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Archived Sex Stories

Encounter The Real Thing



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar
::: e n c o u n t e r :::


The chauffeur smiled to himself in pleasure as he looked at his
*memsa'ab*. She was great to look at. She knew it, and she knew he
liked doing it, and she liked that. She gave him teasing,
tantalising glimpses of her thighs and belly and breasts and
flesh, knowing that it turned him on and, finally, made their
fucking much better.

Cheryl was very attractive in a molten, earthily sensual way. She
had lovely large eyes, deep brown and lined with *kohl*, that
sparkled easily and quickly in wide laughter. Her nose was
straight, if a trifle broad. Her mouth was full and wide with
sensual lips. Her teeth were white and even. Her hair was dark and
silky, held back now in short, simple braid that hung just below
her shoulders. Her neck was long and slender and led smoothly,
past the delicately sexy hollows in her throat and shoulders, to
full, sloping breasts, ripe and succulent mounds tipped with long
nipples in large, dense aureoles. Her belly was firm and flat and
her waist was nipped inwards. Her hips flared neatly beneath and
her buttocks were firmly rounded. Her arms and legs were slender
and shapely with slim ankles and wrists and elegant hands and
feet. Her skin was smooth and clear, the colour of golden honey,
beautifully offset by the fine gold chains that crinkled around
her neck, her delicate earrings, her solitary bangle and finely
wrought gold-and-diamond finger-rings.

She was on the telephone, standing by the edge of the large white
sofa. She wore knee-length shorts with angled side pockets and a
canvas belt and a simple white button-down shirt tucked into the
shorts. The shirt was completely transparent and the light from
the window behind her came through the cloth, letting him see that
she wore no underwear. The top four buttons of her shirt were open
and Jerry could see the deep valley of her cleavage with her gold
chains nestling comfortably on her tawny skin, and the superb
swell of her breasts as they strained at the material.

Jerry watched as she nodded, bent over and, picking up a pencil,
noted a number on the pad by the telephone. As she bent over, the
lapels of her shirt dropped open low and he could see her breasts fully, ripe and heavy, the nipples long and stiff. Her gold
necklaces swung free against her chin.

She straightened, still speaking into the phone, listening in
between, and caught his eye. A silent, gamine grin split her face.
It lit up the room and the fire in his groin. She blew him a kiss,
winked, beckoned him closer. He smiled and stepped up to her.
Still listening, the earpiece clapped to her head with one hand,
she pulled his head down to hers with the other and kissed him on
the lips. He felt her tongue slide into his mouth and fence
against his own, flickering erotically. He slid his hands up from
her waist and cupped her breasts, felt the points of her nipples
stiffen further through the fine cloth of her shirt, felt her
breasts grow heavier and harder with excitement.

"Yes, Mum, I'll do that," she murmured into the phone, breaking
the kiss. "I promise."

She listened again, and now her eyes, when she looked at him,
Jerry saw that her eyes twinkled with amusement and a deeper,
fiery hunger. She hooked her fingers in his belt and pulled him
closer, flicking open the belt and the clasp of his white
trousers, jerked down his fly and thrust her hand into crotch.
Jerry stifled a soft groan. His cock was already hard and it felt
good to have her cool, slender, knowing fingers curl lovingly
around his thick shaft, stroking and caressing its nine inch
length, travelling the contours of its inch and half thickness.
She cupped and squeezed his balls delicately and he felt the fire
leap in his loins.

"No, really, mum, you don't have to worry about me." She winked at
Jerry. "I'm fine on my own. Really. I mean it. I have everything I
want. Everything. Yes, it's good to have a car and the driver.
He's very good, Jerry. Mm. I know. He's so cautious driving and he
really takes good care of me."

Jerry grinned hugely, enjoying the double entendre and began to
undo the buttons of her shirt. He pulled it wide across her
breasts and squeezed the heavy, turgid mounds, pinching and
tweaking her stiff nipples wickedly. Cheryl bit her lower lip and
stifled a soft moan.

"Yes, okay. I'll see you tomorrow, mum. Promise. We'll do lunch.
'Bye now."

She dropped the phone on the cradle with a giggle and flung her
arms around her chauffeur's broad shoulders, cupped his head in
her hands and pulled his mouth to hers.

"Now," she said. "Fuck me, Jerry! Fuck me hard! The way I like it!
C'mon ... my cunt's already wet!"

