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FATAL video tape encounters with


Fatal Error, by Rob Morton (M/f/f, inc, M/M, all nc)

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the
written permission of the author. The author may be contacted at Copyright 1998, Robert B. Morton II, all rights


For those individual not of legal age to read this where they live,
shame on you! For those folks who may be offended by this writing, all I
can say is caveat lector... you have been warned. The following is a work
of fiction and the usual statements about bearing any resemblance to people
or places, living or dead, being coincidental, etc., apply here.


This is a different sort of writing for me. Where I usually write about
incestuous relation ships, most of them have been of the happy-ending
variety. Look, if you will, into the dark side of my mind...


My name is Thomas Hammond and, in retrospect, I should have known
better, should have realized things weren't going to be as simple as I once
believed. Only now do I realize the many mistakes I made! Sitting here in
my cell, I keep beating myself up for not thinking things out a little more
carefully. Because I didn't, I find myself with a lot of time to think
about where I went wrong.

My trial went so fast it may have set a new world's record. Then again,
I had no defense and the state had more than enough evidence to convict me.
What could I say to defend myself? As it turned out, there wasn't much I
could say - videotape has a knack for revealing the truth under any

Not to mention the damning testimony offered against me! Had I been on
the jury, I would have convicted the person on trial after the first couple
of minutes! When all of the evidence was presented, well, let's say the
prosecution didn't have to work very hard to put me in this cell. The jury
left to deliberate and returned with their verdict in just under two
minutes. I guess the right to a speedy trial really does work after all.

I suppose I could have pleaded insanity. All it would have meant was a
different type of cell and, in the end, it doesn't matter any longer. Let
me tell you how I wound up here. As you read of my plight, the only thing
I ask is you try to look at things from my point of view before you, too,
convict me.


Sitting on the patio of my newly-built home in the countryside, it made
me feel good to know my moment in life had finally arrived. A great job as
a corporate vice-president, big time money, a good woman for a wife and two
lovely daughters; what man could ask for more?

My wife, Deirdre and daughters Stephanie and Elizabeth, were out in the
back yard, marking out the spaces where flowers would be planted, adding a
bit more splendor to what was already considered overly opulent. How could
things get any better than what they were?

In the distance, I could see Deirdre stand up, rubbing the small of her
back, before turning in my direction. Cupping her hands to her mouth, she
called to me, while Stephanie and Liz waved frantically. Setting my drink
on the table, I eased myself out of the chaise and crossed the green
expanse of lawn to join my family.

"What's on your mind, honey?" I asked.

Deirdre took a moment to remove her gardening gloves and wipe her brow.
As she did so, I couldn't help but notice how good she still looked. Soft
brown hair framed her light brown skin like a halo, her unusual green eyes
sparkling as the sun shone on them. That she was nearly covered with dirt
from head to toe didn't matter - she was still beautiful.

As were Stephanie and Liz, in every respect near duplicates of their
mother, sharing her light complexion and stunning green eyes. At 15 and 16
respectively, they were already turning the heads of all the boys at
school. As I waited for Deirdre to make herself a little more presentable,
I thought it a good thing both girls had their own phone and numbers; if
not, I'd never be able to use the phone.

"Dad," Stephanie said. "Where do you think the daffodils should go? I
think they should go out front near the driveway."

"Don't listen to her, Dad," Liz chimed in. "The daffodils would look
better right here, won't they Mom?"

Finding myself once again in the middle of one of their differences of
opinion, all I could do was shrug and look to Deirdre for help. "I don't
know, baby," I finally said. "I'm no gardener - that's why I married your

That comment got me slapped with a slightly muddy glove. "Oh, so that's
why you married me, huh?" Deirdre said with mock disapproval. "And I
thought it was my good looks and sparkling personality!"

"See what you get for thinking?" I said, dodging another swipe of the
glove. "Look," I said, wiping the drying mud from my arm. "How about we
table this discussion, get cleaned up, and go out for dinner?"

"Depends on where we're going," said Stephanie.

"Well, where would you like to go?" I asked, turning my attention to my
often moody first born. Tall and slender, Stephanie wasn't at all like
Liz, who was shorter with more of an athlete's build. Where Liz was
outgoing, Stephanie's personality was more subdued. Both girls showed they
had brains although Stephanie was the better student.

As I waited for Stephanie to answer my question, it struck me my little
girls had somehow managed to grow up without me noticing it. Both girls were stunningly beautiful; despite their differences in height and build,
both sported a set of very nice breasts that I don't seem to remember being
there a little while ago.

"I don't know," Stephanie finally said. "Let me and Liz go get cleaned
up and we'll let you know, okay?" As I nodded my agreement, Stephanie bent
over to retrieve her gloves and the ball of string they had been using the
mark off the yard. That's when I noticed she had a pretty nice ass, too.

"Tom, are you okay?" Deirdre asked, snapping me out of my fixation on my
child's bottom.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm fine. You girls head on up to the house. I'll see
you in a few minutes."

Both Stephanie and Liz stopped to plant kisses on my cheeks and in each
case I could smell their earthy fragrance. Clean and fresh despite having
been out in the sun. At that moment, I became aware of my response to
them; however, before I could fully dwell on it, Deirdre planted her own
kiss upon my lips.

