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** Warning ** Adults Only!! This is a work of fiction. The characters
represented here are from the imagination of the author; any resemblance
with living real persons is purely coincidental. The author does not
condone the use of force in any sex act. Some of the details of this story have originated from real life experiences on the part Of the author but
names have been changed in the experiences related. The original format of
this story is in Microsoft Word. If the reader is interested in another
format contact the author. Fingerpro

Forced Affairs A Serial Sexual Event

I. Taking Care of Business

The twenty five year old was known as Leon King. King was not a nice
young man as both Mr. and Mrs. Bergman found out when they went to see
him. The only reason that the couple went to visit the younger man was the
calling card King had sent along with a note about going to prison. It
turned out that the young blackmailer was right on the money; the woman
didn't want to go back to prison and the husband agreed with his wife.
Everybody agreed and that was the problem. It appeared the police were
still looking for the woman who had been involved in the underage sex scam
some two years before. The problem was that the underage young man was the
son of a cop; the kid hadn't even been a teenager. Bad planning and bad
choices never made up for the circumstances surrounding the set up. The
fact of the matter was she was an unknown wanted woman and King had
evidence which could not only link her to the crime but could prove she was
the unknown woman. The description that was given of the woman was a
blonde haired, five foot four inch big busted female. That fit about
twenty percent of the female population. Everybody agreed and that was the
problem. It was a problem because King wasn't interested in getting money
up front, he wanted to make money at the older woman's expense. She had
her choice of prostitution or video tapes on various subject. The latter
would also include an occasional party where she would be expected to "put
out" for King's kinky demands. The husband and wife had a week to consider
the indecent proposal and after that time if they hadn't agreed King would
forward the information to the proper authorities. If they agreed to his
terms they would return to the office one week later and Mrs. Bergman
would spend the weekend with King as his sex slave. King told them both
that he didn't consider Mrs. Bergman to be that attractive it was just a
"business arrangement" and that "she had to know the ropes" before he could
"exercise his options". He made it sound so formal and business like that
the real concept behind his degrading and humiliating demand appeared to be
less demeaning to both the husband and wife. The sex thing was only as an
initial acceptance payment, King told them. Once a week for approximately
five weeks she would spend time with King learning the required role she
was to assume and also modeling various garments. He would provide the
money for the garments and he would provide for any extra's which were
needed to have her meet his "needs prior to video taping". They had one
week to consider his "offer" and then he would "take action as needed if
they decided to let the cards fall as they may". If the couple agreed to
his terms she was to be in his office one week from today dressed like what
she would think a "high priced call girl" dressed like. His last statement
had left her red faced with shame and humiliation. He told them both that
high priced call girls never wore panty underwear and he would be verifying
she met this minimal requirement.

Sara fought with her husband the following week over the issue. She was
determined that she was not going back to that prison, and she was
convinced she would go there if King's demands were not met. Her husband,
John, wanted to let the cards fall as they would and had even stated to her
that maybe King wouldn't follow up on his threat stating that after all she
was forty three years old and not exactly a spring chicken any longer! In
some ways that made Sara angry because it was implied that she wasn't
desirable any longer. When she stated this to her husband he angrily
replied that it was that kind of an attitude that had gotten them in this
situation to begin with. What made her mad was that she knew he was right.
In the end she knew it would be her decision. She was, after all, still on
probation with the hick prison in southern Kentucky. It had taken a
considerable amount of finances and some fancy wrangling to get her out of
that situation but it had been done. She reminded her husband of the welts
and the proof of her torture and humiliation at the hands of the so called
"officials" in that prison system and it was for that reason alone that her
husband finally had told her that really it was her decision because she
was the one that was going to have to live up to the obscene demands of the
demented twenty nine year old. He told her that she should be aware of the
fact that he didn't think King would be satisfied with just a brief sex
encounter and then some video taping. There had to be something more
involved and that something more could well be worse then going to the
prison. She doubted his conjecture but privately had her own misgivings
about the indecent proposition that King had made. The arguments continued
until Thursday night when it was finally resolved that she would go, her
husband finally giving in to her repeated statements that she refused to
place herself in a position where she could even remotely be sent "back to
that awful place" in Kentucky.

Friday even came all too quickly and with a queasy stomach the forty two
year old housewife, mother of two and professional woman dressed in what
she thought a call girl would wear. Her husband recommended either crotch
less pantihose or garter belt supported hose, both of which she rejected.
She didn't think "even call girls" wore those kind of garments. She would
wear pantihose with no panties as the awful young man had stated that she
should. She did choose a skirt blouse arrangement where the skirt hem was
just above her knee's but had a side slit of seven inches. This exposed a
majority of her right thigh when she walked and was complimented by her
highest pair of heels which were strapped open toed three inch square
heels. As for make up she applied twice the normal amount and even applied
heavy eye_shadow and eye-lash lengthener darken black which she thought
made her look more "sexy". The lip stick color that she chose was a
"cheap" very bright red lip stick which emphasized her full lips. Sara
didn't have allowed herself to get high enough to make that awful tape only
eighteen months before. The pantyhose were suntan tinted the skirt a dark
blue. The blouse was also a dark color to hide the fact that she was
wearing a loose bra. The loose, unsupportive, bra was the only bra she had
which was very deep cleavage and she felt this was something a call girl would wear as well. Her button down the front blouse was opened three
buttons from the top exposing a little, but not a lot, of cleavage. She
was hoping she would pass King's test with this apparel but she secretly
had her misgivings about it because she felt it wasn't "showy" enough.
Still, the clothing was as showy as she could stand, at least in public.
The couple arrived at King's office and was told to by the big male
secretary that they would have to wait. He used the intercom to talk with
King, and the husband and wife listened to the squeaking voice of King as
he replied he was finishing up some business. "Have them wait for a few
minutes" was the last thing that King had said.

The male secretary, who reminded both the husband and wife of a bouncer,
merely raised his eyebrows and half pointed half waved towards the metal
and plastic chairs in front of his desk. There were four of the hard
looking, straight backed chairs against the wall. They waited for a good
five minutes. The secretary went about shuffling papers and looking over
material as he occasionally would look up. After ten minutes Sara was
becoming uncomfortable in both the design of the hard unyielding chair and
her deliberately provocative clothing which she wasn't used to wearing.
The periodic glances the male secretary gave her, which were more leers
than glances didn't help. She blushed from the last peek on his part
caused her to check her leg exposure for the third time in as many minutes.
There wasn't too much she could do about the slitted skirt as it exposed a
good portion of her left thigh, nearly half her thigh as a matter of fact.
This awareness on her part was emphasized by the surly looks she was
receiving from the male secretary who appear to be in his late thirties or
early forties. He was a big guy. Sara deliberately positioned her arm so
that a little more cleavage could be exposed. The secretary saw her
movement half grinned and licked his lips. Her husband saw it too and
leaned over to whisper in her ear, "Don't tease the man, you may regret it

For some reason that made Sara mad. So what if she was flaunting
herself to this guy? He was just a flunky and after she had made her
arrangements with King she'd be out of here! "James!" squeaked the
intercom. "Yes, sir," replied the secretary. "Show the Bergman's in,"
came the reply. "Yes, sir," replied the big man getting up and holding
open the door to King's office. He stood in the doorway forcing Sara to
rub past him and as she did he said, "Later" "In your dreams!" she hissed
as she walked into King's office.

