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The Evolution of a Hypnodomme -- Part 1

Copyright 2001 by DreamSender

This is a multipart story; a work of fiction based on fact.

People are real; names are changed. This story contains acts of masturbation, sexual
fantasy, and Hypnotic Mind Control, and is not to be read by persons under the age of 18.

M-solo, F-solo, mc
The Present...

Mistress Dream was lost in Her own realm....

Running through a moonlit forest, She came to a crossroads. As She reached
the middle of the crossroads, a brick wall sprang out of the ground; She ran
into it and bounced backwards...right into a second brick wall that sprang
up behind Her. As She attempted to recover from contact with this new
obstacle, She felt the dreamy fingers of beginning trance caressing Her
mind...felt Her body becoming stiff and rigid. She stood there between
the two walls, one ahead, one behind...silent, statuesque, statue-like
...waiting for what would occur next...

The Beginning...

One day in February, Alexa Johnstone was cruising the message boards of a
popular web site. A certified hypnotherapist, she was now intrigued to find not
only hypnotherapy groups, but a section called Erotic Hypnosis as well.
Having read the erotic hypnosis stories on many sites, and seen sites
owned by those who referred to themselves as "hypnodommes", she was not
surprised to find this type of community online. She was suprised at its
size, however. There were almost one hundred groups devoted to the subject.
Alexa looked at homepages of a few of the groups, in order to get a feel for
the community. While she did this, she remembered that this particular
site had its own IM system, and activated her IM module. Immediately
several message windows appeared; she sighed, for she knew the
"New Kid on the Block" syndrome on messaging systems well...

All the IDs that popped up in messaging windows seemed to be asking one
question above all others...the question was, of course; "Are you a hypnotist?"
Of course Alexa answered in the affirmative: had she not been certified for
clinical hypnosis in 1984? But the questions that followed she was not
prepared could absolute strangers be asking someone they did not
know to put them under? And how could hypnosis work over an IM system in
the first place? She politely said that she had never done online hypnosis,
only real-time...and sat back to ponder.

The next window that appeared prompted Alexa's 'helper' function. The user
was asking, "How do I work this 'chat thing'?" If someone needed help with
an Internet Messaging System, this could be easily done. Alexa had been
'Net-Bound' for over 5 years, and knew most Internet program modules that
mated with online browsers quite well. So she typed to this new user:
"Just type what you want to say, and hit 'send'." She sighed again, as the
expected question came back; "so, are you a hypnotist?" "Yes, I am." she replied.

We will call this user Gene. Here is how that conversation went...

Gene: So, is it really possible to be made to sexually submit to someone under hypnosis?

Alexa: I would certainly think so, since there are Domme-sites devoted to
that purpose; also, I have seen evidence of MP3 recordings for the purpose.
Why do you ask?

Gene: Because I would REALLY like to know if hypno-submission could be a
reality for me. Would you like to try with me?

Alexa: I am a therapist, not a hypnodomme; I don't even know how to do
Domination...just hypnotherapy.

Gene: Precisely why I wish to explore this with you, ma'am. I feel
that as a therapist, you will have a more concise set of ethics.
Plus, the women on those sites want so much money...

Alexa: Well, since I would be as new at this as you are, I could not
think of charging you, even if I were to agree to it. Let me think
about this, and in the meantime, go and download ICQ.

Gene: What's ICQ?

Alexa: ICQ is another form of IM system. I like it better than this
one because it affords me more privacy. Seems like I cannot open
VM without having 8 or 9 people talking to me at once. As I've never
even attempted online hypnosis before, I want no distractions, for
you OR for me, should I decide in your favor. You may find ICQ
at'll start in that IM system tomorrow by getting
to know one another...cannot hypnotize someone I know absolutely
nothing about. Gotta go...'bye for now?

Gene: Bye, Ms. Alexa; wish we could do something today...

Alexa: As I told you, Gene...I won't attempt hypnosis with you until
I know more about you as a person...later...have a good one, you hear?

