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EXTRA camera with and want


Extra-curricular activities (Part I)
(MF, FF, blackmail, bond)

This story is written by Darqness, the copyright for this story is
held solely by him. It is written for the entertainment of its
readers only.
This story may be freely distributed across the internet or in print,
provided that the following conditions are met:
- The entire text, including this disclaimer, is preserved and
- The author must be notified through email (
- If this story is archived on a pay-site, the author is given access
to the story.
The following story is pure fiction, it is a fantasy concocted by the
mind of its author. It therefore does not reflect reality and should
be looked upon as such. I do not condone any of the actions that
follow. If you can't differentiate between reality and fantasy please
do not read this story.
This story is written for the entertainment of adult readers. If you
are reading this illegally please discontinue and go to a more
suitable site. If you are under 18 or 21, depending on the laws in
your area stop reading. If you agree and meet all the requirements
then please continue and enjoy the story. After reading please make
comments to the email address following.

Extra-curricular activities (Part I)
(MF, FF, blackmail, bond)

After spending the last 4 years teaching teenagers I was well versed
in most modern events and fashion, I had realised that it often
helped in teaching as well as my slightly unprofessional hobbies. I
had developed a fascination of the girls in my classes. I often
enjoyed watching the young girls develop from innocent little
children to mature adults. Albeit mentally they often got less
mature. I had respect for some of my students, but they were rare.
The majority of the students I taught were part of the elite
community in our fair town. I suppose they only took my class to
appease their parents and to supplement their G.P.A. I had taken a
few of the less intelligent rich girls and stripped them of their
innocence. If they had been more intelligent they would have seen
that all I was doing was taking advantage of their puppy love and
their crushes. I left the girls who worked in my classes alone, I
could tell they wanted to achieve. The dumb cheerleaders and football
players were only their to participate in their chosen extra-
curricular activities. They would get scholarships to college and
then live off their parents. I had learned the best ways to seduce
these stupid little bitches. I would appeal to their stupidity that
their grades may increase if they were a little nicer and their
daddies and mummies would give them a raise in their allowance. Greed
was their weakness, and I was quite happy to take advantage of it.
Their grades did increase, for about a week before returning to their
passing grades. I wasn’t that unprofessional. The top grades had to
be earned through academic intelligence. Over the 4 years I had
seduced an average of 5 girls a year. I usually spent about 2 months
fucking them. I then dropped them quickly and moved on to covering my
tracks and planning my next victim. I knew they wouldn’t have the
guts to tell anyone because I had been so caring and they knew their
upper-class parents wouldn’t approve of their sexual adventures. They
were quite happy to continue on with their boring little lives,
probably forgetting what they had done within a week. They were back
to their snooty, gossiping selves. I had noticed a definite trend in
the girls I was fucking, they were getting more and more physically
mature, and less and less mentally mature. They were also getting
easier to seduce. I was getting more and more bored with fucking
these stupid, slutty whores. I had recently been playing with their
minds. Giving them hope and then ripping it away. I loved the feeling
of power I got from controlling their lives. I was hoping to find a
girl that I could control beyond anything I had previously imagined.
I wanted to see how far I could go before the girl stopped me. I had
handcuffed several girls and they had got quite turned on, I had
whipped one girl, she had worried me for a second but she came back
to me sluttier than ever. I had heard that she had got involved in
some strange shit at college. I didn’t hear many details but I don’t
believe it was legal. For the past few months I have been recovering
from my latest girl. She had been very strong, she probably will
actually make something of her life. I had difficulty taking
advantage of her, she was more equal than any other girl who had been
in her situation. She was very passionate and she was more mature
than any other girl before her. I had started to get attached to her
so I left her cold. I had planned to stay with her for several more
weeks, but I couldn’t afford to get attached to a girl who was more
than half my age. She was 15, and I am 32. She had two very distinct
personalities. She was the perfect rich, snooty, uptight teenager
when she was with her friends. When I was fucking her she was a
worldly women who was far beyond her years. I am still unsure whether
I was the one who had decided to seduced her, or whether she had
planned for me to initiate a relationship. I had to go back to the
normal girl after her. I needed her to spark off my mean streak. If I
hadn’t got close to her then I would never have had the drive to
punish a girl, in the severity I had in mind. If I controlled a girl
far beyond my previous victims then maybe I could make up for that
girl. I had been reading up recently, reading stories for
inspiration, joining websites to show me where to purchase items and
generally building my confidence up. I had just under a month to
prepare for my new class. I was sure there would be a candidate for
my new improved apartment. She would be the first girl of a new
generation of victims. She would experience things she hadn’t ever
dreamt could happen. She would look back in years to come and wonder
whether it had truly happened. Or at least that was my plan. I never
followed any plan entirely, I preferred to take everything as it
came. My apartment almost resembled some of the dungeons I had seen
on the internet. I could hide everything if I wanted. I would not
want to scare the girl away on her first trip to her new world. I had
sat several days in a row imagining the various scenarios she would
experience before she returned to her normal life. I planned to
purchase several sets of clothes for her. She would be spending more
time than any other girl with me, and I wanted her to be dressed
appropriately. I had the make-up which would supplement her image. I
would no longer allow her change in situation to be totally private.
She would change slightly in her public life and image. She would pay
for being born with money. I had been tormented by these girls myself
while I was in my teens. I had worked to get myself into a position
in power so I could reverse the situation and make them all pay for
what they had done to me. I had very little if any private life, I
was now 32 years old, I had a reasonable paid job and a nice little
earner on the side. I was physically at the top of my game and I had
no plans to slow down and maybe start a family. I had always dreamed
of having a daughter who I could care for. I wanted to love someone
so much it hurt. I spent many a night as a teen sitting in the dark
dreaming of falling in love and having a family and a house and a
dog, the standard dream. This had all been before I moved areas and
the harassment began. I slowly retracted into a shell and I began
plotting my revenge. At the time I achieved very little, I exposed
several secrets but they were quickly forgotten. It wasn’t enough to
satisfy me. The feelings had slowly faded but I never forgot. I had
always planned to enter teaching, but I had planned to teach at
college. I saw my opportunity for revenge and I took it. I took life
by the throat and I was hesitant about letting go until I decided to.
