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EXCHANGE video screenings the next day


Pleasure Cruise - Exchange

(c) Copyright 2000 by Wiseguy

It seemed like a good idea at the time. My buddy Ted saw a posting on
one of the newsgroups talking about a hypnoerotic cruise: ten days
in the Caribbean on a ship full of people who are into getting hypnotized
and putting out. Annie had been getting on my case lately, saying she
wanted to have a "real vacation" for once, and I've always had a closet yen
for the whole hypnosis/mind control/sex thing; this cruise seemed like the
perfect opportunity to have it both ways.

Ted was up for it, too. I showed him a couple of the hypnofetish videos I bought off the 'net a while back and he was hooked right away (though not
enough to risk getting his own copies - Kendra would shit bricks if she
found even soft porn in their house). So we played down the hypno aspect
and just sold our wives on the idea of going on a cruise. They went for it
right away.

Things got a little dicey when the cruise line sent us a welcome packet
describing the entertainment and amenities on the ship: there was an extra
insert talking about the hypnoerotic theme and listing the names of the
featured acts. Annie just looked bored and said she'd pack a few extra
books, but Kendra wigged out. It turns out she'd had a bad experience in
college that Ted didn't know about: she'd volunteered for a psych project
and turned out to be really easy to put under. One of the grad students
took advantage and made her suck him off on command. It took a while, but
Ted finally convinced her that there wouldn't be an army of perverts on
board with pocket watches trying to get into her pants. It also helped
that we'd already given the travel agent a hefty nonrefundable deposit.

I think both of our wives were relieved when we finally boarded the ship
and everyone else we saw looked just as normal as us. We spent the first
day checking the place out, figuring out where everything was and getting
our sea legs. Our rooms, B35 and B36, were across the hall from each
other. By the time we were headed downstairs for our first dinner, the
girls seemed pretty comfortable.

We had a great dinner: good food, good wine, and good company is a hard
combination to beat. We were still talking about it when the hostess got
up on the stage and introduced the headline performer, Mistress Ursula.

I heard Kendra suck in a nervous breath, but I didn't pay much attention
once I got a look at Mistress Ursula. We didn't have great seats, about
eight rows back on the far right side, but even from there I could tell
this lady was built. She got right down to business, picking a group of
volunteers and settling them into chairs on the stage. She had a great
voice, too - rich and deep and sexy. In just a few minutes of her talking
I could see the guinea pigs' heads drooping down onto their chests.

"Hey, Brian - check this out." I tore my eyes away from the lady
hypnotist long enough to see what Ted was talking about, and I almost
sprayed wine across the table in surprise. Kendra, our nervous Nellie who
was so uptight about hypnotists, was totally out of it. She was slumped
against Ted, mouth wide open and eyes shut.

I looked over at Annie to get her attention and saw her sitting
perfectly still, staring blankly into space. A hundred possible things to
do flew through my head, and wouldn't you know I picked the stupidest one
to actually do: I put my hand in front of her face and waved it up and
down. "Hello, Earth to Annie."

That snapped her out of it, of course. She blinked a few times quickly,
then pushed my hand away. "What are you doing?"

"Waking you up. You were most of the way to La-La Land."

"That's ridiculous," she said, but her cheeks flushed three shades
darker. Then she noticed Kendra, who was so far gone by then that Ted had
to hold her to keep her from falling out of her chair. "Kendra! Wake up!"

"Huh?" Kendra said sleepily. Then, as if someone had shoved a hot poker
up her ass, she jumped up onto her feet. "Holy shit!" She shook her head
furiously. A few people to either side of us gave her some strange looks,
but the rest of the crowd was too interested in Mistress Ursula to pay us
any mind.

"Let's get up and walk around for a minute," Annie suggested. Ted and I
were fine, so she and Kendra went off by themselves in the direction of the
bathrooms. While they were gone, Mistress Ursula found herself a new pair
of volunteers - some guy and his wife, sitting at a table near the front,
had gone under while watching her work on the stage.

"Good thing the girls didn't see that," Ted remarked.

The girls came back a little bit later, just in time to see Ursula bring
forward one of her women volunteers and start talking about vibrators.
Annie tensed up right away (as if she didn't have one herself). Then, as
we all watched, Ursula got the woman's husband up there and they started
running the microphone all over the volunteer's body. After a little bit
the lady got so hot we could tell even from our seats that she was really
into it. I kept sneaking little sideways glances at Annie. She was
sitting on the edge of her seat, with one hand locked in a death grip on
the edge of the table. Finally they touched the woman's ear with the mike
and she had a big O right there on the stage in front of everyone.

I thought it was great; Ted and I applauded with gusto. Annie and
Kendra couldn't handle it, though. They stood up again and Annie gave me
one of those looks. "I've had enough," she said. "Let's go."

"I want to see the rest of the show," I protested. "This is great
stuff." Besides, I had a major chubby at the moment and I knew damn well
she would not appreciate that. "You go if you want."

Kendra gave Ted the same look, but he shook his head. "I'm staying

"Suit yourself."

There was one immediate benefit: with our wives gone, Ted and I could
watch the show without having to worry about who or what we chose to look
at. I familiarized myself with the finer points of Mistress Ursula's
anatomy, as well as the other women on stage. At the same time, I imagined
what it might be like to see Annie on the stage with her, face blank,
opening her blouse the way one lady had just done to let a guy suck on her
tit. I had to shift around more than once to make room for the tusk
growing in my pants. After the show ended it took several minutes of deep,
earnest baseball talk before Ted and I were ready to get up and leave.

We found the girls easily enough; they were out on deck watching the
water. They weren't upset, just a little uptight, so we hit the dessert
bar, spent a pleasant while lingering over coffee, and called it a night.

