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This work entitled 'A day of rest' is the intellectual property of
the author and he claims the copyright to it in it's entirety. The
work may be copied for personal use only and no profit may be made
from it without the authors express permission.
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This work is of a sexual nature and if you are under the legal age of
consent where you live please do not read further, delete it and read
Enid Blyton instead, she has a famous Five she wrote about.
Chapter 8
A day of rest?
by davidb234

When the girls had gone I went straight to sleep after setting
my alarm clock so I could get up in time to do my morning paper
round. I slept like a log and didn't stir until the scream of the
alarm woke me next morning. Being a morning person I had no problem
getting straight up and was soon out on my bike delivering the Sunday
papers, getting back home at about eight thirty and cooking myself
bacon eggs and fried bread which I sat down and ate with a good deal
of relish. I'd just finished clearing up the kitchen when Jenny
knocked and came straight in the back door, closely followed by her
sister who was walking rather stiffly. This of course wasn't too
surprising considering what she had gone through the previous
evening, and I suppressed a grin as she took great care sitting down.

"Are you all right Jane?" I asked solicitously, she looked up
at me and grimaced, "No I'm bloody well not. My arse is as sore as
hell after last night, I'm not doing that again for a long time, I
can tell you." I sat beside her and took her hand in mine, holding
her firmly as I said "Well I did try to warn you, didn't I darling?"
reluctantly she nodded in agreement, "Yeah, I suppose you did. I was
just too annoyed at the twins getting it before me I didn't really
think what I was doing. Believe me David, I'll think twice before I
ignore what you say." After cleaning up the kitchen I went up stairs,
followed by the girls, and stripped off my track suit, and dived into
the bathroom for a quick slosh in the tub.

After a quick wash down I got out, dried off and was walking
back to my bedroom when Jenny called to me, "What are we going to do
today lover?" entering my room I saw the girls sitting side by side
on my bed, as I dressed I said "Well Jenny darling, first off I'm
going to church like I usually do, then I'm going to cook myself some
lunch. After that it'll depend on what company I have, as to what
I'll be doing for the rest of the day." Jane giggled, looked at Jenny
and said How about having our company for the rest of the day, you
know you can depend on us to give you a good time," with a grin I
replied "Is that a threat or a promise Jane darling?" "Ohhh... very
much a promise David, very much a promise." As I locked the house up
we heard the church bells warning us we would be late if we didn't
hurry so, taking the girls arms I set a decent pace over the short
distance to the church, arriving just as the girls parents got there.

Seeing me with both his daughters on my arm would normally be
enough to send any father into apoplexy, mainly due to the reputation
I had as a bad influence in the neighbourhood. Seeing me with his
daughters on my arm as I walked them into church to sit in the same
pews as he and his wife, that was different matter as far as the
girls father was concerned. Both he and his wife ignored what other
people said about me, which was mainly bad to be honest. They knew I
was a regular attendee at the same church as them, whereas most of my
detractors didn't even go to church anywhere. I reckon he would have
thought the same if he'd been told I was having sex with them both,
although I didn't want to actually try it in practice. As it was,
after the service they asked me to join the family for lunch, as they
knew I was alone in the house, and despite all the frowns, scowls and
shakes of their heads I got from Jane and Jenny I accepted the

Despite my protestations I found myself with a plate piled high
with meat and three veg, I reckon it was the same size as the girls
fathers, and he was twice my size. Politeness forced me to clear my
plate, and I managed to keep the helping of Apple pie and custard
down to very small as opposed to what their mother tried to give me.
After we had finished eating I thanked the girls mother for a
wonderful meal and was about to say I had to go home and get some
work done when Jack, their father told me to follow him into their
front parlour. As he said this I saw out of the corner of my eye his
wife and the girls all look up and all had a look of surprise on
their faces. I gave a little shrug and did as I was told, finding
myself sitting in an old fashioned leather armchair, while Jack
switched on the radio, tuned it to the Home service and sat down to
listen to a regular Sunday afternoon magazine programme. You have to
understand this was in the days before Television was a common piece
of furniture in most households, let alone having one in every room
as some people have these days. As we sat there in total silence I
tried to find some excuse to go; then Jack got up, left the room for
a couple of minutes then came back with two glasses in his hands, one
of which he offered to me. I took it from him, not without a good
deal of care as I tried to make sure in didn't drop it with the shock
of finding it was full of beer.

