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FAMTRAIT1 hurt anyone Im making love to


Family Traits 1/3(MF,Mf,Ff,ff,MFf,MFff,Oral,Mast,Voy,Spank)
This work is the intellectual property of the author davidb234 and he
claims the copyright. It may be posted or archived to any free site,
but not to any commercial or pay site or organisation, without the
authors express permission.
Check out my archive at:-

This is a work of adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you are under the age
of consent where you reside delete this file immediately. If it is
illegal to obtain this sort of material where you reside delete this
file immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

Family Traits
A story byDavidb234
Part 1

Sue and I were bumping along the forest track that would
finally bring us to the family cabin and a warm room to relax in. We
had been on the road for eleven hours, and I'd spent most of it
cursing the government that prevented young people getting a drivers
license before they were sixteen. With Sue still only just fifteen
there was a year to go before she could share the driving with me on
these long trips. I consoled myself with the knowledge that Jenny was
in the same boat, and would have to wait fourteen months before Sandi
her daughter qualified. As I negotiated the final turn on to our
family property I turned to Sue and said "Almost there baby, how are
you feeling?" she turned to me, smiled sweetly and said "Tired Daddy,
but excited to be seeing Aunt Jenny and Sandi again."

With a huge sigh I parked the 4x4 under the covered area
reserved for it, and was pleased to see Jenny's was already there,
that meant the place would be well warmed and a meal would be waiting
for us. I'd started to unload our baggage and Sue was carrying the
first of the boxes of food in when the front door burst open and my
sister and niece came running out to help. With four of us it took
almost no time at all for us to be sitting at the kitchen table
tucking into a hot, tasty and filling plate of stew. While the girls
did the dishes Jenny and I took our after dinner coffee and sat by
the fire blazing in the family room. It was still early Spring and
the evenings were likely to be cold enough to warrant a fire every
day, so we were going to have some very nice evenings during our

I'd come for this mini holiday at my sisters request. Her
divorce was now final, and she needed some investment advice for the
very generous settlement her ex had agreed to. Not that he was being
generous of course. It's just that he wanted to avoid the ruinous
publicity his multi partner homosexual affair a contested divorce
would have meant. One and a half million divided between Jenny and
Sandi, invested correctly would mean they were set for life. Her ex
also paid a thousand a month as child maintenance until Sandi was
twenty. That would pay for her college education and ensure she had
the best possible start on reaching adulthood. I was almost sorry for
Jenny; Nick, her ex, was a nice enough guy, never abusive to Jenny
and Sandi, and always generous when it came to money, he owned a very
successful advertising agency and was worth millions. I felt worse
because it was me that blew it for Nick, and I didn't mean to, it was
an accident pure and simple. Nick realised this I'm glad to say and
didn't hold it against me, just asked that I didn't purposely ruin

As we sat there on the old leather sofa warming our feet in
front of the fire I asked Jenny, "Seen Nick lately Sis?" she shook
her head "No Dave, I think he's been in New York since the decree was
granted. I've been dealing with his lawyers, that's why I wanted to
have you look over the paperwork for me. I know I'm being a pain
darling, but this is your field, and I do need the help." I promised
to do this for her first thing in the morning, in the mean time I
passed my arm round her shoulders and pulled her close to me so she
could rest her head on my chest as we cuddled up close. That's how
the girls caught us, "Uncle Dave" cried Sandi "What are you doing
with my mother?" I looked round at her and said "Are you blind, I'm
giving her a cuddle. I am allowed you know, she is my sister after
all." "Oh well, so long as that's all you're doing I suppose it's all
right" she replied as they both burst into a fit of the giggles.
"Less of your cheek young lady" said Jenny sternly, "Anyway, isn't it
time you two were in bed, you've both had a heavy day. Uncle Dave and
I will be going to bed as soon as you're settled down." The girls
made their way to the bedroom the were sharing, still giggling at
what Jenny had said.

