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FAB5 06 hurt any you Now how


This work entitled 'Back two basics' is the intellectual property of
the author and he claims the copyright to it in it's entirety. The
work may be copied for personal use only and no profit may be made
from it without the authors express permission.
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This work is of a sexual nature and if you are under the legal age of
consent where you live please do not read further, delete it and read
Enid Blyton instead, she has a famous Five she wrote about.
Chapter 6
Back two basics
by davidb234

Seeing Jenny was OK I turned to look at the twins and saw then
standing by the bed open mouthed and goggle eyed. "Bloody hell Dave"
said Amy softly, "Hurry up and get your breath back, I want some of
that, and soon!" "Me too" said Angie "How long before you recover
enough to give us the same treatment?" "Not 'til much later this
evening girls" I said "I'm so drained right now I doubt if even you
two could get me hard again" Amy and Angie flopped back into their
chairs and looked really disappointed, I couldn't stand to see them
like this and was about to say I'd give it a try when Jenny stirred
beside me and pulled my head close to hers and whispered into my ear
"Why don't you try to get them off with just your fingers in their
bottoms darling, that should keep them happy for a while at least?"
"Good idea darling" I said then kissed her tenderly before sitting up
on the bed and saying to the twins "Why don't I try to get you off
just using my fingers in your bottoms girls, at least then we'll know
you're ready for me when I've recovered a bit more strength," seconds
later I was being smothered with kisses as the twins dived on top of
me and began to thank me in their own special manner.

"Look, don't thank me" I said "It was Jenny's suggestion" Amy
looked at Jenny and said "Thanks Jenny, you really are the greatest."
Jenny blushed at her cousins compliment and said softly "I just wish
we had started this a long time ago, just think of all the fun we've
been missing" when they'd stopped giggling I shuffled across the bed
so I could sit on the edge and said "OK girls, who's going first?"
Amy stepped forward and said "Me please Dave, then Angie can see if
she can think of a better way than you do it for me," "Good idea" I
said "We still have a lot to learn about this, and I want to make
sure I don't hurt any of you. Now, how do you want to try it, face
down or face up?" Unsure of what to do Amy hesitated so I took hold
of her hand and pulled her toward me and said "Why don't you come and
lay across my lap, as if you were going to be spanked, then I can see
if it's comfortable for both of us?" With a grin she did as I
suggested and was soon laying across my thighs with me lifting her
skirt up above her waist and pushing her panties down her soft smooth
thighs and off her feet before opening her legs as wide as I could
without causing her any discomfort.

I looked round for the jar of Vaseline, and saw that Angie was
holding it out to me as she sat beside me so she could watch all that
went on in and around her sisters bottom. I dipped three fingers in
the jar and got a good coating of the lubricant on them before
bending down and placing a tender kiss on Amy's naked bottom then
placed the tip of my middle finger on her tight anal pucker. "You
ready Amy baby?" I asked softly and she just nodded her head as she
hugged my left leg tight, having wrapped her arms round it as she lay
down. "OK lover, just relax as much as you can, and I'll try not to
go too fast" with that I pressed a little harder and heard her gasp
"Whoooooo." As my finger slipped through her sphincter and sank into
her rear passage as far as it would go.

"You OK darling?" I asked as I gently caressed her back and
naked buttocks with my free hand, "Yes" she gasped softly, then Angie
went and knelt beside her sisters head and kissed her tenderly on the
cheek "What does it feel like Sis?" she asked, Amy gave a tiny shake
of her head "I can't put it into words right now, it's such a strange
feeling, Hoooo...." Her gasp at the end was due to me starting to
move my finger in and out of her bottom, giving it a half twist as I
moved in each direction. I continued to finger fuck Amy's bottom for
a couple of minutes with her beginning to respond to my hand
movements and thrust back as I pressed in. Placing my hand on her
bottom I said in a hushed voice "Hold still baby, I want to use two
fingers no if you're ready" Amy stopped moving and for the first time
I felt her sphincter muscles relax as if she was trying to make it
easier for me to insert a second digit to joint the first. Whatever
it was she was doing it was a lot easier to get a second finger in
Amy's bottom than it had been with Jenny, and I only used two fingers
for a very short while before stopping so I could make it three. This
was almost too much for Amy because as soon as I had the cone of my
three fingers pressed in as deep as possible Amy was gasping that she
was going to cum any second, and cum she did, she came to a screaming
climax that took us all by surprise, and almost left me with
dislocated fingers when she clamped her anal muscles tight arched her
back and thrust out her legs as her orgasm hit her like and express

Worried that I might hurt her I resisted the temptation to pull
my fingers from Amy's bottom, but did give a low groan of pain as she
squeezed them tight. "What's wrong darling?" asked Jenny as she sat
beside me, but before I could answer Amy relaxed suddenly and my
fingers slipped out of her butt, allowing me to flex them and give
them a little shake, "Oh, I see" said Jenny with a smile, "Did I do
that to you as well darling?" I shook my head "No darling, I guess
Amy came harder than you did, don't worry about it, it's not really
hurting now."

