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FAMTRAIT3 hurt more than thought


Family Traits 3/3(MF,Mf,Ff,ff,MFf,MFff,Oral,Mast,Voy,Spank)

This work is the intellectual property of the author davidb234 and he
claims the copyright. It may be posted or archived to any free site,
but not to any commercial or pay site or organisation, without the
authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you are under the age
of consent where you reside delete this file immediately. If it is
illegal to obtain this sort of material where you reside delete this
file immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

Family Traits
A story by
Part 3

Once more we spent most of the day walking around our property
keeping mainly to the pathways that had been cut decades ago when our
grandparents had first purchased the land. Again it was too cold to
swim, even for the girls, so we just sat beside the lake watching the
fish rise and the ducks and geese landing and taking off. My father
had been offered mega bucks to allow gun clubs the rights to shoot
wildfowl from our land, but he refused all their offers, as had I
when I inherited it. Now it was the only part of the lake that had
any birds visiting as well as breeding. We had a picnic snack for
lunch half way through our walk, and by the time we got back to the
cabin the girls were crying for food as they were ravenous. This fact
alone gave Jenny the chance of having the girls help make dinner, and
in little more than half an hour we were all sitting down to eat.

After dinner I was pushed off to the main room so the three of
them could clear the kitchen and do the dishes. I was then surrounded
by female flesh sitting beside me or on me, Sandi being the 'on' this
time, as she wriggled about on my lap trying to arouse me enough to
inveigle me into taking her to bed immediately. It didn't work, but I
enjoyed it as much as Sandi did, and told her so when I said it was
time for me to go to bed as I was tired from my long walk. As we
stood up I got a hug and a soft warm sexy kiss from Sue who said
softly "Will you come and kiss me goodnight when I'm in bed please
Daddy?" I gave her a hug and nodded "Of course I will my love, what
about Sandi?" "Oh, yes please Uncle Dave, I'd love that" she replied
as she also hugged me tight.

Ten minutes later I was sitting on Sandi's bed tucking the
covers under her chin and kissing her tenderly on the lips,
"Goodnight Sandi darling, I'll see you in the morning, but not too
early please, your mother needs a good nights sleep, OK?" Sue grinned
and nodded "Yes, all right Uncle Dave, I guess it doesn't matter how
late we start does it?" I shook my head then headed over to Sue's bed
where she was laying with the covers pushed down below her naked
breasts. I kitchen new what she wanted so slowly lowered my head and
took one nipple in my teeth and nibbled it gently for a couple of
seconds, then gave it a good firm suck before moving on to it's mate.
When I was done I pulled the covers up to Sue's chin and bent down to
kiss her warmly on the lips.

"You know Susan, young ladies with breasts big enough to be
kissed, are too big to be having their Daddy tuck them in at night.
How does that sound?" Sue grinned up at me then Sandi chipped in
"Sounds pretty rotten to me Sue, I think most Daddy's would like to
kiss a nice firm pair of titties every night before he went to bed."
Sue grinned again then said softly "Oh, don't worry Sandi, my Daddy
likes kissing my titties every night, even when we're not going to be
making love. He wouldn't be that awful to me, would you Daddy?" I
kissed her again and whispered "Of course not darling, what man
would." I was soon in bed beside my sister and as she laid herself on
my chest and wrapped her leg round my thigh she whispered "David
darling, do you have the strength to make love to me please. Just
thinking of what you're going to do for Sandi in the morning is
making my all hot, wishing it was me that was the virgin, and you my
first lover."

I lay there stroking her back as she snuggled up close to me,
gradually creeping further on to my body until she was finally
straddling my hips with her knees and rubbing her soft wet pussy lips
up the length of my rapidly stiffening penis. As she worked her hips
back and forth Jenny leaned forward and placed her hands on my chest
then bent down and kissed me sweetly "Love me David, please love me.
Let me feel your wonderful hot creamy cum flooding my pussy. Shoot
your hot sticky cum deep into my body flood my womb let me feel the
scalding spurts of semen as they hit the walls of my passage. Make me
cream with ecstasy as I cum so hard all my juices mix with yours and
flood out of my cunt like a dam bursting. Fuck me darling, please
fuck me.." By now Jenny had my cock buried deep in her pussy and was
bouncing up and down on it. I began to move in time with her, and
suddenly felt her grasp my cockhead as it got close to leaving the
wet warm haven in which it was so tightly lodged. Hard though I tried
I almost came before Jenny, only hanging on by pinching my thighs
hard, as I moved my hips round and round in an effort to bring Jenny
on quicker.

I just managed it, and as she ground her bottom hard on to my
pubic bone and began to scream in ecstasy I cried out also and began
to shoot a huge stream of hot sticky cum deep into Jenny's grasping
cuntal passage. I lay back gasping for breath and Jenny sat there on
my hips, shoulders sagging and head drooping as she also struggled to
breath normally. When at last she recovered enough to speak Jenny
looked at me and, with a tired smile said softly "Why can't we do
this all the time David, think how fit we could get with all this
aerobic exercise we keep getting?" I grinned up at her, "Well Jenny
darling, I guess it's because there's a few hundred mile between us,
and it takes the best part of half a day to get together. Apart from
that, there's the little matter of your job, and the girls
schooling." Jenny kissed me tenderly "Oh balls, why do you have to be
so reasonable and go and spoil my dream" she said with a grin. I
shook my head silently and she began to lift herself off my shrinking
cock saying "You hold still while I go and get something to clean
this mess up. I'd hate for Sandi to come into a wet bed in the
morning." As she let the head of my cock fall free she clamped her
pussy lips together and waddled quickly out to the bathroom,
returning a few minutes later with a washcloth and a towel to clean
me up too. As we lay there in each others arms in a state of post
coital bliss Jenny said so softly I almost didn't hear her "I love
you so much David darling, I don't ever want to lose you." I kissed
her softly and wished her goodnight then drifted off to sleep to
dream of us all living together and making love all day every day for
ever and ever.

