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Exploring The Emptiness pt2


Exploring the Emptiness pt2

When I awoke, I had no senses about me. I was in utter confusion. My
eyes opened at the ceiling, the light on the bedside table casting upon it,
and tried to understand what was felt different. I wasn't panicked, I felt
unusually calm, peaceful, but still something was off. Taking inventory of
my body, I felt my legs, and chest, and my, oh! I still had my finger
plunged into my pussy! I had passed out so fast, it hadn't come out. I
began to withdraw it, and shivered and the tingles that shot to my brain
from within. Finally it was out and I lay my hand upon my stomach, the
other cast off to the side where it had flown when I orgasmed. So that's
what it was all about. Finally I understood what the talk and the worry
and planning and games were about. I lay there, taking thankfully deep
breaths as I felt my heart pound within my chest. A new feeling was
starting to make its presence known as well. My pussy was actually
throbbing. I could feel my heartbeat, or what felt like my heartbeat
pounding inside, like a drum pounding a slow rhythmic beat. I also felt
wet. My whole crotch, from the top of my pussy to my asshole was damp,
cooling exposed to the air. I felt like I had put on a pair of damp swim
panties on. I rolled over, and sat up, my feet on the floor, then stood. I
felt weak. My legs seemed barely able to carry me. I turned, and caught
sight of the bed. Below where I had been lying, a small damp spot lay. I
knew it was me, my "juice" leaking out. Naked I headed for the kitchen and
water. The fire had died down a bit, so after getting a glass, I threw a
few logs on it. I was no longer quite so out of it, and not really tired,
just contented. As I was about to sit on the couch, I remembered how wet I
felt, and reached a hand between my legs. I was still soaked. Fuck it,
and I sat down, not caring if my pussy left a spot the couch. I sat there,
in front of the fire, hunched over with my elbows on my knees and tried to
make sense of what I was feeling. My hair was clinging to me; my skin
having a sheen from the sweat it had produced a few minutes ago. I had
just had my most intense orgasm of my life, so intense that it made me
question I had actually ever had one before, and I was still coming to
terms with it. My body felt different, my mind felt different. I sat
there in front of the fire relaxing, just seeing what happened. What
happened was I got a little chill. I hadn't realized how wet I was,
period, not just between my legs. I scooted off the couched and lay down
before the fire. I pulled my knees to my chest and wrapped my arms around
them, hugging myself. I felt a little strange, but I couldn't put a finger
on it, just weird. I sat there inches from the fire and still was amazed
at how super sensitive I was. I could feel the rug between my cheeks,
tickling my asshole. The fire was hottest my pussy. The longer I sat, the
warmer it got. You would think that sitting with my soaking crotch 2 feet
away from a fire would dry it up, but it didn't, I could still feel how wet
I was, it didn't stop. In fact it began to feel good. The best I can
describe it, imagine putting your hair dryer on low and letting it blow
directly on you. I released my legs and leaned back on my arms, still
letting the fire warm my pussy. I thought about what was nagging me, and
kept coming back to the same sense of longing. What I was longing for is
what I couldn't figure out. I lay there, staring at the fire, letting its
warmth dry me, everywhere but my crotch, which just felt good, and tried to
reason through it. I didn't get anywhere, except frustrated. Feeling
warm, I got up and got my purse. I pulled out a pack of smokes and lit one
up. I don't smoke often, but sometimes I just need it. I still couldn't
shake the feeling I had. Just longing. I went to the kitchen, growing
accustomed to the dampness between my legs now and poured myself a glass of
white wine with 2 ice cubes in. Back before the fire I smoked and sipped
my wine.

I had pretty much blanked my mind when it hit me, what I was longing
for. More. I wanted more. This was a revelation. Just shows you how out
of touch with my body I am/was. I had had what all the fuss about, and I
wanted more. Grinning, I slid back across the rug, letting it tickle my
butt, and leaned against the couch. I threw the cigarette in the fire and
let my hand find its way to my bare pussy. In front of the fire, I slid 2
fingers down, one on each side of my clit, and spread them, opening my
entire sex. I let the heat warm my inner outer parts, until my fingers
slipped from the moisture. Getting hot again, I felt it rising from
between my legs and flushing my body. More accustomed to myself now, I
pushed a finger inside, aware of the intense heat my own body was giving
off inside. Daring, I added another finger, and began moving them in and
out, like a cock. I giggled at the squishy noises this action provided.
