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FAMTRAIT2 sucked moist fingers into her


Family Traits 2a/3(MF,Mf,Ff,ff,MFf,MFff,Oral,Mast,Voy,Spank)
This work is the intellectual property of the author davidb234 and he
claims the copyright. It may be posted or archived to any free site,
but not to any commercial or pay site or organisation, without the
authors express permission.
Check out my archive at
This is a work of adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file immediately. If it is
illegal to obtain this sort of material where you reside delete this
file immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!
Family Traits
A story by
Part 2a

Having removed all objections, mainly my own, in principal to
having family sex I suggested we pair off, Jenny and I changing
offspring, to initiate some non penetration sexual games. In other
words we would get each others daughters off as many times as possible
manually. Sue and Sandi both wriggled about on the sofa in
anticipation, so Jenny offered to take Sue into our bedroom while I
had Sandi with me on the sofa. "Can we do it on my bed please Uncle
Dave?" asked Sandi, in a quiet voice. "Of course we can if that's what
you want darling" I replied, and took her by the hand and walked with
her to the bedroom she shared with Sue. When we were sitting side by
side on the edge of her bed Sandi looked at me and gave me a shy
smile, "Shall I undress Uncle Dave?" I shook my head "No darling I was
hoping I could do that, and you do the same for me. How does that
sound?" "Oh.. that sounds wonderful, I never did that before" Sandi
replied with a wide grin.

She stood up in front of me and I took her hands and pulled her
close to me, I then undid the few buttons of her blouse she had
refastened earlier, and gently pushed it back over her shoulders and
let it fall to the floor behind her. With a practised flick I undid
the clasp of her skirt, pulled down the short zipper and let it fall
in a pool at her feet. All Sandi had on now was her panties, having
discarded her bra before lunch, I was going to remove them but decided
against it, just taking her in my arms, kissing her and saying "What
about doing the same for me now Sandi darling?" quick as a flash she
sat down beside me, I stood up in front of her and allowed her to
remove my shirt. As she pushed it over my shoulders, having to stretch
up and press her breasts against my abdomen in the process, she
stroked her soft warm hands up, then down my hirsute chest, pressing
her palms against my hard erect nipples in the process.

Sandi struggled with my belt buckle and tight button at the top
of my pants, but eventually was able to run down my zipper and drop my
pants to the floor. As this left me with just my shorts on she sat
back and started at the bulge that was growing in them. "Oh.. WOW, did
I do that Uncle Dave?" she said as I sat beside her. "Yes you did
Sandi, all I had to do was see your wonderful breasts, feeling them
press on my chest was a bonus, and just helped it to happen faster. I
don't think any regular guy could resist getting an erection looking
at someone as beautiful as you." Sandi blushed prettily and I lifted
her chin and kissed her warmly, "I'm not just saying that darling, I
really mean it. You are very lovely, and you'll have to be very, very
careful just how much you tease men and boys. Some of them won't be
able to control their passions and might end up hurting you." Sandi
frowned, "Don't, Uncle Dave you're frightening me. That sort of thing
doesn't happen, does it?" I smiled, "Only to girls that aren't very
careful Sandi my love. That's all I ask of you, be careful, all
right?" she smiled again then got up and straddled my thighs just like
she'd seen Jenny do earlier.

"Why did Mom.. Ooooh.. I see why" she gasped as she wriggled her
crotch against my swollen penis, "Oh.. WOW, I like this Uncle Dave, I
think mom does too. Is this how she does it?" and she worked her hips
back and forth on my penis with only two layers of cotton separating
our sex organs. As she worked herself off on the swelling in my pants
I placed a hand on each of her breasts and began to squeeze and caress
them, stroking them with my fingertips, flattening them with my palms,
and rolling her nipples between finger and thumb. All this new
stimulation took her over the top in a matter of minutes and she
suddenly cried out "Ohh.. Uncle Dave I'mmmm cuummiinngg....." and she
ground her crotch on my swollen cock as her climax burst like a
starburst all over her virginal young body. Having nowhere to fall but
into my encircling arms Sandi fell on to my chest and lay there, her
body twitching and her pussy lips spasming as she slowly came down
from her orgasmic heights.

When she'd regained her breath I laid her down on her bed, lay
beside her and pulled the covers up over our naked bodies. I took
Sandi in my arms as she rolled over to face me, and held her close to
me, her hard nipples pressing into my chest, my upper hand clasped
over her bottom, my lower hand clasping her to me as tight as I dare.
Eventually Sandi found enough strength to push herself up on one elbow
and look down at me as I lay beside her. "Uncle Dave, that was the
most amazing feeling I ever had. Even mom didn't make me cum like
that. I guess she was right when she said it would be different, she
didn't say it would be better." I smiled up at her, "Thanks for the
compliment darling, but don't tell you mother, she might not
appreciate it." Sandi bent down a darling kissed me warmly, "I hadn't
thought about that. I guess you're right, I won't tell her, she really
is very good you know, you're just very different, and I love it."
"Right, let's see what you make of this then" I said, and sat up,
telling her to sit between my open thighs, with her back to my chest.

When she was comfortable I leaned forward and placed a tender
kiss on her cheek. She turned her head and found my lips with hers and
whispered "I love you Uncle Dave" before turning her head to the front
and taking a deep breath. With my cheek pressed close to hers I place
my hands on her abdomen and slowly slid them up her body until they
reaches the underside of her firm conical breasts. There I moved my
hands round to the sides and continued up to her shoulders, where I
reversed my movement and slid them down her chest, stopping when they
covered her titties. All this time Sandi had been holding her breath
in anticipation, as soon as I touched her breasts she let it out in a
huge juddering sigh. Almost immediately she took another deep breath
as I began to trace a spiral round the base of each mammary with my
fingertips. Slowly I worked up and round each breast, pressing on her
aureoles with two fingers that sat one each side of her nipples. I
rubbed those fingers back and forth for a moment, then pressed them
together like scissors, trapping her swollen rigid nipples between
them, and making her cry out with pleasure.