Upstairs in our room, I lay back on the bed and watched Annie undress,
imagining in my head that she was hypnotized and obeying my command. My
dick got hard again, and since I was wearing nothing but a pair of briefs
Annie noticed it. "That hypnotist got you pretty worked up, didn't she?"

"It's why she gets the big bucks," I replied noncommittally. "But I
came home with you, didn't I?"

"And I suppose you think I ought to reward you for that, don't you?" She
was smiling in that sexy way she has.

"A guy can dream, can't he?"

She came and stood over me, buck naked, and started stroking the bulge
in the front of my briefs. "As long as I'm in the dream, sure."

I reached up, grabbed one of her tits, and started fondling it the way
she likes. "Every night," I promised.

She got me nice and hard, then pulled down my briefs and climbed on top.
She worked the head of my dick against her slit for a few minutes until she
was good and wet, and slid down over me and started to ride. I gave her as
good a ride as I know how, and before long she was whimpering and
shuddering on top of me. I held my load until I was sure she was done,
then thought about the look on her face when she was falling under Ursula's
spell once more and that pulled my trigger. Annie let me finish, then she
climbed off and put on a nightshirt and panties. I pulled my briefs back
on and went to sleep.

They were having video screenings the next day on the promenade. Ted
and I wanted to go, but of course Annie and Kendra had no interest in
watching hypnosis videos. No problem - the girls found themselves a nice
spot by the pool to catch some sun, and we left them to it while we went to
the video screening.

The videos themselves ran the gamut from clinical instruction videos to
hardcore rape fantasies. The ones that grabbed me the hardest were the
ones where a real hypnotist takes a couple of models and actually puts them
under, then has them do tricks to prove that they are really hypnotized.
There's something really hot about watching a woman get hypnotized, even if
she doesn't end up naked.

After an hour or two, we figured it would be diplomatic to go rejoin our
wives. We went back to the pool area and found a couple of guys sitting
where the girls had been. They said they'd been there almost an hour and
hadn't seen anyone else using those lounges. We were about to fan out and
start asking around when Ted spotted them coming over from the front area
of the ship. They had the strangest looks on their faces, kind of mellow
and content, like Annie gets after a good solid round in bed only more so.

"Where've you been?" I asked Annie.

"It was too hot to sit there and bake all afternoon," she said, "so we
went for a walk. We got a little lost, but we saw a lot of the ship."

"What's up front?"

"The first class cabins. It's like a four-star hotel over there - they
have a fancy lobby with a concierge and everything!"

Kendra piped in, too. "And beyond that there's a private tanning deck
and sauna."

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful. Ted and I managed to fall
into a poolside poker game while the girls went wandering over the back
half of the ship. I didn't give them much thought until they came back to
grab us for dinner.

"It's only five o'clock," Ted objected. "What's your hurry?"

Kendra answered, "We want to get there early so we have good seats for
the show."

When I picked my jaw up off the floor, I looked at Annie and she was
nodding her head. "I want front row seats if we can get them."

I was confused to say the least, but I wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Hell, I figured, maybe Mistress Ursula will use them as
volunteers. We cashed out quickly and headed up to our rooms.

The sign in the entrance to the dining hall explained things for me a
little bit. The main attraction that night wasn't Mistress Ursula; it was
a guy calling himself Suzerain. The poster, which showed him levitating a
blank-faced woman, made him look about 7 feet tall and ripped. I figured
the girls must have seen that poster and developed an interest in magic.
No problem for me - magicians almost always have gorgeous assistants
aplenty in skimpy outfits.

We didn't quite make the first row, but we did manage a table just left
of center in the second row. Quite a bit of work had been done on the
stage for this act. The night before it had been simply an empty platform
on one side of the dining hall. Tonight there were high partition walls on
each side and a second layer of raised platform above the regular stage. A
life-sized cutout of Suzerain himself stood at center stage and glared at
us as we ate, his eyes seeming to follow our every move. To me it was more
than a little creepy, but the girls didn't seem to mind so I kept quiet.

The period between dinner and show time dragged. We made small talk and
sipped wine for what seemed like half a year before finally the lights
dimmed. A spotlight beamed down over the cardboard cutout on the stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen," a voice boomed over the PA system. "Prepare to
witness extraordinary feats of magic and mesmerism. You are now in the
presence of ... Suzerain!"

A deafening thunderclap sounded, and what looked like a bolt of
lightning struck the stage where the cardboard figure was. The flash
stunned me for a second, leaving a blue streak across my vision. I
blinked. For a second it looked as though the cardboard cutout was moving;
then I realized it was Suzerain himself on the stage now.

"The guy certainly knows how to make an entrance," Ted remarked.

"Shh!" the girls replied in unison. They were staring up at Suzerain
with great interest on their faces. I could sort of understand why - the
guy made quite an impression. He was probably six feet tall normally, but
standing as he was on that high stage he looked bigger than Darth Vader.
He had olive skin, jet-black hair down to his shoulders, and the biggest,
blackest eyes I've ever seen on a man. He wore shiny black tights, and
medieval-style white shirt with an open collar that showed a highly
developed chest. A black cape, boots and gauntlets completed the outfit.

"Greetings," he began in a clear baritone voice that filled the hall.
"I have several of my favorite illusions prepared for your entertainment
this evening; however, in order to perform them for you I will require some
audience volunteers. I need six young ladies to assist me, please."

A bunch of hands shot up in the air all around us. I looked around with
amusement - what a bunch of sheep, I was thinking - then was stunned to see
that Annie and Kendra were among those jumping out of their seats to get
his attention.

"What are you doing?" I hissed, grabbing Annie by the arm, but she
ignored me.