The door closed behind them.

Sara was about to sit down as King looked up from his desk. "The
husband sits the wife stands. Are you ready to complete the arrangements?"

Sara felt uncomfortable standing there with her husband sitting next to
her. She shifted in her high heels and realized that King had taken the
advantage again. She swallowed and said, "I'm not sure what the
arrangements are, Mr. King." "We've gone over these details before Mrs.
Bergman. It was agreed that if you showed up here, as you have, that this
would be the first acknowledgment of your becoming my sex slave for the
upcoming weekend. I had thought that I made myself quite clear on this."
"It-it's just that I thought.... that maybe...." "Yes?" "I don't know!"
she said almost angrily waving her right arm.

Both the husband and King knew that she had planned on the situation
going differently and now she was being forced into either accepting the
situation or backing out and suffering the consequences. The thought that
was running through Sara's mind was constant, I will not go back to prison!
Hang the cost! "The final decision is, of course, your's still to make,
Mrs. Bergman. But after you walk through the door behind me your options
will become increasingly limited."

Sara took a deep breath and then exhaled it saying, "Let's get it over

King stood up then and opened a door behind his chair. He walked into
the room beckoning both the husband and wife to follow. When the couple
entered this room he turned on the light and closed the door. The room
looked like some kind of filing or storage area, the walls lined with
bookcases filled with manila folders. There was a single overhead light
with a cone shaped shade that illuminated a table and a chair, both wood,
both appearing to be sparse in design yet strong in construction. There
was also a stall at the back with a wooden seat very similar to the
changing booths at clothing stores with a black cloth curtain pulled back
to the left on a rod. On the table was a briefcase. King walked over to
the briefcase and pushed it to the center of the table. He then turned and
picked up an empty box and put it in the chair. He opened the briefcase
exposing a whole series of what could best be described as his
"instruments". King explained the use of each of the instruments and told
the husband that he was to place each device on his wife after she
stripped. Her clothing would go into the box on the chair. When finished
with placing all the devices on her he would position her in the booth and
close the drapes. He would then pick up the box and return to King's
office. King politely informed them both that the husband would be
expected to pick up his wife in this room at seven in the evening of Monday
almost three and a half days from today. King also explained that if the
woman were going to back out she still could up until her husband returned,
alone, to King's office. He left them to their final conversation.

Tears of humiliation were running down Sara's cheeks as she folded each
of her clothing items and put them in the box. Her husband helped her put
on the black leather strap that had the twin dildo's on it. He had to snap
them into place after she inserted the thin long one up her rectum and the
fat short one in her pussy. Her husband helped her put on the two inch
wide leather collar with the four rings on it and the padlock that locked
the collar so it could not be removed. There were buckle straps at the
back of the leather belt and her wrists were buckled into these. In her
mouth was placed an "O" ring gag that kept her red lip stick covered lips
in a tight oval around the metal ring. A penis gag went in the "O" and was
snapped into place. Her mouth was already held open by the "O" ring gag
but the fat penis gag filled her mouth forcing her tongue down and tickling
the entrance to her throat. Next two belts were placed on her arms. One
pinned her elbows the other her upper arms. Lastly, before being
positioned in the booth, two small chains were attached to the rings on her
collar. On the end of each chain was a clip. Her husband fondled her
nipples, hardening them, so that the clips would not bite into her tender
nipple flesh. The clips kept her nipples aroused and erect. The coolness
of the chain on her naked breasts caused her to shiver as her husband
inspected everything to make sure it was in place. Then her husband helped
her waddle over to the booth then and attached the ropes which were hanging
from either side of the booth and had snap rings on their ends to her neck
collar. The alien devices in both her private holes caused her some
distress at first and when she walked it only intensified the feeling.
Standing there she almost wished she hadn't agreed to these awful demands.
Then both dildo's began to hum inside her! A feeling of sudden arousal was
taking place even as her husband wished her goodby and closed the curtain.
He picked up the box containing her street clothes and turned out the
light, like he had been instructed, before closing the door with a click.

Sara stood there, alone, naked except for her heels and pantihose (which
had been changed when her husband had to make holes in the pantihose for
the dual vibrators), in the dark unable to do anything other than sniffle
occasionally and wonder what new humiliation was coming her way feeling
herself beginning to feel the effect of the double humming inside her not
only between her legs but up her poop hole too!

She had wondered about the black drapes covering the booth area. She
wondered no longer. In some ways the black drapes and the dark walls were
worse than a blindfold because her mind began to play tricks on her,
especially as she continued to stand there unable to sit, but able to move
to within the limited range of the ropes which were tied off to either side
of her but were also attached to the collar about her neck. Her shame and
her humiliation began to double as she felt a slow oozing of her pussy juices as her pussy reacted to the humming of the fat vibrator inside her.
She never would know how long she stood there, but later guessed it at
about an hour and a half. At the time it seemed to be a little longer than
eternity itself!

II New Questions

Sara was suddenly in shock as the light came on and the drape was pulled
back. It was King's man called James and he stood there with a grin on his
face as he looked at her naked form standing there tethered in the booth.
"In my dreams eh? Looks like some things happen even outside of dreams, eh

He reached out and lifted her left breast as he said this letting it
fall away from his hands and bouncing back to her body. "Before Mister
King looks you over, bitch, I'm supposed to make sure hubby put the gear on
right and tight. Too often hubbies are on the gentle side."

As he talked he turned her around and inspected the belt bindings on her
lower arms, her elbows, and her upper arms. "Ah, just as I suspected; too

He tightened each of the belts which pinned her arms together tightly
behind her back and forced her to thrust her big breasts outward.

Just as James was completing this task King opened the door to the small
storage area and came in. He casually inspected his nude female sex slave
and Sara felt tears form in her eyes as she stood there under his hard
look. He sat down in the only chair in the room and said, "I think we need
a small demonstration of my authority over my newest addition to my
property roster what do you say James?" "Of course sir, may I recommend a
more tethered position for this one?" "Certainly, help yourself," replied

Sara was bewildered and didn't comprehend what the two men were talking
about but she quickly found out. The tethers holding her in position in
the booth were removed and she was brought into position in front of King.
Then James unfastened the small chains attached to her collar the other
ends of which were attached to each nipple by means of a clamp. He pulled
on the chains as she squirmed, then screamed in pain, her scream sounding
more like a moan through her gag. The chains were fastened to the belt
around her waist forcing her to bend over with her breasts dangling in
front of King.

While King admired the contour of her tits hanging there in front of
him, James went out of the room and returned with a bottle of wine and a
glass. He set the glass down and poured King out a cupful of the wine.