Before I left her breasts I took her nipples between finger and
thumb, pinched them firmly making her gasp with enjoyment, the I
slowly pulled them out and away from her breasts, before letting them
go and allowing them to snap back like rubber bands. This made her
gasp with surprise, more than anything, and she gave a mournful cry
"Oh, no don't stop Uncle Dave don't stop, do it again please Uncle
Dave, it's soooo good." "Just you wait" I whispered in her ear, then I
kissed her again as I moved my hands down her body and slid my fingers
under the waistband of her panties. This made her gasp with pleasure,
and she quickly opened her legs and slid down a fraction so I could
get inside easier. I took advantage of all this and pressed my right
hand down and over her hot wet and very swollen pussy lips, covering
her mons with my palm and pressing my middle finger between her
sopping wet and cum soaked lips. "Oh god, yes.." Sandi gasped and
began to roll her head from side to side as she humped her hips
against the pressure of my hand trying to increase the joyous feelings
she was experiencing. As I rubbed my finger between her lips I moved
my thumb round under my palm and pressed it down over the place her
clit lay hidden beneath it's protective hood. A few seconds of this
and Sandi went over the top again, crying out in ecstasy as she
thrashed and jerked in my arms, her orgasm hitting her like and
express train and bursting all over her young body at the same

This time Sandi really did pass out, and I had to lay her down
beside me and cover her up to keep her warm while I waited for her to
recover. In the mean time I sat there looking about me, until I moved
against the pile of pillows behind me. I heard a rustle of paper and
decided to see if it was a magazine I could read until Sandi woke up.
It was a magazine, one called 'Loving Families', it was devoted to
incestual relationships, and was turned and creased at the 'letters'
page. I'd seen some of this sort of publication before and always held
the opinion that the letters were mainly faked to fill space and
attract readers. This one seemed to be different because one letter
was ringed. It was from a girl calling herself 'Desperate' and told of
how she wanted her hunk of an uncle to take her virginity, and how she
was trying to get her mom to help her. This girl had got her cousin in
the act too, and they were all going to go to the family cabin in the
forest in a few weeks time where it was hopefully going to happen.
Just great I thought but at least I'm not the only one in this
predicament, and carried on reading the rest of the letters.

By the time I was done there was knock on the door and Sue
peeped round the edge, "Can I come in Daddy?" she asked softly. I said
yes, and she came an sat on the bed beside Sandi, "What's the matter
with Sandi" Sue asked with a smile, "Nothing" came the reply from
beneath the blanket, "I'm just laying down resting, why?" Sue giggled
as she pulled the sheet back and revealed as dishevelled looking Sandi
laying with her eyes closed tight shut. "Oh, nothing, I just wondered
if you wanted to coma and have a shower with me, or would you prefer
having one with Daddy?" Sandi opened her eyes, looked at me then said
"I don't know if I'd survive a shower with him, I better have one with
you Sue" and she slowly rolled out of bed and staggered to the
bathroom with her cousin for a refreshing session under the shower. I
got up and walked over to my bedroom to find Jenny sitting on the bed
reading a book, "Well" I said "How was it for you then Jenny darling?"
and I scrambled on to the bed and sat beside her, shoving my legs
under the sheet. "David, your daughter is a real darling. She tried to
enjoy what we were doing but all she could do was call out for Daddy.
She had two orgasms and each time it was you she was wanting. I don't
suppose Sandi did the same?"

I leaned over and kissed her tenderly "Sorry darling, I'm afraid
not. To be honest she didn't call for anyone, just screamed she was
cumming all the time. She went to sleep for almost half an hour, until
Sue came and got her." "Went to sleep! Why did she do that?" gasped
Jenny. "Well, I say went to sleep, she actually fainted after a pretty
big orgasm, and I hadn't even got her panties off, just got my hand
inside them." "Oh, you poor man you, and I bet you didn't even get to
cum yourself either, did you?" I grinned as I shook my head. "You
didn't cum last time you made it with me either, did you darling?"
again I shook my head. "God, you must be close to screaming with
frustration man, why don't you let me do something about it for you?"
I kissed her again, then said "I've got a much better idea Jenny, but
I need your help. This is what I want you to do..." and a couple of
minutes later we were walking hand in hand to the bathroom where the
girls were still washing themselves under the shower.

Jenny shut off the water, then stepped into the shower. "Right
girls, one last treat for you tonight, then it's bed for all of us.
Kneel down and sit on your hands." They did as they were told, but
looked completely mystified. Then I stepped in and Jenny bent down to
strip off my shorts allowing my hard throbbing cock to stand out in
front of me and dance to the beat of my pulse. The girls gasped at
what they saw, despite both having seen it before, just never like
this. Jenny came and stood by my right hip, put her left arm round me
and gently took my erection in her right hand. "Girls, something to
remember; if a guy gets aroused too much without getting some release
of his sexual tensions, he can be in a great deal of discomfort. It's
called 'lovers balls' or 'blue balls'. Either way it can also affect
his temper. Luckily David had a lot of control, but we three have been
arousing him all afternoon, and he hasn't had an orgasm. Just watch,
and learn." All the time she was speaking Jenny was masturbating me
gently and slowly. The girls just sat and stared at what was
happening, having little idea what was about to befall them.

Hard as it was for me to keep silent, I managed it, and totally
without warning I began to cum. I shot a massive stream of hot sticky
creamy semen across the gap between me and the girls, Jenny did the
rest by skilfully aiming it at their open mouths and their breasts. As
soon as Sandi felt a gob of cum hit her lips she snapped her mouth
shut, jerked her head back and swallowed instinctively, realising too
late what she had in her mouth. Sue did the same and at almost the Sam
time. They both felt the hot blast striking their breasts, and
struggled to get their hands from beneath their buttocks to stop
anymore landing on them. by the time their hands were free I was
finished, and Jenny amazed then both by kneeling in front of me and
sucking my dripping cock clean. "Mom, how can you do that?" demanded
Sandi, Jenny smiled at her daughter, "Because it's nice darling,
that's why. Anyway, you two just did the same, didn't you enjoy the
taste of David's cum?"

