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Archived Sex Stories

Emily's Smelly Brown Present


Copyright (C) 2001, H. Grant. ALL Rights Reserved!

Comments: Warning! This story contains scat and extreme pedophilia.

story Codes: M+F/M+g/daut/mother/anal/drugs/ws/scat/coercion

story Intro: Mrs. Paterson is a desperate mother looking to find a job
as a result of her pending divorce. Willing to try just about anything,
she and her 3 year old daughter Emily fall victim to an evil sex ring
disguised as a New York modeling agency.

Emily's Smelly Brown Present

by H. Grant

When Mrs. Paterson finished calling the last daycare center she was
exhausted. Her 3 year old daughter Emily was now eligible for preschool
daycare and not a week too soon. Mrs. Paterson had filed for divorce from
her husband Hank on the suspicion that he was sexually molesting Emily when
she was a baby. The two of them had now been separated for nearly a year
and the money was running out. Void of any secondary income, Mrs.
Paterson was forced to find a higher paying job with more working hours
than her previous venture as an office clerk. At 30, she still had plenty
of good looks and this was an obvious asset when attending interviews with
male executives. Mrs. Paterson was not very well educated having little
money to attend college at an early age. Now she was struggling to make
ends meet - so much so that she was willing to do almost anything for a job
- including sexual favors for various highly placed male executives. One
after another they had used her and neglected to call her back. Finally
she caught a fish in the person of a balding middle aged sales executive
whom she gave her best sexual performance on. Having gone down on him
twice in the span of two separate interviews and licked his ass, it wasn't
surprising that he kept her on as his "special assistant."

Slowly Mrs. Paterson was beginning to learn the ways of the modern
world. Not much had changed in terms of gender power. men were still
dominant in the business world with women running a distant second. After
her first experiences with sexual exploitation at the hands of male
interviewers, Mrs. Paterson had become numb with embarrassment and shame.
Soon however, these experiences became routine and she slowly became
accustomed to them. After a while it wasn't so bad anymore and she even
began to enjoy the feeling of pleasing men. One by one her taboos had been
lifted and replaced with utter decadency and filth. Several things had
been done to her sexually and through a short period time, she was no
longer shocked by what was asked of her. Instead, she took the "requests"
as a matter of course. But nothing prepared her for what her middle aged
boss had in store for her during the course of the next business day.

"Sit down Mrs. Paterson." said Dale Clemens (the balding executive).
"I wish to speak with you about an upgrade in"

"Yes Mr. Clemens. How can I be of service to you?" smiled Mrs.
Paterson sweetly making sure to bat her eyelashes in a very seductive

She wanted desperately to keep her sales job. Her hair had been freshly
dyed bleach blonde for the private meeting and she wore a very short vinyl
red mini skirt and shiny black high heels. All of this had been done at
Dale's request.

"Well it seems to us Mrs. Paterson that you are not making enough sales
in our clothing department." said the executive slowly. "We feel that our
company would be better served if we transferred you to our private
demonstration room where you can practice and present your ideas to our
male staff. Perhaps through 'private' modeling we can come up with some
fresh ideas - however the audience would be strictly understand
of course."

"Certainly Mr. Clemens. I would love to do some private modeling for
the men in your company." replied the desperate mother. "What would you
like me to do?"

"Well I have two requests of you - the first of which I'm sure you will
find rather easy to fulfill. The second may be a bit hard on you at
first." replied her boss.

"What exactly do you mean Mr. Clemens?" Mrs. Paterson pouted

She slowly twirled her long hair with her index finger - playing the
role of the dumb blonde perfectly. If there was anything that Mrs.
Paterson had learned in the real world, it was that most middle aged men loved dumb giggly blondes - especially ones they could take advantage of at
relatively low cost and risk to their marriage.

"Well....." Mr. Clemens began. "The first thing I'm going to tell you
is that the private modeling position we have in store for you does not
deal with our regular line up of fashion clothing. It involves lingerie of
a very sexually provocative sort and we feel you are perfect for the

Mrs. Paterson nodded her head and smiled. She knew exactly what was in
store for her - or so she thought.

The other assignment we have concerns your daughter Emily....." the
executive's voice trailed off as he observed the angry expression clouding
Mrs. Peterson's once bright demeanor.

"You wouldn't dare!" shouted Mrs. Paterson as she rose to her feet.

"Sit down this instant Mrs. Paterson! Unless you want to find yourself
out of a job and without any income to support your lovely daughter."
commanded the highly placed executive.

"I can always find another job you bastard!" cried Mrs. Paterson unable
to conceal her tears of frustration.

"Perhaps. But not at the salary we're proposing to pay you." replied
the balding man. "You see Mrs. Paterson, we know how desperate you are.
We know that you need money fast. And we're willing to give it to you all
$100,000 dollars worth if you are willing to cooperate and behave as we
expect a woman should when given such a generous offer."

Mrs. Paterson took a deep breath and sat back down. $100,000 was
definitely a staggering number. It was a figure she had never dreamed of
achieving in her uneducated lifetime. Quickly she collected herself and
placed her heated emotions in check. Now she was willing to listen.

"Good girl Mrs. Paterson. Or should I now call you 'Candy Jane' - your
new modeling name?" he asked tentatively.

It was a rhetorical question of course and Mrs. Paterson knew it. He
had her hook, line, and sinker so to speak.

"Smile for me Candy Jane....let me see that beautiful twinkle of yours
that we all know and love about you sweetheart."

Mrs. Paterson managed a weak smile as she continued to collect herself.
She was still very concerned about what he wanted with her precious
daughter Emily.

"Now about the business with your daughter." continued Mr. Clemens.
"We understand that you are looking for a daycare center for her am I

"Yes sir." replied the newly reformed blonde hesitantly.

"Good." replied Mr. Clemens. "Because we have the perfect solution for
her that will enable you to work full time with us and concentrate on your

Candy Jane nodded her head silently - curious as to what he meant.

"You can understand the risk we are taking and paying you such a high
salary Candy dear. We need to make sure that we cover all our assets."
continued Mr. Clemens. "We intend to take care of your daughter full time
during the work week in our special 'penthouse suite' - but you must
understand from the onset that she will be requested to perform several
duties that are similar to yours in many respects."

