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Emma Lou steps out Mf first etc.


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Emma-Lou steps out; M/f hesitant first M/f, M/f.

It all started when my friend Tonya invited me over for the

My mother didn't know there wouldn't be any adults there. Anyway,
I was already 17, but mom hadn't seemed to notice; she still
wanted me supervised all the time.

Anyway, Tonya wanted to dress me up. That was good fun for me,
since I only ever wore jeans and shirts normally. mom had tried
to get me into a dress once a couple of years earlier, but I just
wasn't ready for it at the time.

I was a bit tall for Tanya's clothes, so I was looking pretty
funny in them.

"Let's go out to a club, Emma Lou!" she suggested.

"In your dreams, Tonya! I would never let anyone see me dressed
like this!"

"I know a place down in Rockford. I bet you don't know a soul
down there, and the bouncer is really friendly, I know he'll let
us in! come on, it'll be a blast, we can dance and flirt with
some guys."

Now the thing was, I was still a virgin. I didn't even date. I
was afraid of guys, actually. And I was afraid of my mother's
disapproval, too. She was always telling me how sick men were,
and how I should never have anything to do with them. Tonya, on
the other hand, had discovered sex a year earlier, and had been
trying to get me to try it ever since.

"Well I'm definitely not going dressed like this."

"But you look great, Emma Lou! They won't be able to take their
eyes off of you."

"Exactly. I'm not wearing anything that I can't wear a bra

"But you don't need one, Emma. Bras are for old ladies whose tits hang. Yours hold themselves, and they hold that dress of mine up
really well, too."

She was painting my face, so I couldn't move just then. But when
I did look in the mirror, I was pretty impressed with what she'd
done; my face looked marvelous, and actually, so did the rest of

"It's too bad you never let your hair grow." My friend told me;
"It looks like a safety helmet!"

"Thanks, Tonya. I'll remember that. We don't all have an hour a
day to spend brushing our hair you know."

"Never mind, let's see if we can get my stockings up your legs."

In fact, we couldn't. My legs were too long, but Tonya knew her
mother had a pantyless pair, with lace bands on the tops that
just hid inside the hem of the little green dress I had on. They
were black net.

I can't quite figure out how she finally talked me into going out
like that; it was so unlike me. I guess somewhere in myself I
must have wanted to try it, once. Get all dressed up and see what
reactions I get. And Tonya promised to stay right with me, and we
'd drive a half an hour south to a club where Tonya knew the
bouncer, and where no one would know us.

I must have been out of my mind to agree; all I can say is, Tonya
is a very charismatic person, and she has good powers of
persuasion. She convinced me it would be a bit of harmless fun,
my secret "Coming out".

I have to admit, I did want to experience what it would be like
to be seen like that. Would men really make passes at me? It was
very frightening and exciting. Other girls my age [with less
dominant mothers] were dressing up and dating, going out dancing
and even having sex. I sure didn't feel ready for sex yet, but I
wanted to have some fun; I wanted guys to want me, just so I
could have the pleasure of saying "No". I wanted to try life as
another me, a me who could dance in public dressed like this, a
me who could flirt with guys. A me that would be completely
secret from the people I knew, who might talk.

We got to the club at about 7:00, which was a stupid time. The
action wouldn't start until 10:00. still, Tonya greeted her
friend the bouncer at the door.

He was a burly looking young black man, and he gave her a wink
and a pat on the ass as we went in. "Have a good time, girls!"
he said.

"Take those glasses, off, Emma." Tonya told me.

"No way! I can't see a thing without them." I told her.

"Oh, alright; I suppose it looks a little punk." She said.

There weren't many people there, but we danced a little and then
ate something.

It was true, people kept looking at me. A couple of different
guys sent us drinks, but we sent them back since neither of us
took alcohol. But we smiled at them and felt happy, naughty, and

There was a table with about 4 men, and they kept looking at us.
One or two of them were really cute, and I danced with one for a
while. He invited me back to their table.

Tonya was still dancing, but I needed a break. I sat with them.

They were really nice guys, I thought. They got me some fruit
punch when I told them I didn't drink, and they all said how
pretty I was. I was feeling so glorious; I'd never had that kind
of attention from a boy, let alone four adult men. Of course I
was quite aware that all of them would probably like to seduce
me, but they were somehow respectful of me; I wasn't frightened
of them.

Then I noticed that Tonya was missing.

I searched all over for her, but she was nowhere to be found. I
felt more than a little panic; I didn't even have a bag, and the
skimpy dress I was wearing had no pockets, I didn't even have a
coin for a phone call. Her car wasn't in the parking lot any

It was about 10:00 by then, and I sat with my new friends for
another half hour as I waited nervously for Tonya to reappear.
She had always been a mischievous type, but I couldn't believe
she'd just left me like that. Finally, I had to ask if one of
the guys could drive me home.

