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Eating my daughter


!!! The following document contains material of an adult nature if you are
under the age of 21 you should turn of your computer and go to bed NOW!!!

I ate my daughter's pussy.

My wife had gone out for the evening with her friends, leaving me at
home with my daughter Jill who is twelve and my son Stephen who is eight.
We had supper and watched tv for a couple of hours then I Stephen to go for
a shower before bed he went upstairs and got into the shower after some
time I heard Stephen leave the bathroom and told Jill to go and take her

Jill went upstairs and I put the kettle on to make a drink, I went
upstairs to ask Stephen if he wanted a hot drink before bed as I climbed
the stairs I could hear giggling coming from the bathroom. I crept quietly
to the top of the stairs where I saw the reason for the giggling Stephen
was in the bathroom with Jill he was wearing only his boxers and was facing
Jill who was stripped naked apart from a tiny pair of white panties. I
stood perfectly still and quiet and watched as Jill instructed Stephen on
how to fondle her breasts while she slipped her hand inside his boxers and
began to fondle his small boyish cock. I could see Jill's black pubes
clearly visible through her panties and the wet patch between her legs
Stephen took Jill's nipple into his mouth and Jill started to rub her clit
as well as stroking Stephen's young cock.

I found myself getting extremely aroused watching my children pleasuring
each other and had no intention of stopping them when suddenly Jill jumped
as she noticed my presence I immediately began to walk towards them as if I
had just arrived.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Nothing!" they both replied as one.

"Well you get ready for bed and come downstairs Stephen, Jill you get
your shower and your nightdress on then come down." I said.

All this time my eyes were glued to Jill's sexy body as she folded her
arms to cover her pert breasts but my attention was on the wet spot between
her legs, I eventually turned and walked away and Jill shut the bathroom
door. I went down stairs and made a pot of tea and son Stephen came down I
could not help notice the slight bulge underneath his PJ's.

"So what were you doing with your sister in the bathroom?" I asked.

"Nothing, nothing we were just talking!" he replied.

"It didn't look like nothing." I said.

"I am going to bed, I am tired!" Stephen said as he blushed slightly
quickly setting of upstairs to his room.

I heard the bathroom door open and the sound of Stephen and Jill
whispering at the top of the stairs though I could not make out what they
were saying I could imagine. I took my drink through to the lounge and lay
on the couch to watch some more TV, as I lay there I found myself
masturbating inside my trousers thinking about the erotic sights earlier. I
heard Jill coming down and pulled my hand quickly from the waistband of my
trousers Jill came into the lounge wearing a short white nightdress with a
teddy on the front. I found myself thinking about my daughter in a way
that I never had before, I just wanted to rip her nightdress of and make
love to her there and then but I resisted the urge.

I had pulled my legs up slightly to try and cover my erection and as
usual Jill decided to climb over the top of me and curl up behind my legs
as she did so I saw that she was not wearing any panties I had a perfect
view of her plump red pussy lips surrounded by the sparse black downy

"You should keep that covered up if I see it again I will have to eat
it!" I said as I playfully touched her pussy with my toe.

She looked both shocked and excited.

"Is that what you were trying to get Stephen to do in the bathroom?" I

"No!" she replied now blushing intensely.

"It looked like it to me!" I said.

"You are disgusting!" she replied.

"Nothing disgusting about eating a nice sexy pussy!" I said.

Jill blushed and adjusted her nightdress pushing the hem under her knees
I could see that she was uncomfortable with the way the conversation was
going and would have stopped if I had not seen the sheen of her juices on
her pussy lips as she moved.

"I just saw it again, now I am going to have to eat it!" I said

Jill looked worried as I sat up and moved towards her I pretended to
make a joke of it.

"OK! I said you have two choices you can get tickled or have your pussy licked which one?" I asked.

"None!" Jill said as she relaxed a little, she was still blushing but
now she had a dirty little smile.

"No you have to choose one or I will do both!" I said.

"Neither!" she said.

"OK then I will have to decide I guess I will have to tickle you!" I

I leant over and began to tickle her ribs ensuring that I moved her
nightdress up a little to reveal her silky white thighs and rubbed her
breasts accidentally at the same time. She was now giggling and laughing
and did not notice that she was exposing her pussy in all its glory as she
tried to push me away with her feet. I took hold of her ankle and quickly
moved my mouth to her pussy lips running my tongue along the length of her
slit before she pushed my head away her juices were the sweetest thing I
had ever tasted.

"Well you didn't choose so I had to do both!" I said.

Jill looked shocked and a little upset I put my arm around her and
cuddled her gently I could see a small tear in the corner of her eye I
wiped it away.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"You should not have done that!" She said.

