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Encounter Underneath The Mango Tree



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar
::: e n c o u n t e r :::

The summer sun hammered the cracked earth. There was no sign of
rain. The shimmering heat created dancing images of distant trees.
It was utterly still.

Anita lay naked under a shady mango tree, gazing dreamily at the
leaves and dangling vines. Her dusky body shone with sweat and
there were streaks of a man's jizz on her lips and breasts and
thighs. Her lover sprawled beside her, his body half over hers,
his limp penis against her thigh. Anita slid her hand down between
his thighs and fondled his penis. He stirred with a sigh and
lifted his head. She smiled at him.

"Come on," she murmured. "Fuck me again."

The man grinned and squeezed her breast. "You're right randy,
aren't you?"

"Yes," she giggled. "I like it when you fuck me."

The man grinned and kissed her, sliding his tongue into her mouth.
Anita responded hungrily, caressing his head. He moved over her
and his lips slid down to her breasts. Anita sighed in pleasure as
he licked and sucked on her nipples. Her breasts swelled and
hardened and she arched with a soft moan.

Squeezing the fleshy mounds together, the man sucked on both
nipples simultaneously. Anita gasped sharply and her legs forked
open. Gently, he released her and slid lower, still strumming her
rigid nipples with his thumbs. Anita quivered in tension as his
tongue and lips slid over her firm, flat belly and nuzzled the
soft, damp, dark delta in her crotch. Forking her legs, she bent
her knees and, with the fingers of one hand, pulled her cunt-lips
open in wanton invitation.

"Come on," she murmured. "Put your tongue into my cunt ... fuck me
with your tongue, uncle ... please."

The man chuckled and slowly dragged his tongue through her sodden
slit. Anita groaned, her head turning to one side. She dug her
fingers into his hair and pulled his head into her crotch.

"Come on," she gasped again. "Put it in ... I want your tongue in
my slit ... "

Her cunt was wet and musky and the man could taste his seed on her
cunt-lips. Aroused by the odour, he dug his tongue into the soft
flesh, flicking it rapidly against her gorged clitoris. Anita
hissed and arched steeply, her hips twitching and bucking
feverishly. She began to move his head round and round between her

"Yes! Ohhh yes! Yes, uncle, yes! Ohhh god yes ... ohhh yes! That's
so good! Do it, Uncle Dinu ... do it to me! Fuck me! OHH yes!"

Fondling her breasts, squeezing and crushing them in his hands,
darting his tongue in and out of her cunt, probing this way and
that, the older man took her deftly to the verge of an orgasm. At
the last minute, when she was poised, teetering, on the brink of a
climax, he pulled away. Anita writhed on the ground in frustration
and torment.

"Oh, yes! Please ... please don't stop now ... please ... I want
you ... I want to come ... please ... I beg you ... go on ..."

The man laughed and squeezed her breasts affectionately. Her
nipples were nut-hard and she groaned when he pinched and twirled
them in his fingers. She arched sensuously under him and, hooking
her hands under her knees, pulled her legs wider apart, lifting
her feet. The man chuckled and bent his head between her thighs.
Anita moaned, her head turning to one side, as she felt his lips
at her slit again. He kissed her damp cunt, and slowly dragged his
thick tongue down her cunt-lips.

"Ohhhhh yes!" she gasped. "Ohhh god yes! Mmmm ... yes Ohhh unhh
Yes! Ohhh fuck yes! Do it, Uncle Dinu ... uhhh Ohhhhh uhhhh ohhhhh
uhhh yes ... ohhhh god yes!"

The man tongue-fucked her gently and unhurriedly. His tongue
rippled up and down her crack, darted and jabbed in and out of her
cunt-flesh, flickered delicately against her gorged clitoris.
Anita's hips trembled and bucked under his face. She twined her
fingers in his thick hair and moved his head round and round
between her thighs. His tongue felt wonderful in her crotch.

The man pushed his tongue deeper into her cunt and sucked gently
on the hard stem of her clitoris. Anita gasped sharply, her mouth
snapping open, her back bowing, her head whipping back, her hips
jerking upward.

"Ohhhh god yes! Yes! Ohhhh yes! Yes ... come on, Uncle, come on
come on come on!"

Once again, just as her orgasm was imminent, the man stopped.
Anita cried in frustration.

"Oh no," she moaned. "Please ... please don't stop ... I want to
come ... put your tongue into me again, Uncle Dinu, please!"

The man slapped her face, but without force, even gently. Anita
gasped and winced.

"Shut up, whore," he said softly. "Learn some patience. You must
learn to satisfy your man first. If he isn't happy, you aren't
happy. Get it?"

