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Effective School Discipline


Effective School Discipline {John Jabbin} {Mf Mdom NC}
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Effective School Discipline
by John Jabbin
"Do you know why you're here, Allison," I asked the
mousy brunette sophomore.

"Not really, Mr. Smith," she responded quietly, shyly.
"I've never been to the Vice Principal's office before.

"You're here because we received an anonymous tip that
you were selling drugs in the girl's bathroom between
second and third period today."

"But that's ... that's ... that's just crazy. Mr.
Smith, I've never done anything like that."

"I really don't believe you have either, Allison.
You've always been the model student. You make good
grades. You've never caused a lick of problem in
school. But we really must take every tip like this
seriously. I hope you understand."

"Of course, Mr. Smith. Drugs on campus can't be
tolerated. What do I need to do?"

"I need to inspect your bookbag, Allison. Just set it
here on this table."

"Yes, Sir. There's nothing in it but my schoolbooks."

"I'm sure you're right, Allison. Would you consent to
the search being videotaped for legal reasons? The
lawyers from the school board insist on such

"That would be fine, Mr. Smith."

"Okay, dear, let me just start the tape rolling. There.
My name is Jonathan Smith, Vice Principle of Langford
High School. With me is sophomore student Allison
James. Earlier today I received an anonymous tip
alleging that Miss James was selling drugs in a girl's
bathroom at school. Miss James has consented to allow
me to inspect her bookbag for contraband items. Is that
true, Miss James, have you consented to this search

"Yes, sir," Allison said meekly.

I opened up the bookbag in front of the tripod-mounted
video camera. After pulling out the textbooks and
assorted paraphernalia of a young schoolgirl, I saw the
paper bag that one of my very worst students had
planted in her bag at my insistence. As soon as I
pulled it out, Allison's face turned white and she
began to babble.

"What is that? I've never seen that bag before, Mr.
Smith. That's not mine!"

"Now Allison, calm down. Let's just see what's in

There was quite an interesting selection of items, all
of them either outright forbidden by school policy or
designed to be highly embarrassing. There were drugs,
bags of grass and speed. There were condoms, sexual
lubricant, a hypodermic needle and, the piece de
resistance, a small Saturday night special handgun.

"Oh my, Allison," I said glaring at the distraught
child. "This does not look good. Can you explain to me
what you are doing with these items on school grounds?"

"Mr. Smith, I've never seen any of these things before
in my life. Please! You have to believe me!"

"Allison, maybe it would be best if you not say
anything else until the police get here. I'm sure
they'll want to question you before they place you
under arrest, child."

"But Mr. Smith, someone must have put that paper bag in
my bookbag when I wasn't looking. That stuff doesn't
belong to me. Please, believe me!"

"Here's a pad, Allison. Please write down your parent's
names and how we can call them. I don't think they'll
be able to get here before the police, but we can only
try. Maybe your mother can ride down in the squad car
with you to jail."

I cut off the videotape and watched the poor, pitiful
girl crying as she tried to scrawl her parent's names
and phone numbers onto the pad of paper as her tears
poured down her cheeks. She looked so lovely in her
sorrow, her shiny dark hair looking almost as wet as
her eyes.

"Allison, there is one chance that all this can be
avoided. I could use discretion in your case if I could
be convinced that you really had nothing to do with
these items. It would be highly irregular and frankly
I'm not at all sure that you could convince me."

"Please, Mr. Smith! I'll do anything! Please don't call
the police. Please don't call my parents."

"I don't know, Allison. If anyone else were to find out
about this, you would have to go to jail immediately.
You'd have to trust me and tell me the absolute truth
as I investigate. If you lie to me even once, I'd have
to call the police immediately. The evidence, the
videotape, everything speaks for itself, Allison. It's
very damaging. I'm sure you'd be convicted as it

Oh please, Mr. Smith! Please help me!"

"Well, we can try, Allison, but like I said, any lying
or any resistance at all and I'd have to report this.
Do you understand? Do you agree to cooperate with me

"YES! Oh yes, Mr. Smith. Thank you!"

"Okay then, Allison. The first thing that I am required
to do is to make sure you don't have any more drugs or
weapons on you. I have to search your purse and then
search to make sure you're not carrying anything on
you. Do you understand? Are you sure you want to do

"Yes, please. I don't have anything else."

