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Experimenting with Roommates


"Experimenting with Roommates"

My roommate, Stacie, and I were sitting in our living room one night.
We were talking and watching T.V. We were mainly on the subject of sex and
past partners, exchanging stories of ex-boyfriends and stuff like that.

Stacie knew I was bi-sexual and asked if I had ever actually had sex
with another woman. I told her no, but it had been a fantasy of mine. We
both got quiet, and concentrated on the T.V. for awhile.

I was trying to focus on the television, but my mind kept wandering to
Stacie's question and it was making me horny. I'd always wanted to
experience sex with another woman, but had never had the opportunity; it
didn't hurt any that Stacie was a sexy girl.

As I lost myself in thought, I started to feel Stacie's eyes on me.

ME: What? Why are you staring at me?
STACIE: Hey Jackie,If you had the oppurtunity to have sex with a woman,
would you take it?
ME: Most likely.
STACIE: What if that woman was a close friend?
ME: Depends on who the friend is.
STACIE: How about me?

I just stopped and stared at her in absolute disbelief. At first, I
thought she was kidding, but she looked dead serious.

ME: Are you serious? I thought you were straight.
STACIE: Me too, but for the past two weeks, you're all I think
about. So I thought, why not? We could try it. You only live
once right? That is if you want to.
ME: You're sure about this?
She smiled and nodded her head.

She didn't have to tell me twice. I was super horny by now, and Stacie
was one of the sexiest women I'd ever seen.

I was a little nervous, but leaned over to kiss her. It felt a little
awkward at first, but then we both just lost ourselves in the kiss.

We had our arms around each other, and I was laying on top of her. I
could feel her hands running up and down my back.

I started unbuttoning her shirt, and pulled it off of her. When I got
hers off, she pulled my tshirt off.

I moved my mouth down to her neck and kissed her all around her neck and
chin. As I kept kissing her neck, I could feel her taking off my bra.

I moved my hands down to her breasts and realized she wasn't wearing a
bra. I moved my mouth down to her breasts, and started kssing one and
caressing the other. I kept listening for her moans to see what she like
more. She started moaning the loudest when I sucked on her nipples. I
started sucking on her nipples a little harder and swirling my tongue
around them. I even squeezed her breasts together so I could suck on both
nipples at the same time. She moaned real loud when I did that.

As I played with her breasts, she ran her fingers through my hair, and
occasionally kissed my forehead.

I started kissing my way down her body again. I was trying to kiss
every inch of her beautiful body. As I kissed around her navel, I started
pulling at her shorts and panties. Once I had them off, I moved my hand
between her legs. She was so hot and wet down there. I gently massaged
her clit.

Then I moved my mouth down between her legs. I started licking her clit
slowly. She started pulling my hair a little and moaning loudly. When I
heard her moan, I started licking faster. Her legs and stomach started to
shake. Then I felt her pull my hair hard and moan louder and louder. Then
I felt her warm cum dripping out of her. I kept licking a little slower
until her orgasm was over.

Then I worked my way back up to her face. I picked up my tshirt and
wiped my mouth quickly before I started kissing her again.

Then she rolled me over and we fell onto the floor. She positioned
herself on top of me. She instantly moved herself down to my breasts. Her
mouth felt so good exploring my breasts. I felt her tongue and mouth all
over them. I moaned.

She didn't spend too much time there before moving down again. She
kissed me all over my body and started taking of my sweatpants and panties.

Then she started kissing around my pussy, but never right on it. It was
driving me crazy. I wanted to feel her tongue on my clit exploring every
inch of it. I wanted her to suck and chew it. I started to whine.

Then she smiled up at me and started licking my clit. I started
whispering her name. She stopped and told me to say her name louder. I
did, and she started licking faster. It felt really good. I could feel
myself cumming already. I pulled her hair hard and screamed.

When my orgasm was over, I laid her down and spread her pussy lips so
her clit was completely exposed and then did the same to mine. Then I
straddled her so that our clits were touching.

Then I slowly started to move my body back and forth on her clit. I had
no idea how good this was going to feel. I started to hear her moan
quietly, so i moved a little faster. I wanted to hear her moan loud. She
reached up and squeezed my breasts. She massaged them as I moved on top of

I could feel myself starting to cum. I moved faster. Stacie was
screaming my name. I loved the sound of it. Then Stacie's grip on my
breasts got harder. Her nails were digging into me. Then she screamed
really loud. I knew she was cumming. Then I felt my own orgasm start. I
slowed down my pace and moaned loudly.

When we were both done, we got back on the couch and cuddled up to watch
a movie. We stayed naked. It was my first time with another woman, but it
sure wouldn't be my last.

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