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Archived Sex Stories

Encounter The Harlot Letters



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1998,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar
::: e n c o u n t e r :::

Nov 20

Dear Dipti,

Every year, it's the same thing - it never fails ... your birthday
comes around, as all birthdays do, and, invariably, I find myself
thinking of you, and of me, and of the way we were.

Has it already been so long? It seems like yesterday that we were
together here in Bombay. How wonderful those times were! Remember
the long Sundays in your flat, fucking feverishly as though we
couldn't have enough of each other? And the business trips we
took for matters out of town exploring each other's flesh without
tiring in a succession of deluxe hotels around the country?

I'll never forget those times. Wonderful, they were, and I loved
you with a passion, and fucked you without respite. I know you
wanted it, too, and loved me as much in return - that's what made
those times so special. I think of them, and of you, still, and
the memory stirs the old hunger.

Do you feel the same way? I wonder. You seldom write, but then you
always said that between true friends, constant contact was
unnecessary. Perhaps you were right. The last time you visited, a
year ago, we seemed to pick up from where we left off, spending
time together, eating out, dancing, going to movies and plays
but, most of all, in bed, fucking, doing what we did best

Fucking. You always liked the word. It turned you on. Does Ramesh
use it when he fucks you? There are so many things I feel a need
to know about your marriage - how suddenly it happened! - yet,
somehow, we never seem to get around to talking about these
things when we meet. Actually, that doesn't surprise me in the
least. I see you and all I want to do is plunge into your flesh,
feel your hot, tight, wet cunt choking my throbbing cock, seeing
you arch and gasp as I drive my flesh into yours. It's always
been like this, hasn't it?

So much has changed with your marriage. Suddenly, you're no longer
here, I don't get to see you every day, we can no longer spend
long hot afternoons and endless nights fucking like we used to,
on and on, insatiable in our hunger. How I long for those times
when we'd stumble into your flat and you were as hot and hungry
as I. Without pausing for breath you'd be at me, tearing off my
clothes frantically, going down on your knees and sucking my cock
hungrily, begging me to cream in your face. I often did so and
you loved it, did you not, having my thick, hot jizz splash into
your mouth so that you could swallow it and take more on your
breasts and face? That initial fuck was always a burst of fire,
when I thrust my throbbing cock into your cunt without a pause
and fucked you feverishly, not able to get enough, pushing myself
deeper and deeper into your convulsing slit till neither of us
could hold back and we came together in an explosion of joy and

What is it about you that draws me like a moth to a flame? You are
the sum of your many parts, and I love them all equally and the
total most of all, and very dearly. Yes, I love your eyes and
their colour, and the way they dance especially when you've lined
them with *kajal*; I love the sheen and sweep and bounce of your
hair; I love your smile and your lips and your teeth, and the
little scar above your left eyebrow and the little beauty spots
on your face, particularly the one high near the left ear. I love
your face and your laughter, and from the little I have felt of
them, I love the shape and weight and feel of your breasts, the
sharp stubs of your nipples. And yes, above all, there is inner
warmth and wetness and welcoming tension of your flesh, when you
take my cock in your mouth and suck it hungrily, working my thick cock-head with your tongue, or when I slide my big penis into
your hot, tight cunt and feel you gasp in pleasure as it surges
inward; or when, frequently, I run it into your anus and your face
twists and the breath goes out of your body in an explosion of

But that is of your body. Your character I love no less. I often
told you that, in this one way, I detected a feminine streak in
my being. I could not have fucked you for as long or as well,
desired you as I do but for my love for you as a person rather
than mere lust for your frame. This is true of each of my women.
Certainly I have fucked more women in my few years than most men do in a lifetime, and I fucked them hard and well and enjoyed it.
But none of them were complete strangers. If I do not know a
woman, I cannot fuck her. It is the woman I fuck, as much as her
body. There are men who do not care to know their women, who
cannot remember their faces, or what they did in bed, and it does
not matter whose mouth or cunt or anus engulfed their cocks. But
I am not like this. Unless I am familiar with a woman's
character, unless I know what she is like as a person, and unless
I like that person, I cannot and will not fuck her. There are
many beautiful and sexy women I have refused to fuck, for
precisely this reason; equally, there are many ordinary women of
whom I am passionately fond and whom I fuck frequently, for this
very reason.