"You sure you're okay? You look like you're a million miles away."

"Yeah, baby, I'm cool," I said, taking her hand and heading toward the
house. "I was just thinking about how much they've grown up."

Deirdre beamed with motherly pride. "Yes, they've turned out to be very
nice young ladies, haven't they?"

"Yes, they have," I agreed as we reached the house. Deirdre kissed me
once more before she left me on the patio to my thoughts.


When I realized I had been standing there looking at my daughters as if
they weren't my daughters, a cold chill raced through me. What the hell
was I doing? In a moment, they had gone from being my flesh and blood to
something other than that. I picked up my drink and took a sip to calm
myself as the perverted thoughts continued to flow through my mind.

When Stephanie had bent over to pick up her stuff, all I could see was
her naked bottom - and my cock penetrating those lovely globes of flesh!
To top things off, even though Liz was off to one side where I couldn't see
her, in my mind, I could easily see my penis protruding from her luscious

We finally piled into the car and headed for Stephanie's favorite
restaurant, one that served frilly French cuisine. Oh, the food was very
good - they just don't put enough on the plate to satisfy a hungry man, if
you know what I mean. Every time I looked across the table at either of my
daughters, all I could see were two naked women, their nipples hard atop
young, perky breasts. All I could think about was how nice it would be to
sample their sweet flesh.

hidden beneath the table, I sported a magnificent erection, one which
would have made any man proud to own. Trapped within my underpants, it
throbbed hotly against my thigh and, damn, I could even feel a little wet
stickiness on my leg as well. Even as I raised my glass of bourbon to my
trembling lips, I seemed to have made up my mind on what course of action
to take, some part of me deciding I had to have them.

"Thomas Hammond, you haven't heard one word I've said, have you?"

Oh, shit! As my eyes refocused, I could see Deirdre staring across the
table with undisguised annoyance written on her lovely features. God,
she's even beautiful when she's angry with me. Recovering, I gentle set my
drink back onto its coaster.

"Sorry, honey," I said apologetically. "I seem to have a few things on
my mind."

"Really?" Deirdre replied, not in the least bit mollified. "Would you
care to share your thoughts with the rest of the family?"

"Uh, not really," I said, trying to look as natural as possible. If
only she knew what I was thinking!

"And why not?" You know, if our drinks didn't already have ice in them,
Deirdre's voice would have frozen them in no time flat.

"Because you don't like it when I talk about my work," I said smoothly.
"I was just thinking about the Anderson deal; we stand to make quite a bit
of money on this one." I was about to launch into the details of my
mythical deal when Deirdre raised a slender hand.

"Never mind, Tom," Deirdre said and I relaxed. "Are we staying for

"If you and girls want it," I said, as my erection continued to pulse
strongly, depositing more stickiness which, to my horror, was beginning to
seep through the fabric of my slacks. A flood of panic washed over me -
there was no way I could stand up without anyone noticing both my erect
cock and the still-spreading stain of pre-cum! As everyone pushed away
from the table, I made a play of reaching for the check, conveniently
knocking over my forgotten drink, spilling its chilly contents into my lap.

The frigid liquid did its work; the shock of the cold immediately
reduced my hard-on to a limp noodle and the gigantic wet spot more than
covered up the evidence of said hard-on.

"Look at you!" Stephanie said with mock disapproval. "We just can't
take you anywhere, can we?"

"Stephanie!" Deirdre exclaimed, handing me her napkin.

"No, honey, that's okay," I said, dabbing at the mess I'd made. "I'm
just clumsy, that's all."

"I'll say," Liz chipped in, barely able to contain her mirth at my
"predicament." As I looked into her smiling eyes, the pervert in me decided
Liz would be the first. Despite the chill of the spilled drink, I could
feel myself becoming aroused.

"C'mon," I said to the women of my family. "Let's get out of here - I
need to clean myself up." And, hatch my plans to seduce Liz...


My lawyer just left, not feeling confident about my appeal going
through. Not that I expected it to, mind you, but that's what he gets paid
to do. Now I'm back in my cell, massaging my wrists from where the guard
had put the handcuffs on too tightly. I don't think I need to tell you
they don't look upon my crime with any favor; in fact, every chance they
get to abuse me, they do so.

Can't say I really blame them. I'm still pretty stiff and sore from the
beating I took a couple of days ago while in the shower from some of the
other inmates. And, as you might expect, sitting down hasn't been a real
treat for me, either. You have to figure if something big can come out of
your ass, something big can go into it.

Where was I? Oh, yeah - the restaurant business. We got home and
everyone got ready for bed. My plan was coming together nicely. I had
changed into my pajamas before going to tuck my girls in for the night.
That I did this every night was perfect; nothing would seem out of the
ordinary. However, my mind was set on tucking something in other than
dear, sweet Elizabeth.

As I put on my slippers, Deirdre came out of the bathroom, looking very
lovely and very enticing. On a normal night, I would be hard and ready for
her, much more so because she had a couple glasses of Burgundy. Not being
much of a drinker, the wine served to really loosen my wife up, making for
a very promising night of horizontal recreation.