"You're from up in Wallace? That's way out of my way." Said one
of the cute ones.

"I'll take her." Said one named Red. "I live out that way."

At least he hadn't been drinking much. And I thought I should be
safe with him, too, since he hadn't been paying as much attention
to me as the others, and he was so old, about 40 or so.

Gosh, was I wrong.

I should have just told him to stuff it, and gone back into the
club when he demanded I kiss him.

"Oh come on now, Emma Lou, I'm going to drive you all the way to
Wallace, it's almost an hour extra driving for me; all I'm asking
for is a harmless little kiss."

Much later, I realized those fruit punches I'd been drinking had
some booze in them, and even though it was too little to taste, I
was slightly high.

I don't remember agreeing to kiss him. But I sure remember doing

We were standing outside, next to his car. He was really strong,
and once he had his arms around me, there wasn't anything I could
do, anyway.

It was wonderfully wicked; he was big and strong, and quite
handsome, really. He held my head in his big hand like a toy
ball, and both my ass cheeks in his other.

In the heels I was wearing, I was only slightly shorter than he
was, but I was less than half his weight, I'd guess. There was
nothing to do but surrender to him then, and let his lips slide
over mine; let him bite my ear and neck ever so gently, and then
push his tongue between my lips.

The hand on my ass slid up my back, but the one on my head stayed
put, clamping my skull like a vise while red kissed me and kissed

It's not like I'd never had a little petting session or two when
Mom wasn't looking, but nothing like this had ever happened to
me. It was so primal, so weird, so un-Emma Lou; and most
importantly, no one would ever know. No one would know I'd kissed
a strange man old enough to be my dad in a parking lot of a dance
club; that was the most important thing to me at that moment.

"There, now; that wasn't so bad, was it?" red told me, letting me
go and opening the car door for me.

As he closed it, I realized that no one had ever opened and
closed a door for me before. I don't know why that seemed
important to me, but it did.

We'd only been driving for about 10 minutes when he pulled into a

"Why don't you slide on over here close to me, sweetheart?" he
suggested with a sly smile.

Well, I was pretty scared. I was alone now, in the middle of
nowhere in the dark night with a strange man. I'd enjoyed our
"little harmless" kissing earlier, but I knew that to do any more
of that would get me in big trouble. I didn't want to lose my
cherry to this guy, even though I did find him attractive. Not on
that night, not in a car!

"Come on, sweetheart, we both know you want it. Just give me a
little cuddle here." He said persuasively.

"Please just take me home." I said.

"You're so sexy, baby, you're giving me blue balls." He said.
"How can I drive like that? Please, honey; give me a little more
of that sweet loving of yours."

Somehow it was the "sweet loving" line that did it. If what we'd
already done qualified as "loving", and that would do. well.

In the privacy of Red's car, his hand went to my ass UNDER my
dress; his fingers slipped under my panties.

I know I shouldn't have felt so excited by his old fingers on my
ass; I should have been disgusted. But I surrendered to him, at
least at first, and I liked it. It was so wicked, so dark and
forbidden. My dress was soon up around my hips as his confident
hands roamed freely over my rear end and thighs, as well as
between my thighs, fingering my most private place tentatively.
The sensation was almost too much for me; I felt as though I were
falling, falling into a dark bottomless pit of iniquity.

"No, stop!" I suddenly cried. "Please, Red. Stop now."

Well, he did, more or less. He let me go and I slid away from
him, to catch my breath and try to get my brain functions back.

"Honey, I can't drive with this." He told me, gabbing the lump in
his trousers. I stared in shock as he pulled it out, carefully
maneuvering it past his zipper.

I'd never seen a real one before. I'd seen a picture once, that
was all. I didn't realize they're so big. I stared at it with
fear and fascination.

"Come on now, Emma Lou." red said, "Grab a hold of it. Come on,
it won't hurt you. You better do it, Emma Lou, 'cause I'm not
going anywhere until you do. Be a good girl, now, and give my
pecker some attention."

I could just see it in the gloom. I have to admit, the idea of
feeling it in my hands was pretty exciting. Still, I knew I'd
better not, and I decided not to do it. But then I did anyway.

I can't explain it; my hands were just suddenly there, under the
steering column, around this man's penis. "No one will ever know"
I kept saying to myself as I fondled him, fascinated with the
feel of the organ in my hands; "No one will ever know."

"Oh yes, baby, that's the way." Said Red, and rewarded me by
starting the engine and driving on as I continued.

He put his arm around my shoulders and I leaned against him, as
he grunted and sighed in happy satisfaction. It was so weird and
good, terrible and alien, powerful and potent.

"You're a fine girl, Emma Lou." red said after a while. "This is
my place here."

I was suddenly shocked into awareness; how was it that I hadn't
noticed where we were going? He was pulling into the short
driveway of an isolated little house.

