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FARM breasts are just right cup


Farm Fantasy

Everyone at some point has to admidt that they fantasize about someone.
Weather it be a co-worker, best friend or someone you happen to catch sight
of in the mall, It's bound to happen. For me it was with a women whom I
consider my true confidant. Her name is Clair. She usually can be seen on
her family's farm tending to the rabbits she breeds or feeding the other

She isn't to big, in any fashion. Her height is about 5'8", if she's
lucky she weighs 150 and her breasts are just right to cup in your hand.
Often we would tease each other though for this lifetime it has been pretty
much proven we will never be together.

The fantasy that seems to stick is when I would come out to help her
with her rabbits. We would often take a half hour checking on them all,
feeding and watering and sometimes coupling them up. I could tell by her
body she had often used rabbit breeding to lure her lovers in. She would
put the two in and chuckle while she would watch. Usually when I was with
her during this it would start to turn me on as by the time we got to this
we had been outside in the humidity for a while and what she was wearing
was starting to hug her figure very nicely.

It wouldn't be to much longer that we would be in the barn as all we had
after that would be cleaning. We would head back after watching for a bit
where she would stop and spin around grabing my face and leaning up into a
kiss. Her lips would be slick from sweat, but still soft. As she kissed
she would press her body to mine, sliding her arms around me. Neither of
us would want to break the kiss, but ventually we would and would look into
each others eyes. There was no way of denying what we wanted and now there
wasn't any turning back. Leading me into the corner she sits down on the
dirt floor and motions for me to join her. As I sit she lets her hair down
and slides next to me pulling me into another kiss.

This would end up with her flat on her back and pulling me onto her. As
we released our kiss again I would start kissing her neck as my hand went
to cup her breasts. She would stay on her back for a while as i teased her
breasts through her t-shirt and eventually would start rubbing my hand
between her legs. As she started to get warm she would sit up and take off
her shirt and bra. Seeing there was no barriers left I would take my top
off to, pulling it over my head in time to see her stand up and slide her
jeans and underwear off.

Bewitched by her body before she can sit again I grab her legs and pull
her on top of my mouth. licking around her clit andtracing my fingers
inside her thigh I start to tease her. My tounge would push in just enough
to lap and tease her inside and after a few minutes she would again free
herself from me. She didn't want to stop however, just change positions.
Lowering her head between my legs she unzipped my pants and drew my shaft
carefully out. As she leaned down and traced her tounge along the tip I
would shiver and lean up just able to lick her clit. She would start to
suck gently on me as she wanted me as ready as she was. As she did I gave
up trying to use my mouth as I couldn't stop moaning, settling for using my
fingers to rub on either side of her clit.

She would start to moan and from time to time release my shaft from her
mouth to whimper in joy. Before long I was stiff and starting to get sore.
Moving her off me I stood and wiggled out of my jeans. She stood beside me
and braced herself against the wall. I moved slowly toward her and poke
the tip of my sheath in her a couple times before sliding it in deep.
Grabbing a fence board she kept herself up while I slowly started to hammer
into her. She leaned over and kissed me, sliding her tounge in my mouth
and darting I about quicker as time goes on.

I could feel her inner muscles start to quiver and spasm as she moaned
realising the kiss and crying out. every thrust now filled her body with
passion as her voice got louder. Feeling her cunt clamp around my shaft I
felt the presure build inside me and as her orgasm spalshed against my cock
I came. For some time we would continue riding wave after wave eventually
ending up sweaty on the floor. She would look up at me and smile as we
would here someone pull in. Throwing our clothes back on we would come out
and say one fo the goats gave us some trouble and we were going to freshen

This is my fantasy and while it has to stay that way its always good to
dream :)


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