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Elegantly Submissive


The following story contains scenes and descriptions of adult and explicit
matter. Strong sexual content is included. Do not read if any further if
you are; under the age of 18, if you are offended by such material, or if
the reading or possessing of such material is illegal where you live.

Elegantly Submissive

By Lord Skies
He smiled to the host as he walked through the broad doorway, the great
hall lit with the warm glow of the multitude of real candles in the
chandelier overhead. He paused for a second to drink in the geshtaldt of
the moment, watching the flicker of the candlelight as it danced in the
small breeze that came in through the doorway. He turned and took the hand
of the woman at his side, leading her to their table in the hall where a
waiter seated them and went to fetch their drinks.
He greeted a few old friends as they wandered by and exchanged some small
talk with the other people at the table. He shook hands with several more
people that were brought to the table to be introduced and talked a little
business before the lights began to dim and the band began to play softly in
the back ground.
He looked over at the woman seated to his left and was pleased to see her
soft smile meet his gaze. He was glad that she was his, there beside him,
for she brought him much pleasure.
Standing, he walked over to her side and taking her hand, pulled her up
beside him and led her out onto the dance floor where they slowly began to
dance to the music the band was playing. He watched as envious eyes
followed them dancing gracefully on the floor, her sleek body pressed
tightly to his, her movements closely following hers. He let his hand
wander softly across her back in a loving caress, nothing explicit, but
obvious to those who might be watching that it was a caress of familiarity.
He smiled and lightly kissed her on the side of the neck as they danced and
felt the small shiver run down her body as he did so. He loved to feel her
pressed closely like this, not obscene again, but familiar. He was very
familiar with her body, every crevice and curve they had explored together.
Soon the song ended and he escorted her back to the table, where their wine
was waiting. He poured them each a glass and sipped it patiently as the
evening wore on.
The meal that was served was exquisite, from the escargot appetizer to the
chocolate truffle raspberry tort for desert. But those who watched closely
might have noticed that he seemed a little distracted at times. One might
also have noticed that the woman at his side kept a watchful eye on him. He
did not let these small details go unnoticed, but he did not bother with
Soon the meal was over and it was his time to make a few remarks and to
thank those who had come out this evening to donate their time and money to
this worthy cause. He almost forgot what cause it was that he was
supporting tonight when the emcee asked he say a few words, but when she
whispered into his ear as he stood to go to the podium, he remembered with a
Thinking of her, he again looked over to where she sat and saw her watching
him intently, her devotion apparent in her eyes. He had to suppress a small
smile when he wondered for just a second how the people in this room might
have reacted to her situation just a few hours ago. This was a fund raiser
for the battered women's shelter after all!
He maintained his concentration and finished his comments before making his
way through the hall to a round of applause. He returned to his seat and
took the hand of the woman and held it for a few minutes, feeling the small
trembling of her fingers. He briefly wondered if it was a tremble from
fatigue, fear, or excitement.
Soon the crowd began to thin and they made their way towards the door,
chatting with people as they went, seeming quite at home in the crowd. As
they neared the door, he saw his limo pull up and they entered the limo
began to speed away from the lights and glitter of the party and into the
dark night.
To the people in the crowd he was a fine sponsor, someone who could be
counted on for a good cause like battered women. He could certainly raise
money and was a loud advocate in the government. He chuckled as he thought
how few would have believed what happened in that limo just a few minutes
after they left the party.