I woke in the morning to the smell of tea, and opened my eyes
to find Jenny sitting with the girls chatting away like a troop of
monkeys. As soon as Sue saw me open my eyes she smiled at me and said
"Good morning Daddy, would you like a cup of tea to wake you up?" I
nodded then struggled up into a sitting position, taking the cup
Sandi offered me saying "Thank you Sandi darling" "Oh, that's all
right Uncle Dave, I just hope it wakes you up quickly so we can get
started" she said with a broad grin. "Yes, well, I think we better
leave them to it, don't you Susan" said Jenny with a smile, "I agree
Aunt Jenny, shall we go and have breakfast?" replied Sue, and the
walked side by side from the bedroom closing the door firmly behind

I lay back against the pillows and Sandi came and sat beside me
as I kicked the covers down the bed out of the way. "Well Sandi
darling" I said softly, "How do you want us to do this. Have you
given it any thought since you spoke to Susan?" Sandi blushed "I
don't know Uncle Dave, I don't want you on top of me, I won't be able
to move if I want to. I don't want to be on top the first time in
case I get scared. Is there any other way of doing it the first
time?" I slid down the bed a little and gently pulled her down with
me so we were laying side by side. I then began to kiss and caress
her lips with my tongue as I cupped her breasts in my hands, and
pinched and rolled her nipples between finger and thumb. When I could
feel her nipples were standing out hard and flushed, I kissed her
then said "Turn your back to me Sandi darling, let's see what we can
do for you." As she turned over I slipped one arm under her neck and
down her front so I could cup her breasts in my hand. My other hand I
lay on her hip before sliding it down the front of her thigh and
press between her legs.

Very gently I stroked and squeezed Sandi's hot wet pussy,
pressing my finger between her lower lips and rubbing round and round
on her clit as it poked out from it's protective hood. When I could
hear her gasping for breath I moved my hand from her cunt, hearing
her cry out for me to put it back. I refused, slipping my hand
between her thighs from the back and lifting her upper leg and
bending it so her knee almost touched her chin. "Hold it there Sandi
darling" I whispered in her ear. She nodded silently then gasped with
pleasure as I covered her pussy once more, this time from the rear.
By now she was gushing juices from her pussy so I took my cock in my
hand and placed it against her vagina and moved my hips a fraction so
the head slipped into the entrance stopping as soon as I felt it
touch her maidenhead. "Ohhh... " gasped Sandi as she felt the touch
of male flesh on her hymen, "Is that....." "Yes darling" I replied,
"It's what I have to get past so I can make love to you. Are you
ready Sandi my love?" Sandi took a deep breath, half turned her upper
body so she could look at me and said "Yes Uncle Dave, I'm ready, do
it now please....Aggghhhh..." and she screamed as I gave a mighty
thrust of my hips and ripped through her virginity as she was
distracted by speaking to me.

As we lay there, Sandi impaled on my cock, and me clutching her
to my chest, I turned her face to mine and placed a tender loving
kiss on her soft warm lips. I then tried to kiss away the tears
running down her cheeks as she cried silently, gritting her teeth in
an effort not to make a sound as her tears fell. After few minutes
during which I was gently caressing her breasts and abdomen I felt
Sandi take a huge breath and heave a massive sigh as a tremor rippled
through her soft young body. "You OK Sandi darling?" I asked softly,
she turned to me as best she could and said "Yes Uncle Dave, I'm fine
now. That hurt more than I thought it would from what Sue told me,
but it's almost gone now, and I'm beginning to feel just fine." She
lay there for a moment or two frowning, then said "Why did it hurt me
so much Uncle Dave. Sue said it was almost painless for her?" I
kissed her on the shoulder as I began to gently move in and out of
her tight young pussy with my hard throbbing cock, "Well darling,
some girls have a thicker membrane than others. The thin ones break
when some girls sneeze, others need a sharp battering ram to get
through. It's just one more thing about being a woman darling, you
just have to take this as it comes, because you can't know what it's
like, until it happens."

By now Sandi was beginning to move her bottom in time with my
gently thrusting hips as I held her round the shoulder and hips as I
thrust forward, and she thrust back. As I felt Sandi beginning to
move slightly quicker than me I realised she wanted me to speed up. I
did and soon she was wanting me to go even faster, over and over
again she indicated for me to hump faster at her body, this meant I
was ramming harder and harder at her butt, and each time my hips hit
her butt she gave a loud grunt and a rapid squeeze of her new found
muscles as if trying to stop me pulling back, to try to keep me deep
inside her. All of a sudden Sandi gave a cry of ecstasy, her back
arched and her legs were thrust out straight as her first penetration
orgasm exploded inside her, and making her rip herself off my still
rigid penis just as I started to shoot a stream of cum from the end
of it. Being suddenly freed from the constriction of Sandi's vaginal
passage my cock pulsed and throbbed as it spurted cum in an arc,
covering her ass cheeks, her cum oozing pussy lips and the back of
her thighs, finally dripping it's last drops on to the sheet between

When I recovered, at least partially, I gently pressed Sandi to
lay on her front whispering "Stay like that for a minute Sandi my
love, I'll get something to clean you up." I rolled off the bed and
slipped a robe on then made my way to the bathroom, returning with
washcloth and towel. Having put them to good use I dropped them on to
the floor, pulled the covers over us and took Sandi in my arms an
cuddled her up close to me while she slowly recovered from her recent
exertions. Eventually I felt Sandi give a shudder that ran right
through her body. Then she heaved a huge sigh and wriggled her naked
body against mine, pressing her hard nipples into my chest, and her
hot wet sticky pussy against my thigh. "You feel OK Sandi?" I asked.
She nodded into my chest, then lifted her head, looked up at me and
said softly "Mmmm, I'm fine Uncle Dave, never better, when can we do
it again please." I smiled down at her and said "Well, not this
morning my love, I'm as limp as a dishrag, I don't think all three of
you could get me hard again before tonight, otherwise I'd love to
repeat what we just did." Me and my big mouth.