Mrs. Paterson (Candy Jane) looked up at him nervously. She was
completely shocked by what she had just heard. These men were going to use
her precious little girl like a whore and there was little she could do
about it. She had very little money left in her bank account and she
yearned to be rich someday. This seemed to be the only opportunity to
achieve her financial goals - especially if she was going to survive.

"What do you have in mind for Emily?" she asked inquisitively.

Mr. Clemens took a moment to measure his words. He knew that while
Candy Jane wasn't very well educated, she had enough common sense to put
two and two together. There was little need for him to fill in the blanks.

"Let's just say that we have 'special' clients that pay very highly for
'special' services." he began. "A large percentage of what they pay could
very easily fall into your hands if you cooperate on this and let it ride."

"You mean sort of like a commission." stated Candy Jane rather

"Yes. You could say that." replied Mr. Clemens.

"And the salary you initially offered me - is that base or commission?"
asked the curious blonde not really knowing what either of the two meant.

"That is a base salary Candy dear." replied the middle aged executive.
"We believe in being long as we get what we want."

His words slowly sank into her little pea brain. What he wanted was
quite a lot. But then again, he was paying quite a lot as well. It seemed
fair enough - as long as Emily was not physically harmed or damaged
permanently. This led to her next question.

"Will she be hurt in any way?" asked the bleach blonde dummy.

"Not if she behaves herself." replied Mr. Clemens. "If we did need to
discipline her it would be in the form of a spanking.....I'm sure you

"Y...yes.....I....I think I understand." replied the dutiful blonde as
she began to whimper and sob.

She knew she had little choice in the matter. These men had complete
control over her daughter's fate whether she liked it or not. Shouting and
screaming wouldn't change his demands at all. That sort of behavior would
only get her fired and out on the street again - a place she was desperate
to avoid at any and all costs.

"Now now Candy be a good girl and perk up for me." said Mr.
Clemens soothingly. "At the conclusion of this meeting we'll make
arrangements to bring your daughter to our private suite in upstate New
York. But for now, I would like a small demonstration of how cooperative
you are willing to be. Stand up please."

Candy Jane finished whimpering and rose to her feet. She liked the
sympathetic tone of Dale's voice. He could be very gentle and
understanding when he wanted to be. However, she was also aware of how
firm and nasty he could be as well and she didn't want to displease him.
Slowly she rose to her feet. Her slutty black vinyl halter top revealed
much of her surgically enhanced D-Cup breasts - a gift of the company's
upon her hiring that she didn't have to pay for. The top also went well
with her red vinyl mini-skirt which revealed a large portion of her upper
thighs and fit snugly against her ass cheeks.

"Push your tits together Candy Jane.....that's a sweet girl.....sweet as
candy." smiled Mr. Clemens chuckling to himself.

What a dopey woman. She would never see even a fraction of the money he
had promised her. Once he got her to sign the papers she would be legally
trapped into servicing the company for the next five years - at which point
her youthful looks would start to fade anyway. It was all perfectly
orchestrated and calculated by the higher executives in the company - all
of whom were white business men. The few women that did work in the
company had no knowledge of their private sex ring and the ones that did
were paid very handsomely or in the worst cases threatened to keep their
mouths shut. The higher executives made sure that all the women they hired
were single or divorced with children. The men kept a file on every
working woman for blackmail purposes. Everything from private information
to purchasing habits were carefully researched and stored away to be used
against them in case they changed their minds and considered blowing the
whistle. Most of the women were content to be paid off. Some - like Candy
Jane - had even donated their children in the hopes of receiving their
phantom paychecks. The men kept them financially satisfied by granting
them 40% commission on their children's "sales." A generous figure that
Dale himself had tried to lower - but was outvoted at the executive
conference. Most of the male executives feared that if the figure were
pushed any lower, they could no longer disguise the money as part of the
woman's "base" salary. The women in the company had no idea how much money
the men were bringing in with their children, but it was more than enough
to cover the monthly installments of their base salary expectations plus
internal company medical benefits. The women who were not content were
either threatened to keep their mouths shut - or in worst cases - suffered
mysterious disappearances on weekends when they were away from company
grounds. These types of "whistle blowers" were never heard from again.
Since they were disposed of on weekends, there was little to link them to
the company or suspect a crime of conspiracy to commit murder. The company
was raking in money by the millions - enough to pay off the police and
local politicians with "generous donations" in the form of money or - in
extreme cases - child prostitution. Some police and political officials
were indeed pedophiles themselves and were very grateful for the company's
"special modeling" presentations in their upstate New York penthouse suite.

Mr. Clemens continued observing "Candy Jane" as she squeezed her tits together in alluring fashion. She was indeed a sweet doll. He couldn't
wait to see what her daughter looked like in person.

"Come over here sweetie." He said sternly as he motioned for the cute
blonde to come around behind his desk.

Candy Jane smiled sweetly and walked over to his chair - her high heels
clicking on the marble floor as she walked. Her luscious tits looked so
delectable underneath that slutty halter top and he couldn't wait to see
her curvy butt. Slowly he raised his arm up and reached under her trashy
halter top. Soon he felt the softness of her fleshy boob and perkiness of
her swollen nipple. Mr. Clemens smiled to himself as he began to pinch
and tweak it like a little toy. Then he reached over and groped her other
boob while she stood still obediently. Her tits were enormous thanks to
the company operation and she swayed slightly from side to side on her high
heels as he continued to grope and fondle the soft mounds.

"Turn around dear....let me see that ass of yours." He commanded firmly.

Candy Jane turned slowly giggling. She knew this type of behavior was a
sure way of staying on his good side. She didn't want to anger him in the
slightest. As she turned around slowly, her tight vinyl clad rear-end came
into full view. It was indeed a lovely sight to behold.

"Bend over now sweetie......that's it.....spread your slutty ass cheeks
like a good girl....I want to finger your bottom." said Mr. Clemens as he
unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing cock.