As the limo sped away, he watched his slave kneel in the floor of the limo,
her knees spread wide, skirt pulled up high on her thighs, arms clasped
behind her back, head bowed. He reached into the seat back pocket and
pulled out a leather collar and attached it to her neck after removing the
silver choker that had been around her neck. He then unzipped the top of
her gown and watched as she quickly removed it, folding it neatly onto the
seat in the front of the limo.
Quickly returning to her kneeling position in the floor, she felt his eyes
roaming over her body. He drank in the sight of her in stockings, heels,
and her black leather collar. He marveled at the quick transformation, the
change from socialite wife to slave in just a few moments. He wondered which
was more beautiful, for she was magnificent as both, and brought special
charms to each, was unique in each setting.
He reached into his pocket and removed the nipple clamps that he had there.
Reaching forward, he placed one on each nipple, watching her flinch just a
bit, knowing that he had tightened them just a bit during dinner. He traced
the tip of her nipple in the clamp, saw her arch her back just a bit forward
towards his hands, and then he cruelly twisted the nipple between his
He heard her gasp and wince until she could regain control, and then he
released the pressure.
"I thought you knew better by now." He said to her.
"Master please forgive a girl, but being there among all those people and
seeing you there at the podium made a girl crave your touch so much, that
when you did touch your girl, it was more than she could resist. Please
forgive your slave, she will try to do better."
He smiled at her and lightly traced around each of her breasts, ending with
each nipple, flicking it slightly. "Forgiven dear one, I had a very good
time tonight and holding you there beside me raised my longing for you as
He watched the smile cross her face, the edges of her lips turning up.
"What may this one do for you then Milord?"
He smiled and just sat there for a while, feeling the tension in the air
from the silence, the soft hum of the car as it sped along the highway. He
turned his gaze to his slave there at his feet, gazing over the soft glow of
her skin in the passing flicker of the street lights. Her dark hair framed
her face, her dark blue eyes glittering with pride, happiness, yearning;
truly a vision of beauty.
Soon the limo turned off the highway and the light faded to near black, the
only light from the glow of the full moon overhead.
"Bring my crop from the bag then" He spoke softly, breaking the silence.
Quickly she scooted across the limo and retrieved the black bag they always
carried when they traveled. Opening it she pulled out the black leather
crop with the small steel tip. Kissing it softly she handed it to him, her
excitement quickly becoming evident, both from the look in her eyes and the
smell of her arousal in the car.
"Bend over the seat here beside me."
She quickly complied and spread her legs as far apart as she could in the
confined space of the car, her arms laying along her sides, hands lightly
clinched into fists.
He could see the tension beginning to rise in her, the anticipation of the
first blow, the pain and then the pleasure and release that would follow.
Her submission again made him smile, made him proud, and with that he drew
back with the crop and placed a red stripe square across her ass.
He could tell instantly that her arousal already had her deep in its
control, for all he heard from her was a soft moan of pleasure. Not even a
flinch as the second blow landed. With the third blow another soft moan,
and soon she was moving in rhythm with the crop, raising her ass to meet the
blow, her sweet curved ass turning bright red from the marks left by the
Knowing her and what she needed, he shifted around just a bit so that the
tip of the crop would kiss her labia and her sex. With the next blow she
screamed and the one after that brought her to climax, all with just the
feel of the crop.
As he watched her there, recovering from the intense sensations of her
orgasm from the kiss of the crop, he could feel his own need mounting.
Quickly unzipping his pants, he removed his cock and pivoted so that he was
kneeling behind her. He quickly slid into her warm wet and waiting sex,
pushing deep into her with one forceful thrust.
The sudden invasion surprised her and she involuntarily jumped as he
entered her. He felt her tighten herself around his cock, milking him with
her muscles as he slid in and out of her. He reached around and grabbed a
nipple between his fingers and twisted the nipple clamp until she writhed
below him, the pain and pleasure mingling in her.
Just as he felt his own desire peak, as he started to cum inside of her, he
quickly pulled the nipple clamp off her breast. He then buried himself
inside of her and held her tightly as she screamed from the sensation in her
nipple and started to cum with him.
Her orgasm lasted much longer this time, the pain and pleasure each raising
the experience, the intensity. He could feel her spasm around his cock for
several minutes afterwards, even as his cock began to shrink and pull out of
Giving his lovely slave a quick kiss on the back of the neck, he pulled out
of her and collapsed back into the middle seat of the limo. Sitting there,
he could see her sex that he had recently taken, a small pearl of cum
glistening on her labia where it gathered until it ran down her thigh.
In a minute her breathing had settled and she reached down between her
legs, running her hand along her slit and gathering as much of both of their
cum as she could, and bringing it to her mouth, licked her fingers clean.
Then she turned to him and taking his now soft cock gently into her mouth
cleaned it thoroughly.
It was only then that he realized that the limo had come to a stop
signaling they had reached their destination. While waiting for her to
finish zipping him back up, he reached for her leash and clipped it onto her
collar. Then slowly climbing out of the limo, he led her in her naked glory
out of the limo and up to the house with the driver bringing their things
behind them.
A small smile crossed his face for this was the part that she still
struggled with. While he only used this particular driver, one who could be
trusted to be discreet and keep things quiet, any public display still
embarrassed her immensely. The hardest part for her to admit was that it
also made her extremely horny.
When they reached the door, he made her turn around a face the driver,
assuming her posture, kneeling, legs far apart, arms clasped behind her
back. Taking out his wallet he paid the driver their agreed upon price plus
a generous tip. Then taking the black bag, he led her into the house and up
the stairs to their bedroom.
Once there, she knew what to do and went quickly to work, helping him get
undressed, hanging up his jacket and placing his clothes in the hamper.
When he was undressed, she quickly went to start the shower, warming it for
him. When he arrived a few minutes later, she climbed into the shower with
him and began to wash him.
It was easy for him to relax in the warm water, feeling her soft hands
rubbing over him with the experience of familiarity guiding her in her job.
Within a few minutes she was finished and he climbed out of the shower and
toweled off, turning to watch her quickly cleanse herself. Her hands
quickly scrubbed herself clean, making sure not to linger on the areas he
had forbidden. Then taking the shower head off, she lowered the pressure
and cleansed her sex thoroughly.
When she was finished, she quickly toweled dry and pulled her hair back out
of her face. She then pulled out the massage oil and began to warm it. He
had already laid down on the bed and gotten comfortable, watching her out of
the corner of his eye, her soft form slightly pink from the hot shower, the
soft stripes left from the crop earlier that evening still slightly visible
on her skin.
When the massage oil was warm, she climbed into bed and knelt beside him.
Softly kissing down his back as she knew he enjoyed, she savored the feel of
his warm skin as her nipples trailed down his back and over his ass.
When she had kissed down to his low back, she took the massage oil and
beginning at the small of his back, she began to massage in small circles,
working out the tension she could feel lingering there.
Feeling her fingers working caused him to sigh and relax further, feeling
her soft warm skin next to his on the bed, sensing the love and devotion she
had for him in the touch of her hands and the massage she was giving him.
He simply laid there and savored the sensations as she worked her way up
his back, tackling his neck and shoulders where his muscles were the most
tense. When she had worked them to his satisfaction, he shifted and rolled
over on his back where she started on his chest.
It was fun to watch her during this part, for he knew that it was hard for
her to stay in control as she massaged his chest and arms. He knew she
loved this part, but had trouble controlling her desire to just caress his
chest instead of massaging it.
Soon enough, she had finished his chest and moved down over his abdomen and
then onto his thighs, working the tough muscles there as best she could,
careful not to pull the hair on his legs. As she worked down each leg, she
was careful not to touch near his cock for that would get a special massage
later. Working on his calves and then each foot, making sure he was fully
relaxed, she slowly kissed her way back up his legs until she reached his
Carefully, she kissed his balls, and suckled softly on each one. A small
smiles escaped her as she watched his cock grow even harder from her
attention. Continuing to bathe his balls with her mouth, she made sure they
were well cared for before gently moving to the base of his cock and kissing
her way to the top.
He smiled as she prepared to take his cock in her mouth, craving to feel
her mouth work its magic on his cock. Her tongue was truly gifted and
pleasured him immensely. And then almost before he knew it she had taken it
into her mouth, and swallowed the head, her nose pushing against his pubis
trying to take as much as she could.
Then she began to swallow, holding herself so that his cock was deep in her
throat and swallowing over and over again, the sensations of her throat
constricting around his cock were almost too much for him to take as her
tongued worked along the bottom of his shaft. He felt her head start to
move just a little back and forth, her sucking pulling of it, her throat
rubbing against the head of his cock.
Then it was too much for him and he came into her throat, with her holding
still, the cum pumping into her, then slowly withdrawing as she sucked the
last few drops from him, making sure to avoid the now sensitive head of his
cock. She milked the last of him cum from his cock with her hand and then
kissed the tip, before letting go of it completely.
Slowly she moved to the foot of the bed and knelt there quietly while he
recovered and his breathing quieted. When he opened his eyes, the vision of
her kneeling there at the foot of the bed, watching him, her face still
flush from her exertion was profound, and he felt his pride and love of her
overwhelm him. He quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her to him, laying
beside her and hugging her.
He felt her sigh as much as heard it, much as you feel a cat purr instead
of hear it. Already his cock was hard again, and she smiled and kissed him
with intensity as he rolled her over and entered her. Sliding in and out of
her slowly, forcefully, he fucked her hard. Pulling all the way out till
just the tip of his cock was inside her and then sliding all the way into
her, he used her for both their pleasure.
Soon she was moaning and crying out with each thrust, her hips rising to
meet each one, until she started to beg for her release.
"Mi'Lord, may your slave please cum, please Mi'Lord?"
He said nothing, continuing his motions until he was again ready to fill
her with his cum, then whispering "Yes, cum for your Master" in her ear,
they came together, the spasms washing over each of them, both of them, each
making the others sensation more intense, until they collapsed beside of
each other exhausted.

