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Encounter Shivas Bride



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

::: e n c o u n t e r :::

The man's firmly rounded buttocks flexed and unflexed
rhythmically. His hips moved unhurriedly up and down, back and
forth, in a smooth, seamless, rocking action. His muscular body
glistened bronze, his powerful shoulders rippling smoothly, the
strong, cleanly defined muscles in his thighs cording.

Although not beautiful, the twenty-two year old woman who lay
beneath him was undeniably appealing. She was fair-skinned, with
an intelligent, lively face. Her hair was silky and dark and long,
braided with a centre parting. Her eyes were small, but nicely
shaped and dark. Her nose was slim, slightly curved. She had an
oval face with a pointed chin. Her mouth was delectable, the lips
moist and soft, the upper slim and bowed over the full, straight
lower lip. Her teeth were very white and even, the front teeth
large and square and strong. She wore no makeup except for a small
bindi, the little red vermilion dot, between her neatly trimmed

She lay on her back, naked, perspiring slightly, her creamy skin
glistening with sweat. She wore a gold necklace and matching
earrings and finger-rings of diamond and gold.

Her body was soft, yet firm, ripe and luscious. Her neck swept to
high, full, ripe, rounded breasts tipped with long hard nipples in
puckered aureoles. Her belly was curved but firm and her hips
flared to tempting buttocks that invited a lover to fuck her from
behind in her cunt or, better still, in her ass, something she
dearly loved and seldom forswore. Her limbs were smoothly turned,
well-shaped, her hands and feet elegant, her wrists and ankles

Her name was Leena, and she had the voice of an angel. A
professional classical vocalist, she was also the high priestess
of a remote, virtually unknown, temple in the forested hills of
central India. The temple had a small but devoted congregation
from what few hamlets and villages were scattered over the
sparsely populated region.

The people kept to themselves and their congregations were secret
cabals. This was not without reason. The temple was dedicated to
Shiva, the third of the Hindu Trinity, the Destroyer, terrible in
his wrath, undeniable in his demands, irresistible in appearance,
relentless, untiring in his physical prowess, unmatched in the
power and grace of his dance and music. The arcane worship of the
temple had been distilled over the centuries to a concentration on
divine music and unfettered sexual gratification. All avenues to
the Lord converged on these two nodes, from whence sprang
enlightenment, salvation and eternal joy. Prayer meetings had but
two sounds, primal, eternal, quintessential: those of music and of
sex. Every prayer assembly was an unfettered orgy.

As the high priestess of the temple, Leena enjoyed virtually
unlimited power over the devotees. The religious fervour was
intense, the people's devotion to her unquestioning and absolute.
The faith pervaded deep their lives and beings. Her music elevated
them, her sexual ability and depth of desire transported them.
There were no limitations on the type of sex that could be
enjoyed. Every woman and every man was expected to sate every
other's desire. Under Leena's gentle, yet firm rule, no one left
the temple unfulfilled. She herself took any man she fancied; and,
as the Priestess, she was required always to have at least one
male consort to service her exclusively.

The man with her now was one of the two currently anointed. At
twenty, handsome and muscular, Som was an exceptionally fine
lover. Leena selected him from a dozen candidates. She fucked each
one separately and, after ten days, narrowed the list by half. She
fucked these men again, testing them with greater demands.
Finally, she brought the list down to two. She couldn't decide
between them and so kept them both.

Som had finely chiselled, clean-shaven features: A sharp,
knife-blade nose, a slim-lipped, wide mouth, a rugged, square jaw
with a sexy cleft in the chin, high cheekbones, a wide brow, dark,
deep-set eyes, and a thick, short, dark hair. His body was superb.
The neck was thick with muscle and led to a sprawling expanse of
shoulders. His torso slashed in a savagely tapering V from the
broad shoulders to the high hips and a narrow waist. His back
swept inward from shoulder to spine, curving down to his waist.
His chest was broad and deeply cleaved, with small dark nipples
pulled low and wide on either side of the bulging pectorals. His
belly was flat and hard as a washboard, with every ridge of muscle
clearly defined. The torso was entirely hairless, even the armpits
depilated. His arms and legs were long and filled with thick,
rounded bunches of muscle. There was not an ounce of fat on him
and his smooth, dark brown skin seemed to be stretched taut over
his body, so that the veins and muscles stood out in hard ridges.
His genital endowment matched his physique. Limp, his cock was
fully eight inches long and nearly two inches thick. When she had
aroused him by sucking and licking it hungrily for several long
minutes, it swelled to a magnificent ten and a half inches in
length and two and a half inches thick.