"Little brats" I said with a chuckle, "They get worse every day
don't they?" Jenny shook her head slowly "Not brats David darling,
Sandi's a young woman, and I think if you look carefully you'll find
Sue's one too. They're growing up quicker than we realise it." The
girls appeared once more dressed for bed. Sue came and gave me her
usual kiss on the lips as she said goodnight, Sandi did the same,
then kissed her mother. The two of them then went to their bedroom
and closed the door tight. I suspect it was so Jenny and I couldn't
hear then talking half the night, but it also made sure they couldn't
hear us. After a couple of minutes silence Jenny sat up, scrambled
round to sit on my lap and pressed her lips to mine in a hot deep
passionate kiss she had been wanting to give me since I arrived.
"Oh.. David darling, at last. I'm so glad you could come my love,
it's been murder this last couple of weeks not being able to hold you
close." I returned her kiss just as warmly, gently caressing her back
as our lips were locked together. As she broke away Jenny lay her
head on my shoulder and snuggled up as close to me as she could get,
"Will you make love to me tonight please darling?" she whispered,
"What about the girls" I replied softly, "Won't they hear what's
going on?" Jenny giggled just like Sandi had earlier, "Not a chance
darling. Unless they stand up close to the bedroom door. You know how
well this place was built, the doors are two inches thick solid Oak.
Besides my love, I think they're going to twig what's happening
before long, and we'll have a lit of explaining to do."

I set the spark guard in front of the fire, turned off the
lights and checked all the doors and windows, the last thing we
wanted was some critter come paying a visit. I made my way to my
bedroom and got undressed and climbed into bed. After a couple of
minutes I got up and very quietly made my way to Jenny's room where
she lay in her bed bathed in the light of full moon streaming through
the undraped windows. "God, you look gorgeous" I said softly as I
approached the bed, "And you look like a Playgirl centrefold" she
replied with a wicked grin, "Come and get in here beside me, I want
to feel your body pressed hard against mine." Quick as a flash I was
laying beside her and she was snuggled up close to me, wrapped in my
arms and wriggling her soft warm body against mine. "Oh, god David,
this feel so good. I wish we could do it every night. It feels sort
of dirty having to do it in secret all the time, even hiding it from
the girls is such a strain." I Hnn.. know Hnn.. darling" I said
grunting while I spoke as she opened my pyjamas, took out my erect
penis and held it in her soft warm hand. "What's the matter David
darling, frightened of something happening are you?" I nodded "Yes
Jenny darling, something is going to go off if you're not very
careful, believe me, my love I know." As I spoke she smiled at me and
tenderly stroked her hand up and down my rigid shaft a couple of
times. All of a sudden I cried out "I'mmmm cuuummmiiinnnggg..." and I
began to shoot a massive stream of cum as Jenny's naked pussy and
lower abdomen, covering her hand at the same time as she burst out in
a fit of the giggles once more.

"What's so funny?" I hissed. "You darling, worrying about us
getting back to making love after a break of over six months, and not
even being able to last five minutes in my bed. Am I that alluring,
or are you getting too old for all this?" I managed to see the funny
side of things and got up to fetch a washcloth and towel so I could
help Jenny clean up. When we were done I lay back down beside her
once more and tried to concentrate on regaining my erection so I
could show her I wasn't over the hill. It didn't take too long and I
soon had my sister straddling my thighs as she bounced her way to a
massive orgasm, almost waking the dead let alone the girls, before I
could clap a hand over her mouth and quieten her down a decibel or
ten. "Oh.. jeez, that was sooo good" she gasped as she rocked back
and forth on my still rigid cock, while she lay full length on my

I grinned as I looked over her shoulder at the moonlight
streaming in through the window, "Well, am I too old?" I asked
softly. "Of course not darling, I was just joking. You're the perfect
age, and the perfect size and so kind and gentle you make the perfect
lover for women of all ages." I turned my head and looked at Jenny as
she lay with hers resting on my chest, "I don't want any other women
of any age Jenny darling. I only want you. Do you understand that my
love?" Jenny moved her head close to me and kissed me tenderly, "Of
course I do my darling, but you just never know what might crop up,
and you need to be prepared for a slight change in attitude." With
that she rolled off me and dashed to the bathroom, telling me on her
return that I should go back to my own bed, and she would see me in
the morning.