The chauffeur laughed in silent delight as he followed her into
her bedroom that led off the hall. It was a large, airy room with
tall windows at the far end looking out over the pool of a local
club and, beyond, the sea. The walls were recently paid a
glistening white, and the furniture was sturdy and upholstered in
spotless white. Closets ranged one wall, broken by a door that led
to the plush tiled bathroom ensuite with its sunken tub, jacuzzi
and ultra modern fittings. A large painting hung on another wall
of the bedroom. The bed was pressed against the last wall, big and
large and well-sprung, with attractive reading lights fitted into
the wall with brass brackets and cream silk shades.

As she entered the bedroom, Cheryl pulled off her shirt, kicked
off her open sandals and dropped her shorts. Jerry had barely
stopped moving when she turned and fell to her knees before him,
jerking down his trousers and burying her face in his crotch with
a loud, shuddering moan. Jerry gasped loudly, his belly snapping
in with shock as her warm, moist mouth engulfed his penis. He
recovered quickly and flexed his buttocks and thrust his hips
forward, one hand on her head, pulling it deeper into his crotch.

"Oh god, oh god, yes ... god, I love your cock," she mumbled,
sucking it eagerly, her face distended with its size, her head
rocking back and forth before him, her eyes half closed, her
nostrils dilated.

Jerry grunted softly, his mouth open, head bent, watching her. She
was an incredibly hot and randy piece of ass and he knew how
demanding she was in bed. He forced down the fires in his loins,
denying himself the pleasure of succumbing to the near-miraculous
wanderings of her sharp teeth and cunning tongue on his cock,
though he knew she enjoyed drinking jizz. The temptations of her
cunt, and even her ass, were equally delightful.

Jerry was a wonderful lover, and Cheryl loved fucking him. She
constantly praised whatever higher powers governed the affairs of
men for having found him. The bank had recently changed its policy
and no longer provided men from its pool, and so she had to find
one herself. Her dearest friend, Mala, had sent this man over,
recommending him highly. A few days later, she found out exactly
why Mala had been so enthusiastic. Later, both Mala and Jerry
confirmed Cheryl's suspicion: Jerry was yet another of Mala's
servant-lovers. Mala had more than enough servants, male and
female, to sate her needs and could spare Jerry. Besides, it
wasn't like she was losing him forever: Cheryl had frequently
borrowed one or more of Mala's servants and Mala was most welcome
to have Jerry whenever she fancied him. And, of course, there were
always the times, the wonderful times, when Mala and Cheryl
indulged themselves in glorious lesbian sex and then invited some
of the servants in, turning long afternoons into heaving,
thrashing orgies of unbridled pleasure.

Jerry was a tall, dark, muscular man with lean, craggy, macho
features. He had a long, fine nose, a wide, slim-lipped mouth,
strong, white, even teeth and dark, deep eyes. His hair was thick and cropped short, and his ears lay very flat against his head. He
was clean-shaven and his jaw was square and hard with a strong
chin, and his cheeks were sexily hollowed. He had a deep, dry
voice. His body was terrific, long-limbed and strong, with broad
shoulders slashing to a narrow waist and high hips and flat belly,
hard as rock. His chest was broad and deeply cleaved with powerful
pectoral, his small, dark stiff nipples pulled wide and low on
either side of his depilated armpits. His torso was hairless,
something that Cheryl -- and, she knew, Mala -- found very sexy.
His buttocks were trim and taut and his legs and arms bulged with
muscle. In his white tunic with his smart cap, Jerry looked
dashing. Naked, he was stunning, Cheryl thought. His penis was a
glorious nine inches long and correspondingly thick, at least an
inch and a half across if not more, before heavy, low balls. He
kept his cock-shaft and balls neatly shorn. That helped her feel
every inch of his cock as it entered her flesh -- especially her
anus. Cheryl loved being fucked in her ass.

She groaned now, deep in her cock-filled as she sucked his thick,
throbbing cock. It filled her mouth and its heat and taste and the
muskiness of his pre-cum gunk spurting into her mouth made her
swim. She moaned, kissing and licking his shaft, pumping it in her
fist, her finger-rings glittering against its dark hardness,
licking and sucking his balls. Jerry grunted softly, fucking her
face with leisurely to and fro thrusts of his hips, one hand
rocking her head back and forth to suit his pleasure. His tunic
was fully unbuttoned now and he had tied its ends in a hard knot
across the middle of his flat belly.

