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By Typoman
Do not repost this story without my header.
Do not remove my name from this story.

This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual
encounters between two minors.
The first part of this story contains true live adventures
of me as a teenage boy. The second part is fiction but
derived from a true event. If you are offended by stories like this, or you are under the legal age to view material
such as this, do not read any farther.


In Tempe, AZ during the early 70's one of the first
water parks in the country to open up with an actual
simulated ocean. Surfable waves included. I was about 16 at
the time when my friend Dan and I started going there during
the summer. It was a real feelup heaven. We would get on our
inflatable rafts and paddle all the way to the back of the
Water Park where the waves were generated. We rode the waves
on our rafts into the beach area. Closer to the beach in
front of us would be all these girls on rafts trying to
catch the wave that we were riding on. Their bikini-clad
butts would be right out in the open and ready for an
enterprising pair like us to raft by and cop a good feel.
Their legs would be open and kicking trying to get enough
speed up to ride the wave. I was even surprised that the
girls would feel us up every so often. Just as we would get
a good handful of butt we would roll off the raft so as not
to get identified.
One time Dan came up to me with a strange look while we
were in the shallow part of the water
"Larry! Now just be cool about this okay? I don't want
her to see me"
He made a motion with his eyes and a slight nod of his
"You see that girl behind me with the red hair and the
pink one piece?"
I looked in the general direction and spotted this red haired girl about our age fiddling with her swimsuit under
the water. She had a really disgusted look on her face.
"Yeah, what about it"
"What's her expression like? Does she look pissed?"
I looked again without trying to be too obvious about it.
She definitely looked pissed off at something.
"Oh yeah Dan she's pissed off all right. What the hell did
you do to her?"
"Shit! I sure hope she doesn't recognize me, I rolled right
off as soon as it happened. Let's move over to the other
side of the water and I'll tell you about it."
As soon as it was clear, I asked Dan what he did that pissed
her off so badly. Dan replied with a request.
"Larry, hold your hand out in front of you like you were
getting ready to grab some girls butt on a raft."
I did as he asked.
"Yeah, so what?"
"Ever noticed where your thumb is?"
I just looked at him with an uncomprehending gaze.
So Dan smiled and held his hand out in front of him. He made
a gesture with his hand so I would look at it. His arm was
stretched out with fingers stretched out. His thumb was
pointing a little down
"I was riding this wave, and gonna get a good feel from
that girl."
He nodded again towards his hand.
"See how my thumb is? She had such a nice butt, I had
to try to get a really good feel this time. Shit Larry, when
I grabbed her butt cheek, my thumb went right up her
My mouth flew open in amazement.
"No shit?"
"Yeah! Swimming suit and all!!"
Well we both laughed so hard that I damn near pissed
myself right there in the pool.

