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EYEDREAM story copyright 2002 Kelly Adams


Eye sent me a message. I was told that I would dream tonight.
Eye Dream
by Kelly Adams (
My eyes are heavy. My head hits the pillow.
I dream.
I am Laura Harring in "Mulholland Drive." I am making love to Naomi
Watts. Our bare breasts are touching as we softly kiss. It is new to
me, yet familiar. Her mouth moves down to my left breast. She takes
the crown of my tit in her mouth, sucking. Her teeth gently close on
my nipple--she tugs, ever so slightly, out and away, then lets go.
She repeats with the other breast. Her hand moves down between my
thighs. Her fingers enter me, my warm wetness inviter her in. As she
moves inside me my breath becomes sharper, harder. With each passing
moment my desire grows until I come. I am hers and she is mine. We
are one.
I dream.
I am on a bus, sitting in a back seat, moving through a town I do
not know. My skirt is short; I am not wearing panties. My arm is
between my thighs--I do not move my hand, but allow the bouncing of
the bus to move for me. It is exciting, like masturbating but not
having complete control.

The bus stops, and I exit. It is dark, and the street is deserted. A
pay phone rings, and I answer it. A voice tells me to walk two blocks
to a certain address, then enter and go up the stairs.

I do not question the instructions. I just follow them.

My heels clack on the sidewalk as I navigate the deserted street.
The street lights are spaced just so that there is three feet of
darkness between every pool of light.

I arrive at my destination and enter. I follow the stairs up and
find myself in a darkened room--there is a soft glow of light, but I
cannot determine the source.

I move to the center of the room and kneel on the floor. Then I

A spotlight comes on, with me in the center. A woman approaches. She
is in black: four inch stiletto heels, fishnet stockings, a
front-lace bustier, and long gloves. I wonder, is this Eye?

I look up, but I cannot see her face. Her true identity is hidden from me.

My arms are behind me; they are not restrained, though I cannot move

I cannot see beyond the circle of light I am in. Yet I feel that
people are watching.

The woman (Eye?) commands me to please her. I do. I press my face
into her sex, my tongue licks, my mouth sucks.

She comes, her juices flowing. I eagerly lap them up.

The woman departs. I am left alone. The light goes out.
I dream.
The sex is raunchy. Hot.

I am in a sixty-nine with a blonde. She is on top. I have spread
apart her pussy lips with my fingers and am licking her hard and
fast. She is moving two fingers inside of me as she sucks on my

There is no relenting. I want her to come. I need her to come. The
smell of her sex is intoxicating, her taste divine. She fucks me as
I fuck her.

We come, together, as one.

Then we start again.
I awaken.
My body is warm, though my skin is cold with sweat.

My lover lies beside me, asleep. Does she dream?

Eye sent me a message. I was told that Eye would dream tonight.


The Fine Print: This story is copyright 2002 Kelly Adams. All
rights reserved. Permission is granted to distribute via and
archive in in accordance with a.s.s.m.
guidelines and policies.

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