She did. But before that I saw rather more of my daughter than
I usually did. At home we were used to it being the two of us, so Sue
had got used to running around the house in her underwear. As this
was usually quite conservative it didn't take too much of an effort
for me to ignore her. She was my daughter after all. This morning was
different. I staggered out of bed half asleep as usual and made my
way to the bathroom. I just put my hand on the handle when the door
opened wide and Sue stood there towelling her hair dry, and
completely naked. I was dumbstruck for a couple of moments, and just
stood there staring at her wonderful breasts and down covered pussy.
Until that is she said "DADDY!.. can I get by please I want to go and
dress." I shook my head and myself quickly and looked up into her
face, then said "Oh I'm sorry Sue darling. I was miles away for a
moment." "Yes Daddy, of course you were" she said with a chuckle, she
then kissed me on the cheek and positively wiggled her way across to
her bedroom. There she stepped inside, then peeked back at where I
was still stood, and smiled as she blew me another kiss.

"Damn" I said under my breath, and dashed into the bathroom to
relieve my aching bladder then step under a very cool shower as I
tried to cool down my inflamed senses. Finally under control I dried
myself off, wrapped the towel round my waist and stepped out of the
bathroom, straight into the arms of an almost naked Sandi. Almost
naked because she was wearing a nightie, even if I could see right
through every inch of it. And she was naked underneath, the colour of
her aureoles and pussy fur told me that. "Sorry darling" I murmured
as I pressed past her, feeling her nipples rub against my shoulder,
and grabbing at my towel as I felt my erection rapidly returning.
"Oh, that's all right Uncle Dave" said Sandi brightly as I closed my
bedroom door behind me and leaned against it gasping for breath. It
was almost half an hour before I was able to show myself for
breakfast, luckily we had no timetable to stick to, and we all helped
ourselves to what we wanted as soon as we were ready.

I decided to stick to cereals, toast and coffee this morning,
and was just pouring a second cup of coffee when Jenny came out of
her bedroom, fresh as a daisy and smiling beautifully. "Good morning
David darling" she said as she sat beside me, and she leaned over and
gave me a tender kiss on the cheek. "Good morning Jenny darling" I
replied and hurriedly finished my coffee then got up to fetch Jenny's
divorce paperwork. I was sat down reading through the first few pages
when Jenny came up to me and said "David darling, the girls are going
for a walk do you mind if I go with them for a short while?" I shook
my head and murmured 'No', then returned my attention to the stack of
paper in front of me. It didn't take me long to discover that, silly
fool though Nick had been, he certainly wasn't a fool when it came to
investing the settlement cash he handed over. The money was tied up
so tight they couldn't lose any of it no matter how many times they
got married to goldbricks. Even if Jenny and Sandi had wanted to
spend it all, the procedures they'd have to go through would have
discouraged the most assiduous thief. The places the money had been
placed were gilt edged, and even if they didn't give the highest
returns on an annual basis, they were at least very safe and always
paid a dividend.

What I couldn't understand was why no one had explained all
this to Jenny at the time. If they had, there would have been no need
for me to come all the way up here...... . It suddenly hit me, she
must have wanted me to come and be with her for a while. She was
obviously starved of sex, if last night had been anything to go by. I
was still puzzled as to why she insisted I bring Sue, and she bring
Sandi with us. It would have been a lot easier for us to have some
really good sex if the girls had been left at home as usual. I gave
up, I then tidied up all the sheets I'd already read and replaced
them into their folders, before putting them back in Jenny's bedroom.
I'd just made myself a cup of coffee and sat down when Jenny came in,
limping slightly, and sat beside me. "What happened to you Jenny
darling?" I asked solicitously, "Oh, I just strained my ankle so I
came back, the girls said they'd carry on and be back much later" she
than lay against my and wrapped her arm round me as she snuggled up
close. "This is nice darling" she said softly, "Just the two of us
with no distractions, what shall we do David, any ideas?"

