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Archived Sex Stories

Encounter In Tuition Part 3



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar
::: e n c o u n t e r :::


Part 3

Another cut shows a huge cock piercing her anus, slowly skewering
her rear-channel and driving in and in and in. Shirlyn's on her
front, bent over in a steep *namaz* position, her buttocks raised
and thrust back, her face contorted in an agony of lust, eyes
screwed shut, mouth wide, lips drawn back. The man's above her,
straddling her hips, his body corded with tension, his head flung
back, his muscles rippling as he flexes his buttocks and shoves
his cock deeper and deeper into her rear-channel.

"... and the unique joys of group sex."

Shirlyn being fucked in her cunt and mouth and ass simultaneously
by three huge cocks, sawing in and out of her orifices, her body
hammered by those of her lovers, twisting and writhing in evident
ecstasy, her face contorted in a rictus of pleasure. Cut back to
her face and she's smiling.

"That and more next time. We hope you have enjoyed this film and
learned from it. To get the most from what you have seen, we
suggest you try fucking as often as you can. After all, as they
say, practice makes perfect!"

The camera begins to retreat from her face. She moans, writhing on
Hari's lap and, bending over, kisses him deeply, thrusting her
tongue into his mouth, writhing her buttocks over his lap. He
squeezes her breasts.

"Now Hari ... fuck me! Fuck me hard, lover! Fuck me like a whore!"

The camera pulls back and up, back and up, rising higher and
higher, up above a slowly whirring fan, always looking down,
showing the two bodies writhing and bucking in a frenzy on the
bed, their cries filling the soundtrack. A slow fade and, with her
cries filling the background against superbly syncopated throbbing
music, the end titles roll. Manish moans and jerks his cock
violently. The jizz spurts from his loins and keeps coming and
coming and coming.

The next afternoon, Shirlyn wasted no time with Manish. She wore a
dress today, a patterned, close-fitting garment that clung to her
contours. It was buttoned down the front and had a low, scooped
neck. She stepped into the house, kicked off her heeled shoes,
dumped her bag and, before he realised what was happening, was
standing before him, slipping her arms around his neck, lifting
her face to his. Manish's cock throbbed erect and he gripped her
hips and pulled her body to his, his pulse racing, his flesh hot
and feverish with lust.

"You want me, don't you?" she murmured, and her breath was warm on
his face.

He nodded, sinking into the deep brown pools of her *kajal*-rimmed
eyes that glittered with a strange flame.

"Then take me, Manish," she whispered. "Fuck me. Show me what
you've learned, what you know."

She pulled his head down to hers and her lips flowered under his
lips and her tongue snaked out to his mouth. He stilled himself
and when he let his lips part, her tongue darted into his mouth,
quick as an eel, flicking sexily against his. She held the kiss,
sucking his lower lip, drawing his tongue into her mouth and her
hands slid slowly down his body, undoing his shirt, pulling it out
of his jeans, pulling it wide and her fingers touched his naked
flesh and caressed the hard, clean contours of his torso.

"Take off my dress," she murmured, her tongue swirling through his
ear. "I'm naked under it."

Fumbling, Manish popped the large buttons down the front of her
dress and pulled it wide off her shoulders. It rustled to her feet
and she stepped into his arms naked and slender and sensuous, her
golden skin glowing, her face soft and radiant with pleasure.
Taking his hands, she put them on her breasts.

"Squeeze them," she murmured. "Yes ... that's it ... see how my
tits get hard and bigger ... yes ... now pinch my nipples ... oh
that's good ..."

She looked lovely, her hair curled in a short, flouncing club
behind her head, the gold chain twinkling around her neck. She
took his hand and put it in her crotch and he groaned at the touch
of her soft, downy pubic fuzz against his fingers and he felt the
first sticky wetness seeping from the tender lips of her slit.

"I'm hot," she moaned. "I'm hot and wet for you, Manish ... I want
your cock in my slit ... and your tongue ... you will fuck me,
won't you?"

He nodded dumbly. Her fingers slid down his body and she undid his
jeans, pulled down the fly and he gasped as her fingers curled
around his cock. She jerked his penis tenderly.

"You're beautiful," she murmured. "You've got a beautiful body and
a beautiful cock. I want it." He groaned, and his penis throbbed
and quivered as she pumped it gently, raking her fingernails up
and down the long shaft.

She kissed him again and when she broke the kiss, drowning in her
warm brown eyes, he gasped, "You. Was it really you?"

