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EVEN cum hit throat

Come to me Master (NC)

The evening sun has long since set, I know that he'll be there,
You ask me how I know for sure, I feel it in the air.
It started like it did before, the ringing of the phone,
No voice there he's just checking me, to see if I'm alone.

At first I thought it was a dream, a wild and lurid one,
A taste at first within my mouth, a taste upon my tongue.
It was a taste that I had known, from being with a man,
When he put his thing inside my mouth, because he knows he can.

It was a dark and stormy night, the power had shut down,
It would be out a long, long time, it darkened the whole town.
I lit a lamp and waited long, for the power to return,
I watched the gentle lamplight glow, I watched the oil burn.

A quiet night it was so dark, I felt so all alone.
"I'll go to sleep," I told myself, and then I heard the phone.
"Hello," I said as I picked it up, and waited for a sound,
But there was none, no one was there I put the receiver down.

I quenched the lamp and stumbled, into the night so black,
I was so tired the day was long, 'twas time to hit the sack.
I felt a chill upon my bones as I got dressed for bed
I slid beneath the covers, the pillow 'neath my head.

My thoughts soon turned to slumber, as the thunder did subside,
I dreamed it was it was the springtime, the window open wide.
The cool breeze blew upon my skin, a cold and blustery air,
And then alarm as I realized, someone was standing there!

I tried to move but I could not, something was wrong I feared,
A stranger was beside me, and through his mask he sneered.
"Be not afraid," he said to me, he stood beside my bed,
I felt his rough hand touch me then, he gently stroked my head.

"Do what I say and you'll be fine," I heard his deep voice say,
The fear welled up inside me, and I began to pray.
I prayed to God that he would leave, and not return again,
For him to be forgiven, forgiven of his sin.

Instead the stranger did not stop, his hand upon his front,
"You'll like what I'm about to do, you dirty little cunt!"
The words they burned within my ears, he opened up his fly,
His cock sprang forth it stood out hard, it pointed to the sky!

"Oh no please sir," to him I begged, "Please go and leave me be,"
He laughed so loud it filled the room, "Not til you pleasure me!"
The tears of shame ran down my face, he held onto his prick,
He pushed it down aimed at my mouth, his head it felt so thick.

Then something came upon me, as his cockhead touched my lip,
From knowing that I'd lost control, I've got to get a grip!
I tried to struggle, I tried to flee, I need to get away,
Something inside made me stop, I knew I had to stay!

My eyes now closed as he pushed forth, his manhood cleared my teeth,
Should I bite down or should I scream, I felt his hand beneath!
They roughly took my panties and pulled them from my hips,
I heard them tear as they came free, he spread my pussy lips.

He opened my gentle flower, and pushed his finger in,
I felt his hips thrust forward, his zipper touched my chin.
"You gag you cunt you'll pay the price!" he shook and then he moaned,
His large hot cock it filled my throat, he shook and then he groaned.

As his finger fucked my pussy, his free hand grabbed my hair,
The pain surged through my very soul, the stranger did not care.
He began to push in harder, as he fucked my face so fast,
He was only out for pleasure, he did not try to last.

He groaned so loud one last time and I felt his monster squirt,
I felt the cum it hit my throat, in one hot scalding spurt!
And then again, again, again, his seed he did dispel.
I'd heard that this was terrible, I'd heard that this was hell!

To have a man enter your room and take you by his force,
To have him humiliate you, to hear him talk so coarse,
But it had the opposite effect, as he came deep in me,
I swallowed all his sticky fluid, from a man I could not see.

At last his cock began to wilt, and he pulled it from my face,
He zipped his pants and then he left, was gone without a trace.
His needs now met my finger went, to where his hand had been,
I could still taste his manhood, taste where his dick had been.

I spread my legs oh so wide, began to rub and grind,
Against my hand my cunt was hot, I thought I'd loose my mind!
I rubbed and rubbed until at last, I felt my pussy give,
The sweet release that I had sought, I knew that I would live!

I'd live to server my Master, whom I had never seen,
I'd live to serve my Master, no matter where he'd been.
I hoped someday that he'd return, I know he's waiting there,
To come again into my room and take me by the hair.

To take my face and use it, as only he'd see fit
And press his finger deep inside, and frig my lovely clit.
I'm waiting for my Master, I know he's coming back,
It's getting late maybe tonight, it's time to hit the sack!

I'll wait and wait forever, I am his slave you see,
I am his dirty fucking slut, that's what I'm meant to be.
You ask me how a sweet young girl, gets caught up in these things.
I don't know how I don't know why, I know the joy it brings

It brings me joy to be the one, he wants so very much
It brings me joy to be the one, I know he wants to touch,
Iím waiting for you Master, Iím waiting for you here,
Iím waiting for you Maser, I long to have you near.

I'll wait forever Master, I'll wait until I die,
I am your girl I am your slut, to you I would not lie.
Please come to me I'm waiting here, to please your aching need,
Please come to me I'm waiting, to taste your salty seed.

To sleep I'll go and I will dream, I'll dream of your return,
I'll think about you always, my heart will always burn,
For the love I have inside me, I know it's only right,
I go to sleep and dream of you, and wait for you tonight!

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