"I'm sorry but you have the sexiest little pussy I have ever seen, and
after I saw you playing with Stephen in the bathroom earlier I thought that
you might like me to teach you about sex because I love you so much." I

"We weren't doing anything!" she said.

"I was watching and listening for a long time, you asked Stephen to
touch you there but he wouldn't, I also saw you playing with his cock while
he sucked your sexy tit's." I said.

Jill blushed and I kissed her on the forehead and gave her a hug.

"There is nothing wrong with what I did I just wanted to show you some
things about sex like you wanted to show Stephen upstairs." I said Jill
began to relax a little.

"Didn't like the way it felt when my tongue went along here!" I said
sliding the tip of my finger along her slit pausing briefly on her clit
until she shuddered.

"A bit!" she replied.

"Well that's OK then, I loved licking your sexy pussy and I tastes
beautiful so what's wrong with that I would love to make you come by
licking it again." I said.

She was obviously becoming excited and made no attempt to stop me as I
parted her legs and began to rub her clit between my fingers soon she was
writhing and close to coming and I stopped before she could climax.

"Ooh don't stop please?" she pleaded.

"No if you want me to make you come you have to let me do it with my
tongue!" I said as I gently stroked her clit one more time with my finger.

"OK!" she whispered.

I lay her back on the couch and pulled her nightdress up above her waist
positioning her pussy on the edge of the seat as I knelt on the floor in
front of her, I took hold of both ankles and placed them apart on the seat
giving me perfect access to her pussy. As I began licking from her anus to
her clit she started to push her pussy tight against my mouth I inserted my
tongue into her pussy where I felt her hymen. Soon Jill was groaning
loudly in the throws of a full-blown orgasm I released her ankles and slid
my hands up to cup her pert young breasts as she pushed her pelvis forward
against my face as I concentrated on her clitoris she came several times I
picked her limp body up in my arms and sat on the couch with her on my lap
I kissed her gently on the forehead.

"Well did you like that?" I asked.

Jill blushed and nodded I could feel her warm wet pussy lips pushing
against my rock hard member and as she lay in my arms looking into my eyes
I decided that she was to young for full intercourse. We sat there quietly
for a few minutes and I gently caressed her young breasts and explored the
rest of her body she was now totally relaxed and almost falling asleep in
my arms.

"Would you like me to make you come again before you go to bed?" I

Again Jill blushed and nodded I lifted her nightdress over her head now
she was totally naked she was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, I
lay back on the couch and manoeuvred her above my face with her legs either
side of my head and I started to lick her anus before inserting my tongue
deep into her hole. I reached up and fondled her breasts and she shuddered
as she had another orgasm I continued to work on her clit and slid my hand
down and undid my trousers my throbbing member popped free making a tent in
my boxers. I took hold of Jill's hand and guided it to my member guiding
her to rub it back and forth as she came once more, then I guided her hand
inside my boxers and as her tiny hand gripped my throbbing cock I struggled
against the urge to come.

I continued to eat Jill's pussy sucking her clit between my lips
playfully biting it now and again I raised my pelvis pulled my boxers and
trousers down before guiding both of Jill's hands to encircle my cock. I
guided her hands to stroke my member and pull back the foreskin rubbing the
throbbing purple head with her tiny hand. I returned to fondling her
breasts and she was soon groaning loudly once more I could no longer resist
the urge to come and I felt my cock explode more violently than I could
ever remember before I felt the thick creamy cum landing on my belly Jill
continued to pull my foreskin back and forth wildly her juices were flowing
down my throat as she came more violently than before.

Jill collapsed on top of me and I lapped the last drop s of her juices
from her slit before I sat up lifting her to her feet. As she stood before
me I could see the blobs of my come on her breasts and began to lick them
off the taste of my own juices mixing with hers was so erotic.

"Urggh!" she said.

"Its ok it tastes fine!" I said as I scooped a little from my belly and
offered it to her a little reluctantly she licked it and took it into her
mouth she was not keen but eventually swallowed.

It was getting late I gave her a kiss and said "you had better have a
shower and get in bed before mum gets home!"

Jill went straight to the bathroom and I went to check on Stephen before
following her in I stripped naked and joined her in the shower washing her
all over and making her come by caressing her clit then I dried her off and
kissed her on the lips.

"Go and get in bed and I will come and kiss you goodnight!" I said she
disappeared into her room.

After I dried and dressed I went to Jill's room and leant over to kiss
her goodnight but I pulled back the blanket parted her legs and kissed her
pussy lips one last time Jill just giggled.

"Goodnight darling" I said as I left the room.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned my teeth again before going to check
everything was in order downstairs.

This all happened several years ago and at least once or twice a week
since my daughter has insisted on me giving her a goodnight kiss when ever
the opportunity arises and several good morning kisses for luck.


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