Again this is a time when boys of my age were NEVER offered
alcoholic beverages by their parents, let alone a virtual stranger. I
thanked him, proffered the usual toast and took a good long draught,
almost mirroring what he was doing, then he began to talk to me about
our local football team, which had just been relegated to the second
division after a poor performance during the previous season. We were
still talking animatedly when the girls and their mother came into
the room and sat on chairs placed at the periphery of the room, just
out of line of sight of Jacks and mine chairs. Despite all my
attempts to bring the girls and their mother into the conversation
Jack would have none of it, and kept returning to me to continue the
discussion. When he got up and took my empty glass, saying he would
get a refill I saw a look of shock on Jenny's face and that of her
mother, both being hidden from Jack until he had left the room.

As soon as we were alone the girls mother gasped "WELL, what do
you think of that girls, I never saw your father do anything like it
before in my life!" Jenny got up, stepped over to my chair and gave
me a big warm kiss, saying "Keep it up David darling, you've got him
eating out of the palm of your hand." Before I could reply Jack came
into the room, handed me another full glass and sat down, picking up
our conversation where we left off. This carried on for another two
hours, and another two glasses of beer, by which time o was feeling
bloated and in desperate need of a piss. "Must go to the toilet" I
said as I stood up, "I'll show him dad" said Jenny, jumping up and
pushing me out of the room, and guiding me out the back door to the
WC. As I stood there emptying my bloated bladder Jenny said "I don't
know what's happened here Dave, but this is the first time dad has
invited anyone, let alone a boy, into the front room. And he's never
offered them a drink of beer. Let alone four. I think he like you
darling, and I know mum does, in fact she likes you a lot. She told
us so when we were doing the washing up." I washed my hands at the
kitchen sink, then followed Jenny back to the front room, sitting
down in my chair, "I bet that feels better David" he said, "I know it
can be a bit of a bugger if you're not used to drinking this stuff."
I laughed, as I was supposed to, and sat back, pretending to relax,
as Jack was doing, and we just sat in silence listening to the radio
for another half hour.

It was then I decided to take the bull by the horns and make my
escape, trying to get the girls out of the house at the same time. I
stood up and said firmly, "I'd like to thank you for having me over
for lunch, and for the drinks, but I'm afraid I really must be going.
You see I've got a huge amount of homework I have to do, and I had
promised Jane and Jenny that they could bring their school books over
and I'd help them with some of the problems there having with maths
and science. I hope you don't think I'm being rude, but I really do
have to be making a move." Jack stood up beside me and patted me on
the back, "Nah... don't worry about it David, I understand. And
Jenny's mother has told me how much time her and Jane spend at your
house at weekends doing homework. I must say her last school report
certainly shows a big improvement. I just hope they can keep on
coming to you and get the same sort of help for as long as they need

I had the grace to blush, then said "Well, I'm always prepared
to have them come and learn about the things I'm good at, and I think
they actually enjoy it sometimes." "Well David, keep on doing it, you
won't get any complaints from me if they learn as well as they seem
to be doing right now" said Jack as he gave me another slap on the
back. Jenny got my coat, and she and Jane got theirs then we all left
to go round to my house. As soon as we were out of sight of their
house the girls both started to roar with laughter, and didn't stop
until I was closing our door behind them. As I hung my coat up, and
the girls did the same I asked them "What on earth are you two
laughing about. I didn't say anything funny did I?" "No darling,"
said Jenny as she put her arms round me and hugged me tight, "All you
did was tell my dad that we were learning things from you. We were
laughing about what he would say if he knew just what you were
teaching us." By now we were sitting on the sofa, me between the
girls, and them with their heads on my shoulders, "What was so weird
darling, was the way dad treated you after dinner. Like mum said,
he's never invited anyone in to the parlour, and he never has more
than one glass of beer after dinner on Sunday. All he does is sit
there and listen to the radio until teatime, then he does that same
thing after tea, until it's time for him to go to bed."

I sat and digested this information for a couple of minutes
then said softly "I don't suppose you ever thought he might be
lonely. You know, being on his own in a house full of women, not
having any friends to go out to the pub for a pint with. Having me
there, and being someone he approves of, I suppose he took the
opportunity of having another male to talk football to" I paused for
a minute then said "Do you suppose he might like me to come round
another Sunday afternoon. Not for dinner, I'd get too fat the way
your mum fed me today. But just to sit and have a chat to him like we
did today?" Jenny scrambled up to straddle my thighs; she then took
my face between hoe soft warm hands and kissed me tenderly on the
lips, "Would you do that for my dad, darling?" she asked "Why not
lover, he's not a bad old stick, when you really get to know him" I
replied. Jenny grinned and shook her head "He's a rotten strict old
grouch" she said, "He never let's us out at night, the only reason he
let's us come round here is because mum argued him into it. If he
hadn't seen you taking us to church this morning you wouldn't have
been invited to dinner. Mind you darling, I'm glad you did come, mum
told us that he likes you a lot, and he's never liked any of the boys
we've brought home before."

