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EXHIB spurt after spurt white hot


Note to the Reader: Like most of my stories, this is sexually explicit
material and you shouldn't read it if you are under the age of 18 or are
offended by such things. Please send me some feedback after reading this,
my email address is at the end of the story.

An Exhibition

by David L

My girlfriend and I are more than a little nervous, but very excited.
Though we know and trust the people we'll be with, still the thought of
doing what we're likely to be doing soon, in front of other people, keeps me
tingling and a little hard. I know her pussy itches with anticipation, but
still, there are shivers down her spine.

As agreed, we arrive fully dressed in the firelit room, which is very
romantic, warm and comfortable. Our audience is there: two other couples,
and our mistress for the night. We've agreed to be her subs in pleasing the
others, and it's too late to back out now. Besides, neither of us wants to.

We don't know what to expect, which is part of the thrill. Our
mistress introduces us to the others, who are all very friendly, but we can
tell everyone is eager to get down to the business at hand. It's easy to
slip into the submissive mode, since all you have to do is obey the orders.

"Alright, David, let's begin. We all want to see what we have here, so
remove her top for us and let's see her breasts".

She remains calm, but I can sense her excitement, as I slip the loose
fitting blouse off. Of course, she has on no bra on and her beautiful
breasts swing free for everyone to see.

"Show them to us." our Mistress says, and I take one in each hand and
display them to the others. We hear a murmur of approval, and I am ordered
to demonstrate how her nipples look when erect. To comply, I stroke and rub
the sensitive nipples I know so well with my fingers, letting them harden
and grow erect. I know she can feel the sensation tingle right down to her
pussy, which is surely producing a flood of wetness between her legs.

"Now get them wet." I am told, so I bend and take one into my mouth,
sucking and licking it. I slurp and suck -- you can hear the sounds all
over the room...her nipples get even harder and she moans softly. My cock
is now rock hard, and I am losing concern for the fact that the others are
watching. Now my rising lust is all that matters. I show off her wet hard
nipples to everyone, and they approve.

"Now, let's see if that treatment has had any effect. Remove her
bottom for us." I bend down to obey, unfastening her pants and letting them
drop to the floor. She stands helplessly and beautifully in only her
panties. I am about to remove those, when I'm ordered to stop.
"Kim, is your pussy wet?" she's asked.
"Very wet?".
"Yes, very wet".
"Show us.".

She hesitates only a second before spreading her legs obediently
and showing the streak of wetness in her panties. It causes the other
girls to squirm and murmur, but as yet there is no real physical reaction
from our spectators, who are keeping quite cool, considering.

"David, remove them now.". And I roll down her panties. As my face
passes her pussy I can feel the warmth and catch the womanly scent that I
love so much.

My girl is naked. I can sense both her excitement, and the joy of
submission. My cock is hard and slightly uncomfortable, yearning for
release. But I don't know what will happen.

"Now," our mistress says, trying not to betray the rising excitement in
her voice, "show us that beautiful pussy, David.". At first I am at a loss
on how to do this best, and I spread her legs and have her bend in a slight
squat, which unfolds the swollen lips of her pink shaved pussy. We can all
see the wetness glistening there. Then I have an idea, and turn her around
and bend her over. Then our viewers have a dramatic view of your nether
region, with it's puckered anus, and pink shining lips. "Open her up." I'm
ordered, and my fingers spread her lips open. She moans a bit at the touch,
and submissively thrusts her bottom out a bit so everyone will have a better

"Show us how wet it is, put a finger in there." And I do, rubbing
all over her lips, inserting a finger into her hot pussy, rubbing
the walls inside just like I would if we were alone and I was making love
to her. She squirms and moans in reaction, and the others love it. "Man
this is hot" I hear one guy say.
"Now, David, does it smell good?".
"Yes, what?"
"Yes, Mistress".
"Alright, would you like to taste it for us and tell us how it
"Yes, Mistress."

