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Archived Sex Stories

Encounter In Tuition Part 1



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar
::: e n c o u n t e r :::


Part 1

"Slowly, Manish," Shirlyn murmured. "Don't be in such a rush!"

"I can't help it!"

"You must try! How else will you learn? I can't teach you if you
don't try! Okay, are you ready now?"


"Good. Now ... easy does it ... put it in slowly ... mm, yes ...
ohhh yes ... that's it ... oh that feels so good, Manish! Yes!
That's wonderful! Now ... push it in deeper ... yes! Oh ma yes!
That's it! C'mon ... deeper ... shove it in, Manish ... as deep as
you can ... Ohhhhhh uhhh yes! That's it! Put it all in, lover! Oh
god yes! Oh Manish ... uhhhh yes!"

Above her, the strapping seventeen-year old schoolboy groaned
thickly and flexed his buttocks taut. His lean hips dipped and his
enormous nine-inch erection squelched into Shirlyn's convulsing
slit. She gasped and arched steeply under him, clenching his
powerful biceps, lifting her hips to meet his in descent. Her cunt spasmed and contracted on his throbbing penis and the boy gasped.
His face was flushed and he was panting heavily, his nostrils
flared, his mouth open. The pressure in his groin was unbearable,
and her cunt was unrelenting on his distended penis. His body was
tense and taut, veins popping in his neck and forehead, his
muscles cording powerfully. His hard, tall body glistened with a
light sweat. A thin rivulet of perspiration coursed down his face,
over his neck and deep chest and splashed on her breast. Shirlyn
murmured in pleasure and, gripping his buttocks, keeping him
pinned inside her, began moving her hips deftly in gentle
undulating circular motions. The boy groaned. Her cunt churned
around his cock, alternately squeezing and releasing his penis.
Shirlyn smiled gently.

"There," she said softly. "Doesn't that feel good, Manish? Do you
like that?"

"Yes!" he gasped. "Oh god yes!"

"This is how you must fuck a woman, Manish ... slowly and deeply
and thoroughly. Do you understand?"

"Yes ... no ... I don't know! Oh god ... c'mon!"

"No! Not yet! Not so fast!"

"Oh god oh god oh god," the boy moaned.

"Slowly now," she murmured, guiding him. "Gently ... now ... start
moving ... move your cock out ... ahhhhhh ... yes ... that's it
... good ... now ... hold it ... yes ... now shove it in again ...
now! Yes! OHHHHHHH that's it! Shove it all in Manish! Shove it
right in! OHHHHH baby yes! Now again ... out ... mm ... ohh uhhh
yes ... now ... in ... oh ma uhhhhhhh yes! Oh fuck yes! Again!
C'mon Manish ... do it ... in a rhythm ... move with me ... Out
... yes! And in ... ohhh uhhh yes ... out ... uhhh ... in ... ohh
... out ... That's it ... that's it ... yes ... keep moving ...
just like that ... oh god Manish ... that feels so good!"

Shirlyn hissed in pleasure and dragged her slender fingers up his
hard, V-shaped torso to his deeply cleaved chest and steepled them
over his nipples, her fingernails digging into his smooth skin.
Her pointed tongue arched sexily over her deliciously curved upper
lip. She moved her hips easily and rhythmically in a steady up and
down motion. Her cunt was a hot vortex that engulfed the throbbing
mass of his cock-flesh, squeezing and contracting greedily on its
mass. Her succulent breasts jiggled with their motions, her
nipples rigid and stiff. The long gold necklace danced on her
smooth, creamy flesh. Manish gasped in pleasure as he fucked her,
thrusting his cock in and out of her moist, tight, convulsing

