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FAIRYTALE men grasped the arms the


This is an adaptation of a story that I read many years ago in JANUS.
It was written as I recall in the late '70s or early '80s. I am trying
to do this from memory and I know it will not come out the same, but I thought the
premise was cute. So I apologize in advance to the author, whoever you are, and I
advise my readers that the original is better.

Fairy tale
Once upon a time there lived a king, a queen and their three daughters.
Roxanne was a firey red haired beauty of 21 with a full voluptuous figure.
Christine was a slender, pretty, and shy girl of 19 and Daphne was a lively,
cute and ripe figured blonde of 16.

One day the king received word that a terrible dragon was ravaging the
countryside. He charged the royal magician to consult the ancient tomes to
discover what could be done. The magician gave the matter some study and
reported back to the king.

"Sire, the dragon can be slain, but the lance to be used must have a blade
that has been bathed in the tears of a well whipped virgin of noble birth."

Upon hearing this pronouncement, the three daughters glanced at each other

With a heavy heart the king turned to his oldest daughter and said:
"I am sorry Roxanne but you must give of yourself for the good of the
kingdom." To the captain of the guard the king said: " Accompany Princess
Roxanne to the tower and take the magician with you. I charge you to give
the princess Roxanne a sound whipping on her bare bottom with your sword
belt until the tears flow. What must be done must be done."

The captain and two of his two of his men grasped the arms of the flustered
Roxanne and hustled her off to the tower kicking and screaming. Stripping
the lovely princess naked they bound her hands to a rung on the wall. Princess Roxanne
was a lush figured beaty with full, round bottomcheeks that seemed to beg for the lash.
The captain removed his belt and, wrapping the end around his fist, proceeded to
lash the belt full across her lovely bottom with a loud crack that could be
heard all the way down in the throne room. The captain then proceeded to
administer smack after smack to the white, deliciously rounded bare
buttocks of the princess which jiggled with every blow. As each harsh crack
of the belt landed, the princess would squeal and rise up on her toes
pumping her hips forward. Bands of red left by the belt merged into a red
mass and the princess began to cry. The magician
caught the tears in a vial.

When the lance had been prepared, a knight was sent out to slay the dragon.
Upon encountering the dragon, the knight stabbed it with the lance. This
merely enfuriated the dragon and it promptly ate the knight.

When word of the knight's demise reached the king, he consulted the wizard
again. The wizard was at a loss to explain the failure. The queen, however,
glared at Roxanne, her eyes narrowing. "Send for the royal midwife, and
you, daughter come to my chamber."

"No, mama, no, I can explain!" wailed Roxanne.

And explain she did to the tune of a whippy switch wielded by the queen
across the already reddened buttocks of the weeping redhaired princess. At
the same time a handsome guardsman was seen to beat a hasty retreat for the
border of the kingdom on a fast horse.

The middle daughter, Christine, was made of sterner stuff.

"I am ready to take my punishment, papa, for the good of the realm. And
unlike my sister, I am pure. I only ask that I be permitted to choose the
hand that will wield the lash."

“It shall be as you wish, brave daughter,” said the king.

Christine looked around the room and found the eyes of her beloved,
Prince Roland .

“I choose Prince Roland of Arcturia. He shall obtain my tears.”

The Prince implored her not to choose him. How could he bring pain to the
one he loved? But Princess Christine was adamant.

“Come, Prince Roland, you must attend me in my chamber. Send to the
kitchen for a sturdy paddle. I will prepare myself.”

And so it was that the brave princess removed her gown, lowered her
pantaloons and draped herself across the knees of her would be lover.
Roland contemplated the fleshy, perfectly formed mounds of his
sweetheart’s bottom and resolutely raised the paddle. Smack! The paddle
fell square across the roundest part of Princess Christine’s lovely sit-spot
which jiggled upon impact. Smack! Smack! Crack! Spank! Crack! Smack!
Roland applied the paddle with gusto, smacking and cracking the bare hind
cheeks of the princess. Stoic though she tried to be, the searing pain in her
buttocks caused her to wriggle and yelp with each hearty spank. After
several minutes of relentless smacking from the paddle, the wriggling fanny
had been spanked to a scarlet hue and the tears began to
flow. When enough tears had been gathered, the spanking ended and Christine
rose to embrace her punisher. All the ladies in waiting applauded (and the
pantaloons of several were decidedly moist after watching the masterful Prince Roland in action).