And I move around behind her, as she bends over, and press my hot
tongue up into her furrow, licking slowly from her clit up through her
opening and up to her asshole. After that lick, I am not told anything, so
I give in to nature and lick her again. My cock is super hard and I am
incredibly aroused. As I start to lick again, I've told to stop, and she
moans, I think in disappointment. I feel disapointed too, but with her
juices all over my lips I tell the others how wonderful she tastes.

"All right." Our mistress is breathing a little hard, but gets
control of herself. "Now both of you, stand up.".

"Kim, remove David's shirt like he removed yours.".

She strips off my top, and I stand bare chested.

"Now let's see if he's got sensitive nipples. Lick and suck them."

And she does, bending and licking, almost biting me. The sensation
sharp but pleasing (I have sensitive nipples) and she lovingly carresses my
body almost without thinking of it as she licks me. I am asked if that
feels good and I moan "Yes", hoping my poor cock will soon be free of it's

"OK, that's enough" and she obediently quits sucking, although she was
obviously enjoying it.

"Now finish stipping him."

She removes my belt and my pants, and as they drop off my cock is seen
bulging out in my underwear. It feels good to have it free. I am not at
all ashamed of showing off like this, with her. I am more horny that I can
ever remember being. She takes down my last barrier, and my cock stands out
hard, hot, free and proud.

She is on her knees as I step out of the pants.
"Kim, do you like that cock?"
"Yes, Mistress."
"Well show it to us. Tell us how it feels to the touch.".

She takes me in her hands. It feels soooooo gooood, I know how good it
felt when I was fingering her earlier. She gently bends me forward, back,
and side to side. She is into the show, and lays the cock up against my
belly and runs her finger up the sensitive underside. It twitches it's
response, and this gets a giggle or two from the spectators. The sexual
tension in the room is rising faster now. You hold it out and sqeeze the
tip, wringing forth a droplet of precum which stands there shining.

"It feels so hard, yet so velvety and soft, Mistress." she says,
staring intently at the swollen purple head. It's clear she wants to taste
it, and she are so ordered.

She wraps her lips around me with no further ado, sucking me directly
as she licks off the precum. The suction is powerful, and I feel my knees
get weak and the pleasure rolls up and down my spine. She sucks as eagerly
as I licked her earlier, but she too is told to stop. Reluctantly, but in
strict obedience, we part and she stands beside me, two extremely aroused

"Now Kim, do you want that cock inside you?"
"Yes!" she says, almost too eagerly.
"And David, do you want to slip her hard cock up into this
woman and fuck her until you both cum?".
"Yes, Mistress." I say, my voice excited.

"Alright, both of you, listen very carefully to me." she says, and
we listen.
"You are both to do exactly what I say, without hesitation.
And, when I say stop, you must stop immediately. Do you understand?".
"Yes, Mistress" we both say. "And one other thing. Neither of you
is allowed to cum until I give explicit permission, is that understood?".
We gulp.
"Yes, Mistress".

There is a soft bearskin rug in front of the fireplace, and we are led,
naked, to it. The others shift position, excitedly, but all with their
clothes still fully on, both couples sitting close and touching on the couch
facing us. Our beautiful Mistress stands at the head of the rug, looking
down at us. She is dressed in a loose-fitting dress, and I realize for the
first time that she appears to be wearing nothing underneath. But such is
my desire for my girl that I don't care.

We await our orders, arms at our sides, her with her wet, wanting
pussy and I with my hard jutting cock.

"Sterling, lie down on the floor, face up".

I do so, wondering what we will have to do.

"Now, Kim, get him ready to fuck you." (as if I wasn't more ready
that I ever can remember being!).

"Make his cock wet and ready.".

She quickly gets down beside me, loving to show off her cocksucking
skills. I gasp as she takes me into her warm wet mouth. She licks,
sucks, licks, sucks. This time she isn't ordered to stop, and she lustily
goes to it. I remind myself that I can't cum, and just lay back and enjoy
it. The sensations are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I moan softly,
and this seems a signal for a stop.