After laying together for a few minutes I suggested we go and
have a shower, then repair to the kitchen for breakfast. We got there
to find Jenny dishing up bacon and eggs followed by toast and English
Marmalade with coffee to finish. Once more I was shunted out of the
way while the three of them cleared the kitchen up. When they joined
me they all snuggled up close and made a fuss of me all morning. We
had sandwiches for lunch, and I almost made a comment as to how few
were served up, but didn't like to upset the girls who prepared the
meal for us. Again I was almost forced to relax and do nothing for at
least another two hours, then they hit me with their bombshell. Jenny
took my hand and pulled me to my feet. The girls came and stood round
me as Jenny led me to our bedroom, and pushed me down on to the bed.
Immediately the girls were on me, and between them and Jenny I was
stripped naked and my hands tied to the bed-head and my ankles to the

"What the hell do you think you're playing at Jenny" I asked
sternly as I struggled to free myself from my bonds. Jenny just
smiled down at me, Sandi leaned over me and placed a tender sweet
kiss on my lips. "Uncle Dave, this is my fault, I just wanted to see
if we three could get you hard enough for me to make love to you
again. The thing was that mom thought you'd say no, and refuse to
even try. That's why she suggested we did this." She grinned at me
again then continued "All you have to do is lay there and enjoy it
darling Uncle Dave, Sue mom and I will do all the work, you see we
all want to have an orgasm before we make you cum."

Jenny smiled at me, then said softly "Well darling, you did
tell Sandi you'd do it if we could get you hard between us, so you
really can't blame us, can you?" I chuckled and shook my head, "No
Jenny my love, I can't, but do we have to have me tied up?" Sue came
and leaned over me, "Yes Daddy, of course we do, you're our slave for
the next couple of hours. This way you can't argue, even if you
wanted to. Why don't you just lay back and enjoy" she kissed me
lovingly and smiled as she sat by my hip and began caressing my inner
thigh. I felt Sandi do the same from the other side, then Jenny came
and lay across my chest. As she rested on her elbow Jenny allowed her
left nipple to brush against mine before she bent down and touched
her lips to mine in a soft sensuous lingering kiss that almost made
me cum. "That's it Mom" said Sandi quietly as I felt a surge of blood
engorge my penis. Once more Jenny moved her shoulder and rubbed her
nipple on mine, and once more she kissed me softly and sensuously,
and once more I felt a surge in my loins, this time feeling my
cockhead engulfed in a warm wet sheath.

Jenny sat up beside me, looked back at what the girls were
doing and grinned down at me, "There you are darling, you see, we can
work miracles, if that's not an erection I see in my daughters mouth,
I don't know what is." I just nodded and closed my eyes. Whatever
happened I wasn't going to be a loser here, so I decided to just lay
back and enjoy what they were going to be doing. The first thing I
heard was Sandi saying "You first Mom, we want to see an expert in
action." I then felt the unmistakable touch of Jenny's swollen pussy
lips as they covered the head of my cock, pause for a second then
slide slowly down the full length of my hard erect shaft. I opened my
eyes as Jenny began to move her hips back and forth on my cock,
rubbing her clit against the base as she worked the length in and out
of her pussy. Sue and Sandi looked at each other and then Sandi gave
a wicked smile as she mouthed something to Sue on the other side of
Jenny and I. Sue nodded and they immediately knelt next to Jenny and
began to caress her body and breasts, Sue slipping her hand between
Jenny's legs on each downward stroke.

Despite the fact Jenny had had multiple orgasms the night
before, the thought of me being at her mercy, coupled with the way
the girls were playing with her naked body made Jenny come to another
screaming orgasm that threatened to throw her off the bed, had it not
been for the girls holding on to her from the sides. The girls lay
Jenny down beside me, still gasping for breath and giving the
occasional twitch and tremor as she came down from her orgasmic high.
As soon as they saw Jenny was comfortable and safe the girls returned
to their original intention of getting themselves off on my erection.
Without an instants hesitation Sue straddled my thighs and held
herself over my throbbing penis as Sandi lay beside me and held the
shaft of my cock as she guided it between her cousins wet swollen
pussy lips. "Ohh... Ahhhhhh...." Gasped Sue as she sank slowly onto
my erection, savouring the feeling of being filled up as she got
lower and lower and my cock got further and further into her clasping
vaginal passage.

The instant I felt the tip of my penis touch Sue's cervix she
gave a soft dry of pleasure and a tremor rippled through her firm
young frame as she had a tiny orgasm. Sandi instantly threw her arms
round my daughter and held her tight, thinking she was going to begin
thrashing about. Sue sighed and opened her eyes, smiling at Sandi and
saying "WOW, how did that happen? I came as soon as Daddy filled me
up. I didn't even have to move." Sandi grinned "I guess it's my turn
now then cuz" she said. Sue looked at her and shook her head
vigorously, "No way, I'm not done yet, that was only an accident, I
wasn't really trying so it doesn't count" she replied forcefully,
and began to bounce up and down on my still rigid penis, rotating her
hips at the same time as she tried to get maximum stimulation of her
hot wet swollen pussy, and her grasping cuntal passage through which
my erection was continually passing. To do Sue justice she didn't
keep her young cousin waiting long. It took her only a few minutes to
come to a screaming and crashing climax and force herself down on to
my pubic bone as she ground her pussy on my coarse pubic hair rubbing
her orgasmic juices into them as she cried out in ecstasy while
collapsing on to my chest completely spent.