Well folks, after that I was determined to get more
than the casual, (just might be an accident) feel. I liked
to do it to the younger girls, cause I thought that it would
be easier to get away with than the older ones. I also
realized later that I have always had this attraction to
younger girls.
Maybe it was because I came from a family of 4 boys and one sister that was 8 years older than I was. Dan, on
the other hand, had two younger sisters. He sure as hell
didn't like it when he caught me with his little sister's
bra undone and her tee shirt pulled up to her neck. Hell, I
was only scratching her back. That bra was just in the way!
It's a good thing that as an adult I fathered two boys and no girls. I can still lust after them and not be getting
the feeling that they could be my daughters.
Well back to the Water Park. I saw this girl who looked
to be about 12. She had on a tiny little two piece that was
maybe just a little small for her. Her legs were spread wide
to get a better kick stroke to catch the wave that I was
riding on. I could see just the edge of one pussy lip
sneaking out the side of her suit. The cloth of her suit
showed several seasons wear. It looked to be a hand-me-down
from an older sister. As a result, the waterlogged material
clung to her puss. Maybe it was my teenage imagination, but
I thought I could see through it just a little. It was a
light blue color and there was just a tinge of flesh color
where it clung to her butt and pussy.
I was lined up perfectly. As I bore down on her I got a
brilliant new idea. I dragged my hand across her butt hoping
to expose more of her lip than was in view. She was looking
right at me as I made my move. I was busted before I could
roll off and get safely away. I quickly moved away from her
but not before she smiled a little knowing smile at me.
That smile was for me the "go ahead" to try for a
better feel than I had stolen from her before. My next pass
on her revealed more pussy. I went for that little bit of
lip and wiped my finger across it. She saw my approach and
seemed to sorta enjoy it.
I decided that I had pushed my luck about as far as I
dared go with her and went for other targets.
Boy, was I surprised a little later on.
I was in the shallower water waiting to catch a wave.
Here comes this same little girl riding a wave right at me.
I started paddling like crazy to catch the wave. This girl bailed off her raft right on my back. She clung onto me as I
rolled off the raft. I felt her hand reach around in front
of me and cop a good feel of my erect cock. Her hand
lingered longer than I would have dared try. When our heads
came up out of the water, she was right in front of me
"I just thought that you might like to know what it
feels like to get groped like you did to me."
I just looked at her with my jaw hanging wide open. She
smiled at me, and then I felt this quick squeeze on my dick.
"Tag! You're it!"
Before I knew it, she ducked underwater and disappeared
with a quick flash of soaked, see through bikini butt and
I was flabbergasted and really turned on at the same
time. My inexperience showed as I struggled with the best
way to take advantage of this opportunity presented to me by
this little girl. Fortunately, she seemed interested in me
and was taking the lead in her little game of "grope, you're
I spied her about 20 feet away. When I got my flash of
inspiration. My raging hardon gave me the nerve to take the
bold step I thought of.
I had seen this sponge floating in the water that was
from an EXXON station. It was in the shape of a tiger's
head. It was from the old "Put a tiger in your tank"
advertising give away program. I grabbed this sponge, snuck
up behind her. I got up the nerve to pull the back of her
swimsuit bottoms open and stuffed the sponge inside them,
getting a great feel of her butt with the back of my hand.
"Tag! You're it!" I said in her ear and swam away.
When I got brave enough I looked around to where she
had been, but she wasn't there anymore. She turned up behind
me and stuffed the sponge down the back of my shorts just
like I had done to her.
After digging the sponge out of my suit, I went in
pursuit of her with renewed bravery. I soon found her and
came up from behind again. This time I pulled the front of
her suit open and stuffed the tiger sponge in. I used one
hand to hold her bottoms open and the other hand to stuff
the sponge in. This time I was able to use my hand to get a
really great feel of her bald pussy lips. I pulled her
against me using my free hand on her stomach. My hardon was
right up against her butt. She didn't fight or try to get
away as I was exploring her folds, trying to get further
down to that magic hole. I was in heaven, My cock was
nestled right between her cheeks. After about three seconds,
she pulled away from me and turned around to face me.
Pulling the sponge out, she then pulled my suit open at the
front and stuffed the sponge inside. Her hand grasped my
crank and squeezed. I reached around behind her and pulled
her to me Her hand now effectively trapped around my hardon
as I pulled our bodies together.
She didn't fight me, or try to get away. My hands went
to her butt, then they instinctively slid under the elastic
of her waistband. I soon had a butt cheek in each hand and
was squeezing each of those cheeks alternately while
pressing us together. She was earnestly squeezing my prick
while she allowed me continue with my hands to squeeze her
butt without complaint.
How far could I go before the stopped me? I had to find
out! I couldn't reach her pussy from the back, so I slid one
hand out of her suit and went around to a leg hole. My index