"Manish," she gasped. "Slow down ... breathe out ... again ... yes
... several breaths ... in and out ... that's it ... get a grip on
yourself ... focus, Manish ... c'mon ... concentrate ... yes ...
now calm down ... empty your mind ... don't try and think ...
don't think of me ... close your eyes ... it's you ... just you
... and your cock ... in my slit ... my slit's nice and hot and
tight, isn't it? Yes ... it feels good on your cock, doesn't it?
See? See how it squeezes your prick? It's just you and your prick
and my cunt now ... and all you want to do ... all you have to do
is pull it out ... slowly ... yes ... that's good ... more ...
take it all the way out ... that's it ... bas, that's it! Stop ...
not all the way out ... just till there ... yes ... leave your
cock-head in my cunt ... now stop ... don't move ... don't move at
all ... mm ... wait for me to beg for it ... now ... please ...
shove it in ... shove it right in Manish ... slowly ...
ahhhhhhhhhh uhhh yes! Oh god that's so good ... now again ... out
... wait ... now in uhhhhhhhh Oh ma uhhhh yes! Again! Oh god yes
... now! Quickly! Ram it in hard! All the way! Just ram it in,
Manish! OHHHHHHHHHHHH uhhh yes! Oh god yes! That's it! Do it
again! Ahhhhhh uhhh oh ma uhhh yes! Oh uhh oh uhh oh uhh god yes
... now slow again ... yes ... mm ... that's lovely ... slow again
... and again ... once more ... again ... now hard ... yes oh yes
oh god yes that's it oh fuck yes do it uhh yes again! Oh lord yes,
Manish, yes!"

The teenager followed her guidance, feeling giddy and oddly
light-headed. He could hardly believe this was happening at last,
at long last, after so long, so much waiting, so much dreaming, so
much longing, those lonely nights of endless masturbation,
fantasizing about her, of Shirlyn, his teacher, his tuition
teacher who taught him math and chemistry and physics and, and
biology, most of all biology, mostly anatomy, hers and his, and

Manish spinning in a whirlpool of lust. The girl is bewitching. He
cannot stop looking at her. She is so lovely, so pretty, so sexy,
slender and curved. She has a lovely oval face with a pointed
chin, a slim, straight nose and slightly flared nostrils, small,
cutely stuck-out ears. Her face is narrow so that, from some
angles, it looks like her cheeks are plump, but even that is cute,
really cute. Her cheekbones are high. Her eyes are lovely, large,
dark brown, full of magic. Her lips are light and full and her
teeth are white and strong and even. Her skin is like gold, smooth
and clear, firm as a grape, without a trace of body hair. Her hair
is dark and tumbles about her shoulders or flounces in a sexy pony
tail or is coiled up neatly on the back of her head. Her neck is
superb, a long, slender, graceful column that holds her head. Her
arms and legs are nicely turned and slim, with attractive ankles
and wrists and slim fingers and toes, beautifully shaped and
arched. He can't stop looking at her breasts, the way they jut
out, full and ripe and high, like succulent fruit. Her belly is
firm and flat. He has seen it when she wears a *sari*. Oh god, her
breasts. Her lovely breasts. Whatever she wears, the neck is
always cut low, so close, so near, he can see the beginning of her
cleavage, drawing his eyes down, down where the sexy gold chain
around her neck disappears, oh lucky necklace, oh precious gold.
And those glasses she wears, with the black thread, the rims a
delicate burgundy gold that makes her eyes look richer and
livelier and sexier. What he wants, what he wants is to pull the
clothes off her, to squeeze her breasts, get her to open her legs,
to shove his dick into her cunt, to fuck her and fuck her and fuck

"Manish! Pay attention!"

He snaps back. She is glaring at him. He frowns and shakes his
head, trying to clear the muddle and confusion. She sighs in

"Oh Manish, why do you do this? You must concentrate. You're not
even trying! How can I teach you anything if you won't listen?"