You, too, are one of these. I will not pretend that you are the
only one I have loved and fucked and you, understanding, never
expected to be the only woman in my life. Even then you were not,
and are not now. That is how I want it to be. I am capable of
loving deeply and widely, while most men can do one but not the
other. This you saw early on, and accepted without rancour. Had
you resisted, I would have abandoned our relationship
immediately. But you chose to stay without pressing a demand, and
I grew to love you; in time, you became one of the handful whom I
loved, fucked and cared for. Who are the others? You know as well
as I: Sunnu; Falu; Sonu; Maya; Audrey; Neha; Harsha; Anuja;
Madhavi; Hansa; Chitti. For years, there have been no others.

I loved you first and fucked you later, because I loved you. I
loved your gentleness and tenderness, your ability to empathize
and understand another's need and pain and desire, your
willingness to surrender yourself to it unquestioningly and
without reserve. At the same time, you were never less than
completely honest. You told me things about myself that I would
not have taken from anyone else.

We shared a bond, you and I, that went beyond the merely physical
or sexual. We confessed our fantasies and desires, and then
helped each other fulfil them. You told me that you enjoy hard,
demanding sex with strangers; that you like being fucked by men who are socially inferior - drivers, cleaners, servants,
labourers; that you loved the way they took you for themselves,
fucking you again and again till they were sated. I replied that
I liked watching men and women in situations like this, and we
lived out these dreams and desires. I remember those warm summer
nights when I watched and took photographs and shot videos of you
fucking the servant, the driver, the peons, a muscular,
hard-bodied labourer from a road-gang, taking two and three men together at once. It was erotic and sex in itself. How the photos
and videos turned us on when we watched them later! Do you
remember the wonderful, steamy sex we enjoyed before the tv set,
my cock hammering into her cunt from behind while, on the screen,
you thrashed and moaned in the arms of another man?

Of course, what you wanted to do was to whore, and this was
something I could help you realise. You were happiest at Hedon &
Venery, whoring, doing live shows, doing video and still-film
shoots. There was a radiance on your face each day that filled me
with joy as I watched you moaning and thrashing and writhing
eagerly with a succession of hard-bodied men who pushed their
thick, long cocks in and out of your cunt and mouth and ass.

Masturbation was always one of your favourite turn-ons, was it
not? It is an indication of what you need, what an essential part
of you craves. You loved masturbating and, better still, being
watched at it. You were always inventive about it. Do you still
have that mind-boggling variety of dildoes and vibrators that I
gave you? Do you still use them? And what of an audience? You
always said that without men watching, masturbation was only half
as much fun!

Fortunately, that is our deepest bond, our free-wheeling, spirited
approach to sexual pleasure. For both of us, sex is no furtive
rustle of midnight sheets. It is an immensely gratifying,
exhilarating experience, one that is essential to the human
condition, something that everyone should enjoy fully and without
qualms or fear of reproach. Contrary to what I feel personally,
you have always enjoyed casual sex. The emotional entanglement
that I seek with my sexual partners and which may be of widely
divergent kinds you can abjure totally. You do not need even
companionship. The presence of an attractive, desirable male
willing to arouse your flesh is sufficient, and you have never
hesitated to give expression to this need.

I know that even when you are masturbating, you are fantasizing
about some stranger. You play with your nipples, squeeze your
breasts together, pluck your nipples, slide a finger up and down
your cunt-lips, stick it up into your cunt and arousing your
clitoris till you ooze and orgasm and the heat flushes you from
head to toe, your pulse racing, your breath short. You love it,
you need it, and you do it. Often, you use a dildo or a vibrator
or even more than one so as to do your cunt and ass together. So
much the better.

Then, the real thing. Your lover is a fine looking man, handsome,
reasonably well built with a strong, muscular body, lean and
tough. His shoulders are broad, his neck muscular, his arms and
legs thick and bulging, his chest deep and cleaved, his belly
hard and flat, his torso V-shaped, hairless. You find him very,
very sexy. You must fuck with him.

picture this. You are with this man, alone, in a lovely hotel or
house in beautiful countryside. The air is clear and sharp and
cold, and the light is warm and gentle. He is wearing a flannel
lumberjack shirt, the sleeves rolled up showing muscular
forearms, and the buttons of his shirt are open low enough for
you to see his sexy torso. He is clean shaven, square jawed, good
teeth, smiling, laughing, intelligent, gentle and kind. You want
him. He wants you.