Suzerain surveyed the crowd dispassionately, like a scientist selecting
lab rats from a cage. He picked Kendra and Annie and four other women from
the front area and led them up onto the stage, where six chairs had been
quietly placed in a row by a stagehand. He took Annie by the hand and led
her to center stage, leaving the others standing in a row slightly behind.

"What is your name, please?" he asked, placing his microphone in front
of my wife's face.

"Annie," she answered.

"Have we ever met before, Annie?"

She shook her head. "No."

"Thank you, please be seated." Annie walked over to the first chair and
sat down. Suzerain repeated the process with each of his volunteers; not
surprisingly, they all denied ever have met the man before. I've seen
magicians do that before and never believed it, but here I knew that at
least in two cases the volunteers were telling the truth. Sure about that?
a little voice in my head asked, but I ignored it.

When all six of his chosen had taken their seats, he turned again to the
audience. "Excuse me please, ladies and gentlemen, while I prepare my
assistants. Do not watch too closely, or you may find yourself falling
into a deep state of hypnosis." As soon as he said the 'h' word I expected
Kendra to bolt, but she just sat there watching him as if he were the most
interesting guy in the world.

Suzerain laid his microphone down on the stage and turned to face the
six seated women. His gloved hand reached high into the air, closed in a
fist, and then reopened with a flourish. From his fingers appeared a
shining, silvery ball on a fine thread or chain. All six women's eyes
locked onto it as soon as it appeared. He began talking to them in a slow,
steady voice. I couldn't make out the words, but the tempo and tone were a
lot like I remembered Mistress Ursula using the night before. While he
spoke, the ball twirled around on its string, sending little dots of
different colored light wandering around over the faces of his volunteers.
In no time at all their faces went blank, their mouths started to open and
their eyes grew distant and sleepy-looking. Another minute or so and their
eyes all closed. Suzerain put away the shiny ball and walked over behind
his row of sleeping beauties. Standing behind Annie, he put his hands on
her shoulders. She melted instantly: her shoulders slumped, her head
dropped straight down, and her body started to pitch forward out of the
chair. The magician caught her and steadied her, speaking softly into her
ear as he eased her into a more or less stable position. I'd never seen
Annie so thoroughly out of it, not even the night she got passed-out drunk
at a fraternity party.

When Suzerain was finished, all six of his volunteers were splayed out
in their chairs, barely holding on to their seats, like a bunch of hand
puppets on a shelf. Some guy in the front row let out a screeching
whistle, but the only one who moved was Suzerain himself. He came to the
lip of the stage and stared down at the fool with menace in his eyes. He
didn't say anything. He didn't have to - the guy suddenly looked like he
was about to wet himself and ran for the exit.

Next the magician picked up his microphone again. "Ladies and
gentlemen, thank you for your patience. As you can see, my assistants are
almost prepared. Only one small item remains."

On cue, a stagehand appeared from the wings pushing a tall, ornate
cabinet about the size of a phone booth. Its sides were decorated in
mystical-looking patterns, while the front held a high-contrast portrait of
Suzerain himself.

"This, ladies and gentlemen, is my portable dressing room." The magician
stepped around the cabinet and revealed that the sides had full-length
double doors, which he pulled open. "As you can see, it is quite empty."
To prove his point, he walked through the cabinet and spun it around,
letting everyone see that there was nothing inside. "We shall change that
momentarily." He positioned the cabinet so that the front faced the
audience, leaving the sides semi-concealed by their own doors. "Annie," he
commanded, "Please come here."

Over on her chair, Annie stirred. Her eyes opened but stared blankly
forward as she rose like a sleepwalker and slowly floated over toward the
cabinet. Suzerain guided her in through the left side doors. He then
closed the doors on both sides and spun the cabinet once.

"Kendra," he called, "please come here." Opening the left side doors, he
conducted Kendra into the cabinet. He then repeated the ritual with the
other four girls, closing the cabinet and spinning it around once after
placing a girl inside. The cabinet looked barely big enough to hold two
women, let alone six, so it was with a growing sense of excitement that we
watched the hypnotized women enter the cabinet. Finally, when all six had
been sent inside, he spun the cabinet once more so that its right side
faced front. Suzerain opened the left (now back) doors, entered the
cabinet himself, and then burst through the front-facing side doors. The
cabinet behind him was empty!

Suzerain paused and bowed, acknowledging the applause from the audience.
Then he turned, closed the cabinet doors, and gave it another spin. He
knocked on the cabinet front once. The doors opened, and out stepped

I was too stunned to applaud at first. When Annie had stepped into the
cabinet, she had been wearing a simple green dress, hose, and black shoes.
She came out wearing almost nothing - just a tiny thong bikini, emerald
green with sequins. There wasn't enough cloth in that suit to make a
baby's bib. I wished I had a camera, because the Annie I know wouldn't be
caught dead in an outfit like that; she's a firm believer in one-piece
suits, and generally looks good in them. Standing up there on stage in
that rig, though, she looked totally comfortable.

While I was gawking at Annie, Suzerain was spinning the cabinet again.
He knocked on the side and Kendra walked out. Her thong suit was a deep,
rich red but no bigger than Annie's. Now I really wished I had a camera -
I'd never seen this much of Kendra's body before, and it suddenly struck me
that it was a damned fine body indeed. Great hips, nice broad shoulders,
perfect teardrop-shaped tits, and an ass to die for. With a figure like
that, I wondered why she didn't flaunt it more. "God damn, Ted," I said
out loud, "Kendra looks fucking amazing!"

"Annie, too," he said, and I saw him staring at my wife's jugs.

In due course four more barely-dressed babes appeared from the cabinet
until the lineup was complete. Each girl wore a different color, but they
all had the same glazed, distant expression on their faces.