"C'mon ... suck it, bitch ... suck my prick, whore ... keep
sucking ... such harder, whore! Do it!" he grunted.

Cheryl moaned, thrilling at his rough words. This was what she
liked about fucking the staff, their rough edges added a
delightful piquancy to the sex. Whimpering, she dragged her tongue
down his shaft, ducking her head under his legs and, opening her
mouth, gently sucked his heavy balls, swirling her tongue
cunningly over their rounded contours. Jerry gasped, arching his
head, thrusting his hips forward. The softness of her face and the
delicate touch of her tongue in his crotch felt wonderful. Cheryl
moaned loudly, her eyes half-closed, caressing her face with his
rampant, sticky penis, dragging it over her lips and cheeks and
tongue. Rising slightly, she drew it between her breasts, moving
it over her nipples and aureoles, her tongue flickering through
his navel, lapping at his hard belly. As Jerry watched, grinning
slightly now, she moaned even louder, flinging her head back and
squeezing her breasts in a tight sheath over his cock -- it felt
terrific, and he fucked her tits with great enjoyment.

Jerry grunted softly and pushed her head back down to his cock.
She moaned, her chest heaving, her hands squeezing and crushing
her breasts now, and took his penis deep in her mouth again. Jerry
grunted thickly, in complete control now, savouring the pleasures
of her warm, wet mouth and its steady, relentless sucking pressure
on his penis, the way her electric tongue roamed over his sticky
cock-head, trying to prise open its long slit, questing for

"Yeh ... that's good ... c'mon, bitch ... keep going ... suck it,
bitch ... suck harder ... mm, yeh ... oh fuck yes ... oh yeh,
that's good, whore ... c'mon ... suck my cock, slut ... yeh ... oh
yeh ... that's good ... mm ... yeh! Oh fuck yes ... c'mon, whore,

Finally, sated with the fellatio, the chauffeur pushed his
*memsa'ab*'s head back. Cheryl moaned, whimpering, panting, mewing
with lust and moved smoothly onto the bed on her back, forking her
legs apart, drawing her servant-lover down with her. Jerry bent
over her and kissed her hard, jamming his tongue into her mouth
while he kicked off his shoes and tore off his socks. His penis
throbbed between her thighs. He cupped her cunt with the fingers
of one hand and they came away wet. Cheryl moaned, writhing
feverishly under her driver, scraping her breasts erotically
against his hard chest, arching her head to suck and lick his hard
nipples, her fingers under his knotted tunic shirt. She flicked
open the knot of his shirt impatiently, jerked it off his
shoulders, groaning and arching under him, caressing his lean,
muscular body lovingly.

"Fuck me," she murmured huskily. "C'mon, Jerry baby ... fuck me
hard ... shove your cock right up into my cunt ... please, baby
... fuck me!"

She tugged at his rigid penis, drawing it to her cunt-hole, and
the chauffeur relented. He moved between her thighs on his
outstretched and knees, levering her thighs apart and pressed his
cock-head to her cunt-lips. Cheryl moaned, biting her lower lip
and arching her mons to his hips. Jerry took a deep breath,
steadied himself and then, flexing his buttocks, sank his hips.

"OHMAUHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH uhhh OHHHmauhhh yes!" Cheryl cried, her
long neck arching, her face arching up, her body going rigid, her
swollen breasts thrusting upward as her servant's huge, hot,
glorious penis surged into her wet, clonic cunt.

In and in it went, piercing deep, cleaving her cunt-flesh and
cunt-lips open, mashing her gorged clitoris, crushing her molten
flesh in its passage. Her cunt convulsed and spasmed
uncontrollably on his cock and, above her, Jerry groaned, his
shoulder rippling and knotting powerfully, his buttocks flexing
taut, his hips sinking and sinking as he buried his penis in his
mistress' cunt.

"Mm ... oohh yes," Cheryl hissed, her hands sliding down his body
to grip his buttocks, dragging him deeper into her cunt. "God yes,
Jerry ... god that feels so good ... c'mon ... fuck me, baby ...
fuck me hard! OHHH uhhh yes! Oh god yes! OHHHHH that's it! C'mon
... shove it in again! Ah uhh ohmauhhh ahhh uhhh yes!"

