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FAB5 07 hurt you fuck you


This work entitled 'And then there were four!' is the intellectual
property of the author and he claims the copyright to it in it's
entirety. The work may be copied for personal use only and no profit
may be made from it without the authors express permission.
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This work is of a sexual nature and if you are under the legal age of
consent where you live please do not read further, delete it and read
Enid Blyton instead, she has a famous Five she wrote about.
Chapter 7
And then there were four!

by davidb234

I helped Jenny and the twins dress, then allowed them to dress
me because I'd decided to go and get myself some Fish and Chips for
my own evening meal, as I didn't have the strength to start cooking
just then. An couple of hours later I was laying in a bath of hot
water relaxing when I heard someone coming up the stairs and along
the passage. Being on my own I hadn't bothered to lock the bathroom
door so Jenny had no trouble walking in on me once she realised where
I was, "Fucking hell Jenny" I shouted, "You scared the shit out of me
coming in like that. I thought my parents had come back early."
"Don't be silly" she said as she knelt beside the bath and put her
hands in the water, "Now, where's that soap, I want to wash your
back, and other places, while I tell you what happened when I got
home" she paused while she soaped my back, then rinsed the suds off
before putting her hands in the water again and searching for the
soap which she had conveniently dropped. She didn't find the soap but
I didn't complain about what she ended up holding on to. I lay back
and allowed her to play with my stiffening cock as she continued
"Well darling, my mother said we could go out again after dinner, but
the twins would have to go home as their parents were calling for
them at about seven.

Mum said they had a family party to go to tomorrow, but would
be able to come and stay for the rest of the week from Monday
morning" pausing for a moment Jenny lowered her head and kissed the
tip of my hard throbbing penis, getting it moist with her saliva
before getting up and finishing what she had to say, "The thing is
darling, Jane got talking to the twins and was mad as hell when she
found they'd let you fuck them like you did this afternoon. She
threatened to tell on us all if she didn't get fucked tonight when
she comes round, like in about half an hour, Hmmm...." The last bit
was where she almost swallowed my hard cock while I dried my self
off. When I was dry I put on my tracksuit and pumps then went down to
the kitchen to clean up for the night and make myself a pot of tea
while we waited for Jane to come round.

When she arrived we all went up to my room and while the girls
sat on the bed I went to the upright chair I had placed in the centre
of the room, sat down and said "Jane darling, Jenny tells me you said
you're going to tell on us if you don't get fucked tonight, is that
right?" she looked at me rather shame faced then said "Well, yes I
did, but I was just mad because you wouldn't fuck me like you did the
twins," I smiled and put my arms out to her, hugging her to me when
she came over to stand in front of me. As I relaxed my hold on her
she started to stand up and while she was off balance I grabbed her
hands, twisted her round and pulled her down across my lap holding
her down with my hand on the nape of her neck. As she yelled in
surprise and a little fear I whipped up her skirt and uncovered her
naked bottom, Ah well, it saved me struggling to take her panties
down. "What are you doing?" she cried, then yelled out loud as my
hand came down hard on her bare buttocks, not once, not twice, but
ten times I spanked her before allowing her to roll off my thighs on
to the floor where she lay sobbing.

When Jane had quietened down a little I leaned forward and said
softly "Jane darling, I will make love to you almost any time you
want me to. I will enjoy making love to you every time I do it, but
what I will never do is give in to threats of any sort when it comes
to sex. Do you understand?" Jane looked up at me through tear filled
eyes, sniffed loudly and said in a quiet voice "I'm sorry David, I
was just so jealous when Amy told me what you'd all been doing, I
just didn't think what I was saying. I won't do it again, I promise."
I smiled at her and said "Damn, and I was hoping to use that as an
excuse to spank you again". Jane got up and straddled my thighs, put
her arms round my neck and kissed me softly "I might even give you a
reason, just so long as you don't do it quite so hard darling, I was
just beginning to enjoy it when you stopped, and my pussy was getting
very wet every time your hand touched my lips where they poked out
between my legs. Didn't you feel them?" I shook my head, "No darling,
I didn't. why don't you lay across my lap again so I can see?" in a
flash she was in position and I placed the flat of my hand on her
bottom and rubbed it gently all over her buttocks and the top of her