They were in the well-appointed stone-walled cell she used as her
bedchamber behind the main sanctum of the temple. The room was one
of a suite of five that were her inviolable domain. No one entered
without leave. The room had a large platform for a bed, covered
with a thick, soft mattress.

Now she closed her eyes and moaned softly, her body jerking gently
with his thrusts, her fingers clenching his thickly padded
shoulders. Bent over her on his forearms, Som kept his eyes on her
face, rivetted by her sensual loveliness. Her lips were parted and
her two front teeth glistened in the pale flicker from the burning
tapers on the walls. Her cunt, hot and wet and tight, convulsed
greedily on his pistoning penis, her hips writhing and lurching
rhythmically under his.

"Yes," she murmured. "Fuck me, Som ... fuck my cunt ... yes ...
shove your cock into my slit, Som ... fuck me ... yes ... ohhh
that feels so good ... come on ... fuck me harder ... ahhhhhh uhh
yes ... that's it!"

The youth picked up speed effortlessly, rocking his hips swiftly
up and down, his buttocks flexing and unflexing powerfully, his
enormous penis plunging and pistoning steeply in and out of her
cunt. She hissed in pleasure as he rammed his cock into her flesh.
It crushed her gorged clitoris in its back and forth, to and fro
passage, mashing her cunt-flesh delightfully. Her body lurched and
jerked faster and faster under his thrusts, her breasts jiggling
and bouncing, her gold necklace slithering and tossing. Her head
flipped from side to side as she moaned ecstatic obscenities, her
tongue arching erotically across her upper lip.

"Mm ... ohhhh yes ... oh ma uhhhh yes uhhh yes ... c'mon Som ...
fuck me ... fuck me like a whore, Som ... ohhhhhhhh uhhhh yes ...
ohhh that's so good ... shove it in Som ... shove it all in ...
ahhhhh yes ... that's it ... like that ... mm, ohh that's good ...
don't stop, lover ... c'mon, harder! Ram it in! OHHHHH uhh yes!
Ohhh fuck yes!"

He kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She
sucked it sexily, her hands roaming up and down his muscular body.
Her fingers dug into the thick muscles of his shoulders. As he
moved faster still, her hands slid down to his buttocks and she
squeezed them eagerly, pulling his flesh deeper into her own. He
nuzzled her throat, swept his tongue through her ear.

"C'mon, whore ... take it ... c'mon, you fucking bitch ... take my
cock ... fuck yes ... take it ... oh fuck yes Ohhhhhh uhhh yeh
take it, slut, take it!"

The coarse words aroused her. She gasped and bucked eagerly under
him, her legs spreading wider, her hips rocking up and down in
increasing urgency, her body jerking and lurching in pleasure.

"C'mon, you whoring bitch," he growled, ramming savagely into her
flesh. "Take my cock, slut! C'mon! Squeeze it with your cunt,
bitch ... do it!"

Only her lovers were permitted to use such language, and then only
when fucking her. At other times, she was always Atya, elder
sister. Som savoured these moments, knowing that he was
privileged. It was only in bed that he could dominate her without
fear. He remembered vividly the time when a man who used her name
in an attempt at jocular familiarity had been raped nearly to
death by six livid men from the congregation.

Abruptly, he slowed, making her groan in frustration. He chuckled
and stroked slowly in and out of her flesh, slowing down even more
until he was almost motionless. She gasped, writhing and thrashing
beneath him. Suddenly, he switched to a violent trip-hammer
rhythm, his hips rocking furiously back and forth and up and down,
hammering at hers, his buttocks opening and closing rapidly, his
cock ramming and plunging and reaming and plundering and slamming
into her flesh.

she cried, her head whipping back, her mouth tearing open, her
body jerking and lurching and thrashing furiously under his, her
fingers digging into the powerful, taut buttocks.

Again he slowed without warning and again, as she moaned thickly,
delirious with the pleasure of his dexterous invasion of her
flesh, he snapped into action, plunging demonically in and out of
her flesh.