Once again a lance was prepared, and once again a brave knight ventured
forth to battle the dragon. But once again the knight was vanquished, and
only a riderless horse returned.

The King and his court were perplexed. The royal wizard suggested further

“I have found the problem,” the wizard declared. “The word virgin in this
passage means 'one under 17 years of age', and the whipping must occur in

All eyes fell on Princess Daphne, whose face paled at this revelation.

“Furthermore, the whipping must be administered by the knight who will
slay the dragon”, continued the old sage.

“Very well “, said the king. “Sir Garth, you are our bravest, most capable
knight. All others have failed. You must slay the dragon.”

At this news Daphne began to swoon, for Sir Garth was the handsomest,
bravest knight in the realm. She had worshipped him even as a young child.

“Have the birching block brought to the throneroom, and prepare a suitable
birch.” Said the king. “ I am sorry my dearest daughter, but this must be
done”, he said to Daphne, clearly the apple of her father’s eye.

When the block had been prepared and a birchrod procured, all eyes fell on
the lovely Daphne. With the help of her ladies in waiting, the fearful
princess removed her gown to reveal budding breasts, a narrow waist, and
flaring womanly hips. Her luscious bottomcheeks strained against her tight
pantaloons which were lowered to reveal a heart-shaped bottom of exquisite

Daphne was secured to the block and a hush fell on the courtiers as Sir
Garth took up the birch.

“Forgive me child,” said Garth as he raised his arm.

Swish….thwack! Swishh…thwack! “Yeowwww” squealed Daphne.

Sir Garth whipped the supple birch rod across Princess Daphne’s tender
fanny causing her to wriggle and yelp. The birch switches seemed to almost
bounce off of the jiggling bottom leaving red weals in their wake. The
whine of the birch sang a song of pain as it swished and cracked against the
princess’ bare bottom. At long last the tears that had welled up in Daphne’s
eyes began to flow. A vial was procured.

“Stop,” said the wizard when the vial had filled.

Daphne was allowed to rise and she stood weeping and rubbing her
reddened buttocks piteously. Through her tears she looked at Sir Garth who
Embraced her, wiping the tears away.

“I will slay the dragon for you, little one. And I will return.”

And with that, Sir Garth rode off, accompanied by Prince Roland and the
captain of the guard. They tracked the dragon to its lair. While Roland and
the captain kept it at bay, Sir Garth plunged the lance into its heart killing
the fearsome beast.

When the news reached the king he rejoiced and ordered a celebration.
As a reward for their brave deeds he gave the hand of each of his daughters
to the three heroes who had rid the land of the dragon.

And so it was that a triple wedding was held. At the altar was the firey
Roxanne with the captain of the guard, Prince Roland and Princess
Christine, and the nubile Princess Daphne and Sir Garth.

Some say that
Princess Roxanne came reluctantly to the altar, but became very demure
when the captain gave her a stern glance and fingered his sword belt
meaningfully. The captain installed a rung in a post in his bedchamber.
A long strap made from an old swordbelt hangs on a peg next to the rung.

Some also say that the Princess Christine presented her new
husband with a unique wedding gift, the very paddle used on her posterior.
Princess Christine seems blissfully happy even though the unmistakable
cracking sound of a bare bottom paddling in progress from behind the door to the
couple's chambers is a frequent event.

Some say that the chambers of Sir Garth and Daphne frequently resound with
the loud smacking sounds of palm meeting flesh. After all, Dapne is still
a child and needs discipline. Who better than Sir Garth to turn the cute
Princess over his knee spank her soundly when she is petulant.
All agree, however, that the
new couples lived happily ever after( even if the three princesses did not always sit very comfortably). The End.


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