"Let's go inside, honey." He said, opening his door and getting
out while trying to get his stiff organ under cover.

"Wait, No, I thought you were taking me home!" I burbled in some
panic. This was his house! He had brought me here to have sex
with me! I was freaked. I had gone too far, I was in danger; why
oh why did I let myself get into this horrible situation?

"Relax, sweetheart." He said, smoothly, "I have to find my credit
card so I can buy gas, that's all. It'll go quicker if you come
on in and give me a hand, but suit yourself."

He went inside, leaving me alone as the evening cooled.

I can't really say how long I waited for him out there; it seemed
like a long time to me, and I was getting cold. I went in to look
for him.

It was clearly the abode of a single man; it was basically clean,
but there was a dead plant in a corner, and some dirty washing in
another. red was scuttling around in the kitchen.

"Oh, there you are." He said, "You want some tea or coffee or

"No." I said, sullenly.

"Don't be like that, darling!" he said, stepping up next to me
and putting his arm around me, "I didn't mean to ignore you or
anything, it's just that I can't find the damn card."

And then he was kissing me.

I mean, it wasn't like he hadn't done so before, but we were in
his house; there were walls, privacy, and a bedroom here

But he was so strong; his arms were like steel, his lips were
burning me. I couldn't fight him, I couldn't find the will power
to refuse his desire. My inadequate skirt slid up my back as his
powerful hand massaged my ass, my head was helpless in his iron
grip, unable to do anything but surrender.

Then he released me, as suddenly as he'd clamped me.

"You'd better take that dress off, Emma Lou." He said in a hoarse

"No, no I think you should take me home now." I told him,

"If you don't take that little thing off right now, I'll rip if
right off your back, girl. You don't want your pretty little
dress ruined, do you? Take it off, Emma Lou. Now."

I could feel the blood drain from my face, and my knees went
weak. My heart was pounding in my ears as red put his arms around
me again, this time to unzip my dress. He didn't tear it, as he'd
threatened; he simply removed it and threw it over a chair.

As I related earlier, I was wearing no bra; I was naked above my
hips, my slim waist and adolescent orange sized breasts exposed.
I had on suspenderless black net stockings, a pair of black
panties, and Tonya's high heels.

Red looked me up and down with obvious approval before steering
me through his living room into his bedroom.

"Sit down on the bed, sweetheart. You must be just about the
prettiest girl on God's good earth. Now you know perfectly well
there's no possible way you're leaving here without doing what we
came for, so you can just stop your little teary eyed routine. It
's real sweet and all, but honey, after what you did to me back
in the car, I've got to have you right away. So you just relax
and let me drive; you're going to like this a lot."

As he spoke, I was paralyzed with fright while I watched him
remove his clothes. He was lean and hugely muscled; his ass was
round and strong, his penis proud and hard. But he was old; at
least 40 years old, with a hairy chest and stubble on his chin.

He loomed over me, and pushed me onto my back. He covered me, his
weight on his elbows and knees, barely actually touching me; then
he started.

I was helpless as he kissed my face and neck, squeezed my
shoulders and arms. His burning hot penis slid over me as he
moved my body into different positions, licking my back and the
back of my neck, my ass, and my vagina after he removed the

I had never expected to have such a feeling; desire and fear,
attraction and repulsion, loathing and lust.

His tongue played a strange tune on my clitoris, driving me to a
point so close to the edge, yet unable to take me all the way

And just when I thought he was ok, just when I was consciously
thinking maybe I wanted this to happen; he took his tongue from
my box and put his cock to my face.

I knew he'd wanted me to do that to him in the car, but I didn't
want to. I didn't want to suck his old thing; I didn't know why I
found it so alluring in my hand, and I knew that it was virtually
inevitable that the strange object would invade my body that
evening, and I was even reconciled to that; but I didn't want it
in my mouth. I had a couple of girlfriends who used to tell the
rest of us how they loved to give head, then gross us out by
describing the eventual outcome [Outcome! Haha] in detail. I didn
't feel ready for that, it was a bridge I didn't want to cross

Red's thumb entered my mouth, and it rotated inside against my
teeth and gums, cruel and sharp.

"Open up wide now, Emma Lou." He told me, and he sort of pried my
mouth open before pushing his big old cock between my lips.

Tonya always said it was so sexy; Jennifer used to say she loved
the way guys would do anything for her if she did it.

That's what I was thinking as a man's penis entered my mouth for
the first time.

I was afraid of it, that's the truth. I was afraid it would make
me nauseous, and I'd have to puke.

Red didn't push it in more than a couple of inches. He clamped my
head between his hands and drove it in and out a few times, and I
tried not to panic as the tip scraped across the roof of my
mouth, stopping just short of the back of my throat.

"Damn, you're a pretty girl, Emma Lou! Suck on it a little. that'
s it, baby. You're a good kid, I like you already."