I asked to see her purse. There was nothing in it but
little girl things: makeup, notes from friends and
tampons. Whenever I spread her package of tampons on
the table top in front of her and made a point of
inspecting them thoroughly, she grew crimson with

"Okay, Allison. There's nothing here, though I want to
keep your purse for now until I have a chance to read
these notes and letters. Please stand up, I have to
check and see if you have any drugs or weapons hidden
on you right now. That's it dear, just put your hands
on the table and lean forward. Feet a little further
apart, dear. Now don't take your hands off the table
until I tell you it's okay."

I began at the top of her head with her hair. I love a
young girl's hair. It feels so soft and alive when it's
well maintained like Allison's was. I ran my fingers
through her scalp, feeling the silky hair pass
sensuously through them. Already, just by touching her,
I began to develop an erection.

"Girls often hide needles in their hair, Allison. I
have to be thorough."

She was wearing a blue knit pullover. I could see the
outline of her bra against the loose fabric. Allison
had small breasts that rode high on her chest. She was
a good bit shorter than me and a bit on the slender

I patted down her small shoulders, slipping a finger
under her collar as I felt the soft skin of her throat
and upper chest. I patted down her sides, reaching up
to grasp her underarms, ostensibly feeling for needles
and weapons but in reality just touching her in soft,
sensitive places.

My search continued down her sides, grazing the
outsides of her breasts. When I got to her waist, my
hands circled the band between her top and her skirt. I
pulled up on the loose folds of her blouse, untucking
it from inside her skirt. I raised the hem and put my
hands underneath it, feeling the soft, warm skin of her
belly with both hands.

"Girls who deal drugs often hide their stash in their
bras, Allison, because they think that no one would
look there. I have to check, dear. Are you sure you'd
rather me do this than call the police?"

Allison, embarrassed by all her prospects, took a
moment to think. I decided right then that it was the
last such moment of decision I would allow her. Slowly,
sniveling as she did it, she nodded affirmatively and
whispered, "Yes, Sir."

My hands slid upward until they encountered the bottom
seam of her bra. From there, they traced the seam and
the soft flesh it rested on all the way to the center
of her back. When my hands hesitated there, Allison
drew in a quick breath, obviously concerned that I
would unhook the first defense of her chastity.

Instead, I wedged the tips of my fingers under her bra
and began to circle her small body once more. This
time, as my hands reached her sides I also brought my
thumbs up and under the edge and continued around until
my fingers met again at her breastbone.

Having encountered neither contraband nor any
resistance other than a sharp intake of breath, my
hands raised upward slightly until they cupped the
undersides of Allison's smallish breasts.

Squeezing her soft flesh, I pushed upward on her bra
with the back of my hand until it rose out of the way.
Cupping her tits completely, I felt the nipples expand
and harden slightly against my palm. I didn't maul her
though. She was still a little girl, even though she
was at least sixteen. Instead, I let the nipples brush
against my palms as I slid them slowly back and forth
in circles.

Allison groaned and drew back, only to find that she
was arching her buttocks into my hard crotch. That
sensation only made her want to press forward where my
hands were once again ready to embrace her. I leered
over her shoulder as she vacillated back and forth. She
was so pretty in her indecision.

Curving my palms inward, I caressed the upper slope of
her little tits, then allowed them to slide down just
enough to catch her erect nipples between my third and
fourth fingers. As I squeezed her nipples firmly
between my fingers, I cupped the tops of her breasts
and rocked them back and forth, giving her nipples the
slightest little twist with each movement of my wrists.

Allison's breathing became ragged, her bottom pressed
against my crotch. Being shorter than I, my hard cock
pressed into the soft upper reaches of her bottom. But
that only meant that as she pressed back against me,
she also pressed back against my testicles, stirring
them with her movements.

"Please stop," she whispered pleadingly. It was such a
soft whisper. Easy to ignore.

As my last two fingers gripped her nipples, I pulled
out on them too, stretching them. When they had
stretched out as far as they would go, Allison's face
became contorted into a grimace and she began sucking
air in through her teeth in quick gasps.

