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FAMILY girls single group and


THE ACADEMY OF THE family By Gemma Puddle. This is a work of pure fiction
and bears no relation to past, present or future events, personalities or
reality. Readers who are under 18, or who may find the purely imaginary
and unreal portrayal of sexual relations disturbing, are advised and
admonished in the strongest terms to read no further. If there is a
message in this story it is probably a warning.

* - * - *

Two women dressed elegantly in the style of the mid-1890s looked out
from their half curtained alcove. The blonde girl who seemed to be about
15 scrambled out from under the older man on the day bed. He turned on his
back. She kissed him long and sweetly on his eyes, the tips of his ears
and especially on his lips. Her hips reared up and she mounted him, with a
soft cry as his still stiff prick slid into her. She rode him, his hands
on her hips guiding her downward plunges onto his upward thrusts. Her head
went back and she shuddered as she cried out in full orgasm. The grip of
his hands tightened as he thrust up faster and more forcefully. She opened
her eyes smiling as she let herself go in simple response to his force and
pace. The watching women saw his balls tighten and begin to convulse as he
came deep into her.

The two women touched their champagne glasses and sipped a quiet toast
to the happy pair. " It is most delightful to see a father and daughter appreciating their mutual affection so intensely." The younger woman spoke
softly. " You are sure that this is the first time for your son and
granddaughter?" " Indeed," replied the older woman " I had despaired of
their ever showing their real affection for one another, of the kind my
father and I shared. Tell me what providential impulse lead you to start
the academy that has given my Charlotte so much?"

" Let me refill your glass. You will have something to refresh yourself
with whilst I talk and they recover. For the last five years of my dear
Papa's life he indulged my sister and I very greatly. Our Mama, before she
passed away, had entrusted me from the age of barely twelve with the care
of Papa's physical affection; a delightful facet of our family life in
which my dear sister joined me before she was thirteen. I hope, and indeed
think, that Papa spent so much upon us because we gave him very great
pleasure. His passing was an appalling shock for my sister. He was
climaxing in her at that moment. Fortunately I was able to console her
with Papa's earlier words to me - I remember them vividly - "Harriet, I
must leave this world at some time. When I do I hope it is in your or
Mary's arms. If that should happen, I wonder if I will be aware of the
change from one heaven to another."

"After the sadness of the funeral, our trustee informed us of our
circumstances. We were indeed possessed of a sufficiency, but had been
accustomed to spending a good deal more. We had an impulse to look to see
if our income could be increased. At the same time, it became evident from
the type of sympathy that we craved but were not receiving that many of our
contemporaries had no idea of the richness and intensity possible in such
relations with a parent as we had felt with dear Papa. We looked about us
further, and became aware that two of our uncles - one the father of Sarah
and Jane and the other the father of Elizabeth, you may recall meeting all
three of them earlier today - appeared to us to suffering painful
frustration of their natural affections. One afternoon, after I had
received some very pleasant physical consolation from him, I asked the
Reverend Hillary Jones if he did not judge that was the case with my
uncles. He said yes most certainly, and he knew of several similar cases.
You recognise the Reverend Mr. Jones, he is now our chaplain here."

"The idea of such an academy as this entered my head at that moment.
Mary and I had something to share with others that could enrich many lives,
and for which it was fair to charge a substantial fee. I refused to think
about the evident difficulties, and posted to the journals that very
evening the advertisement to which you responded."

"Claptrap about the virtues of modern education for girls." The older woman's attractiveness showed as her eyes sparkled. " And how easy it
could be to remedy the effect on some sweet girls of inhibiting their free
and forthcoming response to affection from senior members of their own
families. Offering a one-term course in your Familial Academy to girls aged 13 to 16 for an extortionate fee." The tone was brusque. "But there
was enough to draw a letter from me. Were there any other responses from

"Three, I think. Only one of them took up a place. There were, of
course, many others from gentlemen. Mr Jones and I sent circled copies of
the advertisement to those whose evident plight had inspired the idea, and
there were replies from nearly forty other fathers, guardians, uncles and
one grandfather."

"The need to instruct the girls as a single group, and the requirement
that the domestic staff be kept under very close control, and therefore few
in number, soon asserted themselves in our thoughts. We could only offer
twelve places. We had twenty-six real candidates from that one small
advertisement. Twelve are postponed to the term beginning in September,
and two younger ones to next January."

"And how did fourteen frustrated prosperous men take to that?"

"Reluctantly, they accepted that some hope was better than none. "

"Well, I drink to twelve more of them pleasuring their darlings at the
end of next term." The older woman emptied her glass and held it out for
refilling. "I will be recommending two further candidates for January."

" It seems that word of mouth will be sufficient to fill our places in
future. I do not anticipate having to advertise again."

"As well not. That demure curriculum and clothes list that you sent me
almost decided me to let the idea drop for Charlotte. It was only when I
came to see you and you let me understand some of the real content that I
decided to go ahead. How did the lessons go in practice?"