"Well, you could explain why you brought me up here for no real
good reason my love" I said in a quiet calm voice. "Oh, you've read
them, I suppose?" I nodded "Yes Jenny darling, I've read them, and
Nick has looked after you very well. The investments are sound, and
it's almost impossible for anyone to cheat you out of the principle.
What I'd like to know is WHY?" by now Jenny had swung round so she
was laying on the sofa with her head on my lap. She looked up at me
and smiled, "Can't you guess darling?" she asked sweetly. "Oh, I can
guess" I replied, "I can guess you wanted me her so we could fuck
each others brains out. What I can't guess at is why you wanted the
girls to be here." She smiled again, "Well darling, I couldn't leave
Sandi with anyone this time. I just thought that Sue would be company
for her while we fuck like bunnies. Can we start right now please
David darling?" as I was caressing her breasts, and had a raging hard
on beneath her neck, there was only one answer to that question.

Two minutes later Jenny was straddling my thighs, my pants were
round my ankles and Jenny's were on the floor by my feet. Jenny's
dress was hanging around her waist and my shirt was open to the
waist. All in all we looked like a couple having a fucking good time.
And we were, Jenny was bouncing on my hard throbbing cock as I
stroked her back and sides while I sucked on her hard nipples each
time they came close to my lips. Jenny had just reached her climax
and was crying out "I'mmmm cuuummmiiinnnggg Daaaaviiiiid..." when the
bombshell struck. "MOM!!" "DAD!!" cried Sandi and Sue as they walked
in the door. "Oh holy shit" I gasped under my breath, as my erection
disappeared in a flash. "Girls" cried Jenny as she focused on them,
"What are you doing here, you said you'd be out for ages." "Hmmm…"
murmured Sandi "I think it's a good thing we did come home. Who
knows what else you might be getting up to if we had stayed out any
longer." "Oh, don't be silly Sandi" said Sue, "This has got to be as
bad as it can get, they're having sex for gods sake. They're brother
and sister, and that's incest. What are we going to do about this now

Before I could say anything Jenny looked at the girls and said
"Well, I suppose you could always join in. Then you won't have to
tell anyone what we've been doing, will you?" "WHAT!" I gasped, "Oh,
what a wonderful idea Aunt Jenny" said Sue from close behind me. "I
agree Sue" said Sandi standing next to Jenny, who was still sitting
astride my thighs, although without my penis inside her. Then it hit
me. "OK" I said "I'm getting the impression I've been set up and well
and truly screwed." "Oh no Daddy" said Sue in my ear, "Not yet
darling, only by Aunt Jenny, you'll have been well and truly screwed
when Sandi and I have had our turn. We have a week to make it happen,
so you better get busy working things out with Aunt Jenny, hadn't
you?" The next thing I knew I was being kissed warmly on both cheeks
by Sandi and Sue then on the lips passionately by Jenny.

While the girls went into the kitchen to prepare lunch Jenny
apologised for setting me up like that, "The thing was David darling,
I didn't know how else to let you know what we intended to do. I was
scared of asking you outright, in case you refused and went back
home. The girls felt the same, then Sue suggested we set you up so
you couldn't really refuse. Having you caught indulging in incestuous
sex with me seemed the best option" she grinned at me, "Well, the
best option for me, anyway." Jenny lay her head on my chest and
wriggled her buttocks on my suddenly swelling penis, "Well, something
seems to like the idea of having sex with a couple of teenage girls
David. How about the rest of you?" I kissed her on the top of her
head, "The one thing that does worry me Jenny darling, is what
happens when I get back home with Susan. You don't honestly think
she'll be prepared to give it all up, do you?" Jenny sat up,
wriggling her butt again as she felt my erection pressing against her
naked pussy. "Of course she won't darling. She's going to want to
make love to you on a regular basis. Your big problem will be
stopping her becoming a slut. That means you'll have to keep her
happy in the home for as long as she feels the need for regular sex."