Sandi shook her head, but Sue sat there, her titties dripping
with my cum and thought before answering, "I don't know Aunt Jenny"
she said, then astounded her cousin by scooping some up off her breast
and sucking her fingers into her mouth. After a moments thought Sue
smiled and said "Well, it's not sick making, but it's certainly not
like candy. To be honest I do quite like it. Would it be better a
little warmer Aunt Jenny?" "Absolutely, it's much better fresh" Jenny
replied with a smile, she then looked at Sandi again. Sue also looked
at her cousin and said "Come on Sandi, at least you'll be able to say
you've tried it, even if you end up not liking it. No one can say
you're chicken."

That did it of course, teenage pride, not refusing a dare, even
an implied one, whatever it was Sandi followed Sue's example and
scooped two fingers full off her breast and sucked it deep into her
mouth. Seconds later and Sandi was smiling, "Sorry Mom, I should have
learned by now not to say no to something I haven't tried. I agree
with Sue, it isn't too bad, and I'm going to have to try it fresh to
get the full benefit of any taste test." Jenny turned the shower on
again and began to wash me down. As the girls got up she said, "Oh, by
the way girls, what you have dripping down your titties. It's said to
be a very good skin cream and keeps your complexion clear. Try rubbing
it in before you wash it all off." Nothing loth, they did as they were
told, and looked to be enjoying it as Jenny and I finished out shower
and left them to their own devices. When we were both dried and
powdered Jenny opened the shower and said "I'm making some hot
chocolate girls, will you both be out before it gets cold. We can
drink it sitting together in our bed, if you like."

You have never seen two girls move so fast getting washed dried
and powdered, by the time Jenny had the bedtime drinks made they were
standing by our bed waiting for me to finish checking the doors and
windows. When I was done I got into bed, the girls scrambled in to sit
each side of me, leaving Jenny to sit on the outside. We had our
drinks, Jenny put the empty cups to one side the we all lay back, the
girls snuggling up close to me and laying their hands on my semi hard
penis. "Remember girls, you sleep in your own beds at night. You play
with the big boy during the daytime." "Yes Mom" "Yes Aunt Jenny" they
said as the snuggled even closer to me. I gave them both a tender pat
on the bottom, and they sat up reluctantly, kissed me very warmly and
passionately then did the same for Jenny before wishing us both
goodnight and walking arm in arm to their bedroom.

Jenny shifted over to be closer to me, wrapped her arms round me
and said quietly "We are doing the right thing Dave, with the sex
thing I mean?" "Jenny darling" I replied, "If we're not, it's a bit
too late. They're already enjoying it too much for us to be able to
tell them it's wrong. To be honest with you, I don't think we're going
to do them any harm so long as they consent freely to anything that
happens. If we coerce them in any way, like Sue did with Sandi over
tasting my semen, then we step over the line. I'm going to have a word
with Sue in the morning about that little episode. I don't want it to
happen again." Jenny kissed me as she cuddled up close, "Don't be too
harsh please darling, they're both young, and it's a game to them just
now. Make it too serious and they may not enjoy it quite so much. Why
not let me talk to her this time, please David." I gave in. What else
could I do. It looked as if I was getting wrapped round three female
fingers at will. I had a good nights sleep and awoke with Jenny still
wrapped in my arms. My only problem was that there was something heavy
sitting on my legs. I opened my eyes and looked straight into Sandi's.

"Good morning Uncle Dave, did you sleep as well as me and Sue
did?" she asked brightly. "Probably Sandi darling, and almost as long
too" I replied as I mumbled into the comforter covering my face. Sandi
leaned forward pulled the comforter down and kissed me sweetly on the
lips, "Oh, don't be such a grouch first thing in the morning. It's a
beautiful day, and Sue's almost finished getting breakfast ready, so
don't be too long or it will spoil. Oh, and would you wake mom please,
I don't want to take any chances." Giving a sigh of resignation I
threw the covers right down the bed, gave Jenny a sharp slap on the
bottom and rolled out of bed. As I put my robe on Jenny rolled over
and opened her eyes, "What's the rush, we're on holiday, we don't need
to get up so early" she moaned. I bent down and kissed her warmly,
"Oh, yes we do Jenny darling, especially if we want the breakfast Sue
and Sandi are about to serve up."

Breakfast was great, a full English. Bacon and eggs followed by
toast and real English Marmalade with fresh brewed coffee for Jenny
and I and OJ for the girls. Jenny and I did the dishes and then we all
got dressed up to go for a walk in the woods, and down to the lake to
see if it was fit for swimming. Being early spring the water was far
too cold for me, Jenny and the girls had to agree when Sandi went in
barefoot to test the waters and gave a loud screech as the cold
shocked her system. We sat on some logs at the edge of the piece of
beach that was on our part of the lake shore, and I asked the girls to
tell me something about the boys and girls at school that they got
their information on sex from.

By now it was causing no embarrassment at all, and Sue sat at my
feet on the sandy soil and told me things she never would have at
home. I recognised some of the girls, and most of the boys she
described, and had to clench my hands tight when she let slip some of
the bad times she'd had on certain dates. I realised then why Sue had
been prepared to come into my bed so often when she got home from so
many of her evenings out. It was almost funny, some of the things that
still circulated amongst young people. Things like, a girl can't get
pregnant the first time she has sex, and A guy can die if he doesn't
cum every night. Even Sue had to laugh at them, especially as I'd
given her a good theoretical grounding in matter sexual a couple of
years ago.

Sandi had some pretty hair raising stories about the amount of
date rape that went on at her school. A number of boys had been
charged and convicted but it still happened. "The trouble is Uncle
Dave" said Sandi "Most girls are to ashamed and frightened to report
it when it happens to them they don't want their parents to know
they're sexually active, and the last thing they want their friends to
know is that they can't handle the whole sex-with-boys thing." Sandi
looked across the gap between us and said softly "That's why I spread
the rumour that I wasn't interested in boys, and it worked. I just
wish some of them could see me now." "Talking of which" said Jenny,
"It's time for lunch, then I think we may have an appointment with the
sofa. How does that sound?" "Great" said Sandi and jumped to her feet,
helping Jenny to stand as Sue did the same for me.

