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Archived Sex Stories

Encounter Secretarial Practice



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar
::: e n c o u n t e r :::

Alex's cock was so big that he could move his hips back eight
inches or more and still leave a good two or three inches stuck
fast in her cunt. Shirlyn gasped and moaned deliriously,
spreadeagled on her back across her employer's desk, her naked
body glistening with sweat, her legs spread wide on either side of
his hips. Alex stood between her forked legs, his hands on her
luscious, swollen breasts, squeezing them and toying with her
rigid nipples as he fucked her slowly and unhurriedly, running his
cock deeply in and out of her cunt with long, measured thrusts.
Shirlyn groaned and cried out, her pretty face flipping from side
to side. The fine gold chain twinkled around her long neck, the
metallic glitter alluringly sensual against her golden smooth
skin. Alex grunted as her hot, wet, tight cunt convulsed on his
eleven and a half inch long, two and a half inch thick penis. She
was a delightful fuck, young and eager and hot, randy as hell. She
arched under him, moaning obscenely. Slowly, he flexed his
buttocks and squeezed his cock into her cunt. The breath rattled
from her throat and her body arched on the desk, her mouth jerking
open, her long neck craning back as the huge penis crushed into
her tight channel.

"Oh uhhhh OHHHHH uhhhh Ohhhhh yes uhh yes uhhh oh god sir oh god
uhhhh OHHHHHH!" she gasped.

"C'mon, take it! c'mon, you fucking whore! take my cock!" he
growled, pushing deeper and deeper into her slit.

His coarse words excited her, especially from him, usually so
genteel and refined in his speech. Shirlyn whimpered, writhing
ecstatically as the enormous, searing hot penis surged
relentlessly into her flesh. Her breasts filled his hands and he
squeezed them hard. Bending over, he kissed her roughly, thrusting
his tongue into her mouth.

"Come on, bitch! say you want it! Let me hear it!" he rasped.

"Oh god uhhh yes!" she cried, her fingers scrabbling at his thick,
powerfully muscled shoulders. "Yes! Fuck me, sir! Fuck me hard! I
want it!"

He chuckled softly. "That's better. Come on, bitch, take it!"

Abruptly, he whipped his hips back and forth furiously in a rapid,
pounding rhythm, snapping them sharply at the waist. His cock
pistoned brutally in and out of her cunt, ramming in hard. The
breath shot from her throat and she cried out, her face contorting
in a rictus of lust, her body bowing steeply.

"Ohhhhhhh uhhh hanh uhhhh OHHHHHHH!" she called.

"Yeh take it! C'mon whore! Take it! Take my cock, you whoring
bitch! Take it all oh fuck yes! C'mon yes take it all!" he cried.

Faster and faster he went, pillaging her flesh, plowing and
thundering in and out of her convulsing cunt channel. The young girl gasped and cried out as the enormous penis plundered her
soft, wet, tight cunt without respite. He kissed her again,
slipping his tongue in and out of her mouth erotically. His body
was hot and hard over hers, his hands squeezing and pumping her
gorged breasts. She writhed and thrashed under him, her shaped
fingernails scrabbling at his powerfully muscled shoulders. He
swung his hips abruptly in vicious churning arcs, entering her
cunt from all angles, making her gasp and cry out as his thick,
rough-skinned, clean-shaven cock-shaft mashed her throbbing
clitoris. Her hips bucking and heaving and writhing under his,
Shirlyn orgasmed violently, gasping and mewing as wave after wave
of intense pleasure crashed over her. Alex kept moving rapidly,
fucking her like one possessed, till her orgasm ebbed. He held
himself in check without effort and slowed his motions,
straightening over her and smiling down.

"Good cum?" he murmured, sliding his hands down her body, gripping
her slender waist and rocking his hips gently to and fro.

"Oh god," she whimpered, her hands on her breasts, lifting and
squeezing them erotically, her body jerking slightly with his
thrusts. "Oh god yes!"

"Want more?"

"Yes! Oh yes, sir, please yes!" She couldn't have enough of his

He chuckled softly and slipped his cock out of her cunt, making
her gasp at the release in pressure.

"Turn over," he grunted. "I'll fuck you from behind."

His twenty-two year old receptionist and secretary groaned and,
staggering off the desk, her legs trembling, turned around and
bent over it, her feet on the floor, her forearms on the desktop,
her buttocks raised and cleaved open. Alex took his cock in his
hand and slowly pushed it between her buttocks and between her
unfurled, daintily hair-rimmed, wet cunt-lips.

"OHHHHHH uhhhh! OHH uhh oh ma uhhhh OHHHHH!" she cried, her head
jerking up, her face twisting and contorting as the huge, hot,
hard penis surged powerfully into her flesh again.