I planned to humiliate these girls and maybe one day, their type
would be forgiven for what they had done. I didn’t know whether this
girl would be the first of many or she would be the deciding factor
in my life that would release me from my torture. I would be free to
fulfil my dream and have the daughter that I had always dreamt of
having. She would hopefully have a slight distrust of life that would
help her deal with experiences. I had everything planned out. I just
didn’t know when I would start fulfilling my dream. I just knew I
would have to wait until I was satisfied with degrading the type of
girl that had tormented me so long ago.

I was quite anxious as I headed into the school. I had spend the last
few weeks distracting myself. I had nothing better to do, I had spent
almost all of my time at the local gym. I had many ideas while using
the weights. Images of what were to come flashed through my head. The
thoughts and images of this girl and her experiences aroused me
beyond anything I thought capable. The only thing that held back my
climaxing whenever I pictured this girl was the fact that she had no
face, she had an incredible body, the perfect attitude, but no face.
I was also very anxious and this was added to my fear that this girl
would pull out and I would have no chance of having my dream
fulfilled. If I was found out then my life and my career would be out
of the question. I had been researching different ways of convincing
the girls to go along with my desires. I wanted a certain degree of
protest, that’s what turned me on when I was fucking them, the fact
that they really truly didn’t want to do what they were doing. I
pulled into the quite and lonely car park, I always came in early so
that I could prepare myself fully compared to the new style younger
teachers who came in at the same as the students. I didn’t try to fit
in with the students with fake interest in modern culture. I have
always been happy with my own interests and beliefs, if the students
didn’t like it then they could go fuck themselves. This attitude
usually meant that the students could trusts me, I didn’t stand for
any kind of shit and I said what I thought. Apart from my private
life, which has always been private. As I mentioned, I only like some
students so it annoys me that students like me so much. I set my work
down in my small office. I was quite happy remaining a mid-level
teacher with few responsibilities. It left me with enough time for my
extra-curricular activities. It didn’t look like I had much money, I
had an old ford mustang. I had been given it by my grandfather when
he died. We had always talked for hours about sprucing her up, but
his health prevented it. I had promised him before he died that I
would look after her until I had the time to work on her. I had not
forgotten this promise to my favourite relative but I had been
terribly busy. I sometimes felt guilty, fucking these teenage prom
queens when I could be fulfilling one of my promises. It was one of
the things on my list when I was done punishing the girls. I often
repeated that line, ‘once I was finished’, I wondered if I would ever
be satisfied. I suppose the only way I would be satisfied is if one
of them really could see past their snotty beliefs at the inner
person. I had been contemplating longer than I thought. I heard a
girl come in on her own. She had glasses on and her hair was back in
a simple ponytail, I immediately liked her. I could tell she wasn’t
one of the girls who had more money than sense. She looked like she
was reasonably well off. Not too much, but not too little. Just
right. She placed her books down on a table near the window. I
immediately knew she was a dreamer, she may be intelligent but she
prefers the beauty of the things around her than anything else. She
walked over to me and I sat up, first impressions are very important.
“Hi, I’m Jessica West. I always like to make a good first impression
so I thought I would introduce myself.” She held her out for me to
shake. I took it and smiled.
“I’m Chris Hall. Mr Hall to my students, unless I like you. Which I
think I may. I’m glad you’re in my class, you’d be wasted on some of
the other teachers.” She blushed slightly, I don’t think she saw me
as the blunt type. I heard other students walk in, they were
obviously from the group that I would have to pick from, I could tell
from their incessant chatter. They saw Jessica standing near my desk
and I could see their eyes roll.
“Jessie Wessy, are you already sucking up.” The comment came out from
the bright red lips of a blonde rich bitch. She fitted all
qualifications so far, I just had to judge her intelligence.
Physically she was almost perfect, she had large pendulous breasts
that she had displayed prominently for all her followers to ogle. She
had the textbook hourglass shape, the waist being almost the perfect
size in relation to her hips. Uncommon in girls of around 15 years
old. They were usually a little more ungendered. She was one of those
girls who seemed to be a lot older than she really was. Mentally
immature but physically mature by any standards. Jessica however was
much less mature physically but from what I had seen she was mentally
mature but physically not quite there yet. The only let down of my
candidate was the blond hair. I was never fond of blonde girls but
they seemed the majority of the people who fit the points for being
selected by me. The students were all sitting down and chatting. As I
had guessed Jessica was staring out of the window. She was doodling
in her book. The bell rang, I thought I had missed it, obviously the
students were starting the year in the hopes of arriving on time. It
wouldn’t last long, it never did. I closed my door and I walked
around the class. I was taking everyone in. The blonde’s low cut top
provided some stimulation as I walked around. Apart from her there
were very few candidates. Although the blonde fitted my specification
so well. She was well on her way to being a slut anyway. She had skin
tight trousers and knee-high boots. She had a tight low cut top that
highlighted her large breasts. She had a black lacy bra on that was
just visible along the top of the tight shirt she was wearing. I also
noticed a girl who was obviously well passed slut, she was chewing
gum and she had a short miniskirt on with stiletto heels on and
little girl socks. She had beautiful legs but the body and face let
her down. She had black hair and a tongue piercing. She had her legs
slightly spread and I guessed she had on a thong or nothing. That
inspired me, the blondes future was a little clearer. I ambled
towards my desk and I stopped. I pick up a pen to write on the white
board. I wrote my name in the middle of the board. I put the pen down
and turned around. They were still chatting.