Oh my, I really hadn't expected her to respond this

"Some girls hide things in their panties, Allison," I
whispered in her ear, twisting her stretched out little
nipples as I did so. "I think I'm going to have to
check in your panties very thoroughly, Allison. Are you
ready for me to check you there?"

"No, please don't," she pleaded softly.

"But I must, Allison," I replied, my warm breath
flicking at her ear, my hands continuing to rub her
tits. "Now remember, you have to answer everything
truthfully. When I check inside your panties, are you
going to be wet?"

"Please, no!"

"Answer my question, Allison," I said more insistently,
twisting her nipples painfully this time. "Are you
going to be wet when I check?"

"Yes. Yes. Oh god, you're hurting me."

"A drug dealing whore like you needs to be hurt,
Allison. Do you think they'll treat you nicely in jail?
A sweet piece of meat like you?"

Giving her nipples a last twist and tug, I reluctantly
brought my hands out from under Allison's blouse,
sliding them down her firm little body as I did so.
When I got to her waist, I gripped it and pulled her
back against me firmly, rocking her hips and grinding
my cock into her soft ass.

After a moment of enjoying this feeling, I brought both
hands down and lifted Allison's lengthy skirt and
tucked the end into its waistband. By stepping back
just a bit, I was clearly able to see her panties, a
pretty pure white cotton with small girly blue and
yellow flowers.

Allowing the tips of my fingers to barely touch one
another, I put my hands full on Allison's dainty ass. I
felt a shiver run through her body as I squeezed her
buns, pulling the cheeks apart slightly as I massaged
her. Then, while continuing that rhythm with the left
hand, I slid my right hand to the front panel and
rested it lightly until my big hands completely covered
her cotton-encased mound.

The heat that was being generated from Allison's crotch
was phenomenal. It was as though I could feel her
vaginal lips blushing. There was a definite dampness to
her panties that was lovely to feel. As my fingers
began to press in and curl slightly, that dampness
increased as the material was pressed into her wetness.

"Yes, Allison," I whispered softly in her ear. "You
were right. You are definitely wet. We're about to find
out how wet. I'm about to pull your panties down and
slip my fingers in your crack and find out how really
wet your are. I have to see if you're hiding anything,
don't I? I know that naughty girls hide all sorts of
things in their vaginas. Are you hiding anything in
your cunt, Allison?"

"Please, I want to stop. Please stop!"

"Shut up, Allison. I don't want to hear you speak
again. Spread your legs a little wider, slut. If you
would just cooperate, this will all be over soon."

I pulled her panties down but not off, just enough to
move them out of the way. Then, stepping to the side
slightly, I allowed both hands to take possession of
Allison's naked flesh.

The left hand draped over her asscheeks. As I curled
them and squeezed, the tip of the middle finger sank
deep and touched warm flesh in the crease. At the same
time, the right hand draped over her bare mound in
front. Sparse, soft hairs caressed the palm. When my
fingers curled and cupped, the middle finger of that
hand came to rest between Allison's soft vaginal lips.

What a response went through little Allison's body!
Clearly I was touching what no man had ever touched
before. There was panic in her eyes. Her jaw was
trembling and she was standing on tiptoe, as though by
trying to rise up on her toes she could escape the
molestation of my hands.

The finger of my right hands slipped gradually between
the crack, her fat pussy lips coming to rest on either
side of it. The other fingers squeezed her puffy flesh
against it. In this way, my finger began to worm its
way into Allison's cunt.

"You are a wet little bitch," I spoke seductively into
her ear. "I think you enjoy getting fingered and felt
up. Do you, Allison? Do you enjoy my fingers feeling up
your cunt and ass?"

"No, I..."

"I said shut up!" I growled at her. "Haven't you ever
heard of a rhetorical question, you stupid slut? You
think I need you to tell me that you like this when you
cunt is so dripping wet? You think I'm listening to
your lying mouth when your pussy is practically sucking
my fingers inside your hungry holes?"

"No ..."