He pulled out, to my relief, and I took my glasses off, since
they were a bit clammy against my nose.

"Keep them on, baby. I think they're kinky." red told me.

I'd hardly ever had anyone say they liked the way I looked, and
never in my glasses. I put them back on as he started caressing
and biting me again, rolling me onto my stomach while he slid his
dick between my thighs and ass cheeks. He cupped my breasts and
pinched my nipples, and generally played with my young body and

He flipped me over, so I was on my back; he lifted my knees
upwards and outwards, he placed the tip of his tool to my
helplessly wide open groin;

"Do you want it honey?" He asked.

"No." I gasped, "No."

"Yes, Emma Lou. You do. Feel this? Is it good? It is, isn't it?"

"No. please, no Red."

"Yes, Emma Lou. I want to hear you say 'yes' before we go all the
way. We both know you really want it, don't we?"

"No, Red. I don't think."

He couldn't wait anymore, and his thumbs were pulling my lower
lips open while he pushed at it with the tip of his organ. I
could feel it pressure against me, right up to my head; I could
feel the blunt tip stretching me as it entered, invading my
helpless virgin frame, penetrating, pushing into where no wrong
had been done before, where no man had yet polluted.

And then, in the midst of my panic and turmoil, he pulled it back
out, before it had got more than an inch inside.

"Do you want it, Emma Lou?" he asked again.

I couldn't believe he would tease me like that; do it or don't do
it, I was thinking. I was helpless against him; he had me in his

"Yes." I whimpered.

"Good girl. Now we're going to have some real fun."

Even as he spoke, he was putting it back inside, and the
delicious burning pain of his entry was mine again.

I was on my back with my long thin legs stretched all the way
out, and my older lover was massaging my clit with his thumb as
he slowly and carefully worked his hard penis deeper into my

I felt it hit a barrier inside me, and a burning pain as it burst
through. Deeper, into the middle of me it went. I could feel it
probing, stretching, stimulating parts of me that I didn't know
were even in there. I thought I would be split in two by the
sheer sensation of it. It was horrible, like that movie "Aliens";
it was wonderful, like a love song.

With agonizing slowness, he started to perform the act; puling
his thing out of my little body only to force it right back in. I
could feel my face and ears burning, I could feel a rushing at my
groin, I could feel the tip of my first lover's cock impacting
somewhere at the base of my stomach.

I had had orgasms before, alone in my bed, fingering my clit
while thinking of some man or boy I'd met that day; how different
it was to have a big strong man to hold myself against, a living,
pulsing, burning organ sliding unstoppably inside, strong hands
gripping me under the armpits, holding me tight as he ravished

A grin of delight was plastered across his face as he watched me
in my primal vulnerability. I was coming, and if I had mixed
feelings about it, red surely didn't. He loved it, and he wasn't
planning to stop for a while.

The pain soon receded as my supple young body grew accustomed to
this new activity, leaving behind only the incredible pleasures
of what I now knew to be sex.

Red turned me over and did me from behind, he did me on my side.
He laid me on my back again and did me without mercy, until I was
just jello. He didn't let me take Tonya's high heels off, and I
was wearing Tonya's mother's stockings the whole time too, as
well as my glasses.

He became more and more beautiful to me with each orgasm he
pushed me through, and by the time I felt his sticky goo squirting burning hot up inside me, I no longer cared or feared
it [although I did later].

Neither of us could seem to think of much to say as we showered,
dressed, and red finally drove me to Tonya's [he seemed to forget
the need for the credit card and gas]. I suppose that's the
problem with a lover more than twice your age; it might be great
in bed, but then what do you do?

He gave me a card with his number on it as I got out of his car.
"Give me a call, Emma Lou. maybe we can get together again
sometime." He said with a wry smile.

"Emma Lou! Where the hell were you? I was starting to get
freaked!" Tonya said. It was about 2:00AM.

"Where was I? Where were you! I had to get back by myself!"

"I was in my car in the parking lot making out with that hot

"I didn't see your car there at all."

"I had to move the car to the back of the parking lot so we'd
have some privacy. We saw you come out with that old guy and kiss
him like you were just married before you drove off with him and
didn't come back. Look, Emma Lou, if you wanted to get it on with
the guy you know it's cool with me, but you really could have
called. Kinky, Emma Lou, really kinky. You never knew your dad,
did you?"

I was sure my mother would notice the change in me; I was sure
everyone would notice, but no one seemed to. Life went on as
usual. I went to school, I did my chores. But I was different; I'
d tasted the apple, and I wanted to taste it again. I held out
for a week or two; then I called Red.

I walked through the woods behind my house to where a larger road
cut through, and he met me there in his car. I jumped in and he
pulled away.