Jerry grunted, his lips clamped shut and began fucking her with
deep, piercing, skewering thrusts, moving his hips rhythmically up
and down, flexing and unflexing alternately, driving his throbbing
penis steeply in and out of her cunt. He moved unhurriedly, his
weight on his knuckles on the bed on either side of her chest, his
legs spread wide, driving his cock as deep into her cunt as he
could. She took it all and, moaning and whimpering sexy
obscenities, moved in unison with him, her hips rocking and
bucking eagerly under his, swirling from side to side. He moved
with her, rolling his hips as he went into her so that he was
spiralling down into her with each thrust, mashing and churning
the molten lava of her cunt-flesh.

"Oh yeh ... oh fuck yes ... c'mon, baby ... take it ... take it,
whore ... take my cock ... mm, yeh ... that's it, bitch ... take
my dick," he grunted softly.

"Oh yes ... ohhh uhhhyes ... oh ma uhhh yes ... fuck me ... fuck
me, baby ... fuck me all night long ... yes ... ohhh god yes," she
gasped and moaned. "Harder, Jerry ... fuck me harder! OHHHH uhh
yes, baby, yes!"

Smoothly, steadily, he quickened the tempo, moving faster and
faster, thrusting in deeper and harder, using long, punishing
strokes now, his hips whipping and snapping sharply. His cock
pistoned in and out of her cunt, its shaft glistening and gleaming
with their comingled coital juices. His balls slapped at her
cunt-lips. Beneath him, Cheryl groaned and cried out, her head
jerking from side to side, her eyes closed, her face suffused and
radiant with lust. Her body jerked and rocked with his thrusts,
her breasts jiggling, swollen and hot and turgid, the nipples long
and stiff. She hissed loudly, wrapping her legs about the backs of
his knees and lifting her breasts in her hands, squeezed them in
an erotic frenzy. The gold chains around her necklace twinkled on
her tawny skin, slithering this way and that as he plunged and
pistoned and powered in and out of her cunt. The bed rocked and
bucked with their motions. Her cries rang in his ears, goading him

"Yes! OH ma uhh OHHH uhh OH ma uhh yes oh god yes oh god yes!" she
cried. "Ohhhhuhhohhhh oh uh OH uh OH uh OH uh OH uh Ah uh ah uh ah
uhhhh Ohma uhh ahhh uh oh god yes, Jerry, yes uhhhhh OHHHHH!"

Gritting his teeth, the handsome chauffeur moved even faster, his
hips rocking rapidly up and down, his cock plunging and rocketing
steeply and deeply in and out of Cheryl's incessantly convulsing
cunt. He flipped his hands up to her breasts, crushing them under
his weight, and she gasped, pinned under him, her hips bucking and
jerking wildly under his. Moaning and gasping loud, lewd
obscenities, Cheryl began to orgasm, her cunt spasming helplessly
on his penis. Jerry flung his head back, fighting the raging fires
in his loins, ramming ceaselessly in and out of her cunt with
sharp, snapping jerks of his hips, ramming in hard, pausing,
ramming in again. Every thrust drew a broken, choking gasp from
her throat.

Jerry kept moving without respite. He knew from past experience
that this one orgasm would do little to sate her lust. He let the
orgasm ebb and slid slowly out of her cunt. Cheryl, moaning,
quivering and writhing on the bed, her skin now flecked with the
beginnings of a sex-sweat.

"Want more?" he asked, kissing her gently, slipping his tongue in
and out of her mouth.

"What do you think?" she gasped in a husky voice, still writhing
under him, her hands caressing his powerful back. "What do you
think, Jerry?"

The chauffeur chuckled softly and bent his head to her breasts.
Cheryl moaned softly in pleasure. He toyed with her breasts in
turn, plucking at the still stiff nipples with his lips, flipping
his tongue over them.

"Mm ... that's good," she murmured, caressing him dreamily.