"Of course," she murmured, kissing him again, sliding her tongue
along his lips, rubbing her breasts against his chest. "Of course
it was."

Quick as a snake, then, she went down on her knees before him.
Manish looked down, incredulous, thinking it's happening, it's
happening! Shirlyn's lips parted and her tongue swirled out and
over his thick cock-head.

"OHHHHH uhh yes!" he gasped sharply, his belly snapping inward in

Instantly, her lips slipped around his cock-head and she took his
cock deep in her mouth and began sucking it with a steadily
intensifying pressure, using her tongue cunningly on his bulging,
swollen cock-head. Manish gasped and moaned and instinct took over
and he began fucking her mouth, jerking his hips back and forth,
pushing his cock in and out of her mouth. She moaned deep in her
cock-filled throat and sucked his penis hungrily, her fingers and
thumbs encircling his shaft.

"Ohhhh uhhh yes! Oh god yes!" he gasped.

Manish moaned, his head bent, watching incredulously, scarcely
believing that it was happening. His body burned with lust and
exhilaration and his balls and cock throbbed with an excitement
he'd never known. His pulse raced and there was a pounding in his
head. He moaned and panted, his chest heaving and thought, she's
sucking it, sucking it just like she was on screen and now there's
no difference, none at all, he's doing it, he's with her, he can
touch and feel and oh god yes, he can, he can enter her and take
her and have her and, oh lord yes, oh yes, and fuck her. His cock
spurted pre-cum gunk and she groaned, opening her mouth wide and
jerking his cock over her lips so he could see his jizz spurting
into her mouth. She took his cock in her mouth again. He was about
to come when she stopped and leaned back. She got to her feet and
kissed him again, writhing her cunt against his crotch. Her cunt was wetter now.

"Fuck me," she said softly. "Shove your cock into my slit, Manish.
Come on."

They went to the bedroom and stumbled into bed. She went down on
her back, kissing him hungrily and drew his body over hers,
spreading her legs wide, bending her knees. The callow youth
fumbled in her crotch.

"Gently," she murmured and, taking his cock in her hand, guided it
to her cunt. "There," she said. "Can you feel my cunt's heat now
on your prick? Can you feel how wet it is? Come on, Manish ...
shove your cock into my slit!"

The youth gasped and lurched into her. Shirlyn moaned, arching her
body under his. Her cunt rose to meet his and he gasped at its
heat and tightness, at its fierce convulsions on his cock. His
loins bubbled, the heat was unbearable.

"Don't!" she hissed sharply. "Don't come! Not yet! Not so soon!
You must fuck me slowly ... for a long time ... think, Manish!
Think! Remember the tape! Fuck me like that man did, Hari!
Remember how he did it?"

How could he forget? Each image was seared into memory. He gasped,
panting like an animal and forced his body to stillness.

"That's it," she murmured, smiling wantonly, her eyes dancing.
"That's it. You can control your body, Manish, but only with your
mind. Never forget that. Control is everything and to have control
you must concentrate, you must focus. If your mind loses control,
your body will lose control. Understand?"

He gasped, biting his lower lip, and nodded. She smiled and drew
his head down to hers, kissed him. Her breasts were hot and heavy
under his chest and her rigid nipples scraped his hard chest. The
gold necklace glittered on her golden skin. He stared at her,
drowning in the warmth of her eyes. She arched lazily and her hips
began to writhe under his, churning her cunt with his cock. It
felt wonderful. She whimpered softly, caressing his body, stroking
his powerful back and shoulders, clenching his buttocks, pulling
him deep inside her.

"Mm ... that's so good, Manish ... your cock is pressing on my
clitoris ... that feels lovely ... c'mon ... suck my tits!" She
arched and squeezed her breasts in her hands, lifting them to his

"Yes ... suck harder ... oh ma yes ... that's it! Bite my nipples
uhhh ahhh yes oh god you're good, Manish, you're so good!"

She guided the teenager, murmuring her instructions and gasping in
pleasure as he obeyed. He was very good. His cock was big and hard
and thick and, in this, unlike his studies, his will was strong
and his mind was firm. He was uneducated, but that problem she
could meet.

Now, bent over her, his rhythm steadied gradually, evened out. It
was like learning to ride a bicycle, Shirlyn thought, once you got
the hang of it you could spin away on your own.