"In that case" I said, "Don't you think we better do some of
this homework before anything else, I'd hate to disappoint the old
boy and have him find out what we really do" the girls both laughed
and we sat around the table and got out my school books and started
to work on some of the problems Jenny and I had been set. The gods
were really with us that day. We had been working for about half an
hour when there was a knock on the back door, I told the girls to
carry on while I went to answer it, and was astounded to find the
girls dad, Jack standing there. After a couple of seconds to recover
from the shock of seemingly having him spy on us, I said "Won't you
come in, I'm sure the girls will be glad to see your making sure
they're not getting into trouble" and allowed him to precede me into
the dining room.

"Dad! Said Jenny "What on earth are you doing here?" Jack
coughed, and I could see he was embarrassed, "Why Jenny, he's come to
make sure you're both OK. I'm just wondering if he actually believed
us when we said we had homework to do, and I'm sure your mother
pushed him in coming round to check up on what we were actually
doing. I think my reputation has got them worried I might be doing
something I shouldn't with the pair of you." Jenny stood up in front
of her father and said "Dad, is David correct. Have you come to check
up on us. Don't you trust us to good when we're with him?" "Look
Jenny......" Jack started to say, "No you look dad, look on the
table, does it look as if we've been doing school work. Check the
questions that were set, then look at what has been written in our
exercise books. Can't you see what we're doing, don't you trust us to
do as we say we're going to do. And what did you actually think we
were going to be doing when you got here, be in bed having sex or
something. Is that it dad, did you and mum think Jane and I were
having sex with David, well, did you?" "Jenny, you have to
realise......" "No dad, you have to realise. You have to realise that
some people can be trusted to behave in a decent manner, you have to
realise that not all boys are rapists. You have to realise that David
at least wouldn't do anything to Jane and I that would hurt us. You
have to realise he would never do anything we objected to. You have
to realise that at some time you have to start to trust us to behave
like young women, and not keep treating us like little girls."

"Jenny" I said gently as I pulled her back to the table, "I
think it might be a good idea if we finished for tonight. Maybe we
can get together some other time, when this has all blown over," "But
it's not fair on you David" Jenny cried, "They're just going on what
other people say about you. They don't know you, they don't know
anything about you, all they know is that some people think you do
bad things. Why don't you tell him it's all lies?" I smiled at her,
"I don't try to tell other people anything Jenny dear, because they
wouldn't believe me if I did. I have a clear conscience, and I know
you trust me. That's enough for me, now let's pack up and you go home
with your dad. I'll see you in school tomorrow, OK?" "Err... look
David" said Jack, "If you have work to do, why don't you finish it
off, then the girls can come home later..." I shook my head "No Jack,
I don't think that would be a good idea right now. Maybe we can work
together another night, if the girls mother thinks it's all right."

Before he could say anything else the girls were saying
goodnight to me and walking out of the door leaving him standing in
front of me, looking less happy than he was when he first arrived.
"Yes, well, OK then David, I'll be going then. Will you be able to
come round for dinner next Sunday?" I shook my head slowly "I don't
think so Jack, I think my parents will be coming home about then, and
I'll have to have something cooked for when they get in." "Oh, yes,
right'o then, maybe I'll see you later on, goodnight David" and
without another word he was gone and I was locking the door behind

Next morning I met the girls as I waited for my bus to school.
I was amazed to see they both looked really very happy despite what
had happened the previous evening "You'd never guess David" said Jane
"Our dad told mum off for sending him round to check on us. He told
her all we were doing was homework, just like we said we would. He
said he never felt so embarrassed, especially in front of a teenage
boy. The best bit is he told mum to come round and apologise to you
tonight or he would get really mad." "Tell her I don't want her to do
that will you Jenny" I asked, Jenny shook her head "No David, she
won't listen to me, and dad will get mad if she doesn't come round.
The thing is darling, dad says we can spend as much time at your
house as we like, because he knows we'll be as safe as if we were in
our own home." Just then my bus came so I said goodbye to the girls,
and told them I'd see then after teatime, when I'd finished my paper
round. I'd just got in, and was reading a letter from my parents, who
were having a great time despite having to work for their holiday,
when the girls mother knocked on the door. I let her in, sat her down
in the dining room and offered her a cup of tea.

