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Elaine Part I


The Introduction (nc, Mdom, mast, slow, teen) Celene (c) 2001 Any comments

**************************************** The Worthless Disclaimer
Section Don't read this if you're stupid. (But then, if you're stupid,
you're not going to listen to me anyway.) Don't read this if you're
underage. (Yeah, like you're going to get all the way here and then close
down the browser just cause I told you to.) Don't read this if you don't
want to read about the things in the subject codes. (This is the part of
the disclaimer that really interests me. You know, don't read if you don't
like these things: blah, blah, blah. Like people are too dumb to figure it
out by themselves - "Oh! Yeah! I really *don't* like bondage. Huh. Why
didn't I think of that before. Thanks, disclaimer!") Don't read this if
you think it might make you arrest me. (I'm not joking. Please don't
arrest me. I'm too young to go to prison.)

Note from author: (This is an introduction to these series of stories.
Really. Just like the title says. If you're looking for the hot and heavy
parts, you're going to be disappointed. Don't complain that I didn't warn

Elaine wasn't particularly worried when the plain blue van pulled up
next to her. It was May, the last day of school, and her sixteenth
birthday - how in the world could anything go wrong? "Hey, miss, we're
lost," said the nice-looking guy in the passenger seat. "Could you tell us
how to get to Fairbanks Street?" He rattled the map in his hands. Elaine
stepped close to the window, not even hearing the footsteps behind her
until it was too late. A cloth was forced over her nose and mouth, and a
cloying stench filled her lungs. The last thing she saw was the van door
opening up to swallow her whole.