Now Alexa had committed herself to at least getting to know Gene; she
hoped that he was on the up and up...for, with hypnosis in an IM chat,
fakery was entirely possible. Having never done could she
even tell? She hoped her instincts would correctly guide her...

The next day, Alexa was in ICQ and online at the appointed time...
no Gene. Sighing because her nerves had gone high-strung for nothing,
or so it appeared, she went to VM to see if he might be there...he was.

Alexa: What happened?

Gene: couldn't get to the site...server error. I will try again later...sorry.

Alexa: Oh well, we can get to know each other anyway...and then you can go get ICQ.

Alexa: So, Gene how old are you? And have you ever been put under before?

Gene: Not by an actual hypnotist...I have tried some of the MP3 samples
that the Domme-sites have available as freebies, but you can only go so
far with those, as you know. I want to experience the 'real thing' so
to speak. I am in my mid-20s, and somewhat shy.

Alexa: And should I be successful in taking you under...what do you wish
me to do?

Gene: Become my Mistress and control me totally, as far as sex is concerned.

Alexa: Now just remember...I have never done anything remotely like this
before with hypnosis. Will you give us a further 24 hrs? You to obtain
ICQ, and me to do a little research?

Gene: I am eager to try this, but I would not have you walk into this
feeling totally unprepared, so I agree.

Alexa: Then meet me on ICQ at 1:00 PM tomorrow, and we will see...
bye for now?

Gene: Bye.

Now Alexa was in it up to her waist, at least, for she had just committed
to trying to do something she had only read about at the level of fiction.
Thinking the story archives would be a good place to start, she went
to the largest, and read several of her old favorites, then found some new
ones that she hoped would serve as further inspiration. Satisfied that
she had enough ideas for a framework at last, and dog tired, she went to
bed. As she lay there relaxing, she decided the best way to ease her
thoughts, which refused to slow down this night, was to hypnotize herself,
and do a little self-therapy. The effect of this was a very peaceful
night's sleep, with few, if any, dreams.

Next morning, Alexa awoke, feeing like a new woman, and realized
she still had not figured out just how she was going to accomplish her task.
So she at down at her computer, and opened the text editor.
She had never written a hypnosis script before, but her mind was
telling her one would be needed here. As she started typing, it was
as though someone else had started using her hands...she drifted,
and let the words flow...words she had never used before...
words meant to enslave a willing mind...and make the body
the mind used as vehicle totally hers to command.

As the time for her appointment with Gene appoached, Alexa became a bit
nervous...what if it didn't work? What if it DID? Visions from the
hypno-domination stories she had read filled her mind, made her wonder
if she were not truly tampering with the free will of another by doing
this, in spite of the current professional mind-set of "all hypnosis is
1:00 PM. Alexa went online, and opened ICQ. Gene was not there, but
logged on soon after.