He took me for dinner in a little place an hour down the road
where neither of us would be known. He was being sweet, treating
me to a date like that, but we couldn't find much to talk about.

He was into football, cars, and politics; I only knew about
celebrities, pop music, and school.

I told him a little about myself, about my repressed life at home
and my wild friend Tonya, whose clothes I'd been wearing when we'
d first met. I was in slacks and a tee-shirt.

"Let's go back to my place." He said.

He was dressed a bit better this time, and freshly shaved. He
smiled at me as I fished out his penis in the car without being
asked. It was still daylight, but we were on back country roads
where it was unlikely we'd have to stop. Acting on an impulse, I
bent down and took him in my mouth for a moment.

It was different this time. I wasn't afraid of it any more; it
was my friend, my best friend [even if I hardly knew the man it
was attached to]. I kissed it and slowly circled it with my
tongue; I sucked it gently as it stiffened for me.

We undressed quickly once we were alone in Red's little house,
and we both had to laugh a little with the sheer exhilaration of
it; we were going to do it, no games, no hesitations. Sex, pure
lovely primal sex was why we were here, and there was no pretense
about it this time.

I had to keep at least one hand on his big hot hard dick while he
sucked my toes, ran his tongue up my calves and thighs, kissed my
pussy and my nipples.

Once more he held me in his powerful arms as he explored my mouth
with his tongue. This time, though, my tongue tasted his mouth

I sucked that big wonderful cock, watching him watching me. It
was nice, nicer than Tonya had said it was; because I could see
how it pleased my lover so.

And when he did it to me for the second time, it was even better
than the first. I would do anything for this man, I remember
thinking, I'd be his girl, his wife, his whore.

It was a prophetic thought.

I started seeing him regularly. I'd sneak off somewhere and he'd
pick me up and take me home. We even found we could communicate a
little other than sexually, after a while.

I guess it was inevitable that my mother would find out. She
searched my room during one of the last days of school, and found
my pills [Red didn't like to have to wear condoms when we did

Of course she went completely ballistic. She was screaming so
loud, the whole neighborhood could hear.

I'd had enough of it by that time; as she stood hollering at me,
I packed a small bag and headed for the door.

A pot or two hit the walls as I crossed the living room; "If you
leave this house now, you never come back! Do you understand,
Emma Lou?" she screeched. With a show of outward calm I didn't
feel, I left.

"Whore!" my mother yelled from the door for all to hear as I
walked down my street. It wasn't even true yet.

I phoned red from Tonya's place, and he picked me up. I felt a
sort of relief that I was away from home at last, although I
would have preferred a smoother exit.

I started keeping my lover's house and cooking his food. He was
very particular about everything, but once he showed me how he
wanted things done, I was able to earn my keep.

Red didn't have a regular job. He bought old cars, fixed them up,
turned back their odometers, and sold them; he sold a little
"Grass", and he usually picked up a few extra dollars playing
poker on Saturday nights.

The first few weeks were magical; I had never felt so fulfilled
as I cooked, cleaned, and ironed his clothes.

And of course there was a lot of sex; that was the one area where
we were totally confident with each other. I wasn't too good in
the kitchen, and red could see how I would wince when he cursed
or used profanity [which he did liberally], but in bed we were of
one mind. We knew how to please each other, and we both loved it.
Red liked to see how many times he could make me come, and I
liked to see how often I could get him going again. We did it
twice or even three times a day, at first. I came to love sucking him until he was ready to give it to me again. He liked me to
wear my glasses, even though I could have got contacts.

Red hosted the poker game at his house, and I served the boys sandwiches and drinks. red didn't cheat at cards [as far as I
knew], but he asked me to dress myself up. He said it would
distract the others and give him an edge. At first I just wore
some light makeup, a pair of very short shorts, and a tee shirt that left my navel showing; but red took me shopping and got me
some outfits specially designed to tease.

I was surprised to find myself looking forward to game night; it
was fun. I wore net stockings and shorts, and a bikini top. The
next week I switched to a mini-skirt, and then I started wearing
a lace bra with it, so they could all enjoy tantalizing glimpses
of my firm young breasts. The boys all loved it, and red gave me
some of his winnings. Sometimes one of the guys would run a hand
up the back of my leg as I brought him something to eat or drink.
I didn't mind, it was all part of it; I loved the attention,
approval, and naughtiness of it all.

Then came the night red started losing.

I could see him getting more and more frustrated as his usually
generous pile of chips shrunk. Then there was a "big hand", one
where the stake rose and rose. red didn't have enough to stay in.

"I tell you what, boys;" he said, "I'll put up Emma Lou here. She
must be worth a couple of hundred for the night to any one of
you. This here matchbook is Emma Lou for the night, or two
Hundred bucks." And he threw a pack of matches on the pile in
the middle of the table.

"Hey, I don't know, Red." one of the guys started to complain.