"Ok," our Mistress says, "I think that should do it. Now her turn,
David. Be sure she is ready to receive you. Kim, straddle his face and
slowly lower your pussy to his lips. Don't lick or touch him, but be sure to
bend over so we all can see his licking of you.".

We are arranged so that the fireplace is to our left, and I am pointed
with my head to the couch where the sexy voyeurs are enjoying our hot
action. I feel the warmth of the fireplace on my side and the hard wet cock
laying temporarily neglected on my belly as my wonderful girl shifts
position, placing one leg on either side of my face, and bending over as

Our mistress leans down to watch closely, and I feel a rustle of
movement as the others lean forward. Kim slowly, teasingly, lovingly,
lowers her hot shiny wet pink pussy lips down to my waiting mouth. I can
smell her beautiful overpowering musk, and am lost in her wonderful cunt as
she rests her clit on my chin and I lave all up and down her aroused lips,
collecting her nectar and causing a further flood to seep out. I'm careful
to extend my tongue fully, so as to not block the view with my head.

We are definately making our viewers hot, but that's not our concern.
She moans and gently thrusts her hips as I lick up inside her pussy,
swallowing her sweet sex. She then moves, placing her hard clit over my
lips, and I lick there and she trembles.

Suddenly, Mistress smacks her on the ass!

"You are NOT allowed to cum!".

"Now, get up!. And David, shift position so that you face away from
the couch, but stay on your back.".

We shift.

"Kim, do you want that cock in you?".
"Yes, yes, YES" she pants.
"Yes, what?"
"Alright, now, staddle him and fuck him. But neither of you are to
cum until I say so. Now do it!".

She scrambles quickly into position, squatting over my cock. Taking it
in her hand, she wastes no time in inserting the tip to her pussy, and
lowering yourself onto it.

"Hold it!" We are commanded. "Do it slowly!".

She lifts up, and then slowly inserts me back into her. This time, we
both moan as she slowly presses down and my cock stuffs itself into her hot
depths. Finally, I am fully in, and we both catch our breath, panting. We
can hear movement on the couch behind us, but we can't see anything. We hear
clothing being removed in haste, and little moans. It only adds to the
sexiness, and we smile at each other.

Finally free to fuck, she begins to hump me. The joy is extreme, and
we both pant and moan and grunt. She lowers her tits to me, and I take and
suck them as my hard wet cock slides in and out of her pussy. We can only
imagine what a sight it must be to see it now.

"Stop!". She settles down and we hold tight, not moving.

"Kim, get off him. And get on your back, now!" There's an urgency
in her voice -- she must be very aroused. As we shift, we can see that both
couples are now naked, and hands are exploring cocks and cunts. But we get
only a glimpse as my girl lies down and spread her legs wide for me.

"David, mount her and fuck her. But don't cum.".

"Yes, Mistress." I say as I quickly get on my knees between her legs
and put my cock up to her outrageously aroused pussy. All the waiting,
the holding back, has us both on fire. I rub my cock up and down your
lips a few times, then press in. I couldn't go slow if I wanted, her pussy sucks me in deep till my balls are up against her ass.

"Stroke her. Fuck her good. Do you like that good fucking, Kim?
Does it feel good?".

"Yes...yes...yes" she pants underneath me.

"David, does her cock feel good in there? Would you like to cum up inside her?"

"Yes, yes." I moan. I keep stroking her rhythmically. She responds
with moans, squirms, and hip movements. We are animals.

"Stop!". Oh god ... I stop, and hold it in deep. I can feel my
cock throb and her pussy spasm. We are on the verge, but we fight it

Suddenly, she pulls her dress up around her waist, revealing her naked
loins and shaved pussy.

"Do a good job, now, and I might let you cum. No moving -- hold it

The Mistress straddles Kim's face, putting her pussy right in our
faces. I hear a gasp from the couch. We both smell the furious arousal
state she is in. She bends down, facing away, lowering her wet puffy lips
onto my girl's cute face, thrusting her ass up to mine.