He slid a thick finger into her cunt, making her gasp and bite her
lower lip. Her hips jerked and he laughed down at her as he
masturbated her rapidly, pressing her clitoris with his finger.

"Do you understand me?" he said. "Do you?"

"Yes, uncle," she murmured, her eyes glittering, her breath ragged
and sharp, her hips twitching and jerking at his hand. "I
understand. I must satisfy you."

"Good," he smiled. "You learn quickly."

"You are the best teacher a girl could hope for, uncle," she
gasped, writhing uncontrollably, on the brink of an orgasm again.

His hand pumped rapidly between her thighs and he chortled at her
gasps and moans of pleasure as the orgasm neared. Abruptly, he
stopped. Anita moaned in despair.

May I ... may I suck your cock now?" she gasped the response he

The man nodded in approval and rose to his feet. Anita got to her
knees before him and pushed her face between his legs. His penis
was dark and long and thick. She took it in her hands and began to
masturbate him gently, kissing the cock-head lasciviously. Deftly
flipping back the foreskin, she took his cock-head in her mouth
and began to suck his cock. The man grunted and slowly pulled her
head forward and flexed his buttocks, pushing more of his cock
into her mouth. Anita's head rocked gently back and forth in his
hands. Her face distended as his glistening cock thickened and
hardened and swelled, sliding in and out between her lips.

"Take it, cunt," he muttered. "Suck my cock ... mmmm ... yeh ...
take it ... yeh ... like sucking cock, don't you, bitch? Having
your face fucked? Hah?"

Anita murmured in assent. The man chortled and, bending his head
to watch her, continued fucking her face in a leisurely fashion,
rocking her head back and forth between his legs. Anita sucked his
penis eagerly, her head moving from side to side, her tongue and
teeth and lips running up and down his swollen shaft.

"Mmm ... yeh ... suck it, whore ... suck it good ... ohh yeh ...
that's it ... mmm yeh ... nice ... real nice, bitch ... keep going
... keep going, whore, keep going!"

Anita loved sucking cock. The taste and odour of an erect penis
were unlike anything else she knew, a potent, heady brew of which
she could not get enough. Her excitement grew and she caressed her
swollen breasts erotically with one hand as she sucked her uncle's
penis, squeezing the heavy mounds, pinching and tweaking her rigid
nipples. The sight aroused him and he began fucking her face
faster, moving her head rapidly back and forth between his thighs,
pushing his cock greedily into her mouth. Anita thrust a hand
between her legs and began masturbating slowly. His penis throbbed
in her mouth and beads of pre-cum gunk spurted onto her tongue.
The taste was erotic and she swallowed them lasciviously, her
tongue questing in his cock-slit for more. Grunting, the man pushed her head away.

"Want it, slut?" he cackled, slapping her face with his cock.
"Want my cock?"

On her knees, she looked up at him like a begging puppy and
nodded. "Yes," she breathed. "I want it ... I want your cock,

"Where d'you want it, cunt? Tell me. In your mouth? Your cunt?
Your ass?"

"In my ass, uncle," Anita told him what he wanted to hear. "I love
it when you butt-fuck me. But please fuck my cunt, too -- it's
hungry for your prick."

The man's face creased with pleasure. "Come on, then, whore," he
muttered. "On your front! I'll fuck you like a bitch!"

Obediently, Anita turned around and bent forward on her forearms,
spreading her knees wide and presenting her delectable buttocks to
the man. Thrusting a hand between her thighs, she splayed her
cunt-lips open.

"Come on, uncle," she murmured. "Fuck me like a whore!"

The man's eyes glittered with excitement and pleasure. He
straddled her hips in a low, deep squat and pressed his penis
between her buttocks. She groaned and trembled beneath him.

Anita's paternal uncle, her father's younger brother, was a
muscular, powerfully built man. His naked body was smooth and
hairless and hard, without an ounce of fat. Strong, broad,
shoulders swept to high, narrow hips in a sharply tapering V. The
chest was deep and cleaved, the pectorals thick and hard. His arms
and legs rippled with muscle. The powerful neck supported a
handsome, weather-beaten face with a strong, straight nose, full,
lean lips and deep-set eyes. His hair was jet black and swept

He took the difficult position easily and without visible strain.
His muscles corded smoothly as he bent deeply at his knees and,
prising her buttocks open, squeezed his hard penis into the cleft
between. It was nine inches long and correspondingly thick and it
throbbed and pulsed with excitement. His cock-head slid down to
her cunt and met no resistance, only a soft, welcoming warmth.

With a loud hiss, he flexed his buttocks and, arching his head,
eased his hips forward. His cock slipped smoothly into her cunt.
Anita gasped softly, arching her head as the searing heat of his
cock bit into her molten cunt-flesh.