King took a sip of the wine and said, "Excellent. An excellent vintage.
An older vintage of wine costs more; unlike women," he said smiling at her,
and then continuing, "do try to maintain eye contact with me slut."

Sara blinked at his term, blushed, and cried. Then she heard a swish,
and a cracking sound before she jerked causing herself terrible pain. Her
breasts felt as if they were being pulled off her body as she tried to
stand straight from the terrible blow which had fallen on her bent over
buns. Her fanny felt as if it were on fire. "Now Mrs. Bergman, it is
important that you maintain eye contact with me, otherwise I'm going to
have James hit your ass until you either pass out or you do as your told."

Swish, crack! She blinked trying to maintain eye contact with her head
raised. "Ah, so much better. See even an old slut like you can learn,
can't she? I know you can't answer but I expect a response, nod your head
Mrs. Bergman."

Sara nodded her head. "Good, we've made a little progress. Now I would
like to remove those clamps, but I do so enjoy seeing you display your tits for me in that fashion. Will you maintain that revealing pose for me?"

Sara nodded her head that she would. "James, remove the clamps, gently
this time. We don't want our guest to be too uncomfortable, just yet."

Sara couldn't see James but she could feel his fingers working the
clamps loose and letting them fall away from her swollen nipple, bouncing
against her thighs as they were still attached to the belt at her waist.

She swallowed, her nostrils closing as she inhaled sharply, when King
reached up with his right hand and cupped her left dangling breast. She
maintained eye contact with him as he smiled and said, "I understand that
these are double 'D' cups, true?"

At the word 'true' he squeezed gently and she nodded her head swallowing
again as she felt her nipple against his rough palm. "I thought that for
as vintage a broad as you were that these jugs of yours would be flabby,
drooping love bags, but my they are full and rather firm too," he said as
he switched to her other dangling breast. Then he squeezed very hard on
her right boob caused her to moan and twist to that side trying to relieve
the pressure unsuccessfully. She winced and closed her eyes. "James!"

Swish, crack! "Ooph!" came from her mouth as she lunged forward by the
brutal force of the smacking spanking on her ass cheek and was kept from
falling only by King's rough hold on her right boob. She sobbed as he
maintained his hold but released the pressure. "Mrs. Bergman, Mrs.
Bergman, what are we going to do with you? Such a simple rule. A cardinal
rule that must be followed at all times. Maintain eye contact. No closing
of the eyes, no looking down, no turning the head, but maintaining eye
contact. So simple. Regardless of what you are doing, or what I tell you
I want you to do, maintain eye contact."

King withdrew his hand and took a sip of his wine while obviously
scanning her dangling naked breasts. He looked up and behind her then back
into her face and said, "I'm going to reward you now and see how well you
can remember a simple little rule. Stand straight."

Sara obeyed and almost passed out from relief but she maintained eye
contact with the evil young man. "Very well done, very well done indeed
Mrs. Bergman! Congratulations. Now, because time is pressing and I have
a lot of other matters to attend to we must speed up our normal
interrogation procedure. Yes, it is quite normal," he said as he saw her
eyebrows come up in disbelief. "Quite normal. The only thing not normal
is your age. Usually I work with younger women and to be blunt less plump.
James remove her gag, I'm sure our little slut knows better than to try and
cry out and if she doesn't...... well we will see, umm?"

Sara flexed her jaws as the gag came out of her mouth. She was quiet
even though she had a whole series of questions she wanted answered. "Step
forward two small steps, slut."

Sara winced at his term but stepped forward two small steps, the toes of
her feet only inches from his own shoe clad feet. "Put those big jugs on
display again."

Sara wanted to cry as she bent forward her breasts now inches from his
chest her face close to his. He lit up a cigarette and exhaled the smoke
in her face. It was a deliberate act of contempt. She maintained eye
contact despite the smarting burn of the smoke in her eyes. "Painful
lessons are well learned, eh slut?"

Sara swallowed. "In the future when you are able, such as now, and when
you are addressed by another man you will respond with 'Master'. You will
do this because you are a slave. Understand slut?"

He took a sip watching her face intently as she responded with,
"Y-yes....master." "Good. Good."

Sara kept her eyes glued to his. Out of the corner of her right left
eye she saw him reach for his glass of wine. As he leered at her dangling
breasts and brought the wine glass to his face his other hand caressed her
dangling breast moving from her chest to her nipple. When he got to her
nipple he rubbed it between his thumb and forefinger. Her nipple was
already quite stimulated and this added rubbing made her want to close her
eyes. She fought the impulse. "James wants to fuck you," he said casually
as he rubbed her nipple. " master." "James, remove the slut's
pussy plug."

Sara really wanted to close her eyes this time and her frown showed how
much she wanted to as she gasped feeling the pressure released from her wet
pussy. King continued to rub her nipple. Sara shifted uncomfortably in
front of him as she felt the heat from his cigarette rising to her naked
dangling breast as the man rubbed her nipple, keeping it hard. She
maintained eye contact. King leaned forward, still rubbing her nipple, and
kissed her as he kept his eyes open watching her eyes and her face. She
let him kiss her. He pulled back and said, "Fuck her James."

Somehow, Sara never knew how, she maintained eye contact and didn't
close her eyes as she felt James penis penetrate her while King fondled
her. She swallowed as King smiled a cruel little smile seeing her work at
keeping eye contact while she was being sexually penetrated by James.
"How's it feel, James?" "Great boss, really great. Hot, slick, and oh so
smooth." "He likes your cunt, slut." "Ye-yes master," she replied a tear
coming out of her left eye. "Very nice tits. Better than I expected,"
said King as he pushed the chair back and released his hold on her breast.
"After you unload in her James, bag her and take her out to the cottage.
Come back and pick me up after you've secured my property." "Yes...sir,
Mister King," said James as Sara felt him sliding in and out of her pussy.

As soon as King left and closed the door behind him James started
fucking her in earnest. The slapping sounds of flesh on flesh filled the
room as she bit her lip and climaxed. He continued to fuck her through two
more climaxes finally grunting and ejaculating a load of cum she hadn't
thought possible from a single man. Even as his hot cum was spurting up
inside her she realized the most intense climax of her adult life and
fainted from the results of her climax.

When she returned to awareness she found herself tied with her arms over
her head this time and laying on a cot or a bed. It was a lot more
comfortable than the position she'd been in when she fainted. She
immediately realized her pantihose were gone and that the dual vibrators
were back in place doing the awful intent that they were designed for. She
churned on the cot breathing through her open mouth, the ring gag in place
again but not the penis gag. Her churning intensified her sexual arousal
and gasping she came. Sara lost track of the number of climaxes she went
through. She lost track after counting five. Later she heard then saw
James enter the room. He came over and gave her breast a little tug which
caused her to climax while he did it. Chuckling to himself he went into
another room and she heard what sounded like a shower come on. Sara looked
to her immediate right and saw a stone wall. To her left was another bed,
it looked like a twin size, just like the one she was laying in. This was
the first time that she could look around the room since the lights were on
and she did so. She saw a modest bedroom like area with two beds a
dresser, a chest of drawers, a reading light and an easy chair. A few
minutes later he came out dressed only in a towel. He looked down at her
as she glanced at the growing bulge beneath the towel. "I gottah get some
shut eye, but first maybe something to sleep easy with, eh?"