When we were sitting down she said "David, I'd like to
apologise for asking Jack to come and spy on you last night. I'm
afraid I've been listening to gossip from other people about what
goes on when your parents aren't at home. You see I'd been told you
have three or four girls here at a time, and all sorts of noises have
been heard..." she paused, looking very embarrassed, then was
suddenly sitting up looking shocked when I said "We'll, it is true
that I've had three, and sometimes four girls here with me, and
sometimes there may be noises." "Well!" she said "It seems I was
right to have Jack check on you" I shook my head "I don't see why,
after all the girls in question are Jane, Jenny, and their cousins
that were staying with them last week. What I would like to know is
what your informants think I could be doing with FOUR girls all at
the same time. Did they say I was having an orgy. Did they tell you I
was raping all four girls at the same time. If so it seems my
reputation is getting better and better all the time." I paused to
let what I said sink in, then said "Look, what do YOU think happens
when Jane and Jenny come into this house, mainly during a couple of
hours on a Saturday evening, which is the only time my parents
normally leave me alone?" the girls mother grinned ruefully then said
"Well, I don't really know David, I don't know what to think. All I
know is that one of your neighbours told me she heard a girl
screaming the other night, and said it came from your house."

I grinned as I remembered what Angie was screaming for, but I
said "OK then, which of the girls got attacked, did they tell you
about it when they got home, because they all came straight to your
house where they were staying. Did any of then look as if they'd been
attacked, or did they look as if they'd had a nice evening with
friends?" "Well, I suppose they looked as if they'd been enjoying
themselves. They didn't tell me what they'd been doing though" I
grinned, "Do Jane and Jenny always tell you what they've been doing
when they go out with their friends?" I asked, she shook her head
"No, I suppose they don't. Look David, I'm sorry I didn't trust you,
I can see someone doesn't like you, and is spreading rumours to get
you in trouble. I've actually told the girls they can come and see
you any time they like; so long as I know they're here I won't be
worried about them because I can trust you to look after them." I
thanked her for the vote of confidence, then she looked a little
embarrassed as she said "There is just one thing David, Jack thinks
you don't want to come and have dinner with us again because of this.
I know he's upset about it, you see he doesn't see many people
socially, and you're the first one he's had to talk to on a Sunday
afternoon ever since we've been married. Do you think you could come
for dinner next Sunday please. I know he'd really appreciate it if
you could." "Well, as I told Jack yesterday I was going to have to
get dinner ready for my parents for when they got home on Sunday
afternoon. But I've had a letter today telling me they'll be home on
Saturday so I will be able to come for dinner on Sunday, and I'd love
to sit and have a chat with him after dinner if that's what he

The girls and I played things cool for that week, just doing
our homework together each evening. On Saturday my parents came home,
refreshed after a great holiday by the seaside. On Sunday we went to
church where I sat with the girls and afterwards went home with then
and had dinner, then went and sat with Jack and had a couple of
glasses of beer with him. We were sitting listening to the afternoon
play, waiting for the girls and their mother to finish doing the
dishes when Jack suddenly started to chuckle, What's so funny Jack?"
I asked, "Well, to be honest David, I just suddenly thought about
that stupid woman that told the wife you were up to no good when you
had the girls and their cousins at your house. How could she be so
stupid as to think you could be having sex with FOUR girls all at the
same time, you'd have to be a superman to do that!" we were still
laughing about it when the girls joined us, and they joined in when
Jack explained the joke to them.

After this I went round to have dinner on alternate Sundays and
the girls spent every Saturday evening with me as well as some
Fridays when my folks went out. We had really great sex all the time,
and included the twins whenever they came to stay. This lasted for
three years, at which time I got engaged to Jenny. I married her two
years later and we got a small rented house across the city from our
parents, a good thing considering Jane and the twins were regular
visitors, joining Jenny and I in some really wonderful group sex
sessions. All through our married life Jenny never got jealous of her
sister and cousins having sex with me, mainly because she was almost
always there enjoying it with us.

All this just goes to show, you never know what will happen if you
don't take care where you play with your balls.

(c) davidb234.
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