Gene: (1:01 PM) Hi there! Did you figure out how?
Alexa: (1:03 PM) I've never done a text-based induction online before,
except for my web site, but I think I've found a correct key for this...
want to?
Gene: (1:03 PM) Very much so.
Alexa: (1:03 PM) Gene, pay close attention to my words.....
let them become the primary focus of your being....settle
back in your chair and begin to relax.
Alexa: (1:30 PM) As you continue to focus, you will notice how
good it feels to just allow My words to be your vehicle......sink
deeper into your chair and the world can begin to just fade away.....
your eyes remain open to my words, your mind remains open to
my commands, opening farther with each word....
Alexa: (1:31 PM) you will remain with me no matter what happens...
if ICQ should disconnect, you will disconnect, reboot, and get back to me...
Gene: (1:31 PM) yes
Alexa: (1:32 PM) You're probably trying to analyze.....STOP! The word
arrests you; immobilizing your thoughts......slowing you down...down....
Alexa: (1:32 PM) Don't think...just your thoughts slow down,
so does your body...relaxing...deeper and deeper...
Alexa: (1:33 PM) You are finding it hard to look away from the screen...
don't even try; you are LOCKED IN...we are now linked...
Alexa: (1:34 PM) My new linkage to you generates a word in your mind...
OBEY...OBEY...OBEY...crowding out your own thoughts...replacing them
with a sweet desire to SUBMIT...
Alexa: (1:35 PM) As you explore this new thought-pattern. your relaxation
deepens even begin to feel a delicious drowsiness creeping
over you...your skin begins to tingle...the more you think of OBEDIENCE...
the better you feel...the more you read, the more of your seeming free
will slips away...becoming so very sleepy and OBEDIENT now...still
locked to the screen...relax...OBEY...SUBMIT...
Alexa: (1:35 PM) Your skin...becoming so sensitive...this sensitivity
reinforcing your relaxation...the relaxation...reinforcing the drowsiness...
the drowsiness...reinforcing the sensitivity...just how aroused can
you become...I wonder.
The script Alaxa had written for Gene's 'capture' was not very interactive,
but allowed just enough response from the subject at key points to let the
hypnotist know how well she was doing...
Alexa: (1:36 PM) how do you feel right now? It's very easy for you to type an answer...
Gene: (1:37 PM) i feel drowsy...relaxed...
Alexa: (1:37 PM) very're doing well.

If only he were not seemed to be working. Almost
to the point where she would have to go live-typing exclusively,
Alexa geared up for the final sequence.

Alexa: (1:38 PM) GO ALL THE WAY for me now Gene...deep, deep
into hypnosis, deep into the silken web of control I'm weaving
around your balls ache? They are so sensitive now...
the sensitivity moves into your manhood...Arousing you...I
don't think you can remain soft under these cirCUMstances...
deeper and deeper every second...OBEY ME NOW!
Alexa: (1:39 PM) My pet, are you finding it hard not to erect?
Answer me by typing 'yes' Or 'no' cannot resist...your
hardness increasing every are will
go into full hypnosis now if you have not already...OBEY!!!
Gene: (1:39 PM) yes
Alexa: (1:42 PM) That erection...becoming more full and hard with
each passing second...your arousal increasing your desire to submit to me...
eroding your are a purely sexual exist, for the
moment, only to serve the will of Mistress Dream...I am Mistress
Dream in this mode; will you serve Me? Well and fully? I DEMAND IT!!
Gene: (1:42 PM) yes
Alexa: (1:43 PM) Good, Gene...feel your excitement increasing...until you
can no longer keep your hands want to masturbate now, don't you?
Gene: (1:44 PM) yes
Indeed! Gene's cock was harder than he had ever seen it...the head purple
and swollen...the only thoughts in his head "Obey Mistress Dream...purely
sexual creature...serve Her will...must submit..." There was no room
for anything else...he hoped desperately that She would let him relieve
the pressure building in his balls...
Alexa: (1:46 PM) You have my permission...when you ejaculate...
the words 'Dream is my Mistress, I exist to serve' will be burned
into your mind, making you mine until I release you...go for it
now, and tell me when you cum...
As Gene's hand went to do what he needed so badly...the words turned in his
mind from "Obey Mistress Dream...purely sexual creature..." etc, to "Dream
is my Mistress, I exist to serve"...he heard them in his own voice, and
realized he was chanting them like a mantra...each repetition making him
more and more aroused and horny...ending in a huge orgasmic explosion.
Gene: (1:49 PM) i have cum