Shirlyn was very pretty. She had a fine, straight nose, a small,
sexy mouth with moist lips, slightly chubby cheeks and an oval
face with a pointed chin. Her eyes were large and deep brown,
slightly hooded, rimmed with dark kohl. Her skin was fair and
creamy smooth, the colour of sunlit gold, without a single
blemish, unmarked even by the fine down that Alex so disliked in
women. Her neck was exceptionally long and slender and elegant;
she wore a thin gold chain around it and small studs in her lobes.
Her hair was silky and short, tied in a neat braid that hung just
below the nape of her neck. Her body was delectable. The long neck
led to full, high, ripe breasts with a fine cleavage and sharp
nipples in small aureoles. Her belly was firm and flat. Her hips
flared neatly to rounded buttocks. Her legs and arms were slender
and smoothly turned, with slim ankles and wrists and elegantly
shaped hands and feet.

She was wearing a truly ugly dress when Alex summoned her into his
chamber half an hour earlier. He eyed it in distaste and she
hesitated, uncomfortable under his disapproving gaze, suddenly
self-conscious. The fabric had a fake leopard-skin pattern, deep
ochre with dark splotches. The garment hung below her knees, its
only saving grace that it was cut well, contoured to her body,
accentuating the full thrust of her breasts and the nipped-in
waist and the flare of her hips. The dress had a deep, scooped
neck that showed her splendid cleavage with her gold necklace
nestled against her golden skin. There were four buttons down the
front. Her feet were in low sandals.

"Yes, sir?" she said softly, her eyes not meeting his, fiddling
with her stenographer's pad and worn pencil.

He stood up and came around the desk. The top four buttons of his
shirt were undone. Her eyes slid involuntarily to the breathtaking
expanse of his sexily hairless, deeply cleaved chest and she felt
a quick stab of excitement. He was an extraordinarily sexy man. He
was devilishly handsome. His face was rugged and masculine,
clean-shaven and square-jawed. He had dark, deep-set eyes, a wide,
clear, intelligent brow, a fine, straight, strong nose and full
lips. There was sexy cleft in his chin. His cheeks were lean and
hollowed, his dark hair thick and full, brushed back. His body was
incredible. A thick, bullish neck led to sprawling shoulders that
bulged with muscle. His chest was deep and cleaved, the pectorals
thick and heavy with small, dark nipples pulled wide and low on
either side. His belly was flat as a washboard. His torso swept in
a savage, tapering V from his shoulders to his high, lean hips and
narrow waist. His buttocks were firm and taut and his arms and
legs were thick and long, rounded with enormous bunches of muscle.
It was the sculpted physique of a gymnast or a body-builder in
peak condition and she knew that he spent long hours keeping it in
immaculate condition.

But most incredible of all was his genital endowment. Even limp,
his penis was gargantuan, fully ten inches long, nearly two inches
thick, uncircumcised and ridged with thick, bulging veins. Erect,
it swelled to an eleven-and-a-half inch magnificence, nearly two
and a half inches around, as big as any other man's forearm. It
was an organ that befitted a Brahma bull or a stallion. His balls
were thick and heavy and low and, she knew, full of an awesome
load of jizz. He had phenomenal stamina -- he could fuck a woman
for hours on end without tiring before he came, and he could come
repeatedly. Few women had been know to outlast him.

"Strip." His voice was quiet and sexy, a baritone rumble. "I want
to fuck you."

Shirlyn's eyes danced with pleasure. She had been one of his
lovers for several months now. She had a natural aptitude for sex,
which she had indulged since her mid-teens. At twenty-two, she had
already fucked more men than most women did in a lifetime. But of
all her lovers, Alex was by far the finest.

She set her notepad and pencil on his desk and, her fingers
trembling, fumbled open the buttons of her dress. It peeled off
her breasts. She wore nothing under it and her breasts bounced
free, her nipples already stiff with excitement. Slowly, she
lifted her dress, crossing her arms as she pulled it off her head.
Like all the women who serviced his seraglio, she wore no panties either. With a quick jump of pleasure, he noticed the first
dewdrops of cunt-juice on the soft, dark, tempting delta between
her lovely legs.

"Suck my cock," he commanded.

Shirlyn drew in her breath, moistening her lips eagerly as she
stepped forward and sank smoothly to her knees before him. He
waited, his hands light on his hips. With a soft moan, she
unbelted his trousers, flicked them open, drew down the zipper
fly. His trousers peeled open, slid down to his ankles. His
enormous, limp cock bounced out and her breath was already warm on
it. She took it in her slender fingers, jerked it tenderly, felt
it quiver and quickly slipped back the thick foreskin and wrapped
her tongue around the bulging cock-head.

Alex grunted softly, his belly rippling with pleasure at the
delicate sensation. Her lips parted and her tongue continued to
dance around his cock-head as she jerked it eagerly with one hand,
fondling her big breasts with the other. He put a hand on her head
and pulled it forward to his crotch.

"C'mon bitch! Suck!"