Sandi sat back on her heels and stared at what as going on,
seemingly unable to believe how quick Sue had reached her climax.
With a little shake of her head she leaned forward had helped Sue off
my thighs and guided her to lay on the bed beside Jenny. Sandi then
shuffled across the bed and crawled up my legs, her knees straddling
them as she made her way up to my hips, where she stopped, and
studied my still throbbing erection. "Don't sit there looking Sandi"
I said softly, it won't last very much longer, so you better get
busy." She grinned at me, "I don't know if I should Uncle Dave, who's
going to catch me if I collapse the same as mom and Sue?" "Oh, I
think I could manage to do that my love" I replied, "Provided I'm
still awake, that is." With a grin Sandi lowered her head and took my
girls cum slick cock in her mouth and gave it a nice long suck as she
cupped my balls in her hand and rolled them gently with her fingers.
"Let's hope that keeps you going 'til I'm finished" she said, as she
threw her leg over my hips and positioned herself above my pulsating
penis. With a self conscious grin Sandi gently lowered herself until
she felt the head of my cock slip between her pussy lips. "Ohhh..
that feels soooo good" she gasped as she felt it slip into her
vaginal passage, "It's so tight, I feel so full....."

With a huge sigh Sandi sank down until she was sitting on my
pubic bone, then began to give tiny thrusts of her hips, rubbing her
clit against my hard throbbing cock, her hands gripping her knees and
her head thrown back as she gave tiny cries of pleasure each time she
stimulated her cunt. As Sandi worked herself on my erection I reached
up and placed the palms of my hands on her hard throbbing nipples,
pressing them into her firm swollen breasts as I gently clenched my
fingers into claws and squeezed the tips into her tit flesh.
"Ohhhh... YES, YES, YES" she cried as she suddenly began to hump hard
with her hips as her orgasm exploded in her lions and rippled outward
all over her nerve ends. With a final cry of "Aggghhhh.." Sandi went
limp and would have fallen backwards had I not grasped her arms and
pulled her towards me, guiding her limp body down on to my heaving

How long we all lay there I don't know, it was long enough for
my cock to shrink and slip from Sandi's pussy. It was also long
enough for her girls cum to dry and stiffen my pubic hair as she lay
on top of me. In the end I had to move first as I needed to use the
bathroom urgently. Very gently I rolled Sandi off me, then rolled
over her limp frame without touching her and waking her. I decided to
have a shower while I was in the bathroom, after which I went into
the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee. I returned to the bedroom and
found some clothes to put on while the coffee was brewing, doing all
this without waking Jenny or the girls. It was only the smell of
coffee that woke them, unless the noise I made on entering the room
had anything to do with it. "Come on you lazy sluts" I called out,
you can't lay there all day just indulging in sex, there's work to be
done." Jenny opened her eyes and looked at me with a good deal of
disgust, "Don't blame us, it was you that put us here, all we did was
try to satisfy your animal lust. We need to rest, so go away and
leave us alone." She shut her eyes with a smile on her face as I
placed the tray on a night stand and left the room. As I closed the
door behind me I heard giggling, as they decided I'd retired
defeated. I soon disabused them of that thought. I returned with a
hand full of washcloths, all well soaked in very cold water. As the
three of them lay there almost naked I stood beside the bed and one
by one dropped them on a naked breast or better still a naked and
still hot pussy.