As silly as I felt, I couldn't deny the pleasure I was getting from it. 2
fingers gave a nice feeling, fuller than just one had, but I also was
staying away from that little spot I knew was so close. I needed to
explore. Leaning my head back, I let y fingers move in and out of my wet
little hole, until I felt a little trickle run down my ass again. God, I
am a slut now aren't I. Two fingers felt better than 1, so I figured I'd
try 3. Gently I pulled the 2 in me out, and ran the 3rd between the folds
to get it wet like the other 2, then began pushing them all in. I felt
myself opening as they slid in, and felt my walls squeeze back at them,
trying to deny them entrance. I tried to relax, and they all slid in
easily. It was hard to try and move them in and out, so I just lay there,
imbedded in me. Don't ask my why, but I pulled them out and looked at

I could see the wetness coating my skin, like John's cock when he pulled
out of me. Without realizing what I was doing, I put one in my mouth and
sucked. I was tasting my own wetness! And I can't say it was bad. Salty,
unlike anything I had tasted before. I removed the first finger from my
mouth and started on the second, then the third. By the third, I was
getting pretty worked up again, I felt dirty and liberated at the same
time. Feeling some sense of urgency, but wanting to prolong my exploration,
I decided I needed to cool down a bit. I reached over and pulled an ice
cube out of my glass of wine. It was slippery as it was melting, but I
rubbed it over my nipples and relished the tightening it provided as the
came to full attention, almost painfully. Tracing a glistening line down,
between my breasts over my navel and finally to the top of my pussy, I
shivered as the frozen liquid caressed my skin. Now sitting atop the split between my legs, I gingerly moved it down, brushing aside what little hood
was still covering my clit, pausing as the cold made it throb harder. I
couldn't take too much, it was cold, so I continued farther down, between
the inner lips of my pussy, over my hole, across the skin separating it
from my ass and finally pausing, as I had on my clit, against, my asshole.
That was cold, so I moved it back up into my pussy, gliding it between the
lips until finally resting at the entrance to my hole. I pushed, feeling
myself open as the irregularly shaped ice pressed inward. Honestly I was
concentrating too much to notice if it was cold, until pop, it slipped out
of my hand up inside. I simply sat for a minute, not really sure what to
do. I have friends who have lost things in there before, but I have no
personal experience with it. I tried pushing; I could feel it in there.
But it didn't want to cooperate. It wasn't cold, in fact I couldn't feel
the cold, I could only feel its edges, like a little pebble in your shoe,
except that it was in my pussy. Oh well, I figured it would eventually
melt and run out anyway, so I decided to leave it. Hot as I was down
there, It wouldn't last long, and with all the moisture I was producing on
my own, I doubted I would even notice it running out. This little side
trip had its desired effect; I had cooled down some. I still felt antsy,
but not in any rush, free to explore again. The problem was, I didn't know
what to do. I had three fingers in there, and that didn't feel bad, should
I try more? I started thinking about things I had heard of other people
doing, hot dogs-ewe, vibrators-don't have one, vegetables? OK. So I got
up, and immediately felt the ice cube, or what I should say was the ice
cube come pouring out from between my legs, enough that it made a little
splatter as it hit the floor. I had to giggle. boy if I'm going to be a
regular at this, I gotta remember to be better prepared. In the fridge, I
found a few things to try. A carrot, the ubiquitous cucumber, half gone,
and a lime. Didn't think the lime would work too well, but I brought it
anyway. Back in front of the fire, I laid out my "toys" and lay down to
see what happened. My cooling off was wearing off, I felt empty again, so
I grabbed the carrot. The thin end looked pretty pointy, so I decided to
go with the thicker end first. Rubbing the orange vegetable between my
lips, it slid easier and easier as it picked up my juice. What a strange