"We have physical exercises before breakfast every day. You remember
that the outfit for exercises was in heavy serge? Exercises are in the
upper hall. I keep it very well heated. The chaplain has early morning
intercourse with Mary or I, and then leads the exercises. The first two
days lead to complaints about the heat and the difficulty of exercising in
the costumes. On the third day, I appeared myself to exercise in the same
costume. By arrangement my costume tore in the second exercise. So did
Mr. Jones' breeches."

" In a pretended fit of temper I told the girls to strip to their
drawers or less, and Mr. Jones to strip to his drawers. He revealed that
they also had split. I said very well, the sight of a nude man was part of
a proper artistic and scientific education, and he might as well remove
those. I would remove all my clothes to keep him in countenance. The
girls accepted Mr. Jones limp nudity by the end of that lesson. By the
end of the first week all the girls had chosen to strip completely for
exercise. I insist of course on tidy and exact dress for breakfast

"History generally follows breakfast. As the family Academy, we
particularly cover the history of royal families. The frequency with which
Popes sanctioned the marriages of uncle and niece soon emerges, and leads
to remark on the number of Popes having evident carnal relations with their
own nieces or daughters. In ancient history, the habit of Pharaohs
marrying their sisters; and the collapse of dynasties - not least in the
time of Cleopatra - when brother and sister were not content with one
another, teach useful lessons about proper family feeling. The sad effects
of a number of kings being evidently frustrated in their desires for their
daughters are then speculated upon."

"Geography lessons are an occasional alternative to history. Mr. Jones
draws upon the different family customs encountered by missionaries in
selected tribes and peoples, with special reference to those where sexual
affection in the family is entirely accepted. In discussion of the lives
girls live in these tribes he uses the arguments of the missionaries, and
always loses the debate to the girls who have to defend these customs.
This has an excellent effect."

"After mid-morning coffee, we generally turn to literature, English or
French. English Restoration drama leads in a few lessons to that play of
Lord Rochester's which is too frank to be publicly performed. It is most
fortunate that dear Papa's library included a copy. We tell them of course
that it is only performed privately. Nevertheless it is the key to the
girls accepting frank language amongst friends; and the idea of fucking on
stage is quickly extended to the general sense of being easy at fucking in
the presence of friends which you see here this afternoon. Dipping into
the French erotic classics has greatly enlivened the girls' interest in the
language. But perhaps the most useful literature lesson of the term was
the last. We discussed Hamlet, taking the view that the whole tragedy
could have been so easily avoided if only Hamlet had been willing and eager
to comfort his mother in bed after the death of his father. The girls voted that if Gertrude had been well and frequently fucked, she would have
been quite content for Hamlet to have Ophelia as well."

"The first lesson in the afternoon is usually natural science. We teach
the facts of human mating. In the third week, Mr Jones was brought in to
demonstrate the male organs and their functioning. The girls saw the semen
spurt, and went on to drawing and modelling the male organs, and to feeling
their shape erect and flaccid. A whole lesson was given to pointing out
the different erogenous sensitivities of parts of the male anatomy, with
the girls hands and lips checking on Mr Jones body. The companion later
lesson had Mr Jones demonstrating, under my direction of course, a
different sensitive spot on a bared part of each girl's body."

In front of the alcove, the blonde girl they had been watching beckoned
to a still younger brunette and handed over to her the task of
restimulating the older man's semi-stiff prick. The brunette smiled and
bent her head to run her tongue lightly round the knob. The blonde skipped
across to stroke the very large balls of a grey-bearded man lying back in
an armchair.

"At the beginning of the seventh week, there was a full first
demonstration of intercourse between Mary and Mr. Jones. I directed them,
and through them demonstrated a series of stages of foreplay, followed by
thorough fucking in the missionary position which sent Mary to climax, and
a second session doggy fashion at the end of which they came together.
Rehearsing that lesson kept Mary's cunt satisfied for weeks beforehand. "

"In the next science lesson, girls began to come forward naturally when
I called for volunteers to demonstrate with Mr. Jones. I selected one
each lesson. Whilst they were virgins he demonstrated the gentle and easy
positions with prolonged foreplay. As they became a little experienced, he
went into more varied, difficult and vigorous intercourse. One by one,
each girl responded more and more eagerly. In the early part of the term,
Mr Jones had never been frustrated because he had me to service as well as
Mary, and a maid's cunt to fill.. We three did go a little short of
satisfaction when Mr. Jones was giving a different girl nearly two hours
seduction each day, but it helped that the final two science lessons were a
demonstration of 69ing with Mary, and of complete and delicious anal
buggery with me."

"Mr. Jones was also demonstrating the use of the condom. All the girls learnt the techniques of putting the condom onto the male organ in a
stimulating way. Once the girls ceased to be virgins, I made them use the
chemical anti-spermatic pessaries as well. In the last two weeks, I had
them each fitted with a Dutch cap as an additional precaution."