Red stood up, pushing back his chair. The muscles of his
shoulders were hunched up, and his face would have given a child
nightmares for a week. "You got a problem, Robby?" he growled

"Uh.No, Red, it's fine." Robby said, looking cowed.

I was pretty freaked out by this, I didn't know if it was
serious. I liked these guys, but not in that way. I enjoyed
dressing provocatively and flirting with them, but I didn't want
to be traded like a commodity.

Anyway, red won the hand and got ahead before the game stopped at
2:00AM. But a precedent was set; the "Emma Lou chip" was used
again the next week, and it was inevitable that red would lose it

It was Eddie who kept the chip and refused to sell it back to
Red. I thought red was going to start a fight, but Eddie was
probably as tough as red was, and someone would surely have
gotten hurt.

"You've been using the 'Emma Lou chip' for a month, Red." Eddie
said. "We've been accepting it. Now I want to cash it in. Sorry,
Emma Lou, I wasn't meaning no disrespect, but that's how we call
it when we turn in our chips."

I stood stiff in the corner as the tableau played out, suddenly
very uncomfortable in my sexy outfit. The boys were all waiting
for the outcome too, nearly as tensely as I was.

"Go on, then." red said. "Take her home with you. But I want her
back in the morning, and she'd better be alright, you got it?"

"Sure, Red." Eddie said with a grin. "You know I wouldn't hurt Emma Lou. Come on, honey, let's go."

Red wouldn't meet my eye as I threw some toiletries in a bag and
left with Eddie, as I'd been told.

Eddie was big and tough, gnarled and old. If red could have been
my dad, Eddie could have been my grand-dad. I think he was around

"Are you afraid, Emma Lou?" he asked me, not unkindly, as we
drove off in his pick-up.

"Yes." I answered truthfully. "I've never been with anyone but
Red before."

"Really? You should find a nice boy your own age, sweetheart." He
said, running his old hand up my naked thigh. I was wearing a
skimpy green sequined dress that left my top and bottom barely
covered, and the area in-between gift wrapped.

We shared a shower together; Eddie soaped me up, shamelessly
enjoying himself. His old dick was as stiff as Red's ever was,
and he rubbed it against my soapy nakedness.

"This is a real treat for me, Emma Lou." He told me, "I'm not a
lady's man like Red, and I haven't hardly been with a woman at
all since my wife died five years ago. You don't mind, do you? I
mean, it was red who kept staking you. How about a kiss,

Well, it was what I was there for. We kissed for the first time
in the shower, and I tried to figure out how I actually felt
about this. I knew I should have been outraged, I should have
left red the first time he threw my chip on the table; but where
could I go? What could I do?

I knew Eddie; I liked him. So why should there be a problem? He
was lonely, and he was right about the chip. I'd been on the
table and around the table, teasing those poor boys, and now
Eddie had called the bluff. It wouldn't harm me to please him,
and I knew red needed the $200.

The old man held me gently while we kissed. It was ok. It was
wicked, more wicked than it was with red; that was what made up
for Eddie's age. I was enjoying myself thinking how it would give
my mother a heart attack if she knew.

We rinsed and dried up, then went to bed.

I was surprised at his energy; somehow I thought because he was
old he must be feeble, but it wasn't so. Eddie was strong and
lean, and Eddie made love with me. He kissed me and cuddled me,
he licked my clit. When he climbed between my legs and put his
stiff old penis to my entrance, I realized that I actually wanted
to feel it inside my body. He held me tight and slid it up
inside, warming me with that wonderful feeling of invasion. His
motion was different than Red's, but it ultimately had the same
effect; I saw pure joy on his face as I came for him, and I felt
I had done a wonderful thing when I felt his old penis deep
inside me reciprocating, as he pumped his fluid into my waiting

I would have liked to have him again in the morning before he
took me back, but he said he couldn't. Still, we had a cuddle,
and I couldn't resist a little taste. I felt it grow in my mouth,
and I sucked him slowly, just for the fun of it, enjoying the
wicked sensation of it. No one would ever need to know that I
actually enjoyed it with old Eddie, no one would know that I
sucked his cock just for the pure joy of it.

No one would know that he suddenly tensed up and came, and that I
swallowed it happily.

Red was furious when I told him we'd done it without a condom.

"That's only for me! From now on, you always use a condom or else
you say "No", understand?"

"Yes." I said meekly, trying to get him calm. Later, I realized
what that really meant; it meant there was a "now on". I was a
whore for the poker players, and every Saturday night whoever got
the chip would doubtlessly be taking me home.

In practice, it was always the same four or five guys. There
were a few others there who had wives or girlfriends they didn't
want to cheat on, and they always bet my chip if they'd won it;
the guys who liked to do it with me would hold my chip if they
were winning, or play it again if they weren't doing so well.
They used to apologize to me when they played the chip in a hand,
and flirt hopefully while they held it.