Leena orgasmed violently, her cunt convulsing frantically on his
throbbing, swollen penis, her body arching, the breath hissing
from her throat in a choking, rattling gasp. The man groaned,
arching his head, fighting to control himself as the intense heat
and suffocating tightness of her cunt enveloped his being. He
continued ramming his cock into her cunt repeatedly till at last
her orgasm ebbed. He slowed gradually, rocking gently in and out
of her cunt. He knew that she would want more. He slid out of her
and she murmured in pleasure, sighed, stretched, lifting her arms
above her head, a smile dancing on her pretty lips, hooking her
fingers in the gaps of the intricately carved stone lattice-screen
above the bed. The screen was carved with miniature erotic
sculptures depicting in considerable detail a bewildering variety
of sexual positions, some seemingly impossible. Som knew that Atya
had tried all of them and moved on to still others, many of which
were beyond even the master-carvers' particularly lurid

"That was lovely," Leena murmured. "Now again. More."

Som smiled and bent to kiss her, his hand on her swollen breast,
fondling the luscious turgid mound, pinching her erect nipple.

"Shall I lick your slit?"

"Mm. Slowly."

"Yes. As always. What shall I use?"

"Anything. Everything. You decide."

Leena closed her eyes, spread her legs wider still. Som smiled
down at her luscious naked form as he got to his knees on the bed.
He turned to a high, slender-legged, folding teakwood table that
stood by the bed, its surface covered by a spotless white damask
cloth on which several curious objects were neatly arranged. There
was a small, stoppered glass flask with a viscous, pale amber
liquid and, next to it, three black stone crucibles with matching
pestles. A pair of strange black gloves nestled in a corner of the
table. Som took these first and quickly slid his hands into them.
The gloves were odd. The entire surface, from finger-tip to wrist
was a fine web of strands of round black beads of various sizes.
The strands were woven close so that his fingers did not spill out
between the interstices. Som flexed his fingers and then slid his
hands up Leena's belly and over her breasts. She gasped softly as
the beads rolled over her flesh and the turgid mounds of her
breasts and stiff nipples. She clenched his hands in hers over her
breasts. He squeezed them gently, flicking her rigid nipples under
his gloved hands. She writhed ecstatically as tiny, hot tongues of
lust leaped through her body. Som moved his hands away. She
groaned thickly.

"C'mon," he murmured. "Suck me."

He shuffled back slightly. Leena moaned and turned around on all
fours before him. Som reached to the table and picked up one of
the vessels. Slipping off one glove, he dipped his finger into the
finely ground amorphous powder and tasted it on the tip of his
tongue, nodding in approval. Taking a generous pinch, he snorted
it one nostril and then the other and then held the vessel at his
groin and pushed his cock into it. He replaced the crucible and
now his cock was coated with the fine white powder. He slipped the
glove back on and pulled her head to his crotch as the aphrodisiac
burst into his loins. He gasped thickly, his muscles cording and
stretching and popping powerfully. Quickly, Leena took his cock in
her mouth and began sucking it furiously. On his knees, Som
groaned and gasped, fucking her mouth rapidly, his gloved hands on
her swollen, pendulous breasts, moving up to her head, rocking it
back and forth, caressing her face, going down to her breasts again.

"Yeh ... c'mon ... suck it, bitch! Suck my dick! Suck it harder!
C'mon whore! Do it! Ohhhhhh uhh yes uhhh ohhh yes oh fuck yes!"

He came violently and without warning. Sensing his orgasm, Leena
opened her lips under his cock, taking the thick, hot, creamy
spurts of jizz in her mouth. He kept coming and coming and, bent
before him on all fours, she whimpered as her mouth flooded. She
swallowed what she could, and still it kept spurting.

jizz dribbled down her face and chin. Groaning, she rose on her
knees before him, jerking his cock, and, bending low, squeezed her
breasts over his still fountaining penis, taking his gunk on her
breasts, in her cleavage and on her belly and thighs. The hot jizz tingled on her warm, sweat-flecked flesh, trickling sexily over
her body.

It was an awesome load; but she knew that it was only the first,
irrelevant, immediate reaction to the highly potent aphrodisiacs.
There was an enormous store of it within him yet, and, indeed, his
erection had not waned in the least. He grunted in relief and
smiled gratefully at her. She licked his slippery cock, her
fair-skinned body flecked with his gunk.