Manish's mind soared. He arched his head and moved rhythmically
over her, flexing and unflexing his buttocks alternately, swinging
his hips up and down, up and down in a ceaseless, effortless
stroke. He felt powerful and strong. He was fit and healthy and
his body obeyed his mind. He focused on what he was doing, as she
told him to do, concentrated on fucking her rather than the
clamour in his gonads, which he forced into the background. It
worked. She wasn't faking anything, and he knew that with
certainty. She really liked what he was doing to her.

"Yes ... oh god yes! Ohhh uhhh yes, Manish, yes! C'mon ... faster
... uhhh yes ... harder ... oh ma uhhh yes ... keep going ... oh
fuck yes ... c'mon Manish ... yes ... do it ... fuck me uhhh oh ma
uhhhh yes ... c'mon baby ... shove it in ... yes! That's it! Shove
it right in, lover! Oh god oh god oh god yes!"

He moved faster and faster and her body rocked and jerked under
his thrusts, her breasts jiggling as he rammed his cock in and out
of her cunt.

"Manish ... c'mon ... say something! Talk! Use those lovely dirty
words you know! Let me hear you, Manish!"

He gasped. "Yes ... oh uhhh yes ... oh fuck yes ... c'mon ...

"Yes!" she cried. "Say it again!"

"Whore! Cunt! Take it! Take it, slut! Take my cock you fucking

"OHHHHHHHHH uhhh yes Oh ma uhhhh yes! Oh god yes!" she cried.

The bed rocked and bounced as he fucked her, pounding furiously in
and out of her cunt now, his hips bobbing and bouncing in a frenzy
over her thighs. She gasped and cried out, her head jerking from
side to side, her body whipping and tossing frantically on the
bed, her hips bucking and heaving under his, her cunt spasming and
contracting feverishly on his pistoning penis.

Suddenly, she stopped him, gasping and panting, her chest heaving.
"Not so fast!" she hissed. "Not so fast, not yet! C'mon ... lick
my slit! Tongue-fuck me!"

Manish moaned and thrust his cock into her feverishly a few times
before he obeyed. He slid out of her and began to slide down her

"Not like that," she snapped. "Slowly ... lick my tits ... suck
them ... then go down slowly ... then tongue-fuck me."

Manish squeezed one breast and took it in his mouth. She groaned,
arching. Her nipple quivered under his tongue. He whipped it

"Ohhh uhh yes! That's it!" she gasped, squeezing her other breast in a frenzy as flames of lust leaped through her body. "Oh yes!"

He moved to the other breast, sucked it sharply, nibbled her
nipple. Instinct guided him and he slid his hand into her crotch
and arched a finger into her slit. She gasped in surprised
delight. Her hips bucked under his hand. He began masturbating her
slowly, twisting his finger in her cunt, pressing his knuckle to
her gorged clitoris. Slowly, he rocked his hand back and forth,
running his finger in and out of her cunt, which convulsed in a
hot, wet frenzy on his finger. Squeezing her breasts together, he
sucked and nibbled both nipples simultaneously. Shirlyn's body
writhed and twisted on the bed, her head jerked to one side, her
chest heaving, her hips bucking, her face twisted in lust, her
eyes screwed shut, her mouth torn open. Her cries rang in his
ears, arousing him further. Slowly, he released her breasts and
slid downward, dragging his tongue over her slender, gorgeous
body, lapping at the dewdrops of sweat that beaded her belly,
going lower, swirling his tongue through her navel, descending
further. Her legs forked apart and she clawed her cunt-lips open
for him. Manish stared in fascination at her lovely, wet, soft
cunt. The long stem of her stiff clitoris quivered. He pulled her
cunt-lips open and, opening his mouth, thrust his tongue into the
moist cavern. The effect was astonishing.

"Oh mauh ahuh OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Shirlyn gasped, her body arching
steeply, her hands flying to her breasts, squeezing and crushing
them erotically, her head arched back, her long neck craned.
"OHHHHHH uhh yes oh god yes!"

Her juices were tangy to the taste and he lapped them gently, then
flipped his tongue at her clitoris. She gasped again, hissing in
delight and her hands twined in his hair and she moved his head
round and round in her crotch to suit her pleasure. Manish pushed
his face deeper into her crotch and probed her crevice with his

"Ohh uhh oh fuck yes!" Shirlyn called. "Oh ma uhh ahhh yes oh god
yes, Manish, yes oh yes there! That's it oh yes! That's it baby
... yes ... tongue-fuck me lover ... ahhhhhh uhh oh god oh god oh
god yes! Do it ... ohhh uhhh yes!"