“The lesson start when I close that door, you’re knew you don’t know
that. I have rules, I don’t take shit from anyone, especially not
from students who think they are gods gift to the world. My name is
on the board. Don’t think you can use the law or the school rules to
skate around my classes, I know every single rules at the school and
most of the laws of this state, so I can get away with anything I put
my mind to. So I would listen to me if I was you.” The students were
quite, they were a little stunned that a teacher would start the year
hostile, it took most teachers a week of their new classes to drop
the nice pretence.
“Shall we begin. I have here a list of the people who should be in
the class, if you are late or absent in future I will write that down
unless you have a true excuse, you cannot bend or break the rules I
have. I will run through these in this lesson so that I can learn who
you are.” I ran through the names on my list while I walked around
the class, one of the other things that was given to me by my
grandfather was an excellent memory. I would know most students by
the next lesson. I looked at each student after I called their name.
The blonde, the one who would be my next victim, was a Knight. The
youngest if my memory served me right. The richest members of our
fair little town. Her first names were Sally-Anne. Such cut names for
such a little slut bitch. She would be renouncing those names once I
got my hands on her. I got on with the lesson after the
introductions. I was mindlessly running through the lesson and
thinking about tactics. I thought I saw her examine my body at one
point. If she thought I was attractive then it would make my task a
lot easier. I would proceed to slowly lower her grades until she came
to see me. Usually they would do ‘anything’ to get good grades. I
supplied the good grades, which were her real grades, she provided
the young wet pussy. The class was surprisingly well behaved, even
for the very first day. You usually got the few who would cause the
most problems being well behaved and the minor infractions of the
rules became more noticeable. Who knows, if I was lucky I would be
able to blackmail her for some devastating breaking of the rules. It
had happened once, it was the cheating that let her down. She listed
category headings to remind herself, and I caught her. She was then
subject to a month of servicing me, blackmail is more risky because
it is often less consenting than just seduction. I preferred
seduction, it gave me the thrill of the chase. The advantage I had in
this chase was the naivety of my prey. I usually knew every move that
the prey would make. They would try to twist away from my plan and I
would be there to catch them. The added stupidity of the girls I took
advantage of was just a bonus. I believe I could take any girl if I
wanted to, but I had no drive to take advantage of a girl who
deserved a perfect life. I set homework at the end of the lesson.
This would give me a chance to judge how low to set her mark. It gave
my teaching ethics a trial if I had to actually improve her marks
when I said I would. The class left quickly and I caught a comment by
Sally towards my obvious star pupil, Jessica. I definitely heard ice
and bitch. Jessica was the me of her class. No boy would ever ask her
out and no girl would ever except her. I was going to do my best to
protect her, I had to do it subtly as to prevent the other students
from torturing her for being a teachers pet. I would do my best to
help her in any way.

The day passed without me finding another me or another slut. There
were the jocks and the cheerleaders but none fit my profile. Sally
was destined to be the girl who would remember me for the rest of her
life. The next few days I was fantasising with a new girl, Sally was
my new fantasy model. Some of the things I dreamt about I could not
even attempt with Sally. The hand-in date approached and I new this
was the first step on a slippery slope that I could not go back up.

I walked around the class and I noticed there was a physical gap
between Jessica and the desks around her. She had been forced out
physically as well as mentally. Her work was wonderful. Her writing
was wonderfully deep and imaginative. Her analysis of articles was so
thorough and she concluded everything correctly. I think I had given
her the top mark in the class. She dropped one mark in her work
because I never gave full marks. I had never given any full marks
because it meant there was never any improvement. The problem was
Jessica’s work was it was so detached. It wasn’t written by her, it
was written by the fake her, the one everyone saw. The imagination
was definitely the real her and it stood out. I had sat at my desk
comparing her work with Sally’s and although Sally’s barely passed in
my class it was written by the real her, which just happened to be
the fake her. She didn’t have a front like Jessica, she was naturally
too fake for there to be any difference in personalities. I had
dropped Sally’s work by an entire grades, it meant she failed, the
mark would not be added to her G.P.A. for another few weeks within
which she would realise that she needed to do something else to get
her grade up to passing standard. I had to talk to Jessica though. I
handed the work back to their owners and there were several
successes, several failures and several averages. Nobody even asked
Jessica how she did, neither would they have congratulated her for
her performance. I taught the class and gave out some more work. This
would reassure Sally that she wasn’t working hard enough and a third
would seal her fate. I could see a little disappointment in her eyes.
The bell rang to dismiss the students.
“Jessica, I wish to see you about your work.” She packed her bags and
then came over to my desk. I waited for the rest of the class to
leave and the door to close. I was going to act as though I was
disappointed with her work, I saw some students looking in the window
of my door. I got into the role.
“Now this may seem strange Jessica but I know what you are going
through. Do you want to be accepted as more than just dirt to those
snobs or do you like being rejected.” She seemed to understand.
“I want to be left alone, I don’t want to be a scapegoat but I don’t
want to be part of their sadistic games.”
“Well you act like you didn’t get almost full marks and I will act as
though you aren’t performing to your real performance. You will be
accepted as just the background and you will get your wish.” She
almost smiled. I saw her doodle book.
“I really like your art, I was wondering if I could keep one, they
are just incredible.” I slammed the book down to stay in character.
She tore one out and dropped it on the floor, she then ‘stormed’ out.
She was a marvellous actress. I saw the slightly astounded look on
the other pupils faces and their attitude to her changed entirely. I
saw her smile brightly when they spoke to her. My plan had worked
wonderfully, a little faster than I expected, but that is the
fickleness of the current teen generation. She left, and for once a
dark cloud had lifted from above me. I knew that after Sally my life
could begin. I had avenged my treatment in a new, and different way.
I had hidden one of my own from their grasp. She was safe to live her
life now. She may even benefit. She was now in a position to
manipulate them, it was perfect revenge. I had already made my plans
for Sally, she wouldn’t escape me.

I let the lessons pass, Jessica kept up her pretence and last I heard
she had taken over a prominent social position in their group. She
had been communicating her plans with me with secret notes. She
planned to blow the entire social group apart, she had it
meticulously planned. Her plans would be such a victory for our kind.
