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The author of this story (cactusjuggler) reserves all rights to this
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Erin and Crystal by CactusJuggler (c) 1999

It was really hot that night. The summer heat was nothing compared to
how warm it was in the clubs though. It was Saturday night and my best
friend Crystal and I were out club-hopping. I liked going to clubs with
Crystal, because it meant that no guys would even notice me. Not that I'm
a hideous beast, it's just that Crystal is so hot that I seem a little bit
plain standing next to her. We'd been best friends since about sixth
grade, and somewhere along the line I started to look at Crystal
differently. She had no idea, but since about the eighth grade I knew I
was into girls. And she especially had no idea that I had a huge crush on
her. If she had any idea how many times I'd fingered myself to orgasm
thinking about her. Anyway, I still couldn't bring myself to tell her that
I was into girls. Now that our college careers at separate schools were
coming to an end I had started to think about how I would tell her without
freaking her out. But I just couldn't do it. Anyway, it was nice to go
out and have a good time at the club with her, since she really did draw
all the attention.

"Erin, I think I'm drunk!" Crystal shouted to me over the noise in the
club, jolting me out of my thoughts.

"Me too!" I shouted back.

"Wanna go?"

"Yeah, I'm getting tired."

It was after two, and the club would start dying down soon anyway.
Crystal banished the guy she'd just had buy us both drinks, and we made our
way to the door. Stumbling out into the hot July night we found a cab and
Crystal gave him her address. Crystal lived in the city, I lived out in
the burbs. I had driven in to her apartment and we'd cabbed it over to the
party district. We'd done this several times already this summer, and it
worked out great. I could drink as much as I wanted and just sleep it off
on Crystal's couch.

I paid the cabbie and we climbed the stairs to her fourth floor
apartment. She was really wobbly, we both laughed pretty hard when she
stumbled on the stairs. She unlocked the door with some difficulty and
trudged off towards her bedroom. She didn't say another word to me, she
just disappeared into her room.

I wasn't in quite as rough a condition as Crystal, but I was tired too.
I stripped down to my panties and shirt and I was asleep almost as soon as
I stretched out on her couch.


I woke up thirsty, in a dark place. I sat up and waited for the cobwebs
to clear. I was in Crystal's apartment. I got up and walked quietly to
her little kitchen. The microwave said it was 4:40 a.m., and as I opened
the fridge I was suddenly blinded by the light that flooded the kitchen. I
opened a can of coke and drank a long swallow of it. I closed the fridge
and headed back to the couch. On my way I couldn't help but notice
Crystal's bedroom door hanging open, too inviting for my curious eyes to
resist. I crept quietly to her doorway.

She was laying spread-eagled on her bed, uncovered. Without a stitch of
clothing on! She was naked! I couldn't believe my luck. I stood there
stunned for what seemed like an eternity. Trying so hard to be quiet that
I wished I didn't have to breathe. My eyes drank in the unbelievable
picture. Crystal's big tits gently rising and falling with every slow
breath, her legs splayed out exposing her beautiful pussy. My hand drifted
down to my crotch on its own. All I could think about was burying my face
in her crotch. God how I'd love to find out how her pussy smelled and
tasted. And then I noticed her clothing jumbled at the foot of her bed.
She was just so hot I couldn't help myself. I slowly eased myself deeper
into her room, bent down and grabbed the tiny bit of cloth that was now
dominating my thoughts her underwear. Crystal's panties in my hand I
slipped back to the door watching her beautiful body the whole time. I
gazed longingly at her exposed crotch before leaving her room and heading
back into the living room.

I stood there in the living room, examining her panties. I brought the
soft, light bit of cotton slowly to my face and breathed in my first taste
of her aroma. She smelled *so* good, I was in heaven. Clutching her
underwear to my face I slipped off my own with my other hand. I started to
slowly finger myself as I sniffed and sucked at the crotch of her panties.

I was getting really hot, but something kinkier than what I was doing
kept jumping into my mind. Crystal was passed out pretty good. And laying
there with her legs spread like that I'd have such easy access to what I
wanted. I wouldn't touch it, I just wanted to smell it. That wouldn't
wake her up, would it? The idea grew and grew in my head until I couldn't
think about anything else. Her pussy was all I could think of. I *had* to
smell it. Why did she have to pass out naked while I was staying over? It
was too much--I couldn't help myself.

She didn't hear me creeping back into her room. I moved as quietly as a
mouse, crouching at the end of her bend and lowering my face ever so
carefully to the object of my desire. With excruciating slowness I moved
closer and closer until I was actually doing it. Taking care not to
actually touch her, I started sniffing her beautiful, hairy pussy. It
smelled so good that I wanted to just bury my face in it. I was lost in my
own little world. Entranced by the wonderful aroma of her sex, I fingered
myself faster and faster. It was like my own little twisted nirvana.

My reverie was shattered as I felt Crystal's finger grasping my hair!

"Go on. Make yourself cum while you sniff it." She actually ordered me!

My face grew hot with my shame at getting caught, but I didn't dare say
a word. To have my gorgeous straight friend hold my face in her pussy while she ordered me to cum was better than any fantasy I'd ever had.
Taking deep breaths of her divine aroma, I came like a firecracker in only
moments. For some reason I was still trying to be quiet, even though I'd
been caught, but as I came I cried out involuntarily. And then Crystal was
pulling me by head, up higher onto the bed.

"Roll over."

I did what she commanded, and lay on my back on her bed. She swung her
leg over my body and, moving over my head, mounted my face! She sat her
pussy on my face and I immediately went to work with my tongue. It was
like a dream come true for me as my tongue tasted her for the first time.
Crystal wasn't doing this for me though, her disregard for me at this point
was obvious. She was riding my face for *her* pleasure. Not that I

"You seemed to like sniffing it Erin, now suck it!" She ordered me

Crystal was grinding her sex in my face with wild abandon, and I loved
it. I started to finger myself again as she fucked my face. Her hands
pulled my face up hard against her as she mashed her clit against me again
and again, until finally she came. She settled, shaking, down onto my
face, and for a moment I couldn't breathe. And then she climbed off of me
and pushed me out of her bed.

"Go on, you got what you wanted. I'm tired." She told me, and then she
fell back asleep!

I stumbled out into the living room, hot and sweaty, some of my hair
matted and stuck to my forehead with her juices. The taste of her, the
smell of her, fresh all over me. I masturbated myself to orgasm again and
again, until I was too sore to go on. Collapsing on the couch I fell into
a deep sleep, drifting off as I wondered what this would all mean in the


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