We sat still for a minute or two allowing Amy to recover enough
to sit up, and all stroked her tenderly as she lay there breathing
deeply and occasionally giving a tiny shudder as she recalled her
orgasm over and over. Eventually Amy stirred and Angie helped her sit
up beside me on the bed with me holding her upright with an arm
wrapped round her waist. After a moment or two Amy gave a huge sigh
and said "WOW, that was really something else, I never thought having
an orgasm could be better than I already experienced by being fucked,
but this was out of this world, I can't wait to do it with Dave's
penis in my bottom." Angie, who was sitting on the floor at Amy's
feet looked up at her sister and said "I suppose that means you like
it Sis?" Amy looked down and grinned as she nodded "Not half Ange',
it was the greatest thing ever, believe me." While Amy was telling
Angie and Jenny what her experience had been like, I slipped out to
the bathroom and gave my hands a quick scrub, partly to get rid of
the Vaseline left on my fingers, but also because I had suddenly
realised Amy hadn't been cleaned out the same as Jenny had. Despite
my worse fears there was no trace of dirt on my fingers, so I decided
not to make a big issue of it when I went back to see about giving
Angie the same treatment.

Sure enough, when I returned to my bedroom Angie was sitting
between Amy and Jenny, stripped naked and obviously ready for me.
"David" she said as I stood in front of the trio, "Will you try
something different for me please?" I smiled and nodded "Sure Angie,
what did you have in mind?" she smiled shyly then said "I want to be
able to look at you while you're doing it. That means I have to be
on my back, if that's all right with you darling?" I bent down and
kissed her tenderly, then said softly "Of course it is my love,
anything you want is fine, just so I don't hurt you, all right?"
Angie threw her arms round my neck and kissed me hard and
passionately, "You're really wonderful David, I just wish Jenny
hadn't got to you first, then I might have been able to have you for
myself." "Not bleeding likely" said Amy, there's no way I'd have let
you get away with not sharing him sister mine." "So who's
monopolising him anyway" said Jenny with a chuckle as I stood
thinking of how to set ourselves up so I could do all Angie wanted.

After a minute or so I said "OK, let's get ready, Angie I want
you to lay on the bed so your thighs are alongside mine." When she
was in that position I said "Right babe, put your left leg as far
across the bed as you can, then put your right leg across my body so
your foot is hanging over the edge of the bed." Laying like this
Angie was more exposed than she had ever been, with her legs spread
wide and her hot wet swollen pussy spread wide with my hand resting
gently on her down covered mound as I gently stroked her, just for
the pure enjoyment of it. Seeing she was a little uncomfortable with
the leg that was across mine being stretched too far I asked Jenny to
get a firm pillow, lifted Angie's hips and allowed Jenny to slip it
under her lower back so she was raised up enough to make her a little
more comfortable. I also saw it made access to her bottom a little
easier and, as I looked down at Angie saw she was laying with her
eyes closed and a sweet smile on her lips as she thought about what
was to come.

I gave her clit a gentle rub and, as she opened her eyes said
"Are you ready darling?" she nodded and closed her eyes again as she
thrust her bottom forward a fraction to indicate she was. If Amy had
been receptive, Angie was more so, she must have been practising how
to control her anal muscles because when I slid my first finger into
her bottom she felt less tight than her sister or Jenny had
previously. Nothing loth I went straight from one finger to pressing
my three finger cone slowly but firmly past Angie's sphincter, and
found it slipped in like a hot knife into butter. As I paused to make
sure Angie was OK, she opened her eyes and smiled up at me then said
softly "That feels wonderful David, please don't stop now, I want to
feel you finger fucking my arse, do it now please, I really want to
feel you moving inside me, even if it's just your fingers, come on
lover FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME..." Slowly at first I did as she
asked and was soon ramming my fingers in and out of her grasping
anus, sometimes struggling to keep my finger inside her, she was
squeezing so hard. I looked down at Angie's beautiful face for a
moment then moved my gaze down her naked body until I was looking at
her hot wet and very swollen pussy, seeing how her cuntal juices were
oozing out from between her lower lips.