He pushed her away gently and she went back down on her back,
spreading her arms and legs wantonly. Som grinned at her and,
thrusting his hand under soft, thin pillows pulled out four
scarves of fine muslin. Working quickly, he lashed her wrists to
the frame at the top of the bed. At its bottom corners, the bed
had two short posts. thick brass bars were attached to this by
fitting rings. The bars were about three feet long and had brass
loops at their free ends. He pulled the bars around, pointing to
her feet, threaded one end of the remaining two scarves through
each loop and knotted the other end of the scarves to her ankles.
Now Leena was bound to the bed, her arms high and wide, her legs
forked wide apart, the knees bent. She could neither straighten
her legs nor lift them, for the brass bars restricted movement.
She was utterly at his mercy. Leena wriggled and twitched on the
bed in excitement.

Som picked up the flask from the table, uncorked it and slowly
tipped it over her body from a height. The oily liquid spattered
her body, dribbling and trickling over her breasts, down her
belly, into her crotch, through her cleavage. Leena gasped. Som
tipped the flash further and, when he had emptied it, put it
aside. Leena's body glistened with an erotic mix of his gunk and
the oil. Slowly, he began massaging her body with his gloved
hands, rubbing the mixture of oil and jizz into her flesh. Leena
gasped and writhed on the bed. The oil was a particularly potent
herbal extract. Combined with jizz, it was even more powerful. It
seeped into her flesh, making it tingle and warm, arousing every
nerve and fibre. Her cunt dripped with excitement and her breasts felt hot and heavy, the nipples quivering stiffly. As his beaded
gloves rolled over her body, she writhed and squirmed, gasping

"Oh god Som oh god," she whimpered.

Just watching her turned him on. He paused and took up the first
container. It contained a coarsely ground, dark brown, muddy
paste. He scooped some of it out and plastered her belly with it.
More went on her breasts and aureoles, on her neck and thighs and
wide-open slit. He left behind in the bowl as he replaced it and,
turning, began smearing the paste over her body. This, too, was a
herbal extract, even more stimulating than the oil; in
combination, and with gunk added, their effect was devastating.

Leena gasped and cried out as hot tongues of lust licked at her
nipples and groin. Her breasts felt enormously hard and heavy and
swollen. But he was only beginning. Now he took the vessel with
the white powder, and, taking a pinch in his forefinger and thumb,
held it under her flared nostril. She snorted it and quickly he
held another pinch under the other nostril. Leena gasped, feeling
dizzy as the drug powered through her body. She arched, straining
at her bonds, her hips quivering and shuddering, her cunt streaming copiously now. Som smeared some powder on her lips and,
pushing his gloved finger into her mouth, over her gums. Leena
whimpered, feeling giddy as the beaded fingertip caressed her

Her aureoles and breasts and nipples were sticky with all the
stuff he had poured over them. He sprinkled powder over them and
then, bending, kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue in and out of
her mouth. She moaned and writhed under him, sucking his tongue
eagerly. He bent his head to her breasts and she cried out thickly
as his heavy tongue rolled over one breast, his gloved hand
working the other, squeezing and crushing it tenderly. She felt
her breasts would burst, her nipples snap off. He worked them
relentlessly under his lips and teeth, sucking, nibbling, whipping
the hard points with his tongue.

"Oh ma uhhhh OHHHHH uhh Oh Som! Uhhhh OHHHH!" Leena gasped.

He crushed her swollen breasts together and sucked them
simultaneously, nibbling at her stiff nipples. Her body arched and
she cried out thinly, writhing and lurching under him. Flames of
pleasure licked at her breast-tips and cunt. Her hips heaved and
gyrated wildly under his body. Slowly, he slid a gloved hand down
her slit and her body whipped back, straining at her bonds as the
rough beads scraped over her distended cunt-lips.

"OHHHHHHHHH uhhhh yes uhhhh yes!" she cried.

Som released her breasts and slid lower, dragging his tongue over
her round, firm belly, sweeping it through her navel, dipping
lower to her crotch. She moaned, biting her lower lip in tension.
He parted her cunt-lips with his gloved fingers and slowly dragged
his tongue up and down her dripping wet slit. She whimpered in
pleasure, her hips grinding eagerly under his face. Som paused,
took some more of the white magic and sprinkled it on her
cunt-lips and the stem of her clitoris, coated the gloved
forefingers and thumbs of both hands with the aphrodisiac. Then,
bending, he thrust his tongue into her cunt, curving its edges
upward and inward to form a pointed, fleshy channel into which he
drew the gorged ridge of her clitoris. He whipped it furiously,
sucked it, nibbled on it.

