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FAVOR thick hard demanding fingers enter

The FavorBy Imma ScaredThe following story is based on a “story” I was told by someone else.When Dale and I were kids, we had taken an oath. If anyone of us ever needed help, all one needed to say was “Favor” and the other would come. No questions asked. Over the years, I had occassion to call “Favor” to Dale, and he to me. We had never failed ech other. Till his last call. But I have a good excuse......I arrived in Chicago about an hour later than what I had expected to it was around 9pm and was starting to get dark outside. For the life of me I could not řnd his house.I thought knew Chicago well I discovered that having lived on the Northside for most of my adult life before moving to Atlanta. But Dale now lived in one of the rather bad districts on the south side of Chicago.Dale had warned me about stopping in any of the areas on the way to his house as it was not safe to do so. But I had done some volunteer work in Chicago’s Cabrini Green Public Housing Project for a year, and I just couldn’t imagine anything, any area being worse than that. Plus I am one that does not let an area frighten me at all. I have found that if one will just act like one has every right to be in an area, people there will repsect you.So, after about 45 minutes of pointless driving I was finally tired of trying and decided to stop and ask fordirections. I sorta had a strategy that worked in most of the inner-cities I have been in. In strange neighborhhods, just try to roll down the windows, turn on the local popular music and řt in, and thats exactly what I did this time as well. I pulled into gas station ( just off the expressway) with the rap blaring out, and the car shaking from the bass of the music. I jumped out and ran in to ask directions and have two mexican-looking guys guys immediately look at me as if I might be dinner and tell me they have no idea, but they just would love to give me a ride and calling me puta One of them moves .towards me rubbing his cock through his skin-tight jeans, and asks, Aint you wurried bout beeen raped by a buch of laxy Mehicans?“No,”, I said. Thinking I was being smart, I mean intelligent, I said, “I don’t see any lazy Mexicans around here.” And the two men laugh at that.Just then the manager walks in. He’s a really big, white guy. and I do mean white. He skin was so pale it looked like he had never been out in the sun in his life. White as paper, and his skull was as hairless as a hard boiled egg. The man radiated evil, like a radiator puts out heat.Oddly, looking at him. I find my self getting horny. I briefly wonder what it would be like to be fucked by a monster like him...... while at the same time I am vastly relieved that he just gives me a flat, uninterested, “What the fuck do you want?” kinda look.I ask him for directions, and he snaps, “What the fuck??!!?? I look like like a fucking travel agency to you? Buy a fucking map, or some gas, or get the fuck out!”At this point I am two and a half hours late tired, hungry and I am bit pissed now from the lack of common courtesy they have shown me. I ask where the phone is and they point me to the general direction which is two lots down in front a closed run down building.I call and the first words out of Dale’s mouth is “Where the hell are you? You do know you are two hours late? I’ve been worried sick!” I’ll be honest, at this point I am frustrated enough to snap back “You should have warned me I had to wear a gun or carry a knife to come see you. Look, at this point I do not know where the hell I am but I have everyone staring at me and I am not comfortable at all.....”Actually my heart was pumping about a mile a minute, beating so hard against my ribs I felt dizzy. On top of that I could literally feel eyes watching me! An eerie feeling to besure!! Dale then asked me to describe what was around me and I did.At that point Dale turned into somebody I had never known, as he proceeded to tell me what a dumb bitch I was for having gotten lost. “Stay put. My cousin Bob is here he gonna come get you.” I was just getting ready to ask how long did he think it would take for Bob to come when he said that it would take him about 40 minutes to get there. which was followed by a dial tone on the other end.... I glanced over to the gas station and sure enough there was the two mexicans watching me and whispering back and forth. Now the last thing I wanted to do was to sit andwait in this location with those two looking at me like I was some kind of prey, but it seemed I had no choice now.I stood there a few minutes, like an idiot, trying to řgure out what I needed to do till Bob got there, and trying not to look at anything around me. I guess I was really just concentrating on the wall in front of me when I felt the hair raise on the back of my neck and my body covered with goose bumps.Slowly I went to turn around and before I got the chance to, an arm came around from behind wraping around my neck cutting off the air Ŗow as the other hand came around and pressed a knife against my neck along with a voice that whispered, “If you don’t want your sweet little throat slit you had better just start walking to the car behind you and not even think about turning around! “A thousand thoughts seemed raced through my head at once from řghting, to Dale, to my friends back in Alanta, and who knows what else. And along with these thoughts came a rushing wetness between my thighs and the quicken pace of my breath. All I could think as I walked to the car is please god do not let him know I am excited, along with an emmence hatred for myself in being arroused when this was not a game!!! As we approached the car he slamed me against it face řrst his hand wrapping into my hair as he reached behind him and pulled out a length of rope to tie my hands. Then I heard the sound of duck tape being ripped and this was placed across my eyes.. After throwning me into the car he bound my ankles and shut the door. I could feel every beat of my heart which at this point was pounding so loud I was amazed he could not hear it. I think at this point I was crying out of fear, as well crying in shame