His tongue felt wonderful, tentative at first and then greedy and
demanding as he probed and pried in her slit, exploring its
recesses, lapping at her streaming juices. Shirlyn whimpered
ecstatically, her loins blazing with unfaked lust, her head
flipping from side to side, her body twitching and jerking as if
she was being fucked, her breasts jiggling between her arms. She
arched her tongue over her slender, bowed upper lip in a curiously
wanton gesture and, hissing in joy, slid her hands up her body,
over her snapped-in belly to her breasts, lifting and squeezing
them eagerly, sensuously rolling the nipples under her palms,
pinching her erect, quivering nipples.

"Mm ... oh baby yes!" she breathed, her voice sexily sibilant with
lust. "Oh god that's so good ... now ... stick your finger back in
... yes! That's it!"

Manish began to finger- and tongue-fuck her simultaneously. Again,
instinct guided him and, without instruction, he swung around so
that his crotch was over her face. Shirlyn opened her mouth
immediately and drew his cock into it and began to suck it
hungrily, exulting at the knowledge that he had done this on his
own, without bidding. They sixty-nined eagerly, their heads buried
in each other's crotches, his hips bucking over her face as he
fucked it, his head rolling and twisting as he tongue-fucked her
cunt while he tormented her gorged clitoris with his fingertips.

She heaved him off her body and flipped around onto her forearms
and knees, spreading her legs.

"C'mon Manish," she panted. "Fuck me again now ... fuck me from
behind ... fuck me like a bitch ... do it!"

Manish scrambled to his knees behind her, panting and gasping, his
muscular body shining with sweat, his chest heaving. He pressed
his cock-head between her buttocks as he had seen the other man on
the video tape do.

"Not there," she groaned. "That's my ass ... not there ... not now
anyway ... you can fuck it later, if you like ... first take my
cunt, Manish ... fuck me hard!"

Reaching back, she guided his cock to her cunt. He gripped her
buttocks and with a shuddering moan, thrust powerfully into her.
Shirlyn cried out, her head snapping up, her face contorting and
twisting in a rictus of lust as the huge cock surged into her
cunt-flesh driving a tidal wave of pleasure before it. Her body
lurched forward and her long neck arched upward.

"OHHHHHHHHHHH uhh Oh ma uh Manish uhhh oh Muhhhhniiish uhh
OHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she cried.

Her cry thrilled him. He gasped loudly. "C'mon! Take it, bitch!
C'mon! Take my cock, whore! Take my cock in your cunt!"

"Yes!" she cried. "Oh fuck yes, Manish, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me

He began fucking her rapidly, jerking his hips back and forth,
gripping her waist and rocking her body to and fro beneath his.
Shirlyn gasped and cried out, her gold chain tossing and swinging,
her pendulous breasts jiggling. He slid his hands up her body and
squeezed them eagerly. There was thunder in his groin. His pulse
raced. He moved faster, pummelling her buttocks with his thighs,
slapping his flesh loudly at hers, his balls swinging up against
her cunt-lips as he plowed into her hot furrow. She jerked and
rocked under him, dragging her cunt up and down the length of his
tumescence, her breasts jiggling, her face arched, her necklace
swinging. She turned her face over her shoulder. Manish thought he
had never seen anyone so lovely.

"God," she panted. "You're so fucking good, Manish! Keep doing it,
lover! Just ... don't ... stop ... fucking ... me ... ahhhhh uhhh
yes ... oh ma yes!"

She arched her tongue sensuously over her upper lip. He leaned
forward and kissed her hard, jamming his tongue into her mouth,
squeezing her breasts and pinching her rigid nipples.

"Your hips!" she gasped. "Swing your hips as you shove it in! Yes!
Oh fuck yes! Oh god oh god oh god yes!"

He swung his hips in snapping arcs and his cock entered her from
all angles, mashing her cunt-flesh and gorged clitoris.

"Oh yes," she moaned. "I love being fucked like this ... I fuck so
many guys like this ... they love it, too ... even Anand ... yes
... even him ... your brother! He fucks me like this, too, Manish,
just like this! And he loves it!"