He knows she is a secretary in a lawyer's office. She takes
tuitions part time to supplement her income. He doesn't know that
she no longer does it for the money, that she's dropped all but a
handful of her tuitions and those she keeps for reasons quite
unrelated to education. Manish is one of her most attractive and
sexy students. She wants to fuck him, and she's enjoying the sport
of seducing him, hunting him, taking her time and drawing it out,
savouring the exquisite torture of denial. She knows she will have
him before long, but she hasn't yet quite decided how she wants to
do it.

Oh, of course if she just took off her clothes and spread her legs
he'd be on her in a flash. She knows that he is obsessed with her
body, but she torments him, giving him these flashing glimpses of
her breasts when she bends forward, brushes her breasts against
his arm, lets him look at her legs when she wears a dress, letting
it ride up her knees and thighs more than she should.

He is very cute, very sexy and not terribly bright. But it's not
his mind she's interested in. He has the face of a film-star and
the body of a demi-god. He knows this and he takes good care of
himself. He is clean-shaven with the square-jawed, rugged features
of a Maratha. His nose is strong and straight, his cheeks sexily
hollowed, his lips full and wide and sensual and his teeth are
white and strong. His eyes are dark and deep-set under thick eyebrows. His hair is thick and dark. His body is stunning; she
knows he lifts weights and works out for hours on end to keep in
shape. A bullish neck spans out to broad, powerful shoulders. His
torso is a breathtakingly slashed V that tapers to a narrow waist
and high hips. His chest is broad and deeply cleaved and his belly
is hard and flat. His arms and legs are thick and long and bunched
with muscle. His torso is hairless; even his armpits are depilated
-- she has seen it under his open shirt. She finds this very sexy;
she doesn't like hairy men. She has noticed the prominent bulge in
his crotch and frequently fantasizes about his cock. She imagines
it must be enormously long and thick.

Shirlyn and Manish at the dining table. A spread of notebooks and
files and textbooks and papers, a clutter of pencils, pens,
erasers. Manish's brow is furrowed and he looks grey and tired,
his eyes glassy. Shirlyn has her spectacles perched on her nose, a
book open upside down before her, right way up before him, a
pencil in her slim fingers. She is wearing a brightly coloured
synthetic skirt and blouse. It clings to her body like film. The
neck of her blouse is cut in a dangerously deep U that shows a
good deal of her chest, the swell of her breasts squeezed together
under it. The blouse has no buttons, just knotted ends beneath her
breasts. The blouse is short and tight and her breasts jut out
provocatively over her bare midriff. The skirt is slung
precariously far below her navel. He knows that from behind, the
blouse is cut way, way down with low, scooped shoulders and shows
most of her back, the honey gold skin glistening soft and smooth
as a grape, and he longs to touch it, run his fingers over it. Her
mouth is moving, and all he can see is the bright flash of her
teeth and the darting of her tongue. His eyes keep slipping down.
The blouse is translucent and he can see her breasts, most of
them, full and heavy, the gold necklace twinkling on her creamy
skin, disappearing in a taper between her breasts. Beneath, her
naked midriff keeps flashing at him beneath her blouse.

"Manish! Manish!" She snaps her fingers in his face. He has
drifted off again.

Exasperated, she tosses down the pencil. It skitters off the page
and the table, clatters to the floor. She pushes her chair back
and bends to pick it up.

Manish stifles a groan. As she bends, the lapels of her blouse
fall low so that he has an unimpeded view of her breasts, can see
the deep cleavage and the gold necklace nestling in the vale, can
gauge the size and form of her breasts. She pauses a little longer
than necessary, but he doesn't notice, keeps staring. She
straightens and adjusts her blouse casually. He blanks out again,
the magic moment is lost.

She shuts the math textbook. "Okay, Manish. You're not taking in
any of this. Let's try something else. Get the Bio book."

Dumbly, he pulls out a thick volume from the stack at his elbow.
She notices how smoothly and easily his muscles move, rippling
under his skin. He is wearing jeans and an unbuttoned, open shirt,
the sleeves rolled up to his biceps. His forearms are thick and
criss-crossed with sinewy and bulging veins. Under the shirt, she
can see his hard, muscular torso and she licks her lips as her
eyes slide surreptitiously over his frame, lingering on the small,
hard, stiff nipples that are pulled wide and low on either side of
his cleaved chest.