Alexa: (1:52 PM) Good pet. From now on, when we are in this, and only this
messaging system, you will no longer see 'Alexa' next
to my will see Mistress Dream instead. The word
'Alexa', typed by me, and ONLY by me, will send you
back into this state, and give you an immediate erection.
You may not masturbate or cum until I give you permission.
Gene: (1:53 PM) yes Mistress
Alexa: (1:54 PM) Very good...I think we have had enough training for now...
new pets tend to tire easily...are you tired, Gene?
Gene: (1:54 PM) yes Mistress
Alexa: (1:58 PM) Then here are your final instructions for this session...
You will sign off, disconnect, unless you have other Web business to do,
turn off your computer, and immediately go to bed, where you will immediately
fall asleep, and dream of submitting even more deeply. You will also
remeber to email me at my Viva! listed e-mail to give me feedback.
Do you understand?
Gene: (1:58 PM) yes Mistress
Alexa: (1:59 PM) Go then....sleep only as long as you need to, and remember...
Gene: (1:59 PM) yes Mistress
Alexa: (2:00 PM) I will know your obedience when I see you disconnect...

Alexa watched ICQ give the User has Gone Offline message, and sighed with
relief. It appeared the script had actually worked, making Gene her
hypno-slave where sex was concerned. She disconnected from the 'net,
and went to have lunch.
Over the next few weeks, Mistress Dream became much more of a real
persona on the 'net. Having first tested, then strengthened, all the suggestions
She had used with Gene, the two explorers started along the chosen path together.
Some of the experiments included: how strong feelings of helplessness and submission
could be made, how deeply they could be implanted; how much love and adoration
could be instilled in a submissive's mind; how well hallucinatory bondage would work, etc.
Gene and Dream had both online and telephone sessions over the next few weeks.
An added bonus: Gene became interested in and began to learn hypnosis
himself, eventually ending Dream's jealousy at trancing with no way
to get a trance herself.

Here is part of what happened the day Alexa
found out about Gene's secret learning...and oh yes; for the reader's
information, a MIDIWork is a special kind of computer music video.
Alexa: (7:33 AM) Pleasure yourself until you're satisfied, then nap.
After you nap, I want you to find another MIDIWork to play with...
again, tell me the title...
Gene: (7:33 AM) yes Mistress...may i select from Yours?
Alexa: (7:34 AM) yes, but there are some broken links...
I wish I had someone here who could put me under....I'm trance-starved!
Gene: (7:35 AM) i could try Mistress...if You willed it
Alexa: (7:35 AM) Well, we shall see....would you like to try now, or later?
Gene: (7:36 AM) soon as i cum...
Alexa: (7:36 AM) Then when you cum, I need you to wake up,
as we don't need two of us in at the same time....
Gene: (7:37 AM) yes Mistress
Alexa: (7:38 AM) Let me know when you're ready; I'll finish my coffee...
Alexa: (7:40 AM) BRB...
As Alexa drank her nearly cold coffee...she wondered where Gene had found
the knowledge to feel confident enough...though hypnosis was an easy skill
to acquire, taking the mind of another in one's hands carried a lot of
responsibility with it...well she would let him try...out of curiousity,
if nothing else.
Alexa: (7:41 AM) I'm back
Gene: (7:43 AM) Me too...hold on, need a moment to recover.,..
Alexa: (7:43 AM) Did you come up too fast?
Gene: (7:44 AM) No. It was the combination of coming out of the
trance and the afterglow, kinda hits hard when they're both together.
Alexa: (7:45 AM) BTW, I end up with a screwy head right after a good cum too
Gene: (7:46 AM) Well, I'll do my level best to screw with your head. :)
Before we start, I'll ask you the same questions you asked me;
one, what are you looking for in the session? And two, do you want
me to plant a keyword that'll return you to the trance?
Alexa: (7:48 AM) First, I want to stop waking up every 10 minutes
at night, even though I'm getting time distortion that tells me
I've been asleep an hour, find a way to stop being bored over here,
(I brought some things to do which I've not even touched)
and yes, if you want you can plant a keyword.....
You see, at this point in time, Alexa was house-sitting for a couple
of friends who were off to Vegas to get married. In love with the
concept of romantic love itself, she had been glad to take care of
her friends' pets while they were gone. In fact, it gave her a
brief respite from her normally hectic life.

