She slithered the lips of
her cunt over the underside of his cock. She ground down and rubbed his
cock between there bellies. She writhed like a snake, rubbing her flesh
on his.
At last he stopped her. There was a legacy from Caitlan that it
was Bebe's turn to fulfill. He had her set a chair in front of him. Then
he turned her around and backed her to his cock. He aimed high.
"Drive back and push it in," he told her. "It's your job to get
me off."
She was hardly Caitlan-esque, but the difference was all the more
pleasing to Big James. Her resignation rather than Caitlan's hunger fed
his feeling of mastery. He knew she rammed her ass down on his cock only
because she had to. It made her ass feel tighter to James.
And he lasted a long time on the smirk of making her work so hard
to bugger herself.
When he came, he pulled her down onto his lap so her weight would
force his cock as far as it would reach into her ass. She wiggled quite
feverishly on his spurting cock when it stabbed so deep.
He dismissed her and she disappeared into her room. She no longer
put little Jimmy to bed. Other nights he had found her in the house and
had her satisfy him once again. She rarely ventured out any more.
Big James was in the mood for a corpse. He thought he had dismissed
Bebe at the right time. He went looking for Miss Turner. He wanted to
ram his cock into two different assholes tonight. He didn't care if the
second one lay dead still.
Miss Turner was not in the study. The books and lessons had been
put away. He hadn't thought it was that late. He checked the clock and
saw that he was. He resolved to take less time with Bebe then next night.
He would go see to little Jimmy as well. It was possible the
young man night have questions about what had happened with Miss LeBec.
He certainly planned to invite questions without probing for them.
The problem was Jim Jr. was not in his room. He had crawled in,
Big James could see the imprint, but he had crawled out again. Several
ideas crowded into his brain.
He knew the answers would be evident when he found Jim Jr. He
began to search the house.

Chapter 9: Endgame

All the rooms to the front of the house were empty. If his
suspicions were right about Caitlan, he would have expected to find
them someplace she was familiar with. But it didn't prove anything.
A woman as adventurous as Caitlan might think of anything. He had
to find them before he could be sure. It could even be Bebe trying to
get back at him again.
There was no one in the back or in the service rooms. Big James
checked Jim Jr.'s room again to be sure he hadn't missed him. He was
running out of places to look.
His theory underwent a major overhaul when he looked out the front.
Caitlan's car was gone. If she had taken Jim Jr., it was for more than
an hour's dalliance.
Kidnap? Temporary custody? Someone else responsible? Big James''
head was reeling with possibilities. Somehow he had to narrow them down
so he would know what to do. He had to be sure. It would be awkward to
summon the police and find Jim Jr. had permission to camp in the back
He found Bebe in her room- alone. There were no camping plans for
little Jimmy. He was on his way to his room to have one last think when
he heard the voice.
"Jesus, mommy, that's weird!"
It was Jim Jr. His voice was coming from, of all places, his
mother's room. Big James could excuse himself for his concern. Little
Jimmy was seldom given admittance to his mother's room. It qualified
as a strange occurrence.
Not being shooed from his mother's room was nothing like the
strange occurrence Big James saw as he opened the door. He stopped the
door at a crack when he saw what was happening.
What Jim Jr. had found weird was his mother's finger slipping into
his ass. At the moment he seemed to be quite happy with its extra
stimulation as he plowed his young cock into his mother.
The boy had all the energy of youth, but Big James was gratified
to see he wasn't fucking just as fast as he could. He was up tempo, not
frantic. The boy looked like a natural. Big James was proud of him.
As for Eva, that was a bit more confusing. He found it hard to
reconcile Miss Very Proper with the woman urging her own son to fuck
her with her finger in his ass. She had never stuck her finger in his
ass. That was new.
He wasn't jealous. He only wondered where she had picked that up
and what made her adopt it herself. It was very un-Eva-like to be
adventurous, at least with him. He wondered what else he didn't know.
"Oh yes, right there!" Eva interrupted his thoughts with her
outburst. "You're making mommy very happy, Jimmy."
Big James slipped away. He wasn't horrified by his discovery. He
didn't slip off to plot revenge. He didn't even have a plan to use the
discovery to control Eva. He had another idea.
Jim Jr. and Eva were cuddling in post-coital bliss when he
returned. This time he pushed the door wide open and walked it. He
held up his hand to silence Eva.
"Don't bother to blurt out an explanation. I was here before and
watched the whole thing," Big James said. "I just wanted you to thank
the one responsible for little Jimmy's new talent."
He pushed Bebe toward the bed. Even though her nightgown covered
her from throat to toes, she covered herself with her arms as if she was
"Miss LeBec kindly answered all those awkward sex questions for
young James," Big James grinned. "I understand she even allowed a bit
of experimentation."
Eva sucked in her breath.
"I don't think it's appropriate for a woman with a bellyful of her
son's sperm to lecture anyone," Big James warned.
"It's not her fault!" Jimmy braved his castration anxiety to
shout, "I started it and did everything!"
"Junior, you're a man," Big James said gently, "It's never your
fault. The women are always to blame. Remember that."
Eva rolled her eyes at the assertion, but she didn't attack it.
Instead, she turned her inquiry to Bebe.
"How long has she been doing that and how long have you known?"
she asked.
"A matter of days," he said. "I heard a rumor, but of course I
didn't believe it."
"As soon as I verified it, I put a stop to it," he lied.
"That's true," Jim Jr. confirmed, "She stopped letting me- you
know. That's why I was lonely tonight."
Eva felt the spotlight shift onto her. At least that was the way
she reacted.
"I was confused," she alibied, "I felt Jimmy's erection and I
didn't know what to do. Ignoring it might be bad. I wasn't sure what to
say, so I just said: you have an erection."
"I did it," Jimmy tried to help his mother, "I stuck it in her
before she knew what happened. I climbed right up and stuck it in her."
"You can explain all you want and we'll never understand," Big
James stopped the lies, "I didn't come here to accuse anyone. I just wanted to get everything out in the open."
(In front of witnesses), he didn't add. A meaningful look passed
between him and Eva. She understood at once that every possible
heterosexual paring between the people n the room had occurred. She was
the only one anticipating Big James' announcement.
"And since we do it anyway, I thought we should declare it right
out loud," Big James said, "Open season. Any of us can have sex with
any of us. Bebe, you don't have to stay away from Jim Jr., although I
doubt you'll be able to pry him out of his mother's arms."
He hadn't expected any resistance from his son and Bebe couldn't
refuse. Eva was a mild surprise. He supposed she was so grateful to keep
her incestuous liaison that she didn't care about the rest.