He took off the towel and her eyes widened seeing his manhood for the
first time. She'd felt it before, but seeing it now it looked like a
monster. He was fully ten inches long and three thick! His erection
pulsed with his heart beat and the blue veins of his erection could clearly
be seen. "I think," he said as he got up on the bed and straddled her just
under her breasts, "that a jug fuck would be nice to start off with.
Thirty eight double 'D' eh?" he said as he used both hands to maul her
breasts and then sandwich her breast around his penis which was laying in
the cleavage between her two mounds. He pinched her nipples as she cried
out through the ring gag and he laughed tugging all the harder on her
sensitive nipple flesh. He sawed his massive rod of flesh back and forth
between her boobs before finally slowing and reaching behind him he
produced another pillow. This went under her head propping her head up
more and now when he sawed his meat between her pinched and shoved boobs he
sawed up towards her mouth which was held open by the ring gag. Her eyes
widened in horror.

James laughed as he stopped using her tits and put the head of his penis
inside her mouth. There was nothing she could do to stop him. He looked
down into her eyes and her face and said, "It'll go a lot faster if you do
as you're told. Either way your mouth and throat are mine. So how about
it, Mrs. In-Your-Dreams, how about a little lick from that tongue of

Sara wanted to bite him. The ring gag kept her from doing that. She
recognized the 'in your dreams' statement as a deliberate slam along with
the use of her married title. She tried twisting her head away. "All
right, have it your way then," he said and slid half his length into her
helpless mouth. His penis head was choking her making her gag as he held
half back obviously enjoying her discomfort and her throat muscles reaction
to the alien invasion. "Old King was right doll, you are a nice addition
to his stock!" he chuckled as he slid more of his evil hardness into her as
she gasped and shook some more. He reached behind himself and yanked on a
naked unprotected breast and she screamed in pain and anger. Her scream
caused her throat to vibrate around his erection and as she continued to
scream he slid more and more of his length into her throat. It wasn't
until three quarters of his massive flesh was buried in her throat that she
realized he wanted her to scream! The screaming action in her throat
caused him to have more pleasure. She continued to gag on the alien
hugeness of his staff but she stopped screaming, moaning and mewing as he
sawed slowly back and forth deep in her throat while he slapped her
defenseless breasts and pulled on her nipples. She heard herself, sounding
like she was moaning when she knew she was screaming. Finally he grunted
and climaxed. She couldn't taste his sperm, he was buried too deep in her
throat, but she could feel his ejaculation squirting down her throat as he
unloaded many times until at last he sighed and pulled his deflated organ
from her sobbing mouth. He put tape over her mouth, to silence her sobs,
pulled a blanket over her naked form and sighed as he got into the other
bed. "Nighty night, Mrs. Bergman, and thanks for the blow job!"

He chuckled and soon was to sleep. She lay there in horror wondering
what was to happen to her and realizing horribly that this was only Friday
night! But worse for her were her own dreams. She dreamed of those awful,
real, horrible experiences in Kentucky.

She awoke to the butler's hands turning her nude body. Sara almost
absently wondered what time of night it was as she was turned and
surprisingly released from her tight bondage. It wasn't until he stood her
naked form up, now totally naked, and half dragged half pulled her into the
bathroom where the cool water began to revive her that Sara realized it
must be morning. She began to slowly obtain motion on her own feeling very
self conscious by the being observed by James the butler as she showered.

II Renewed Exposures

After her shower she was allowed to eat breakfast. Two eggs, toast, and
juice. She did this at the table with James. James was dressed and Sara
was not. She was not even in her heels as she sat there at the table
trying to cover all the parts of her body and ending up only giving James
amusement as he brought her the food on a plate and then sat down opposite
to her and ate his own while he watched her. Eventually her hunger
overcame her modesty and she ate her food still trying to cover a naked
breast or an exposed nipple from time to time.

After breakfast James supervised her application of make up making sure
she was aware of the fact that both the King brothers insisted that all
women under their control wear bright red lip stick. The bright red lip
stick was indeed bright red and was, in fact, the brightest shade of red Sara had ever had on. She then was instructed on how much eye make up to
use and that blush on her cheeks was strictly prohibited. If she were
going to blush the King's and their guests wanted to see the real thing.

James decided that before she was to be shown some of the clothing
requirements it was necessary to go over the sex routines. He naturally
volunteered himself and her own services. Sara thought it was more rape
than actual sex but she put up with it and even learned how to actively
excite the penis being thrust inside her by trying to push the erection out
of her own sexual organ. This, according to James, stimulated the male.
James climaxed for the third time inside her and she tried, unsuccessfully,
to hide her own climax from James. Then the butler showed her how the
King's liked to have a blow job. Cock sucking was what they called it and
James told her that if she did not become proficient at this she'd wish she
had because the King's were well known for their cruel punishments. Sara
had refused to swallow James sperm and James told her that the punishment
he was going to give her would be mild compared to what the King's would do
to her for failing to perform a single command properly. She was
introduced to the electrified dildo. Actually, this wasn't Sara's first
experience with the wicked device. She'd been given regular doses of the
evil penetrating penis shaped vibrator at the prison in Kentucky. Inserted
up inside the woman it had a devastating effect on the woman's sexual
organs not to mention her surrounding muscles. The King's, however, had a
device she'd never seen before and hoped she never would have to experience
again. It was round and went down over her genitals covering her pussy but
it also had a wicked probe tip. The tip touched her clitoris and at first
aroused her and then when the electricity flowed caused her a great deal of
agony; in fact the pain was so intense she found screaming difficult simply
because of the muscles being contracted elsewhere in her body.

In the next session she was introduced, not for the first time because
she owned one herself, to a bra with no cups. It was designed, as she well
knew, to emphasize a woman's breasts. If the woman was well endowed, and
she qualified for that with her double 'D' cups, the bra had the effect of
making her boobs look more artificial because the breast was made to stand
up more. Her size breast looked like it wasn't real when it was forced
into an upright position. She knew, from experience, that forcing her big
boobs upwards caused them to bounce and wiggle more like silicon filled
bags rather than the natural low slung breasts from the sheer weight of the
breast. Still, she knew she had little choice and she put the bra on as
James instructed. James supervised the placement of the bra to make sure
that it was sufficiently tight to lift her sizeable jugs and yet not too
tight as to make the twin orbs swell. Then she was shown what James called
the Maid Pad. It went over her pussy and it was sticky. It had two plugs,
one big, one small. The big plug went inside her pussy, the small plug
constantly rubbed her clitoris. Sara was amazed by this degrading device
because seconds after she had it correctly in place her nipples hardened
and stayed hard. James told her that this was a normal reaction and was in
fact a desired reaction. Next came the short strap garter belt which was
indeed very short strapped. Less than four inches, she guessed, which
meant the hose she wore would have to be for the "leggy" woman. Sara
wasn't opposed to this though because it meant that more of her had to be
exposed before the fact that she was wearing garter belt supported hose
became obvious. Before she put on the button down the front white Maid
Blouse James had her put on two little half moons. These went over her
already erect nipples and caused her a severe amount of stimulation. So
much stimulation, in fact, that she had to experience the blouse all by
itself. The blouse rubbing up against her very sensitive tits and her over
stimulated nipples was erotic to her in the extreme and it took her a good
twenty minutes to settle down enough to get the skirt on that had the built
in straps that went over her shoulders to hold the skirt in place. Lastly
were the heels. Four inch spiked, open toed, strapped high heels, that
caused her even more stimulation to walk in because her big boobs bounced
when she walked and the bouncing action caused the woman to almost have a
sexual climax. It took another hour or so to get used to the heels. Then
there was a two hour session where she learned "positions". The very last
episode she was exposed to before lunch on Saturday afternoon was the
information that because the younger King had selected her she would be
required to wear outfits very much similar to street clothing rather than
the Maid Outfits. There would be times, however, when she would be
required to wear the Maid Outfit but for the most part she would wear
clothing supplied to her by the King's that resembled her own style.