Jerry dragged her nipple across his teeth and gums and the roof of
his mouth. She shuddered and arched under him. He twisted on his
side beside her and slid his hand into her crotch. Her legs forked
apart readily and she groaned as he slid a thick, long finger into
her cunt. It was hot and wet and he felt her cunt contract
immediately on his fingertip. Jerry grinned to himself and began
masturbating her slowly with his finger, mashing her stiff
clitoris against his knuckle as he sucked and licked her breasts by turn. Cheryl murmured her pleasure, her hips writhing

Slowly, the driver moved down her body, kissing and licking her
warm, soft flesh, moving lower till his face was in her crotch.
Cheryl whimpered and lifted her hips, clawing her cunt-lips open
with the fingers of both hands. He thought the sight of her
daintily hair-rimmed cunt unfurled thus for him in her slender,
shapely fingers with the light glinting off her rings was
extraordinarily erotic. He dragged his tongue down her slit.
Cheryl gasped and hissed instantly, her back arching, her long
neck craning. Jerry drove his tongue into her cunt. She cried out,
her hands flying to her breasts, her head snapping to one side. He
prised her cunt-lips open and began tongue-fucking her slowly,
lapping at the musky-sweet nectar that streamed out of her cunt.

"Ohhhh uhhh yes!" she groaned. "Oh god yes, baby yes ... lick my
slit, Jerry ... mm ... yeh ... that's it ... ohhh uhhhh yes ... do
it, lover ... fuck me with your tongue ... oh ma uhhhh yes ... oh
ma uhhhh yes!"

Jerry slid his finger into her cunt and began tongue and
finger-fucking her simultaneously. Cheryl's body writhed and
thrashed in uncontrolled delight on the bed, her head twisting
from side to side, her hands crushing and mauling her breasts,
then flying down to his head and twining in his hair. Her body
flamed with lust, fiery tongues of it leaping through her cunt and
breasts. Jerry's tongue was thick and heavy in her slit, darting
in and out, twisting this way and that, whipping and tormenting
her quivering clitoris without respite while his rigid finger
rocked in and out of her cunt. Suddenly, he slid his finger out of
her and lifted her thighs high and wide, turning her buttocks
upward. They creased open and his tongue slid down the ridge of
flesh to the puckered darkness of her anus. Cheryl gasped thickly
as his tongue swirled around her asshole. She yielded, moaning
loudly as his tongue slipped in and out, darting now between her
cunt and her ass, driving her wild with lust. He dropped a hand
from one leg and quickly slid his forefinger into her cunt,
simultaneously pushing his middle finger to her anus. Cheryl
gasped and cried out, her face twisting in a rictus of lust, and
grabbed her own leg, keeping it raised high.

"OHHHHH uh OH ma uhhh OHHHHH uhh Oh god Jerry OH Jerry uhhh OH uhh
Oh yes uhhh Jerry oh god oh god oh god uhhhh OHHHHH!" she sobbed
ecstatically. "Oh fuck yes! OH yes Ohma uhhhh ohma uhhhohma oh ma
uhhh ahhhuhhh OHHHHH!"

Now the chauffeur was finger-fucking her simultaneously in her
cunt and ass even as his tongue flickered like lightning between
the two adjacent orifices. Cheryl's body lurched and thrashed and
writhed frantically as the chauffeur tormented her without
respite, bringing her to the brink of an explosive orgasm. Seconds
before she came, he stopped and rose to his knees on the bed.
Cheryl cried out in shocked frustration.

"Don't stop now, you bastard!" she hissed. "For god's sake, not

"Yeah, now!" he snarled. "C'mon ... suck my dick, again, whore!
Gimme some head! Quickly! Suck it hard!"

He jerked her off her back. Cheryl gasped and, turning on all
fours before him, took his cock in her mouth again. Jerry grunted
thickly, his head bent, one hand splayed around his penis, the
other on her head, fucking her mouth slowly and unhurriedly.
Cheryl moaned, her head spinning in delirious joy, her senses
overpowered. She could taste her own cunt-juice on his cock and it
excited her even more. She held his cock delicately in one hand,
sucking it rapidly, rocking her head back and forth, to and fro as
he pumped his hips at her face. Her gold necklaces and swollen
breasts dangled and he reached down with one hand and crushed the
turgid mounds, pinching and tweaking her rigid nipples.

"Real randy whore," he grunted. "Really have the hots for my cock,

"Yes," she mumbled in her cock-filled throat. "God yes ... Christ,
I love your cock, Jerry ... fuck me forever!"