Chapter 10: Afterword

"Push it in harder!" Big James encouraged, "She isn't taking it
all yet."
He assumed, correctly, that neither Eva nor Bebe was going to
teach Jim Jr. about anal sex. Bebe was on her hands and knees between
He had introduced Jim Jr. to the mystery of the round shutter by
having him explore it with his finger. He used the lesson to show the
boy how to lube the round muscle and the necessity of stretching it.
Then he told Jimmy to put his cock in Bebe's asshole.
"Don't mind if it fights you," he advised the boy, "That's the
good part. You'll see."
"Come on, push it in there," he urged when Jim Jr. was hesitant to
push hard enough to breach Bebe's sphincter.
Then it went in and Jim Jr. needed no further urging to keep
pushing. His obsidian-hard boy cock yearned for the constriction of an
asshole. It was another great marvel in the list of marvelous things
the last week had brought. And, at the moment, it was the best of them
all because his cock was sliding into the hot, tight grip right then.
He didn't think about Bebe until his smooth boy-belly pushed
against her rear. Then he had a chill. It was like fucking Ilsa, the
She Wolf of the S.S., up the ass.
Not that Miss LeBec had ever been that stern with him, but his
boyish imagination easily elevated minor disappointments into heinous
crimes. She was certainly the symbol of discipline. It made him quiver
to reverse their roles and ram his cock up her ass.
His dad was great guy, number 1, all right. He was right there
with him, shoving his own dick in Miss LeBec's face. They were helping
each other. Dad was showing him some great stuff and he was doing his
part by making sure Miss LeBec did a good job for him.
He bumped her ass harder at his father's urging. He had to push
her all the way down his dad's cock. Watching his father's cock
disappear into Miss LeBec's face right there in front of him was in a
category by itself. He saved that to savor later and concentrated on
the feeling of his cock being skinned by the nanny's asshole.
Predictably, he jerked wildly and shot his load into Bebe's rectum
long before Big James was ready. The older man let Bebe finish him
without his cock in her throat. He knew the marvel she could work when
she had only the head in her mouth and used all her tools to make him
Big James never wanted to know if Jim Jr. tried his new trick on
his mother. Some things should be private.
He was glad enough that his control of Bebe was left undisturbed.
He was not at all offended by Eva's confession that Jim Jr. was the
perfect lover for her. His smaller cock didn't hurt. He was too timid
to push his mother to strange acts. And she felt so maternal when she
had her son's cock in her cunt.
It was heaven that they might all four share a bed upon occasion.
And it was better still that he had his freedom to pursue his constant
domination over the nanny.

The algebra tutor proved to be a bonus. No Miss Turner-esque
objections to a boy, now 16, remaining close to his mother. And a
very broad-minded approach to sharing her women, er, men with another.
But that won't happen for a while yet.


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