Sally had managed the second without giving in but when I handed her
a third failing piece of work I saw her resign to her unknown fate.
The lesson passed quickly and I saw Sally wait after the class had
left. She walked over to slowly. Time slowed. I saw the resignation
on her face. She couldn’t know what she would have to do. I was
sweating, I was so hot. My blood was boiling. My dick was so hard it
hurt me. She stopped in front of my desk. She sat on my desk. She had
pulled her skirt up and this was so blatant to me. She was trying to
use her looks to impress me. Her cheerleading skirt was lying on my
work. I glanced towards the door, there was nobody. They didn’t want
to see their heroin beg. She would be on her hands and knees but
begging was not what I had planned.
“I have noticed that the grades I am getting will not pass me and my
G.P.A. may be damaged by these grades. I was wondering if I could
maybe do some, uh, credit work, or something that would convince you
to push my grades up.” I had heard this time and time again.
“Well for how long would you want your grades up?” She thought I was
giving in. The bait was there, all she had to do was bite and she
would be mine, I could reel her in.
“Well whenever I needed to pass I would like my grades to go up.” It
was in her mouth. I was letting her take a little line. I placed my
hand on her leg, she was a little surprised but she hid it well.
“I have a few questions and then I will tell you my offer. Firstly,
are you a virgin.” She blushed.
“Yes, although I have done some things.” I guessed that she meant
hand-jobs and possibly blow-jobs. At least she wasn’t some total
“What you be willing to do for me if I was to compromise my ethics
and raise your grades.” Her eyes betrayed her thoughts. She was
wondering whether she would be able to satiate me with blow-jobs or
whether her long kept virginity would be sacrificed. She gave up.
“Anything you though would be necessary.” I caressed her right thigh.
She had very smooth legs. It was wonderful sensation against my hand.
It was soft, warm and so very inviting.
“Are you attracted to me, would you be willing to be sexually active
with someone like me.” She blushed. She nodded. I smiled. She was in
the net, I was pulling her onto the boat.
“I want a copy of your schedule so I can work around it.” She took
one out of her bag and handed it to me. I took it and touched her
hand gently. She thought I was actually going to be gentle and
careful with her.
“You’re not as experience and snobby as you pretend are you.” She
shook her head.
“Now there are several pieces of work that the grade needs changing
on, now to ensure that you will follow through on your promise. I
have a camera with me and I want to take a few pictures that will
ensure you will not turn me in. Sit here and pull your blouse down
and pucker those lips. Pretend you are a model.” She did so and when
I mentioned a model she dropped her naivety and she did what I
wanted. She was very good at covering her growing disgust and shame.
She looked as though she honestly wanted to model for me. I took a
few shots.
“Stick you tongue out and lick your nipple.” She did so, it looked
very professional, I guessed she had seen her fair share of porn at
some time or another. I took a few more shots.
“Leave your blouse below your breasts and lift your skirt.” She was
following my instructions without protest, it wouldn’t last long but
at least she had a slightly submissive nature.
“Rub you cunt and clit, masturbate for me and then suck your fingers,
one by one.” She hesitated and then began, she had one hand rubbing
her clit and one hand pumping her cunt with different fingers, maybe
she wasn’t as dumb as I thought. She was going to make her finger
licking look so good. I took pictures while she did what I had told
her to do and I heard her approach orgasm. I would let her think that
all I wanted to do was enjoy myself and make her happy. I would only
crush her ideas later. I thought I heard a cat and I looked around, I
then realised it was Sally. She was mewing softly, it was cute, then
I realised she was about to cum. She arched her back and bit her
tongue. She then came, she flopped on my chair and she shook gently
for a while. Her orgasm would be the start of her descent. She was
breathing erratically and she brought her fingers to her mouth, she
sucked gently, her lips were pulled in and out when she sucked, her
nose flared with her heavy breathing. Her red lips looked so
appealing as she sucked on them. She sucked each finger she had used
and I took pictures, I had full documented proof of her having an
orgasm in a teacher’s chair. It was intense for a young girl. I think
it was amplified by her thoughts of the future, the fact that an
older man, her teacher was watching her.
“You can go.” She stood up and tried to clear her head. She brushed
her clothes down and covered her breasts. It had only been a couple
of minutes but it had felt like much longer. She was about to leave
when I turned her around. I had to keep in character temporarily. I
kissed her deeply, I pushed my tongue into her mouth and she resisted
for a second and then enjoyed an intense kiss from a very experienced
older man. I was holding her gently and she put her hands around my
back. She was getting into it. I let her go and I brushed a piece of
her hair behind her ear. She opened the door, turned and smiled
lustily, she thought that she was getting away with a high grade and
also getting experience and pleasure. She thought there was nothing
that she was loosing. She would soon learn, but I had learnt to take
it slowly. The door closed after spending a while open. I turned to
the door and saw Jessica. She was smiling. I was worried but I kept a
straight face.
“Hello Jessica, what would you like.” She smiled evilly. I was
worried she had been twisted by her new social position.
“I would like an explanation of what you were just doing with Sally
and I would like to be a partner in your little game.” I smiled, she
was more like me than I thought. I explained to her over lunch why I
did what I did and she comforted me, she agreed and she explained her
story of life.
“I propose we work together with Sally.” I wasn’t sure I wanted two
girls implicated at once.
“I don’t know.” She put her hand on my arm.
“Have you ever thought of forcing a straight girl to pleasure another
girl, it twists their mind so much. I have never tried but I have
watched for a long time. They believe it is so disgusting.” She was
so smart. If I had only known her when I was young then I would have
asked her out so quickly. We had so much in common.
“Ok, you can join, as long as you do not give it away.” She nodded
and then stopped.