Gene, for his part, was excited, and a little nervous...would he
REALLY be able to take his Mistress under and control her as she
controlled him? The thought was arousing...
Gene: (7:49 AM) Alright. Do you have an alarm clock over there?
Alexa: (7:49 AM) Yes, but it's not set. Why?
Alexa: (7:50 AM) It's in the bedroom, I'm in the living room
Gene: (7:50 AM) Because I was going to try to suggest that when you
sleep, you won't wake until you hear the alarm, and if you have no
alarm, it'd be silly at best. :)
Alexa: (7:50 AM) I sense the dawn when it happens; will that help?
Gene: (7:50 AM) If you want to wake up with the sun, sure.
Alexa: (7:51 AM) Considering that's my final awakening anyway.....
Gene: (7:51 AM) Alright. Now...Alexa, have you taken any typing classes?
Alexa: (7:52 AM) Not since I was 13....
Gene: (7:52 AM) Do you know where the "home keys" are?
Alexa: (7:52 AM) FDSA,JKL:
Gene: (7:52 AM) Right. I want you to put your fingers on the home keys.
Alexa: (7:53 AM) GH, if you're using thumbs....
Alexa: (7:53 AM) got it...
Gene: (7:53 AM) When you type, it's very important to keep your fingers on
the home keys. They might move away, but they always return back to
the home keys.
Alexa: (7:54 AM) <K>
With her fingers on the "home keys" Alexa awaited further instructions...
Gene: (7:55 AM) When you're not typing, your hands stay at rest on the
home'll notice that your arms are naturally comfortable in that
position, and that your fingers are at rest there, and that it's a very
natural position to be in...
Alexa: (7:55 AM) yes
Gene: (7:56 AM) And that it's very easy to stay relaxed and comfortable
in that position, even when you do type. You can respond to my messages,
and your hands just type the words easily, and effortlessly, and return
to the home keys, so naturally and so relaxed...
Gene: (7:56 AM) Isn't it easy, Alexa?
Alexa: (7:56 AM) yes