That afternoon James taught her the Inspection Positions. There were
ten of them but he only taught her three. The first was the worst and she
didn't even tell her husband about that position. It was vulgar because
she was for the most part dressed but she deliberately exposed herself,
both her genitals and her breasts. Position One was on her back, high
heels touching her ass cheeks, knee's spread wide, while she opened her
pussy lips for inspection and used her index fingers to hold her clit.
Position Two involve her merely exposing her breasts and supporting the
twin melons with her arms. Position Three was bent over, legs spread wide
and her skirt hem laying on her back. Sara hated to think what the other
seven position were but for right now Position One was definitely the worst
of the lot for her.

Late afternoon found her sitting in Bernie's bedroom awaiting his
arrival. James had coached her as much as he could. He'd informed her
that to the King's "standard" dress for a female in their control amounted
to skirt or dress, a blouse if a skirt were chosen, and a jacket if the
skirt option was taken. Hose were mandatory and had to be either garter
belt supported, thigh high elastic, or crotch less pantyhose. panty hose
were forbidden. Heels had to be at least two and a half inches in pump
size. Panties, bra, and slip were also forbidden unless specified by
either King. "Standard dress" also meant at least a double application of
red lip stick and eye shadow, mascara. The use of cheek blush was

Whenever she felt as if the demands and events were too bizarre to put
up with and that she wanted to bail out (which she really did) the thought
returned, "I will NOT go back to THAT prison!". This then motivated her to
endure the grotesque events imposed on her a little longer. Sitting in
Bernie's bedroom facing his bed with the four large poles jutting out from
each corner and towering into the air made her feel almost small and
insignificant. There sheer size of this "bedroom" would have put many a
Front Room in a full family house to shame. The overwhelming, underlying,
ever present feeling of money and power did often in fact intimidate her to
a point of compliance that otherwise wouldn't have if the surroundings were
seedy and more appropriate for her forced activities with the two young King's. She had plenty of time to consider the situation as she sat in the
stuffed, stiffed back, chair that was against the wall dressed in a three
piece skirt suit. As per King requirements she was wearing a garter belt
supported set of hose (actually her own) and a pair of supplied shoes which
were extremely high pumps. She wasn't sure, but she would have guessed the
heel height to be four and a half to five inches. The heels were difficult
to walk in and several time she felt her ankle muscles almost give out as
she walked through the "cottage" which was actually a full scale mansion
and up to Bernie's bedroom on the second floor. Her legs were crossed,
right over left, with the hem of her skirt pulled back to reveal sixty
percent of her thighs and just short of the tops of the hose. Her blouse
was fully open and if it hadn't of been for the jacket she would have felt
totally exposed. As it was she was displaying a sizeable amount of
cleavage and bringing her arms together only accented the cleavage so she
tried to avoid that. James had told her that if Bernie wasn't there in
fifteen minutes she was to get up and walk around the outside walls. This,
James had told her, would help her get used to the high heels. She could
then return to her chair and wait for another fifteen minutes before she
repeated the procedure. Sara had performed this walk around three times
and was still waiting for Bernie to show up. Frankly, she didn't care if
he ever showed up, so she wasn't impatient for his arrival, just waiting
for this terrible weekend to be over. Sitting there reflecting on the
grotesque situation she thought about Bernie. It had come as a real shock
to find out he was the primary motivator in this. The reason it was a
shock was that even though she had felt that the kid was perverted she
still realized that he was both derogatory and mean as far as she was
concerned. He'd call her a 'cow' and a 'pig' in public and around some of
his friends so she had felt reasonably sure the kid who was fat himself
wasn't that interested in her. When she'd found out that if it hadn't of
been for Bernie's interest in her and his older brothers maneuvering of the
situation because of her, she was literally shocked. She was also a little
afraid because if the perverted teen could hide his true feelings that well
from her, as an adult, then he could have even worse traits which were
hidden. The incident at the school party where she had attended as a Adult
Observer had also fueled the ugliness of the situation and Sara believed
was the primary motivator for Bernie making his demand request through his
brother Leon. At that school sponsored party, Bernie and his friends, had
evidently brought their own form of refreshments and that form of beverage
was intoxicating. More than a little tanked the fat, slobbering, punk
named Bernie King had pinned her against the wall and was in the process of
feeling her sizeable breasts up before she had screamed for help. Help
arrived and if it wouldn't have been for Leon's influence the brat punk
would have been in jail, because Sara wanted charges pressed. She still
shuddered as she remembered the slovenly punk's actual drool dripping down
her front and over her rounded breasts as it oozed down her cleavage and
into her bra. It was a disgusting episode that she had wanted to make sure
never was repeated.

Now, she realized, it had been a BIG mistake to pursue Bernie and press
the charges. He not only had gotten out of the assault and attempted rape
charges but he had been able to maneuver the situation so that it was her
that had to watch out. True, her actions in the past had given the Kings
the weapons the needed, but it had been at the prodding of Bernie that she
found herself compromised with no way out other than complete surrender.

These terrible, repulsive thoughts were dominating her mind as Bernie
King took his time arriving to see her. Sara knew, without a doubt, that
the twisted teen's motivations were to make her squirm. She knew, as he
did, that it was an effective way of making her feel more vulnerable to his
warped intentions.

The big bedroom door finally swung open and the fat kid named Bernie
King waddled into the room. Sara hadn't seen the kid for about two weeks
which was not a long enough time period for her to forget about this
overweight kid. He stood five feet ten or eleven. She was equal to him in
height she found out when she stood up with the heels she wore. Bernie had
brown hair that was cut rather long. He would have looked better in
shorter hair because of his size, she reflected. His eyes were brown too,
but they were small and beady like and whenever he looked at her she
couldn't help but shiver; this hadn't changed from the first day she had
met him, she still felt as if she were being undressed when he looked at
her. His forehead was low which contributed to the impression of a slow
thinker, but Sara knew this kid was bright, brighter in fact than most.
His nose almost had a hook to it and this coupled with his chubby, almost
jowl like cheeks made him appear to be older than his seventeen years.
Bernie's neck was thick and short and his head sat on a round body which
was more flab than muscle. His feet were small and his legs gave her the
impression that they should have been longer. All of these features
combined made the youth look like a "butter ball" to Sara; a disgustingly
large teenager that had a considerable amount of authority over her for the
next couple of days.