She jerked awake as somebody slapped her across the face, hard. "Wake
up, bitch. The Master wants to see you." Elaine tried to open her mouth,
and found it was already wide open, stretched by an inflatable ball gag.
She made protesting noises in the back of her throat, but the gag was
pretty effective. She wasn't tied, but her muscles were oddly limp, and
she found that she had problems moving. She moaned as hands half dragged,
half carried her through a dark hallway into another room. Elaine looked
around cautiously. The room was a long, vaulted hall with a Middle Eastern
feel. All the windows were high on the walls, and the light streaming
through them illuminated the scene very clearly. An enormous black man reclined on a stack of silk pillows, his legs spread wide. In between
them, a young girl knelt, her face buried against his crotch. She wore a
gold choke collar around her neck; the other end was attached to a nearby
pillar. Two other girls nestled against the black man, massaging and
kissing him. He ignored them utterly. It was like some scene out of one
of those books that Elaine's mom had forbidden her to read. She tried to
convince herself that she was dreaming, but the ache in her head spoke to
the reality of her situation. She tried to speak. "So. You are the
little cunt." The man's voice was soft, almost gentle. Elaine couldn't
believe that he could say such a horrid word with no inflection at all.
"Take her clothes, Simon." One of the men beside her ripped open her shirt.
Elaine screamed, and struggled, but the other one held her firmly while the
other stripped her completely nude. The black man looked her over. "Nice
tits. Jiggle them for me." One of the men shook her roughly. Elaine
moaned, and dropped her head in humiliation as her breasts jounced merrily
up and down. One of the men grabbed a handful of her hair, and hauled her
hair back. "Look. How cute. She's blushing." There was crass laughter,
and Elaine could feel her skin all over her body heating up. The black man laughed. "Stand her up by that pillar." The two men hauled her over to the
indicated column, and grabbed chains that descended from the sides,
clapping her wrists into them. Elaine hung helplessly. She tried
struggling, but she was still rather weak, and the men just made snide
remarks about her bouncing tits. "Leave us," said the black man. He
shoved aside the girls, and walked to her. Elaine could now see what the
girl's body had blocked - a rippling body, powerful arms, knotted legs, and
. . . her gaze locked on the rod jutting from his body. She'd never seen
a cock before, and had never imagined that it would be so big and so
menacing. Semi-erect and glistening, it hung from his body like another
limb, purple-black and as thick as a healthy sapling. She turned her face
away as he approached. His hand grasped her chin, and tilted it up at a
cruel angle. "Impressive, isn't it, cunt? I bet you're slobbering for a
taste of it. Don't worry. There's enough for every hole in your body, and
some left over." Elaine closed her eyes. "I have waited a long time for
this day, slut." A long time? Elaine opened her eyes, startled. He bent
over her, his face inches from hers. "Oh, yes. Sixteen years exactly."
Sixteen years? It was her birthday today . . . the smile on his face
confirmed her suspicions. "I'm going to tell you a little story. You
don't have to listen, but I think you'll be interested. After all, haven't
you always wondered why your daddy left you and your mommy?" He chuckled,
and smoothed back her hair with an enormous hand before sliding down her
body to cup her breast. The fingers caressed her nipple teasingly. Elaine
tried to ignore the sudden surge of desire. "When your parents got
married, they wanted to have kids. Lots of kids," he whispered, tugging
her nipple gently. His free hand slipped between her legs. Elaine shook
her head and tried to move away, but couldn't. His thick fingers moved
gently across the entrance to her cunt. She tried to push away the
feelings that he was rousing in her, but his fingers felt so . . . so
good. She tried to close her legs again, but she didn't try very hard. He
brought his fingers to his nose, and inhaled deeply before wiping them in
her hair and returning to her cunt. "Unfortunately, after several years of
trying, your mother still hadn't conceived," he continued. "So they went
to a specialist - a fertility specialist." He rubbed her clit gently, and
she couldn't repress a moan of pleasure. "Your mother took some drugs to
increase her fertility. I was one of her studio models, and I took quite a
fancy to her." She gasped as he twisted her nipple sharply, accompanying
the movement with added pressure on her clit and a fluttering of his
fingers against her slit. She could feel her cunt dripping onto his
fingers. "I came in for my studio appointment one day, and there your
parents were, humping like bunnies. Your father was just spitting his
sperm into your mother's tight cunt when I walked in." He spiraled his
forefinger against her folds as he worked her clit rapidly with his thumb.
"So I took matters into my own hands, knowing that she was fertile. I
couldn't bear to let that bastard mount what was properly mine.
Fortunately, he had to get back to work. So while your mother lay there
recovering . . . well, let's just say that I gave her the best ride of her
life." Elaine moved her hips helplessly against his hand. The feeling she
wanted was so close she could almost taste it. "Unfortunately, one egg was
already fertilized. But my sperm reached another little egg that wasn't."
Elaine froze, looking at him with mute eyes. "That's right, fuckcunt.
Nine months later, your mother gave birth to twins - one white daughter and
one black son. That was the day your father left you. I came to collect
my son. I'm afraid your mother didn't put up much of a fight." He
chuckled, and stepped back, leaving Elaine to wrestle with the heat washing
over her bound body. "I promised Anton that on his sixteenth birthday, I'd
give him a little fuckslut of his very own." The enormous black man laughed. "Guess who he's going to get?" Elaine screamed through her gag,
and whipped her head and forth. She couldn't believe this was happening to
her. The man returned to lie on his dais, and the chained girls immediately resumed pleasuring him. The man clapped his hands, once, and a
guard stuck his head through the door. "Take Anton's present to be washed
and dressed, then bring her back here." Elaine tried to kick the men who
took her down, but they simply caught her ankles and carried her out of the
room. Almost instantly, the light from the hallway faded. They carried
her face-down, so she couldn't see much but the stone floor. After several
rooms, they put her down, and tied her hand above her head again. Elaine
could see the drains in the floor, and various pieces of steel equipment
that she had never seen before. One of the men, a thin, swarthy man that
might have been Arabic, took a hose off the floor, and turned several
spouts. He tested the water for a few moments, and then turned the spray
on Elaine. The water was warm; at least she could be grateful for that,
she thought numbly. The force behind it made her skin tingle. Soap
appeared to be regulated by another valve, and Elaine closed her eyes as
the man played the soapy water over her naked body. At last he turned off
the soap, and rinsed her clean with warm water. The other guard shouted
something in another language, and they laughed together. Elaine shrieked
as the water suddenly became icy cold. There was no way to escape the
blast; the more she turned, the easier it was for the man to reach her back
and ass. Finally, when Elaine was going completely numb, he shut off the
water. The two of them rubbed her down roughly with a piece of towel and
dragged her into another room. This room, by contrast, was warm and full
of light. There was a large group of women sitting around talking, and
when Elaine was shoved inside, several stood up at once. They tied her
down spreadeagle on a tilting table, talking in another language. They
weren't unkind, but they did nothing to make the experience pleasant,
either. The first thing they did was remove the ball gag that was making
her jaw ache. Elaine tried to talk to them, but they ignored her
completely. Several women covered her entire body from her neck down with
a thick, sweet smelling substance with the consistency of honey. Another
took to brushing her tangled hair out. Elaine gradually realized that her
nails were being trimmed and filed, and her hair was being trimmed,
although they weren't taking much off. She lay very still and tried to
relax. Whatever was happening now couldn't be as bad as what was to come.
When the women massaging her body with the thick lotion reached the soles
of her feet, they went back to the top. The liquid had hardened, like
candle wax. They began to peel the layer off. Elaine looked down.
Beneath, her skin was clear and glowing and . . . hairless. Every inch of
body hair came away with the top layer. She blushed as she looked at her
naked cunt. She had heard in school about girls who shaved their cunts -
all the other girls called them sluts. The women turned her over and did
the same process to her back half. At last they finished, and turned her
over a final time. This time she was fastened into a chair, her shoulders
and neck bound to it to keep her head absolutely still. One woman opened a
makeup kit and began to work on her face while the other fussed with her
hair. The others stood around and tittered in low voices. Finally, they
all stood back, nodding. They unfastened her, and helped her up, then
wrapped a diaphanous piece of white cloth around her. It hid nothing,
Elaine was sure, and when she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror,
she turned bright red. Her makeup was done in a fairly natural manner,
although she didn't remember her lips looking that full, or her eyes so
"come-hither." Her full breasts stood out in full relief against the cloth,
the rosy, stiff nipples clear through the filmy gauze. The garment had
been pleated to draw attention to her crotch and her tits. The women
gathered around her and pushed her out the door, where the guards leered at
her before escorting her down the hall. Elaine didn't struggle; she was
certain that she couldn't escape from the guard's firm grasp. Slowly, they
stepped into the enormous hall.

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