However, tonight was different, my attention and building lust focused
elsewhere. To stay in character, I playfully reached out and caressed one
of Deirdre's pendulous breasts, a signal to her the action was about to

"Not tonight, Tom," Deirdre said. "The wine gave me a headache. Can I
get a rain check for tomorrow?"

"Sure, honey," I said, feigning disappointment. "I'm going to tuck the
girls in, okay?" I turned to look at Deirdre who was already sprawled
across the bed, sound asleep. Perfect! She'll never know how long I've
been gone. Gathering my resolve, I went to Stephanie's room.

Stephanie was already in her night clothes and settling into bed when I
knocked on her door.

"Come on in, Dad," she said and I stepped into the dimly lit room.
"You're late."

"I know," I said, perching myself along side of her. "I was talking to
your mother about something."

"Oh. In that case, where's my hug?" Stephanie opened her arms for me
and I slid into her embrace. The sweet, clean scent of her reached my
flaring nostrils and I was all I could do not to take her right then and
there! I tightened my arms around her, feeling her breasts flatten
slightly against my chest. As I continued to hug her, I could even feel
her nipples harden, sending a spike of excitement through me.

"I love you, Daddy," Stephanie said, placing a wet kiss on my cheek.

"I love you, too, honey," I replied as I reluctantly released my
daughter, holding her at arm's length so I could get a good look at her
breasts and nipples. The sight of her nipples poking into the fabric of
her nightgown was so enticing! I could definitely enjoy getting them into
my mouth, sucking them until they grew even larger and harder!

"Dad, are you okay?"

I blinked, snapping back to the present to find Stephanie looking at me
with concern on her lovely face.

"Sure, honey - what makes you think there's something wrong?"

"I don't know, you're looking at me funny."

Uh, oh. I almost fucked up! "Nah," I finally said, "There's nothing
wrong. I was just looking at you and thinking how lovely a woman you're
going to be when you get older."

"Oh, Daddy," Stephanie said, blushing. "Do you really think I'm that

"Of course, darling," I replied, feeling my lust growing.

"Do you ever think I'll have a boyfriend?" Stephanie asked, once again
snuggling up against me.

"I don't see why not," I answered. "A guy would be a fool not to want
you!" Again, the embrace ended and I leaned forward to plant a kiss of my
own on Stephanie's cheek. In doing so, I "accidentally" let my lips brush
against hers before kissing her solidly the cheek. For a moment, I could
feel Stephanie's lips respond as my lips touched hers; although I couldn't
see her face, I could tell her eyes had widened with surprise.

"Oops," I said. "Sorry about that, Stephanie."

"Sorry about what?" Stephanie quietly asked.

"I missed your cheek on the first pass. I told you I was clumsy

"That's okay, Daddy," Stephanie replied, absently licking her lips.

"Well," I said, standing. "Good night, sweetie. I'll see you in the

Stephanie looked as if she didn't hear me, her tongue continuing to wash
across the place where our lips had met. Finally, she said, "Good night,

I turned off the light and left Stephanie's room. A little down the
hall and on the right, I knocked on Liz's door.

"Come in," came the muffled reply. I opened the door, expecting to find
Liz already in bed. However, she was sitting on the floor, a sheaf of
papers spread out around her.

"What are you doing?" I asked closing the door behind me and sitting on
her bed.

"Trying to find my homework," Liz replied, shuffling papers.

"You did do it, didn't you?"

"Of course I did - I just don't remember where I put it."

I patted the bed. "You can look for it in the morning. Time for you to
hit the sack!"

"Okay," Liz said. She picked up the mass of paper and placed them on
the night table beside her bed before crawling into it. As she did, I
could easily make out the curves of her body where her night gown clung to
her. My erection, hidden inside my pajamas, began to throb. In my mind, I
could see myself peeling the garment from my daughter's body and burying my
face into her cleavage.

"I'm ready to be tucked in now," Liz announced with her usual perkiness.

As I reached for the covers, I deliberately let my hand brush up against
one breast. "Excuse me," I muttered as Liz began to giggle.

"That tickles!"

"I'm sorry, honey," I said, letting my hand brush against the other
breast, evoking another peal of giggles from Liz.

"Daddy! Stop!" Liz said, laughing uncontrollably. "You know I'm

"You are?" I asked in mock surprise. "I didn't know that! Let's see
how ticklish you are." In an instant, my fingers flew into action, quickly
reducing Liz into near paralyzing laughter. As I did so, I took advantage,
letting my finger explore her body. Oh, this was feeling so damned good!
My cock beat strongly along with my heart as I tickled Liz into

Finally, Liz surrendered, the occasional giggle still managing to echo
through the room. "You're mean," she managed to say, her face flushed red with exertion. "For being a mean daddy, you have to give me a big hug and

"Oh, all right," I said, reaching for Liz and pulling her tight.

"Mmm," Liz cooed. "That's a good hug! Now where's my kiss?"

"Coming, my queen," I said, my lips touching hers lightly. Unlike with
Stephanie, I allowed my lips to linger a little longer, "accidentally"
brushing her lips with my tongue. Instinctively, Liz's lips parted and her
own tongue flicked out momentarily to meet mine. In my grasp, I could feel
her young body tense.