Mrs. Paterson felt dirty and shameful, but she bent over like an
obedient animal and allowed the man to degrade her with his words and probe
her ass with his powerful hands and fingers. Her platinum blonde hair
touched the marble floor as she bend over - exposing her dirty brown ass
hole for the middle aged man to see and smell. The lovely brown opening
winked at him invitingly as he buried his finger into her bottom and pushed
it in slowly upward to the knuckle - coating it with her smelly feces.
Candy Jane felt the fullness in her womanly bowels and let out a subtle
groan. His finger was menacing and unforgiving as it inched it's way up
her slimy sphincter.

"Moan for me darling.....the executives in this company love a woman who
enjoys her work." said Mr. Clemens as he continued to finger her poop

"Mmmmm.....ooohhh....oh!" moaned the ditzy blonde as she endured her
sodomization like a good little whore.

Slowly the balding executive removed his finger from her slutty bottom
and held it up to his nose - smelly the sweet fragrance of the woman's BM.
Candy Jane felt horrible and humiliated. Her womanly odor permeated the
desk area and she could smell her own filth. As if to add insult to
injury, the executive held his dirty finger up to her nostrils and grabbed
her hair with his free hand.

"Smell it you whore! Smell the stinky mess you made on my finger." he
commanded in a gruff voice.

Candy Jane grimaced at first, but slowly she began to smile and lower
her nose to the dirty brown finger in front of her. Gently she inhaled the
smelly fumes of her stinky poo. The awful mess engulfed her senses and she
felt as if she were going to puke right then and there. Of all the sexual
favors she was asked to perform in the past, this was the most humiliating
and degrading. But she was now on the company payroll. Therefore she was
now his - and everyone else's whore to be used and abused as the men saw
fit. Mr. Clemens was determined that it would be a dilemma she would soon
become accustomed to and learn to enjoy and appreciate.

"That's it sweetie......smell your dirty poo.....what you are smelling
is exactly what you are from now on to're going to be a good
little bimbo for all of us to enjoy and laugh at......nice and stupid the
way all women should be." said Mr. Clemens as he continued to grapple her
hair with his other hand.

Candy Jane moaned and smiled sweetly as she continued to smell the
stench of her own poo.

"That's a good slut......soon you will learn to appreciate the smell of
poop.....we have some very special clients that seek a woman with that
quality." continued the executive in his degrading tone of voice. "Now
open your stupid little mouth.....that's a girl....c'mon you can do
it....that's it....nice and wide."

Within seconds Candy Jane felt the large menacing finger enter her
mouth. It was powerful and forceful and coated with her dirty crap.

"Now close your mouth and suck on it like a little baby girl.....that's
it darling.....your starting to learn like a good little whore......that's
right.....good girl." teased Mr. Clemens.


The stupid woman started to suck on her own filth tasting the sweet
bitterness of her fowl odor and smiling while doing so. Mr. Clemens
smiled as he observed this. The stupid cunt seemed content to be
humiliated and degraded. It was indeed an asset that most women did not
possess. A natural submissive so to speak. Finally he removed his slimy
finger from her sweet slutty mouth and attempted to stick it up her nose.
The dimwitted blonde jerked her head away at first but he grapped her hair
tighter and smacked her face hard.

"Hold still cunt!" he cursed sharply. "If you want your paycheck you'd
better be a good girl let me have some fun with you."

Candy Jane relented and managed a slight smile despite the pain of being
smacked across her slutty face. She was now at his command and more than
willing to obey him at all costs. Slowly she leaned her head down and
allowed him to worm the slimy digit up her nose. The smell of womanly poop
was awful and perverse. She tried to hold her breath but it was no use.
Soon she had to inhale again - this time much more deeply due to the lack
of air she had experienced while trying to hold her breath. The disgusting
odor crept into her nostrils like a menacing snake and caused her to shut
her eyes in shame. After several minutes of having her smell her own
feces, Mr. Clemens withdrew his finger and pulled down his trousers. He
remained seated in his plush office chair and commanded the stupid cunt to
sit in his lap. The slutty bimbo immediately complied - grateful that she
no longer had to smell that horrible finger of his. She dutifully sat on
his cock and smiled to him sweetly as his powerful worm eased it's way into
her cunt. She was still very dry from lack of arousal but that didn't
matter much. Mr. Clemens burrowed his cock deep inside her womb anyway
and began to thrust in and out as best he could from his seated position.
Sensing his need for rhythm, Candy Jane began to thrust her hips up and
down while hiking her vinyl mini-skirt up over her slender waist. The
office door was locked and there was a tremendous amount of privacy. The
walls were very thick and Mr. Clemens was not worried about the other
women hearing anything as a result of the sound carrying. Nevertheless,
they probably suspected what was going on based on Mrs. Paterson's skimpy
slut apparel before she entered the meeting room.

"That's it you stupid whore....up and down.....all around.....that's for me while I fuck your stupid brains out!"

Candy Jane smiled and licked her lips - moaning loudly as she bounced up
and down on the executive's thick cock. Gradually she became aroused and
her slutty hole began to leak small amounts of womanly goo. Her cunt made
a squishy sound as her juices started to flow. Mr. Clemens had his cock
buried up to the hilt and was ramming away ferociously at her vaginal
walls. It wasn't a pleasant form of sex at all. It was angry and filled
with hatred and control. Candy Jane felt worthless and used. Perhaps this
was what she was good for after all - being used as a common street whore.
Slowly the negative thought process had begun to sink into her stupid mind
- she really was a whore. Without even realizing it she had begun to ooze
cream out of her vagina. The sticky slime began to creep down her ass and
onto her boss's lap.

Mr. Clemens wasn't about to shoot his load just yet. He wanted to
enjoy this moment to the fullest. He loved the sweet feeling of power and
control over a woman. A child was even better - but that would come later.
For now however, degrading this stupid blonde bitch was good enough to
appease his dominant desires.

"You like this don't stupid twat!" he barked as he pumped
his cock faster and faster into her greasy womb.