Intrigued by the novel technique, one she had never seen before, Alexa had
already decided that if she started to fall to Gene's induction she would let
him take her all the way far as he was able.
Gene: (7:57 AM) And now you're probably beginning to notice that your
hands just stay there, relaxed and comfortable, like they're sinking into
the they just want to stay there, relaxed and comfortable,
as you focus your eyes on the screen...and the messages I type for you...and
your hands move without looking, without effort, and you type and move back
to the comfortable home keys...
Alexa: (7:58 AM) yes...
Gene: (7:59 AM) Good, Alexa. That's very, very good. And now, you're
probably noticing that your hands are so very comfortable at the home keys,
so relaxed, that a comfortable sleepy feeling is beginning at the tips of
your fingers, where they touch the keys, sleepy and comfortable, relaxed
and natural, and you're not at all surprised by this fact,
it feels very nice, doesn't it?
Alexa: (8:00 AM) nice, yes...
As she actually started to relax and respond to Gene's suggestions, Alexa
noticed a laziness in her fingertips...her fingers were beginning to feel
extremly relaxed..but typing was still effortless and comfortable...her
answers started to become somewhat automatic, as her concentration
became more focused.
Gene: (8:01 AM) That's very good, Alexa. And that feeling spreads up your
fingers now, making them sooo sleepy...
Gene: (8:01 AM) And up your hands, making them sooo sleepy...
Gene: (8:01 AM) And up your arms, making them sooo sleepy...
Gene: (8:02 AM) And all over your chest, making it feel sooo sleepy...
Gene: (8:02 AM) And now that feeling is flowing down your thighs, down
your legs, down to your feet, and you feel it pulling you down, pulling you
down into a deeper relaxation...
It looked to Gene as though his induction was working...Alexa's "yesses"
were getting slower and slower...he could imagine her slowing down more
the more words came over her ICQ from him...
Gene: (8:04 AM) And you just keep looking at the screen as the sleepy
feeling floats up into your head now, and your whole body feels so sleepy,
so comfortable, so relaxed, and you can type without interrupting that
relaxation, can't you?
Alexa: (8:04 AM) yes...
By this time, Alexa was beginning to feel quite drowsy...her body was as
relaxed as it could be and still remain upright...her thought processes
coming rapidly to a standstill...
Gene: (8:05 AM) Good, Alexa. And now you're finding that you don't want
to look away from the screen, and that you couldn't, even if you did want to...
but you don't want to look away, you just want to keep watching, keep
relaxing, keep that sleepy, sleepy feeling. It's increasing now, Alexa...
getting deeper and deeper, sleepier and sleepier...
Alexa: (8:07 AM) so sleepy, Gene....can't move....
Gene: (8:07 AM) Your eyelids are feeling heavy, now...they're starting to
flutter, to flicker, but you know that it's important to keep them open, to
keep watching the screen, and My words, so you let your whole body go. It's
not important. You're working so hard to keep looking at the screen that the
rest of your body just fades away now...the sounds of the room fade away
now...there's just the screen...and my words...
At this point, Alexa's ears were ringing as if she had been given a general
anaesthetic...she could no longer feel her body...she was a disembodied
head in her own mind...she was losing the battle to keep her eyes open,
but knew if she gave in and closed them, she would lose contact with Gene.
His next words were an actual relief...
Gene: (8:11 AM) And now it's so hard to keep your eyes open, you just want
to close them for a little bit. You want to close them and go deeper still,
because you know that when you open them, I will still be here, and you will
still see the screen and My words. Just close your eyes, and count silently
from 50 down to 0. Don't worry if you lose count...just pick up where you
left off. Each number will bring you deeper and deeper...when you reach zero,
you can open your eyes again, but you won't need to lose that state of
complete'll stay deeply relaxed, and you'll type,
"I am deep for You." Go ahead, close your eyes, count, and when you open
them again, type that for Me.
With a sigh of deep relief, Alexa allowed her eyes to close, and counted
down from 50 as Gene had instructed...she realized she was going deeper
into trance than she thought she would...this was her last thought for
a while...
Alexa: (8:14 AM) I am deep for You.
Gene: (8:14 AM) Good, Alexa...that's very, very good. You're doing so well.
Now, I want you to type that again. Every time you type it, you go deeper
for Me. You want more and more to follow My suggestions, like they were
your own thoughts...
Alexa: (8:15 AM) I am deep for You.
Alexa: (8:16 AM) I am deep for You.
Gene: (8:16 AM) Very good! Now, whenever you are alone in front of your
computer, Alexa, and I type the words, "you are deep for Me" on ICQ or
Viva! Messenger, you will find yourself returning to this warm, comfortable,
relaxed state. Do you understand Me?
Alexa: (8:17 AM) yes....
Gene: (8:18 AM), you'll find it very easy to stay in this
relaxed, calm state as you answer My questions, Alexa. How do you feel
right now?
Alexa: (8:19 AM) Hard to move, except to type....very relaxed,
sleepy, comfortable...
Alexa's answers pleased and excited Gene...but there was still
a bit of doubt in his mind...if he could do with Alexa what Alexa
typically did with him sexually...hmmmmm...
Gene: (8:20 AM) That's very good, Alexa. You're doing wonderfully.
Now, as you sit, you feel a sleepy, dreamy warmth begin to flow into
your you're in a nice, warm bath, and the water is so warm,
touching every part of your body, making it feel so good, so nice...
feels good, doesn't it?
Alexa: (8:21 AM) ummmm, yes
Gene: (8:22 AM) Yes, feels good...and now you feel the water
swirling and swirling, caressing your body with currents of warm,
comfortable water, touching every part of your body and making you
feel even better...
Alexa: (8:24 AM) ohhhh
The 'ohhhh' came as Alexa's body reached the point where her feelings
of sexual arousal reached the longer thinking, she was now
blindly following Gene's suggestions.
Gene: (8:24 AM) And now you're feeling so good, Alexa, so warm and aroused
and comfortable, and your body is being caressed by the warm water, the
invisible hands stroking every part of your body, that your hands will
just naturally drift to wherever you need to be touched the most...
you won't think about it, you won't need to think about it, you'll just
keep looking at the screen and feeling that sleepy heat all over your body,
growing stronger...and strong now...
Alexa's mind and body could no longer stand the heat...with a loud moan,
(which she later wished Gene could have heard) her right hand reached
for her love-mound, found her clit, and started rubbing furiously.
Gene: (8:26 AM) And now, as the arousal is so strong, so intense, that
there's nothing else in your mind, you wait for My permission to cum...the
heat building and building, stronger and stronger, the water washing into
your mind, eroding your defenses, eroding your resistance, the pleasure
washing through you...
Alexa: (8:27 AM) typing excited...
Gene: (8:28 AM) That's right, very excited, that when I give
you permission to cum, the orgasm will be so strong, so intense, so long...
you will feel it through your whole body, powerful and wonderful...