Manish roared, his face mottling in fury. She was his, his, how
dare she fuck anyone else! He rammed his cock into her savagely
and she cried out thinly and he rammed in again, and yet again.
Her cunt spasmed on his cock, squeezing and contracting
powerfully. He fucked her brutally, incensed and aroused by the
knowledge that his brother had done this, too, had done it before
him, had taken what was, by rights, his, and only his. He heard
her cry out sharply, tense and stiffen and felt the feverish
convulsions of her cunt on his cock and knew that she was
orgasming. He gasped, panting with lust, forcing himself to deny
the incessant hammering in his loins. Not yet, not yet, he said to

Beneath him, Shirlyn moaned ecstatically realising that he hadn't
succumbed to his lust and the call of his body. Her orgasm waned
and she moaned, her head sinking between her arms, her chest
heaving, waiting for him to take over now, giving him the
initiative. He took it and instantly she rejoiced, knowing that
she had achieved her intention, broken through, completely and

"Your ass, bitch," he snarled. "Now I want to fuck you in your

He slid out of her cunt and pressed his cock-head to her anus,
creasing her buttocks open in his hard fingers. Shirlyn moaned and
sank forward in a steep *namaz* pose, lifting her buttocks high,
her shoulders on the bed, her face turned on its side. Manish
flexed his buttocks and his cock-head popped into her rear
channel. Shirlyn cried out, her head snapping up, her long neck
craning, her face twisting in an agony of lust, her mouth jerking
open, her eyes screwed shut, her lips jerked back over her teeth.


He laughed softly. "Like it, eh bitch? Like my cock in your ass,
don't you?"

"Yes! Oh god yes, oh uh yes!" she gasped.

"Then take it, whore!" he roared. "Take it all!"

And slowly drilled her rear channel and began to sodomize her
deeply and thoroughly, grinding his cock in and out of her anus.
It savaged his penis, biting down furiously and convulsively on
his cock and he couldn't hold back too long. With a shuddering
moan, he exploded and she groaned as she felt the sharp sting of
his jizz spurting endlessly into her asshole. He held it there and
then drew it out slowly and squeezed it into her cunt again and
fucked her slowly for a few minutes.

"Haven't finished, cunt," he grunted. "I want lots more. Lots
more! And you're going to give it to me!"

Despite her experience with men, Shirlyn was awed by the Manish's
stamina and powers of recovery. She sucked his cock again, gently
arousing him till he was rock-hard once more and then, pushing him
down on his back, mounted him, straddling his lean hips. He looked
up at her, gazing at her lovely, slender, full-breasted body in
joy and, sliding his hands up her body, cupped and squeezed her
breasts. She groaned, smiling wantonly and begin to rock up and
down on his cock, sliding her cunt along its length. She leaned
forward on outstretched arms and her breasts bounced invitingly,
her gold necklace tossing and jumping on her golden skin.

"Oh baby yes!" she groaned. "That feels so good, Manish ... your
cock's so good in my slit!"

Rearing back, she hissed her pleasure, grinding her hips in erotic
circles on his lap, churning her cunt with his cock. He gasped.
The feeling was exquisite as her hot, tight cunt convulsed
rhythmically on his throbbing erection. She slid her hands sexily
up her body, lifting and squeezing her breasts. Her skin shone
with sweat. Dewdrops of perspiration beaded her upper lip and the
nape of her neck and thin rivulet trickled between her breasts.
Manish pumped his hips steadily under her, holding her waist and
moving her up and down on his cock with an ease and style that
astonished both of them.

"C'mon! Take it! Take it, whore, take it!" he gasped as the heat
built afresh.

"Ohhh uhh yes! Oh god yes!" she cried, her belly sucked inward,
her body rocking and jerking over his bucking hips.

Faster and faster she went, her breasts bouncing, her gold
necklace tossing and slapping on her golden skin, her face radiant
with lust. Her buttocks bounced off his thighs and her cunt rose
and fell, rose and fell, sliding up and down the length of his
slippery, throbbing, burning hot, rock-hard penis. Her cries rose
in pitch and volume and her cunt convulsed feverishly on his

"OHHHH uh OH ma uhh Ohma Ohmauh ahhh uhh yes Oh fuck yes Manish
yes oh fuck yes OHHH uhhh yes uhhh OHHHH uhhh yes!" she gasped.

With a ululating cry, her cunt jammed down on his cock, spasming
frenziedly on the throbbing erection, she fell forward over him.
He crushed her breasts in his hand and she kissed him hard,
thrusting her tongue into his mouth. He gripped her buttocks and
jerked her cunt up and down on his cock as an orgasm crashed
through her body and then he hammered his hips violently up into
her, making her gasp and moan as his cock rammed into her flesh.
Seconds after she came, he thudded into her, jerked her cunt down
hard on his cock, making her gasp and dig her teeth into the thick pads of muscle in his shoulders and shot his wad. She moaned, her
hips writhing over his as the jizz spumed in a surprisingly heavy
fountain into her cunt.