“I noticed I had dropped a mark on my work. Explain.” She was working
“I never give full marks.” She blatantly wanted me to raise her
“I am the best candidate for a scholarship but I want to be sure. I
can’t afford to go to college so I must get the scholarship.” I
“Fine, you get full marks and revenge, I get a teenage lesbian and
new ideas.” She smiled her evil little smile again.
“Oh, you get more than that, but I will let my plans lay themselves
out.” She kissed me on the forehead and left. I had no clue what she
meant but the benefits I got where more than I had ever hoped for.
The ideas flooded my mind, Sally had no clue what she was letting
herself into.

I loaded the pictures onto my computer and relieved myself before
going to bed and thinking about so many things that needed to be
done. I printed off the pictures as large as they would go before
looking pixelated and the details would be difficult to make out. I
put them up in my room, they would be used to play with her mind. I
had a large disk on my computer that I kept the pictures of all my
girls on. They all posed the same way the first time and then I
randomly took pictures to show their progress. I regularly went back
and remembered my time with each girl. Many an idea had been inspired
by those trips down memory lane. I couldn’t wait to fuck Sally, she
would be my third virgin, she was special though, she was my last.
Jessica’s plans almost told me that she would be the most memorable
as well. I couldn’t remember many of the ideas I had had while I was
being tortured by those girls. I could only guess what twisted plans
Jessica had for Sally. Whatever she did to Sally would be out of my
hands, meaning that anything I wouldn’t have the guts to do for fear
of being found out, Jessica could do with impunity because there was
no risk for her expect a bad reputation and she had suffered much
worse than that so she had nothing to loose. People can go to the
extreme when they have nothing to loose, it sent a chill up my spine
as I sat in bed with thoughts of Jessica and Sally.

I woke with a large hard-on and I knew that soon it would be satiated
at any time I wanted. These rich girls often had parents who weren’t
around much of the time, I had once kept a girl at my apartment for a
whole week. She had been in the early few and that meant she wasn’t
tortured, she was just fucked as much as I could stand. I knew for a
fact this record wouldn’t stand. Sally’s parents hardly ever came
back, she was pretty much living on her own, she only had staff who
really didn’t care for any of the family, the fewer there were the
happier they were. I knew her parents came down for her birthday,
Xmas, new year, and thanksgiving. It was nowhere near any of those so
I could keep her at my house indefinitely. I was friends with many of
the staff of these rich snobbish families. I would often spend nights
playing poker with the butlers and listening to their stories of
their respective families. The stupidity of some of them was
incredible. I had often considered letting them join in but then it
would take the emphasis off of my revenge and onto theirs. They would
also have less respect for keeping it quiet. They were loud mouths.
They often bragged of things that I knew had never happened, I kept
quiet and sober. Only Jessica had ever found out. I let her join in
because her revenge was the same as mine. She was also my friend. I
knew that I had to stay close to her. We could work so well together
in a team. I followed my normal morning routine but a little happier.
Everything was going my way as well as the beginning of my life. This
was shaping up to be a fantastic time in my life. I left at the usual
time and arrived early. I walked into the class to see a beautiful
girl in my seat. It was Jessica. She smiled at me and she got up.
“I thought I would greet you when you got in.” She kissed me on the
cheek. She seemed to treat me more as a mentor, a father than
anything else. I would have to check her record. I put my case down
and sat down in my seat.
“Do you know what you are going to do with her.” I nodded and
“I was hoping to get her to leave her lovely house for a while. Her
family don’t come home often. She won’t be missed. I will keep her at
my apartment where I have my, tools.” She giggled.
“Can I come with you when you leave tonight. My mother lets me do
what I like most of the time. We can work on Sally.” I considered
“I don’t know, I have learned to take it slow with my girls.” She
rolled her eyes.
“I know more about teenage girls than you do, I know how to take it
quick and take it slow at the same time. I can help, I told you that.
We can do whatever we want with a little manipulation.” She held up a
book, it was entitled hypnosis the unknown. It was my turn to roll my
“You know so many people distrust me, when I show them that book. I
will come with you tonight and prove that this works. You could
advance your project several weeks in one night.” I smiled. I kissed
her forehead back.
“You know your wife must love you so much.” I knew she was fishing, I
let it fly.
“I don’t have a wife.” Her face softened.
“Well, you’ll make a fabulous husband one day.” She smiled. It was a
slightly deceptive smile. I couldn’t quite identify what she was
thinking. She leaned close as we heard the students approaching,
“I can’t wait to have her head between my legs and her soft lips
caressing my clitoris.” She stuck her tongue out and she then sat
down. She had shaken me a bit. She had changed so much from a few
weeks back when she was a nervous dreamer. I didn’t have to change
her marks like I had said, her work had taken on a more honest tone
and it was much improved from her first work. It was a lot grittier
and so much more intelligent. She was so far beyond her body
mentally. The students walked in. Sally hesitated when she saw me but
she carried on gossiping but she had quietened considerably. She
would do more than that tonight. The lesson was quick, I couldn’t
concentrate, Jessica had shaken me. They handed in their homework as
they left and I told Sally that she had to come back at lunch to
discuss her work. Jessica was listening in and she winked. Sally left
without saying a word, she was having second thoughts. I could tell
from her eyes. I sat in my seat, I couldn’t wait for the evening, I
had several classes before I could leave, and I had to see her before
I could fuck her.

Lunch arrived slowly, as it would when you are waiting for an event
and Sally turned up with Jessica. Sally tried to make Jessica wait
outside but Jessica wouldn’t have it. Sally was nervous. I was not, I
knew Jessica had planned it this way.
“I want you to come to my apartment after school, my address is on
this card, be there at 7. You don’t have to worry about clothes and
food, they will be there for you. Jessica, you can come to.” Jessica
had moved from beside Sally to standing next to me.
“What is going on between you two, are you fucking.” Jessica shook
her head and laughed.
“He is my mentor, we work together. He’s told me about your little
problem and adventure yesterday, I can’t wait to see the pictures. I
will be aiding him with your payment. You will be helping me to.” I
was holding back laughter at the look on Sally’s face.