He still hadn't lost that look. When he looked down at her exposed legs
she had to resist the temptation to yank the hem line of her skirt down.
It was an even worse feeling as she almost felt his eyes travel upwards to
her exposed chest area. "Well, good afternoon Mrs. Bergman."

"Good-good afternoon......sir," she replied almost forgetting the
demanded title and still hating to say it.

She watched him as he went over to the telephone and picked it up making
a phone call, ignoring her for the moment. As he talked, his mumbling was
incomprehensible to Sara, she watched him sit down. His beady eyes never
left her form as he talked (mumbled actually into the telephone) and
watched her. She could actually feel his eyes traversing her legs and from
his angle she knew he could see her thighs totally exposed to above the
hose and her rounded uncovered buttocks sitting on the soft cushion of the
chair. She felt his eyes wander to her chest and she shifted uncomfortably
as she watched him and listened to his mumbling in the telephone. She got
the impression he was telling someone (probably James) that he was not to
be disturbed. Then, he set the receiver back in the cradle of the
telephone and said,

"Stand up and come over here Mrs. Bergman."

"Yes sir," she replied almost automatically or at least hoping that was
the way it sounded. To her, her own voice sounded more frightened than
anything else. She got to her feet quickly, for once gratefully standing,
knowing her skirt hem dropped back where it belonged slightly above her
knee cap. She walked slowly over to him, not for the reason of being sexy,
but because she was unfamiliar with the height of the heels she had been
forced into wearing. The heels were her size, it was just that they were
much, much higher than what she'd ever worn before.

Standing there in front of the young punk she felt terribly exposed.
Through her mind flashed the unwanted yet none the less potent facts. She
could feel the air flow about her naked genitals as she stood there in the
skirt and she could feel the lack of a bra on her breasts. She felt
vulnerable, exposed, and cheap. Sara knew this was just what the punk
wanted her to feel like and she knew she couldn't do a damn thing about it.
She hoped she would be able to retain some measure of dignity and so she
asked him out of turn, hoping she wouldn't incur his wrath,

"Sir, why are you interested in me? You've already made it well known
you think I'm a 'cow' and have in fact called me that. So why the interest
in me?"

He stood up and he leered. He stepped forward to within six inches of
where she stood. Sara wanted to back up but she dared not move. He still
hadn't answered her when she saw him move his pudgy arms forward and grasp
the lapels of both the jacket and the open blouse at the same time.

"I've waited a long time for this!"

On the word 'this' he yanked open both the blouse and the jacket
exposing her naked boobs to his view. Her nipples hardened as the cooler
room air came into contact with the tender tips of their twin surfaces.
She shivered and noticed that he was aware of the shiver because his cruel
smile broadened. Sara could feel her skin crawl as his hand rubbed her
shoulder pushing the blouse and jacket off her shoulders and down to her
middle upper arms. He stood back and just grinned at her big exposed

"So that's what they look like for real!"

He immediately reached out with both hands and cupped both breasts from
the under side of her big boobs supporting the twin mounds and at the same
time feeling the weight of her dangling unsupported boobs.

"I knew thirty eight double 'D' was big, but shit! Cow tits, yet they
feel pretty good."

Sara felt repulsed as she felt his pudgy fingers fondle her breasts and
the heel of his palms rubbing her nipples. She stood there and let him do
this to her knowing this was what it was all about; being reduced to a toy
for this evil young man.

"Moo for me like a cow, slut."

"No," she said. She didn't scream it, she didn't hiss it, she merely
stated that she would not do this.

"What?" he asked as she felt his right hand closing on her left breast getting tighter and tighter; distorting her round breast out of shape, his
fingers digging down into the soft flesh of her breast.

"No. I will not say that, sir." She replied again but now she was
wincing because of the pain. He continued to crush her breast in his hand
as she whimpered and leaned to her right trying unsuccessfully to take some
of the pressure he was putting on her breast and it was still increasing!

"Say it slut!" he hissed as her breast now was no longer even looking
breast like but looked more like a piece of squished bread even to her own
eyes. Tears of pain were in her eyes as she said,

"No. Sir."

He twisted her breast then and she whimpered. He twisted harder and she
cried. Then the wicked teen twisted her nipple with his other hand while
holding onto her left breast with his right hand. Sara did scream in pain
now, her eyes filling with tears until finally she said,

"Moo." "Louder, cow, I can't hear you!" he said maintaining the pressure
and the pain.

"Moo!" she said now totally defeated.

"You'll pay for your insolence later, bitch!" he said quietly to her.

Sara shuddered, she'd gone from a cow to a bitch, but the way he'd said
that was what bothered her. He released his hold on her now reddened,
finger marked breast and pushed her backwards. She almost fell but
maintained her balance.

"Get into position one on the bed, bitch."

Sara only had to back up two or three feet before she came into contact
with the bed. She then lifted her skirt above her crotch and sat down on
the bed. She didn't touch the blouse and jacket which were still on her
body but were quite useless at giving her any cover. Half sobbing she lay
down on the bed, facing him yet, opened her thighs and then spread her
pussy lips with both hands, her index fingers searching for and then
finding her clitoris. She pinned her clitoris and bit her lower lip as she
felt the stimulation. She pictured herself in the room right now and
couldn't help but think that if this wasn't a 'fuck me' picture she didn't
know what was. She blushed from the mental image but forced herself to
lift her head off the mattress and find the punks eyes with her own.
Momentarily her eyes left his to look at what he had between his own
fingers. It was his erection. She didn't get a good look at it and
because she didn't want to anger the youth any further she maintained the
position of looking in his face. What she had seen of his short stubby
erection was enough to convince her that he didn't have a monstrous penis
but it was rather thick. She swallowed miserably as he advanced and she
felt his hot penis come into contact with her fingers. He rubbed her clit
with his penis and she fought the response but eventually couldn't help
herself as her hips pushed towards his hard on. She felt herself leaking,
juices flowing freely from her pussy.

"Now cow, I'm gonnah fuck you."

Her eyes did close then and her neck arced as she cried out in pain.
His penis wasn't long, just very wide. She opened her legs further hoping
to accommodate the thickness of the kids substantial erection. She felt no
pleasure as he lunged deep inside her. Then she did gasp, but not from
pleasure, more from discomfort as his full weight came down over her
smothering her. She had to turn her head in order to breathe and she felt
him pumping his erection in and out of her almost like he was enjoying
this. She knew she didn't enjoy it; but she was stimulated. That was the
most she felt from his sudden quick rape. It amounted to a slam bam thank
you mam in the literal sense because in a matter of just a few strokes he
was spewing his goo deep inside her.