"What's wrong?" I asked, looking into her green eyes.


"I asked you what was wrong, Liz."

My daughter shifted in my arms and, thinking she wanted to me to release
her, I relaxed my grip on her tantalizing body. Instead of moving away,
Liz moved closer to me, hugging me tighter.

"That was some good night kiss," Liz remarked, snuggling into my neck.

"I'm sorry," I offered. "I expected you to turn your head."

"If I didn't know better, I'd swear you did it on purpose," Liz said
into my neck. I could feel her breath, warm and moist against my skin,
feeding my lust, strengthening my resolve to have her body.

"Is that a fact, young lady?" I replied, allowing my hands to massage
her back.

Liz untangled herself just enough to be able to look into my eyes, our
noses just mere centimeters from each other. "Yes, sir, that's a fact.
Now, are you going to kiss me good night so we both can get some sleep?"

"Sure, " I said, not allowing the disappointment at my failure to come
to the surface. As I aimed a parting kiss at Liz's cheek, she suddenly
turned her head, our lips coming together hard. My own instincts came into
play as my tongue slid between her lips as I pulled her tighter to me. In
my grasp, I could feel her soft body relax against mine while her breathing
grew heavier. Seconds later, I could feel her tongue fluttering against
mine. My hands ceased their casual roaming, increasing to a determined
examination of her young flesh.

As my fingers teased her nipples into hardness, the kiss was broken.
Liz squirmed at my light touch as a soft moan escaped her lips.

"Ooh, Daddy," she whispered. "What are you doing to me?"

"Does this feel good, honey?" I asked, tracing the outline of her breast with a finger.

"Yes," Liz sighed, arching her back.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked, praying Liz would say she didn't.

"N-n-no," she stammered, as her budding lust began to consume her. With
a small cry of triumph, I crushed her lips to mine once again, not really
holding back, but not wanting to frighten her. Gently, I eased her onto
her back, our lips never breaking contact. With both hands free to roam as
they pleased, I raised the hem of her nightgown, pleased to find Liz wasn't
wearing panties.

I toyed with the sparse thatch of hair between my daughter's legs,
feeling her hips rise to meet my fingers. All the while, I kissed her
passionately, doing my level best to suck the taste out of her sweet mouth.

My own lust had reached the boiling point. I broke the kiss, taking a
moment to strip Liz of her garment, exposing her young, untouched body.
Greedily, my lips captured a nipple, delighting in its feel as it hardened
between my lips, my tongue flicking across it. In response, Liz's back
arched once again, a whimper of pleasure coming from her. I changed my
attention to the other nipple, sucking it gently into erect attention.

My fingers were equally busy, parting her outer labia to seek the tiny
bud of her clitoris. I didn't need to probe a great deal to find it; as my
fingertips brushed across it, Liz shuddered, her legs clamping around my
hand. I could feel her bud growing larger under my touch as I began to
work my way down the flatness of her belly, my next stop being the damp
muskiness of her mons.

"Open your legs, honey," I whispered and Liz complied. As my mouth
closed onto her sex, I could see her eyes roll back into her head. Oh, my
baby girl tasted so sweet! Hungrily, I lapped her cunt, twisting my tongue
into her virgin orifice.

"Ooooh," Liz sighed, thrusting her hips upward to meet my probing
tongue. I went on for what seemed to be hours, licking and sucking her
sweet flesh. Suddenly, my sweet Elizabeth stiffened; between my lips, I
could feel her clitoris pulsing as I gave my daughter her first orgasm. I
sat up, wiping her juices from my mouth, my eyes glazed with lust.
Reaching down, I struggled out of my pajama bottoms, exposing my manhood.

Without much of a pause, I covered Liz's body with mine, vainly trying
to notch the head of my cock into her. Reaching under her, I lifted her
bottom to meet my thrusts, sighing with pleasure as the knob of my shaft
split her open, lodging itself in her incredible tightness.

"Oh, my God," Liz hissed as inch after inch of my cock made its way into
her recesses, finally coming in contact with her maidenhead.

"Hang on, baby," I whispered, holding my lower half as still as I could.
The instant I felt Liz's overheated body relax, I thrust forward, shredding
her hymen as my cock plunged into her. Beneath me, Liz's body protested my
semi-brutal invasion of her body, her cunt muscles trying their best to
dislodge me.

"It hurts, oh, God, it hurts," Liz cried. From my position above her, I
could see tears spilling from her clenched eyelids and, for a moment, my
sanity returned as I realized my role in her pain - but only for a moment.
I withdrew a little, providing my darling with a brief respite before the
insanity returned and I once again buried myself into my child as far as I

My pent-up passion had gone unattended for too long. Between her tight
embrace around the thickness of my cock and the sheer delight of
participating in such a sinful act, I couldn't hold back any longer. Liz's
eyes flew open wide as my cock grew thicker inside of her, just before the
first spurts of my seed flowed into her.