cause I found my body still betraying me and preparing for the scene and crying because I could imagine not ever seeing my friends and family again.A short time later the car stopped and I was roughly yanked out of it and dragged into some place where I was not sure but it was warm, ans smelled like it had just been cleaned. There was a smell like incense in the air, there was also music playing in the back ground. As soon as I heard the door shut I was thrown away from my silent captor and onto a nearby table. As my mid section hit the table it knocked the air out of me, and as I lay across the table gasping for air once more my hands were yanked out in front of me as I was also hauled across the table to where my feet were barely touching the Ŗoor at all and then cuffed. I don’t remeber him taking the ropes of, I cab only suppose he cut them off with the knife that he had had used eariler while I was regaining my breath and trying to see through the stars dancing in my head. He never spoke a word, so that I wasnt even sure that he was the same one who spoke to me before throwing me in the car. The silence was errie all that could be heard was the pounding of my heart. and the harshness of my breathing. My ankles were cuffed in a simlar position one to each leg of the table now my feet were not touching the Ŗoor at all. I remember moaning at this point my body and mind waring against each other for control one telling me to enjoy it: after all it was the fuřllment of my fantasies and nightmares of rape, and the other telling me to řght with everything I had even if it cost me my life. I felt the knife against my throat again and then the knife slowly being ran across my back cutting away the thin white blouse I was wearing, then the skirt, and then my panties were next and then just the feel of the cold knife running against my warm Ŗesh from my ankles up tracing every inch of skin. I was whimpering as I felt the knife slide across my skin afraid he would cut me with it. Soon I felt really thick hard demanding fingers enter my cunt. I felt a renewed surge of fear and shame as he found me wet and ready. I cried out shaking my head at how unfair this was wanting to explian it was not him I wasn’t a slut, try to explain that my body was betrayinf me... He seemed to read my thoughts and I heard his laugh, the most sinister and evil laugh I had ever heard or imagined.. His voice was harsh in my ear, “Ahhh yes the little cunt is ready for me but then too bad fer you that is not the hole I am after right now.” I recognized the voice! It was the big, evil, bald and ugly manager from the gas station!This simple statement, and the recognition of my soon-to-be rapists really kicked my fear into high gear as I had never, ever, has sex that way. I had always feared and hated the whole idea of anal sex due to the amount of pain involved anytime I tried. And this man was going to enjoy my pain, every bit as the sex itself, I knew!His fingers on one hard calloused han-like hand continued to ram up inside of of my pussy, while the fingers of the other hand began ramming into my ass so brutally until I squeezed my eyes shut from the pain. It was so severe. that I truly wished he would cut my my throat He withdrew his hands from my body, and then there was the smell of baby oil. “This is more fer my benifit than yours”, he chuckled. He pushed the head of his cock against my ass hole and I felt my muscles tense instinctively.I fought with everything within me to get loose from my bonds as he stood back and let me try to struggle, struggle in vain knowing I would soon wear out. I do not know how long I fought against my bonds in a loosing battle before I realized he was enjoying the “show” I was putting on.Something, some inner voice seemed to speak to me then, It told me I could not change this that it was happening and to let go and to relax to become one with the pain, as I had learned to do under other circunstances.....I calmed my breathing and stopped fighting I sent myself into that other place and time where pain is removed from me. I could hear I could feel but I was not a part of what was happening.. The Evil man reached and tore the tape from my mouth. My rapist then began slowly pressing what felt like an inhumanely massive thick rock hard dick into that tiny hole! This was worse than any pain I had ever experienced!!! " Take it out, get it out of me I can't take this please! I'll do anything! Rape my pussy! I'll suck your cock! a Anything but take it OUT!!"I begged. But he just laughed at me. “We’re gonna do all those things baby doll. You gonna be my fuck toy for a long time!” “But first..” THRUST “I’m going to see..” THRUST “If you can survive...” THRUST “A GOOD ASS FUCKING!”My rapist wrapped his strong arms around me and held me still. His cock, thrust harder and more brutally into my anal canal, ramming deep inside me. Just when I thought that he mist surely have the whole long fuck-pole implaing me, he made another powerful thrust into the, actually lifting me a few inches by the force of his thrust.My rapist remained motionless for a moment as if he savored the warm tightness of my virgin ass as it spasmed around his thick hard shaft.. Then he began to really brutaly assfuck me. While he plowed my ass, he laughed insanely, the sweat streaming off his body, and dropping like a steady stream onto mine. The pain increased with each stroke until I knew that I must die, that he had torn my insides to shreds. But I wrong. I didn’t die. For an what seemed like a life-time, my ass was reamed and impaledand torn by the evil bald rapist’s incrediably long, thick hard fuck pole battering into me again and again. Just when I think I can't take anymore I feel him tense and my ass fill with his cum. Gripping my hips even harder he thrusts into me one last time. Leaning forward, putting his weight on me so I almost couldn't hold myself up and grabbed a handful of hair, twisting my head so his mouth was against my ear and whispering “ I've never had a ass as good as yours, never been squeezed so tight.....I sure hope ya like havein your pussy raped, cuz, the fun is just starting.”....

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