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FATTEEN young girls ass from face


The author of this story (cactusjuggler) reserves all rights to this
story--reproducing or posting this story without the author's permission is

Fat Teen Smother Queen By Cactus Juggler 1998

I was with my best friend Jane at her house when it happened. We were
laying out by her family's pool in our bikinis, working on our tans.
Jane's family was a lot more well off than mine, and the pool was something
that I always envied. One thing that Jane had that I didn't envy was her
younger sister. I myself was an only child, and after meeting Jane's
sister Susan I thanked my lucky stars that I had no siblings to deal with.

Susan was eighteen, two years younger than Jane and I. Jane has a
pretty charming personality, whereas Susan is a real bitch. They weren't
just opposite personality types either. Physically they were completely
different too. Jane has a slim waist and shapely curves, and Susan is fat.
Susan has huge breasts, and not too fat an upper body, but below her hips
she spreads out like an upside-down light bulb. Her ass is
disproportionate to the rest of her body, I mean it's huge. I don't think
Susan and Jane ever agreed about anything in their whole lives. As long as
I've known Jane, she and Sue have been on the warpath.

The day it happened was no different. As Jane and I lay sunning
ourselves by the pool, Sue and her two fat friends Carole and Mandy showed
up. As Susan and her friends approached the pool, Jane made a retching
noise and turned to me.

"Vicky, look at her! That's *so* disgusting." Jane said to me.

And looking at her approaching younger sister, I knew what she was
talking about. Susan had on a t-shirt and some sort of black spandex
cycling-shorts, the skin-tight kind. And I mean *tight*.

"My god, Sue. Don't come any closer. We could be injured if a seam
burst on your shorts and you had a blow-out." Jane said meanly to her

"What did you say?"

Susan's friends stood beside her as she stood angrily glaring at her
older sister.

"You heard me, you fat cow."

I couldn't believe what happened next. Susan reached down and with a
great heave flipped over Jane's lounge chair, throwing her to the ground.

"I'm tired of you fucking with me!" Sue shouted as she jumped on Jane.

I stood up, and Sue's friends Mandy and Carole were suddenly at my side,
holding my arms!

"This is their fight. You just stay out of it." Mandy told me as she
and Carole kept hold of my arms while I struggled against them.

As I fought to pull away from the two fat girls, I quickly realized that
they were just too strong for me, so I turned back to where Sue and Jane
were rolling around. Jane was on top of Sue and there hands were locked
together. But Sue had her legs wrapped around her sister's midsection and
it looked like she was squeezing pretty hard. Jane appeared to be in quite
a bit of pain as Sue grunted with the effort she was putting into crushing
her older sister between her fat thighs.

"Let go of me, bitch!" Jane shouted at Sue, as Sue continued to hold her
sister trapped above her.

Both sisters were moaning and grunting with their efforts as I was held
there by Sue's fat friends. Jane thrashed around, but Sue kept hold of her
hands and just continued to squeeze her leg- scissors around Jane's middle.
Gradually, Jane fought less and less as her younger sister's scissor wore
her down. Sue kept up her crushing grip until it looked like Jane was just
limp between her thighs, her head hanging down to her sister's big chest.

"What's wrong, bitch? Little sister getting the better of you?" Sue
asked her mockingly as she let go of Jane's wrists and moved her hands to
the hold Jane's head.

"How do you like this? Having a little trouble catching your breath?"
Sue asked her sister as she pulled Jane's face down into her chest.

"Mmmmmhhmmm. Hmhhhhhmmmmmmhmmmm." Jane's cries were muffled in her
sister's bosom.

Finally releasing her scissors from around Jane's middle, Sue let her
down. Easily rolling them both over, Sue now lay on top of her sister,
with her huge tits still mashed in her sister's face. Sitting up so that
she straddled Jane's stomach, Sue lifted the smothering weight of her
breasts off of Jane's face. Sue looked down at her sister for a moment, as
they both breathed heavily.

"Apologize to me." Sue told her sister.

"Fuck you! Get off of me, you fat cow!" Jane shouted at her.

Jane brought her hands up towards Sue, but her sister quickly grabbed
her wrists. With weight and leverage on her side, Sue easily pushed Jane's
hands down to the ground. Sue scooted forward until her huge ass was atop
Jane's breasts, flattening them to her chest. Now Jane was totally pinned,
and in a humiliating way as her sister sat atop her.