You go in, and there is no need for speech. He draws you to him
and already you are excited, your pulse is quickening, you feel
flushed, your breasts are swelling turgid, your nipples are
getting stiff and hard. He draws you closer and bends his head to
yours and you feel his lips on yours.

You let yourself go. You let him kiss you, slide his tongue into
your mouth, explore. You respond in kind. You feel the strength
of his body and the wonderful pulsing bulge between his legs
against your body. Eroticism is a dual state of being, and when
you feel him cup your breasts and fondle them gently, you will no
longer be the person reading this. You respond, caressing his
face and head, unbuttoning his shirt, caressing his torso. As he
begins to undress you, you hear a voice not your own gasp softly
when his hands slide up your body and cup your breasts, free them
from the bra, toy with your nipples, squeeze and fondle your
breasts, and then, not for the first time, a man's hands and
fingers venture into the pleasure field between your legs.

You deny him nothing. You let him kiss you, lick and suck and
nibble on your nipples - feel the sharp fires erupt from them. As
his lips go lower, you open your legs, don't freeze. Your cunt will be wet, smelling heady and sexy. When he puts his face
between your thighs and his breath sears into your cunt you arch
and moan in joy. His tongue and his finger follow and you find
yourself caressing your own breasts, your head jerked to one
side, your mouth open, eyes hooded, panting and moaning
erotically. Then your hands are on his head moving it round and
round, your hips grinding and writhing without control beneath
his head, his tongue wet and thick and electric in your cunt,
like the first one ever, the handsome servant who fucked you when
you were fifteen and panting, and your clitoris will be on fire,
your cunt sodden.

You love sucking cock. His is a lovely thing, long and thick and
dark, the balls heavy and low. You hold his penis in your fingers
- as always, you find the first touch of it electrifying, and you
cannot resist wanting to take it into your mouth. You jerk it
gently, and if he is not circumcised, draw his foreskin back. You
kiss it, caress it, stroke it, jerk it, lick and gently teeth the
shaft, smell the heady odour of his loins. You caress your face
with it, your breasts, take it between your breasts and squeeze
them over it. His reaction excites you further and now there will
be no holding back. You swirl your tongue around his cock-head
and over his balls and up and down his shaft. Then you bend your
head over his lap and feel the heat and hardness of him in your
mouth, the delicious stickiness of his pre-cum gunk on your
tongue and lips, taste the erotic muskiness of him in your mouth
and on your lips and under your tongue. Your cunt is on fire, and
you want to devour him. He moans and gasps and your head moves up
and down, your hand pumping his cock, your lips getting sticky
and wonderfully slimy with his juices. He comes in your mouth and
you swallow his seed, relishing the tangy taste of it, jerking his
cock to spatter your face and breasts and body.

Now you let him fuck you. He is adept at lovemaking and he fucks
you slowly and deeply at first, in the position of his choice.
When he enters you, you gasp at the sudden, tremendous heat and
size of his penis slipping between your cunt-lips and scraping at
your clitoris, stretching your cunt-lips wide open. Your cunt spasms and cramps and you arch, moaning, the joy exquisite and
intense, one that you never want to end. Relaxing, you enjoy the
ecstasy of his cock sizzling into your steaming, sodden cunt,
squeezing in, arousing your clitoris to heights you never dreamt
of. You caress his chest and shoulders and back, drag his head
down to yours in a kiss, his tongue thrusts into your hungry
mouth, your back bows and arches, your mouth opens as you moan in
lust when his hard, hot penis glides deep into your dripping
cunt, fills you to the brim with his heat, stroking and rolling,
his buttocks clenching and unclenching as he pumps away. To and
fro, back and forth, in and out, his cock moves and swings and
swirls and grinds in your body.