"If you don't shut that mouth right now, girl, I'll
cram it full of my cock. I bet a slut like you would
like that, Allison. I'll make a deal with you, whore.
If you say anything else, I'm gonna shove my dick down
your throat and I'm not going to be gentle. If you can
keep quiet from now on, I won't do it. Is that a deal,
whore? Please say yes, or say no for that matter. Just
say anything at all. I want to feel my cock in your

My fingers and hands became more aggressive and
searching. I kneaded her ass, squeezing it like white
dough. My finger in her cunt began to curl and I
slipped the tip into her hole and began to waggle it
around. Allison's hips began to respond unconsciously,
trying to pull away from the finger, only to be met
with my other hand as it began to probe her ass. Back
and forth her little hips went, slipping fingers first
in cunt and then in ass.

In this fashion, despite her best efforts, Allison
became more and more aroused. She almost acted as
though oblivious to the way she was provoking her own
arousal. Looking at her, seeing her unsuccessfully try
to avoid my manipulations, one would wonder if she had
ever masturbated at all. If she had simply held her
hips still, it would have been better for her. As it
was, she really was thrusting back and forth like a

But this was no whore. This was a frightened, innocent
girl being whipsawed by a man's experienced fingers and
being aroused and excited beyond her wishes or desires.
In a sense, it didn't matter what she wanted. My hands
and her cunt conspired against her.

Allison's breathing came in gulps. Her eyes were closed
and she was biting her upper lip. She would jerk every
time my finger touched a deeper spot. My finger in her
dry ass was now past the first joint. Her little
nipples stood pointy under the knit top, even with her
lumpy loose bra pushed up over them.

"You're about to cum for me, aren't you slut? Your cunt
is about to cum hard on my finger, isn't it? I may
revise our deal, a little. If you cum real good, I may
just fuck you instead. Would you like that, whore?
Would you like a big, thick cock inside you instead?
Would you like me to bend you over this table and fuck
you in your wet, cummy snatch?

"Go ahead, answer me! Answer me so I can throw you down
on the floor and fuck your mouth right now. Or better
yet, just cum for me so I can bend you over and fuck
the shit out of you. Either way it's okay with me
because from now on you're going to be my own special
whore, Allison. From now on I may fuck you every
morning and make you suck my cock every afternoon.
Would you like that slut? Would that be enough cock for

Allison's orgasm began in her stomach. She began to
cramp as though she was folding in half. I could see
her trying very hard to hold it back, but the force of
it was too much to contain inside her little frame. I
shoved into her cunt deeper with my finger and with my
thumb, rubbed her clit faster. She squeezed down,
trying to stop it, but her mouth opened into a
grimacing oval and her body let loose. It may have been
her first orgasm. I could definitely tell it was her

As she climaxed, I pumped her, front and back. With
quick, sure movements I finger fucked her, stretching
out her no-doubt virgin holes. As her first, hard
convulsions settled into deeper ones, I held her close
and allowed the fingers in both holes to pulse slowly
in sync with one another.

What a gorgeous display! I love making these little
whores cum and nothing is finer than making them cum
the first time. Allison will have to be disciplined
again very soon, I could tell. I would see to it,

I patted her pussy dry with a soft cloth and pulled her
little flowered panties up snug. I pulled down her
skirt and straightened the way it fell. Then I started
to put Allison's books back into her bag.

I pushed Allison up straight. She had still been
leaning against the table. I reached up under her
blouse and straightened up her bra somewhat, being
careful not to fondle her tits as I did. Then I grabbed
a brush from my desk and smoothed down her hair as she
stared at me with frightened eyes. Setting the brush
aside, I took Allison's embarrassed face between my two

"Now listen to me, Allison Lawrence. If you ever have
to come back here, I will fuck you. I'll fuck you so
hard you may not be able to walk out the door. You've
convinced me that the drugs weren't yours. You're just
a poor little, mixed up slut. You're no drug dealer.

"I'm going to keep this videotape though. If you cause
any more trouble, I can still use it. Now I want you to
run to the girl's bathroom and freshen up.

"Oh, and Allison," I said softly while tilting her head
and moving in to give her a deep, full kiss that left
the little girl breathless. "You really did look
beautiful when you came so hard on my fingers!"

Allison's eyes flew wide and she gulped and licked her
lips. I let the little brunette loose and she
practically flew from the room, her lovely shiny hair
flowing out behind her.

I watched her as she ran away. These pretty little
girls will be the death of me one day.

"Miss Rogers," I said into my intercom, paging my long-
time trusted assistant. "Could you cum in here, I need


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