With all the girls back in their seats, heads down and still, the
cabinet was wheeled away and a new contraption brought forward: a huge
golden sarcophagus, held upright on a dolly. Its shape was decidedly
female, as was the topless figure painted on the lid. A spotlight settled
on Annie's sleeping form as Suzerain spoke softly into the microphone.
"Annie, come to me."

Annie rose from her seat and drifted over to him, taking his hand as he
guided her next to the sarcophagus. He looked at Annie, and then at the
picture on the sarcophagus, then back and forth again. He snapped his
fingers and a stagehand appeared with an Egyptian headdress, which Suzerain
placed on Annie's head. He then walked around behind her, unhooked the
bikini top and slid it off her. The resemblance between Annie and the
figure on the lid was uncanny.

Satisfied at last, Suzerain opened the lid and pounded on the sides and
back to show that it was solid. Taking her hand, he helped Annie step up
into the casket. He had her cross her arms in the classic position, closed
her eyes, and then swung the lid shut with an ominous bang.

The stagehand appeared again, this time carrying a wooden rack loaded
with long, gleaming swords. The audience murmured in anticipation as
Suzerain selected a sword from the rack. He waved it in the air, banged it
against the sides of the casket, and jammed it into the stage floor to
prove it was firm and sharp. Then he took the sword and placed the tip
against the side of the casket. Slowly, with even pressure, he pushed the
sword into the cabinet. A muffled moan came from inside the sarcophagus,
which brought a sharp intake of breath from most of the crowd. There was
something not quite right about the sound, but I couldn't immediately place

Suzerain plunged another sword through the cabinet, and this time the
moan was louder and longer. The audience went silent. Another sword
penetrated, with another louder moan, and I was stunned to recognize the
moan - Annie makes that exact sound, or a quieter version of it, when I put
my cock inside her.

Three more swords poked through the casket, each one bringing a longer,
louder moan, and even the audience understood that Annie was crying out not
in pain, but in pleasure. Suzerain spun the sarcophagus around to show
everyone that the swords were indeed thrust through the casket, and as he
did so Annie continued to grunt out in pleasure.

When Suzerain pulled out the swords, Annie reacted to each movement with
an impassioned wail, as if the swords were somehow tickling her clit as
they came out. He pulled out the last one very slowly and deliberately,
and as he did Annie let out a delighted squeal that told me she was getting

He waited a few moments for the sounds to fade, then slowly opened the
sarcophagus. There was my Annie, all in one piece and back in her green
dress! Suzerain snapped his fingers and Annie's eyes popped open. The
audience applauded loudly as Annie tried to figure out what was going on.
She looked over and saw the five spellbound women sitting there, and her
mouth dropped open in amazement. Suzerain took her by the hand and guided
her to the steps as the audience clapped and cheered.

Annie still seemed pretty dopey when she got back to our table, so I got
up and helped her sit down.

"You were awesome," Ted said enthusiastically.

Annie pointed at the row of volunteers. "Was I ... like that?"

"You looked great," I said diplomatically. "Green is definitely your

Beet red was her color then, at least from the neck up. "I need a
drink!" I handed her a full glass of wine and she downed it in one long

By then the applause had died down, and Suzerain was ready for his next
trick. He called Kendra, who slowly rose from her chair and sleepwalked to
him just as Annie had. "Have you ever thought about being a model,
Kendra?" he asked.

"Yes, Master." Master?

"Tonight you shall be one. In fact, you shall be a mannequin. Even now
you feel your joints growing stiff, as if your body was a large plastic
doll. Your joints all move, but only if someone else moves them; you are
powerless to move on your own." To illustrate his point, he then took
Kendra's arms and stretched them out in front of her. "See? They move at
my touch, but remain locked in whatever position I set. And now, I need a
volunteer from the audience to pose my new doll."

Ted and I both put up our hands - Annie's eyes were locked on Kendra and
she didn't seem to notice - but Suzerain picked a guy from the front row
who gave his name as Jack.

"Jack," he explained, "I want you to position Kendra in any way you
please, as long as she remains standing. Move her arms, move her legs,
move her head - anything you like."

Jack's eyes wandered freely over Kendra's unmoving body for a moment,
then he started to work. He took one arm, bent it, and put the hand behind
her head with the elbow sticking out. He arched her back, which put a nice
extra lift under those exquisite tits. He put her other hand on her hip,
and spread her legs open a little. Suzerain seemed satisfied and dismissed
Jack back to his seat.

The stagehand reappeared long enough to hand the magician what looked
like a big hoop wrapped in shimmering cloth. He called to two of his
sleeping assistants, who came forward and took the hoop in their hands. He
spoke instructions to them quietly, the microphone tucked under his arm,
and the girls responded by placing the hoop over Kendra's head and slowly
lowering it to the floor. Their fingers worked at something, then they
lifted the hoop again. As they lifted the cloth unfolded from below,
forming a sparkling curtain of red and silver stripes that completely hid
Kendra from view. With the hoop held as high as they could reach, the
girls began to pace in a circle around the hidden figure of Kendra, showing
off their best physical attributes thanks to the narrow straps of the
thongs. After two full revolutions, they stopped circling and lowered the
hoop again.

At first I thought nothing had happened, but then I realized Kendra was
gone! In her place was a genuine department store mannequin. It had
shoulder-length red hair just like Kendra's, was dressed in an identical
thong suit, and was holding the exact pose that Kendra had been in. As the
audience applauded, Suzerain stepped between the girls and just behind the
inert figure. He yanked back hard from the dummy's back and the bikini top
snapped off. He tossed it into the wings, then with a similar gesture
ripped off the lower piece. Now we could clearly see this was a dummy,
with all the right curves but none of the detail of an actual woman.
Suzerain gestured to his assistants and they lifted the hoop again,
circling the figure twice more while we watched. They lowered the curtain
and Kendra was back, still in her original pose, completely naked.