“I think you need a little taster. Jessica, why don’t you taste
Sally’s full luscious lips.” Sally pulled away.
“I’m not a lesbian, don’t make me do this.” I smiled. Jessica moved
closer smiling and licking her lips with desire.
“I’m not, you’ll do it of your own desire, don’t you want to
experience another girl’s lips, her taste, the way she knows your
body like no other. Her dark red lips kissing and licking you all
over, giving you more pleasure than you have ever experienced. Her
nails scraping gently along your thighs.” Jessica grabbed Sally’s ass
and kissed her aggressively, she pushed her tongue into Sally’s mouth
and Sally relented, she kissed back, she slowly rubbed Jessica’s back
and then her ass. There were two teenage girls making out in front of
me, I couldn’t wait for later that day. Jessica pulled Sally’s hair
back and licked Sally’s neck and face. It was so erotic. Jessica’s
tongue caressed every part of Sally’s head. It was so submissive by
Sally and so passionate and animal from Jessica. Jessica held Sally’s
nose closed and latched onto her mouth. I stood and held Sally’s arms
behind her. Sally struggled due to the loss of her breathing ability.
Jessica kept kissing her passionately and Sally’s eyes widened. She
was focusing and unfocusing. She then shook and I suddenly realised
she had just had an orgasm without Jessica touching her anywhere near
an erogenous zone. Jessica pulled away and left. Sally fell over and
breathed so deeply. I had caught her and I let her recover before she
rushed out. She had secretly loved it and I knew she would be at my
apartment. I had learnt so much in such a small amount of time.
Jessica was obviously not as naïve as I had first imagined. She would
be an asset I would have to keep as close as possible. I had a few
more classes and a while after that before I could experience what
had wet my appetite so much just a second ago. The lessons passed as
slowly as possible. As they say a watched kettle never boils. It
isn’t just a saying, anticipation is one of the biggest factors in
the speed at which time passes. Not whatever Einstein or Hawking
suggested. It had nothing to do with the speed of light, it was all
in the mind. Even if time was passing at the normal rate, it didn’t
feel like it. I was willing the lesson to go by so much that I even
let some of my own rules be bent. I let the last class go a little
early so I could go home. I would try to take my mind off what was
going to happen. I would read a little and realise it frustrated me,
the same applied to the television. There was nothing as intense as
what I was waiting for. Luckily my favourite girl turned up early as
well, she was as hyped as I was.
“You didn’t wait for me, I had to get here under my own steam. Are we
a little apprehensive, are we a little excited. I brought my book
with me to prove what I said.” She showed me her book, I rolled my
eyes again.
“Don’t be so distrusting of things you know nothing about. I will
prove to you this book will make her do whatever I want. Now I want
to see the collection of clothes that you said you had. I would like
to change into something a little more comfortable.” I led her
through my apartment. She noticed everything I had added for my
girls. I opened a large wall closet and she audibly gasped when she
saw I had everything. She picked out a padded bra, a tight pair of
PVC pants and a PVC crop top. She picked out some high heels and
stripped. I turned and I heard her stamp her foot.
“Excuse me, you ogled her, why not me, am I less attractive.” I
turned and she had a wicked smile on her face. She was pulling up her
PVC pants without any panties on. I helped her pull them up past her
bald baby cunt.
“Its so sexy shaved don’t you think.” I ran my tongue up her stomach
and sucked her nipple on the way past.
“I’ll take that as a yes. I am only a lesbian most of the time, for
the special few I can be straighter than you could ever imagine.” She
pulled on the bra and then the top.
“These babies were slow on my mother apparently.” She was cupping her
non-existent breasts.
“Hers are at least Ds and I have none. Let me put on the shoes and
then you can show me the pictures of your girls.” I grinned and
watched her pull the straps on her shoes around her calves. They were
very attractive legs and I couldn’t help but stare. I also saw her
painted toenails and long white nails. She ran them along her leg and
stared into my eyes.
“Take me, into your room.” I picked her up and took her into the room
I had set up for my computer. I had spent all my money on this
computer, the clothes and the equipment. She stared in awe.
“How can you afford this on a teacher’s salary.” I pouted.
“Money management my dear. A very useful skill in the real world.
I’ll teach you if you would like.” She nodded without speaking a
word. I loaded up my pictures and Jessica searched through them. She
noticed that they had all started the Sam way and I had documented
everything new that had taken place. Jessica groaned when she saw the
first pictures with the ball gag and handcuffs.
“I have always had a partiality for bondage, it is just the basis for
all submissiveness, handing yourself over to someone else for them to
release you whenever they are ready, it is the turning point in a
relationship, it would have to be a sign of love if I ever let
someone tie me up.” She was obviously passionate about this issue.
She kept looking through them. I heard a light knock at the door. I
let Jessica look through the pictures at her leisure while I
collected our project. She gasped occasionally, as mature as she
believed she was, she was just a girl who had little practical
experience in the field in which we were entering. I heard another
careful knock and I opened the door to see Sally turning to leave. I
put my hand on her shoulder and pulled her in. She looked shocked
before she saw me. Then the feeling changed to worry, curiosity and a
little anger. I led her through to the clothing cupboard and handed
her a leather miniskirt, a cotton top with no bra, thong panties,
stockings and heels.
“You will change into this, nothing more, nothing less. If you do
then I’m afraid you will be punished.” She waited for me to leave
before stripping, she was nowhere near as eager as Jessica. She was a
little more private. A little strange since I had seen her masturbate
to orgasm just a little while ago. I went to fetch Jessica who had
moved off the computer and she had her eyes closed, holding her feet
and stroking the tops of them. I wondered what was going on. Her eyes
opened quickly.
“I know it’s a little strange but its what turns me on, I love feet
and nails, everything feminine turns me on. I hope she is changing
into something more to my liking.” She put her feet on the floor and
stood up. I led her to the room where Sally was still dressing.