"Apologize, or else!" Sue told her.

"Fuck you! What are you going to do, you fat cow? Squish me under your
thousand pounds of lard? Get off of me!" She shouted angrily.

"Shut up!" Sue yelled, and she scooted even farther forward on Jane's
shoulders and neck, trapped her older sister's head between her knees.

Now Jane's chin was touching the crotch of her sister's shorts, and I
think she began to realize that her sister wasn't playing around.

"Please Sue, let me go." Jane asked her.


"I'm sorry. I promise. I didn't mean what I said. I'm really sorry."
Jane plead to her.

Jane sounded really pathetic. I couldn't believe that her sister could
get her in such a humiliating position.

"What do you think guys? Should I let her go?" Sue asked, looking over
to my captors.

"No! Don't let her go. After all the time that she's been a bitch to
you? Teach her a lesson." Carole urged her.

"Yeah, why don't you sit on her face!" Mandy laughed. "I think you do
need a lesson." Sue said, looking down at Jane's face trapped between her

Sliding forward, Sue sat on her sister's face! Jane's nose was visible,
pressed up against her sister's crotch, and we could see her frantic eyes
looking up from between Sue's fat thighs. It was the most humiliating and
erotic thing I've ever seen. Grabbing Jane's head, Sue jiggled her
sister's face against her crotch.

I couldn't take it anymore, I had to do something. I struggled as hard
as I could to break free from my captors, but I only managed to get pushed
down on my knees as they continued to hold my arms.

"Ooooh. I like this." Sue laughed as she pulled her sister's face up
into her crotch, and Mandy and Carole joined her.

Sue moved even farther up, and Jane's nose and eyes too disappeared
under her sister.

"I really like this." Sue laughed as she wiggled her crotch and ass on
her sister's face.

Sue's face was beginning to look flushed, and she had a funny look on
her face. I think she was getting off on dominating her sister! She
continued to sit boldly astride her sister's face for many seconds, and
Jane had completely stopped moving. I mean, she looked dead.

"Sue, you're smothering her. Let her breathe." I said, and Carole
smacked me on the head.

"Shut up. Sue can do whatever she wants. If you don't shut up, she'll
sit on your face too!" Carole laughed at me.

"That's a good idea!" Sue laughed, looking over at me. Lifting herself
up off her sister's face, Sue looked down at Jane's motionless form.

"Are you still with us, Jane?" She giggled, as Jane moaned faintly and
her head slumped against her sister's meaty thigh.

"I think Jane's taking a little nap!" Sue laughed as she climbed off her
sister and approached us.

"What should we do with you?" Susan asked me as she looked down into my

"Sit on her face too! We'll hold her down for you." Carole said, and
they quickly pushed me over backwards onto my back.

"You always were a snooty bitch too." Sue remarked as she moved around
me and stood over my head facing my feet.

I had no idea what she meant to do, but I kept trying to fight my way
out of Carole and Mandy's grip. I watched in horror as Sue knelt down over
my shoulders, pinning my head upright between her feet. As I felt her
heavy weight crush my shoulders down, I found myself looking right up at
her huge ass.

"Okay, you can let her go." Sue told them, and they released my hands.

I struggled to no avail, as her weight held me easily pinned down.

"Time for you to take a little nap too." Sue laughed.

I watched helplessly, terrified, as the shiny, black spandex-covered
expanse of her ass descended onto my face! I was utterly humiliated as I
lay helpless under her smothering weight. Her flabby ass-flesh spread out
to envelop my face, and I was in total darkness. I was immersed in the
aroma of her sweaty ass crack as she sat dominantly atop my face.

"Mandy, go in the house and get my camera off my dresser." I barely
heard Sue say from above me.

I struggled, but it was useless. There was nothing I could do to
dislodge this young girl's ass from my face. I was totally helpless. My
lungs felt like they were on fire, and I began to see little flashes of
light. And then only blackness.....


I awoke to find that the back of my head hurt. For a moment, I was
totally disoriented. I heard a sobbing sound off to one side of me, and I
looked over and saw Jane laying crying on the deck. As I suddenly
remembered what happened, I felt something on my stomach. It was a
Polaroid picture. Of Jane's sister Susan. Sitting over my head with her
ass lifted up just enough to show my face in the picture. I felt so
humiliated that I wished I could just disappear. As I began to cry I
noticed that Jane was holding a picture of her own.


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