"Suck me, Kim. Lick me, David. Get me off. I need a cum soooo

Damn! We both go to work furiously. I hold my cock deep inside her,
trying not to let my hips move, as we lick and suck as much for our own cums
as hers. Kim desperately laves her clit, licking it, and taking it in her
mouth and sucking on it. I push my tongue up in her pussy, licking and
sucking, trying to get all her juices ... but they run out, down into
Kim's mouth. I can feel her tongue licking upwards.

It tastes great...and my cock throbs and wants to stroke so bad it's
almost painful. But I concentrate on eating. She is so worked up, soon she
starts to moan and move her hips the way women do when they are ready to
cum. We both work harder then, and soon she stiffens, and a flood of hot
juice onto both our faces let's us know how good we have done. She bucks
and thrashes, then a collapse and she is still.

We are not sure what to do. She shifts off Kim's face, but doesn't
do anything but lie there. I want to start fucking again, but instead I
just kiss my lover wildly, as we share the copious nectar from our Mistress

Finally she revives.

"Very good. You two have earned your cums.".

She smiles sweetly down on us, and stokes Kim's hair lovingly.

"David, fuck her steadily, but hold back your cum for now. Kim, you
may cum on his cock whenever you feel like it.".

I start again. My cock is exquisitely sensitive, and it needs to cum so badly. But I concentrate on kissing and licking her face like a dog in
heat as my cock slides in and out. She moans, pants, and I can see the
approaching orgasm. I watch her face as she goes over the edge at last.

Her cum is so strong she lifts me up off the floor! I hold my cock
in deep and try to feel her spasms as she screams out her agonized
pleasure. Finally it subsides, and she falls back and hugs me tight.
Our Mistress smiles, and bends and kisses her.

"Now David, you need to cum too. We all want to watch it, though. Take
out your cock and put it between her tits.".

I take the red, hot, overworked cock out of her hot pussy, and climb up
and nestle it between her tits. She takes her hands and pushes them
together, enveloping me in a soft warm tunnel.

"Turn around so we can all see.".

We shift around and resume our position, me riding her chest with my
cock between her tits. We look up briefly and see all four lovers sitting
together, naked, each girl with a hard cock in her hand, stroking it, and
each guy with a finger or two in a wet hot pussy.

On command, I start to stroke her tits. She flips her nipples playfully
as she holds them together, and smiles. You love to see me cum, and you
love to see the look on my face -- as I do on yours.

I know I can cum now, and I don't have to hold back. The sweet
sensations mount and I feel the tingling that means I am about to cum. Our
Mistress is watching closely and sees my cock stiffen in preparation.

"Kim, do you want his cum in her mouth?". I have always loved that
she seems to like my taste.

"Yes, Mistress" she says, eager to be allowed that joy.

"David, when you cum, squirt it between her lips.".

"Here it cums!" I gasp, as I pull out from between her hot tits. I hold
it so that the tip is just above her lips, and she makes an O with her
mouth. The orgasm is powerful, I feel my body stiffen and my asshole
tighten as spurt after spurt of white, hot cum splatters into her mouth, and
on her face.

"Isn't that beautiful" I hear a girl say admiringly, and lustily.

At last I collapse into her arms, as she licks her lips for the further
arousal of our audience. Groggily, I rise up and kiss her deeply, sharing
the taste of my cum with her. Our mistress takes my head in her hands, and
bends down to kiss me deeply with her tongue ... then bending lower, she
kisses Kim just as deeply and lovingly.

As our breathing returns to normal, she smiles as says "See what you
have done?".

On the couch, we see one guy sitting down, with his girlfriend
straddling him and his cock wedged deep in her. Behind her, the other
girl bends forward to lick the junction of the cock and pussy. Behind
her, the other guy fucks her lustily.

As we watch their growing animal lust together, I feel my cock begin to
stir. My lusty, uninhibited girlfriend whom I love deeply kisses me, and I
know her pussy is moisening again.


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