Candy Jane moaned louder to indicate her pleasure. Her soft blonde hair
bounced up and down with each powerful thrust. She was really beginning to
enjoy this form of verbal humiliation. After several minutes, Dale Clemens
removed his thick tool from her smelly hole and ordered her to get on her
knees. The slender blonde knelt down in a position of utter submission as
the powerful executive dangled his filthy cock over her sweet face and
aimed his thick sperm directly at her eyes. The hot salty load surged
forward from the depths of his sweaty balls and erupted with volcanic force
- splashing all over her eyes and forehead. thick ropes of gooey liquid
ran down her face and onto her chin - eventually dribbling onto her trashy
halter top. Some of the smelly spunk leaked onto her boobs and oozed down
onto her nipples. Candy Jane moaned and licked her lips - showing her
appreciation for his special gift. One of her eyes was glued shut with a
thick glob of gooey snot like sperm. The panting executive grabbed her
soft blonde hair and wiped the thick traces of sperm residue all over her
tender strands. After using her hair as a mop, he ordered her to
straighten herself up and exit the meeting room. Before leaving, he
ordered the cunt to bring her daughter to the office after working hours
and prepare the toddler for the journey to upstate New York.

The ride home from the office was stressful for Mrs. Paterson to say
the least. She was ill prepared for Mr. Clemen's financial proposal
especially since it included the use of her daughter. But the thought of
$100,000 base salary was too big to ignore. She needed the money badly in
order to survive. Having little education and a low IQ to boot, this
special opportunity appeared to be her last chance of survival. As she
pulled into the dirt path that led to her low income house, Mrs. Paterson
made up her mind. She was now at the mercy of Mr. Clemens and his special
prostitute ring. She would now become "Candy Jane" and her daughter would
become a special little plaything for the male executives in the upper
echelon of the clothing company to enjoy to the fullest. As she entered
the house, she was relieved to find that Emily was in her play room safe
and sound. Mrs. Paterson could not afford a baby-sitter and the only way
to keep the child relatively safe while she was alone was to lock all the
doors and place all the dangerous objects safely out of harm's way
especially medicine that looked like candy.

"Mommy mommy!!" Emily shouted as she heard her mother walk through the
cheap screen door.

"Hello sweetie! I'm so glad to see you're alright. How was your day?"
asked the worried mother trying hard to put off the bad news as much as

The adorable little blonde mumbled a few words with the limited
vocabulary she possessed and wrapped her arms around her mommy's leg. She
was wearing her pink disposable training pants with a skimpy undershirt.
The little girl had no idea what was in store for her. She would not be
able to fathom being separated from her mommy most of the week. Her little
thought process was limited to going to the potty in the proper place
without having an accident in her cute little training panties.

"Sweetheart....mommy has something she has to tell you. Can you listen
and try to understand?" said Mrs. Paterson in a shaky voice.

She hated breaking the news to her only child this way. The slender
blonde steadied herself and knelt down beside the child looking closely
into her baby blue eyes.

"Sweetheart....mommy has to go away for awhile and you can't stay here
alone by yourself anymore. It's too dangerous." she began. "You're going
to a special place - a fun place where some grown men are going to take
care of you. Can you promise to behave and do what they ask you to do?"

The adorable little blonde bowed her head in silence. She vaguely
understood what her mother meant. Suddenly she started to cry.

"Mommy where you go?" she pouted feverishly.

"Shhhh......mommy will still be able to see you on weekends if you're
good." she reassured her.

This promise didn't serve to calm the small child in the slightest. She
continued whimpering - a small trickle of pee escaping into her training
pants. Mrs. Paterson wrapped her arms around the child - sensing her
physical discomfort.

"Did you make wetsy sweetie?" she asked soothingly.

The little girl nodded her head shamefully.

"We have to leave here in a few hours darling. Let mommy change you and
get you ready for your trip."

The solemn mother took Emily by the hand and led her into the small
bathroom in the den. Kneeling down she stripped the child out of her wet
disposable and wiped her wee wee clean with a damp tissue. Then she
applied fresh baby powder to her vaginal area and withdrew another pink
disposable training panty from the bathroom cabinet. Gently she pulled the
cuddly pamper up the child's naked thighs and attached it to her soft
fleshy bottom. Emily was starting to calm down. Somehow she liked the
feeling of her mommy's fingers on her tender puffy area. It felt strange
and tingly at the same time. When the changing was finished, Mrs.
Paterson led Emily to the nursery room and dressed her in a pink teddy
shirt to match her training pants. Then she led her back to the playroom
while she got changed herself. Mrs. Paterson hated the slutish outfit she
had on and couldn't wait to get it off. At least she didn't have to go
back to work until the following day. Emily would not be so lucky.

Finally it was time to go. Mrs. Paterson led Emily by the hand into
her cheap car and strapped her in. Then the two of them departed for the
main office suite in downtown New York. The traffic wasn't bad going into
the city from the suburbs. Most of the crowd was heading home for the
night. Mrs. Paterson grew tearful as she eyed her only daughter strapped
into the baby seat in the back. She hoped that the men would go easy on
her. This was impossible of course - given Mr. Clemens abusive nature.
It was clear that he hated women with a passion and sought to control them.
It didn't take much imagination to figure out the mindset of his fellow
business associates. Alas, it would not be easy for Emily at first
especially being separated from her mother. It was bad enough that her
father wasn't around. If only she hadn't broken off relations with him.
If not for that, she probably wouldn't be in this mess. At least her
husband molested Emily in a mild fashion. He was not at all abusive. Lord
only knew what was in store for Emily at the hands of these madmen. All of
these burdensome thoughts percolated her mind until her arrival in the
basement parking lot of the large office structure. Whether out of
deliberate or subconscious self defense, her mind went blank as she led
poor Emily into the basement elevator and hit the button for the 12th
floor. Emily didn't seem to grasp the severity of what was going to happen
to her. She had no idea who Mr. Clemens was - let alone his evil business
executives. Neither mother nor daughter fully realized the extent to which
these men hated women and sought to control and manipulate them for their
private use and perverted pleasure. Indeed - these men formed the core of
an underground cult that sought to undermine the equality of women in the
work force through any means necessary. To them, a woman's place in the
world was on her back and no place else.