"Oh, damn," I cursed, my hips moving quickly as I continued to pour what
seemed to be gallons of incestuous sperm into my daughter's cunt. As the
last drops passed into her and the orgasmic tide receded, my sanity

"My God," I cried. "What have I done? Oh, sweet Jesus..."

Still fully impaled on my rapidly shrinking manhood, Liz looked up at
me, her face a mixture of pain, pleasure and, yes, total revulsion. Wiping
the tears from her eyes, Liz struggled to speak.

"Why did you do this to me? I thought you loved me!"

"I do love you, honey," I said, only now realizing I would never be able
to explain why I violated her in such a matter. As I withdrew from her
sperm-and-blood coated quim, Liz broke down into more tears and
heart-rending sobs. I sat up beside Elizabeth, knowing she needed to be
comforted - and not knowing how to go about doing it.


I've just come back from dinner. Or whatever they call the slop they
feed us. As I feel the gas building inside of me, heralding another
smelly, uncomfortable night, I also feel a pang of sadness. A few months
ago, I would dine on only the finest of foods, drink only the finest of

But now, because of my stupidity, I'm eating food farm animals wouldn't
touch on a dare. As with everything else I've experienced here, there is a
price to be paid for being stupid.

As the cell block prepares for the evening activities, a feeling of
great despair falls on me like a blanket, along with an even greater
feeling of dread. I know that in a few minutes, Thad Brown will pay me a
visit, one which I'd just as soon forget. In an hour or two, the lights
will go out for the night; minutes later, I will once again endure yet
another night of having Thad's cock buried in my mouth and ass.

Oh, I could complain to the guards, but I know two things would happen.
One, they'd ignore me and two, Thad would bring several of his Black
brothers, all of whom have made it no secret they'd like a piece of my
child-molesting ass. Better this way than to be brutally raped. Or
killed, I suppose.

As Thad's thick, black cock slides into my throat, I can feel the
humiliation pouring over me as he utters words to me which are more
appropriate for women. Thad believes he's punishing me for daring to
refuse his advances the first night I was here. He couldn't be more wrong.
Compared to what I did to get here, telling him "no" is small change.

Even as the first of many loads of sperm spill into my mouth, I realize
there's no escape from either Thad or my own memories. I close my eyes
tightly, wincing as Thad shoves inch after inch of cock into my rectum; my
humiliation deepens as I realize - my God - his entrance doesn't hurt as
much as it did before.

Thad's asleep now, snoring blissfully. As he does so, I squat over the
open toilet and give a little push. Wet, bubbly pockets of gas wheeze from
my sore backside, followed by gobs of sperm. As I wipe myself, I absently
note there's no blood present, as there was when Thad first did me.

I'd better get some rest. Thad will be awake in about an hour, with a
massive piss-inspired hard-on. He'll take me again, shredding me with his
steely hardness. Then, after he once again coats my insides with his
spunk, he'll further relieve himself in the depths of my tortured bowels.

Tomorrow night will bring more of the same...


As I came to the table for breakfast, my heart was full of dread,
knowing Liz would be in her customary place. After what I had done, I
wouldn't be able to look that girl in the eye any longer. With my head
hung, I took my place, daring to look up - and not seeing Liz. My heart
jumps into my throat, thinking all manner of bad things. None of which
came to light, as Liz bounced around the corner, a glass of milk in hand.

"Good morning, Daddy," Liz said in her usual upbeat manner.

"Morning, honey," I said, confused. "Did you sleep well?"

Even though this, too, was part of the ritual I shared with my
daughters, I know she understood my hidden meaning.

"Very well, thank you," she replied, fixing me with a look which
revealed nothing. "And you?"

"I've had better nights," I said, pouring some coffee. As Deirdre
entered the breakfast nook, I added, "Would have slept like a log had it
not been for your mother snoring like a chainsaw."

Deirdre looked at me, rolling her eyes before throwing a silent "fuck
you" in my direction. A moment later, Stephanie appeared, looking as if
someone had stolen her lunch money - nothing unusual for her.

"Morning everyone," Stephanie said, plopping down in her seat. "I need

"Tom," Deirdre complained, "I wish you hadn't spoiled her by letting her
drink coffee - it'll stain her teeth."

All I could do was shrug under my wife's baleful gaze. Finishing my own
coffee, I got up from the table, grabbing my jacket and briefcase.
Stopping to kiss Deirdre goodbye, I waved to the girls before heading to my

"Daddy!" Stephanie called.

"What, honey? I don't want to be late."

"Don't forget you're picking me up from school at 11, okay?"

Wincing, I kicked myself for letting it slip my mind. Oh, well, my
meeting with Jenkins will have to wait for another time. "Don't worry,
sweetie; I'll be waiting for you."

"Okay! See you then!"

As I backed out of the driveway, my perversion pulled up alongside me to
let me know this would be a perfect opportunity to take my oldest daughter.
Shifting the car into first gear, I pulled away from the scene of my crime
- and the scene of another yet to come. I sped along the Interstate, my
thoughts running as fast as I was driving, while my cock was as hard as the
shifter I held in my right hand. Arriving at my office, I quickly went to
work. After canceling my appointment with Jenkins, of course.