sensation, I could feel the ripples of its length, the slightly rough
texture, especially as it passed over my clit, which seemed to have
developed its own sense of feel. I had always known it was sensitive, and
produced pleasurable feelings in me, but now that I was paying attention to
it, I marveled at the amount of sensitivity it had. Deciding it was now or
never, I tilted it down, so that it pointed directly at me, and pushed. I
felt myself opening, accepting this strange intruder. I could feel the
ripples of the carrot as it pushed past the very opening to my hole, my
walls bulging and contracting as it hugged its shape. Still I pushed and
more sank into me, hitting and deflecting off my insides as it traveled
deeper in. Finally I felt it meet resistance, and a strange pressure
inside. Pushing very gently I bumped the carrot against my cervix, until
it seemed to slip, and traveled another inch inside! I panicked, thinking
I had done something terrible, but remembered from biology that the vagina doesn't end right at the cervix, it goes a little higher. Calmed, I
relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of something so deep inside me. It felt as
though it was in the middle of my chest, I had never had anything so deep
before. After a moment or two of just soaking in the sensations, I began
moving it in and out, a little at a time. I felt good, just motion inside
my body, but I grew tired of it. It didn't feel bad, just didn't do a
whole lot for me. I pulled the carrot out, feeling my opening pulse as
each ridge went past, and laid the carrot on the floor. I was turned on,
but not feeling like I needed to orgasm again right away. I was enjoying
just feeling my body in a state of arousal, damp, tingling and flushed. I
decided that right now, at this minute, orgasm was secondary. I wanted to
know what felt pleasurable, research if you will. What exactly was this
wet little cleft in between my legs? What kind of sensations was it
capable of giving me? To find out, I decided I just needed to explore.
Reaching down, I inserted a finger into myself again, paying attention to
what I felt, both with my finger and my pussy. The carrot had stretched me
more than my finger, but my finger felt more natural, warmer. Wiggling it
around, the moisture inside me seemed to flow around my finger, a wonderful
feeling. I pressed up, rubbing the little rough spot, feeling warmth again
spread throughout my body. I stopped pressing it though, I knew what that
did (or so I thought:), and wanted to know what else went on down there.
Not thinking of anything else to do with my finger, I decided to try using
my pussy. It took a few tries, but finally I felt my walls twitch a
little. I concentrated harder, remembering the contractions I had felt
during my orgasm, trying to replicate them now manually. After a minute, I
seemed to have located the muscles, and was gently squeezing my finger
inside. I felt a little like Columbus must have discovering America. What
a new and wonderful sensation! I had always taken for granted flexing my
muscles; walking, picking something up, but had never thought about the
muscles inside my body. I felt my walls contracting, gripping my finger,
and marveled at how amazing the sensation was. Not only did my finger feel
the squeeze; my entire lower body felt it, my clit especially tingling as I
squeezed. Wanting to know how hard I could squeeze, how strong this new
found muscle was, I added another finger, feeling myself open as more enter
me. With my index and middle finger buried in my hole as deep as I could
push them, I began contracting again. I could feel my two fingers being
pressed together, and while the extra mass inside felt good, it wasn't all
that different from one finger. Gently, I separated my fingers, a fraction
of an inch, and squeezed again, my tunnel clamping them back together. I
tried again this time a little farther, and again, my hole pressed them
back next to each other. I knew that I had to master this now, as I could
only imagine how this would feel on a penis. John was so sensitive to any
contact on his, this little trick would blow him away, and I imagined it
wouldn't feel so bad to me, gripping his cock pushed up inside me.
