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DISCLAIMER: By reading this story you hereby release the author (ShadowKing)
from all liabilities related to this story. This story contains
adult content and should not be read by anyone under the legal
limit for pornography in your country. This story is fictional
and in no way based on any real person(s), any resemblance is
purely coincidental. This is a fantasy creation of the author
and is not meant to exploit or make profits from the characters
and/or name of the following story.
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Experimenting Again - (Friends > mf / incest)
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Rachel opened her eyes and yawned. Looking over at Ross, she
gently kissed him on the cheek. He stirred and opened his eyes looking up
at her.

"Morning," Ross muttered softly.

"Good morning," Rachel returned.

Rising from bed Rachel put on her robe and slippers. Walking
across the living room she entered the kitchen and heard the shower on.
'Monica must be in there,' she thought. Quickly grabbing her towel and
shampoo from the bathroom, Rachel hurried across the hall to shower at
Chandler and Joey's apartment.

Ross stumbled out of bed a few minutes after Rachel and dawned
his own robe. Leaving the bedroom and walking to the kitchen, Ross also
heard the shower, only he assumed it was Rachel. He poured himself a
cup of coffee and sat down at the table. He thought of last night with
Rachel, suddenly getting an idea.

Ross locked the door and peered into Monica's bedroom to make
sure she wasn't in there. He quietly entered the bathroom and dropped his
robe to the floor. Creeping closer and closer to the shower curtain he felt
his dick stand at attention, eager to view the beauty behind it. Ross
grabbed the curtain and with one big pull, slid it aside revealing an
attractive naked woman, only it was Monica and not Rachel.

Monica turned and starred a moment at her brother, "Ross?!"

"Monica?!" Ross returned, "I'm sorry, I thought you were Rachel."

"Do I look like Rachel?!" Monica asked sarcastically.

Ross glanced at her naked, wet body; her firm, round tits, smoothly
shaven pussy. He returned his gaze to her eyes, "no, you don't."

Monica did her own once over of Ross. She couldn't believe how
much he'd 'grown' in certain parts. "You seem 'bigger' than at Aunt Ruth's

They both thought back to the two weeks they spent there. Ross
was 17 and Monica was 15. They had first 'experimented' with their bodies
on that trip after their parents had gone off for a whole day. They could
recall it quite intimately. It was the final day they were there, and the last
summer before
Monica started gaining weight...


Monica walked down the small hallway of Aunt Ruth's cabin,
headed towards the bedroom to change into her swimsuit. She reached the
door and opened it quickly, unaware of what was on the other side.
Entering the room she saw Ross jump up, pants around his ankles and dick
in hand. It seemed like forever as they stood in silence, really only a few
minutes passing by.

"What are you doing?" Monica inquired, truly quite curious.

Ross quickly pulled his pants back up finally realizing they were
around his ankles, "nothing."

"Were you masturbating?"

Ross flushed and looked around the room trying to avoid Monica's
eyes, "yes."

It was the first time Monica had seen a real cock and was quite
intrigued. Ever since her best friend Rachel had first shown her a picture,
Monica had always wanted to feel a man's dick. She had masturbated
numerous times at the thought of a man fucking her.

"Will you promise not to tell mom or dad?" Ross begged.

"On one condition," Monica smiled wickedly.


Monica could already feel her pussy getting wet, "can I touch your

Ross stood frozen for a moment; a look of lust and confusion both
on his face. Slowly he unbuckled his pants and dropped them to the
ground, followed shortly by his cum stained underwear. Ross felt his cock
start to grow and then slightly bounce up and down as it became fully

Monica slowly advanced towards Ross, pausing in front of him.
She lowered her hand and let it gently wrap around the shaft of his dick.
She saw him tense and a small drop of precum emerged from his cock
onto her hand. Letter her curiosity get the better of her, Monica bent down
onto her knees until her face was level with Ross' cock.

Ross watched his sister as she closely examined his dick. She
moved it around and studied it from every angle. Then, without warning,
she took his cock into her mouth. Ross didn't know whether to cry out
from surprise or pleasure. Her warm mouth was more pleasure than he had
ever experienced.

Monica slid Ross' cock down her throat while her tongue slid along
its shaft. She loved the slightly salty taste of it as she bobbed her head
around like she had seen in porno movies. Ross emitted loud moans which
spurred her on even more. Gently cupping his balls and running her tongue
around his head, Monica felt Ross tense up.

Ross felt the familiar sensation as Monica brought him closer to an
orgasm. As she took him deep one final time, he exploded. Ross shot four
warm streams down Monica's throat which she eagerly drank down. Ross
felt his cock leave his sister's mouth and start to go limp as he fell
backwards onto the bed, his head spinning from the pleasure.

Monica licked her lips, catching a few extra drops of the salty
liquid from Ross; but now her pussy was really wet and she needed some
relief. Taking her shirt off, Monica let her nimble young breasts bounce
free. Dropping her shirt to the ground, her shorts soon followed leaving
her only in her soaking wet panties. Sliding them down, Monica kicked
her panties into the corner and got up on the bed beside Ross. She turned
to face him and spread her legs as wide as she could.

Ross recovered from his orgasm and turned to see Monica,
completely naked, and facing him on the bed. Her legs revealed her soft,
young pussy which was covered in only a few hairs. The juices leaking out
and down her thighs and crotch made her glisten in the late sun. Ross,
aware of the situation at hand, climbed up between her legs and pushed
his tongue into Monica's cunt.