My eyes almost popped out of my head as I looked at my best friend's
wife standing there in the nude. Her nipples were fully erect, standing
proud and begging to be sucked and frigged. Her neatly trimmed auburn bush
formed a nice little arrowhead pointing to the pleasure zone below. My
dick got so hard in that moment I thought I would cream in my pants. While
I was still staring the curtain came up again, and my view was blocked by
the entranced assistants once again circling the space where Kendra was.
They took two revolutions, and when they lowered the curtain for the final
time Kendra was still there in her pose, but dressed in her original
clothes again. The crowd applauded. Suzerain woke Kendra up just as he
had Annie and guided her to the end of the stage.

Kendra walked unsteadily back to our table looking bewildered even after
Ted took a hand to guide her to a seat. Only then did she look back at the
stage. "Oh, my god!" she gasped, pointing at the remaining volunteers.
"Did I ... was I ... ?"

"And then some," Annie answered. "Me, too. Maybe it's a good thing I
don't remember any of it."

Kendra was hyperventilating; Ted handed her a big glass of wine and,
like Annie, she chugged it down in one long gulp.

Meanwhile, Suzerain moved on to his next trick. The volunteer was a
slender black lady, medium-skinned. Her thong was sparkling white. He
closed her eyes and told her she was becoming stiff and rigid, like a solid
board was running all the way down her back. Then he had two more of his
lovelies bring chairs over and suspended the girl between the chairs. I
wasn't overly impressed - after all, that's an old standby for hypnotists -
even when he stood on the girl's stomach to prove his point. I should have
known there would be more to it.

A stagehand brought him a shimmering silver cloth, which he draped over
the girl's rigid body. Standing over her in the classic magician's pose,
he held his hands out over her body and raised them up. As he did, the
girl's body floated up off the chairs. The audience began to applaud, but
he wasn't through yet - he waved his hands more, and the girl continued to
float higher. As she did, we saw signs of her body beginning to move under
the concealing cloth. The higher she rose, the more movement we saw. When
she reached Suzerain's shoulder level, he held the microphone near her face
and we could plainly hear her moaning in pleasure. He stepped back and
mimed a pushing movement, and the girl rose even higher. Her moans became
louder and her head began to rock back and forth. She continued to rise,
and to moan and squeal, until she was too high up to see clearly - only the
reflecting light off the cloth, and the loud shrieks of passion, told us
she was still up there. Finally after untold minutes she climaxed, howling
loudly and thrashing about above us. As her bellowing faded, her body
began to slowly sink back down to stage level. When she came to rest on
the two chairs, she seemed to be asleep again. Suzerain had two assistants
lift her up, still wrapped in the cloth, and stand her upright. Then, with
a grand flourish, he whipped off the cover to reveal that the girl was
dressed again in her original clothes. While the audience celebrated with
loud applause, he woke her up with a snap of the fingers and sent her back
to her seat.

Next was an asian girl. He placed her in a tall cabinet that looked as
if it was made from three stacked boxes in a frame. The front of the
cabinet had a cartoon painting of a woman in a purple thong bikini exactly
like the one the lady was wearing. Suzerain reached to a stagehand and
took a large, flat steel plate. He showed it to the audience, letting the
gleam of the spotlights reflect off it and flexing the metal to prove it
was solid. Once he was satisfied we had all seen it, he guided the blade
into a slot in the side of the stack at the neck level and pushed it
through. He did the same at the second joint, just above the hips. Once
both blades had been inserted, he pulled the middle section out to the side
like an oversized drawer, leaving a big space where the girl's middle
should be. Peekaboo doors on each section of the box were opened to show
that not only were her parts still there, but they moved and reacted to his
touch. He pulled off the bikini top from the middle section and played
with her breasts; as he squeezed a nipple, the girl's face reacted with a
look of ecstasy. When he pushed the cabinet back together and opened it,
she was of course back together and dressed in her original clothes.

With his next assistant, he did a variation on the classic
'Metamorphosis' trick. His remaining two girls handcuffed him, tied him
into a big sack, and locked him inside a large, ornate trunk. One of the
girls - a cute blonde, although there were signs near the edges of her pink
thong to indicate she wasn't a natural blonde - got up on the trunk with a
curtain and raised it up over her head. Seconds later it fell to reveal
Suzerain standing on top of the trunk. He opened the trunk, untied the top
of the bag and pulled it down to reveal his blonde assistant, handcuffed,
but wearing her own clothes.

His finale resembled something from the movie, "The Fly". Stagehands
wheeled out two cylindrical chambers, each just large enough for an adult
to get into. Into the left one he conducted his last remaining subject,
closing the door and spinning a large wheel to seal the door (it looked
like the closing mechanism from a submarine door). He stepped over to a
large control panel in the center, punched a few keys, and pressed a large
green button. The number 30 appeared in a huge LED display on the panel
and then started counting down. As the numbers descended, Suzerain placed
himself in the right side chamber. We saw the wheel spin clockwise as he
secured the door.

When the clock reached zero, a blinding bolt of lightning shot between
antennae on the roofs of the chambers and a huge boom was heard throughout
the hall. Wisps of smoke appeared from underneath each chamber. The crowd
fell silent enough that we could hear a faint metallic creak as the wheel
on the left side chamber turned counterclockwise. The door eased open and
a cloud of fog poured out, followed by Suzerain himself.

He paused a moment to acknowledge the audience's applause, then opened
the right side chamber. Out came the same cloud of fog, and with it a
fully dressed volunteer. Suzerain bowed, accepting the audience's
adulation, and then dismissed his final subject. He acknowledged the
audience again with a wave of his hand, and then the stage went black.