"That's.. Hnnn.. what I'm.. Hnnn.. I'm afraid of" I said
between gasps of pleasure as she impaled her self on my erection once
more. Jenny leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips, "David
darling, I just don't believe what I'm hearing. Most men would give
their left nut for what you're being offered. It's no big deal you
know. This sort of thing goes on all over the place. I know that
doesn't make it right, but it's still more common than you realise.
You'll both just have to be very discrete, especially when Sandi and
I come and stay. Now that's going to be a difficult time for you,
having three of us to satisfy. Whoooooo.. " her cry at the end was
when she felt the huge twitch my cock gave at the thought of having
three willing women looking for sexual satisfaction from me. Jenny
clamped her lips to mine and started to wriggle herself round and
round on my hard throbbing erection, which combined with her kisses
had driven everything else from my mind. Sex is almost all in the
mind, and no matter what I was worried about at that moment I
couldn't help myself when it came to being aroused. "I'mmmm
cuuummmiiinnnggg Jeeeennniieee.." I cried out, just a second before
she began to chant "Ohhh.. YES, YES, YES, YES... fuck me David, fuck
me, fuck me fuck me... ."

As Jenny collapsed forward on to my chest, and I fell back
against the sofa I heard a tiny alien sound and glanced out of the
corner of my eye. It was Sue and Sandi peeking through the crack in
the door to the kitchen, they were obviously curious and wanted a
sneak preview. I sat there cuddling Jenny for some time, really
enjoying the feel of her naked breasts against my chest, and her
silky soft pussy lips clamped round my, now, shrinking penis. "Susan"
I called out. She came running into the family room and stood beside
us, "Yes Daddy?" "Susan darling, will you fetch me a damp washcloth
and a fresh towel please. I have to clean Aunt Jenny up before she
can go to the bathroom." Sue grinned at me and nodded her head before
bouncing out of the room. It was Sandi however that brought what I
asked for, I guess she wanted a look at what was going on too. After
I'd cleaned up the really soggy mess Jenny and I had made of
ourselves I sat Jenny beside me and replaced my pants, before finding
Jenny's panties and helping her put them on. I then helped her to the
bathroom where I left her to clean herself up, before doing the same
for myself, needing a shower to do it properly.

By this time the girls had got lunch ready and to my surprise
they were silent all through the meal. It was only when Jenny was
clearing the kitchen up that I asked "Everything all right girls?"
They looked at me and Sue gave a nod of her head and said "Of course
it is Daddy. Why shouldn't it be?" I looked at her, then at Sandi,
"Right you two, into the family room, I want to talk to you, NOW!"
"Do you want me with you David darling" asked Jenny, I shook my head
and smiled, "No darling, but listen in will you. I might want you to
answer questions later on." In the family room the girls were sat on
the sofa, I stood with my back to the fire looked down at them and
said "Right you two, let us get some things straight, before we all
do something we might just regret." Sue suddenly looked worried. She
knew when I was being serious and always made a point of treading
very carefully when I was. Sue put her hand out and held on to Sandi,
either to comfort herself, or her cousin, I didn't know which. "You
girls put me in a very embarrassing position today. You have
conspired with my sister to get me to break the law in a major
fashion. You want me to do something that could get me put behind
bars for a lot of years" Sue turned pale and Sandi suddenly looked
scared too.

I glanced over to the kitchen door and saw Jenny peering round
it's edge. I looked back to the girls and said "If I'm going to take
that sort of chance, I want to know just how much you two are
prepared to endure while we all indulge in this proposed incestuous
relationship." I paused for a moment and saw that Sue was taking
notice, because she gripped hard on Sandi's hand, and suddenly looked
less worried. "Anything Daddy" Sue said softly. I looked at Sandi and
raised my eyebrows, "And me Uncle Dave, I'd do anything if you were
going to show me how to make love like you did to mom before lunch."
I walked over to the big dining table and pulled out one of the old
straight backed dining chairs, then placed it between the fire and
the sofa. I sat on the chair, looked at the girls and said "Right,
let's just see if you mean it. Both of you strip to the waist, and
hurry." Sue grinned, she knew what the chair meant, she also stripped
quicker than Sandi did. I waited then said, "Right Sandi, come and
stand close to my thigh." Reluctantly she did as I told her, suddenly
worried about what was going to happen.