finger slipped under the elastic at the side. I slid my hand
down and under. BINGO! I hit gold! I was desperately
exploring this fleshy area of her pussy with one finger,
trying to find that magic hole.
I was too eager and pushed too hard on her pussy.
"OW! You're pressing too hard!"
She let go of my cock and pulled away from me ending
our mutual groping.
I had just learned a valuable lesson that has kept with
me all through life.
"It hurts when you dig in like that."
She started to swim away. Seeing my opportunity going
quickly away, I called out to her as I grabbed her ankle
then let it go.
She stopped and turned to look at me. As I approached
"I'm sorry, I didn't know. Don't be mad!"
She pondered for a moment then said "Okay. Just don't
go so hard ok?"
"Okay. Really, I didn't know that it would hurt. I'll
be careful."
She gave a little nod of agreement.
I stepped in closer, put my arms around her lower back
and carefully pulled her to me. Because of our difference in
height, My aching dick was against her belly. She looked
around to see if we were being too obvious then pressed on
my chest with her palms until we were about two feet apart.
That left just enough room so I could still explore. My
hands rubbed her back, slowly heading towards her butt.
"What's your name?" I asked trying to be debonair
"Teresa. What's yours?"
"I'm Larry, and you got me so hot, I think I'm gonna
By that time I had my finger back to her pussy through
her leg hole. This time I was gentle. She moved a little
closer to me, looked around then hooked her legs around me.
Our bodies were still apart, but I had an open pussy to
explore from the front. I then changed tactics and moved one
hand from her butt and stroked the fabric that covered her
vulva. I was desperate to feel bare skin, so I started
fumbling around the inside of her leg trying to get under
the elastic.
"That tickles too much!"
"Please?" I said with true desperation in my voice.
She pondered for a moment then made her decision. She
put a hand on my chest and unhooked her legs. I didn't want
to, but I had to let go of her butt with my supporting hand.
I couldn't believe my eyes! It looked like she was
pulling her suit down! No! She's actually taking them off!
She ducked underwater and shortly surfaced. She then
hooked her legs around me again.
"The inside of my leg right there tickles too much
My hands went back to her butt. This time it was bare!
I ran my hands lightly, but not so light as to tickle across
all of her newly exposed flesh. I smiled when I discovered
that her bottoms were only on one leg.
"Now you" she said.
At this point I was ready for anything. In a flash I
had my suit down to my knees. I pulled her against me, and
for the first time in my life I felt a real live actual
pussy against my aching prick.
"Oh no you don't" She smiled and pressed away from me.
Seeing my disappointment, she placed her hands on my waist,
then moved downwards. Soon, both of her hands were lightly
wrapped my erection.
"Wow! I never thought that they got this hard."
I moaned lightly and closed my eyes. By this time I had
finally found her pussy hole and was gently probing the
"Not there" she said. "Up a little more."
I soon found the bump where her clit was and started to
gently press and move my finger back and forth on it.
"Is that the spot?"
"Umm hmmm" she said while biting her lip. I started to
move my hips up and down and she squeezed my hard dick
"Go up and down," I told her. I was right on the edge
of no return.
"Like this?"
I just nodded.
She was looking into my face, trying to gauge my
"Don't stop! I'm gonna come."
"What?" she asked.
"Just look down and don't stop! You'll see."
The water in big surf isn't clear like in a swimming
pool because of the sand at the bottom. All she could really
see was a blur of my body and the surface of the water.
Right then I had the most incredible orgasm of my young life. Here I was, in the water with a girl actually jacking
me off. I managed to keep quiet, but my body was jerking in
her hands uncontrollably. I had jerked off in my swimming
pool before so I knew that sperm floated. Pretty soon my
splooge came wafting up to the surface. I grabbed her hands
to make her stop and just squeezed them around my still
erupting prick.
"Wow!" She said. "Is that what it looks like?"
"Uh huh!"
I was still holding her hands around my sore, chafed,
but happy prick. She started to pull her hands away so I
reluctantly released my hold. She unhooked her legs and
backed away from me. I watched her while she was fumbling
with her suit bottoms, putting her leg back into her suit,
then pulling them back up.
"I gotta go now okay?" she said.
"Will you be back here next Saturday?"
"I'm not sure, but I'll try."
"I' be here looking for you if that's okay.:"
She made a pondering the events facial expression then
said "Okay, see ya around."
As I pulled up my suit, I knew that I would never see
her again.
I went back to big surf every Saturday for the next
month, but I never saw her again.
That night I fantasized about what happened as I
furiously spanked my monkey. Hell, to this day, I still
think about her.
I had told my friend Dan about it when I first started
playing tag with Teresa, so he stayed away, eyeing the
happenings from a safe distance. I had to tell him all about
the details afterwards of course.
The End.
Look for more stories from Typoman in the future and
post your thoughts in the stories group.

Authors note
The Big Surf thumb up the swimsuit part of this story is true. The tiger sponge stuffing part is also true, but
from a different time.


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