You want it never to end, it is so magnificent, so utterly
beautiful. Your legs have spread wide, risen high to wind behind
him and you moan and cry out and your head flips from side to
side and you kiss and caress him, your mind spinning with the
wonder of it all. Your back is bowing, arching, falling, your
body is jerking and snapping, your breath rattling in incessant
moans from your throat, your breasts feel heavy and turgid, the
nipples nut-hard and they jiggle and jog as he thrusts in harder
and deeper and faster, his cock pulsating and throbbing hot and
hard inside you, your cunt spasming and cramping powerfully on
his penis which pistons and strokes and spirals and jerks up and
down over your hips which, in turn, are pumping and heaving up to
his, sucking his cock deep into your lovely body. You soar up,
flying high, and you have entered a never-never world of lust and
heat. Your body is hot and flushed and your hands are on your
swollen breasts, fondling and squeezing them ecstatically and you
moan his name over and over again in obscene litany as he takes
you masterfully. He fucks you and fucks you and fucks you till at
last you come, stars exploding in your head, your body shaking
and shuddering and arching and bowing stiff, trembling with the
sweet, ecstatic release.

But he won't lose his own control and sate you with his seed just
yet, for he's a master at turning women into sluts in his bed.
And you are a slut, one big cunt from head to toe. Your breasts are swollen, the nipples hurt and your cunt aches, but his cock
is still rock-hard and he hasn't done with you yet and you want
him again and again. He wants to fuck you for a long, long time
still and you cannot refuse him.

As he moves out of you, you gasp at the relief. You're still
panting, and now you are slightly sweaty with the exertion and
heat of the sex. You smell musky and erotic and he loves to have
you like this, to turn you to this state. He wants you from
behind and you know what to do. You turn on your front and offer
yourself to him with him kneeling behind you. This is a wonderful
position. Your legs are spread and you feel his penis at your
cunt-lips again, sliding hot and thick between the creamy lobes
of your buttocks. He gasps as he squeezes his cock into you yet
again. Deeper and deeper he goes, till he is embedded to the hilt
inside you. You tremble and moan, shuddering and then your body
takes over control and your hips begin to shake and shudder, jerk
back and forth, back and forth, to and fro, sliding up his cock
length, then grinding down again. Your pretty face arches up and
you moan, eyes closed, mouth open in a wide 'O' of pure, animal lust heat. He holds your hips and begins to fuck you slowly,
thrusting his hips to and fro, to and fro, to and fro, his cock
glorious, thick-veined, rigid, burning and throbbing inside you.
He leans over, squeezes and fondles your swinging, pendulous,
heavily swollen breasts, his hips slapping against your buttocks,
his balls slapping at your buttocks, his cock rasping and
squelching in and out, in and out without respite. You turn your
face over your shoulder, whimpering in lust and, leaning over, he
kisses you deeply.

Your body jerks and rocks on all fours, his hips are pumping
faster and faster and his cock seems even bigger inside you,
throbbing and pushing and probing and pistoning, stroking
furiously now, driving you towards another orgasm. He is
magnificent and you feel like a whore, his cock reaming deep into
you, pistoning, pounding, your cunt blazing as you come again,
and this time it is sharper, sweeter, and better than the first.

But he is still not done with you. Again he slides out of you and
turns on his back. You are groggy and shaken, but you cannot deny
him, you cannot resist. You move over him and, whimpering with
lust, bend your head over his lap and begin sucking his cock. It
smells musky and erotic with your comingled juices and arouses
you beyond measure. Moaning, you lick his hard, flat belly,
nuzzle his heavy balls, rub your breasts over his rampant penis
and then take his cock in your mouth again. The man groans and
fucks your mouth slowly, moving your head up and down over his
lap with one hand. When he pulls at you, you move up and,
kneeling astride him, reach for his cock and stuff it into your
sodden slit so that your cunt is impaled by his tool. His hands
are on your lovely buttocks, his finger is at your asshole. He
moves your hips over his cock, round and round, up and down, and
you arch, tossing your head back, sweat trickling between your
gorged breasts, strands of hair clinging damp to the nape of your
neck. You fondle your breasts ecstatically and hiss in pleasure.
Then you lean forward onto your arms, and begin bucking and
jerking up and down, sliding your cunt up and down the shaft of
his cock, going on and on and on. Your face is a vision of lust,
your gold and pearl pendant chain tosses on your chest, your
breasts jiggle and he fondles them, draws you down and sucks on
them, teeths your nipples one by one, flicks them with his
tongue, then squeezes both luscious mounds together and takes
them into his mouth. You cry out as the fire crackles through

Now his finger is at your anus and slowly he caresses you there,
inveigles it into your rear channel. This makes you cry out aloud
and bend over and kiss him, your breasts scraping on his hard,
sweat tacky chest. He is bucking under you, tossing you on his
lap, making you moan and gasp and cry out, and you begin to
orgasm again and again and again.