On the bed, Leena shrieked softly, her mouth tearing open, her
head jerking back, her back bowing steeply, her breasts thrust
upward, her cunt lurching and shuddering as a series of orgasms
crashed over her. Her cunt-juices flooded his mouth and her cunt convulsed frantically. Instantly, he jabbed two fingers into her
cunt and started finger-fucking her rapidly while his tongue
continued to torment her cunt-flesh.

Her orgasms redoubled in intensity and frequency and she moaned
ecstatically, straining at her bonds, her body glistening with
sweat that, mingling with the aphrodisiacs massaged into her
flesh, only heightened the exquisite pleasure.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHH ... uhhh ... OHHHHHHHH ... uhhhh ... OHHHH ...
uhhhh OHHHHHHHHHH!" Leena gasped.

On and on he went, and now he plunged his tongue deep into her
cunt while his hands reached up for her breasts. Leena thrashed
uncontrollably on the bed.

At last he paused and rose, his lips glistening with her juices.
She moaned deliriously on the bed, still orgasming ceaselessly. He
bent over her, squeezing her breasts and kissed her hard,
thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She sucked it eagerly,
wantonly. He straightened and, from the tray, picked up the final
item, a long, dark, open-ended sheath of hard latex, its surface
punctuated by thick knobs, long, stiff spikes and a tracery of
bulging ridges. Quickly, he slipped it onto his raging erection.
His cock-head popped out of the far end. He smeared the shaft with
the muddy paste, coating it evenly down its length, gasping as he
smeared it over his protruding cock-head. Then he took the white
powder and coated the sheath and cock-head with it. His cock

"Fuck me," she whimpered, eyeing his penis hungrily. "Fuck me
hard, Som, come on, do it!"

Her sex-slave knelt between her spread thighs and slowly pressed
his cock-head to her open cunt-lips. She tensed, eager, expectant.
He leaned forward, his gloves, sticky with aphrodisiacs on her
breasts, crushing them under his weight and then, with a quick
snap of his hips and flex of his powerful buttocks, plunged his
cock deep into her cunt in one, long, smooth thrust. The breath
whooshed from her throat. Her mouth tore open. Her head arched.
She screamed. Her body bowed steeply. Another orgasm crashed
through her and, hard on its heels, yet another. Her cunt convulsed frantically on his penis. Som slid outward, paused
fractionally, then rammed into her again. Leena cried out and this
only spurred him to do it again, pulling out and ramming in
wildly, savagely with a demonic plunge that sent his penis
thundering and surging and bursting into her convulsing
cunt-flesh. Up and down his hips went, snapping sharply with each
thrust that drove his cock in a hot surge deep into her cunt.

Leena's orgasms were shattering. Endlessly, they crashed over like
tidal waves as his cock surged in and out of her cunt. The hard
knobs and spikes and ridges scraped into her slit, mashing her
gorged clitoris, crushing her sodden cunt-flesh, and the
over-strength aphrodisiacs powered through her body, detonating in
her loins and breasts with increasing power. She heard herself
screaming with pleasure, her body twisting and arching savagely,
her hips pounding frantically up and down, her cunt convulsing on
his penis, her ankles and wrists straining at the fine, yet
unyielding bonds.

He started ram-fucking her furiously and without warning, pounding
in and out of her flesh, ramming and reaming and plunging and
pistoning into her cunt, plundering her at will, plowing and
burrowing and squeezing and tunnelling, his hips snapping, his
buttocks flexing and unflexing. He panted softly, his powerful
muscles rippling, his eyes never leaving her face, transfixed by
the visions of lust that spasmed across her lovely visage. On and
on he went, holding himself in check without apparent effort,
moving for her pleasure. The stiff sheath enabled him to retain
his erection and hold his orgasm at bay.

Gradually, her orgasms ebbed in intensity and frequency. He kept
moving, matching his pace to hers, slowing as she slowed. She
moaned, gasping and sobbing joyously under him, whimpering and
keening like a lost puppy. He took his hands off her breasts and
kissed her again. Suddenly, he lifted his buttocks high and rammed
into her savagely. She choked and gasped, arching under him, her
sticky, sweating body pinned to his, her groin lurching against
his. He chuckled and rammed into her again.