Lunch was a quick affair, just sandwiches and juice or coffee,
so we were soon sitting on the sofa with me sat between the girls and
Jenny perched on the arm beside Sandi. After a couple of minutes
sitting together without anyone else initiating action I told the
girls to go and stand in front of the fireplace and face each other.
As they moved Jenny sat beside me and snuggled up close asking in a
sift whisper what I had in mind. I smiled at her then said to the
girls "OK girls, I want you to undress each other, removing everything
except your skirts. Do it as sexily as you possible can, just like a
pair of strippers entertaining Jenny and I. Get the idea?" they looked
at each other and smiled sexily then nodded their heads "Yes Daddy"
"Yes Uncle Dave" they said, then stepped forward so their bodies
touched and kissed each other as sexily as they knew how.

As they kissed I whispered my idea to Jenny, smiling at her
astonished look, then asked in a soft voice "Well Jenny, any
objections?" she smiled and shook her head "No David darling, I think
it's a wonderful idea. I just wish I'd thought of it myself a long
time ago. Do you think they'll go for it?" I nodded, suddenly too
engrossed in the girls to answer Jenny properly. By now they had
opened each others shirts and Sandi was pushing Sue's off her
shoulders, kissing her shoulders and chest as she did so. Sue stood
there, her hands behind her back, pushing out her chest as her cousin
worked her lips and tongue over her bared flesh. As Sandi got to Sue's
satin bra covered breasts I saw her push out her tongue and press it
into Sue's cleavage the lick all over the upper part of her breasts
that wasn't covered by soft silky material. By now Sue's shirt was on
the floor and forgotten. That was Sandi's cue to stand up and have her
shirt removed. This time Jenny and I gave a soft gasp of surprise,
Sandi wasn't wearing a bra and as her shirt fell behind her Sue simply
clamped her mouth on Sandi's naked breast and sucked hard, making her
cry out with pleasure.

When Sue had paid homage to both Sandi's breasts she stood up
and pressed her almost naked body hard against Sandi's, then they
kissed again. This time the kiss was much more sensual, and Sandi had
a job actually undoing the clasp of Sue's bra and pulling it forward
off her arms and allowing it to fall to the floor unheeded. As soon as
Sue's breasts were free the girls pressed themselves together, making
sure their nipples were in full contact with the others breasts, if
not her nipples. All the time we were watching the show Jenny and I
were in each others arms caressing each others bodies. She had her
hand in my open zipper and I had mine between her open thighs, both of
us were close to masturbating each other to orgasm. Before things
between us got too far I pulled back and told Jenny to wait for a
while as I had an idea that would make us both enjoy ourselves. With a
shuddering sigh Jenny lay back against the sofas cushions and slowly
closed her legs as I removed my hand, wiping my fingers on her naked
thigh as I smiled at her. I got a slapped wrist for this act, then she
took hold of my hand and sucked my moist fingers into her mouth and
licked them clean with her tongue.

While this little by play was going on I was still watching the
girls, and saw Susan drop to the floor in front of Sandi and after
placing her hands on Sandi's knees began to slide them up her inner
thighs as Sandi slowly lifted the hem of her short skirt to waist
level. As Sandi's panties came into view Sue was touching her cousins
cotton covered pussy where it was wettest. She then moved her hands
round Sandi's thighs and cupped her buttocks as she placed her lips to
Sandi's panties, pulling herself hard on to the sopping wet fabric as
she extended her tongue and began to lick the moisture up like cream.
After a moment or two Sue started to pull Sandi's panties down my
gripping the waistband above her buttocks and drawing them towards the
floor. As the cotton garment cleared Sandi's thighs Sue kept contact
with her lips and tongue which now had slipped between Sandi's hot wet
and very swollen lower lips. Suddenly Susan pulled back and sat on her
heels as she removed Sandi's pantied from her feet. Sue then got to
her feet, kissed Sandi on the lips and stood stock still, waiting for
the same treatment she'd just meted out.

Continued in part 2b............................................

Family Traits 2/3(MF,Mf,Ff,ff,MFf,MFff,Oral,Mast,Voy,Spank)
This work is the intellectual property of the author davidb234 and he
claims the copyright. It may be posted or archived to any free site,
but not to any commercial or pay site or organisation, without the
authors express permission.
Check out my archive at
This is a work of adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file immediately. If it is
illegal to obtain this sort of material where you reside delete this
file immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!
Family Traits
A story by
Part 2

With a huge sigh and a shudder Sandi regained her composure and
slowly dropped to her knees, repeating what Susan had just done for
her. This time making Jenny gasp out loud as she saw Sue was wearing a
pair of crotchless panties A la Victoria's Secrets. This gave Sandi
the chance to tease Sue a little more before actually removing the
sexy panties. Before the girls were finished I had to put my hands in
my pants and move my erect penis to a more comfortable position.
Rarely had I seen a sexier performance, especially from two young
inexperienced girls. Jenny too was in a very aroused state, I could
see her nipples pressing through her dress, and could smell her
arousal as she flooded her panties with her juices. Giving each other
a final lingering kiss the girls turned to face Jenny and I, one arm
round each other. "How was that Daddy?" asked Susan with a shit eating
grin on her face, "I hope you two enjoyed it as much as we did" said
Sandi as she smiled at us. "Girls, that was the most erotic piece of
work I've ever seen from a couple a girls your age" I said softly,
"It's almost a pity I didn't have a camera to film it for posterity."
This got me a thump on the arm from Jenny, "No way are you going to
film the girls making love. We do this in private buster." "Only
joking Jenny darling" I said with a grin, and stood up, pulling her up
with me.