With a loud moan, squeezing and crushing her breasts with one
hand, Shirlyn opened her mouth wider and slipped her lips around
his cock-head.

"Mm, yeh! That's good! Suck it hard, bitch, c'mon!"

The twenty-two year old felt dizzy with excitement and lust. His
cock was magnificent, thick and heavy in her mouth and between her
lips and teeth and under her frantically roving tongue. It swelled
and grew steadily as she worked it, growing hotter and thicker and
heavier and harder and longer, growing and growing and growing,
filling her mouth and distending her face so that she could barely
hold his cock-head and a bit of his shaft in her mouth. He fucked
her mouth unhurriedly and steadily, rocking his hips back and
forth, moving her head to and fro with one hand, the other
arrogantly on his hip, his head bent to watch her. Her lips shone
with tangy pre-cum gunk that spurted lightly from the slit in his
cock-head and she swallowed it greedily, its tangy taste driving
her wild with lust. She grew hotter and hotter as she sucked and
sucked and licked and licked and her head rolled from side to
side, ran up and down the length of his enormous shaft as she
scraped her teeth delicately over it, dipped under his cock as she
sucked his balls gently, flipping her tongue at the enormous orbs
with a wicked cunning. Alex grunted, feeling the heat build and
spread in his groin.

On and on he went, fucking her mouth with deep pleasure, slowly
unbuttoning his shirt and letting it hang loose, and decided to
cream in her face. He came suddenly and without warning when she
had his cock-head deep in her mouth. Shirlyn gasped, gagged,
sputtered and then opened her mouth wide, moaning in pleasure as
the heavy flood of thick jizz spurted endlessly into her mouth and
down her throat, filling and flooding it, overflowing the moist,
hungry cavern, dribbling down her chin and neck. Whimpering, she
jerked his cock, and he kept coming, spattering her face and
breasts and belly with his gunk. At last it petered out and she
groaned and caught the last few delicious dew-drops of his creamy
jizz on the tip of her pointed tongue, swallowing them
lasciviously. His cock remained rock-hard and burning hot, as she
expected and, slowly, she took it in her mouth again. He fucked
her mouth for several minutes more before he pushed her head away
and pulled her to her feet.

"Get on the desk. On your back. Spread your legs, whore," he

She obeyed eagerly, and he fucked her tirelessly for nearly twenty
minutes and she had one orgasm after another, each harder and
sharper than the last. His cock was incredibly big and hot and
hard and he used it in her flesh with awesome prowess and skill
and dexterity, forcing waves of pleasure over her.

Now, bent over on her front, her buttocks writhing and swaying,
Shirlyn moaned and gasped, rocking back and forth as Alex fucked
her relentlessly from behind. His huge cock surged in and out of
her cunt in mesmerising strokes, rocking her body with tidal waves
of pleasure as it crushed her sodden cunt-flesh and mashed her
gorged clitoris. Her breasts jiggled and wobbled as she lurched
under his thrusts, her cunt convulsing greedily on his pistoning
penis. He crushed her breasts in his hands and bent over her. She
turned her face over her shoulder to his, her lips parted, her
nostrils flared, her lovely eyes hooded and he kissed her hard,
thrusting his tongue into her mouth.

"C'mon, whore, take it!" he grunted, tonguing her ear, his fingers
pinching her rigid nipples and sending flames of lust shooting
through to her cunt. "Take it, you hot bitch, take it!"

"Ohhhh uhhh yes! Ohh sir yes!" she gasped. "Fuck me, sir, fuck me
hard! Ohhhhh uhhhh yes, that's it! Shove it in, sir, shove it
right in! OHHHHHH uhhh yes, there! Ohhhh that's so good sir, yes!
Fuck me harder, sir yes OHHH yes OHHH ma uhh Oh ma oh ma oh ma oh

She hissed in pleasure, her tongue arching over her upper lip as
he moved faster and faster, his buttocks flexing and unflexing
rapidly, his thighs slapping at her buttocks and cannoning off her
flesh, his hips snapping and jerking as he pistoned and pounded
and plunged and rammed and reamed in and out of her feverishly,
the heat building inexorably, undeniably in his own loins. She
orgasmed violently, her fingers scrabbling at the desk top as the
waves crashed over her, swamping her and he groaned at the sudden,
sharp convulsions of her tight, hot cunt on his penis, the hot
flood of her cunt-juice flowing over his cock. Hungrily, he rammed
his cock deep into her, drawing a broken, rattling gasp with every
thrust and then, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her
buttocks, he buried himself in her hot, clonic flesh and exploded.
Beneath him, Shirlyn whimpered, her body twitching and lurching at
the tiny explosions from his cock-head as the seed in his loins
burst into her flesh in an endless flood, jet after jet of
stinging spoot spurting into her cunt, his hips twitching at her
soft, creamy, curved buttocks.
= o =


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