Ten minutes later I was still in the doghouse as I sat on the
sofa waiting for them to shower and dress. Sue was the first to come
to me and begin to give me the cold shoulder, sitting on the floor
opposite me and studiously reading a magazine she was holding upside
down. When I pointed this out to her she screwed it up, threw it at
me with a cry of "Beast, I hate you.." the smile on her face told me
she was putting on an act and as soon as I held out my open arms to
her she scrambled to her feet and threw herself into them and on to
my lap. "Now" I said softly "What's all this about you hating me, it
didn't seem like that a short while ago, now did it?" Sue lifted her
face to mine, kissed me passionately and whispered "Of course I don't
hate you Daddy darling but it was a beastly thing to do, waking us up
like that." A few minutes later we were kissing and cuddling when we
heard "Traitor, you're supposed to be giving him a hard time, not
cuddling up to him like nothing happened", Sandi then came over and
tried to sit on the thigh not occupied by Sue. Once Sandi had got her
fair share of kisses and cuddles she laid her head on my shoulder and
said softly "Well Sue, I suppose we did deserved what we got, after
all we did refuse to move, even when we were all awake, didn't we?"
Sue nodded silently then said "Well, it could have been worse, think
what he could have done with a jug full of iced water." We were still
laughing when Jenny came and joined us, asking what we wanted for
lunch before wanting to know what we were all laughing at. As we sat
in the kitchen having lunch I noticed that Jenny was looking tired,
and being very quiet. I out it down to the amount of exercise we had
all indulged in that morning, and decided not to make an issue of it.
That she was still like it when we went to bed started to worry me,
until I realised she was holding her arms tight to her abdomen when
she thought I wasn't looking. "Jenny darling" I said softly as I lay
down beside her "Would you like me to give you a little massage, like
on your tummy. It might help with you period?" she turned to look at
me and gave me a weak smile, "Who told you?" she asked, "No one my
love, I do have eyes, and I was married for a while. Beside Sue gets
them all the time, and I have to help her out. That's actually what
started us making love, you know." Jenny turned to face me and said
"Yes please David darling, I'd love for you to give me a tummy
massage" she then lay on her back and allowed me to lift her nightie
and begin to stroke her lower abdomen and sides in an effort to bring
her some little relief from her pain.We both fell asleep as I worked
on Jenny's tummy and I woke to find her sitting up about to get out
of bed. "I'm going to have a shower darling" she said softly "Maybe
it'll make me feel a little better." I sat up as well, then rolled
off the bed and put my robe on, "I'll join you, I think I know a way
of getting rid of your pain for even longer" I said with a smile, and
I took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom. I started the
shower running, removed Jenny's nightie and asked her to remove her
tampon before she joined me. I turned my back and stepped into the
shower, only turning round when I felt her join me. I then took her
in my arms and began to hug her as I told her to stand still while I
washed her all over. As we had done this many times she wasn't
surprised at what I did. She only objected once, and that was when I
started to wash her pussy, "No darling, I'll do that" she said
softly. Not wanting to create a situation I allowed her to do as she
wished, taking the washcloth and soap back so I could finish off down
her legs. When I'd done I allowed her to do the same for me, not
balking when she got to my slowly stiffening penis. By the time she
was done I was nice and hard, and Jenny smiled at me and said "Let me
go and call one of the girls, I'm out of commission for a few days in
afraid." I shook my head "No you're not Jenny darling, you just turn
round and face the wall, then I'll show you what I mean" Jenny did as
I asked, even to bending over, exposing her anus and pussy lips to
me. As she was getting into position I reached out to my robe, felt
into a pocket and pulled out a tube of K-Y gel. As Jenny looked back
she saw me wiping my hand around the head of my cock, noticed it was
glistening with moisture before facing the front again. I'm sure she
thought I was going to take her in her bottom. That she just accepted
it made me smile, as did her reaction to the feeling of my hard slick
cock slipping between her pussy lips and sinking deep into her tight
dry passage..... "Oh, jeez David, you can't do that I'm on my period,
you can't take me there it's sooooo... Ohhhh god yes darling, fuck me
David, please fuck me, harder lover make it harder, Ohhhh...
Aggghhhh...." And after a few strokes of my hard throbbing cock in
her tight love tunnel she began to cry out in ecstasy as she climaxed
for the first time while on her menstrual cycle. Knowing her mothers
condition, Sandi was suddenly frightened to hear her cry out and
burst into the bathroom to see what was happening. Sue followed close
behind and both stopped dead when they saw me with my cock rammed
deep into Jenny's pussy from the rear. "Oh fuck.." I heard Sue gasp
as she watched me still humping hard at Jenny's pussy. Sandi just
stood and stared as her mother stood there accepting my cock in her
blood lined pussy, and loving every minutes of it. The girls sat on
the edge of the bathtub watching me humping my hips at Jenny's
buttocks, listening to her cries and moans of pleasure, then gasping
as they heard Jenny once more give a cry of ecstasy as she climaxed
again, this time slipping from my grasp on her waist and collapsing
on the floor of the shower. As Jenny slipped to the floor my still
hard manhood pulled out of her pussy, followed by a minor flood of
her blood streaked cum juices that ran down the tops of her thighs
and into the water, to be washed away down the drain. I turned into
the shower jet, soaked my penis and washed it clean with a handful of
suds. I then knelt beside Jenny and turned her on to her back,
washing her thighs and pussy clean once more before lifting her to
her feet and inviting the girls to help her get dried and back to

I went down to the kitchen and made myself a cup of coffee,
bringing it up to bed with me just as the girls assisted Jenny to lay
on the bed and be covered over. The girls seemed unwilling to return
to their own beds for a while, so I told then to get in beside me
until there was some movement from Jenny. In a flash they both
stripped off their nighties and scrambled in beside me, Sandi laying
between Jenny and I so she could see when her mother stirred. As we
lay there. The girls snuggled up to me, their hands sharing my limp
penis as mine held one each of their breasts. I could see they were
full of questions so said quietly "OK girls, what do you want to
know?" Sandi moved her head to try and look at me, then said "Why
Uncle Dave?" "Why what?" I asked in reply. "Why did you fu.., do that
to mom when she was having her period. I mean, it's so gross, I feel
so dirty when I have mine. Why would you want to have sex during
'that' time?"

"Sandi darling, when you're having your monthlies do you ever
feel extra horny?" I asked softly. Sandi was quiet for a few seconds
then said "Well, yes I suppose I am, but I know I can't do anything
about it so I'm like all girls, I forget about it." "Did your mother
seem to enjoy having an orgasm a few minutes ago?" I asked, Sandi
nodded "Yes, but I still don't understand why you'd want to have sex
just then" said Sandi firmly. I was about to answer when I was
interrupted, "Because he loves me Sandi darling" said Jenny softly
from where she lay beside her daughter. Jenny slowly sat up and
looked down at Sandi, "Uncle Dave knew I was having some period pain
and did what he thought would help get rid of it. Just believe me
Sandi darling, when I tell you it definitely works, and is great fun
at the same time." Sandi still frowned as she looked up at Jenny's
smiling face "But it's still dirty and gross Mom, and it must have
hurt like hell, if the way I feel inside is anything to go by." Jenny
looked down at Sandi and said "And how do you feel at this time Sandi
darling?" Sandi blushed at what she was giving away, then said "Well,
I feel all dry inside, I can't get any of my lube juices to appear,
and I feel all sort of shrunk inside and feel so dirty when I touch