Emily was busy sucking on her fingers when the elevator door opened into
the main lobby of the now deserted office suite. Only one office was still
lit - that of Mr. Clemens. The large clock on the lobby wall read 7:15 PM
as Mrs. Paterson led Emily uneasily toward the large oak door of his
office. Inside she could hear several male voices talking and laughing
loudly. Mr. Clemens was not alone. Tentatively she gave the door a light

"Come in." she heard Mr. Clemens blurt out amongst the din of male

Apparently there were several men inside. When Mrs. Paterson opened
the door her suspicions were confirmed. There were four other men besides
Mr. Clemens residing in the large plush office. They were gathered around
his desk in leather chairs. Some of them were smoking vintage cigars.

"Well well.....look at what we have here!" said Mr. Clemens as the
other men turned to look at the desperate couple. "Gentleman this is Candy
Jane. She had brought us her lovely little girl Emily....isn't she cute?"

The other men chuckled as they stared at the sweet little toddler girl in front of their evil prying eyes. Candy Jane shuffled uncomfortably from
one toe to the other. She was wearing a sharp pair of 6 inch spike high
heels that she had recently purchased at the urging of Mr. Clemens. She
still hadn't gotten used to them and her feet ached immeasurably.

"Come now Miss Jane. Release your daughter to us like a good
girl......that's it....let us have a look at this sweet little piece of
candy don't mind if we call your little girl a piece of
trash do you? After all, she does come from a poor white trash household
doesn't she?"

"Y...yes....I guess so Mr. Clemens." replied the stupid blonde mother as she released her daughter's hand.

One of the men got up from his posh leather chair and guided little
Emily toward Mr. Clemen's large oak desk. Once there, he lifted the
toddler up onto the huge surface for inspection. The little twat began to
whimper having been separated from her stupid mommy. The men ignored her
cries as they began to undress her with their eyes and make lewd comments
about her tiny appearance.

"A cute little tot if I do say so myself." said one of the men.

"Indeed. She's definately got a lot of potential." said another.

Mrs. Paterson felt horrible about what she had just done and began to
wonder if she had made a mistake.

"What are you guys going to do with her?" she stammered trying to sound

"Shut up whore!" commanded Mr. Clemens. "We'll ask the questions."

The men got up from their chairs and surrounded the tiny toddler. They
began touching, caressing, and smelling her training pants for signs of an
accident. Despite this, then never attempted to take her clothes off - not
yet anyway. Mrs. Paterson watched in horror as the men smelled and
inspected little Emily as if she were and object. There was no love or
sympathy involved in their caresses. Only greed, lust, and hatred. Two of
the men turned and walked over to her.

"Turn around and bend over Candy Jane.....we wish to inspect your ass!"
said one of the men as he unbuckled his trousers.

" in front of Emily!" she pleaded.

She was immediately greeted with a slap across the face by the other
man. He was very heavy handed and the slap stung like nothing she had ever
felt before in her life. In fact the slap was so hard, she almost fainted
right then and there. Her face grew reddish pink as she began to blush
with embarrassment and shame.

"You'll do exactly as you are told whore!" said the man. "You are our
property now to do with as we please."

Candy Jane bowed her head in acknowledgment and shame. She knew they
were right. She was now THEIR property. Anything short of direct
obedience would most likely result in physical harm or worse - harm to her
daughter. Slowly she turned around so that her back was facing the men.
Then she bent over and hiked up her black vinyl mini-skirt - a twin sister of the red one she had warn that afternoon for Mr. Clemen's personal
admiration. Her perfectly rounded bottom came into view. The soft ass
cheeks smiled up at the two men - begging to be squeezed, prodded, and
spread like a piece of meat. One of the men obliged, running his firm hand
along her slutty backside causing her to shiver with a combination of
nervousness and excitement. Candy Jane couldn't tell whether or not this
was the same hand that had struck her across the face moments ago, but the
hand felt very firm and powerful. The man's grip was very commanding as
his other hand clasped the side of her hip. The other man moved in front
of her - his penis dangling out of his pants and throbbing with menacing
lust. He aimed it directly at her lush pouty lips coated with trashy red lipstick and rouge.

"Open up good!" said the man as his massive dick pressed
against her swollen lips.

Candy Jane's embarrassment hadn't worn off just yet. Her face was still
ridden with a pink shade of shameful blush. The other man behind her was
doing something even more humiliating. He was spreading her ass cheeks so
that her smelly brown pooper came into full view of the other men including
her precious child Emily. The stiff cock in front of her heavily made up
face pressed inward - widening her lips until her mouth became a gaping
slut hole just waiting to be filled with swollen cock meat. Meanwhile
Emily stood on top of Mr. Clemen's large oak desk being held steady at
either side by his firm business associates. The little cunt observed her
mother being ravaged and abused by the other two men. She couldn't believe
what she was seeing - her mother's very own poo poo hole. And she wasn't
even using the potty! The men beside Emily continued to ignore her. The
spectacle in front of them served as a temporary distraction - but only
momentarily. Soon they turned their full attention back to the little
toddler on the desk.

"What do you say Mr. Clemen's? Should we be departing now with our new
prize?" asked one of them - a hint of lust in his voice.

"Certainly Mr. Fisk." replied Mr. Clemens. "Make sure that you give
her the proper audition at the private suite. Remember, we want to break
her in slowly at the special nursery."

The anxious executive nodded his head and winked at his business partner
on the other side of Emily. The two men lifted the toddler off the table
and placed her on the floor to straighten out her ruffled shirt. Then Mr.
Fisk picked her up and carried her kicking and screaming out of the room.
Candy Jane heard her daughter's screams but could do little about them.
She was busy with a cock buried in her mouth and another shoved deep in her
ass. The huge cock in her mouth swelled up and grew thicker and thicker
with each sucking motion. The stupid whore began to drool saliva down her
chin as the massive cock rammed in and out of her mouth. The savage man behind the monster gripped her hair and pulled it ferociously - shoving her
head in and out like useless object made solely for his pleasure. The
other man behind her grunted feverishly as he fucked her hiney hole into
oblivion. There would be no mercy for Candy Jane as the two of them
switched places and took turns fucking both her holes while Mr. Clemens
watched approvingly. She was definately going to turn out to be a model whore for all the executives to enjoy.