Spreading my fingers a comfortable distance, I squeezed again, trying to
keep my fingers apart this time. No luck! I couldn't believe how strong I
was in there! No matter how hard I tried, my pussy would clamp my finger
together. By this time, my hand was getting a little sore from the awkward
position it was in, so I withdrew my fingers and contemplated what else I
could learn. As I sat there, my legs wantonly spread in the firelight, I
thought about all the mysteries surround sex. And one that kept coming
back was size. guys were infatuated about it, I couldn't count how many
cases I'd read or seen about guys who whole lives were wrapped around the
size of their penis! I glanced at the half cucumber next to the carrot and
"sized" it up. Picking it up, I circled my fingers around it, not even
close to touching them back together. I had never paid any attention to
the size of Johns penis, but I did know this bigger. When I gave him a
blowjob, I would hold it at the base, and my fingers would just touch
around him. This, this green monster, was at least twice as thick! I
studied it in the light and wondered if it was true that women actually put
this inside them. I had to imagine it hurt! Putting it between my legs,
as if I was straddling it, the cucumber covered my entire pussy. I
couldn't see any of my sex around it. God, this thing won't fit in there.
Sighing, I was going to set it aside, but as I picked it up, I felt the
roughness of its skin, the little bumps all along its length. Wondering
how that would feel, I laid the half on the carpet, figuring I wouldn't be
eating it any time soon, and rearranged myself so that I was hovering over
it. Holding the end in front of me, I lowered myself until I was sitting
atop. With my free hand, I reached between my legs and spread my lips,
lowering myself so that it sat between my folds. I felt a little strange,
not unpleasant, but not real exciting. So I tried moving, sliding myself
an inch across it. Now that felt good. The protrusions on its surface
rubbed across the insides of inner lips, an odd but exhilarating feeling. I
slid back, then forward, until I was sliding back and forth across its
entire length. As wonderful as it was, I knew it wouldn't bring me off,
even when I shifted my weight so that my clit was pressed hard onto it.
But it did get my curiosity up. I levered off the cucumber and lay back
against the couch, feet on the floor and knees spread. I was careful
picking up the vegetable in my hand so it didn't get any dirt clinging to
the wetness coating half of it now. Looking back, I guess I should mention
that this was a thick, short cucumber, not the long thin kind. Taking a
deep breath, I aimed its curved head in-between my legs, at my opening, and
pushed. I could feel pressure in-between my legs, against my pussy, but I
could not make the thing enter me. I brought it to my mouth and licked it,
tasting my own moisture as I did, Once I had thoroughly covered it with my
saliva, I again put it between my legs and tried to get it inside. No go.
Now, I was determined. I do remember thinking that it was awfully big if I
couldn't get it in like that, but it had become something of a challenge to
me now. I was determined to explore my body as much as I could, and part
of that was getting this cucumber inside me. I shifted position again,
kneeling on the floor, and placed the cucumber below me, the cut off end on
the floor and its length sticking straight up. Lowering myself until I
felt it make contact with my sex, I began pushing, more like settling on
top of it. I let my weight come to rest on the end of the vegetable below
me, until I felt a pain, like a pinch. Already nervous, as well as
inexperienced, I quickly lifted off and took stock. The pain had gone
away, so I reached between my legs and felt my pussy. I don't really know
what it was, but I suspect it had folded one of my inner lips over and was
forcing that inside as I tried to penetrate myself with the cucumber,
because when I tried again, I held my pussy apart with one hand and felt it
start to slide in. Balancing the cuke with one hand while holding my lips
apart with the other, I let my weight carry my down, driving the end inside
me. I had to pause, I felt myself stretched farther than I ever had been
before, but felt no pain, just a tightness, like a morning stretch, but
centered in-between my legs. I continued lowering myself, feeling the
smooth yet uneven texture of the cucumber slide inside me, inches at a
time. By the time I had lowered myself almost all the way to my hand at the
base of this mini tower below me, I was overwhelmed by the feeling of
fullness within me. When I pussy made contact with my hand, I felt the end
of the cuke bump against me inside and I stopped, taking in the sensations.