As you shudder through your orgasms moaning like a slut, he arches
deep under you and stiffens and quivers in your cunt. And then,
and then, the true wonder of it makes you gasp with shock and awe
when you feel the hard, hot, sticky spurt of his jizz spuming
into your dripping cunt, gobs and dribbles of it crawling over
your thighs, flooding your cunt dam.

When it is done, you get off him, but you are overwhelmed and you
cannot resist him. You take his sticky cock in your mouth again
and begin to suck off his gunk, giddy with the odour of comingled
coital juices of his gonads. You cup his balls, rub them, suck
him deeply, sensually, caressing your face with it, jerking him.

He is a man all right for he comes erect shortly and now you want
only to taste his seed in your mouth, to swallow his cum, and he
lets you suck him off till he comes again, deep in your throat.

Think of me then; for it will have been me, and with both know it
and we have both wanted and done just this. Me fucking you ... my
cock in your cunt, in your mouth, between your breasts ... your
lips and tongue on my penis ... my tongue in your cunt, on your
breasts ... your body mine, you are mine; and then another man takes my place, and yet another, and your joy is boundless.

Write and tell me if it is still like this with you. Does Ramesh
watch you with other men as I used to? Have you let him explore
the wondrous depths and tension of your anus with his cock? How
often does he fuck you? Do you watch him fornicate, and do you
have orgies? If you have taken any photographs and videos, please
send me copies.

This day is special. If possible, spend it in bed with a lover,
preferrably several. And, as they fuck you slowly and heavily and
deeply, and as their thick cocks run in and out of her cunt, and
their hard, hot bodies bend with yours, as their lips and tongues
touch your breasts and cunt and ass, think of one who loved you
in all your moods, one who knew your mind and body better than
anyone else did or will ... one who still loves you in every way
a man can love a woman ... think of me, Dipti ... and have a
great birthday.

Lots of love, and much lust.- Jayant


24 November

Dear Jayant,

Thanks for your letter of the 20th. All that you say is true, and
more. I enjoyed reading it immensely, as did Ramesh. It was a
great turn-on and, after we finished, we fucked feverishly.
You'll be happy to know that Ramesh shares our attitude to sex.
He fornicates incessantly, though he doesn't much like Caucasian
women. He says he prefers Hispanic and black women (and, of
course, Indians!) - apparently, their cunts are a tighter fit!
I've never heard such rubbish, and I've told him so, but he
insists. Oh well, that's the male of the species for you.
Fortunately, where we live, his preferences don't pose too much
of a problem because there are enough Indian women around, and
some of them are not only very sexy, but are more than willing to
have a handsome lover. We have found a good group of friends and
often have swap-parties or orgies. The orgies are the most fun.
We run the steamiest video we can find, often a home-made film of
one of us and, watching it, everyone gets together with everyone
else. I have not yet shown my personal videos and photos made at
Hedon & Venery to anyone except Ramesh. We plan to do so soon. But
he adores them and says they are the biggest turn-on ever! He
especially likes seeing me with the big, black studs - he says he
has never seen anything so sexy in his life. He is not in the
least bit jealous, thank heaven. Of course, had I detected even a
hint of it in him, I'd never have married him or, having married him, would have left him without a second's hesitation. With my
past and all the wonderful fucking I've shared with so many men,
it would be intolerable to have to live a life without it. I
cherish my sexual freedom to abandon it for something as piffling
as marriage.

You ask why I married at all, and why Ramesh. Well, the second is
easier to answer than the first. Ramesh because he was there and
he was - is - terrific in bed. We fucked the first night we met,
when I was introduced to him at a friend's house. You know I came
here for a vacation - basically to enjoy some quality sex at
Hedon & Venery's various American establishments. One evening
when I was free I went to a party and met Ramesh. We went back to
his bachelor apartment, a lovely little studio-loft in the
Village that he shares with two other guys. First Ramesh and I
fucked, and this took several hours. He has a great cock - not
nearly as incredible as yours, but then you, darling, have always
been the exception rather than the rule. Still, it's more than
satisfying, a good nine inches long or more, and correspondingly
thick. He has a lot of experience and knew how to contain himself
so we were able to fuck for a long time. I sucked his cock till
he creamed in my face. Then he licked my slit, and we
sixty-nined. Then we fucked and he took me from top, then from
behind, then with me on top.