Jenny smiled down at her baby girl, "So do I darling, but Uncle
Dave knew that, and made sure he put something on his penis to make
things easy for me, so it didn't hurt, just felt a little tight for a
few seconds." Jenny paused for a moment then continued "Besides, we
spent time washing each other beforehand that helped make me feel as
clean as I could ever be. That's why I enjoyed it darling, because
Uncle Dave made me feel as if everything was perfectly normal." "I
still don't....." started Sandi, until I interrupted her and said
firmly "Sandi, darling there's nothing to say you have to do what
your mother did with me in the shower. You know you'll never be
forced into doing anything you don't want to. Why don't you forget
all about it, and pretend you never saw anything happening. That way
you don't have to feel disgusted at the thought of what happened,
OK?" Sandi blushed then nodded "Yes Uncle Dave, it just that I
couldn't understand why, I want saying mom shouldn't have done it,
just that I don't think I'd like it." Sandi went quiet for a moment
then gasped as Sue said in a firm voice "I think I'd like to try
Daddy. I know I get really hot when I'm on my period, and
masturbating doesn't seem to do anything. Feeling your wonderful hard
throbbing penis force it's way into me, then fill me up with your hot
sticky cum, oh boy, that would certainly do something for me. Can we
try it next time I'm start please Daddy?" I hugged her close, kissed
her on the top of her head and said softly "Of course we can my love,
just as many times as you feel like it." A few minutes later the
girls kissed Jenny and I and returned to their own beds, leaving us
to snuggle up close to each other and drift off into a deep sleep as
we lay in each others arms. I awoke to the feeling of something soft
wet and warm resting on my lips. I opened my eyes and look deep into
Sandi's as she lay across my chest, her naked breasts pressing on
mine and her lips firmly attached to mine. When I could eventually
breath I smiled at her and said "Good morning Sandi darling, what
brought this on?" she grinned shyly and said softly "I love you Uncle
Dave, and I'm so sorry I said what I did last night, I wasn't
thinking because I was so shocked at seeing you make love to mom when
she was on her period. I was wrong, and I'd like to have you do the
same for me next time I'm like that, please Uncle Dave, say you
forgive me."

I smiled up at her, pulled her face close to mine and kissed
her warmly "If there's anything to forgive darling, I forgive you.
I'd also be only too happy to make love to you in the shower next
time you have your period and feel really horny." Sandi wriggled
about on my chest, rubbing her nipples even harder into my skin, I
gave her a firm pat on the butt and said "You're asking for a
spanking Sandi darling, I think you better get off me so I can go and
have a shower before breakfast, don't you?" she pouted but rolled off
me and stood beside the bed as I stood up and put my robe on. "Can I
come and help you please Uncle Dave?" she asked with a grin. I shook
my head "No time darling, you know what will happen if we get in
there together." Sandi grinned and nodded "Of course I do, that's why
I want to do it, silly. All I want is for you to cum on my titties,
it must be ages since you had an orgasm, I know you didn't have one
last night with Mom, and you didn't when we all tied you up. Please
Uncle Dave, come and do it for me."

Who could refuse such a request, not me, especially as she was
correct in her reckoning. We were just getting in the shower when Sue
came into the bathroom wanting to pee. As she sat on the toilet Sandi
knelt in front of me under the shower and reached up to take my
stiffening penis in her soft warm hand. As she began to slowly
masturbate me I heard Sue gasp, and when I turned my head she was
stripping her clothes off before joining Sandi and me. Instead of
joining Sandi on her knees Sue slipped her arm round my waist,
pressed her breasts against my ribs and took my penis in her hand
saying to her cousin "Let me Sandi." Slowly and gently Sue began to
move her hand up and down the length of my hard erect penis, touching
her lips to my chest, and nipples all the time she held me tight to
her. I stood there looking down at the rapt expression on Sandi's
beautiful face as she watched every move my daughter made with her
hand. Tentatively Sandi put out her hands and touched the fingertips
to my wrinkled and pendulous scrotum, stroking them all round and
under the sac as she traced the outline of my testicles held safely

Sandi suddenly opened her eyes wide as she saw my balls being
pulled up close to my body, and before she could work out why Sue
began to move her hands faster up and down my manhood as she realised
I was about to cum. And cum I did, the instant I began shooting my
semen in a huge stream Sue knelt beside Sandi and tried to aim the
head at both their bodies as she continued to jerk me of, having
changed her grip quicker than I thought possible. As I stood there
head down, hair dripping with sweat and water and the girls smiling
like Cheshire cats as they wiped my cum all over their bodies we were
disturbed by a voice saying "When I said have a shower, I didn't mean
a cum shower young lady, what's the meaning of this exhibition of
lewd behaviour?" Sandi turned to face Jenny, smiled and, as she
licked her fingers clean said "Sorry Mom, Uncle Dave dragged me and
Sue in here and forced us to do this awful thing saying he would beat
us if we didn't." Sue grinned at Jenny and nodded "It's true Aunt
Jenny, Daddy was really brutal to me, making me masturbate him all
over Sandi's clean young virginal body, then made me lick her clean.
It was really frightening, honest."

"In a pigs eye" said Jenny with a grin, "For a start he
wouldn't have had to force you, you'd have been more likely to drag
him in here. Secondly you couldn't have made him cum on a virginal
body, there isn't one for miles, and well you know it." The girls
both gave a sigh and Sue said "Oh well, cuz, it was worth a try,
seems we've been caught with our hands in the cookie jar, suppose we
have to 'fes up." "Guess so Sue, even if the cookies are a bit
sticky, it was worth every second, even if we get spanked for doing
it." Jenny looked at me just as I raised my head, she then smiled as
she told the girls to get me and themselves cleaned up and come down
for breakfast. All through breakfast I could see Jenny had something
on her mind, when we finished she whispered for me to go with her and
sit on the porch outside the cabin. I sat on an good firm chair, and
she came and sat on my lap, putting her arms round me and kissing me

"David, I've been meaning to ask you something all week.
Tomorrows our last day so I have to ask you now." She took a deep
breath then let it all out in a rush, "The thing is darling, I've
been offered a promotion if I move to another branch of my company.
It will mean selling our house, changing schools for Sandi, and
finding somewhere else to live. I was wondering if you had any
suggestions about where we could find a place?" I nodded, "Of course
I will darling, where are you having to move to?" Jenny laid her head
on my shoulder then said in a whisper "To your city darling. Assuming
I can find somewhere to live, and a school for Sandi I've been asked
to move immediately, and even been offered a bonus if I can do it in
less than a month. You see they want me in place urgently. What do
you think, any ideas?"