It was then that I suddenly saw the possibilities of the
position we were in; with a wide grin I slowly moved my thumb round
as I continued to move my hand to and fro, then with a slight pause
on my next forward stroke I allowed it to sink into Angie's pussy and
press against the thin membrane separating her cuntal passage from
her anal. Angie was so surprised at feeling something moving in and
out of her cunt she opened her eyes wide and before she realised what
was happening came to a crashing screaming orgasm. It was so intense
that Angie threw her hips up in the air off the pillow and when she
came down she had thrown my fingers and thumb out of her bodily
cavities and clamped her thighs together as she thrashed about on
the bed beside me for what seemed like hours but was really just less
than a full minute.

After allowing Angie to calm down, and moving her leg from
across my lap, I went back to caressing her naked body until she
opened her eyes and looked up at me, just as Amy gasped out "Damn,
why didn't I think of doing that; Jenny, did you see what happened,
he was finger fucking her pussy and her arse at the same time, two
fucks for the price of one" and she burst into a fit of the giggles
as I helped her sister to sit up. As she came upright Angie put her
arms round me and kissed me passionately then lay her head on my
chest and said "That was the most awesome thing I ever felt David, it
seems we all get better and better things happen every time we come
and see you. What are you, a magician?" I hugged her naked body
tenderly to my chest, feeling her hard nipples pressing into my skin,
and said "No, just a bloke that's trying new things with four
beautiful girls that are as keen as me to learn something new
whenever they can."

Jenny shuffled over, pressed her lips to mine and said "That's
what's so magical about all this lover, that we can learn so much so
quickly without getting hurt like so many of our friends have in the
past. This is one reason my darling, that the twins and I have held
off from having regular sex, we wanted to find the right one for the
job. It looks like you've been nominated mate." With that Jenny
kissed me again then said "Why don't you go and wash your hands
darling, I want to have a private word with the twins, OK?" When I
came back a few minutes later Jenny came up to me and pressed her
body close to mine, kissed me sweetly and passionately then said
"Will you be able to take the twins in their bottoms this evening
darling, or will you need some time to rest up between them?" I
leaned back a little so I could see her face, "I could try darling,
but I honestly don't think I have more than one decent cum left in me
just now, you drained a lot out of me this morning you know!" As I
stood there in Jenny's arms the twins came up to us and Amy said in a
soft voice "Would you try please David darling, it won't matter if
you don't cum in both of us this time, we can always make up for it
another day, it's just that we can't wait 'til tomorrow now we know
what it feels like to be entered from the rear. Please darling, say
you'll give it a try?"

It didn't take a genius to figure out what my answer was,
especially as I was bundled over to the bed and was soon buried once
more beneath a mass of naked female flesh, and wonderful it was too.

Jenny took the twins to the bathroom and were gone for about
twenty minutes, long enough for me to begin thinking they had changed
their minds. I needn't have worried of course, they were just getting
cleaned up for the upcoming bout of new sexual experiences. Amy was
first, and she lay over a stack of pillows as Jenny had done earlier
and, looking back at me said "Will you put some Vaseline in my bottom
please David, that should make it easier for both of us this first
time." Wanting to get things right from the outset I did as she asked
and was pleased to find Jenny coating my penis with Vaseline as I did
Amy's bottom. As Amy lay face down on the bed with her bottom lifted
up ready for me to enter her, I leaned forward and took my weight on
one outstretched hand I had placed beside Amy's head. I then grasped
the shaft of my cock and aimed the head at her anal pucker as best as
I could seeing the position I was in. Seeing I was struggling to find
my target Jenny came up beside us again and said softly "Let me help
darling" and she took hold of my cock and placed the hot throbbing
tip in the correct position and said "Go David darling, press it in
as far as it will go, she's ready and willing to take you".

With a jerk of my hips I felt Amy's sphincter give way, and
heard her gasp of surprise followed by a loud sigh as I slowly sank
deep into her rear passage until I felt my pubic hair pressing
against her soft smooth rounded bottom. Not wanting to move for a
moment I lay my head down between Amy's shoulder blades and slipped
my arms under her body until I could cup her firm young breasts in my
hands. I lifted my head then placed a line of soft sweet tender
kisses across her shoulders before starting to slowly move my hips
and began to butt fuck the young girl trapped beneath my hard
youthful body. As I moved so did Amy, when I drew my penis back so
that just the head was lodged in her bottom she gave a soft mew of
protest and pressed back to me as she tried to maintain our intimate
contact. When I pressed forward and slid my hard pulsating cock deep
into her body in a single smooth thrust, she cried out wit pleasure.
Over and over we moved to and fro against each other until Amy cried
out that she was about to cum, and she wasn't joking. Time after time
she bucked her bottom against my pelvic bone, squeezing her tight
anal muscles on my cock in an effort to prevent me from being
dislodged from the tight warm nest it was sitting in, each backward
thrust was accompanied by a loud cry of ecstasy as her climax hit her
over and over again until with a final loud wail she collapsed in a
limp heap beneath me.