"OK girls, your turn to sit down now. Jenny and I will do the
rest of the work, you just sit back and enjoy what happens." They sat
down and looked puzzled as Jenny went behind the sofa while I dropped
to my knees in front of Sandi. Gently I placed my hands behind her and
pulled her forward so her buttocks were just on the edge of the sofa
cushion. I then pushed her skirt up above her waist and tenderly
separated her thighs as far as they would go. As I began to lower my
head to pass between her thighs, and before I made contact with my
target, her hot wet and very, very swollen pussy lips, I heard Sandi
give a cry of "Oh, god.. mommmmm.." as she felt Jenny cup her breasts
from above and behind, then cover her lips in a warm sensual kiss. The
instant I made contact Sandi began thrashing about, so much so that I
almost never made it as I tried to bring her to orgasm with my sucking
and licking of her sopping wet cunt and her swollen pulsating
clitoris. Eventually though Sandi gave a loud scream of "I'mmmm
cuuummmiiinnnggg, I'mmmm cuuummmiiinnnggg, I'mmmm cuuummmiiinnnggg,
NOOOOWWWW." With a final huge sigh Sandi collapsed in a limp heap as I
extracted my cum covered face from between her thighs as Jenny
tenderly lowered her daughter on to a cushion on the corner of the
sofa. I'mmmm cuuummmiiinnnggg,

Susan just sat there stunned at what she'd just witnessed,
unable to believe her cousin could have cum so hard. The moment she
saw me moving across o kneel in front of her she scooted her thighs
forward, opened her thighs and lifted her skirt. I smiled lovingly at
my baby girl, and ran my fingertips up the inside of her soft smooth
thighs, then gently applied a little pressure at the top as if I was
forcing her to accept what was happening. I then, maddeningly slowly
lowered my head until I could place my lips on her sopping wet and
spasming pussy. "Aggghhhh.. Hmmm" she cried as she felt herself being
doubly stimulated from above and below and had her cry of ecstasy
muffled by her aunts soft warm lips. Sandi had been quick to reach her
climax. Susan was quicker, having had more stimulation by watching her
cousin. I'd barely got a taste of her wonderful tangy pussy juices
before she was screaming out "I'mmmm cuuummmiiinnnggg, I'mmmm
cuuummmiiinnnggg, I'mmmm cuuummmiiinnnggg, NOOOOWWWW" just as Sandi
had done a moment or two earlier. Just as Sandi had done Susan
collapsed in a dead faint, and Jenny eased her limp body down on a
cushion on the other end of the sofa. She then looked at me and said
"David, for gods sake do me too. I can't stand it any longer, I've got
to cum, I'm so hot darling, eat me like you did the girls please
darling." I smiled and pointed to the gap between the girls. In a
flash Jenny was sitting back, ripping off her panties and laying back
on the edge of the cushion.
The instant my lips touched Jenny's mons she screamed in
ecstasy. When I sucked her clit in my mouth she cried out again, and
when I cheated and pressed two fingers in her sopping wet pussy she
began to thrash about and jerk her hips as her climax overtook her and
she began crying out "I'mmmm cuuummmiiinnnggg, I'mmmm
cuuummmiiinnnggg, "I'mmmm cuuummmiiinnnggg, I'mmmm cuuummmiiinnnggg,
NOOOOWWWW." I guess it was to be expected that Jenny would also
collapse, at least she didn't faint, like the girls. She just lay
there gasping for breath, her eyes glazed over, her pussy twitching
and her abdomen spasming as her orgasm rippled through her limp soft
body. I got to my feet and quietly went to the bathroom to clean
myself up. At least wash my face and neck that had got soaked with
three lots of female cum. By the time I got back Jenny was sitting up,
her head in her hands and her elbows resting on her knees as she
looked at the floor between her feet. "It's a good job that sofas
covered in leather Jenny darling" I said softly "It'll make it easy to
clean all that girls cum off it"

She looked at me and began to giggle like a schoolgirl, "What's
so funny Mom?" asked Sandi in a quiet voice as she opened her eyes and
blinked as the light hit them. "Just Uncle Dave giving me some
cleaning instructions darling" Jenny replied. "Cleaning what Aunt
Jenny" asked Sue as she sat up and looked around her. "The mess we all
made on the sofa. And believe me girls, there's a lot of it, just
look." They all stood up, the girls on very wobbly legs, and looked
down at where they'd been laying. "Oh my god.." gasped Sandi, "Did we
do all that?" as they looked at the streaks of drying cum that criss-
crossed the cushions. I stood there, looking all superior and smug as
I nodded, "Yes you certainly did girls, but I'd look at the state
you're all in before you say very much more." They then looked at each
other and saw the state of their legs, with more streaks of dried cum
running down the inside of their thighs. "Ohhhh.. " gasped Susan, and
she dashed to the bathroom and we all heard the shower starting to
run. Sandi followed on immediately and I took Jenny by the hand and
brought up the rear.

Jenny and I watched the girls shower, helping each other to
clean the parts they couldn't see on themselves, then Jenny got under
the water as the girls stepped out and dried themselves off. Sandi was
just pulling her clean panties up when she stopped, turned to Sue and
said "You know Sue, I wouldn't have believed we could have had so much
sex, and still be virgins. It makes you wonder if it's actually worth
losing our cherries when we can have so much fun with Uncle Dave." Sue
looked at me, then turned to Sandi and said "Sandi, you speak for
yourself. I came here to lose my cherry, and have my Daddy take it.
You stay a virgin if you like, I'm not going to." Sandi gave a huge
sigh, "Oh, well, I suppose you're right cuz, a girl doesn't get a
chance like this every week, so I guess we both better take it." By
now all three of them were looking, if not feeling, refreshed after
their exertions. That's when Jenny took me by the hand and led me to
the bathroom door. She then turned and said "Come with me please
girls, we have some unfinished business" with that they followed us as
Jenny led me to our bedroom, and told me to get on the bed and lay
down in the middle of the mattress.