"Open it. Chapter twenty-two. Reproduction."

He flips open the book and stares at the diagrams. A cock. A cunt.
Sperm swimming towards eggs. Fuck. He looks at her.

"This ... this isn't in the prelims portion, is it?" he asks

She conceals a smile. "No. Not yet. But it's interesting. It's
different from what you've been doing, it'll be a change and
you'll learn something."

Manish watching in a daze as she edges closer, her knee touching
his and begins to explain the different parts. The scrotum. The
testes. The penis. A mass of cartilage. Erections. Thickened with
blood surging through veins. Sperm comes from the testes, also
known as the gonads, through the vas deferens. During
reproduction, also known as copulation or intercourse, the erect
penis is inserted into the vaginal aperture. ejaculation causes a
release of sperm. Millions of little squids swim through the
vaginal fluid to a rendezvous with ova. One or two will make it.
The others perish. Never mind. More where that came from. Her
fingers touch the back of his hand. Her blouse lapels droop. He
sees her breasts again. Oh god. She isn't wearing a bra. He can
see her nipples through the blouse. They're hard. Stiff little
stubs. He wants to pinch them. She shuts the book, pushes her
chair back and gets up.

"Okay, that's enough for today. We'll meet again tomorrow."

He gets up and sees her out. When she's gone, he goes mad. Rushes
around crazily, doesn't know what to do. Masturbates and comes,
masturbates again, comes again. And again.

When his elder brother returns from work, Manish is asleep. The
elder boy looks in on his kid brother. Poor kid. Ever since their
parents died in that car crash, he's done everything he could to
get him through school. Nothing seems to work. He doesn't read,
can't handle schoolwork, just works out, works out, works out.
Great body as a result. But real dumb. He picks up the phone.

"Hello, Shirlyn? It's me, Anand."

"Hi Anand. How's it going?"

"Fine. And you?"

"Very well."

"Sorry, you busy?"

"Mm. No, not really. Go on."

Shirlyn sees no reason to mention that she is busy. Busy as a
beaver. Busy with a tongue in her beaver. She's in bed with,
Barku, an office-boy from the firm she works for. In India, they
call them peons. They do the dirty work, sweeping, delivering
stuff, carrying messages, standing in lines to pay phone bills.
The work is tough and their lives are hard -- and their bodies
show it. Most of them are lean, muscular, sun-hardened men.
Shirlyn loves fucking them.

Barku is exceptionally good. He's a sexy, handsome stud with a
great cock and terrific stamina. He licks slit like a god, and she
loves having a tongue in her cunt. She is naked on her back in
bed, her legs spread wide, fondling her swollen breasts with one
hand. Barku is sprawled with his face in her crotch, prising her
cunt-lips open in his strong, thick fingers, moving his head round
and round, pushing and stabbing his tongue in and out of her
streaming wet cunt. Her hips grind and buck gently and her body
jerks as he thrusts his tongue in and out of her cunt as though
she is being fucked. She grips the phone to her ear and, with her
free hand, clenches the peon's hair, moving his head between her
thighs to suit her pleasure.

"Tell me Anand," she murmurs, struggling to keep her voice even.
"What can I do for you?"

"I'd like to meet you. This evening? About, um, Manish, and his
school work. How it's going. That sort of thing."

Shirlyn sticks her tongue out at the phone. She knows Anand is
bullshitting as usual. He wants to fuck her. But he never says so.
Always dreams up some stupid excuse. Still, he's good to fuck and
she has no other plans. Barku can't stay the night anyway.

"Yes, all right," she says. "That sounds fine. What time?"

"Would you like to do dinner?" She can hear the grin and relief in
his voice.