We stayed at our table for a while after the show, talking about it. I
don't remember much of the conversation, because most of the time I was
only half paying attention. The other half was fixated on how hot Kendra
had looked, first in her thong and then in the altogether. I kept seeing
the dazed look on her face, her body frozen in that pose, her nipples
poking out for all to see ... don't get me wrong, Annie's no slouch in the
looks department and I'm not often left wanting in bed. But something
about Kendra really got me hot that night. From the way Ted kept sneaking
sideways looks at Annie, I had a feeling I wasn't the only guy at our table
coveting his neighbor's wife. I saw Suzerain across the room, working the
crowd, and wondered if he might be interested in a private performance.

As luck would have it, the girls got up then to go to the bathroom,
leaving me alone with Ted. I got to the point right away.

"You know, Ted, I've been thinking," I said.


"We've been friends a long time. We've shared almost everything."

"Almost," he agreed, starting to look at me suspiciously. I think he
saw where I was going.

"Kendra looked incredibly hot up there, buddy. I gotta confess, I got
serious wood looking at her."

A lecherous grin stole over Ted's face. "Same here, looking at Annie.
She's got a great bod."

Here goes nothing, I thought. "Suppose we could swap for one night," I
proposed. "Would you be up for it?"

"Swap? You mean, you sleep with Kendra?"

"And you sleep with Annie. One night only, no questions, no tales."

"The girls would never go for that, Brian. No way in hell."

"One way, maybe," I said, and pointed at Suzerain. Ted followed my
finger, saw the magician there, and his eyes got real wide.

"Jesus H. Christ," he said. "Do you think he'd do it?"

"Only one way to find out. If he says yes, are you up for it?"

Ted looked straight back at me. "Hell, yes!"

Figuring there's no time like the present, I got up and buttonholed
Suzerain between tables. We exchanged a few quick pleasantries and then I
got to the point.

"My wife, and my friend's wife, were part of your show tonight. We were
wondering if you do any private sessions."

His eyebrows rose. "You mean, therapy?"

"Not really. More in the line of fantasy fulfillment. Something my
buddy and I would like to try, but it would take someone with your
abilities to make it happen."

"I understand," he said, nodding sagely. "Something your wives might
not necessarily agree to without ... persuasion."

"Exactly," I agreed. "We'd make it worth your while, of course."

"Of course." Something about his voice as he said that gave me a mild
case of the willies. I looked up into his deep, almost black eyes but
found no clue to his meaning. "Why don't you bring your wives to visit me
this evening in my stateroom? Room 11, in an hour perhaps?"

"Room 11, one hour. We'll be there."

Getting the girls to come with us turned out to be easier than I
expected. We just told them we'd been invited to meet Suzerain later and
they were on board, no questions asked. I wasn't entirely sure I liked the
way Annie's eyes lit up at the mention of the guy's name, but considering
what we planned to do I couldn't very well complain.

Exactly an hour later I knocked on the door to room 11, which was in the
first class section of the ship. The door opened, but instead of the
magician we were greeted by a naked woman. I started to stammer out some
kind of apology, but she smiled at me and opened the door wider. "Please
come in," she said as if there were nothing out of the ordinary going on at

I took a look around. Ted was studying the girl unashamedly; Annie and
Kendra were smiling and waiting for me to lead the way inside. They, too,
seemed completely unperturbed by the situation and that was weird. But
hey, I thought to myself, when in Rome...

The room reminded me of a small apartment. Inside the door was a
sitting area with a sofa, a couple of chairs, and a desk. The space turned
off to the right into what I presumed would be the bedroom. Suzerain
himself came into view from that area, his hands toying with his shirt buttons. Another young woman, a medium-skinned black girl with long hair
who was also naked, followed him.

"Good evening," he said in a casual voice. "I assume you remember
Cherle and Trini." I was about to confess that I didn't when it hit me -
these were two of the other volunteers from the show. Cherle was the woman
he had levitated. Trini had been divided into thirds and reassembled. And
now, I observed wryly, he's made their inhibitions disappear.

"Yes, of course," I said to cover my bewilderment. "Nice to see you
both again." That's me, the brilliant conversationalist.

The magician offered us a seat, which we took, and a drink, which we
declined. I took a chair, leaving the sofa for Ted and the girls.
Suzerain dismissed his companions with a wave of his hand and they padded
off to the other room.

Suzerain extended his hand to my wife. "Annie, isn't it?"

"That's right," she replied, then nodded toward me. "This is my ..."
She never finished the sentence - Suzerain kissed the back of her hand, and
at that moment her eyes closed and her body collapsed into the couch.
Kendra's face took on a startled look as she stared at Annie. She turned
her attention to the magician just in time to see him raise her own hand to
his lips. She gasped and started to pull away, but the second his lips
touched her she passed out.

I was impressed and aroused. Somewhere in the back of my mind I
wondered if Cherle and Trini had innocently given him their hands as well.
I noticed he was talking to them, telling them to just relax and drift and
ignore anything they might hear until he touched them on the knee. Then he
turned to me.

"As you can see, they are well under," he said. "You can speak freely,
they will remember nothing you say. What is it that you want them to do?"

Haltingly at first, I explained what Ted and I had talked about after
the show. He didn't seem at all surprised by the request.

"So you would each like to spend one night making love to your friend's
wife?" he restated.

"That's it," Ted agreed.

"And you feel certain they would not agree to this on their own?"

"Pretty certain. Kendra is very square normally; I'm surprised she
didn't wig out when that naked girl answered the door."

"Yes, I remember she was quite reluctant at first," the magician said.
"Have you thought about what happens in the morning?"