I shook my head and said teasingly, "I don't know Sis, there's
a shortage of housing back home. You might have to share with
someone, how would you and Sandi feel about that?" Jenny frowned
then, playing along said slowly, "Well, so long as there's someone
for Sandi to get to know, and I don't have to share to many things
and I get a bedroom of my own, I think I could manage to get used to
sharing. Do you have anywhere in mind?" I shook my head, "Well Sis, I
suppose as a temporary measure you could always come an stay with Sue
and I. We have a spare room or two, and I suppose Sandi could always
double up with Sue if necessary. I assume she won't mind sleeping
with her cousin?" Jenny shook her head "Oh, no my darling brother,
just so long as I'm sleeping with you, I'm sure she'll put up with
that." I sat up, pushing Jenny upright as well, "Are you serious
about this Sis" I asked. Jenny nodded "Yes, I suppose I should have
told you earlier, but I didn't want it to spoil all the fun I was
hoping we were going to be having. I have to give my boss my answer
when I get back to work on Monday. Will it be OK if we come and live
with you, even if it's just while I get settled in my new job?"

"Jenny my love, I'd be overjoyed to have you so close. All we
have to do is be very discrete and not allow the neighbours to get
the right idea. The same with the girls, do you think Sandi could be
that reticent?" Just then the girls came out and Jenny put the
question to them, Sue was speechless, and Sandi just nodded. "Girls"
I said gently "You do realise how important discretion is, don't you"
I paused, "It's all very well us enjoying ourselves up here, far away
from our nearest neighbours. Back home we have people living much
closer to us, and some will be bound to start making comments when
they find out I have my sister living with me. Apart from the social
problems it could cause, I could also end up in prison if it were
proved that I was having sex with you two girls." Sue came and stood
by my side and grinned, "What's the matter Daddy, suddenly getting
cold feet knowing you'll have three of us to keep happy. As for
keeping things secret, haven't I done pretty well since we started to
make love?" I hugged her to me and said "OK, I just wanted you to
know what was going on. As for keeping three of you happy, I reckon
I've done all right this week, don't you?"

They all agreed, and Jenny added "Well considering you had two
virgins to take care of brother mine, I think you did sterling work.
Now let's think how we can end this little vacation with a bang. Can
you think of something special we can do that will make this a trip
to remember David my love." I sat and thought for a moment or two,
then suddenly smiled as an idea struck me. "Why don't we finish as we
started, only just a little more so" I said looking round at the
three of them. "What do you mean Uncle Dave?" asked Sandi, Sue gave
her a nudge, and whispered softly to her, Sandi's face immediately
brightened, "Ooooh, what a good idea, Uncle Dave, can I go first
please?" I nodded, "Of course you can my love, Sue can be next, and
your mother brings up the rear." "Hunnnmp not literally I hope" said
Jenny with a grin as she slipped off my lap and led the way into the
main room.

Sue and Sandi had got the chair I used before into the middle
of the room and were sat on the sofa as demure as a couple of
virgins. Jenny went and sat beside them as I began to remove my
clothes down to my shorts. Sandi got up came and stood in front of me
and I began to undress her removing all of her clothes except her
skirt. "Do you want me to undress you two as well" I asked Jenny and
Sue, "Yes please Daddy" said Sue and she got up and stepped over to
where I stood. I undressed the two of them, trying hard not to touch
them and get them aroused. I then told them to stand beside the chair
as I took Sandi by the arm and said "Right Sandi darling, I want you
to lay your arms on the chair and rest your head on your arms" she
did as I said and I went and stood beside her hips and flicked her
skirt over her back. For a moment or two I gently caressed Sandi's
naked bottom with my hand, then I lifted it and brought it down
firmly on to her tight stretched cheeks. Although she jumped slightly
Sandi didn't utter a sound. Again I lifted my hand and brought it
down, this time a little firmer, and a lot more noisily. This made
her grunt softly, and I turned to Jenny and Sue, whispered some
instructions to them and returned to my spanking.

All in all I landed twenty noisy blows to Sandi's bottom, by
which time her pussy was running with her juices as she got more and
more aroused. Especially as Jenny and Sue were kneeling each side of
her playing with her swollen and very flushed breasts as I began to
play with her pussy. As Sandi began to move her buttocks in time with
my stroking of her pussy I stepped behind her, pushed my shorts down
to below my balls and placed the head of my erect and pulsating penis
at the entrance to her sopping wet love canal. With a single stroke I
thrust my cock balls deep into Sandi's cunt, hearing a loud slap as
my hips made contact with her glowing hot buttocks, and also a loud
scream of ecstasy as she felt me bottom out against the mouth of her
cervix. Just a couple of minutes of me stroking my penis in and out
of her hot wet and very swollen pussy, and Sandi was screaming as her
orgasm exploded in her brain and her cunt, making her body tremble
and her pussy spasm over and over again.

I kept on thrusting into her as long as she stood on her feet,
only stopping when she collapsed into her mothers and cousins arms,
pulling her hips from my clasping hands holding on to her thighs, and
pulling herself off my still throbbing and erect cock. "Holy
mackerel" gasped Jenny as Sandi lay between her and Sue, "I can't
wait to get some of that" "Me too" gasped Sue stroking Sandi's hands
as she tried to comfort her cousin, and get her to regain her senses.
During the five minutes it took for Sandi to be aware of what was
going on Sue had sucked my dripping penis clean and dry. By this time
I was about to start Sue's spanking, with just Jenny to help with the
stimulation. "Hang on a sec" gasped Sandi, I'll come and help, like
Sue did for me." Knowing what Sue was like at times like this I
waited. When I did start to spank her Susan was almost ready to cum
after only four firm blows. I gave her the same amount as Sandi had
received, mainly because I really enjoyed the feel of my daughters
bottom under my hand. Sandi and Jenny realised I wasn't actually
spanking Sue, just landing my hand on her naked butt. When I stopped
and stood behind her though, they realised that I was very serious.