Red always replayed the chip immediately if he won it back; he
had me six nights a week, and he'd rather have the money it was

They were all sweet guys, and I didn't mind too much, except when
I had to sleep with Harvey, since he was terribly fat.

In fact, I was generally really pretty excited on Saturdays. It
was like a lottery, I never knew who I'd end up with. And I found
it so flattering that they all thought I was worth that kind of

There were also a couple of guys who only joined the game once or
twice; they were both fascinated with the "Emma Lou chip", but
failed to win me.

The sex? I bet that's all anyone really wants to hear about.

It was fun at first. It was so wicked and weird, so against
everything I'd been brought up to believe in.

We always used condoms, and to me that somehow made it pretty
harmless. I let Eddie do it to me without, though, since we had
already done it that way; but I made him promise he wouldn't tell
Red. I really liked old Eddie, he was the sweetest.

They were each different but all the same. They each had
different ways they liked to hold me, kiss me, and so on; a
couple of them liked to lick me out first. But they all loved it
just the same when I gave them head, and they all just loved to
get their things into me. They all loved it when I came, and didn
't seem to notice when I had to fake it.

One Saturday evening, young Robby was somehow trying to get the
chip. I was quite flattered, he had never held it when he'd had
it before. I thought he was cute, and I didn't mind the idea that
he might be my lover that night. He even tried to buy it from
Harvey, but Harvey wouldn't sell. "That would be an insult to
Emma Lou." He stated firmly. It was a nice thing to say, but I
really wouldn't have minded; it was a hot night, and Harvey didn'
t have air-conditioning to lessen the discomfort of sex with the
big guy.

I went with fat Harvey. I got him on his back and got on top that
time; that worked really well, I could service him without
getting crushed. I bucked my hips and kissed him until he came.
Harvey wasn't a bad guy, he just needed a good exercise regime.

Anyway, Robby came by to talk to red on Sunday; he asked if he
could hire me to work a stag party the next night. I was appalled
when red agreed.

For the first time, I opposed him.

"If you think I'm going to do it with a dozen drunken men, you
must be out of your mind!"

"Is that what you think? Relax, Emma Lou. You just do it with the
groom." red said soothingly.

"Really? That's all?"

"Well, you're supposed to do a strip tease for everyone first,
that's sort of traditional. But that's pretty harmless, isn't it?
You've been nearly naked every poker night with the boys,

"He's a really nice guy, Emma Lou." Robby added, "You'll like
him, I promise!"

I danced and pulled my clothes off in the hotel suite as eight
men cheered me on. They were all in their mid twenties. The groom
was a sweet guy, as Robby had promised, and would have been
handsome if it hadn't been for an unfortunate weak chin.

All the men touched me, and I let them fondle my breasts and
everything; Robby had paid $300, and I felt the boys should have
fun. I found that I was enjoying myself; they were all petting
and appreciating me, even Robby.

I suppose most girls would have been appalled; but I was just
reveling in the approval, the acceptance of all these men.

I watched part of a porno movie with them; I thought it was
pretty bad, but I'd never seen one before so had little to judge
it by. I mean, the men all had bigger equipment than I'd ever
handled by a good margin, and those girls all deep throated them
[I was thinking maybe I would have to learn how to do that], but
as actors, they all failed to convince me that they were actually
enjoying themselves.

I served the guys drinks, completely naked, and I sat on a sofa
between two of them for a few minutes and watched the movie with
them while they ran their hands over my body.

I gave them each a kiss before pulling the hesitant groom into
the bedroom.

The poor guy was so nervous, he couldn't get it up. That made me
a little worried; what if Robby wanted some of the money back?
There might be trouble.

Anyway, I just undressed him and cuddled with him for a while. I
told him it was ok, and kissed him while I played with his little
softy. After a while, he started to respond.

I realized he had no idea how to make love with a woman.
Suddenly, I knew why I was here; to teach him.

It was weird, since he was at least five years older than me, but
he took my suggestions gracefully. I taught him how to touch me
in the right way, and how to lick me to get me randy.

We ended up doing it nice and slow for quite a while, and I faked
an orgasm as well as having one real one before he came.

"You're really something, Emma Lou." He told me as he dressed [my
clothes were out in the other room]. "Several friends of mine are
getting married soon, and I'm going to make sure you get the

I wasn't sure that I wanted to do this again. These guys were all
pretty nice, but I knew that that was just luck.

The other guys were all pretty wound up when I went back into the
other room.

"Hey Emma Lou, would you do the rest of us for $75 each?" one of
the guys asked hopefully.

I was pretty shocked at the suggestion; then I remembered where I
was, and exactly what my role was at this event. These guys all
thought of me as a prostitute, and I guess they were right; but
that wasn't what I was in my own mind. There were seven of them,
and I wondered if I could do it. It would be a lot of money, and
I knew red would be awfully pleased if I brought it home. And of
course they would have to wear johnies, so it wasn't like I was
going to get a gallon of mixed male seed in me.

