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Encountering Amanda Part 2


"Amanda," I began, just inside the door.

I must have had that look of doubt on my face. She stepped forward and
pressed a slim, manicured finger against my lips.

"We have one hour, Chad. One hour only. I don't want to waste any of

She grasped my face in her hands and pulled herself up. Her lips seared
mine. They were incredibly soft, warm, hot, moist, tender and needy, all
at the same time. I melted into her.

When she backed away from me, her eyes twinkled. "Let's go," was all
she said.

Amanda was even more beautiful naked than clothed. Her breasts were
perfectly proportioned and accented by lovely, light brown nipples already
distended in anticipation. Her belly was flat with the perfect amount of
flesh. Her ass was round and smooth. Those deliciously long, tanned legs
rose to ample hips and a neatly trimmed line of pubic hair above generous

I don't remember removing clothes. All I know is that I was suddenly
naked in front of this beauty. She smiled approvingly then drifted into my
arms. I caressed the softest skin I'd ever felt, hungry to touch every
inch of her. Our lips mashed together and our tongues did battle, testing,
teasing, plunging and sucking. My head reeled and I felt the temperature
notch up a degree as our bodies pressed against each other.

Amanda pushed me backwards and I fell onto the bed. She climbed aboard,
straddling my waist, facing me, her hands pressing against my chest. She
leaned over me, her hair draping down on either side of her face. She
smiled nastily.

"Now," she said, in a hoarse half-whisper, "we're going to fuck." Her
tone left no doubt.

This was an entirely new experience for me. I wasn't a prude or a
virgin. I'd had my share of encounters. What I'd usually found was that
in the competition for sexual favors, I was always the aggressor. It was
my job to convince my partners to have sex. Amanda defied the usual
pattern. She was adamant, demanding, and crude. This was all about
Amanda. I was merely a tool.

She rubbed her sex on me, her hands pressing my shoulders into the bed.
Her eyes were fixed on mine as she gauged my reaction. She hitched herself
up on one knee, her other foot planted on the bed. She grabbed my raging
hardness and stuffed it into herself. Then, with a growl, she lowered her
body onto me, my cock sliding into the tight envelope of her moist, tight

"Nice fit," she murmured, squeezing me with her interior muscles.

The heat of her insides was driving me crazy. I tried to turn my mind
to statistical analysis, complex computations, anything to stave off the
natural reaction to Amanda's searing heat. Then, she started to move.

"Oh, please," I begged, "don't!"


"Give me a minute," I pleaded. "Just let me get some control back."

Amanda stopped. She smiled nastily. "You're ready to cum?"

I nodded.

She squeezed. "If I do that?"

I nodded again.

She squeezed.

"Please, don't."

"Fuck you. I came here to fuck, not to just sit on your cock."

I was history. I knew it.

Amanda lifted her hips and pounded her ass forward, enveloping me.

"Oh, shit!" I breathed out.

She rocked and tilted, raised and lowered. It didn't take but a few
seconds before I was shooting my cream up inside her. Amanda didn't appear
to notice. She continued humping on me in spite of the spurts of my cum squirting in her tunnel. Things got very wet and squishy, but Amanda kept
on. She hitched her hips forward and back in rapid succession. Her hands
collected the flesh on my chest. She gripped me hard, then tensed up.
With a gasp, she released me, and both of us were panting.

"All right," she said. "All right. We've got that out of the way.
We'll take a few minutes, then get down to some real fucking."

"Uh huh," was all I could manage.

Amanda was a demanding, persistent lover. When our breathing returned
to somewhat normal patterns, she leaned forward and sucked my lips between
hers. Her tongue flicked and jabbed away, deliciously wet, strong and
tantalizing. It didn't take long before I was growing hard, still gripped
inside her.

She pulled back from my face, looking at me in a quizzical manner.
"Already?" she asked. "Are you ready?"

"I'm getting there," I admitted. "You're exciting."