Jerry grinned and, closing his eyes, tilted his head back,
savouring the pleasures of her mouth enveloping his penis. Several
minutes later, he pushed her head away and turned her around with
her back to him. Cheryl groaned, her body trembling and writhing,
quivering in excitement, on her knees and forearms before her
servant, wantonly offering her body for his pleasure. Jerry
pressed his cock between her buttocks. She tensed slightly as she
felt the bulging cock-head at her tight little anus, then relaxed,
squirming her asshole against it. She knew just how good it felt
when his thick, hard cock seared into her butt.

"I'm gonna fuck your ass, bitch," he growled. "I'm gonna fuck it
nice and hard and deep ... just the way you like it, right?"

"Yes," she groaned, turning her face over her shoulder to him. "Oh
god yes, Jerry ... yes ... I want it in my ass ... c'mon baby ...
fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

The chauffeur laughed softly. "Not so fast, whore! Not so fast.
First, I wanna fuck your cunt some more!"

Cheryl moaned, biting her lower lip, waiting expectantly for the
familiar, cherished surge of heat in her belly. She felt him push
his cock down from her anus, felt the sticky hard heat of his
cock-head at her cunt-lips. He paused, took a breath and then, his
fingers digging into the soft flesh of her smooth, golden
buttocks, prising them open, flexed his buttocks and pushed his
hips forward. His cock-head burst into her cunt and she cried out,
her head snapping back, her mouth open in a wide 'O', her eyes
fluttering shut.

"OH ma uhhhh yes Oh god Jerry yes!" she cried, her back bowing.

"Unhhhhh uhhh yeh!" the chauffeur exulted, his belly snapping
inward as her cunt convulsed on his penis.

His cock drilled her cunt, grinding inexorably deeper and deeper
into her cunt, going in and in and in till he was buried in her
flesh to the hilt, his hips jammed to her buttocks, his balls
pressed between their bodies. He paused with his cock embedded in
her slit. Cheryl moaned, biting her lower lip, squirming her
buttocks against his crotch. His cock throbbed in her cunt. She
felt light-headed with lust. He slid his hands slowly up her body
and, bending over her, nuzzled the nape of her neck, slid his
hands under her and cupped and squeezed her swollen, pendulous
breasts. She moaned, turning her face over her shoulder to him. He
kissed her, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth, sweeping it
through her ear.

"Fuck me," she hissed. "C'mon, Jerry ... fuck me hard ... god, I
love your cock in my cunt!"

Grinning, the chauffeur squeezed her breasts hard, making her gasp
and straightened upright again. Gripping her hips, he began
fucking her with slow, measured, unhurried thrusts, swinging his
hips steadily to and fro, flexing and unflexing his buttocks
alternately. His massive penis glistened and shone as it appeared
and disappeared between the delectable, unblemished curves of
Cheryl's buttocks. His thrusts went in deep and each brought a
shuddering groan of pleasure from her. Her body rocked and jerked
under his, her gold chains swaying to and fro and bouncing against
her chin, her gorged, pendulous breasts jiggling with his thrusts.

"Ohhh uhhh Ohhhh uhhh Oh yes oh yeh oh yeh uhh Ohma uhh yes ... do
it, Jerry, do it!" she gasped.

Her face was turned up, her eyes hooded, her sensual lips parted
in a wide 'O' of pleasure. Her breasts were hot and heavy and
swollen and her nipples ached and throbbed exquisitely. Her
chauffeur's cock felt wonderful as it rasped in and out of her
cunt, crushing her molten cunt-flesh in its passage, mashing her
gorged, stiff, quivering clitoris. She whimpered and rocked her
body eagerly back against his, squirming her buttocks erotically
against his sturdy thighs.

"Yes! OHHHH uhhh yes! Oh god yes, Jerry, yes! Ooh yeh ... that's
it ... mm ... yeh ... oh yeh ... that's good, baby ... yeh ...
c'mon ... fuck me harder ... ahhh yeh ... that's it ... like that,
Jerry ... c'mon ... fuck me ... oh yeh ... oh yeh ... fuck me,
lover ... fuck my slit ... Ohh uhhh yes oh fuck yes!"

Her cries grew sharper and louder and higher as the chauffeur
picked up speed, moving faster and faster, thrusting his cock
deeper and harder into her cunt. His fingers dug hard into the
soft flesh of her hips and buttocks. His thighs slapped loudly
against her buttocks, his balls swinging against her cunt-lips as
he thrust steeply and hard into her flesh. Her cunt convulsed
frantically on his pistoning penis.