As with Sandi I entered my daughters vagina with a single
stroke, and got the same reaction, a scream of ecstasy, quickly
followed by another as Susan climaxed immediately. Despite this I
began to pound my hips at her buttocks, rocking her head against the
chair each time I slammed my hips at her butt, and hearing her cry of
pleasure as she felt me embed my manhood so deep inside her firm
young body. Her orgasm came quickly, and loudly as she gave a loud
then collapsing in a heap at my feet as Jenny and Sandi cushioned her
fall with their hands and thighs on which she landed. Once more I was
left standing with my erection still throbbing away as it stood out
in front of me. Jenny leaned over and cleaned me up as Sue had done
after Sandi's spanking, she then stood up and said softly "I don't
think Sue's in any fit state to help Sandi, do you David darling?" I
was about to agree with her when Sue opened her eyes and said weakly
"Just give me a second, and I'll try Aunt Jenny, I just need some new
legs first, mine seem to be made of Jello."

While she waited for Susan Jenny came and pressed her naked
body up close to mine as she put her arms round my neck and kissed me
tenderly. "I wish we had started this a long time ago darling" she
whispered, "I don't mean with the girls, they were too young, but you
and me. It's been so wonderful making love to you, and I know the
girls have really enjoyed it all. They're so lucky to have had a kind
and considerate lover like you to be their first, I just hope you'll
turn out to be my last. I don't want to stop doing this you know, no
matter what the neighbours may think." "Jenny my love, if you three
keep on screaming like this when we're at home I'll be arrested for
attempted murder the first night we make love." Before I could say
anything else Sandi was touching my leg, I looked own and saw that
Susan was kneeling up and sitting back on her heels waiting for Jenny
to bend over. When Jenny was resting her head on the chair I stepped
up close to her hip and placed my hand on her thigh, about half way
between her knees and her bottom. I then stroked it up her leg very
slowly and felt a tremor ripple through her body as I held her hips
with my free hand.

When I was touching her bottom I flipped her skirt over her
back exposing her bottom and her pouting pussy lips that suddenly
glistened with a coating of her juices. Before I started to spank
Jenny I spread a film of her cuntal emanations all over her buttocks
and upper thighs. I then started to spank her as I had the girls,
twenty loud blows, spread over her bottom cheeks and upper thighs
with the occasional one landing gently on her swollen wet and very
hot pussy lips. As I stood behind my sister I looked down to where
our two daughters were caressing her breasts and pinching her hard
erect nipples, while she just gasped over and over again as waves of
pleasure passed over her body. The instant I touched the tip of my
cock to Jenny's sopping wet pussy she thrust back at me, lodging it
deep inside her, but not fully so. I did that little extra and gave a
thrust of my hips, groaning as I felt my cockhead hit bone. Gritting
my teeth I began to pound away at Jenny's buttocks, slapping my lower
belly against them each time I met her rearward thrust. In just a
couple of minutes Jenny was screaming out as she orgasm hit her like
an express train, exploding all over her abdomen and making her grasp
my cock with her strong cuntal muscles.

When I felt Jenny had stopped trembling I slipped my arms under
her waist and held her tight. Very slowly I allowed my penis to slip
out of her grasping pussy, assisted by the fact that it was beginning
to soften rapidly. As I was worried that the girls might not be able
to cope with Jenny if she collapsed I held tight to her until I could
scoop her up into my arms and turn round to lay her on the sofa for a
while to recover. As I stood up from laying Jenny down I realised I
still had my shorts half way down my thighs. I was about to pull them
up when Sandi shuffled over and asked me to wait a moment. She then
took me in her mouth and sucked and licked me clean of her mothers
cum, looking up at me and smiling as she licked her own lips
afterwards. Slowly the girls and I got dressed, a tacit agreement
that we would wait 'til later for a shower. We then waited for Jenny
to recover from her exertions, Susan offering to go an make us all a
cup of tea, and Sandi going to help her. As I sat at the end of the
sofa gently caressing Jenny's hair and face I suddenly felt a tiny
shiver ripple through her.

Jenny then opened her eyes and looked up into my upside down
face saying softly "What happened, did I fall asleep again?" I nodded
"Yes darling, but not 'til you'd really enjoyed yourself, ask the
girls." Jenny struggled to sit up and I held out her blouse and
panties to her. She put on the first but dropped the last behind her
saying "Can't be bothered, you'll only be trying to get them off
again in a few minutes, I might as well leave them off." With that
Jenny lay back down, this time with her head on my lap and her hand
holding mine firmly to her naked breasts inside her open blouse. "Oh,
Daddy, don't you ever stop molesting women?" said Susan as she came
in with the tea and saw where my hand was. "So who's being molested?"
asked Jenny with a grin as she sat up, "I happen to like the feel of
your fathers hand on my naked breast, as I don't doubt you do too."
"Mmmm, great isn't it Aunt Jenny, trouble is he wouldn't do it very
often before this week. Now I hope he'll do it all the time.
Especially when you and Sandi come to live with us."

As we went to bed that night, our last of this visit Jenny
suggested we have the girls sleep with us so all three of them could
take turns snuggling up close to me before we went our separate ways.
It was some time before I got to sleep there was so much changing
places. In the end I asked Sue to allow Jenny and Sandi to lay beside
me all night, as she would have me to herself once they'd gone home.
In the morning we cleaned the cabin, secured all the doors and
windows against critters and said all our last goodbyes standing
beside our vehicles. They weren't long goodbyes as Jenny and Sandi
would be moving in within two weeks, putting all her furniture into
storage so an agent could sell her house while they lived with Sue
and I. That was for the future, right now I was driving along the
road, my darling daughter by my side, both of us looking forward to
the end of our journey so we could spend time showing how much we
love each other while we wait for the rest of our newly extended
family to join us.
That's another story, for an other time, perhaps.

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