Their bodies sank onto the bed, streaming with sweat. Shirlyn slid
off his cock and snuggled against him, caressing him gently,
licking his nipple. He fondled her breasts. They dozed. Her
fingers crawled down to his cock.

"Ready for more?" she murmured. "I am."

"Horny bitch. Whore. Cunt. Slut."

"Mm. All that and more. Anything for a good fuck."

"I need to shower. So do you."

"This feels sexy."

"Yeah. But I've got to study, haven't I? Can't fuck all day!"

Shirlyn felt like weeping with joy. She had done it! She smiled
prettily and kissed him lightly on the lips.

"You're right," she said quietly. "Let's sit and work. But like
this. Naked."

"All right."

They went back to the table and now he was relaxed and confident
and quickly absorbed what he had to. He wasn't brilliant, but he
wasn't dumb. With the oppressive cloud of sexual tension gone, his
mind had burst out into a clear calmness. She found the work done
surprisingly quickly and accurately.

He shut the books. "That's it, then," he grinned. "All done. More
of that tomorrow."

"And now?" She leaned across the table and kissed him.

He cupped her naked breast and felt it swell in his hands. "Now,
dear teacher, time for a little sex-ed. Come on, let's fuck in the

They showered together and he fucked her standing up, holding her
in his hands with her arms about his shoulders, her legs wrapped
around his lean hips, her cunt impaled on his cock. He savaged her
cunt, taking her brutally, ramming his cock in and out of her cunt till she came. He held back and made her go down on her knees and
suck his cock, fucking her mouth till he came, shooting thick jizz into her mouth and spattering her face and breasts with it.

Two weeks later and Manish's rhythm was already a demanding and
exciting lover. He could fuck her at length without coming. They
hit a routine. When she arrived, they went straight to bed and he
fucked her unhurriedly for an hour. Then he worked on his books
and then they fucked again. He was doing well and Shirlyn found
the teaching easy and relaxed now. And the sex was terrific.

On the bed, Shirlyn's body rocked and snapped with his thrusts and
her cries were loud and raw with pleasure. Her breasts jumped and
jiggled as he rammed hard into her. She squeezed her breasts and
opened her eyes and looked at him and saw him smiling through his
gasps, his eyes bright and twinkling, filled with the knowledge
that he would fuck her for a long time still. He bent his head and
kissed her and her eyes closed again and her hips arched to his,
her cunt sucking in his cock. She had done it. She had taught him.
She ran her tongue into his ear, squeezing his buttocks and
drawing him deeper into her hot, hungry flesh.

"Fuck me from behind, Manish," she gasped. "Please. Do it. I want
it! C'mon, Manish, fuck me!"

He slid out of her and she turned on her front and dropped in a
squat astride her hips and slowly squeezed his cock into her cunt.
Shirlyn whimpered, writhing her buttocks against him in delight.
He squeezed her breasts and began to fuck her slowly and
methodically, sliding his hips to and fro, back and forth, taking
her with measured confidence and assurance. He was very good, much
better than his brother. Shirlyn groaned, rocking back and forth
on all fours under him, running her cunt up and down the length of
his big, thick shaft. Her breasts jiggled and her gold necklace
swung and tossed as they moved.

"C'mon, you whore!" he rasped. "Take it! Take it, bitch! Take my
cock!" He dug his fingers into her hips and thrust deep into her
hot cunt.

Shirlyn gasped softly. "Yes ... oh yes Manish yes ... fuck me ...
oh that's good ... yes ... fuck me hard, lover ... ohhhh uhhhh
yes! Oh god yes! Shove it in, Manish! Shove your cock into my

Manish is slamming his hips to and fro at Shirlyn's buttocks with
loud slaps. Her body jerks and rocks violently under his and her
cries are ragged and hoarse with ecstasy and her face is twisted
with lust, her lips drawn back over her pearly teeth, her mouth
wide open, her eyes screwed shut. Her chest heaves and her breath
comes in sobbing gasps as the teenager plunges his huge cock in
and out of her cunt without respite.

"Take it!" he grunts. "C'mon, you whoring bitch! Take my cock!
Take it all, slut! Take it!"

He is under no pressure now. He can control himself. He is strong
and he has the will. He can fuck her as he likes and she will love
it. He grins and thrusts into her without difficulty. Beneath him,
Shirlyn, the teacher, succumbs to her pupil's needs. He has
learned to fuck her well. He can learn anything. He has the
= o =


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