At 10:30, I was back in the car to pick up Stephanie. I knew seducing
her wouldn't be as easy as it was with Elizabeth as Stephanie was the more
suspicious of the two. Still, I knew it could be done. Arriving at the
school, I was pleased to find my daughter waiting outside for me. After a
daughterly peck on the cheek - and making sure her seat belt was fastened,
we pulled away from the school for her appointment with the dentist. Only
to discover, upon our arrival, the dentist when home to deal with some
personal emergency.

Back in the car, I turned to Stephanie. "Well, that was a waste of
time," I began, peering in the rear view mirror to check traffic.

"You don't hear me complaining," Stephanie replied. "I hate having him
rooting around in my mouth. He just doesn't care if he's hurting me or

I smile realizing her outburst is borne out of relief rather than anger
at Dr. Wilson. Pulling into the flow of traffic, I ask, "Shall I return
you to school?"

"I'd rather you didn't," came her sullen response.

"Well, I've got the rest of the day off; what do you want to do?"

"Can we go home first?" Stephanie asked. "I want to change my clothes."

"Sure," I answered, changing lanes to get onto the Interstate. The rest
of our drive home was filled with small talk; before long, I was pulling
into the driveway. As I did so, I felt a great sense of relief the Deirdre
wasn't home. I turned off the engine and followed Stephanie into the
house. Once inside, she ran up to her room, while I went to the living room
to hatch my plan.

Minutes later, I heard Stephanie calling me and I went upstairs,
following the sound of her voice. "What is it, Stephanie?" I called ahead.

"I figured out what we can do this afternoon," I heard her say just as I
reached her partially opened bedroom door.

"What's that?" I asked, stepping into the room, looking toward her small

"We can do what you and Lizzie did last night," was the reply from my
right. Turning, I found Stephanie lying on her bed, totally naked.

Trying not to appear ruffled at the sight of her nakedness, I gave
Stephanie a fatherly scowl of disapproval. "Excuse me, young lady?"

"You heard me, Daddy. We can do what you and Liz did."

"And what's that?" I asked, playing dumb.

"Don't insult me, Dad. I know you fucked Liz last night. She told me
this morning."

Well! So much for having to seduce her. "She told you, huh?"

Stephanie nodded, running her hands across her supple breasts, pausing
to pinch each nipple in turn. "She sure did," she confirming reply.
Stephanie propped herself up on one elbow, her eyes locked onto mine.

"I, um," I stammered, unsure of how to respond.

Stephanie's hand dropped down to the triangular patch of hair between
her legs. As she did so, my eyes followed, noticing how much thicker and
darker her hair was compared to Liz's. Stephanie's voice broke me out of
my inspection of her goods.

"Are you going to keep me waiting?"

"No," I said my voice dry and husky. Within seconds, I was out of my
business suit and into Stephanie's arms. Our mouths met and I was taken
aback as Stephanie's tongue invaded my mouth, snaking between my lips with
a strength I didn't expect. Stephanie's manicured nails dug into my back,
causing me to break the kiss.

"Oh, yeah," Stephanie snarled. "Come on, stop fucking around and eat
me, Daddy!" To emphasize her words, Stephanie's hands began to push me down
between her open legs. As my tongue sought and found her sweet center, she
cried out, furiously pumping her surprisingly wet pussy against my face.

The sense of sheer confusion continued to cover me as curse after lusty
curse flowed from my daughter's mouth, her pubic hairs beginning to rub my
face raw. Who was seducing whom here, I wondered, as yet another surprise
reared its head as Stephanie's lithe body went stiff and a spurt of hot
fluid splashed into my mouth and, unfortunately, up my nose as well.

"Oh, yeah," the young woman sighed, her pleasure quite evident. "That's
the spot, Daddy! Hit it again!"

Dumbfounded, I did as she commanded, attacking her clitoris with a
flurry of licks, sucks and gently bites. Two minutes later, my face was
once again awash in her hot fluids. In the dim reaches of my mind, I'd
heard about women who could ejaculate... but I never dreamed my own
daughter was one of them.

My astonishment was broken as Stephanie slapped me gently on the face.
"Up," she commanded. "Get up and let me at you."

Numbly, I rolled onto my back, absently wiping her juices from my face.
As I did so, Stephanie dove face first onto my towering erection, easily
swallowing half my length in one smooth gulp. I gasped as her tongue sped
over my swollen knob, sending sensations through me so intense they made my
asshole pucker. My daughter continued to savagely attack my cock meat,
managing to get more and more of me into her mouth. All I could do was lie
there and endure the onslaught while, in the back of my mind, the thought
was just dawning that there was obviously something I didn't know about my
little girl.

I can't honestly say I remember when Stephanie stopped sucking me. I do
remember feeling her wetness sliding around my cock, though, as I remember
my surprise at not finding any, um, obstructions in my way.

"Shit, yeah," Stephanie cooed, seating herself fully onto my maleness.
For a moment, she just sat there, eyes closed and mouth open slightly,
savoring the feeling. A smile crossed her features just before she began
to ride my cock. Slowly, at first, but with increasing speed, the seducee
became the seducer. Our bodies smack against each other with wet, slurping

Stephanie sat down hard on me, squeezing her muscles as tight as she
could as she came, her hot fluid spilling over my tightened testicles. A
deep breath, more furious pounding of flesh, followed by another splash of
girl juices.