"Yeh ... c'mon, whore ... take it! Take my cock, bitch! Oh fuck
yeh ... c'mon, take it all, slut! C'mon, you randy whore ... take
my cock! Take it uhhh yeh ... oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck uhh yeh oh
yeh!" he gasped softly.

The fires roiled in his groin as her cunt squeezed and contracted
powerfully on his throbbing erection. He flung his head back, his
mouth open, his muscles rippling and cording, his belly sucked inward as he swung his hips rapidly to and fro, back and forth,
flexing and unflexing his taut buttocks, thrusting his cock
heavily in and out of his mistress' cunt. Faster and faster he
went, now jerking her body rapidly back and forth before him,
yanking her cunt up and down the length of his bloated penis.

"OH! UhOHH! OHMA uh OHMA uh OHMA uh OHMA Ohhma OHMA OH uh OH uh OH
uh OH uh OH uh AH uh OH uh OH uh OH uh OHH uh OHH uh OH OHH OHHH
OH OHH OHHH OhuhohuhohuhOHHHH!" she called deliriously as he
pounded violently at her body, his cock plundering and pillaging
her cunt without respite.

She teetered on the brink of a violent orgasm and he moved faster
still, forcing the climax to crash through her. She gasped,
twisting on one hand, crushing her breasts with the other,
reaching down to flick her clitoris furiously, her hips and
buttocks writhing and squirming as his thighs cannoned off hers.
The orgasm intensified, peaked, and immediately segued into a

Quickly, Jerry slid his cock out of her cunt. Cheryl moaned,
writhing and trembling on all fours, panting and mewing her lust,
begging him not to stop. He pressed his cock-head to her anus. She
groaned, biting her lower lip and closed her eyes, trying to
steady her heaving breath. Jerry shuffled his legs apart and rose
in a deep squat across her flared hips, pushing her shoulders
steeply down on the bed. She moaned, turning her face on the soft
pillow, lifting her buttocks high under him. His cock glistened
between her buttocks, lubricated with their coital juices.

"Jerry ... use ... use the cream," she groaned, groping on the
bedside table for a long slim tube of salve. It had an elongated
spout meant for internal insertion. The chauffeur grabbed it from
her hand, uncapped it, pressed the nozzle to her anus. She
groaned, relaxing her sphincter and he squeezed the tube. Salve
spurted from the nozzle into her anus, coating it thickly. He
tossed the tube aside and pressed his cock-head to her anus again.
It was sticky and smooth with the salve and, when he flexed his
buttocks, it yielded without resistance. His cock-head popped into
her rear channel. They cried out simultaneously. Cheryl's face
contorted in a savage rictus of algedonic lust, her eyes screwed
shut, her lips tearing back over her white teeth, her mouth wide
open. Her neck arched and strained, tendons popping in her throat.
Jerry cried out sharply, his belly snapping in, his chest
straining outward, his hips tensed. He flung his head back, his
fingertips digging into the soft flesh of her buttocks. His eyes
hooded and his mouth opened in a call of pleasure as her anus
convulsed on his cock.

"OH fuck yeh!" he gasped. "OHH baby yes!"


Jerry groaned and slowly squeezed his cock deeper and deeper into
her anus. Beneath him, Cheryl cried out in sharp, staccato moans,
her fingers scrabbling frantically at the sheets and pillows. His
cock felt like a white hot poker as it surged inexorably into her
anus. Her asshole cramped on the invader, pulsing powerfully.
Cheryl's head swam with lust and desire. There were few pleasures
so intensely satisfying as a good butt-fuck.

The chauffeur sodomised his mistress slowly and heavily and deeply
for the next ten minutes. Their rhythm steadied gradually,
altering from the initial lurching and jerking to more deliberate
in-and-out, back and forth, to and fro motions. The first spurt of
pain, albeit delightfully sharp and tangy, receded and now Cheryl
only felt a deep, burning, searing, throbbing lust that powered
through every vein and fibre of her being. She whimpered in joy,
rocking back and forth beneath her chauffeur as he buggered her
thoroughly. His cock slid in and out of her rear channel and every
time it went in she felt a surge of joy wash over her. She
squirmed and writhed erotically against him, thrusting a hand down
between her legs and masturbating gently. Above her, Jerry groaned
softly, savouring the wonderful heat and tightness of her anus
cramping and contracting powerfully on his pistoning penis as he
slid it slowly and deeply in and out of her rear channel.