Unless you are a woman, I don't know that I can effectivly describe the
feelings I was having. Full is really the only way. The closest I can
think of it, and its not very, is it was like when you take the first bite
of a meal when hungry, just a satiation of a need. Satisfaction of a need,
like thirst, that you didn't know you had. I just felt complete, which was
odd since I had never noticed anything lacking before. As I sat impaled on
the green tube, I heard myself emit a low moan of pleasure. I relished the
sensations within my body, the fullness, the slight stretching of my
vaginal muscles, the tension in my thighs as I held my postion. At the
same time, I became aware of the feel of my hair, as it lay upon my back
and spilled over my shoulders. Full of vegetable, all of my senses seemed
to heighten. After a full minute of just sitting with my newfound
pleasure, I began to move. I held onto the base of the cuke, and pulled
myself upwards, feeling the muscles in my legs contract as the mass inside
me withdrew. I only got half way up before I was overwhelmed and dropped
back down, completely filling myself again. The suddenness of my action
caused a grunt from my lips as I felt myself become full again. As I had
lifted, removing some the intruder within, I had felt a sense of loss, of
emptiness and need. Gradually, I worked myself up and down, farther up
each time, then descending, fucking my cavity with my new friend. The
feeling of having something moving in and out of my body was glorious, the
alternating fullness and emptiness filling my head. I felt a tightening in
my lower body, and constricting until I orgasmed again. My inner muscles
contracted and I felt myself shake as I convulsed on my knees, my head
falling back over shoulder and a moan escaping. I could feel each
contraction as my pussy gripped at its companion. It didn't last as long
as my earlier release had, but was more intense. After my body had calmed,
I simply hovered on my bent knees; the cucumber fully inserted between my
legs, and enjoyed the twitching of my vagina. I also didn't pass out this
time. I simply caught my breath and reveled in the endorphins coursing
through my blood. After my pussy had stopped quaking, no more little
contractions, I began thinking about what was next. As I contemplated my
next experiment, I practiced contracting, squeezing my newfound muscles
around the object within. Again, I wondered how strong those muscles were,
so I let go of the cucumber, and squeezed, at the same time raising up. I
didn't feel it slide out, but stay firmly locked in my hole. Leaving it
there, I rearranged so I was sitting against the couch, 3 inches of green
skin sticking out between by legs. Again I grabbed the cuke with one hand
and pulled, while gripping it within. I could pull it out, put I could
also feel the resistance; it slid out easily when I relaxed, but I had to
use some effort when I clamped. Pushing it back inside, as deep as my body
would allow, I just concentrated on squeezing, thinking that it was like
gym, only better feeling. During my contractions, I watched as I gave a
particularly hard squeeze, the cucumber would slide out of me some. I
pushed it back in, and tried again. After a few attempts, I figured out
the muscles to use to eject the cuke from inside me. My pussy seemed to be
its own little person, full of its own special talents. With a final
effort, I pushed hard, and the cucumber slid all the way out of me onto the
floor. I had to conflicting sensations when this happened, both a sense of
relief, and of longing. MY pussy felt small, empty now that its toy was
gone, but I also welcomed the feeling of normalcy between my legs. Well,
almost normal. I could still feel how wet I was, as well as being aware of
my pussy. I felt it, inside outside, just there. Like when you
concentrate and can feel your hand, instead of just taking it for granted.
The warmth of the fire also registered again, and I moved to put more wood
on it. Sufficiently stoked, I looked around me, trying to think if there
was anything else to try. I stood by the hearth, letting the heat wash
over me and stared out the window at the falling snow. I felt warm, and
satisfied. Hell, I'd just had two amazing orgasms, but I still wasn't
settled in my head that I knew what I needed to know. In an hour and half,
I learned more about what my body, what i, liked in sex than in the
previous 26 years. I thought about the lessons I had taught myself, and
found my next experiment within those lessons. Like fingers, I found that
more seemed to feel better. The cucumber had filled me, with relative
ease, and I wondered what it would be like to have something significant
within the confines of my pussy. My eyes came to rest on the lime and
figured it was worth a shot. With my back to the fire, I bent and picked
up the lime. I didn't feel any bigger around than the cucumber, but I
decided to try it anyway. Spreading my legs to shoulder width, I crouched
down slightly, opening the space between my legs but still maintaining my