"Hmmmm," she hummed, leaning forward again, her lips brushing past my
ear. "You feel nice down there. I like the way it fills me up like that."

"I like the way you hold me there," I told her. "It feels nice, too."

She hummed again, then began a roll to my left.

"Come on," she urged. "Fuck me. It's your turn."

We completed the roll, and I came to rest on my elbows and knees, still
planted deep inside her. I began the motion of lovers in our new position.
Amanda raised her hips to meet my every thrust. She wrapped her legs
around me, locking her ankles behind my backside, urging me on with her
heels. I felt like a steed being spurred into her rhythm.

For the most part, Amanda kept her beautiful eyes closed as we moved
together and in opposition. As our motion grew in tempo and intensity, her
eyes popped open, and she looked into mine.

"You're going to make me cum again, aren't you?" she asked, almost a

"If I can, I am," I nodded. "I love to make you cum."

"Fuck me, then. Fuck me hard and make me cum!" Her eyes closed and her
face took on a look of pure concentration. Her hips lurched against mine.

"Oh, fuck," she whined. "Oh, fuck, yes. Fuck me. God, I love the way
you feel. Fuck me. Make me cum."

I pounded into her, determined to satisfy her urge, to fulfill her
demand. My cock felt the resistance of her muscles as she clamped on me in
the spasmodic motion of her orgasm. This time, she whined through her
nose, nearly whimpering with the overwhelming sensation as the crest of her
wave passed over her.

"Oh, fuck, yes!" she wailed. "That's good! That's so good!"

The point of no return. I felt myself reach, then pass it. The cum boiled out of me in hot spurts. I groaned loudly, shoving myself into her
as deeply as possible, my cock surging as the spasms pounded through me.

We lay there, panting, gasping for long moments. When my head cleared
somewhat I looked at the beautiful creature with whom I was linked.

"You're gorgeous, you know," I managed to gasp out in a hoarse whisper.

"Mmmm," she hummed. "You're pretty cute, yourself."

"Are you all right?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah," she said, her eyes sparkling. "I feel fine. Really fine."

"It was good, wasn't it?" I agreed with her.

"I thought so," she smiled at me.

"I'm going to move now," I suggested.


I rolled to my right, pulling my softening cock from her with an audible
plop. Amanda fanned herself with a fluttering hand.

"Whew!" she said. "That was nice. I haven't come like that in months!"

"It's the forbidden fruit thing, I think. You know. Raises the
excitement level."

"Mmmm. Do you think we can do it again? I mean, can you, you know, get
up? We've still got the better part of an hour left."

"It'll take a few minutes. But, I think I can."

"Good," she said, then rolled off the bed to get washcloths to clean us

We did manage again. Twice. Amanda rode me after she straddled me,
presenting her perfect breasts to my lips and tongue. Her eyes sparkled
with an interior fire, then rolled upward as she drove herself from orgasm
to orgasm. The last time was a gentler, tender joining. We lay together,
smiling at one another, touching, kissing, sharing our last moments

"I'm glad you asked me to lunch," she whispered. "This will make a nice

"Do you suppose we'll ever see each other again?" I asked.

"It probably wouldn't be a good idea. Too complicated."

I nodded silently. "But it will make for nice memories," I agreed.

Amanda showered first, then dressed. She checked her hair and
re-applied her sparse make-up. She grabbed her purse, then stood by the
door. It was good-bye.

"Don't try to find me," she warned seriously. "I'm going home to my
husband. He will never know this happened."

"I won't," I promised. "You're right. It would be too complicated."

"You're not going to tell, either, are you?" she asked.

I shook my head. "This has been our time. It stays here."

She blew me a kiss across the room, then was out the door and gone. I
lay in the bed for about ten more minutes, then got up to shower and be on
my way.

Every now and then I think of Amanda. Usually I'm in my car, driving
down some stretch of highway and a flash of a white car grabs the corner of
my eye. It's never her, of course. There was only that once. But, it
still makes me smile when I remember my encounter with Amanda.


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