"Ohhhh uhh ohhh uhh yes ... oh baby yeh ... c'mon ... do it, Jerry
babe ... fuck my ass ... yeh ... that's it ... oh god that's so
good, baby ... yeh ... c'mon ... do it, lover ... fuck my butt ...
OHHHHH yeh ... that's it ... c'mon ... yeh ... that's it ... shove
it right in, Jerry baby ... yeh ... mm, god I love your cock in my
ass ... do it, babe ... shove it right in ... ahhhhh uhhh yes,
there! Oh god yes!"

The sharpness of her cries gave way to an erotic, husky,
breathless litany of obscene gasps and moans of unfaked pleasure.
They aroused Jerry even more.

"Ohh yeh ... c'mon, bitch ... take it ... take it, you fucking
whore ... take my cock ... oh fuck yes ... c'mon ... take it, slut
... take my prick, bitch ... take it ... c'monc'monc'mon uhhh yeh
... oh fuck yes!"

He felt her orgasm coming on and now there was little he could do
to stop himself. She climaxed violently as he stroked in and out
of her anus and, as her ass convulsed frantically on his penis and
her buttocks squirmed in tension against his crotch, he succumbed.
He plowed into her anus, paused, drew out, thrust in again, and
yet again, and each thrust drew a shuddering, cracked moan from
deep in her throat and made her lurch forward. At last, with a
loud, shuddering gasp, he came. The heat erupted from his groin
and spewed in thick, hot, sticky endless spurts deep into her
tight rear channel. He kept his cock buried deep in her cunt, his
hips twitching at her buttocks as he emptied himself into her. She
moaned loudly, writhing eagerly under him, wanting it all.

Slowly, the chauffeur pulled his cock out of Cheryl's asshole. He
was still coming -- his load was prodigious -- and his jizz spewed
out, spattering her buttocks and hips and thighs, dribbling in the
cleft between her buttocks. At last he was drained. With a soft
sigh, he pushed his cock back into her anus and fucked her butt
for a minute more. Cheryl whimpered happily under him. He slid out
of her ass and into her cunt and she groaned thickly, her body
slowly sinking to the bed beneath his. He went down with her, his
cock still in her cunt and they rolled over on their side. He
cupped her breast, squeezing it, nibbled her earlobe, nuzzled the
nape of her neck. Their bodies were slippery with sweat.

"Had enough?" he murmured, sweeping his tongue through her ear.

Of course it wasn't enough. For Cheryl it was never enough.

They rested briefly, dozing in each other's arms like lovers.
Waking, they fucked again. He licked her slit, rimmed her ass,
once again aroused her gently and steadily to fever pitch. She
sucked his cock hungrily and relentlessly. Jerry was a formidable
lover and soon his erection was hard and hot and throbbing angrily
in her mouth. He groaned, lying back on her bed, his hips bucking
and bobbing under her face while she sucked and sucked and sucked feverishly, her head bouncing over his lap, her hands working her
breasts and cunt wantonly.

This time she mounted him, a position she enjoyed enormously, as
did he. Kneeling astride his hips, she impaled her cunt slowly on
his massive erection, savouring every inch of his penis as her
cunt engulfed it. She leaned over him on her knees and
outstretched arms, her knuckles on the bed and began to rock
slowly up and down, rolling her hips with a cunning deftness that
made her cunt swirl and spiral round and round on his penis. Jerry
couldn't take his eyes off her face. She looked so beautiful, he
thought, her features softened with lust, her eyes hooded, her
mouth open as she moaned and gasped erotic obscenities, her face
turned slightly to one side, her long neck craned, her swollen
breasts jiggling and bouncing, her gold necklaces slapping and
tossing against her honey skin.

"Yes!" she gasped. "Oh uhhh yes uhhh ohhh uhh yes ... c'mon Jerry
... yes ... mm yes ... oh god yes, I love your fat cock in my slit
... c'mon, baby ... do it ... fuck me ... fuck me, baby, fuck me!"

Beneath her, the chauffeur grinned to himself, sliding his hands
up her body to cup and squeeze her swollen breasts, pinching and
tweaking her long, rigid nipples. Of course he was going to fuck
her. He was going to fuck her as long as he could. What man in his
right mind could resist temptation so wondrous?
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