They slept that way that evening, beside each other, arms and legs
intertwined, both moving very little until she awoke in the morning, the
sunlight streaming in through the window over them.
She smiled softly, remembering the evening, how it had been so different
and still so intense. She remembered the way they had met and the way he
had tied her and whipped her the first time they were intimate, making her
cum from the touch of his crop on her breasts, the pain and pleasure
mingling, mixing until there was no discerning the two, only sensations
which slowly drove her past the brink. She had cum until she had passed
out, only to find later awaken as he fucked her ass and cunt, cumming in
each, she still too weak to move more than a little to meet his thrusts.
Last night had been different. There was no doubt that she had given
herself totally to him, and last night only confirmed that for her. She had
felt so wonderful in giving him the pleasure that she knew he needed, and
that in turn had brought such intensity to her sensations, that her orgasm
was just as strong as that first evening. Different, no doubt, but still
She thought back to the many times they had made love, slowly, intensely,
just as any couple might have made love. Each time was wonderful,
pleasurable. But for her, and she knew for him as well, it was the control,
the submission, and the pain that added the intensity which held them
No ties could bind her to him any tighter. Last night erased any doubt she
might have had. There had been no crop, no whip, no cuffs or clamps in the
bedroom, and still she had received the most intense pleasure from nothing
more than serving him as his slave.
Slipping slowly from beneath his arm, she rolled slowly away and out of
bed, hurrying to the bathroom to clean and prepare herself for him when he
awoke. Her only thought was what to fix for breakfast before returning to
lick his cock clean from their sex when he awoke.


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