I placed my right hand in the centre of her back and pressed
her forward so her knees touched my thighs, "Lay across my lap please
Sandi" I said firmly, "But.." she started, "No questions young lady,
do as I say, NOW!" Sandi bent down and lay down on my lap, her naked
breasts hanging free outside my left thigh and her thighs pressed
against my right. "Now, do I hold you down, or hold you up?" I asked,
and looked at Sue and winked as I said it. Before Sandi could answer
Sue knelt beside her and in a stage whisper said "Choose up Sandi,
it's much nicer" "Up, please Uncle Dave" said Sandi softly. "Right,
you know what I'm going to do, don't you Sandi?" "You're going to
spank me. But I've done nothing wrong, I don't deserve to be punished
like this" she replied. I laughed, and I heard Sue giggling behind
me, "This isn't a punishment Sandi darling" I said, "It's just one
way for you to begin enjoying sex. It also pays you back for
embarrassing me so you won't do it again without a lot of thought."
With that I flicked her skirt over her back and roughly pulled her
panties down over her firm rounded bottom so they were almost down to
her knees. 'SPLAT' "Ohh.." 'SPLAT' "Ohh.." eight times I landed my
hand on Sandi's naked bottom. They were noisy, but not hard blows,
and by number eight Sandi was actually moaning "Ooooh.." instead of
"Ohhh.." she stopped jerking her hips up, and I could see her down
fringed pussy lips were beginning to glisten with her juices as they
oozed out between them. As my right hand was spanking her bottom my
left hand was supporting her as she asked me to. Only I was cupping
her right breast in my hand as I rubbed her left nipple with my
forearm. After a couple more spanks I placed my right palm on the
junction of her thighs and her buttocks, covering her wet swollen
pussy and gently rubbed it round and round. This brought soft groans
of pleasure form her, which soon changed to cries of ecstasy as I
quickly pressed my hand along her pussy lips. After pressing my
finger between them beginning to masturbate her I lifted her upper
body slightly, increasing the pressure of my hand on her titty,
increasing her arousal and bringing her to a screaming orgasm. I
changed my left hand to hold her down and close to me, as I pressed
down on her buttocks, all in an effort to prevent her throwing
herself off my lap and on to the floor.

Before I could do or say anything I heard the kitchen door fly
open and Jenny came rushing in to see what I was doing to her baby to
make her scream like that. By now Sandi was laying across my lap,
head and legs sagging and limp, and she was gasping for breath as I
gently caressed her naked back and bottom. As Jenny stood there
speechless Sandi stirred and I helped her to sit up on my lap, where
she laid her head on my chest as I slipped my arm round her back and
hugged her to me. "Are you OK Sandi darling?" asked Jenny in a
motherly fashion. Sandi opened her eyes slowly, looked at Jenny and
said "Oh, god, am I alright Mom. That's the best thing that ever
happened to me. I can't wait 'til Uncle Dave spanks me again, it felt
simply wonderful, is all sex that good?" Jenny knelt in front of us,
held Sandi's hands and said, with a smile "I don't know Sandi
darling, I've never been spanked by someone that loves me, before,
but I really hope it's as good as it sounded?"