Sure enough I could feel the soft roundness of her swollen
pussy lips poking out from between her thighs, then I leaned over and
looked down, Oh boy, what a wonderful sight they made, all soft round
and glistening with her juices. Very gently I pressed on her thighs
and opened her legs so I could get two fingers into her pussy and
began to gently finger fuck her until she came to such a quick climax
I was taken by surprise and had to grab hold of her to stop her
falling off my lap on to the floor. "Fucking Nora" gasped Jenny from
the bed where she was sitting, "What happened there?" "I guess your
little sister likes to be spanked" I said with a smile. Jane stood
up, allowed her skirt to fall into place and said "I certainly do
Sis, just so long as it's not too hard. I almost came while David was
spanking me to be honest" she then looked contrite as she said "Look
Sis, I didn't mean it when I said I was going to split on you. I was
just jealous because I missed out on what happened today."

Jenny stood up and went and hugged her sister "That's all right
Sis, I forgive you just don't scare me like that again OK?" Jane
nodded then whispered something in Jenny's ear, to which Jenny nodded
and smiled as she looked across at where I was still sitting on the
chair in the middle of the room. "David my love" said Jenny with her
most winning smile, "Will you show Jane you forgive her please?"
"How?" I asked as I stood up and placed the chair at the side of the
room. "By giving her what you gave the twins this afternoon of
course" By now I was standing beside the sisters so I put my arms
round them both and kissed them, "Of course I will, just so long as
she can pass the same test." I sat down on the edge of the bed and
gently pulled Jane across my lap again saying "Don't worry Jane
darling, I'm not going to spank you this time, I just need to know I
won't hurt you if I fuck you in the bottom. All you have to do is
relax and tell me if I'm hurting you, or if you want me to stop what
I'm doing, understand?" "Yes David" she said as she reached back and
pulled her skirt up to bare her bottom once more.

By now Jenny was standing beside me with the Vaseline into
which I dipped my fingers so I could begin preparing Jane for her
first butt fuck. Very gently I pressed my index finger at her tight
pink pucker as I tenderly caressed her lower back and her bottom and
whispered "Relax Jane darling, it won't hurt I promise, just let
yourself go limp and let me push my finger into your bottom." As I
was pressing all the time, as soon as she relaxed my finger shot into
her anus, making her cry out softly in surprise. I held still for a
moment then said "You OK Jane darling?" "Yes" she gasped "Carry on
this feels just great"; for the next few minutes I worked my finger
in and out of her bottom, then stopped suddenly as I made ready to
insert a second digit to join the first, "You ready for this baby?" I
asked as I pressed the tip of my middle finger at her anal pucker,
"Yes, do it David" she gasped, and pressed her bottom back at my
fingers as I pressed them at her sphincter.

"Whoosh..." she gasped as she felt my two fingers enter her
rear, side by side, "Do it faster darling" she cried as I slowly
moved my hand to and fro against her bottom cheeks, so I did as she
asked and moved my hand as fast as I could for a moment or two before
stopping and bending down so I could kiss her naked bottom, "Do you
think you could take three fingers my love?" I asked quietly, Jane
looked round at me and smiled, "David darling, the way you're going
I'll be able to take you whole hand, just hurry please so I can get
this over with and get down to some serious fucking." I realised Jane
was ready and willing, I just wanted to make sure she was able so I
finally inserted a third finger into her arse and pressed then in as
deep as my hand would allow, "Oh god... that's wonderful" she gasped
as I moved my hand to and fro again, "Yes, yes, yes fuck me please,
finger fuck my arse darling, I'm going to cum any second, fuck me,
fuck me, fuck me... Aggghhhh..." and he began to buck against my
probing fingers as she went into the throes of an orgasm for the
second time in less than half an hour.

Jane thrashed about so much she pulled herself off my fingers,
and I had just finished wiping them clean on some tissue Jenny handed
me when Jane finally stirred, then rolled off my lap to lay face up
on the bed, her legs hanging over the edge, wide apart, displaying
her wonderful down covered pussy to my gaze. I couldn't resist
bending down and kissing Jane's naked pussy, which action made her
open her eyes and say "Oh do it again please David, I love to feel
your lips on my cunt, and your tongue flicking my clit" "Don't be
greedy" I said "I thought you wanted me to make love to you in your
bottom?" Jane sat bolt upright and said "Oh, I do darling, can we do
it now please?" I nodded as I got up and started to build a mound of
pillows for her to lay over while Jenny explained what was going on,
and how I would go about getting my relatively large cock into her
tight little anal passage, "Don't worry Sis, it will fit I promise,
all you have to do is relax completely at all times."