As I lay there on top of Amy, and trying to recover my breath
from the sudden bout of rapid exercise, I felt numerous hands pulling
at me, and two voices telling me I had to get up so they could see to
Amy. They were so insistent I eventually did as the said and allowed
them to pull me off Amy and roll me over to lay beside her while they
checked her over. I sat up just as they rolled Amy on to her back and
we all saw she was laying there, her eyes wide open and a wide smile
fixed on her face as she breathed in short gasps for a few minutes.
After a while Amy shook her head and looked around her then said
"What happened Sis?" Angie grinned then replied "You passed out Amy
darling. David didn't even get a chance to cum in you before you gave
up the ghost. It looks as if I'm going to have to save the family
name and get him to fill me with his hot creamy cum." Amy smiled and
shook her head "Damn, I wanted to be the first, now I'm too tired, OK
Sis go get him, and do a good job for my sake" and with a wide smile
she rolled over to allow her sister to take her place beside me.
Angie came up to me, put her arms round me and kissed me warmly,
"Will you do it differently for me please darling" she said "I want
to be looking at you while you fuck me."

I agreed and got on to the bed and knelt down with my knees
spread as far apart as I could manage, while Angie placed a firm
pillow between my thighs then lay down on her back in front of me,
opening her legs wide and displaying her pussy and her bottom to me.
This had the advantage of stiffening my resolve, as well as getting
my cock rigid, something I was beginning to worry about for a few
moments. On Angie asking me I grasped her by the hips and pulled her
up the ramp of my thighs until my hard throbbing penis was placed at
her soft dark pink rosehole that shone with the Vaseline that had
been rubbed in and around it, presumably by Jenny. Once more Jenny
was there to help facilitate initial entry and, as she placed the tip
of my cock to Angie's anus she told me to pull Angie up on to it. By
now Angie had wrapped her ankles round my back and, as I started to
pull her body on to my hard throbbing penis, she helped me by tensing
her thighs and pressing her heels into my back.

The combined efforts of both of us worked very well because I
slipped in balls deep with a single thrust, experiencing an extra
throbbing of my cock as I saw my coarse curly pubic hair mingle with
Angie's pussy fur. "Ohhhh... that feels soooo good David darling" she
gasped as I held her tight to me and gazed down into her beautiful
face, "Fuck me darling, fuck me hard and fill me with your hot creamy
semen so I can feel it burning as it shoots inside me and floods me
'til I'm full to overflowing" taking a firmer grasp on her hips I
lifted myself up on my knees, slipped my hands beneath her lower back
and began to hump at her butt as hard as I could.

What a wonderful sight that was, each time I thrust myself at
Angie I saw her firm flushed conical tits bounce back and forth and
heard her gasp "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME..." over and over again
until she suddenly went quiet, opened her eyes wide and took me by
surprise by crying out "YES... YES... YES... I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG
NOOOOWWWWWW!" and jerked and trashed about as she arched her back and
squeezed me tight with her strong thighs that were wrapped round my
back, pulling me deeper into her arse as she climaxed like I'd never
seen her do before. I was about to give up on my own orgasm when I
was forced to cry out "Oh... damn that's great" as I saw Jenny and
Amy kneel beside Angie and clamp their mouths hard on her firm
bouncing titties and begin to suck hard as she still thrashed about
in the throes of her orgasm. This was enough to take me over the edge
and I gave a loud low groan as my hips jerked uncontrollably and I
began shooting a massive stream of cum into Angie's now still and
fully relaxed, body. As soon as she felt the first pulse of my cock
Angie opened her eyes wide and gasped "oh... damn I can feel it
shooting into me, fuck me fuck me darling, I want to feel you fill me
right up, cum, cum, cum..." and still I came, over and over again I
spurted into her arse until I had no more to give and I collapsed
forward, bending at the waist and lowering my head on to Angie's
lower abdomen as I gasped for breath.

After a moment or two I opened my eyes to see Jenny and Amy
pulling Angie off my thighs and rolling her on to her front beside
me, then allowing me to fall down beside her and allow me to recover
from my exertions. Jenny went out to the bathroom and brought back
some tissue so she could clean Angie's bottom of the cum that was
leaking out, then after we had all recovered our strength she said
"David darling, the twins and I have to go, my parents are expecting
us home for tea. Can we come over later on, or even tomorrow if we
have to stay in this evening?" "Of course you can, my love" I said
gently, "You know you're welcome any time." I helped them all dress,
then allowed them to dress me as I had decided to go and get myself
some Fish and Chips for my own evening meal, as I didn't have the
strength to start cooking just then.
TO BE CONTINUED--------in part 7 of
The Fabulous Five from davidb234.
(c) davidb234.
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Please note that flames go up in smoke and are just a waste of time
effort and money.
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