Jenny helped Sandi to stand up, then pulled her panties up for
her while Sandi stood there blushing prettily as I looked on. The
next thing I knew was Sue standing by my right thigh, hands behind
her back, eyes averted and her body swinging from side to side just
like a little girl. "Am I next Daddy?" she said in a tiny voice. "Yes
little girl, bend over my knees" I said sternly. As she bent over my
lap Sue said softly "Up please Daddy" and I slipped my left arm under
her chest and she placed her right breast in my open hand. Jenny
looked at what was going on from where she was sitting on the sofa
with Sandi, I thought she was going to say something, but she closed
her lips tight and just sat and watched. With a practised flick I had
Sue's skirt across her back and a second or so later her panties were
down to her knees. The instant I began to spank Susan, Jenny
understood what was happening. It only took half a dozen noisy slaps
landing on Sue's naked bottom for her juices to be almost gushing
from her swollen glistening pussy. I knew it too because my hand was
well and truly coated with them. As with Sandi I placed the palm of
my hand on the length of Sue's pussy and pressed my middle finger
between her lips and began to rub it back and forth on her cuntal

In less time than it takes to tell Sue was crying out as her
climax overtook her and she collapsed across my thighs, limp as a
week old lettuce and gasping like a newly landed fish. When, after a
few minutes I had Sue sitting on my lap, her panties still round her
knees and her arms round me as she kissed me passionately Jenny
looked at me and said "Is there something you haven't told me David
darling?" I smiled as I looked into Sue's eyes, Sue blushed and
returned my smile before looking at Jenny and nodding. "Well yes
there is Aunt Jenny. You see Daddy has been spanking me for over a
year now. When he does I always get into bed with him afterwards and
we sleep together." Sandi looked shocked and Jenny gasped, "Then
you're not.." Sue kissed me again then looked back to her Aunt. "Yes
I am Aunt Jenny, if you were going to say I'm not a virgin, that is.
Yes Daddy spanks me, and yes I have the most wonderful orgasm every
time with him using his hands. But he has NEVER allowed it to go any

Sue paused to kiss me again, and stroke her hand over my face
in her favourite loving gesture, "You see Aunt Jenny, I had to agree
to something before he would even do what he does for me, and I mean
FOR me, and not TO me. He refused to have sex with me until I was
completely certain in my mind that I wanted it to happen, because of
the permanent nature of the act. I had to promise to wait for a full
year before I made up my mind. I'm sure Daddy's forgotten that year
was up last week. I haven't, and I do want this to happen more than
anything I've ever wanted in my whole life." Sue turned to look at me
and said "Please Daddy, I'm sure, and I want you to make me a woman,
make me YOUR woman. Show me you love me enough to do this for me
Daddy darling." Jenny just sat there shaking her head slowly, "Well
brother mine, you've certainly put one over on me, I'll give you
that. And I thought I was being a better parent than you could ever
be by teaching Sandi how to enjoy a woman's touch." She hugged Sandi
to her and smiled at Sue as she sat on my lap still, "I was hoping I
could teach Sue about female love, while you were teaching Sandi and
Sue about the way men make love. I guess we've both started to do
that in our own way."

"Yes, well that's all very well Jenny darling" I said softly,
"But I still have to ask you that question I told you about. It's the
same as the girls were asked. How much will you endure to have me
making love to you?" Jenny looked at me, blushed pinkly and stood up
as she began to undress to the waist. "The same as the girls darling"
she said, "How do you want me?" I stood up, helping Sue to her feet
as I did, then placed a cushion on the seat of the chair and said
"Arms on the cushion, and your head on your hands please Jenny
darling." Jenny did as she was told and I slowly took hold of the hem
of her skirt and pulled it up to lay on her back. I then stood behind
her and hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties, before
slowly pulling them down over the globes of her perfectly round and
firm buttocks, down her thighs and stopping at her knees. I gently
pressed on the inside of her thighs making her open them a little
more, then stood to one side, hooked one hand round her hips and
placed the flat of my right hand on her bottom.