"Mm. Let's see." She nudges Barku away and rolls over onto her
front, lifting her buttocks and spreading her legs. Barku chuckles
softly and, kneeling behind her, presses his face to her buttocks.
Her body lurches forward as his tongue swirls over her puckered
anus. Shirlyn loves being rimmed, loves being fucked in the ass.
Barku will sodomize her before they're done. With her free hand,
she motions to him to finger-fuck her, jerking her wrist to and
fro, her palm raised, middle finger curled forward. Barku chuckles
softly and jabs a thick finger into her cunt. She stifles a moan.
Her buttocks writhe and sway erotically.

"Well?" Anand asks. "Shall we do dinner?"

"Oh, all right."

"Where would you like to go?"

"Actually, I'm not particularly hungry. Wherever you like."

"You choose. Your choice. Chinese?"

"I don't mind."

"Fine. I can get you at eight."

"That's good."

Shirlyn's hips are swaying and writhing as Barku tongue- and
finger-fucks her simultaneously, alternating his tongue between
her cunt and dainty anus. He loves the taste and smell of it, it
turns him on. He begins masturbating. His cock is already hard
from her earlier sucking of it, something she does incredibly well
and loves dearly.

Frantically, she motions for him to stop and to start fucking her,
making a fist and pumping it back and forth in the universal
gesture. Barku laughs silently and, rising, straddles her hips in
a low squat, bending his knees deeply. He pushes his cock between
her buttocks to her anus. She shakes her head. Later she mouths
silently, her face turned over one slender shoulder. Not now. He
nods and pushes his cock-head to her cunt-lips. Shirlyn bites her
lower lip and her face twists in a grimace of pleasure as the
peon's huge cock-head pops into her cunt and his enormous,
throbbing shaft pursues the bridgehead, surging slowly inward,
making a huge wave of pleasure rock her body. On the phone, Anand
is saying something.

"What? Sorry, I didn't get that."

"I asked what you think about Manish. Is he making progress?"

"Well," Shirlyn begins and then has to pause as Barku slides out
and thrusts into her again.



"You were saying?"

"Well, Manish's um progress. Not great, to be honest. It'll take

"He doesn't have time. His exams are almost on his head. Will he
get through?"

"I don't know. Something's bothering him."


"I don't know. You tell me."

"Why do you say that?"

"It's just that, well, he doesn't seem to be able to focus or
concentrate. He keeps drifting off. It's very difficult working
with someone like that."

"I appreciate all you're doing for me. Truly. I mean it. I really

"Just doing my job, Anand."

"You're good for him."

"Thank you."

"And for me, too," he says more softly. "For me, too. I'd be lost
without you. Honestly."

This irritates her. She doesn't like being crowded emotionally.
Anand wants to bind her down and she hates that. She scowls.

"Anand, I have to go."

"Why, what's up?"

"Someone's here."

"Who is it?"

"Later, Anand. See you at eight."

"No wait!"

Shirlyn is really pissed off now. She decides to give him
something to think about. She drops the phone but leaves it off
the hook. He hasn't disconnected. She can hear him calling to her.
She turns her face over her shoulder to the peon who is fucking
her cunt slowly and deeply and unhurriedly.

"Mm ... ohhh that's good, Barku," she moans loudly, loud enough
that Anand can hear through the dangling receiver. "C'mon baby ...
shove it in ... right in ... ahhhhhh yes ... oh fuck yes ...
that's so good ... c'mon ... do it again ... hard! OHHHHHH uh OH
ma uhhh yes! Oh god Barku you're so big! That's so good ... c'mon
... fuck me, baby ... fuck me! Oh yes ... fuck me! Shove your cock
right up into my cunt, lover ... ram it in! Yeh! That's it uhhhh
Ohhhh yes oh fuck yes uhhhh OHHHHH uhh yes Oh that's so good, baby
yes! Do it!"
= o =


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