I did as Jenny asked and she turned to the girls and said softly
"Girls, once more David has satisfied all three of us, without getting
any himself. Now you learn to give the an you love the best blow job
of his life. Get him undressed so we don't mess up his clothes." Three
minutes later I was laying there naked, my hard erect penis standing
up like a flagpole in a wind as it throbbed and twitched in
anticipation of what was to come. With the girls on one side of me and
Jenny on the other I lay back and closed my eyes listening to Jenny as
she explained the mechanics and contours of the male member. Normally
this would have made me soften quicker than melting ice-cream in the
summer, had it not been for the fact all three of them were touching
me with featherlight strokes of their soft warm fingertips. "Ahhh..."
I gasped as I felt the moist warmth of Jenny's lips pass over the head
of my throbbing erection, then my cock jerked as I felt a pair of lips
press themselves on to mine, and another pair begin suckling on my
hard swollen nipples. "All change girls" I heard Jenny say softly, and
a sudden cold breeze on the head of my cock vanished as it was
engulfed in another warm wet mouth.

By now my cock was pulsating harder than I had ever known
before. It got stronger as the lips on mine and on my nipples
abandoned their tasks and when I opened my eyes I saw the girls
watching Jenny as she demonstrated her oral sex technique. One by one
the girls followed Jenny's instructions then my cock gave another
massive jump as I heard her say "Right then girls, you know what to
do, let's put it into practice. We all have the count of thirty to
suck on David's erection, then we change places. The winner will be
the one to get the first moth full of his hot creamy cum. If it's one
of you two, that one will be the first to have David pop her cherry.
Let's go" and she engulfed my penis in her mouth as Sandi smiled up at
me then placed a pillow over by face so I couldn't cheat by seeing who
was in duty at any one time. I tried to keep tabs, so I could make
sure it was one of the girls that got the benefit of my orgasm, but I
soon lost count and had no real idea what order they were in. All I
know is, when I came it was so massive an orgasm I just cried out
"NOWWWW!" and everything else was blank.

The next thing I knew I was laying in bed, covered up and warm,
with a naked body beside me, hugging me and kissing me tenderly all
over my face. Before I could open my eyes to see who it was she rolled
out of bed and ran to the door calling out something I couldn't quite
make out. In a matter of seconds Jenny was sitting beside me and
bending over to kiss me tenderly saying "Well that's the first time I
ever knew a guy could pass out when he was in the middle of an orgasm.
I guess it was pretty good?" I smiled somewhat weakly, "To be honest
Jenny darling, I can't remember. I suppose it must have been, but you
three would know more about that than me." "You're right there David
darling, you came so hard and so much you almost drowned poor Sue.
When I pulled her off your penis you were still shooting your cum in
the air, so Sandi and I helped ourselves to our share too, and boy was
there plenty to go round."

Then it hit me, what Jenny had said about almost drowning Sue,
that meant... Jenny must have been reading my mind, because she smiled
at me and said softly "Yes darling, Sue won, you get to pop her cherry
first, all we have to do is decide where and when. I think we can
leave the how to the two of you. At least it'll give Sandi a little
extra time to think about how she wants to go about it." Jenny got up
and was immediately replaced by my daughter. Sue looked even more
beautiful that ever just then. She was aglow with anticipation, and
her eyes were bright with lust as she lay across my chest and placed
her lips to mine and kissed me more lovingly and more passionately
that she had ever done before. "Daddy, I love you. I love you so much
it almost hurts when you're not holding me. Please tell me when you're
going to make love to me properly, when you're going to make me your
woman. Please darling, don't make me wait too long, I don't think I
could take it. Tell me Daddy, when will you be my first and only

I took Sue's face between my palms and placed a tender loving
kiss on her soft warm lips. "Let me speak to Aunt Jenny darling, I
think I have a nice idea that will work for you and Sandi, and still
be special for both of you." Giving me a quick kiss on the forehead
Susan dashed out of the bedroom calling for Jenny. When Jenny was
sitting beside me, as I sat up at last, I explained my idea to her,
and she grinned as she said "What a wonderful idea darling, I'm sure
they'll both love it. Shall we do it tonight?" I grinned ruefully,
then said "Oh, I suppose so darling, I should be recovered by the
morning." Just then Sandi poked her head in the room and said "Dinners
ready, do you want it in bed Uncle Dave, or will you join us at
table?" I was out of bed and dressed in a matter of minutes, and soon
sitting down between the girls with Jenny sitting opposite me.

After dinner was over the girls offered to do the dishes while
Jenny and I went and sat in front of the blazing log fire in the
family room. When they finally joined us Jenny asked then to sit on
the floor in front of us. Susan came and sat with her head resting on
my lap, Sandi did the same with Jenny, who then proceeded to explain
to them what we had worked out earlier. "Tonight Susan will come and
sleep with David and me" she said, "Then in the morning I'll help her
and David to get prepared for their first lovemaking. I will then
leave them alone until they come out of the bedroom together. Any
questions?" Sue sat there wide eyed and grinning. Sandi also smiled
and said "Will it be the same for me Mom?" Jenny looked at her
daughter and said "Sandi darling, if you don't like it, say so, it's
only a suggestion. If you want something different why don't you tell
me so we can see if we can do something about it." Sandi took her
mothers hands in hers, kissed them, then looked up into her eyes and
with a sweet smile said "Oh, no Mom, it's not that, I promise. I think
it's a perfectly wonderful idea. The thought of having you help
prepare me for losing my virginity to a wonderful man like Uncle Dave,
is the best thing any girl could ever want. I wish I could tell my
friends abut it, they would all die of envy." She bust into a fit of
the giggles and Sue joined her after saying "Oh, boy, same here, just
imagine their faces."

We spent the rest of the evening like that, sitting together,
our bodies close and warm against each other. The girls got up once to
make us all a cup of hot chocolate, returning to sit beside us again
as we sipped them together. When bed time came Sandi came and put her
arms round my neck and kissed me tenderly, "Uncle Dave, would you do
something silly for me please?" she asked. "What's that my love?" I
replied. She hid her face in my chest as she murmured "Come and kiss
me goodnight and tuck me in please." Tenderly I lifted her face and
smiled as I looked at her, "Of course I will darling, if it will make
you happy. I'd have thought you were a bit big for that though, it's
usually little girls of seven or eight that get tucked in at night."
Sandi looked into my eyes, and I saw a wicked gleam in hers, "I can
pretend to be seven years old of you like Uncle Dave, but I think
fifteen would be lots more fun for you, don't you?" "Hmmm, I see what
you mean, I also think you might be looking for another spanking,
being so naughty, what do you say to that?"