"I have," I answered. "I think the best thing would be if they remember
nothing about it, just that they went to bed and slept all night. Can you
do that?"

"Possibly," he replied, "but I cannot guarantee success. It is very
difficult to completely erase memory, especially of something as
emotionally linked as what you have in mind. There's also the question of
the physical evidence that would still be present, and the fact that
neither of them would be normally inclined to sleep with the other one's
husband. Your wives are very good subjects, but even for them that amount
of deception is unlikely to succeed long-term."

He had a point there. "Are you saying it can't be done?"

"Not at all. I am merely saying that attempting to cover all memory of
the event is unlikely to succeed."

"Do you have a better idea? I get the feeling you've done this sort of
thing before."

Suzerain flashed a sly grin at me. "Once or twice," he allowed. "I do
have a good idea how to achieve what you want. When you leave here
tonight, Kendra here will go with you, thinking that you are Ted. She will
be feeling very amorous and will do anything you ask of her in bed. Annie
will feel the same way, thinking that Ted is you. When they wake up in the
morning, they will remember all of the details of the night's activities,
but Kendra will believe she was with Ted and Annie will believe she was
with you. Does that sound acceptable?"

We thought about it for a minute, then Ted spoke up. "Won't they freak
out when they wake up in bed with the wrong guy?"

"Certainly, if you allow that to happen," the magician answered. "To
avoid that problem, keep things as close to normal for the women as you
can. When you take Annie to bed, use her and Brian's room. Brian, take
Kendra to her and Ted's room. When you have had your fill, tell your women
to go to sleep. I will arrange it so that they will not wake up until at
least seven o'clock no matter what they my hear. While they sleep, you two
can switch beds and in the morning everything will seem normal."

He certainly had all the bases covered. Ted and I both nodded.

"Very well. Watch closely, gentlemen." Suzerain pulled his chair up
closer to the two women and touched each one on the knee. He told them
they were getting more and more relaxed, yielding completely to his will,
going deeper and deeper, that kind of thing. It was boring and I lost
track of it after a while, but eventually he moved into the territory we
had discussed. He told Annie that when she woke, she would think and act
as though Ted was actually me. Everything I said and did would seem
perfectly normal to her, and she would feel a strong urge to go back to our
cabin and make love in every way I ask. He told Kendra the same thing
about me. He went over in great detail how they would find great sexual
pleasure in fulfilling every request. He added that when we told them to
sleep they would sleep uninterrupted until 7:00am, ignoring any sound or
movement in the room. He seemed to have every detail covered.

Finally, he turned to me. "Is there anything else you wish to discuss
before I wake them?"

"We should probably talk about your fee," I suggested. "We never really
set a price for this."

Suzerain waved me off. "We can cover that tomorrow," he said casually.
"It will not be more than you can afford, I assure you."

I shrugged. "Okay."

The magician brought the girls up slowly, counting them up from ten,
reminding them to follow all of their instructions. At ten their eyes
flickered open. A warm, relaxed glow radiated from their faces. Kendra
blinked a couple of times and then gave me a look so full of lust that I
started getting hard right there. She put her arms out and stretched,
slowly and sensuously, arching her back to better display the curves of her
tits, and said, "It's been lovely visiting, Mr. Suzerain, but I think I'm
ready to call it a night. Honey?"

A lump rose in my throat - this was actually going to work!
"Absolutely," I agreed.

Suzerain had an amused smile on his face. "Of course," he said
smoothly, "I mustn't keep you. Do have a pleasant evening."

"We will," Annie said, pressing her body up against Ted. "Right, dear?"
Ted just nodded wordlessly, as if he didn't trust himself to speak.

Kendra clung to me like ivy as we made our way back to the public area
of the ship. When we reached the main deck, it was nearly deserted. So
was the deck outside the main dining hall. I checked my watch and
surprised to see that it was after 1:00 in the morning - how long had we
been with Suzerain?? It was hard to think with Kendra's body pressing
against mine like that.

I made one minor mistake when we got to our rooms - out of habit, I
pulled out my key and started toward my door on the left.

"Oh no you don't," Kendra objected, pulling me back toward her. "It's
bedtime for us." She choked off any further discussion by putting a lip
lock on me. Damn, she could kiss! I responded instinctively by running my
hands down her sides and around to her butt, getting a nice handful of each
cheek. "That's more like it," she said approvingly, and produced her own
room key.

I took a guilty look back at Ted, but he was in no position to notice
what I'd been doing with his wife - Annie had him backed up against the
door and was rubbing his cock through his pants while she dug in her purse
for her room key. Before I could react to that sight Kendra had an arm
around my neck and was yanking me inside.

"Alone at last," she sighed seductively, pressing her body against me in
every way possible. "Where shall we begin?"

"Hold on," I said, pushing her off me. I knew I was only going to get
one shot at this; I wanted to savor it. I took a seat on the edge of the
bed, took a deep breath, and decided how to start. "I want you to strip
for me," I said. "Do it nice and slow and sexy."

Kendra's face lit up. She took a couple of slow, easy strides forward
to give herself room, then began to sway slowly and sensuously. Her hands
ran themselves all over her body, feeling herself up through the smooth
knit of her gray slip dress. She turned around and wiggled her ass at me
while she slowly eased the zipper down in the back. She peeled the dress
off gradually, one shoulder at a time, making constant eye contact as she
turned this way and that, finally letting it fall to the floor and kicking
it aside. Under the dress she was wearing a lacey black bra and fluted
black bikini briefs. The contrast of the black lace against her white skin
was delicious.