Meanwhile little Emily found herself sandwiched between the two
mysterious business men in the back seat of an expensive automobile. The
driver was a very well dressed chauffeur. Both of her captors had one hand
one each of her little legs and were rubbing her up and down - stopping
just short of her training pants. Mr. Fisk definitely seemed to be the
man in charge as the other executive remained silent.

"You're going to behave yourself Emily - or else we're going to have to
punish you." said Mr. Fisk as he reached over with his other hand and
dried her teary eyes.

Emily barely understood what was being said to her, but she sensed that
crying uncontrollably would not help her situation seeing as to how the men ignored her childish temper tantrum in the first place. The men stared
down at the little toddler between them. She looked incredibly sweet and
adorable in her pink puffy training pants - thirsty for anything that came
out of her tiny powdered bottom. And indeed something would come out soon
enough. Little Emily hadn't made poopies in a very long time and a slight
pressure was beginning to build up in her sweet baby bowels. The men sitting beside her were not inhibited by sexual taboos or preferences.
They were perverts of the worst sort. Molesting children her age was just
one of their many specialties. They had made their living corrupting
women, teens, and small children. They spent most of their time "modeling"
them for pornographic movies and then selling them for a very high profit
almost as high as their prostitution ring. The kiddie porn movies made the
most money of course. But these men didn't just make ordinary kiddie porn
films. They specialized in fetish themes involving very small girls themes
that included rape, golden showers, bestiality, and scat. The art of the
brown shower was a favorite of Mr. Fisk and his companion. This was
precisely the reason they worked with children under four years of age.
Emily seemed to be a prime candidate for scat action, but the two men wanted to warm her up to it first. The 3 year old toddler was not equipped
with a full vocabulary let alone a set of rules or values on bathroom
behavior. Indeed, she could easily be coerced into anything once they got
her to calm down. The two men had faced at rambunctious child many times
before and had the perfect plan to seduce her into their sick perverted sex

When they finally arrived at the private penthouse suite, Emily was much
calmer and fidgeting with her fingers - sticking them in her mouth and
drooling all over her pretty little shirt. The driver opened the rear door
and Mr. Fisk picked Emily up in his strong arms and carried her inside
along with his partner Mr. Sloan. The two of them checked in with the
desk clerk - one of their own "ring leaders" and went into a shiny brass
elevator. Mr. Sloan punched their 5th floor destination and up they went.
Emily rested her head on Mr. Fisk's shoulder as the door to the elevator
opened and they made their way out into a huge high class lobby. The two
companions made their way to suite 508 and gave a special knock. The door
was opened presently by another young man in his mid 30's. He was known to
the ring members only as Mike. It wasn't his real name of course and his
inclusion into the sex ring was based solely on many years if trustworthy
Internet correspondence.

"Well look at what we have here!" He chimed. "A beautiful little
girl......I suppose you got this one from downtown headquarters."

"Sure did Mike. And she sure is a cutie - though she is a rather feisty
one." Replied Mr. Fisk.

"Well we'll be sure to fix that. What's your name little one?" asked
Mike in a mocking tone of voice with an evil tinge to it.

Emily didn't answer. She was busy looking around at all the other men in the room. There were three other men - all of whom were professional
photographers and film producers. The suite was huge. It consisted of a
massive entrance lobby - the one they were standing in now. The walls were
decorated with lavish art works leather chairs. Then there was the main
living room consisting of more paintings and velvet drapes. Then there
were three other "private rooms" all fully equipped with video cameras and
still photography cameras. Each room was designed and decorated with a
special theme in mind. The first room was the "school room." It consisted
of many small desks and a chalk board. This was intended for the making of
"schoolgirl" movies - usually featuring teenage and preteen girls between
the ages of five and 15 years of age. The second room was for adult women.
This was obviously designed for main stream pornography and female
exploitation videos. This was where Mrs. Paterson (Candy Jane) was
destined to be taken. The third room was the "nursery / playroom" for
little girls under the age of five. It consisted of a small jungle gym for
bouncing games, a toy shelf, feeding table, crib, and changing table.
There was also a small cot in the middle of the room where the men did most
of their molesting when they surrounded a toddler in large numbers. The
changing table was also used for this purpose, but only when a child was
being molested by one or two men. Each of the "Playrooms" contained a
small medicine drawer consisted of several depressants and sedatives
designed to calm a child down so that she could be easily played with.
Emily was bound for the third room and her captures were still debating on
whether or not she should be drugged for their initial "playtime" together.

"I say we drug her." said Mr. Sloan. "She was acting rather
rambunctious earlier."

"You think so Mr. Fisk?" asked Mike as he began stroking Emily's sweet
blonde locks of hair.

"I think it would be a good idea. I hate a child that struggles. I
like them to be nice and passive while we inspect and fondle them don't
you?" replied Mr. Fisk.

"Agreed." replied Mike as he winked at the photographers.

The three men made their way to the main area of the fancy suite and
instructed the camera men to follow them into the "Playroom." Mr. Fisk
carried the sweet little cunt to the small cot in the middle of the room
and lay her down flat on her back making sure to remove her shirt. Now the
toddler lay on the cot with only her pink training pants on. Mike and Mr.
Sloan knelt on either side of the small child and held her firmly while Mr.
Fisk withdrew a tiny needle from the medicine cabinet. Slowly he emptied a
thin colorless fluid into the syringe and made his way back to the tiny cot
where Emily was being held down. The little tart missed her mommy and was
starting to whimper and grow restless. The camera crew gathered around
while Mr. Sloan and Mike held the child down. Mr. Fisk rubbed Emily's
right arm with a gauge pad and peroxide, then he applied the menacing
needle. The child shrieked out in pain as the odorless and colorless drug
surged into her arm and into her tiny veins. The other men held her firmly
in place while the needle was inside doing it's work. After Mr. Fisk
withdrew the needle, the three men waited patiently for the medicine to
take effect. The little girl squirmed against her captors for a few
minutes, then became docile. She was not asleep, but rather in a slight
dizzy haze while the men peeled down her training pants and spread her
sweet little legs. Her puffy vagina came into full view of the cameras as
the men began to tickle and play with her - rubbing their fingers along her
pink fleshy folds and smelling the sweet aroma of baby powder. Emily had
completely lost control of her voluntary muscles including her infant
bladder. Little driblets of pee escaped her tiny hole and leaked onto the
cot. Mr. Fisk and Mr. Sloan lifted her baby legs in the air and watched
her tinkle for the camera. The sweet yellow fluid sprung into the open air
and landed in a puddle beneath her soft bottom making her smell like a pile
of cheap urine.