Monica felt Ross' tongue hit her clitoris and she shuddered,
producing a small moan. She felt his tongue run up and down the outside
of her pussy before attacking the inside. His tongue lashed around, hitting
sensitive spots and causing more moans and more pussy juice. Realizing
her hands weren't doing anything, Monica began rubbing her tits, gently
squeezing the nipples.

Ross again hit his sister's clitoris and she moaned extra loud this
time. Before he knew it, a wave of pussy juice gushed out of her soft cunt.
Drinking as much as he could, Ross realized Monica had orgasmed. After
cleaning her cunt thoroughly he lay and could hear Monica panting at the
opposite end of the bed.

Raising herself onto her elbows, Monica said openly, "will you
fuck me?"

Ross had done some weird things today, but he wasn't prepared to
do that, "no!"

"Not up my cunt," Monica began, "up my ass."

Ross lay silent for a moment, considering the offer. He had sex
before with a girl, but never had he even thought about putting his dick up
a girl's ass.

"To sweeten the deal," Monica interrupted his thinking,
"afterwards I'll give you another blow job."

This changed everything for Ross. Today had been his first blow
job and he had loved every moment of it. Reluctantly, Ross gave Monica a
nod which brought a smile to her face.

Monica flipped herself over and slid her knees off the bed. With
her upper body still on the bed and her knees on the floor, her ass was
pointed straight out, easily accessible. She watched Ross get off the bed
and kneel down behind her. A few moments later she felt the head of his
cock touching her asshole. With one mighty thrust, Ross rammed his dick
inside of her. Monica erupted with cries of pleasure and a few of pain.

Ross lunged forward again and once more his cock entered
Monica's tight ass. The feeling alone was enough to make him cum, but
the thought of more of this helped him maintain control. Pulling back a
third time, he again pushed into her, hearing her moan in delight. With
each thrust his cock slid in and out of her much easier, increasing the
speed at which he jerked his pelvis forward.

Monica couldn't believe how big Ross' cock felt in her ass. It
stretched her ass to the limit and delivered wave after wave of pleasure as
his dick continued its assault on her. Learning quickly, Monica brought
her hips out to meet Ross as he pushed forward, adding to the pleasure.
Then, Ross suddenly grabbed her hips and pushed himself all the way in.
Seconds later she felt his cock pulse as more of his warm cum spewed into

...just as they had finished they heard their parents arriving and had
to quickly clean up and get dressed.

"I never did give you that blow job," Monica said, her gaze shifting
from Ross' cock to his eyes.

Before Ross could respond, Monica was on her knees and had
taken hold of his cock. Once again he felt his dick enter her warm mouth,
only now she had years of experience to add to his pleasure. Her tongue
lashed out and struck all his sensitive spots as she took his cock in and out
of her mouth.

Monica had trouble getting Ross' cock in her mouth at first
because of the size, but had quickly adapted. She rolled her tongue around
the soft skin covering his dick as she heard him moaning in pleasure.
Pinching and squeezing his balls like she had so many years before,
Monica lightly drooled onto the head of his dick, Ross straining against
the pleasure. She felt his hands on her wet hair, pushing her down on his
cock; then he came and emptied his load down her throat. Six long, warm
shots of cum went firing into her mouth, too much for her to swallow as
some dribbled out and onto her tits.

It was everything Ross had remembered it to be, and more. As
Monica stood up and looked into his eyes again, Ross knew what she
wanted. He watched her open a drawer and pull out a condom, handing it
to him. Wasting no time, he ripped it open and sheathed his cock with the
thin rubber. Monica entered the shower again and he followed after her.
Leaning her against the tiled wall, Ross bent at the knees and pushed his
cock up into Monica's tight pussy.

Monica felt the dick enter her needy pussy, filling a void long
since running on empty. Just as suddenly as it came, it was gone; only to
be pushed back up into her once again. She felt her pussy loosening,
allowing the cock more smooth access. As if the pleasure from her crotch
wasn't enough, she felt a warm and tender mouth nibbling on her tits.

Ross was familiar with the female body and knew it would take
more than a fucking up the pussy to get a woman to orgasm. As he
continued thrusting up and down, he let one of his hands drop and begin to
rub Monica's clitoris. He tried to time it so that she would come just as he

With the dick in her cunt, the finger rubbing her clitoris, and the
lips moving across her breasts Monica came. Her body tensed and
shuddered as her pussy contracted around Ross' dick and began a milking
motion. She felt his cock pulsate inside her at the same time that Ross let
out a loud groan. The pleasure subsided, Monica felt her brother's cock
leave her pussy and saw the condom white with cum.

The moment was interrupted by a loud knock at the door. Monica
and Ross both looked at each other for a moment, running possible ideas
through their head.

"I'll get it, you shower," Monica quickly said, snatching up her robe
and darting out of the shower.

Rachel waited on the other side after returning from her own
shower. Monica opened the door and let her in, closing the door behind

"Why'd you lock the door?" Rachel asked, dropping her towel and

"I was getting dressed, didn't want the guys walking in on me,"
Monica lied.

"Oh," Rachel said. Without a doubt in her mind she walked into
her own room to get changed.


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