Sandi grinned widely and nodded her head vigorously, "Oh, yes
please Uncle Dave, that would be really super. Will you do it before
or after you pop my cherry?" I grinned wickedly, "How about instead
of" I said, Sandi gave me a punch with her tiny fist, called me all
the beasts under the sun, then danced away to get undressed and ready
for bed. While I made sure the cabin was secure Jenny took Susan into
our bedroom and sorted out some night wear for her. I went into the
girls room and found Sandi just getting into bed, she was on her hands
and knees, her shortie nightie up over her naked bottom, and
displaying her down covered pussy lips for a brief moment, before she
lay down and pulled the covers up to her chin. I tucked her in nice
and tight, then I bent over her and whispered "That was very nice
timing Sandi darling", then kissed her lovingly on her soft warm moist
lips. "Wasn't it Uncle Dave, almost perfect I'd say" and she showed me
her grin before burying her face under the bedclothes. "Good night
Sandi darling" I said softly. "Goodnight Uncle Dave, I love you" she
replied as I quietly closed the door.

By the time I got to my own bed Jenny and Sue were sitting side
by side chatting away like old friends, rather than Aunt and niece. As
normal I got into bed naked and filled the space they made between
themselves, immediately laying down ready to go to sleep. With a smile
for Sue Jenny bent over and kissed me sweetly "Goodnight David
darling, have sweet dreams, won't you." She then lay down beside me
and snuggled up close to me in my encircling arm. Susan did the same,
switching her nightlight off first, and laying half on my chest, with
her uppermost thigh across my left leg and her down covered pussy
pressed against my thigh so I could feel how warm and moist it was,
even now. "Goodnight Daddy darling" she whispered, "I love you so
much." I turned my head and kissed her tenderly, "Goodnight Susan my
love, I love you too, and I'll prove it in the morning." With that Sue
snuggled up close to me and promptly fell into a dream filled slumber.

I don't know what time it was when I first woke up, but I do
know my left thigh was warm and very wet. I suddenly realised that Sue
was still laid across my thigh and slipped my hand down to see what
was going on. I must had disturbed both Sue and Jenny because they
both rolled off me, allowing me to lift the covers to see what was
going on. I touched the wet patch on my leg and soon realised it was
thicker than urine would be. I put my finger to my nose and sniffed
it, then touched it to my tongue and tasted it. It smelled and tasted
just like Susan. I turned to Jenny and whispered to her what I thought
had happened. She grinned, and said softly "Try not to upset her
darling, she might be a bit embarrassed when she finds out." And she
was, very embarrassed. She opened her sleep filled eyes and saw me
licking my fingers, then watched as I spoke to Jenny. "What's the big
secret darling?" she asked as she leaned against me and slipped her
arms round me. "Oh, nothing for you to worry about Susan my love" I
replied, as I tried to drop the subject. Not with my daughter, she was
like a bulldog, never letting go, so I showed her what had happened
during the night.

"Oh my god" she gasped "How did that happen Daddy, I didn't do
anything to myself, I promise." I kissed her and said "I know you
didn't my darling, it's just something that happens. It happened to me
lots of times when I was your age, in fact it was every day of the
week at one time. It's just when your body gets so aroused and full of
sexual fluids, they just overflow and leak out. It just doesn't happen
to girls quite so much as it does to boys." Sue looked across at Jenny
for confirmation, Jenny smiled and nodded, "I think that answers the
question of whether you're ready for this morning Susan my love" she
said gently, I think I'd better just give you both a kiss and wish you
the very best of love, and I'll see you both for breakfast some time
this morning." Jenny then kissed us both warmly and passionately,
patted Susan on the hand and left the bedroom closing the door firmly
behind her. Sue and I turned to face each other, I smiled and lay
down, holding my arms out for her to join me and come and lay down
beside me. Sue was there almost instantly, she pressed her lips to
mine in a hot passionate kiss, then lay her cheek against mine and
whispered in my ear, "At last Daddy, I've waited so long to be laying
in your arms, in your bed, with you naked and me almost the same. Do
you know I've dreamed about this every night for a whole year. Most
nights I've made myself cum thinking about you making love to me,
driving your wonderful hard throbbing penis through my cherry and
making me a woman. Then having you fill my up with your wonderful hot
creamy sticky semen, until it overflows and runs down my legs and over
your wonderful cock and balls."

Just a moment later Susan was straddling my thighs and holding
my hard throbbing erection in her soft warm hand and touching the tip
of my cock to her pussy. She spent a couple of seconds stroking the
head of my erection along her pussy lips, getting it well and truly
lubed up with the massive amount of moisture that I saw dripping from
between them. She then placed the tip next to the entrance to her
vaginal passage and very slowly lowered herself down on to it, pausing
and gasping as she felt it inch between her lips and pass inside her
for the very first time. "Oh, god.. that feels so good Daddy, to have
part of you inside me, even if it is only a tiny part." She looked
down at me with lust in her eyes, and love in her smile. "I suppose I
better see what it feel like with the rest of it in me, hadn't I
darling" she said, and she closed her eyes, gritted her teeth and
before I could protest she slammed herself down so she was sitting
with her buttocks on my thighs. "Aggghhhh..." she cried, and I saw a
tiny tear form in the corner of her eyes as the pain made itself felt
to her tender young body.