"Nice baby girl.....what a stupid little cunt you are Emily." said Mr.

"Yeah.....just like her bimbo mother." said Mr. Sloan.

The three men began to caress her cunny again. One of the men lifted
Emily's legs in the air exposing her pee stained bottom. Her soft fleshy
butt cheeks greeted the men as they caressed and degraded her. Mr. Fisk
spread her hiney open - exposing her precious brown opening. Emily's tight
crinkled poo poo hole was liquefied with child pee and the smelly brown
circle winked up at Mr. Fist begging to be poked and prodded with his
thick fat finger. Mike held her legs high in the air while Mr. Fisk
spread her hiney and placed the tip of his dirty finger at the base of the
child's cute little pooper. Slowly he spread the child's urine around
until the anal cavity was well lubricated with her smelly piss. Then he
did the unthinkable and began to inch his fat finger inside her tiny
bottom. Emily was too drugged out to feel the pain and her anal muscles
were quite relaxed as a result. Mr. Fisk's finger slipped inside her
hiney hole rather easily and with little difficulty. As he was doing this
he placed his face against the child's pee stained crotch and began licking
her tiny clitoris. Meanwhile Mr. Sloan was kneeling down beside her
infant chest and licking her baby nipples. They were not large by any
means, but there was still an awful lot of baby fat on them which served to
enhance the experience none the less. The photographer and camera men continued clicking away and recording the degrading event as the three men swarmed around the child holding her baby legs in the air and tickling her
smelly vagina with their tongues and fingers. Meanwhile Mr. Fisk had his
big index finger buried up her hiney hole right up to the knuckle. The
child let out a dizzy moan, but remained quite still while the men ravaged
her tiny body like a toy doll. Her pink training pants were placed beside
the cot begging to be smelled. One of the camera men bent down and picked
them up. Gently he pressed the toddler's training pamper up to his nose
and inhaled the sweet aroma of baby powder - fresh from Emily's soft little
bottom. There were no traces of wee wee or poo poo evident in her training
pants which came as a let down. But there was plenty of time to observe
little Emily make potty on the changing table. After all, these men had
all night to play with the stupid toddler tart.

Back at the downtown office, Mr. Clemens and his two business
associates were finishing up there dirty business with Candy Jane. All of
the men had used her holes and deposited their smelly semen on her pretty
face. During the course of her degradation, Candy Jane had been commanded
to lick each one of their ass holes and worm her tongue up inside each of
their puckered openings. The taste of smelly shit was unmistakable
particularly in the case of Mr. Clemens who hadn't bothered to wipe
himself thoroughly during his last dump. The bitter taste of the men's BM
engulfed her slutty mouth and the young whore was pretty well spent after
two solid hours of hardcore fucking and sucking. Candy Jane's mind drifted
to her daughter trying desperately to imagine what her precious baby girl was going through at that very moment. She had no idea of course - nor
would she even get a chance to see her until the weekend which was three
days off.

Over at the penthouse suite, the men continued to hold little Emily down
and fondle her all over. They held her sweet little legs in the air and
lapped at her baby cunny with their tongues. They fingered her tiny bottom
searching for traces of child poo. Another man leaned over her sweet
little mouth and mashed his tongue inside her - French kissing her slutty
saliva hole and drooling inside of it. The finger inside her baby hiney
continued to prod and probe - causing her bowels to relax and allow her
poop to ooze down her tiny intestines. The little baby girl felt
lightheaded and in a dizzy haze as she felt herself drown in a sea of
fingers and tongues. The men laughed and ravaged her tiny body as if it
were nothing more than a toy. Finally Mr. Fisk withdrew his finger from
her baby tushy and gave the order for the men to back off.

"Let's get those cameras rolling boys, I think she's ready to show us
what cute little fuck doll she is. C'mon us what a stupid
little girl you are.....make potty for us."

The men gathered around the small cot as Mr. Fisk held Emily's baby
legs in the open air. The dizzy blonde toddler looked up at them with
dreary eyes and let out a few more dribbles of pee to their delight. Her
tiny bottom was fully exposed to the camera and her little brown anus
winked up at her audience. Slowly her pooper began to open and out popped
the first piece of brown BM. It slithered out slowly and plopped onto the
cot under her hiney - resting on the small puddle of girlie piss beneath
her. The men laughed and held their noses as another chunk of squishy poo
eased outward and slid down Emily's baby bottom coating her soft hiney with
streaks of brown mush. The child's smelly mess clung to her bottom and
anal opening while the rest of the poop oozed downward and plopped onto the
pee stained cot - forming a big messy pile of brown mud. When the last
trace of potty poo exited Emily's butt, Mr. Fisk lowered her soft mushy
bottom on to the stinky pile of BM - smearing it all over her hiney and
backside like soft smelly clay. Emily's face was flush with embarassment
yet she was too drugged to resist or whimper too loudly. She remained
docile and complacent while the men took turns smelling her awful odor and
rubbing poo poo all over her vagina and clitoris. One by one they stood up
and peed all over her smelly body - bathing her hair and face in salty
yellow urine and coating her body in sprinkles of filth. They peed on her
vagina and dirty bottom while Mr. Fisk held her nose and clasped her jaw
forcing her mouth wide open so that some of the piss could trickle inside
and down her throat. Emily coughed and sputtered until the urine leaked
into her tummy. She smelled like a trashy toilet in a cheap trailer park
as the men took turns shooting their cum all over her sweet little face all
stinky with golden piddle and saliva.