"More!" she gasped. "More! Put it all in! Come on! Come on,

Savouring every minute, the man unhurriedly pushed his cock
inexorably deeper and deeper into the teenager's cunt. At last,
she had it fully in her flesh. The man grunted softly. His
buttocks remained flexed taut and he closed his eyes in pleasure
as her buttocks squirmed against his thighs in erotic little
circles. Her cunt cramped hungrily on his penis. She whimpered her
lust, her breath sharp and ragged.

"Yes," she gasped. "Ohhh yes ... it feels so good, uncle ... Oh
god ... yes!"

The man's fingers dug into the softness of her buttocks. With a
groan of deep pleasure, he unflexed his buttocks and drew his hips
backward. His cock slid out, glistening with their comingled
juices as it emerged. Anita quivered with tension and bit her
lower lip. The man paused and then slowly skewered her again.
Anita gasped, her head arching. Savouring each minute, the man fucked his seventeen-year old niece. His cock moved smoothly in
and out of her cunt, his buttocks flexing and unflexing, his hips
swinging rhythmically back and forth. His distended penis emerged
and disappeared between the lobes of her buttocks. Her dusky,
curved body rocked and lurched under him, and her cries were sharp
and hoarse and unashamedly obscene. Her face was suffused with
lust and pleasure and she moved eagerly with him, matching his
pace, moving her cunt back and forth on his thick, hard, throbbing

"Take me ... take me, uncle ... fuck me ... fuck me ... Ohhh god
yes ... fuck me uncle ... I'm your ... whore ... fuck me ... like
a ... whore ... do it ... Ohhh yes!"

The man grinned at her words and swung his hips in controlled
circles as he thrust down and forward. His cock mashed her
cunt-flesh and she gasped and cried out in joy. Her cunt convulsed
on his penis and he groaned, arching his handsome head back. He
was evidently an experienced and powerful lover and he took his
time with the young girl, fucking her unhurriedly. His cock slid
steadily in and out of her cunt, going in deeply, pausing, then
pulling slowly outward only to squeeze in again. Beneath him,
Anita whimpered in lust, her head hanging between her arms. Her
pendulous breasts were swollen and hot. He squeezed them gently
and gradually began to move faster. She moaned thickly, lurching
and rocking erotically under him.

"More!" she gasped. "Oh fuck yes! Fuck me, Uncle Dinu! Fuck me

He picked up speed and her cries grew sharper as his cock pistoned
smoothly and quickly in and out of her cunt. Faster and faster he
went, and now her cries and gasps were shrill and keen. His thighs
slapped at her buttocks and his hips hammered back and forth and
the great cock thundered and rammed hotly in and out of her cunt.

He gripped her waist and jerked her body back down hard onto his
cock, slamming his hips forward at the same time. Every thrust
drew a broken gasp from the young girl. The muscles in his
buttocks and thighs flexed powerfully as he moved, grinding and
rocking in and out of her flesh. Her breasts jiggled under his

"Yeh ... take it ... take it you whore! Take my cock! Oh yes! Fuck
yes! Take it, bitch! Take my prick ... ahhhhhh yes ... take it all
... oh fuck yes!"

"Fuck me!" she gasped. "Ohhh yes! Ohhh uhhh oh ma uhhh *hanh* uhhh
ohhh yes! Ohhh god yes!"

Anita orgasmed and her uncle flung his head back and groaned and
skewered her deeply and slowly, his cock scrunching in, his hips
twitching at her buttocks. He held fast, his cock throbbing and
white-hot within her. Anita's buttocks squirmed and tensed and
writhed in an attempt to hold him in her molten cunt-flesh. The
orgasm waned and her torso sank, angling her back steeply and
lifting her buttocks higher. Her uncle laughed and slid out of

"Now," he muttered. "Your lovely little ass, bitch!"

"Yes," she groaned. "Oh yes!" and reached back to splay her
buttocks apart.

The man grinned at the sight of her temptingly taut anus.

"Hold it open for me," he commanded.

Anita nodded and obeyed, her shoulders on the ground, her face
turned to one side, her arms twisted behind her to pull her
buttocks open and offer him her anus. The man moved back smoothly
and, licking four fingers, moistened her anus.

"There," he muttered. "Now I'll stuff your asshole with my prick,

Anita's hips squirmed in wanton desire against his hand. The man sniggered and bent steeply forward and thrust his face between her
buttocks. Anita groaned softly as she felt his tongue ripple over
her asshole. She loved being rimmed and he was very good. His
tongue swirled over her anus, caressing the puckered flesh
tenderly. Her buttocks and hips quivered and swayed with
excitement. Her anus was musky and heady and the man pressed his
tongue into the cleft, making her moan in lust.

"Yes ... Ohhhhh god yes! Yes!" she gasped.