"Come on, Dad," Stephanie said after long moments of silence. "Give up
the stuff. Fill my pussy up with it!"

Still dazed, Stephanie's words pierced my fog-encrusted brain and, just
like Pavlov's dog, I could feel my seed shooting into my oldest daughter,
much to her delight.

"YES! Oh, yes!" she screamed, screwing her not-so-virgin cunny onto my
spurting staff, milking every sinful drop from me. One final splash and
Stephanie rolled off of me, coming to rest at my side.

"Wasn't that better than taking me back to school?" she asked, snuggling
into the crook of my arm.

"How..." I stuttered.

"Let me guess," Stephanie said, toying with the nipple closest to her.
"You want to know how I knew what to do, right?"

All I could do was nod.

"I'll tell you later, she said, sitting up. "Right now, I need a

In my mind, I screamed as her mouth closed over me once again. Then I
scream aloud...


You know, solitary isn't as bad as they say it is. At least I know no
one will bother me here - especially Thad Brown. In fact, Thad won't be
bothering anyone any more because dead people don't do much.

Ah, I see you've put it together. Wallowing in my despair, I'd had
about enough of Thad and his long, thick cock, spiking me night in and
night out. I had become so tired of performing the degrading, disgusting
things Thad would make me do to him. Just like I never want to see a jar
of jelly as long as I live. Which probably won't be long, my new lawyer
tells me, should the district attorney has his way with things.

It began as it usually did. Dinner ended and Thad showed up as usual,
big dick in hand along with that irritating smile of his. The one which
said, "I've got you, bitch - you're mine." And, as usual, I soon found
myself on my knees, the large knob of his penis nestled in its usual place
deep within my throat. Followed by the usual spermy tonsil wash, which was
then followed by twenty minutes of large cock up my ass, etc. However, the
night would end differently and, for the first time since my imprisonment,
I saw hope and some measure of freedom, not to mention an increased sense
of self-worth.

Thad took his expected nap after losing so much body fluid. As he
snored blissfully, I carefully took out the homemade knife I'd fashioned. I
stood over his prone form, my shank poised to end this particular torment
and, for a moment, I hesitated as one part of me felt a pang of regret for
what I was about to do.

Fortunately for me - and most unfortunately for Thad - the moment passed
quickly. The first thing I dealt with was that monstrous cock he was so
proud of. Since he slept in the nude, I didn't have to deal with the rough
cotton boxer shorts issued to us. I took his member into my hand, feeling
it stir at my familiar touch and Thad began to smile in his sleep. I drew
back my hand and wiped the smile off his face.

I'd held Thad's cock in my hand on many occasions, often finding myself
amazed at its length and girth, its large veins proudly standing out
against his chocolate-dark skin. Imagine the surprise on Thad's face as he
awoke in extreme agony to find his cock in my hand - but not attached to
his body! Even as his life's blood spurted from his body in great red arcs, I didn't hesitate in plunging the sharpened bit of metal between his
rib cage, neatly cleaving his aorta in two.

Hours ago, Thad's voice had echoed through the cell block as he emptied
his seed into me. Now, his voice was barely above a whisper as he emptied
his life onto the soiled mattress. I tossed his severed member, once proud
and mighty, into the trash can. Calmly, I went to the tiny sink in the
cell, washing the gore from my skin. After making sure I was as
presentable as I could be, I called for the guard on my tier until he
finally arrived.

His annoyance at being disturbed was quickly replaced with shock and
horror as I calmly told him what I had done. The guard - I think his name
is Earl - drew his nightstick, probably more out of reflex than anything
else. However, he never used it on me - I didn't give him a reason to.
When he ordered me away from the cell door, I simply went and sat on the
hard, wooden chair and waited for them to take me away.

As the guard closed and locked the door of my new home in solitary, we
exchanged something as our eyes locked. For an instance, the man felt
sorry for me, understanding what I did was necessary. As he slid the
slit-plate closed I heard him mumble something about Thad finally getting
what he deserved, leaving me alone and in darkness.

But feeling a little better about myself...


It began as just another day at work. Deals were being made as was a
lot of money for the firm. I had just finished my meeting with Jenkins
about his South American project when my secretary, Mildred, poked her head
into my office.

"Ah, Mr. Hammond, there are some gentlemen here to see you," she said

"Do they have appointments?" I asked, not looking up from Jenkin's

"I believe you'll want to see these men, Mr. Hammond."

Wow. Mildred was being really pushy today! "And why should I want to,
Milly?" I asked, just as one of the men, a very large NFL-type, stepped
past Mildred, followed closely by his twin brother.

"Thomas Hammond?" the first linebacker asked.

"Yes? Who the hell are you?"

"I'm Detective Adams and this is my partner, Detective Harrison."

"Okay," I said, barely keeping my anger at their intrusion in check.
"What do you want with me?"

"Thomas Hammond," Detective Harrison said, "You are under arrest.
Please stand with your hands where we can see them and step away from the

"Under arrest? What the hell for?" I cried, as Mildred scurried from
the doorway.