Finally the men readied Emily for the last of the degrading ritual.
Mike and Mr. Sloan sat Emily up making sure her bottom was still mashed
all over her messy pile of poo. Each of them to a hand and steadied her
head in an upward position while Mr. Fisk squatted down over her pee stained locks of trashy blonde hair. Within moments, the little toddler
heard a grunting noise above her as something soft and warm plopped onto
her head and seeped down onto her face and chest. Huge globs of soft brown
mud splattered onto her hair - turning it from blonde to brown

"Noooooo!" Emily whimpered as the smell became nauseating.

The small child was still heavily sedated, but this did not alter her
ability to understand what was happening to her. She was being pooped on
all over her hair and face. The camera men continued to role the film
capturing every degrading moment that the small child was enduring. The
soft brown poop smeared itself all over her sweet little head and coated it
with a smelly odor.

"That's a girl Emily.....hold still while uncle Fisk poops all over're being such a good girl!" she heard one of the men say.

Gently they lay the child back down on the tiny cot and watched her
squirm helplessly around in her mess. The pictures of this special
debasement would be sold underground in no time. Lots of men dreamed of
seeing a little girl covered in mushy brown poop especially one that was
drugged and obedient like Emily.

When the filming was over, the men carried Emily into the bathroom and
cleaned her up. Each one took a turn scrubbing her pee pee hole with soft
soap and water. Mr. Fisk took great delight in washing her tight brown
potty hole and watching her squirm uncomfortably in the process. Mike
leaned over and licked her ear and face like an animal while Mr. Sloan
pinched and prodded her baby nipples. Mr. Fisk continued to spread her
hiney open and smell her slutty brown anus. Emily squirmed uncomfortably
but the men held her firmly while they teased and molested her. Their evil
hands roamed every inch of her toddler physique as they poked and prodded
all her stinky holes. Mr. Fisk loved pushing his finger up her hiney hole while he showed another one of her soft pink pisser. The men were
certainly going to enjoy the services of Emily for a long time to come.
The next task at hand would be to re-educate her stupid little mind. Soon
the little cunt would be unable to recognize or remember her mother. The
next step would be train her to mess her diapers everyday, to be obedient
and compliant while being spanked, to obey short and simple commands such
as sit - stand - suck - and spread, and to eventually use her very own
mother as a toilet target.

It wasn't long before that day arrived. Her mother had been brought to
the penthouse suite and broken in quite nicely. Candy Jane was tide firmly
to a bed as her newly reformed daughter entered the room wearing a soft
white diaper with cuddly bears on it. Emily had been separated for weeks
and she barely recognized her mother. Two of the men held her on either
side as they led her onto the bed and had her stand over her mother's
heavily made up face. Candy Jane was wearing a black studded slave collar
and black latex gloves. Her boobies had been shined and glossed with
special skin cream that made them glisten in the bright light of the
cameras. As the diapered child stood over her face she cried out in

"Emily!.....Sweetheart what are you doing.....noooooooooo!!!!"

Together the men on either side of Emily unfastened the tapes of her
diaper and peeled the back of it down - exposing her soft white bottom to
the open air.

"Squat Emily!" Mr. Clemens commanded firmly.

Emily smiled and did exactly what she was told. Her soft little hiney
hovered menacingly over her mother's trashy face. The men on either side
of her held her bottom wide open. The toddler grunted as the first traces
of BM left her brown hole and plopped on her mother's face.

"Hmmmphhhh..nnn....nooooooo!" her mother gasped as her sweet little
child pooped all over her nose, mouth, and chin.

The entire episode was being filmed by the camera crew. Every grunt.
Every turd. Every pile of crap that landed on Candy Jane. Every ounce of
humiliation was captured and brought to life on digital camera. Emily
looked up at her male friends for approval after she had done her "duty."
The men clapped their hands and kissed Emily all over making sure to tickle
her baby pee pee hole and finger her special little "brown place." The men coated their fingers with her smelly poop and held it up to her nose.
Emily was trained to smell her own poo as if it were a precious flower.
The little girl smiled with glee as the executives shoved their dirty brown
fingers up her cute little nose and wiggled them around inside. She was
the most adorable and disgusting little whore they had ever trained. Her
mind would soon follow.

In the following weeks, Candy Jane and her daughter Emily were rented
out and hired by wealthy business men to do their bidding. The men were
particularly fond of sweet little Emily. Some made her dress up in a
ballerina dress and watched while she made potty in her cute little tights
- coating her sweet pink pantyhose and soiling it with soft brown child
poo. Some men preferred to have her suck their cocks until they shot their
load into her waiting mouth. Other men preferred to paint her face with
whorish lipstick and mascara before doing their business in her hair or on
her face and chest. Some preferred to dress her up as a little schoolgirl
and spank her for peeing her panties and being a bad little girl. And
without a doubt, their were those men who simply preferred to fuck her
straight. But regardless of the fetish, the outcome was always the same.
Emily was learning a lifetime worth of lessons on how to please men to her
fullest potential - by listening, obeying, and appreciating them with all
her mind, body, and soul no matter what gift of bodily fluid or excrement
they expelled on her body.

As for her mother, she became more or less a bondage disciple serving
men in a much more painful and severe manner. She was often slapped
around, degraded, drugged, or beaten until her looks deteriorated into that
of a washed up whore. Most of the executives enjoyed giving her brown
showers and wiping the mess all over her face and tits for amusement.

Indeed, the evil sex ring was now in full swing fueled by high paying
business men, the underground video market, and the Internet. All of these
elements combined to make the business executives even richer and capable
of much greater evil. Through their efforts, many more desperate women
would soon be used and exploited for the personal enjoyment, excitement,
and amusement of other males. It was a vicious cycle that only grew worse
for women over time. Without even knowing it, desperate women such as Mrs.
Paterson and her sweet daughter Emily were making the sex ring stronger and
much harder to bring down through the means of law enforcement or other
measures. It was indeed a situation that worked to Mr. Clemens advantage.
He was counting on it.


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