Jessica rolled her eyes.
“We will punish you if you take this long again. I will help you,
don’t struggle.” Jessica pulled Sally’s leg into her lap and grabbed
a stocking. She rolled it up and slowly pulled it up Sally’s leg,
blatantly caressing her leg on the way up. The stocking ended just
above her skirt, the lace being visible when she stood up. Jessica
‘smoothed’ the stocking while she brought her hands back down her leg
before beginning on the other leg. She repeated her performance and I
could see Sally slow what she was doing and start to breathe a little
heavier, not being able to resist the feeling of nylon and gentle
female hands on her sensitive legs and thighs. Jessica indulged her
favourite fetish when she put on the shoes. They were simple strappy
3 inch heels. To be honest, my personal fetish was high heels and
teasing. Being a dominant person meant teasing was something that I
didn’t often experience. Jessica kissed each toe after she had pulled
the erotic footwear onto Sally’s beautiful feet. I knew that they
would be used by Jessica a lot in the coming months. Sally was
finished not long after Jessica’s teasing and we led her into the
room. We sat her down on my large sofa and I pulled Jessica away.
“You can prove to me that the book works some other time, firstly I
want to try overloading her senses. Put some perfume on, I have some
strong smelling erotic perfume next to my cologne. Then put some
make-up on make sure your lips are large and soft. We will kiss and
caress every part of her body, she will get so aroused. I want to
enjoy the sensuality of a new partner tonight. Just make love to her.
Although you can join in. I want her to think we are the submissive
pair and she controls everything. Then we crush her beliefs and
identities, it will make her more pliable and it makes a refreshing
change from what I normally do to girls later on. I don’t often get
to be the sub and I enjoy it in very small doses. Don’t you feel the
same sometimes.” I could see her mind working. She kissed my cheek.
“What a wonderful idea. She will be so deluded. We can break her so
badly.” Jessica had such a twisted view on reality. It was so screwed
up, it turned me on so badly. I knew I had to separate Jessica from
my girls. It would be wrong to punish her the way I punished those
who had been so unpleasant to me. I would have to enjoy her by proxy.
Sally would take what I wanted to give to Jessica. Only once I had
finished punishing the girls could I allow sex to be a true sign of
my love for the one I gave it to. Jessica was standing above me
staring at my expression. I had let my mind wander again. It was a
habit I had picked up along the years. Another attribute I shared
with Jessica. I stood and composed myself. I had to honestly believe
that Sally was in charge to enable me to act the part realistically.
If I didn’t believe it then she would see through it if she looked
close enough. Jessica appeared to be doing the same. Hopefully Sally
was thick enough to not link the parts we were about to play with
what had happened earlier in the day in the classroom. We headed into
the living room and I tapped Jessica on the shoulder and indicated I
had an idea and to play along. We sat on either side of Sally and I
lowered my head a bit. I took her hand gently in my own two and I
brought it close to me.
“You probably have the wrong impression of why you are her with
Jessica and I.” She looked at her hand, a little distrust in her eye.
I knew how to remove it, flattery will get you everywhere in the
“We just want to be blessed with the honour of your body, it is so
incredible that we want to be allowed to touch it, to caress it.
Anything you desire we will attempt to fulfil. Just allow us to
worship your incredible body, your long elegant legs, your incredibly
perfect ass, your faultless breasts and nipples, and your face that
could only be seen elsewhere on a goddess. Please allow us to devote
ourselves to you.” Sally was blushing and I could see the compliments
fuelling her ego and leading her along a path that didn’t really
didn’t exist. She could have pulled out now and our plan would have
backfired she would have got honest grades and I could never
recapture her. She was too power hungry to accept what she had and
she grabbed the opportunity presenting itself to her. She would
regret it, but for know she would get her greatest wish. Two people
who honestly cared for nothing accept her. Jessica would never be
happy with someone just being attracted to her body and she would
have fought the entire distance to escape from the same situation,
girls like Sally were too vapid to try and run for her life and
innocence. Her voice took on a new tone that I had only heard in the
first few lessons. It was a powerful tone, she had control, she had
two lives in her hands and she couldn’t resist it. As they say,
“absolute power corrupts absolutely”. She was most definitely
corrupted by the opportunity I was giving her.
“You two worthless maggots may worship my body for as long as you
wish. I will be in control and you will only do something if I tell
you. If you disobey me I will take away the privilege of honouring
your goddess. In fact you will only call me goddess from now on. Do
you understand and agree.” She had no clue what she had let herself
in for, whatever she did would come back to her twofold. We kept the
submissive façade and our innocent eyes trained on her. We nodded
mindlessly. She enjoyed that.
“Now you will be called male and female from now on. Your names don’t
mean anything to me anymore. Now male, take my clothes off and
massage me. If you have oils use them. I left to fetch the oils I had
bought and I could just hear what was going on in the living room.
“You will pay for what you did to me you disgusting lesbian slut. I
haven’t showered since this morning and I want you to clean me, first
my feet, then my asshole, then my armpits, and of course you should
never forget to clean behind the ears. You must only use your
tongue.” Jessica loved the idea, Sally had no idea how much Jessica
would love what she was being ordered to do. She was growing to like
the idea of being a submissive occasionally. I heard Jessica’s mouth
begin to make sucking noise as she began to clean Sally’s toes. Sally
must have taken off her stockings and shoes while I was looking for
the oils.