Without warning I lifted my hand and brought it down firmly on
Jenny's naked bottom, 'SPLAT' "Owww.." she cried as she felt my hand
land for the first time. 'SPLAT' "Owww.." she cried again. Again and
again I spanked her, her bottom got more and more red with every
noisy blow, then I saw her pussy lips begin to glisten and her pussy
fur began to show signs of collecting the juices that were flowing
from her vaginal passage. With a final gentle pat on the tops of her
thighs, that also landed on her pussy lips, I stopped spanking her
and began to tenderly rub my hand round and round on her moist pussy
lips. As I slowly rubbed at her pussy I felt hand on my pants,
undoing the zipper and pulling them down to the floor. My shorts
followed and I was helped out of them completely as Sandi whispered
"Make her cum again please Uncle Dave, I've never know mom enjoy
making love this much ever. Make love to her now, she needs it." I
smiled inwardly, thinking 'so do I baby', and stepped behind my
sister, taking my cock in my hand and placing it at the entrance to
her oozing pussy. With a single thrust I entered Jenny's vagina,
making her cry out with pleasure and surprise as she felt my coarse
pubic hair press against her buttocks.

"Ohhh.. YES.. David darling, that feels wonderful, please don't
stop, fuck me darling, please fuck me hard like you used to when we
were at school, make me cum David darling, please make me cum again
with your wonderful hard throbbing cock inside me fuck me darling,
please fuck me.." all the time she was calling out to me I was
humping my hips at her buttocks, pounding hard at her as I fought to
bring myself to a quick orgasm. I couldn't match Jenny's aroused
state, despite the fact I'd just spanked the three of them and
brought the girls to orgasm on my lap. Jenny came quick and hard,
suddenly pressing herself back at my thrusting hips as she cried out
"I'mmmm cuummiinngg, I'mmmm cuummiinngg, Nooowww... ". I suddenly
found Jenny going as limp as a rag doll in my hands that still held
on to her hips. Very gently I allowed her to slip off my still rigid
cock, and lowered her to her knees on the floor. Her head was still
rested on her arms on the cushion, and her thighs were glistening
with her cum as it trickled out from between her spasming pussy lips.
The girls sat on the sofa stunned at what they'd just witnessed, and
I stood up, put my shorts and pants on once more and went to the
bathroom to find a towel to clean Jenny up for the second time

A while later we were all sitting down enjoying a drink, coke
for the girls and coffee for Jenny and I. "Still want to go on with
this girls?" I asked with a grin. Sue just grinned at me, I knew her
answer. Sandi leaned her head on my shoulder, "Uncle Dave, I'm not
leaving this cabin until you've shown me how to enjoy at least one
orgasm like my Mom's had. Nor are you mister, understand?" "Goes for
me too Daddy" said Sue as she came and sat on my lap. "OK girls, in
that case, some ground rules. First, we only make love during the
day, I'll need a good nights rest every night, and I want to spend my
nights sleeping with Jenny, agreed?" they grinned and nodded
silently. "Second, there will be NO strange behaviour like being tied
up and flogged, I hate BDSM, and it turns me off quicker than
anything, and I'll never hurt anyone I'm making love to." Sandi
giggled "But you just spanked us Uncle Dave" she said with a grin. I
nodded "I know, but did I hurt you?" "Oh.. no of course you didn't
you just made us feel good. OK I see what you mean, I'll shut up" and
she laughed at herself as we laughed at her. "Last one" I said, "If
anyone doesn't want something to happen it won't. Everything done
between us is done because we want it to happen. All you have to do
is say the word 'Elephant' and I'll stop whatever I'm doing, at once,

"But why 'Elephant' Uncle Dave?" asked Sandi "It's such a funny
word to be using." I nodded, "Of course darling, so funny it'll make
me stop and ask why you're saying it." Sandi blushed, then looked
down at her feet and said in a quiet voice "You must think I'm really
stupid asking such silly questions instead of understanding what you
mean" I took her face in my hands, kissed her sweetly and said in a
soft voice "No I don't darling. If more girls asked before doing
there'd be less of them getting into trouble, and more of them
enjoying sex safely. Never be afraid to ask even the simplest
question my love, only fools think they know everything." Sandi
smiled at me, then threw her arms round my neck and kissed me
passionately, "Thanks Uncle Dave, you're wonderful."

Continued in part 2.......


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