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FEEDBACK young woman and have been turned

Some of my favourite feedback mails Iíve received. Keep sending them and
Iíll post.
Plus, Iím going to start writing again soon !

1) I've just finished rubbing myself to your "Life as a Teenage Stud"
stories for about the
6th time! I love them! Especially when you boast
about how great your cock is and how it's soooo big and all the cum you
shoot out...!!
God I get so wet!
Keep pumping out those chapters! I recommend that catholic school girls
like me get
mesmerized by your huge beautiful prick and
worship it like it deserves...We should cheat on our boyfriends at the
drop of a hat
when we behold your godlike penis!
MMM, you neeeeed to write more!!! =) More of that huge delicious cock!
More huge
tits! More incest! More cum!!!

2) Here's a little feedback on your "My Life as a Teenage Stud" story series
on asstr.
These stories are awesome. I've often thought of
writing a story line like this but never have. The idea of a teenager
with a huge cock and
balls is great. A 13 year old with a foot long
cock and a bottomless set of balls! Great stuff. What possibilities for
great sex scenes
with mom, sister, sister's friends, neighbors,
teachers, librarians, nurses. I like a lot of your writing style. I think
the secret to a good
sex story is the detail and you have some good
descriptive scenes in your stories. The description of the reaction of
people to Tim's
awesome equipment is particularly good. I can
imagine a woman seeing this big dick for the the first time. Scary for
some, a dream
come true for others (most!!). In any case I'm sure
they couldn't keep their hands off of it. If anything more descripiton of
his partners
exploring his massive meat and muscles would be
good. Your description of mom watching Tim working out was classic. I
also like the
details you give as Tim keeps track of his
growth and sexual performance.

3) Great stories man. I have a really big dick and like hearing about how
other big
dicked dudes get the chicks.

4) Wow, Big Timmy
It's marvelous!!!
Thank you.

5) I can't believe how wet I got while I read your stories. I am fascinated
your huge cock, though I don't think I could take it all. I would love to
it. Can you please send me an illustrated story or a pic or ten of your
beautiful cock?

6) Loved your stories. Just thinking about being fucked by a huge cock makes
pussy dripping wet. Feel free to send me some pics of yours. ;)

7) luv ur stories , ur awsome man we need more. hope 2 reAD more of ur

8) Your stories are very hot, as is your picture. I'd like to get some
versions, if possible.

Just how big is that monster of yours? Any more pictures?

9) hey,
I just ran across part five of your series "My life as a teenage stud" and
I loved it. Can
you tell me where I can find all of the other

10) Hi BigTimmy

Just read parts 1 to 5 of your fantastic story ... when will you be doing
more ?

11) this was the best erotic story i ever read. I loved it it made me so
horny i
jacked off after the first page and a half than twice after the second.

12) go timmy, go timmy!!!
keep writing these hot stories.

13) Hey there... Thought your stories were great and cannot wait to see
more... keep up
the good writing!!!

14) I have got to say that your 'My Life' stories are probably the most
enjoyable I have
ever read.

Please continue writing them!!!!

15) I've read all your stories, and they are fantastic. I know how much
chicks love
a big cock. Please write more stories, keep up the great work!

16) Big Tim,
I love your stories. They're the best. Could you please send me the
versions? They're great to begin with, but must be incredible with

17) I love your stories...and your picture...oh baby it turns me on sooo
rock and i can't wait for more stories....mmm

18) Hey Man,

Thank you thank you thank you for the fucking hot stories I cummed way
hard reading
about that huge hung stud making sluts out of
any bitch he fucks. They are great keep them coming.

19) Oh hello. I've been a longtime fan of huge cocks. I most especially
love the
idea of having them stuffed deep in my ass. When I read your stories I
myself, I would love to try that! Then I saw your picture and now I can't
staring at it!

20) Dear BigTimmy,
I am a Junior at the University of Washington in Seattle. I stumbled
your story and got so turned on! You see I've had a number of partners in
but none of them have measured up, and I haven't even cum once with a cock
in my
pussy! I've always dreamed of having a big fat cock in me so I found your
very interesting. I loved your story so much I looked up your info, and
there it
was the biggest fattest cock I've ever seen! And to imagine its attached
to a
man with such a vivid sexual imagination. I want you so bad... I'm
myself right now thinking of your huge cock slamming into me... do
womankind a
favor and don't keep that monster all to yourself.

21) First of all, I want to tell you that your stories fucking ROCK! Theyre
so good.
I love incest and big tits and your stories have plenty. Keep coming up
with the
good stories, I look forward to seeing a new one.

22) OHHHHhh Timmy, my my my...how you have me aching, wet, wanting. I had a
wonderful experience when I was a teenager with a boy who must have been
"Little" brother (13" C**K). My parents moved, I'm a military brat, and
missed that cock ever since. Your stories are wonderful. I had to get out
one of
my "toy's" that I only get out when I'm feeling rather "Naughty" (it is
LARGE). I would be tickled if you would email me any other stories and
pics you
may have. , and you, know that it would not be the same as me stuffing
your HUGE
tool in my tight wetness. But I would be honored to see more of that
endowment. Question( or possibly a story). My old boyfriend and I used to
his cock together, god that get's me hot just thinking about that (my
mouth is
wattering...giggle). Well thankyou for taking the time to read this Timmy.

23) I am writing to express my appreciation for your story, "My Life as a
Stud," which I read last week. It is definitely one of the
best stories I have found on the internet.

It is very difficult to find stories or other materials recognizing
the infinite superiority of
superstuds. Your story recognizes that these
rare men are superior not only with respect to their amazing cock size,
but in every
sexual way.

Your story is written in the first person and your main character has
your name, so it is
not clear whether you are writing your own
story or writing fiction. If you are indeed the "Timmy" of the story, I
can only say that
you fill me with awe. If I were in your presence I
would worship you as a god, for that is what you are. Too many men try to
that "cock size doesn't matter," or that everyone is
the same in bed. The truth is that what makes a man is the ability to
service a woman,
and that the rare few who excel in that ability
are entitled to reverence from the rest of us, who compared to you are

If you have posted any other stories, I'd appreciate references.
And I hope you will
continue to write additional chapters of this
chapter, showing how men and women alike succumb to "Timmy's superiority.

24) im 33 and a very sexual and virile young woman and have been turned on
by your
story is he a real person and could you send me
illustrated versions of your stories real or not ive got the hots

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