She teased me well, turning around again to let me watch her unhook the
bra, but leaving it hanging for several minutes while she posed for me.
When she finally slipped it off she continued to hold it against her
breasts for a bit longer, then covered up with her hands some before
finally giving me a good view of those delightful titties. Kendra switched
into a lap dance, putting those perfect tits right up in my face then
turning around and pressing her ass against me, giving me a good view of
the panties and most of what lay underneath. I'd already seen it all on
stage, but up close was still better - especially when she bent over and
pulled down the panties, pressing her butt right up into my crotch as she
did. I was so hard and ready I could have yanked my cock out and taken her
right there. "How am I doing?" she asked teasingly, squeezing her butt
cheeks around the lump in my pants.

"About 9.9," I replied, relishing the view.

"Then I guess I'll have to try harder." In a flash she turned around,
dropped to her knees, and started working at the closure on my pants. I
let myself fall back onto the bed and lifted my ass a little as she slid my
pants and underwear off, then let her suck me.

Kendra gave great head. She started out kissing my shaft, working her
way up and down, then used her tongue to wet the whole thing before
slipping it into her mouth. She took my full length into her, right to the
base, with no sign of anything but pure enjoyment. I felt her sucking hard, then felt an almost agonizing thrill as she found my balls and
started fingering them too. Dimly, it occurred to me that I hadn't brought
any condoms with me (since Annie is on Depo-Provera, we don't need any); I
wondered if Kendra was on the pill or anything. Letting her suck me off
would be an honorable way to avoid problems later. But I wasn't ready to
end it that soon - I wanted to get my hands on Kendra's body and do some
exploring of my own. I waited until I was almost ready to burst, then told
Kendra to stop.

Grabbing her under the arms, I pulled her up onto the bed next to me and
rolled her onto her back. I wanted to taste those tits. The nipples were
already stiff and swollen, and she had that faint pink glow that some women
get when they're aroused. I wasted no time getting the nearest nipple into
my mouth. As soon as I did, Kendra moaned loudly and threw her head back.
I grabbed the other tit with my hand and started kneading it, rolling the
nipple between my fingers as I sucked on the other. Kendra went nuts,
panting and moaning and writhing under me. I worked harder, and after a
few minutes I felt Kendra tense and release - she was getting off, and I
hadn't even touched her between the legs yet.

I listened closely to her grunts, and when she seemed to be almost
through I reached quickly into her slit and hooked a finger up inside her.
I found her clit easily and put gentle pressure on it from above and from
inside, massaging her mound in a circular motion. It worked - Kendra
almost jumped off the bed as her body reacted by throwing her into another
orgasm. This one lasted long than the first, partly because I kept rubbing
in and around her slit while she convulsed under me. Listening to her get
off was pushing me closer and closer to the edge too, so when she made a
move to roll over on top of me I didn't resist her.

Kendra rose up and straddled me like a wrestler pinning an opponent, a
look of pure animal hunger on her face. She grabbed my throbbing cock and
jammed herself down onto it, squeezing tight. I pushed up to meet her and
we established a rhythm of in and out. Her tits bounced in front of me,
just out of reach. As the tempo picked up, she slowly bent over and lined
us up for even deeper penetration. I could feel our pubic bones settling
together. A few more strokes did it for me; everything else faded out for
a few seconds as my cock jerked and fired, filling Kendra with my seed.
She felt me coming inside her and pushed feverishly against my cock,
bringing herself to another climax that continued well after my cock had
gone still.

Even after that, she still had some energy left. She settled herself
down on top of me, kissing my chest and stroking my body with her hands,
purring like a well-fed cat all the while. I found myself stroking her
back and fondling her hair as we basked in the glow of post-coital bliss.
After a while I heard a quiet knock on the door. I rolled us over again,
leaving Kendra on her back, and said, "Go to sleep now, Kendra."

She sighed happily and closed her eyes. I tiptoed over to the door and
looked through the peephole: Ted was there, looking left and right down the
hall. "Just a second," I said, and quickly pulled on my pants.

"How was it?" he asked as I gathered up the rest of my clothes.

"Fantastic," I said truthfully. "She's a real tigress. You're a lucky
bastard, Ted."

"You too," he replied. "Annie is unreal."

When I crept back to my own bed Annie was lying on her side, still naked
and blissfully asleep. I crawled in next to her, kissed her gently on the
cheek, and went to sleep.

Everything went exactly according to plan in the morning. Annie woke up
in a glorious mood, looking and acting extremely well laid. Kendra had the
same satisfied look when we met her and Ted for breakfast. They both made
oblique remarks about how well they had slept, and what a great night it
had been. Ted and I were on top of the world.

It was late in the afternoon before we saw Suzerain again. The four of
us were sitting by the pool, sunning and reading cheap novels, when the
magician walked up to us. His companion this time was a brunette, tall and
busty, in a black neoprene swimsuit. She looked vaguely familiar, but I
couldn't quite place her. I knew she hadn't been on stage the night

"Good afternoon," Suzerain said in his smooth, pleasant voice. "I trust
you had an enjoyable night?"

The girls flushed and giggled. Ted and I just grinned as Suzerain took
the girls' hands and kissed them. They fell asleep instantly at the touch
of his lips, just as they had the night before. "Time to pay the piper,
eh?" I said.

Suzerain seemed amused. "As you say," he replied. "But I am remiss.
Please allow me to introduce Darlene, my assistant."

Darlene reached out and shook my hand. Immediately I felt my body go
limp, as if someone had just flipped a switch and turned off the juice. I
tried to shout to Ted, to warn him, but nothing came out. I saw Darlene
take his hand too, and let it drop loosely. My eyes were incredibly heavy;
I fought to keep them open, but failed.

"Actually, we met last night," I heard a woman's voice say, "but I doubt
you remember. No matter. Your subconscious remembers and obeys. And
tonight, my playthings, while your wives are servicing my teacher, you will
obey me..."

-wg 3/19/00


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