Cum for Me now, Alexa.
Alexa: (8:28 AM) eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Now, it was Gene's turn to wonder how much was real...having never seen
the results of an online-induced hypno-orgasm from the operator's side,
he figured his Mistress's apparent loss of control was a GOOD thing.
Gene: (8:29 AM) That's good, Alexa, that's very very good. And now, let
the orgasm pass by, and let yourself just return to that relaxed, sleepy
state that you know so well, and continue to watch My words...and when you
are once more calm and relaxed, type "I am deep for You" again, and know
that it deepens you further, like it always does...
Alexa: (8:30 AM) I am deep for You.
Alexa: (8:31 AM) I am deep for You.
Gene: (8:32 AM) Very good,, I want you to reach out with your
mind, and feel the house you are in. I want you to let your mind drift out
into the house, and as you do, the house becomes comfortable, just like
you're comfortable, and you become comfortable in the house, just like
you're comfortable right now...
Alexa: (8:33 AM) yes...lots of neat-freak vibes...I become them....
Gene: (8:34 AM) And when you go to sleep tonight, you'll sleep deeply,
and naturally, and when you feel yourself start to wake, just remember how
comfortable you are in this house, and how comfortable you were today, and
let yourself drift back down into the comfort of your bed...and you will not
wake up until the sun comes up, and it is time to begin doing things again...
Alexa: (8:35 AM) yes.....
Gene: (8:36 AM) And when you are looking for things to do, you will look
at the things you brought with will do them, and feel relaxed and
determined, knowing that this house is a comfortable place to do those
things in...
Alexa: (8:36 AM) yes...
Gene: (8:38 AM) Good, Alexa. Now, let's start to come back up from this
peaceful, relaxed place now, and come back to waking consciousness...
just start feeling your toes and feet wake up...then your legs...and let the
wakefulness spread up through your body, like the rising sun, waking up
your arms...and your hands...and your chest...and finally waking your
whole body, and coming awake, refreshed, relaxed, and ready to talk
to me about your experiences.
Alexa: (8:39 AM) Oooooh, I definitely have to do laundry now...:-)
Gene: (8:40 AM) *grin* So that really worked, then? I mean, I really hypnotized you?
Alexa: (8:40 AM) I now see the trouble you had with the first session;
I really had a hard time keeping my eyes open
Alexa: (8:40 AM) yes it worked, and I am quite a mess...
Gene: (8:41 AM) Wow. I mean, I thought it was working as it happened,
but the idea, it's
Alexa: (8:41 AM) I'm a trance-junkie....the perfect lab-rat!
Here follows some incidental chat between the explorers which is not of
importance...Gene went away elated at his accomplishment, Alexa left
relaxed, satiated, and proud of her hypno-sub.
End of Part 1


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