Slowly, he drew out of her. Leena gasped at the sudden release in
pressure. Quickly, he undid her bonds. She moaned, her legs
trembling, her hands caressing his torso. He straightened and
pulled off the sheath. His naked cock throbbed and quivered. He
took more paste and powder and applied it liberally on his naked
shaft, gasping as the aphrodisiacs went to work in his groin.
Roughly, he flipped her over onto her front and jerked her hips
up. She moaned and bent submissively under him on her forearms and
knees, her buttocks thrust up to his pleasure, her fingers
gripping the carved wooden headboard. Working swiftly, he lashed
her to the bed again.

"First your cunt, whore. Then your ass," Som announced.

Leena was in no condition to do anything but moan. She felt
delirious with lust and joy. His huge penis pressed between her
buttocks, found her open slit and surged swiftly and deeply into
her cunt. She gasped, crying out, her head lifting and his gloved
hands squeezed her swollen, pendulous breasts. She hissed in
pleasure, writhing her buttocks against his groin.

"Fuck me!" she whimpered. "Fuck me, Som, fuck me!"

Her consort gasped, flinging his handsome head back, gripping her
hips and began to fuck her quickly from behind, snapping his hips
back and forth, flexing and unflexing his buttocks, thrusting his
cock in and out of her clonic cunt. Leena gasped and groaned,
rocking and jerking back and forth under him, her heavy breasts swinging and jiggling, the gold necklace tossing and flapping
against her chin. Faster and faster he went, his thighs cannoning
off her buttocks, slapping loudly at them. Holding her hips, he
jerked her body back and forth under his, dragging her cunt up and
down the length of his cock. Her cunt was hot, wet and incredibly
tight and it spasmed frenetically on his penis.

The heat mushroomed in his loins as she orgasmed again and yet
again. With a loud moan, he drew out of her, exhaling sharply to
control himself.

"Now I want your ass," Som grunted.

He applied more paste and powder to his cock and then pushed his
cock-head to her tight little anus. Leena quivered. She loved
being fucked in the ass and Som did it exceptionally well. His
cock-head pressed to her asshole and then he flexed his buttocks,
his fingers digging into her flesh, and eased his hips forward.
His cock-head popped into her anus. She felt no pain, just an
overwhelming, uncontainable lust. She hissed in pleasure, arching
her tongue over her upper lip, turning her face over her shoulder
sexily. He groaned and pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her
hot, tight rear channel. Leena whimpered and writhed her buttocks
against his groin.

"Yes! Oh uhh yes, Som, yes!" she gasped. "Fuck my ass, lover! Fuck
it hard!"

The man sodomised her slowly and heavily, moaning as the heat in
his loins grew. He rocked in and out of her anus, squeezing and
crushing her breasts in his hands, his hips swinging to and fro,
his cock surging in and out of her anus. Leena whimpered in
pleasure, mewing as orgasms swept through her, mouthing
obscenities like a gutter-whore. Som lost control. He ground into
her asshole repeatedly and then, pulling out, jerking his cock,
exploded with a cry of relief. The gunk spurted from his penis and
spattered her back and buttocks and thighs, dribbled into the
cleft between her buttocks, over her anus and cunt. Groaning, he
pushed his cock back into her anus and fucked her ass gently for a
few minutes and then slipped his cock into her cunt. Leena
groaned, rocking and swaying under him, waiting till he was done.
Slowly, he pulled out of her and undid her bonds. She sank onto
the bed, gasping and panting, catching her breath. A few minutes
later, she sat up, her face still and composed, all traces of the
sweating, panting, whimpering, feverishly thrashing whore now
quite gone. She got off the bed, straightening her hair. Without a
backward glance, she walked away from him and into her bathing
chamber. Som heard the water running. He felt no bitterness. His
presence here was privilege enough. He arranged the sheets quickly
and neatly, refilled the crucibles, cleaned the sheath and let
himself out.

Half an hour later, Leena was fucking with her second consort.
Haresh was as good as Som, and his cock was even bigger. She
murmured in pleasure and arched under him, rocking gently back and
forth as he stroked smoothly and easily in and out of her cunt,
fondling her breasts, kissing her tenderly. Her cunt was hot and
wet and tight on his penis and Haresh groaned softly as he
laboured over her, flexing and unflexing his buttocks, swinging
his hips in a steady, seamless rhythm, crushing his cock through
into her moist cunt-flesh. Beneath him, Leena murmured her
pleasure, a smile dancing on her pretty lips.

"Fuck me," she said. "Fuck me Haresh ... fuck me like a whore!"
= o =


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