When he pulled out of her she was still in the position. She stared at
him as he looked down at her and said, "Undress me."

Sara got off the bed and did just that. When she got to his boxer
shorts he kept her in the kneeling position and then had her use her big
breasts as a platform for his balls and cock while she licked the depraved
teenagers stiffening erection.

"Suck my cock, Mrs. Bergman," was the only command she had. She tried
to look up into his face while giving him the blow job on her knee's but
his big belly prevented her from doing that. She hadn't even been at it
five minutes before he groaned, held her head at her ears and spewed his
sperm into her mouth telling her to swallow it.

Before retiring for the evening Bernie introduced her to the jiggle
wiggle as he called it. It amounted to her walking topless around the room
making her big boobs slap together as she did so. If her breasts were not
making the flesh on flesh sound when she was around Bernie she cried out
because of the belt he used on her naked breasts. This went on for some
time before Bernie was ready for bed. The bed time was a new horror for
the older married, now nude, woman. There was a net above the bed and she
lay bound in the net with her big breasts dangling over Bernie.
Occasionally during the night she would almost cum from his breast manipulations. It wasn't because of his rough fondling that she almost
came, it was because of the big vibrator in her pussy.

Sunday morning Bernie was a little more human and allowed her to shower
in private. His shower area was attached to the bedroom and he told her
she could use it alone and without interruption but he wanted her to apply
her make up and put on the heels before she towel dried in front of him.
Sara realized this as another example of the jiggles the kid liked to see
her perform. Even though it was degrading she performed it and the oral
sex that followed it. She was in fact performing the third blow job on the
kid when someone else entered the room. Her head was buried in his lap and
Bernie didn't seem to mind being interrupted while his sex slave performed
the oral stimulation. Bernie's penis was only about five inches long fully
erect, but he was all of three inches thick. Her jaw was stretched pretty
far and she could "deep" throat the kid without gagging herself. His
crotch hairs tickled her nose but she had gotten over that and the wicked
taste of his erect penis in her mouth. She was slurping on him when the
person entered the room and she heard Bernie above her say, "Ah, right on
time my friend."

"You got another broad giving you a blow job again, Bernie!" said the
voice Sara instantly recognized as belonging to Jeremy Fry the son of one
of her best friends! Sara brought her hands up to cup Bernie's balls and
at the same time shield her face from view as she kept performing the oral
stimulation her mind whirling with the terrible thought of the eighteen
year old Jeremy seeing her nude and sucking Bernie's penis. She remembered
the many times she'd visited the Fry home and seen Jeremy around the house.
Although the young man had never expressed any interest in her to her face
she had been aware of the attention he'd given her breasts when she
visited. Jeremy's mother Paula had worked with her at her same place of
employment for the past ten years. Eric Fry, Jeremy's younger brother had
been the one to have his mouth washed out with soap by his mother Paula
when, in Sara's presence, Eric had said, 'Wow! Lookie at them knockers!".
He'd been referring to Sara at the time. Jeremy had merely grinned and
taken it all end.

Sara slurped as she thought of the awful ramifications of Jeremy finding
out who she was. She concentrated her attentions on stimulating Bernie
without making him cum. It was very important to her that she not be

"Yeah, just some cheap slut that can't get enough of me," commented
Bernie and Sara wanted to bite him for that but she didn't.

"Why do you pick on the older gals, Bernie. This one looks as old as my

"Hey butthead don't talk that way about your mom, she's not bad."

"Does what she's doing to you feel good."

"Not bad, I've had better," was Bernie's comment, "she said she needed
more practice and I was giving it to her, but shit, she was right she don't
skull fuck that well."

"You always have a way with words Bernie."

"Yeah, and you seem to like the big titted ones as I remember," said

Sara dreaded what she knew was around the corner.

"So what if I did? I like em a little younger, that's all."

Sara felt Bernie's hand push her away. Fortunately she was able to
disengage and still keep her face away from the boy to her back who was
only five feet away. Bernie stood up. She heard Jeremy chuckle as she
then heard him say, "No wonder you don't get very far with that."

"Mind your manners Jer," said Bernie confirming Sara's suspicion as to
who was behind her back, "or I might not let you take my place over here!"

"I really don't want to Bernie."

"Yeah", said Bernie, putting his penis back in his pants, "so you say.
She's got big tits though."

"Really, how big?"

"Thirty eight double 'D'," came the instant response.

"Wow! That's is pretty big. Nice looking set of buns she's got for an
old bag though," said Jeremy from behind her, then, "are the same rules in

"You mean about me watching?" "I don't give a shit if you watch, but I
was wondering about the fuck after the blow job..."

"Yeah, you still have to fuck her, Jer." Said Bernie.

Sara cringed as she heard him walking around to where she sat on her
ankles facing the wall.

"I bet she's got a face like......shit! Mrs. Bergman!"

"You know the broad Jer?"

"Know her! Shit! Shit, she's one of my mom's friends; stops around the
house all the time. Man, what a set of jugs she's got though; always
wondered about them!"

Sara didn't like being talked about as if she were not there. Jeremy
continued to stare at her face as she blushed. She wasn't even wearing
heels. She was totally nude. She quietly looked up at Jeremy and saw that
his eyes were all over her breasts shifting between face and breasts. She
kept both her hands down over her crotch and covering her naked feministic
center. She only looked up to see what Jeremy was doing and she found the
teenager actually pacing back and forth and suddenly she realized he was
caught between having a good time and passing her up in order to keep up
his image. But he had already stated he had used Bernie's sources before.
She could almost see his thought processes as he paced back and forth, then

Aghast she watched the eighteen young man unzip his fly and part his
underwear as he exposed his penis. This was the first time Sara had ever
seen Jeremy's penis and she was surprised at how big he was. He was all of
eight or nine inches of hard erection. His prick curved a little in his
erection and wasn't nearly as thick as Bernie's but as it hardened right
before her eyes she had to revise her thoughts about his erection. It
wasn't a freaky monster, but it was big! He walked up to her right
shoulder then grabbed a handful of hair and pulled down. The movement on
his part was slick and almost practiced. Her head came back so that she
was looking up into his face and as her head came back her mouth
momentarily opened. In that short span of time Jeremy slipped his erection
between her lips and into her mouth. Her tongue slipped along the hard
underbelly of the teen's erection and she felt every ridge and every vein
as he slid himself to the back of her mouth stopping short of her throat.
He threw back his head and when his head came forward again she saw that
his eyes were closed. Jeremy had not groaned, but it was obvious that he
was enjoying himself at her expense. "Fu-u-ck!" he exclaimed drawing out
the word as he looked down into her face and grinned. Then he looked up
towards Bernie and released his hold on her hair allowing her to bring her
head back to a level position. Sara did not pull her mouth away from the
erection still in it. She was listening as well as observing. Part of her
mind saw the boy's penis under her nose. He tasted salty and yet sweet.
Probably the first fluids the analytical part of her mind thought as she
looked over the expanse still outside her mouth. She tested how far he was
inside and realized his penis was almost touching her tonsils! Looking at
the length she shuddered. There was still at least another three inches
for her to swallow. As she licked, almost automatically, she felt his
shaft get harder and longer as his penis head began to tickle her tonsils
and her jaw dropped from his widening and hardening. She was listening to
what Jeremy was saying now. It appeared he had reconsidered and wanted to
fuck her. He'd send his cock deep into her throat once or twice but he
wanted to cum in her pussy. Of course Bernie agreed; Bernie would agree to
almost anything that gave her a bad time.