We were still at it when his room-mates returned. The studio has
no bedrooms, just one big hall, and there was no way to hide. As
it turned out, there was no need to. For a moment, Ramesh
hesitated and then I kept moving and he understood and so did
they. They joined us and Ramesh moved aside so that they could
fuck me one by one. When that was done, I took them in pairs,
and, finally, as you've so often watched me to, all three
together, in my cunt, mouth and asshole. It was pure heaven, and
somewhat freakishly, they all came together so that I had this
great load of jizz spurting simultaneously into my slit, up my
butt and down my throat.

That did it, I think. Ramesh proposed to me later and, for some
odd reason, I said yes. I think I was just tired of the
restrictions that living in India places on the public face of my
sexual freedom. Here, I do as I please and no one cares. There, I
had to make sure that my family didn't know, that if I fucked one
set of servants, the other, who worked for my aunt, remained
oblivious and so on. Also, the need to keep a distance at work,
and to separate my work at Hedon & Venery from the litigation. I
know I should have asked for your opinion, but I took it for
granted you wouldn't mind, that you'd understand. You always
have, and for this I'll always be grateful. More than a lover,
which you were, you were first and foremost my closest friend. I
did write, if you recall, and we spoke on the telephone, and I
cried because I was leaving so much, but most of all you.

Anyway, all that's in the past now. I am well settled here, and
enjoying my marriage and I have my fill of lovers.

Ramesh does enjoy watching me to do it live - he has taken several
photographs and videos, and I'm sending you copies with this
letter. Tell me what you think. Incidentally, he wants to know
whether he could call at Hedon & Venery and sample some of the
cunt-stock when we visit next.

Keep in touch. Lots of love - and I miss you and your body and
your cock.



30 December

Dear Dipti, Ramesh:

What a wonderful surprise! The photographs and videos were
exceptionally fine. I really enjoyed the one of Dipti with that
huge black stud with the monster cock and, most of all, the
sequences where he fucks Dipti from behind and then in the ass
before creaming in her mouth - you've really caught every nuance
of her lust for it, Ramesh! And for heavens' sake, don't be
silly! Both of you have a carte blanche at Hedon & Venery when
you visit. No charges, all on the house! We expect to lay in some
fine new stock in the next couple of months. The girls are
exceptional and the men are among the finest studs we have yet.
Perhaps you should expedite your plans for a visit.

Listen, I have a suggestion. Hedon & Venery has divisions in New
York and Philadelphia. We need a Branch Manager for the Manhattan
section, someone to supervise the housekeeping and so on. Would
you like to take it on, Dipti? The pay is fabulous, as usual, and
more if you choose to do shop-floor work, which is entirely up to
you. They have live shows each Friday, a monthly skin magazine
and do one sex-film every two months. If Ramesh wants to work in
the photo/film studios, we'd be only too happy to have him.
Please let me know as I have to get things rolling and make
alternative arrangements if you decline.

- Jayant

HEDON & VENERY INC In Copulo Omnimodis, Veritas
Manhattan Section

Memo Date : December 1 From : IK, Bureau Chief To : JL, CEO


Dear JL:

You’ll be happy to know that the new arrangements with Dipti and
her husband Ramesh have worked out very well indeed. It has put
us streets ahead of the competition which, as you know, in NY is

Dipti took charge of the housekeeping and customer-relations
divisions at the Vandam unit in mid-November. Within 2 weeks, she
showed results, and collections and attendance improved
dramatically. After consulting our chief of staff, I asked her to
handle the Manhattan, Jersey and Pennsylvania sections as well.
She has returned excellent results in each and will soon be
adding Boston to her responsibilities. We plan to have her take
over the Atlantic City operations by early January. She has
ambitious plans and gets them executed on time. Already, she has
earned herself a great deal of respect and admiration.

Unlike her predecessors, she is a true leader. If Dipti wants to
try something new, she first experiments on herself. Her
innovative ideas for shows and client services went down very
well with both the staff and the clients, principally since she
did the first few shows herself. Also, she serves time regularly
at the bordello just like any of the others, so she is very much
one of them. The earlier structure which was unnecessarily
hierarchical has been jettisoned in favour of a more relaxed and
informal group-level, staff-participation method which is far
more profitable. As a whore, Dipti has high demand, which she is
careful to retain by being extremely selective about her
clientele and very expensive. A recent customer-satisfaction
survey puts her at the head of the list. A hard copy is being
couriered separately, while the main database and results have
already been transmitted through the computer networks.