balance. Cupping the lime in my hand, I rubbed over my splayed open sex,
coating in my moisture. Once I felt my grip on it become a little
slippery, I turned it in my hand and brought it to the opening of my
tunnel. With a little push, I felt the fruit slide inside, much easier than
the cucumber, until pop! And it was gone. I panicked. I didn't know what
to do, I felt the lime inside, like a rock within my stomach, but when I
brought my fingers to the opening of my hole, it was closed. Shit! How am
I going to get his out? Fear and embarrassment flooded through me as I
imagined having to go to the hospital on this miserable night to have part
of the contents of my crisper removed. Then I relaxed. I simply pushed,
and I felt the entrance to my hole expand as my inner muscles pushed the
lime out. Relived at my success, I just let the lime fall from between my
legs to the floor where it rolled against a book, and got another cigarette
from my purse. Standing next to the fire smoking, I tried to decide if
that little scare was enough to put an end to my explorations. Losing the
lime had definitely panicked me, but my curiosity about this new side of my
being was also still aroused. The beer bottle next to the sofa made my
decision for me. Flicking the half-smoked cigarette into the fire, I
hefted the glass bottle and felt its mass. I curled my fingers around it,
no where near touching, making it larger than the cucumber. It felt heavy
in my hand; I ran through my head the implications. I would have to
stretch a lot to get it in, but I could get it out by the neck. I wondered
if I did get it in, would my pussy be forever stretched out? I didn't want
that, for I wanted John to get as much pleasure from me as he could, but I
was also curious. If I stretched out a little, maybe John would last
longer, and worst case scenario, I had learned new muscles inside and could
just learn to clamp him through sex. My mind up, I assumed the same
position I had to get the cucumber in, kneeling before the fire. I brought
the bottle to my mouth, and licked all around the bottom of it. I was wet,
but knew that this was going to take work. Resting the bottle on the
floor, I gasped it by the neck, upside down and lowered my awaiting pussy to it. The bottle felt cold against my pussy, and hard. Momentarily, I
froze, worrying what would happen if it broke, but sense overcame my
concern as I thought about how tough a bottle was. Again using my free
hand to spread my lips I began pushing against the cold flat surface below.
I pushed harder, and the bottle slid back, through the cleft of my ass. I
repositioned, and got a firmer grip on the neck. Concentrating, I pushed
myself down, pressing against the bottom of the beer bottle pointing at my
pussy. I pushed harder, feeling only pressure around the outside of my
sex. Relaxing, I took a deep breath, and felt my pussy opening. It was
like a mouth between my legs was yawning, slowly opening as I exhaled in
unison. Still I opened, and felt the bottle beginning to move. Not
wanting to lose it, I applied a little more pressure, until I felt the
walls of my hole sink past the edges onto the sides of the bottle. I had
to pause, my breathing was coming in gasps, and my pussy was sending
strange signals to my brain, telling me to push, to force this intruder
out. But I held still, willing my breathing back to a normal pace. Once I
was sufficiently calmed, I lowered myself again, feeling my vagina deep
inside expanding, but strangely very little at the very opening. The
smooth glass just slid, where as I had felt each irregularity of the
cucumber, there was almost no sensation except of my inner cavity expanding
as the bottle traveled farther inside. More and more sank inside me,
expanding within me as I stretched to accommodate it girth, until I felt
the opening to my hole collapsing, the bottle's taper allowing it to close.
Once I felt my pussy make contact with my hand, I stilled, breathing,
concentrating on the immensity within in me. I felt engorged, stuffed,
stretched. Releasing the bottleneck, I raised up, the bottle remaining
trapped in my womb. Shakily, I got to my feet, the glass neck poking my
legs when I brought them together. I ran a hand across my belly, almost
absentmindedly, but started when I could feel a slight plumpness to my
normally taught lower belly. I ran my hand across it again, and it was
definitely there, I tightened area, pushing away from me, where the bottle
was imbedded. I didn't feel anything, except full. It wasn't unpleasant,
but it wasn't a huge turn on either. I didn't have the same feeling of
urgency for release I had with the cucumber, more of an odd new sensation.
Where the cucumber had felt like the first few bites of a delicious meal,
this felt like after thanksgiving deserts. I didn't want to pull it out
yet; I wanted to see this strange sight. So feeling a little awkward, I
made my way towards the bedroom and mirror.


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