"I don't know, sir," Detective Adams said, stepping around my cherry
wood desk and placing my hands behind my back. His partner produced a set
of handcuffs and bound my wrists.

"Ow! That hurts," I complained as Detective Harrison expertly patted me
down. "Are you going to answer me?"

"I did, Mr. Hammond. I don't know what the charges are; all we were
told there is a warrant for your arrest and we were to bring you in. Is
this your jacket and briefcase?"

I nodded, the pain in my wrists almost unbearable as Adams gathered up
my belongings.

"Mr. Hammond," Harrison began. "Is there another way out of here other
than going through your anteroom? It would save you a great deal of
embarrassment, I think."

"Through there," I nodded with my head, toward the "executive exit"
which bypassed the anteroom.

The detectives led me out the door and minutes later, I was sitting in
the back of their unmarked car, my wrists painfully twisted behind me.
Both officers continued to ignore my requests for more information until,
finally, I just stopped asking. Minutes later, I found myself thrust in
front of a camera, my picture taken, and minutes more found me sitting in a
holding cell wiping the ink from my fingers from the fingerprinting
process. At least they had taken the handcuffs off...

They left me alone for a while, coming back some fifteen minutes later
to tell me I could have my one phone call, which I used to call my lawyer.
When he answered the phone, I told him where I was and asked if he knew why
I was here.

"Tom... God damn it man! You've been arrested on two charges of sexual
assault. I'm on my way down there to get the judge to set bail, but Jesus
H. Christ...!

I couldn't believe my ears! Sexual assault? Suddenly, it all came
together for me: Stephanie and Elizabeth! But, how...?

"Tom? Tom! Are you there?"

"Yeah, I'm here," I answered, my heart frozen in my chest.

"How could you, Thomas? To your own daughters? We might be old friends, but I think you're going to need another lawyer. I'll see if I
can arrange bail, but after that, you're on your own."

It wasn't hard to hear the utter disgust in my old friend's voice as the
line went dead, the dial tone buzzing in my ear. The officer led me back
to my cell on wooden legs as my life suddenly passed before me. Somehow,
the knowledge of what I had done got out and now, my life would be ruined.

My troubles were just beginning. The next morning, I was brought before
a judge who, after confirming my identity, solemnly set bail at $500,000 in
cash or some other form of liquid assets. At my side, my friend looked on,
his face a mask of stone as he asked me if I had that much money available
- which I didn't. As the bailiff lead me back to my cell, I saw my family sitting in the back of the courtroom, their faces unreadable. Except for
Deirdre, whose features displayed hatred and loathing. I tried to speak to
her, but she just turned away, placing protective arms around Stephanie and

Looking into their eyes, instead of the love and compassion I expected
to see, all I found was contempt and a smug sense of... satisfaction?

As I said in the beginning, my trial went quickly. My new attorney did
what he could but, against the powerful evidence presented by the DA's
office, there really wasn't much I could do. If the testimony provided by
my daughters hadn't been enough, the state produced - of all things - a
video tape of my encounters with Liz and Stephanie! The stake was firmly
hammered into my heart as I learned Deirdre took the damning footage

She testified under oath she had a feeling I was about do molest my
daughters because she had noticed the way I had been looking at them that
fateful day in our backyard. Instead of confronting me with her
suspicions, she chose to enlist the aid of our daughters to entrap me,
somehow managing to convince them that giving up their bodies to me would
be worth it and that if their plan worked, I would wind up in jail for the
rest of my life.

Deirdre had faked being drunk that night. Once I left the room, she got
up, grabbed the video camera she had stashed under the bed, and followed me
to Liz's room where she managed to capture the entire encounter on tape.

The emergency the dentist supposedly had? Staged by Deirdre. She had
moved her car out of the garage to give me impression she wasn't at home.
Camera in hand, she had hidden in Stephanie's closet, waiting for us to
arrive. Stephanie must have given her the high sign when she went to her
room. Even though Stephanie's closet was only a few feet from the bed, I
never heard it running as my daughter fucked me.

Seems Deirdre was right; the jury came back after two minutes of
discussion, finding me guilty of molesting my daughters. The judge asked
me to stand and summarily announced my sentence of not one, but two life
sentences in prison. He went on to say a few things about how heinous my
crime was, but I didn't hear him. All I could hear was the sounds of my
wife and daughters celebrating my downfall.

As the bailiff led me away I passed by what used to be my family.
Afraid of what I would seen written on their faces, I nevertheless looked
at them for what would be the last time, only to have Stephanie say to me,
"I hope you burn in hell, motherfucker."


So, here I am. Oh, the state found me guilty of first degree murder for
killing Thad, if you're wondering. Just as in my first trial, this one
went by with blinding speed and the judge followed the jury's suggestion
that I get death by lethal injection.

It didn't seem to matter to anyone I killed Thad for the many horrible
things he did to me before I ended his miserable existence. No, all they
could see was a double child molester turned murderer. My court-appointed
attorney is appealing my sentence, but I no longer care. Even if he were
successful, where would I go? What would I do? The life I once had is
over and, soon, this one will be as well.


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