Also in transmission are the video and photo results of Dipti at
work, which are excellent and very dramatic. I especially
recommend 'Hard At Work' the superb video sequence (reproduced in
this month's centre-spread as a special feature) of Dipti being
fucked by a succession of men in different workplaces. The
feature of her with the black security agent is astonishingly
fine. In keeping with our international standards, nothing has
been faked for the camera.

Ramesh's work, too, has been of exceptionally fine quality.
Currently, he is a designated lead stud on several pornographic
movies and for still photo shoots. He is a skilled and athletic
lover with considerable staying power. We have begun hiring him
out as a high-priced gigolo, serving the eastern and central
regions (initially; we have had requests from the Bay area, the
Los Angeles basin and Portland, Oregon, recently). Ramesh has a
problem with the average white female, unless he is sufficiently
pepped. Incessant usage of high-potency aphrodisiacs has been
discontinued, pending verification by Nirav and you during your
forthcoming visit. In consequence, Ramesh has been reserved for
the Asian/South Asian/Middle Eastern female segments, where he
performs well. Customer surveys indicate a high repeat-request
factor, which augurs well for his future.

For himself, he has indicated a desire to turn to the more
creative side of pornography. We permitted him to work on a few
film shoots and still sessions. His results were surprisingly
good. Pending a review by you when you visit next month, we
propose to move him from active field work to the creative
section. This, of course, needs your approval and sanction and
the item has been placed on the agenda which will be circulated
by this time tomorrow.

On the question of fresh stock, I fear that we have not had the
level of recruitment, both in quantity and quality that demand
requires. I suspect it is the fear of AIDS that is driving away
potential recruits. This is a serious problem and one that has
now begun to affect existing male recruitment, too. It needs to
be addressed on a priority basis. For the time being, we are
managing with personnel seconded from the Canadian and West
European regional offices. Since they, too, were hard pressed, we
have had to compensate them. While this is purely an internal
arrangement and does not affect overall group revenue, it has
serious repercussions on cash-flow and liquidity problems. We
urgently require an infusion of fresh material to keep up with
demand. This problem is shared by Copenhagen, Stockholm, Dahran,
Hamburg, Rotterdam, Montreal, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Los
Angeles, Honolulu and Toronto. Only London, Paris, Geneva and
Amsterdam seem to have spare manpower. South asia remains the
single largest reservoir of viable new recruitment. Last year, we
had Sayali, Sonali and Shirlyn on temporary furloughs. This
practice should be repeated. They were very successful and
certainly eased the pressure. Please consider this. We can
discuss it in detail when we meet.

Please ask Harsha to confirm your travel itinerary. Please also
indicate any special requests and reservations you may require.
The usual arrangements for the private jet and use of the
company's resorts have already been made. I have also taken the
liberty of short-listing some of our new recruits for your
pleasure. Should you require any further assistance, please call.
I look forward to some glorious fucking in your company soon!

International Purveyors of Pornography and Sexual Pleasure
Corporate Headquarters : Bombay, India Regional Offices worldwide


Internal Memo : From : JL, Chief Executive,
Hedon & Venery
To : Harsha



Msg to IK in NY. Give him itinerary for trip to US. IK to alert
all offices and reserve all R&R locations. Exclusive time for 4
days (& nights) with Dipti for me. video and still film crew,
preferrably with Ramesh on it, to be on stand-by with us. I'm
taking the following ladies out of circulation, so pls make the
bookings: you, Shirlyn, Nisha, Madhavi, Sayali, Kanan & Meghna.
IK to book a live-show for Shirlyn, Sayali, Madhavi and Kanan in
Atlantic City with some blacks. Film and still shoots to be
scheduled during our visit. All local or international
engagements to be cancelled. Talk to the plane crew and decide
whether the 707 or the Learjet would be more comfortable. I want
a stopover in Amsterdam for two nights. For this evening, please
book me a slot with Sonu, Nimisha and Anuja. I have two guests
with me. I also want that last video of Maya fucking the Gujarati
delivery boy (Dhiraj?), sent to my residence ASAP.



= o =


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