His fingers pressed to her cunt and two slid into her flesh. Anita
groaned, trembling with lust, her body aflame with desire. His
fingers teased her gorged clitoris, his knuckles pressing and
mashing it deftly while his tongue swept in dizzying circles over
her anus.

"Please ... uncle ... please ... fuck my ass ... fuck it hard!"
she gasped.

Laughing, the man rose again to straddle her hips. He adjusted
himself slightly, easing the taut muscles in his legs. He leaned
over her on outstretched arms, his feet on the ground, his knees
deeply bent and dipped his hips. Anita held her buttocks open with
the fingers of one hand and holding his slippery penis in her
other, guided him to her anus.

"There," she gasped, pressing his cock-head to her anus. "I want
it there!"

Again the man's buttocks flexed slowly and his hips dipped. His
cock-head squeezed into the young girl's asshole. Anita's face
twisted in an erotic mixture of pain and shock and joy. Her mouth
jerked open and she screamed thinly, her neck arching, her face
pressed to the earth. Her hands remained behind her, one on his
shaft, the other at her buttocks. The man waited for a second,
letting her catch her breath.

"Come on, bitch," he rasped softly. "Come on -- take it!"

Anita moaned softly and released his penis and, gripping her
buttocks, pulled them as far apart as she could. She yielded
slowly, her sphincter spasming, and the man gasped thickly and
slowly thrust downward. Anita's breath came in short, sharp,
ragged, moaning gasps as the huge penis burst into her rear
channel, surging inexorably inwards. Her sphincter convulsed
frantically on his penis, and the man's head arched back, suffused
with pleasure. Under him, the young girl moan and writhed. Deeper
and deeper his penis went, till he had buried himself to the hilt
in her anus. Her hand was pinned between his thighs and her

"Come on," she moaned in a shaking voice. "Fuck my ass, uncle!
Fuck my ass hard! Oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh
oh yes do it!"

The man chortled softly. "Anything you say, whore! Anything you

They were like two inverted hairpins, one in the other. Anita's
buttocks and thighs formed a great obtuse V under him. Her anus
was completely and helplessly impaled on his swollen, massive
shaft. She felt dizzy with the exquisite pain. Her pulse hammered,
and her breath was ragged and her voice hoarse. Her breasts were
hot and swollen. The man reared, taking his weight on his feet and
squeezed her pendulous breasts. Anita groaned. He pinched her
rigid nipples and she gasped thickly. The pain receded, yielding
to delirious joy and desire.

Crushing her breasts in his hands, the man began to move his hips,
slowly fucking the young girl's ass. She gasped as he lifted his
hips, drawing his cock out of her anus till only the cock-head was
held within. Moaning, she dug her fingers into the cleft between
her buttocks and pulled them wider still.

"Come on," she gasped. "Put it in again, quickly!"

There was nothing fake about her lust. She wanted it, and she
wanted it badly. The man smiled and thrust smoothly into her anus
again. Anita gasped and now it was a call of pure pleasure.

"Yes," she moaned. "Oh god yes! Fuck me, uncle! Fuck my ass! Fuck
it hard! Come on, Uncle Dinu ... fuck me like a whore!"

The man bent forward again, leaning on his thick forearms and,
toying with her breasts, began to fuck her ass quickly. His
buttocks flexed and unflexed powerfully, his hips rose and fell
and his cock glistened as it went in and out of her anus. Beneath
him, Anita moaned and gasped, her body rocking and jerking back
and forth and now she wanted it, too, and her motions reflected
her desire.

Her face was twisted to one side and, crushing her swollen breasts in his hands, the man kissed her fiercely, forcing his tongue into
her mouth. She sucked on his tongue, squirming her bottom against
his hips, bucking her buttocks against his thighs in ardent
desire. Her cries were lewd and obscene and, spurred by the
erotic, throaty, love-calls, the man began moving faster.

Steadily, he gathered speed till he was ram-fucking her ass,
plunging greedily and deeply into her anus, reaming and ramming
his cock into her. Anita cried out in a shrill tone, panting and
gasping. He clawed at her cunt-lips and she gasped as he slid
three fingers into her cunt and began masturbating her furiously.

Instantly, her anus, separated from his fingers by the merest
membrane of flesh, convulsed frantically on his penis. He cried
out in joy and thrust hard into her. She orgasmed violently,
shuddering, gasping, mewing, keening and panting all at once. The
man groaned and thrust his cock into her savagely, slamming his
hips at her buttocks, burying his cock in her anus. Finally, he
lost control.

Grinding deep into her, squeezing her breasts hard, his hips
jerking at her buttocks, he exploded. Under him, his young,
teenage niece moaned her pleasure as his hot jizz spurted into her
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