" The regular deportment lessons were in the evenings after supper. We
took care to teach the girls how to discourage and encourage sexual
advances without giving any offence to the shockable. Later we taught them
how to praise male performance both so as to encourage more, and to make
the gentleman concentrate in future on the elements of his seduction and
fucking that we found most pleasurable. In the final deportment lessons we
concentrated on how to encourage, but never display to those who might be
offended, a strong and happy sexual interplay within the family."

"So when we came to collect them today at the end of term, they were
willing and eager to enjoy sex with their fathers and uncles?" "Yes, every
one I am delighted to say. Yet I did not intend this pretty orgy that is
going on around us. It is the girls who took the first opportunity to
seduce their fathers and guardians; and then for a second course began to
swap fathers with their school friends."

"Dear Mr Jones has already refused offers from grateful fathers of three
livings near his pupils families today. He is rich enough to not need that
sort of reward, but do you not feel he deserves something exceptional?" "It
most certainly appears so." "Ah, Hillary, do you know Charlotte's
grandmother, Lady Cullers? Lady Cullers, our chaplain the Reverend Hillary
Jones" "Delighted to meet you Lady Cullers, and to congratulate you on
Charlotte. She is an excellent pupil" "I am delighted that she has pleased
you Mr Jones" " Lady Cullers" remarked Harriet " has, I think been much
interested in my account of your work, Hillary. Yes indeed, her vagina is
deliciously moist against my fingers." Harriet acted as she spoke. turning
the shapely older dame's legs up onto the couch, raising her skirts and
plunging in a hand; then loosening and whipping off the drawers, leaving
stockings and the frilled bottom of a corset showing. She reached up,
opening the chaplain's clerical trousers with a practised hand. Holding
his stiff cock, she went on "Let me introduce you to her properly; or
rather into her" urging the cleric's penis through startled nether lips.
"Dear Lady Cullers, there is nearly an hour in which to express your
appreciation to Mr Jones before carriages will be at the door for the
London train."

Harriet turned to see her 13 year old cousin Elizabeth leading her
father and Harriet's uncle up by his hard cock. Harriet noted the semen
that had run down the inside of her young cousin's leg. Elizabeth managed
the girls' usual little bob curtsey to Harriet even without clothes and
while holding a prick. "Papa so much wants to say thank you to you Cousin
Harriet, ma'am; and I'm sure he really wants to say it inside you. Could
he possibly Cousin Harriet, ma'am?"

" Your deportment is a credit to the Academy, Elizabeth! And as for my
dear Uncle....." She bent and kissed the prick before her with enthusiasm
and style. As she rose to kiss her uncle's lips she added "Please help
loosen my bodice Elizabeth" Her breasts were freed while her tongue
explored her uncle's mouth. She then guided that mouth down to suck and
lick long and deliciously on each breast. After some minutes of growing
pleasure she raised her uncle's face, kissed it smiling, and gracefully
turned her back bending and stepping out of her skirts as she did so.
"Now, Elizabeth please help again by guiding your dear Papa's superb member
into my vagina"

Harriet took hold of the back of the armchair in which Charlotte was
riding meditatively up and down the bearded large-balled gentleman's prick.
Charlotte was watching the increasingly enthusiastic encounter between her
grandmother and the Reverend Mr Jones It did not seem to distract her from
the evident enjoyment her own cunt was feeling.

Harriet wriggled appreciatively as her uncles' belly began to slap
against her own welcoming posterior, and his balls began to touch her as
they swung. Looking between her legs, she saw Elizabeth stroking her
father's balls as he fucked. But in a few moments her other uncle came up
and spread Elizabeth on the rug. Almost immediately Jane took over the
stroking of her uncle's balls and those parts of his cock which were
temporarily emerging from Harriet's vagina. Harriet glimpsed Sarah doing
the same for her father as he fucked Elizabeth; but then felt her dear
father's younger brother sweep her into the ecstasy of a family fuck such
as she had not hoped to feel again after her dear Papa passed away.

Harriet came to herself again to the sound of the girls and their
guardians applauding. Her uncle's shrunken prick was sliding out. She
realised it was nearly time for the girls to leave. "There my dears, I am
so glad that I was able to show you how intensely delightful family feeling
can be. Now into your travelling costumes please. I will inspect you all
in eight minutes. Be sure to wash properly. My dear Lady Cullers, do you
need assistance?"

"No, my dear, I was merely luxuriating in being so gloriously shagged.
It is something of a surprise at my age." She rose from the couch adjusting
her skirts. Mary was carrying her own clothes as she showed the gentlemen
to the washrooms put aside for them. Harriet showed Lady Cullers to her
own boudoir; and the Academy was absorbed in the bustle of end of term
departure. 1


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