Sara gagged as she felt Jeremy hold her head in his hands as he said,
"Ok, Mrs. Bergman, let's see how your throat takes my cock! Oh yeah,
feels so-o-o good!"

As the son of one of her best friends forced her to swallow his erection
and as he was drawing the word 'so' out, his penis head was slipping down
her throat as she gagged. Sara could feel her throat expanding as his cock
penetrated her throat. She continued to gag uncontrollably even after he
had removed his penis head to the front of her mouth. Then she gagged
deeply again, starting to choke, as he thrust himself deep down her throat
as her hands came up to try and force his hands off her head so she could
end the gagging by pulling her head away. He was stronger than she was and
she met unwavering strength at the boys wrists and arms.

"Yeah, yeah your throat feels s-o-o-o good Mrs. Bergman! No you can't
get away from me, not until I unload some in your belly!"

Sara was aghast as she felt the hose like erection in her mouth jerk and
she realized his penis was passing sperm directly into her throat. She
wouldn't taste his ejaculation and she thanked her stars for that, but the
squirting going on in her throat did make her choke uncontrollably. As
Jeremy withdrew his quickly deflating length she was coughing and choking
feeling some of his sperm come out of her nose. As his deflating length
left her mouth some of the residue of his sperm dropped over her taste buds
and she found that he tasted somewhat salty and yet strangely sweet too.
She continued to choke as he withdrew past her lips and she leaned forward
finally able to get her choking, but not her gagging, under control. The
last of her gagging brought some of his sperm up through her nose for a
second time.

It came as a real shock to feel both boys grab her; Bernie on her right
Jeremy on her left. They half dragged half carried her to the bed and
pushed her back so that she lay there in front of them. Sara watched as
Jeremy stripped his eyes never leaving her body. She shivered as she
realized he was actually eager to do the wild thing with her. In the nude,
Jeremy didn't look bad, in fact he looked like a real catch compared to
Bernie. She watched the son of her best friend as he leered at her coming
up to the bed and pushing her knee's wide apart as he moved his body
between her naked thighs. He positioned himself over her, rocking to his
right side and pinning her left arm to the bed. As he rocked he reached
down and slid his semi-erect penis into her pussy. As he slid in he
grinned and said, "Wet, huh?"

Sara was quiet. She wasn't turned on but she was stimulated. His penis
did that for him and for her. He rolled back over her form but kept his
buttocks raised so that he wasn't fully penetrating her. She looked up
into his pimple covered face as he looked into her eyes and as he said,
"You got a nice hot pussy Mrs. Bergman!"

Again Sara was quiet. Her instructions were for Bernie, not for
Bernie's friends. She couldn't help but groan as he dropped his buttocks
some more and slid more of his rapidly hardening length into her sex
cavity. He did feel good and after the crude stimulation she'd received
from Bernie it was almost a welcome relief, almost. This was still the son
of one of the women she knew.

She couldn't help the arcing of her back as he slammed the last of his
length into her pussy. She groaned feeling his big balls rub her ass
cheeks. She flexed her vaginal muscles almost spasmodically. There was
little or no mental control left in her and certainly none down below.

"Not only hot, but tight too!" he said as he groaned grinding his pelvis
into hers and his penis slipping around inside her tight hole. It was a
turn on now and there wasn't much she could do about stopping it. When he
leaned into her she felt him cup her breast and flick her nipple. This was
enough to make her climax for the first time since she'd been in Bernie's
bedroom. It wasn't an orgasm, but it was a rather intense climax. As he
squeezed and played with her big breasts he licked her neck just under her

"Do-don't tell your mom about this, please Jeremy!" she whispered
intensely as she felt him slide in and out of her and she was approaching
another climax.

She passed into what she called the cycle climaxes. She would be
climaxing a lot now heading toward orgasm. There was no controlling it and
as she felt his hands cover her breasts and squeeze she squirmed beneath

"You fuck me good, Mrs. B', he whispered in her ear as he screwed and
fucked her, "and I won't say a word, but you gottah get more verbal!"

Sara whispered back, "Alright" as she let her hips churn beneath her.
He went wild slamming in and out o her and she lost it too, Bernie or no
Bernie. "Oh god yes! Fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock! Yes-yes-yes!"
she screamed as he pumped in and out. He sucked on a right nipple,
releasing the nipple from his mouth and grinning as he whispered, "Much

Much better covered her situation too. She passed through her last
climax heading towards orgasm. She was not sure what she said as she let
go totally and fucked the teenager with all her might and with all the
muscles at her command. She felt his big prick pump one or two more times
before he too cried out and shot his load deep into her pussy. Then a
second load followed the first. Then a third and a fourth. A pleasing
darkness began to cover her eyes as she realized she was going to faint.
She half smiled from the orgasm she had experienced as she faded into the
deep blackness.

Sara awoke in the middle of the afternoon. Jeremy was still there and
Bernie had her get dressed in a skirt, garter belt supported hose and high
heels. Then with her bent over between them the boys faced each other.
There was a video camera on a tripod to cover the momentous event of
Bernie's penetration into her ass hole. He was going to sodomize her while
Jeremy fucked her mouth and they were going to tape the whole thing!

She did scream too! Bernie didn't have a very long prick, but it was
wide and it stretched her sphincter almost to the point of snapping she
thought. She screamed and screamed even though she was screaming around
Jeremy's cock as he slid himself in and out of her mouth and throat. She
felt some of Jeremy's deep throat actions and she would briefly gag as he
penetrated her so deep, but most of the time was spent by her screaming and
crying as Bernie forced his wide cock up her ass. Bernie came first, then
Jeremy. Then the two changed positions. Jeremy entered her stretched ass
hole and it didn't hurt nearly as much until he put his hands on her hips
and pulled her back to his groin while he slammed himself forward. She
screamed in pain around Bernie's cock, not because of her stretched muscles
near the opening of her ass hole but now her rectum that was penetrated by
the length of Jeremy's cock.

Towards the end of the afternoon Jeremy showed her what a jug fuck was
and she found out the difference between a blow job and a mouth fuck. Both
were awful but the mouth fuck was worse.

As she climaxed for the last time that evening she realized that she had
finished her weekend at the King residence. She was a different person
now, no longer their sex slave, but still tied to the King's. Worse she
knew that there were going to be other encounters but at least these were
over for now. When Bernie dropped her off in her original clothing to the
office and her husband picked her up she felt more than a little used;
somehow she also felt filled, not satisfied, but filled.


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