With that Jenny helped Jane to get into position then smeared a
good big gob of Vaseline in her arse and on the head of my hard
pulsating cock before pulling me forward and touching the tip of my
slick cock to her sisters anal pucker, "Relax Jane darling, it's
coming now..." and as she spoke I pressed forward, gently but firmly
until Jane gave another cry of surprise as the head of my cock
slipped inside her bottom and lodged itself a good two inches into
it's target. "You OK Sis" asked Jenny as we heard Jane gasping for
breath, "Fine Sis" Jane replied so I pressed forward again, this time
plunging my cock to it's fullest depth in a single stroke, stopping
only when I felt my coarse pubic hair touching the soft smooth skin
of Jane's bottom cheeks. "Ohhhh... yessss..." hissed Jane as she
wriggled her bottom and feeling my hard throbbing cock move inside
her anal passage, "That feels sooooo good, I just wish we could have
done this ages ago, now David please fuck me properly, I want to feel
your cock moving in and out of my bottom".

So I did, slowly at first so she could get the feel of what was
happening, but I soon speeded up and after only a few minutes I was
banging my pelvic bone hard against Jane's bottom making her grunt
each time I pounded against her cheeks until I felt her beginning to
respond to my movements and had her coming back each time I rammed
forward, and heard her say "YES... YES... YES..." each time she was
driven forward into the stack of pillows. Despite having already had
two orgasms, Jane was very soon gasping out that she was about to
come once more, and I was also so close I couldn't hold back much
longer, so just as she cried out "I'mmmm cuuummmiiinnnggg... ..." I
began shooting a huge stream of hot creamy semen deep into her bowels
as I rammed harder and harder at her trembling and thrashing body.
Not only was this the hardest I had ever cum, and over the past few
weeks I had experienced a large number of really intense orgasms, but
it also hit Jane hard, so hard in fact that as I collapsed on top of
her body she didn't feel a thing, having passed out with the
intensity of her own climax.

Jenny saw what had happened and quickly pulled me off her
sisters back and rolled her off the pillows and on to her back on the
bed, where she checked to make sure she was till breathing, albeit
not too deeply, but still breathing. I knew nothing about this,
seeing as I was laying there with my eyes closed, and my own breath
coming in short shallow gasps for some time, until I had recovered
enough to realise I was having my cock wiped with a wet cloth. As I
opened my eyes Jenny looked down at me and smiled "Welcome back, I
thought I'd take the time to clean you both up while you were still
sleeping" she said, then she leaned over and kissed me tenderly, "I
think we're going to have to get some training in first aid if this
keeps on happening darling, this is the fourth time someone has
fainted after you fucked them." Jenny helped get Jane into my bed and
then got in herself with me joining them and getting in between their
soft warm bodies, laying there for some considerable time as Jane and
I recovered from our exertions. As we lay there I felt Jenny playing
with my cock, and very soon began to respond to her caresses in the
time honoured way, I got hard.

When I was fully erect Jenny rolled over and pulled a small
foil packet from the drawer in the cabinet by my bed, and was soon
rolling a rubber down the length of my cock and immediately ramming
herself down hard on to me, giving a loud gasp of pleasure as she
felt the head of my penis touch her cervix as I bottomed out inside
her. Almost without a pause Jenny was starting to bounce up and down
on my prick and made so much noise Jane soon opened her eyes and saw
the lewd sight of her sister fucking me as I lay back passively and
just caressed her naked thighs as she pounded herself up and down on
my hard cock. There was no way I was going to be able to cum this
soon after fucking Jane, so Jenny concentrated on her own
satisfaction, and after a very short while came like an express
train, collapsing on to my chest at the end of her climax where she
lay for some time getting her breath back enough to roll off me and
on to the bed beside me. By now it was getting late and Jenny and
Jane were soon freshened up and dressed, kissing me goodnight as they
made their way home, promising to come round the next morning after I
had done my paper round and had breakfast.
TO BE CONTINUED--------in part 8 of
The Fabulous Five
from davidb234.(c)
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