"For a hundred each, I'll do it." I said on impulse; and they

I couldn't believe it! Seven hundred dollars for an hour or two
on my back; I'd never seen that much money in my life.

It went ok for the first four, but then I started to get sore. I
realized that I should have brought some kind of lubricant. I
wanted that money, but I sure didn't want my bits damaged when I
was just 18. I told the next guy to come in I'd blow him.

He didn't mind at all, even though I couldn't do it like those
porno girls. I tried, though.

I figured it was sort of my duty to do my best if I was getting
that kind of money for it. And anyway, his dick was kind of thin
and long, so it was good for trying.

I really couldn't figure out how they do it, it kept making me
gag. Still, I like doing it in general, so it was fine. I didn't
let him come too soon, and I think he really liked the service. I
spat it in the sink, since there were two more to go.

Robby was last, and I did it with him both ways. I had been
thinking about him a lot, I thought he was so sweet.

His cock was on the small side, and I managed to get it all the
way in my throat briefly once or twice. He was just ecstatic, and
we did it regular after that until we both came.

Red heard about the extra money; I should have asked the guys to
keep quiet about it. Anyway, he sure was mad that I'd held out on
him, and he hit me. I was going to leave the next day, I didn't
know where I would go, but I was leaving. But then he said how
sorry he was, and how he was just mad that I would lie to him
like that. We made up, and he made love with me so sweetly and
tenderly, I wondered afterward how I could ever have thought of
leaving him.

Once more I was helpless in his arms. Like a leaf blown in the
wind, I had no will of my own; no choice as to the direction I
was headed. My lover held my in his power, both physical and
physiological, as his penis slid in and out of my naivety,
driving me helplessly from one orgasm to the next, until the fog
of hormones I lived in had colored everything roses again.

"You're my little love machine, Emma Lou." He told me as we were
cooling down afterwards. "I just never knew you had it in you to
do eight guys. That's really something, honey."

"Really?" I asked, basking in the happy glow of his approval.

"Absolutely, baby. girls like you aren't born every day." He told
me, kissing me tenderly. "I bet I could find plenty of work for
you. There's bachelor party work of course, and maybe we could
get you into that strip club over in Fulton, they're always
looking for new girls. I bet I could get you into videos, that
pays real good."

Suddenly, strangely, the fog seemed to lift from my mind. I
suddenly knew that the man in my arms was a monster, a complete
bastard. He would ruin me, destroy me, and throw me away when he
was through.

Suddenly I could see the future he would bring me; poverty and
humiliation as I was sold again and again, until I would be never
be able to regain a normal life, until I would never be able to
love as others did.

Nasty twist ending;

And the other possibility; to call my mother, retrieve my life,
pick up my diploma, possibly still get to university if any had
accepted me on the basis of the applications I'd mailed in my
previous life, only three months earlier. Short sharp humiliation
allowing the possibility of salvation.

I left his house the next day when he went out to the bar.

My mother acted as if the summer of my shame had never occurred;
as if she hadn't called me a whore and told me to go. We didn't
talk about it at all until I was about to leave for the bus that
would take me to the university on the coast.

I mentioned his name in passing, that was all.

"Red? His name was Red? red Thompson, from Southfield?"

"Yes." I told her; and she turned white as a ghost and fainted,
falling into a heap on the floor.

It took me three years to make her tell me what I knew must be
the truth. What else could have caused such a reaction, even in a
person like my Mom?

Randolph "Red" Thompson is my biological father.

Ace 2002

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Porn star ending;
I left his house the next day when he went out to the bar; I got
the bus for L.A.

My first shoot went just great, and the producer said if I could
just learn to get dick all the way down my throat, he'd have lots
of work for me.

I didn't want to have too much to do with guys for a while, not
in my personal life. I went to work, and supported myself while I
went to college.

I majored in film making while working in front of the camera.
Guys with huge dicks pounded me while I cried in feigned delight,
and sometimes even in real delight. My great pride is that no one
could tell the difference.

I tried to patch it up with my mother, and might have succeeded
if I hadn't told her the truth about my profession. Well, she
would have found out anyway, I was getting popular.

I learned to deep throat the biggest guys in the business, and I
even did anal.

I've pretty much stopped working in front of the camera now that
I'm a producer, but sometimes I do it since my name will still
help sell tapes. I still love doing lesbian scenes; It's so nice
and harmless without a cock that needs to squirt at me, and the
girls are mostly so sweet.

The main trouble with this business is that it's nearly
impossible to meet a decent guy. After all, what decent guy would
go with a porn star? And I don't want to lie about what I do.

Then I met Tommy. But that's another story.

Ace 2002


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