I sat up and took her in my arms, kissing away her tears and
whispering "That's it baby, no more pain now, it only happens once my
love. All you have to do now is find out how to enjoy making love."
Sue opened her eyes, and smiled at me, "Oh, it wasn't too bad Daddy, I
always knew it would hurt, even in my most wonderful dreams I knew.
That's why I had to do it, so you could say you never hurt me." I
pulled her down to lay on my chest for a moment or two while she
regained her composure. As she lay there I tenderly stroked my hands
up and down her back, cupping her bottom in my hands and giving her
cheeks a firm squeeze. "Now what Susan darling?" I asked softly, "Do
you want to do the work first, or shall I turn you over and be on
top?" "No Daddy, I want to be on top the first time please" she said
softly in my ear. She then pushed herself up, sat on my thighs and
lifted her nightie over her head and threw it to one side, "We don't
need that just now do we" she said as she began to move her hips back
and forth on my pelvic bone. I reached up and placed my fingers in the
shape of cones, then placed them over her firm young breasts and
stroking them up and down from base to nipple as Sue started to move
herself up and down on my hard pulsating penis.

Having had a full year to think about this moment, on top of two
days of oral sex with her Aunt and me, culminating in her first, and
probably only, wet dream just a few hours ago, Susan was more than
usually aroused and stimulated. Having got over the pain of losing her
virginity she was not so close to her climax that the instant I moved
my hands down from her breasts to run then up and down her inner
thighs and touch my fingertips to her clit, she exploded. Susan threw
her head back and cried out in a loud voice "Ohhhh, Daadddeeee..
I'mmmm cuuummmiiinnnggg, I'mmmm cuuummmiiinnnggg, I'mmmm
cuuummmiiinnnggg, NOOOOWWWW" then with a huge sigh she collapsed
forward on to my chest and lay there sobbing gently as she reacted to
the ecstatic feelings that had rushed through her body as her orgasm
rippled up and down her frame from head to toe and back again.
Suddenly and without warning Susan opened her eyes, pushed herself up
on her hands and said accusingly "Daddy, you didn't cum did you?" I
smiled as I shook my head "No baby, I didn't" I replied. She out an
arm under her side and tried to roll me over, without much success, I
was too heavy for her. I did nevertheless clasp her in my arms and
roll the pair of over so I was laying between her wide spread thighs,
resting my weight on my knees and elbows.

Sue looked up at me and said in a desperate voice "Hurry Daddy,
you have to cum inside me now, it can't wait, come on Daddy darling,
do it now pleeaassee." Giving her a tender sweet kiss I began to move
my hips slowly back and forth, driving my hard throbbing erection deep
inside her then bringing it our so just the head was within her soft
wet and very hot cuntal passage. As I thrust in I felt her relax her
new-found muscles. As I pulled out I felt her grip me tight, almost as
if she was trying to milk my penis of it's creamy cum. That's just
what happened too, after just a few minutes I was gasping out softly
"Susan darling, I'm going to cum any second now bay, are you ready my
love, I'm cumming NOOOOWWWW......" and my penis pulsed over and over
again as I shot wad after wad of hot creamy sticky semen deep into my
daughters virgin womb, filling her up, hearing her cry out "YES, YES,
YES, I feel it Daddy, I feel your cum inside me, fill me up Daddy fill
me up so I overflow, fuck me Daddy, fuck me Daddy, fuck meeee
Aggghhhh.. I'mmmm cuuummmiiinnnggg." As I continued to pump semen into
Susan she passed out, falling back in a limp heap beneath me, as I
lay, head down and gasping with the exertion I'd just experienced.

No way could I move, Sue's legs were wrapped round mine, so I
stayed where I was hoping she'd soon come round. Luckily she did, I
felt a twitch of her cuntal muscles on my softening penis, and then
felt a huge sigh issue from her lips as a tremor rippled through her
young fame. Slowly Sue opened her eyes and found she was looking into
mine at close quarters. As soon as she realised where she was she put
her arms round my neck and pulled me down so our lips locked and she
kissed me more passionately than she had ever done in her life. "I
love you Daddy, I love you so much" she said softly, then I heard her
begin to sob quietly as I rolled over and lay on my side with her held
tight to my chest as I tried to comfort her in her moment of passion.
After a few minutes Susan stopped crying and after giving a long loud
sniff she pushed her self away from my chest and looked at me.

All better now Susan darling?" I asked. She smiled and nodded
"Yes Daddy, all better now, I don't know why that happened, reaction I
guess. All I know is, I suddenly felt so lonely and wished mom had
been here to hold my hand while you made such wonderful love to me.
I'm sure she'd have got you to do it earlier if I'd asked her you
know." I cuddled her tight to my chest, then kissed her lovingly,
"Yes, well darling, I think what we better do now is get cleaned up
and have some breakfast, I'm sure Aunt Jenny and Sandi are all agog
with curiosity about how it was for you, especially Sandi I'd think."
Sue grinned then sat up as I rolled out of bed and put my bathrobe on.
I was about to pass Sue hers when she gave a loud cry and sat back
down, "Quick Daddy, pass me my nightie, I'm leaking." I grinned and
picked up her nightie and passed it to her, smiling as she wadded it
up and pressed it between her thighs, tight up against her cum oozing
pussy lips. "Help me Daddy, I can't walk to the bathroom like this,
it's too embarrassing." Without a word I scooped her up in my arms and
as she wrapped hers round my neck I carried her across the passage to
the bathroom, where I placed her on her feet in the shower then turned
the water on before joining her.

Twenty minutes later we were sitting having breakfast together,
Jenny and Sandi sitting with us just bursting to ask Sue how it had
been for her. As Jenny and I went to change the bedclothes Sandi
dragged Susan outside and we saw her a little later, still grilling
Sue about every second of her time in bed with me. I was sitting on
the sofa in the family room when the girls came in. Sue sat beside me
as demurely as a catholic schoolgirl, while Sandi came and dropped her
self on my lap and said "Uncle Dave, I can't wait 'til the morning,
can we go and do it right now please?" "Not chance Sandi darling" I
said, "we agreed how we were going to do this, and that's how we'll do
it, besides, it took a lot out of me, and I'll need all the time I can
get to recover my strength. Otherwise I'll not be able to perform
properly when it's your turn. You wouldn't want that now, would you?"
heaving a huge sigh Sandi looked at me and said wearily, "Oh, I guess
not Uncle Dave, but it's still a bummer having to wait so long."

Continued in part 3.............
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