“Male, get a move on. I want a massage and I want it now.” I grabbed
the oils and ran back in. Sally smiled when she saw the oils. She
took her skirt and top off and lay down on her front. I would begin
at her shoulders and then move down her body before beginning on her
front. I slowly put pressure on her smooth tanned skin. Her blonde
hair laid splayed out on the cushion, I couldn’t see her face and she
was only breathing lightly. I had allowed the oil to rest on her back
before I used it and then I added more to her body. Her skin folded
and resisted the pressure as I pushed my hands around her back. I
could feel the beat of her heart and the steady rhythmic breaths she
took. To be honest it was a very relaxing environment. I could hear
nothing else except occasional sucking noises from Jessica and the
breathing of Sally as she enjoyed the intense pleasure we were
bestowing upon her. I had learned to massage from my mother. She had
often come home a little stressed and she had taught me to massage
her for every occasion. She would often get up suddenly while I was
massaging her and I wouldn’t see her for a while, only occasionally
hearing a squeak from the bathroom. At the time it had confused me
but I had learned why she had taught me every way to massage her. She
became aroused by my technique and then used the taboo of the
situation as a stimulus for masturbation. When I had first figured it
out I was disgusted and I hadn’t talked to my mother for a while. I
then allowed myself to look objectively at the situation in order to
understand why she did what she did. I had then decided that everyone
needed to relive sexual feelings in some way and if that was her way
and it didn't hurt me then I supposed it was Ok. I had used her
panties to get off occasionally and she had never commented so I
decided she let me do it in return for her massages. My father was a
mystery, I never asked, my mother never told. We had an
understanding. I was thinking through my days as a child while
absently stroking my hands around the beautiful, slightly brown, skin
on a perfect 15 year olds back. I concentrated more on the current
situation and I was quickly hard again. Jessica had swapped feet due
to a command from our ‘goddess’. I was slowly progressing down her
back, the skin got softer and more like a babies the closer I got to
the virgin territory of her ass. I suddenly began to notice the
erotic heat and smell that had permeated the room. My hands were
slightly cold and so the heat from her skin was all the more
noticeable. I saw the skin on her beautiful cheeks stretch lightly
before I moved away and the muscle jumped back into place and
undulated gently. I noticed very small dimples on her ass. I could
feel them below my fingers as they travelled slowly around an area
that I shouldn’t really be anywhere near. If anyone knew what I was
doing I would be arrested. It provided a little extra excitement for
me. The taboo. The young immature flesh that was sliding beneath my
cool oily hands. There was a tiny piece of baby fat which made her
skin stick slightly to my fingers. I could feel the cushion-like
softness of her ass in comparison to her well muscled back, she would
need a healthy muscled back to support the weight of those large
pendulous breasts. The anticipation from early had disappeared and it
was replaced by pure excitement. I had the thighs of a mid-teen
cheerleader in my 32 year old hands. Most men would give a lot to be
in the same position I was in, and all I wanted to do was go further
with her. This girl was only a few years into puberty, she was still
thinking about first kisses and still had the youthful innocence and
dreams that all young girls should have. She was not long out of the
doll stage and she was only just starting her real life. It was such
a strange feeling. I was learning to drive, being tormented by girls
her age when she was born. She was in diapers when I was in college.
She was learning to talk while I was struggling to manage with my
first girlfriends and plotting revenge. There were 17 years
difference between us. She was younger than the difference in years.
It intensified my hard-on and I sped up my massaging. I moved down
the soft skin towards Jessica’s enthusiastic sucking mouth. I could
see the fierce pleasure and arousal on her face as she worked her
tongue and lips around every part of the foot of this plutocratic
slut. I could see her right foot was drying but it still glistened in
the evening light. The beautiful pedicure made her feet look
incredible. She had obviously been wearing high-heels for a while
because she had an impressive arch, it looked so sexy due to her tiny
feet, in comparison with the rest of her body her feet were very
small. Jessica occasionally sucked in several toes into her mouth,
coating them with saliva before moving to the next. Her eyes were
closed and one hand rubbed the crotch of her pants. I swapped legs
and started to move back up her body, I was going to play with
Jessica’s mind as well, just to tease. I moved up to Sally’s ear and
whispered to her about Jessica’s crotch activities. She turned over
and sat up.
“Female. I didn’t say you could fuck yourself, you will do that if I
allow you to, wait there.” Sally got up and headed into the clothes
room. She came out with handcuffs. She pulled Jessica’s hands behind
her back and Jessica struggled, it was a real struggle, she wasn’t
willing to let that part of her go. Sally was obviously fitter than
Jessica and I almost regretted telling her. I heard the click of the
cuffs and Sally lay down on her back. Her legs rested on the table so
and her legs were spread slightly.
“Female I want you to get down under my legs and lick my asshole.
Don’t stop till I tell you, you will have to you your brown nose to
burrow through my tight cheeks to get there. Male you can start on my
front. You also get a little reward.” She mimed ‘come here’ I did so
and she closed her eyes and pouted her lips. I got the picture. I
kissed her and she pushed her tongue into my mouth. We kissed quite
passionately, obviously this was one of the things she knew how to
do.” She stopped and her breathing had become deeper.
“Male, you are one excellent kisser, I will have to keep you around.”
She waved me away and lay back with her eyes closed. I began with her
ankles and I massaged both legs at the same time. I wanted to cover
as much ground as possible. I wanted to get to the mountains on her
chest as fast as possible. The objects she teased everyone with were
exposed in front of her teacher. I worked my magic up both legs, the
soft inside thighs, the harder but still baby-soft calves and knees.
At the waist I contemplated playing with her young virgin pussy but I
suddenly realised what I was doing, I wanted to start my real life.
What was I doing fucking around like this. I stood up picked Sally up
and put her down on the couch, she had only just opened her eyes and
she was shocked. I just couldn’t be bothered to play any games. I
picked up Jessica and took the cuffs off her. I had bought them, I
knew exactly how to take them off and after 14 years in the gym it
didn’t matter whether I knew how to work them, I could rip them off
her arms. I was holding her wrists together and I cuffed them
together. I picked her thong off the floor and I rolled it into a
ball. It went straight into her mouth, her eyes were as wide as I had
ever seen a girls eyes. I had never been this aggressive. The
frustration that had never been released and had built up with other
girls was coming out now, fuck the games, fuck the plans, fuck the
hypnosis. This would be raw torture.
Cont. SOON.

Look for part II

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